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Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

A Game Boy soccer game focusing on the English soccer team, not too bad.

This is Three Lions. No, it's not a safari game, a zoo game or anything like that, it is a soccer game. On the England badge, there are 3 lions on it, hence the game being called Three Lions. It focuses mainly on the English soccer team. 'Made by the fans, for the fans' is what the back of the box says. It has a lot of teams, you don't just have to play as England y'know.

On the game, you can play three things.

A friendly, where you just play a match against another team. Hopefully you know how to play soccer, so I don't need to explain that you have to score more goals than the other side to win. (Woops!)

Penalty shootout, where you have a penalty competition against another team of your choice. You and the opponent have a shootout, five goes each. If you score more shots than the other side you win. If it's a draw, you go through sudden death.

Tournament, or world cup, where you have to go through the group stage. Finish first or second place by getting enough points, (3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss and go through to round two, where it's a knockout. Play a team, win and go through, lose and you're out. Then you qualify for the quarter finals, where there are 8 teams left. Then to the semi-finals, where there are 4 left, win and go through to the finals. If you win, you have won the cup, lose and you wonder why you have been playing, in other words you get knocked out.

Then you have the options, where you pick whether you have extra time or golden goal at the end of the match, and you can pick what background music you have. There are many tunes, all short beeps and buzzes, so you can have more than one tune at a time.

So lets take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly:

The graphics are quite good, that's if you play it on a Game Boy Color. On the menus, you have pretty decent stadium pictures and player photos, and when you play, it looks quite good. It's colourful and bright, and the players move okay, the players are represented like players, not blobs and the ball gets bigger whn it goes in the air. When you get to the edge, it has proper company names, like Ray Ban and Eriksson. The crowd look okay too. The frames move okay when you play on a colour Game Boy, but if you play on an original Game Boy, the frame rate is slow and choppy, and it's dark. The graphics aren't eye gounging, but they are quite good, remember, it's an 8-bit console. Score: 8/10

The sound is okay. You have pretty neat menu music, and you have the sound for the balls kicking. The BGM for in a match is quite good, because you have lots of different tunes, and mix the variations you want. Not bad really. Score: 7/10

The gameplay isn't bad. It plays sufficient enough to be a football game, you can do what you do when you play football, and the AI isn't bad. When in a match, it seems that both A and B both do long balls, therefore it is hard to pass. You can pass sometimes, but usually it ends up as a long ball. You can barely shoot, you either do it outside the area, or dribble the ball into the goal, so you can't take any decent shots either, hence it being so hard to take a penalty. When you tackle, you happen to commit a foul most of the time, meaning you run into a player to tackle. In penalty shootout mode, it almost plays itself. For starters, it automatically runs to the ball for you, you just press left or right for which direction you go in, then the players run to the other side of the pitch to take the other penalty. It can be a bit easy, yet a challenge. It's not bad really, quite average. Score: 6/10

The life span is quite short. There is just the world cup mode for a tournament. That won't stop you playing it though. There are lots of teams, and they have differen stats, where you thrash all the teams with Brazil, or face the pressure with the underdog teams, like China. Score: 7/10

The game has a licence on it too, so it uses real player names, and the stats too.

If you have the option to buy or rent, just rent it, or borrow it. You don't need it, you don't need to buy it at all. There are better games on Game Boy like FIFA to buy. If you find it at a car boot sale for cheap, get it, but I don't really recommend it. The reason I play on it is because it's the only soccer game on Game Boy.

The game is above average, but not too great. It's okay too play, but it's not one too bother with. Overall Score: 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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