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Guide and Walkthrough by Cherubae

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/05/2001

               =,-.         -                                       
           ,-. ;=:/:==%$;,:=::                                      
          /=,=;%=.    HM@/.,/                                       
          .;:=/-      XMMMHX/,,. .----,----,                        
             ;,.+   -.,%MMM@+;;;%@@@@@H@$-.,==-.                    
           -;$;$@/==$,,.=%MM/.. /#@@@@@@,     +@%,                  
        ,:+=--===:;;+//:,,=X#$+%@MMM@@@@,     +#@H+,                
       -;@X.....   ;$;=/+;:%MM##MMMMMMMMH=    -%XH$%=               
      ;..::.......-HMX..=+%/MMMMMMMMMMMMMM+.     .  .=          ,   
     ;. . ........,--,,,,.;%HMMMMMMMMMMMM@#/         ,;,      :=%   
    -: .............,,,,,,,+MMMMMMMMMMMMMM$. .=::;+/- .%::- ,;=;-   
    =:.........,,,,,,,,,,,,-@MMMMMMMMMMM@M=  HMMMM#M@%.+--:/:-,,    
    ,: ..,..,...,,,,,,,,,-,-H#MMMMMMMMMM#+  .@MMMMMMM#+/-           
     :=.,.......,,,,,,,,:%-=++XH@@MMMMMMH,   -HMMMMMM#X/;           
      =:-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-+;-+:    .-;%X$+.     ;#MMMMX/-+,           
       .:;------------;%:-;/.                 ,XMMM%. -;            
         .=:;;:===:;//+:;+/                     -:-..,/-            
             .=::+%/;/=%%;=.                       ..=/             
                       :;%/=.       ..            ..,+              
  *----------------*   :.=%+;/     .--,.          .,;:              
  |                |   ;- .=$%:    ,=//:===::    .,=+               
  | Harvest Moon 2 |    / .::.+.   ,;%:-/%/+H-  ..=+,               
  |      FAQ       |   -/%%X- .-  .=;   :+$XH$:-=:$-                
  |                |   =;$HX, .+::/$    ::;;-//%X@X;                
  *----------------*     .   ,%;%$HX:        ,;/++/                 


This FAQ is written for the fans of Harvest Moon 2, the sequel to the
original Harvest Moon game for the Nintendo Gameboy system. This FAQ 
can be found at the following locations:

Ushi No Tane, Planting Cow Seed



Date: Saturday, 05 May, 2001
Version: 1.5
Author: Cherubae, Queen of the Federation Of Golden Underwear
Email: webmaster@fogu.com

Copyright 2000, 2001 fogu.com - For personal use only


                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

Part 1  - Game information
     1a - Background story
     1b - Game controls
     1c - Starting out

Part 2  - The Village
     2a - Florist 
     2b - Church
     2c - Mayor's House
     2d - Carpenter Shop
     2e - Clinic 
     2f - Tool Shop 
     2g - Animal Shop 
     2h - Restaurant 
     2i - Library
     2j - Town Square

Part 3  - The Mountain 
     3a - Insects

Part 4  - Your Farm 
     4a - System Notebook
     4b - The Farmhouse
     4c - Cows 
     4d - Chickens 
     4e - Sheep 
     4f - Hot House 
     4g - Fountain
     4h - Crop Field 
     4i - Secret Garden/Power Berries

Part 5  - Super Tools 

Part 6  - Trading via Gamelink Cable

Part 7  - Yearly Events 
     7a - Unscheduled Events
Part 8  - Miscellaneous
     8a - Mary's Treasure Map
     8b - Mini Games
     8c - Golden Chicken
     8d - Your Birthday gifts
     8e - Friendships

Part 9  - Legend of the River King 2

Part 10 - Version History

 Part 1 - Game Information

The English translation of Harvest Moon 2 was released on November 11
2000. The Japanese version of the game, titled Bokujo Monogatari 2, 
was released on September 8 1999. A European release has been 
scheduled for the first quarter of 2001. The game can be played on 
the Classic Gameboy, Pocket Gameboy, Super Gameboy, or Gameboy Color 
systems. The game also uses the Gameboy Link Cable to transfer items 
and other information from gamepack to gamepack. The optional Gameboy 
Printer can be used to print out photographs that are found in the 

Harvest Moon is a "farming simulation" game series. The main goal of 
each game in the series is to take an abandoned farm and develop it 
back into a productive farm. Some games in the Harvest Moon series 
also have dating simulations where you can date, and eventually 
marry, one of the girls in town. There are a few where you play a 
girl farmer instead of a boy farmer.

                   Harvest Moon Game Release Dates

August    9 1996 - Super Famicom    - Bokujo Monogatari               
            1997 - Super Nintendo   - Harvest Moon
December 19 1997 - Nintendo Gameboy - Bokujo Monogatari GB
March    12 1998 - Nintendo Gameboy - Harvest Moon
February  5 1999 - Nintendo 64      - Bokujo Monogatari 2
September 8 1999 - Nintendo Gameboy - Bokujo Monogatari GB 2
December 22 1999 - Nintendo 64      - Harvest Moon 64
March    10 2000 - Nintendo Gameboy - Bokujo Monogatari 3 - Boy Meets 
November 11 2000 - Nintendo Gameboy - Harvest Moon 2
November 19 2000 - Sony Playstation - Harvest Moon Back To Nature
December  7 2000 - Sony Playstation - Bokujo Monogatari for Girl 
June        2001 - Playstation 2    - Harvest Moon - Ignite Hearts

Harvest Moon 2 is set in 18-hour days that start at 6AM and end at 
12AM. The colors will change depending on what time of day it is. 6AM 
to 3PM are daylight hours, 3PM to 6PM are twilight hours, and 6PM to 
12AM are night hours. Each year is comprised of 4 seasons - Spring, 
Summer, Fall, and Winter. The seasons are 30 days long. Each hour in 
a day lasts for 20 real time seconds, so an average day lasts about 4 
minutes. Time does stop when you enter buildings (like the barn or 
shops in the village) so a day can last a lot longer.

 Part 1a - Background Story

Flower Bud Village is in financial trouble. They need money in order 
to survive. The Mayor hinges on the idea of turning the old, run down 
farm outside of town into an amusement park. He truly doesnt want to 
have to do that, but he has no choice: they need the income for the 
village to flourish. In steps you, who volunteer to take over the 
farm and make it productive again. The Mayor is glad to see someone 
who shows such ambition and he gives you 3 years to make the farm 
flourish again.

 Part 1b - Game Controls

The controls are fairly simple. The directional pad on your Gameboy 
control what direction your farmer walks or runs. The A button is 
used to talk to people, continue scrolling text, and use tools. The B 
button, when pressed down, is used to make your farmer run instead of 
walk. The B button is also used to cancel selections, like when 
you're at the village shops making transactions and browsing through 
your system notebook. The Start button allows you to switch between 
tools and seeds you may have in your inventory at the time. The 
Select button brings up your system notebook, where you can check the 
date and time, see what you currently have equipped, and how many 
animals and seeds you have. There is other information in the system 
notebook available to you (see Part 4a).

When you first turn on your Gameboy you can watch various scenes play 
out from the game if you leave the game to show them to you. You 
can get to the title screen by pressing any button or just waiting 
for it to appear on it's own. The title screen has four option; 
Start, Continue, Erase, and Copy. Pick which one you want by pressing 
the A button on your Gameboy.

Start allows you to start a new game. Harvest Moon 2 allows for two 
different games to be saved at the same time. When you choose Start, 
pick which diary slot you want to use (File 1 or File 2). The next 
step is to choose whether you want to be a boy farmer or a girl 
farmer. After that you get to choose a four letter name you want to 
use. After your name you get to choose your birthday. Events in 
Harvest Moon 2 take place on days with multiples of 7 (7, 14, 21, 28) 
or multiples of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30) so it's a good idea to 
pick your birthday on an unusually numbered day, such as the 9th or 
17th. You can have your birthday in the Spring, Summer, Fall, or 
Winter. For those of you who place your birthday early in the year 
(for example Spring 11) in hopes of getting a tool power up early, the 
game instead will have the Mayor appear and give you 1000G, which 
isnt too bad for just starting out. After picking your name you'll 
get to a confirmation screen. Choose No to redo your farmer, choose 
Yes to continue on (see Part 1c to continue).

Continue allows you to start a game that you have previously saved. 
When you go to bed at night, you get a choice to save your game in 
your diary. The diary keeps record of what day you recently
completed. All saved games will start you at 6AM the next day. So if 
your diary looks like... 

File1   Jane 
  02   Spring    13

... it means that in your first diary slot you have farmer "Jane" 
saved, it's your second year, Spring time, and the 13th day. If you 
choose to continue that saved game, you would start at 6AM on the 
14th of Spring, year 2. Harvest Moon 2 doesnt auto-save like the 
previous version, so if you dont save in your diary before you go to 
bed, your game doesnt save.

Erase will allow you to remove one of the diary entries that you have 
saved. Pick which file you want to have deleted and then press the A 
button. You'll get a confirmation screen asking if you want to delete 
that game. Choosing No will take you back to the Erase screen (which 
you can back out of by pressing the B button). Choosing Yes deletes 
the diary information.

Copy allows you to copy one diary file into the other. For example, 
if you want to have a backup of your current game progress you can 
choose to copy File1 into File2. That way if you screw up on your 
first game, you have a copy of your earlier save.

 Part 1c - Starting Out

After the point where you confirm your farmer's character information, 
a scene will play with the Mayor talking with someone about the 
village's problems and the idea of the amusement park. In walks your 
farmer at that time and volunteers to take over the farm. The Mayor 
gives you the 3 year time limit and sends you out into the village.

Each one of the villagers will give you some words of encouragement 
and an item. The only houses you cant enter is the Mayor's house and 
the Church. There is an old man who is guarding the village exit. If 
you talk to him, he'll give you some information about the folks who 
live in the village. He'll move once you've talked with everybody.

Ken    - Carpenter Shop - Gives you Hammer tool and Ax tool
Mary   - Library        - Adds Q&A section to your system notebook
Rosie  - Restaurant     - Gives you a supply of food 
Chet   - Animal Shop    - Talks about animals, gives you nothing 
Doctor - Clinic         - Tells you to come by when you're sick
Bill   - Tool Shop      - Gives you Hoe tool and Sickle tool 
Daisy  - Florist        - Gives you Watering Can tool and seeds 

Between the Church and the Florist is the Town Square. Up near the 
Bulletin Board is Chocola, who asks if you like animals. She then asks 
if you prefer dogs or cats. If you choose a dog, you can leave your 
animals outside in the pasture at night and they wont become grumpy. 
If you choose a cat, it will randomly pick up seeds you wouldnt 
normally have access to (more info on seeds in Part 2a). After 
choosing a pet, you can read the messages on the Bulletin Board. The 
board is a good source of basic information. 

Once you leave the village you'll appear inside your farmhouse. You 
then discover where your diary is located (right next to your bed). Go 
to bed and in the morning you'll have a note waiting for you. It's 
from the Buyer, who says he'll pick up your shipped goods at 5PM every 
day. After reading then note they'll be a noise outside your door. 
Chocola has left you a pet (either a dog or a cat depending on what 
you told her). After that you're ready to take on the farm.

*hint* - Depending on what gender you pick determines how much money 
you have at the beginning. The boy will have 500G and the girl will 
have 1000G. If you check below the clock in your farmhouse you'll find 
another 1000G.

 Part 2 - The Village 

Flower Bud Village consists of 9 buildings and the Town Square. The 
houses are placed in a 3 x 3 grid pattern, with access to the Town 
Square located between the Church and the Florist shop.

                |   Mayor   |   Church   |  Florist  |
                | Carpenter |   Clinic   |   Tools   | 
                |  Library  | Restaurant |  Animals  |

The only two buildings you cant enter are the Mayor's house and the 
Church. Later on the 15th of Spring Cain will arrive at the village 
and open the Church up. After that you can go to the Church and pray 
to the Harvest Goddess. The Church is also the only building that is 
open on Sundays; the rest of the shops are open Monday through 
Saturday, 6AM to 6PM.

 Part 2a - Florist

Daisy is in charge of the Florist shop, where you go to buy seeds for 
crops and flowers, and pots for the Hot House (see Part 4f). Depending 
on what gender you chose your farmer to be, she will sell different 
seeds. Daisy will always sell some seeds year round, like flower, 
herb, and grass seed. Besides having the gender-specific seasonal 
seeds, there are some that both genders can have. Each pack of seeds 
will sow a 3 x 3 grid of tilled land, so you dont need to buy 1 pack 
of seeds to plant in one square of dirt.

                 | Spring | Boy  | Turnip    | 120G |
                 |        | Girl | Potato    | 150G |
                 |        | Both | Asparagus | 300G |
                 | Summer | Boy  | Tomato    | 200G |
                 |        | Girl | Corn      | 300G |
                 |        | Both | Melon     | 500G |
                 |  Fall  | Boy  | Peanut    | 200G |
                 |        | Girl | Eggplant  | 150G |
                 |        | Both | S.Potatoe | 180G |
                 | Winter | Boy  | Broccoli  | 500G |
                 |        | Girl | Carrot    | 300G | 
                 |        | Both | Napa      | 500G |

Some plants will only produce one crop before you have to buy and 
replant seeds. Others will take longer to initially produce crops, 
but will reproduce all season long. Daisy will tell you which ones 
reproduce when you go to purchase seeds.

One Time - Turnip, Potato, Asparagus, Eggplant, S.Potatoe, Carrot
Regrows  - Tomato, Corn, Melon, Peanut, Broccoli, Napa

Daisy also sells flower and herb seeds depending on you gender. You 
cant buy pots from her until after the Hot House has been built by 
Ken. Each flower and herb seed will plant in one pot.

                 | Flower | Boy  | Geranium | 100G |
                 |        | Boy  | Primrose | 300G |
                 |        | Girl | Lavender | 100G | 
                 |        | Girl | Orchid   | 300G |
                 | Herb   | Boy  | Sage     | 100G |
                 |        | Boy  | Saffron  | 100G | 
                 |        | Girl | Camomile | 150G | 
                 |        | Girl | Rosemary | 100G |
                 | Pots   | Both |          | 200G |
                 | Grass  | Both |          | 500G |

 Part 2b - Church

When you first start the game the Church is not open. On the 15th of 
Spring Cain will arrive at the church to be the new minister. After 
the 15th you can then go to the church and pray to the Harvest 
Goddess. After the 3 years are up, there will be a Music Mode in 
the Church. You can choose to listen to 52 different sounds. Selection 
1 through 19 are music from the game, and 20 through 52 are sound 

 Part 2c - Mayor's House

The Mayor will stand outside his house year round, except for when the 
weather is bad. If you talk to him he'll give you some compliments. If 
you talk to him at the beginning of each new year during the New Year 
Festival, he'll give you money.

 Part 2d - Carpenter Shop 

Some components of your farm need to be built in order to use them. 
Ken is the fellow you want to talk to if you want anything build. He 
will build 2 house expansion, the Hot House, Sheep Pen, and the 
Bridge. If you want him to build you anything, visit his shop and pick 
what you want him to build. He'll close down his shop for the rest of 
the day and then visit you the next morning at your farm. He'll tell 
you the requirements for what you have asked him to build and if you 
want him to start. If you choose No he'll just go back to his shop. If 
you choose Yes he'll get started on building your item and he'll take 
your money and wood. The finishing date will also appear in your 
system notebook in your schedule.

       | Bridge                | 200 Wood | 10000G  | 3 days |
       | Second Home Expansion | 300 Wood | 30000G  | 3 days |
       | Hot House             | 600 Wood | 50000G  | 5 days |
       | Sheep Pen             | 800 Wood | 70000G  | 8 days |
       | Third Home Expansion  | 900 Wood | 100000G | 5 days |

*hint* - You can use Ken to dispel storms and bad weather. If you 
know that a storm will be coming the next day, you can go to Ken's 
shop and ask him to give you an estimate the next day. Instead of 
waking up to a storm the next morning, you'll wake up to Ken giving 
you his building estimate. You can tell him No and then he'll go back 
to his shop. This doesnt work once you have everything built though.

 Part 2e - Clinic 

The Doctor that runs the Clinic doesnt have a name of his own; he is 
just referred to as "Doctor". Later in the Spring, second year, Nancy 
the Nurse will arrive to help the Doctor out.

When you are out working on your farm while it's raining or showing 
outside, there is a very good chance that you'll become sick. When you 
go to bed that night and wake up the next day, you'll be too weak to 
get out of bed and work on the farm. Instead you'll go back to sleep 
and stay in bed for the rest of the day. That means that no one waters 
your plants or feeds your animals. Instead of going to bed, head to 
the Clinic if it isnt past 6PM. The Doctor or Nancy will take a look 
at you and determine if you're healthy or if you're sick. If you do 
end up sick, they will keep you at the Clinic overnight. You'll be 
released the next morning and sent back to your farm.

Since you do stay the night at the Clinic, make sure that your daily 
tasks are completed before heading there. For example, if you go 
before you have fed your animals and you have to stay the night, your 
animals will be grumpy when you get back to the farm. Also staying the 
night at the clinic means that your game doesnt get saved. The only 
place to save you game is at your diary or when you enter the Trade 
Center in Mary's library.

 Part 2f - Tool Shop

Bill is in charge of the Tool Shop. He also has a twin brother named 
Will, who will hang out in the Town Square from time to time. It's 
easy to mix the two up. An easy way to remember is that Bill has pink 
hair (a B sort of looks like a P in pink) and Will has green hair.

Bill and Will are inventors, and will make machines that you can use 
on your farm. They build the Cheese, Butter, Yarn, and Knitwear 
machines. The Cheese and Butter machines will appear at his shop once 
you have 4 cows producing large milk. The Yarn and Knitwear machines 
should appear once you have 4 adult sheep and you have developed a 
good friendship with Bill. 

Bill also sells the mini games once you have discovered them. They 
will also upgrade your tools on your birthday or when you have 
completed an event with them. One of the tools they upgrade soon after 
you begin is the Watering Can, which becomes the Sprinkler once you 
have shipped enough pieces of produce. You can go back to Bill's shop 
every so often to see if it is available to buy.

Some tools wont appear at his shop until certain requirements are met. 
Besides the Butter, Cheese, Yarn, and Knitwear machines there are also 
the Saddle and Scissors that wont appear. The Saddle will appear after 
your horse has become an adult {Spring, second year). The Scissors 
wont appear until after you have had Ken build the Hot House.

       | Fishing Pole   | 2000G  | Needed to catch fish       |
       | Bug Net        | 500G   | Collect info for Bug Books |
       | Milker         | 1800G  | Used to milk cows          |
       | Clippers       | 2000G  | Used to sheer sheep        |
       | Sprinkler      | 2000G  | Watering Can upgrade       |
       | Saddle         | 1000G  | Available second Spring    |
       | Scissors       | 1200G  | Pick flowers in Hot House  |
       | Cheese Maker   | 30000G | Makes Cheese               |
       | Butter Maker   | 30000G | Makes Butter               |
       | Yarn Maker     | 30000G | Makes Yarn                 |
       | Knitwear Maker | 30000G | Makes Knitwear             |
       | Mole Bash      | 3480G  | Mole Bash game             |
       | Horse Race     | 3480G  | Horse Racing game          |
       | Puzzle         | 3480G  | Slide Puzzle game          |

 Part 2g -  Animal Shop

The owner of the animal shop is Chet, who loves to take care of 
animals. He will sell you your animals and the products needed to take 
care of them.

Chet is very picky when it comes to selling you animals. You need to 
have the required amounts of grass growing back behind each animal's 
barn. You need to have planted at least 6 bags of grass seed to buy a 
cow, 9 bags planted for chickens, and at least 16 bags for sheep. The 
sheep pasture behind the sheep pen need to be completely covered in 
grass (save for perhaps a few squares of bare ground). Each time you 
buy an animal species for the first time Chet will also give you an 
item you can use to bring the animals out to their pasture and back 
into their barn. The cows have a Bell, the chickens have a Whistle, 
and the sheep have a Horn. 

He also sells the Magic Potions that you'll use if you want to 
produce offspring from your sheep and cows. Chickens multiply easy - 
just take an egg and put it in the incubator. Cows and Sheep need a 
Magic Potion sold by Chet in order for them to become pregnant.

If you run out of fodder for your animals, he also sells bags of feed.
He will only sell 1 of each type at a time, so you have to use up 
what you have before he'll sell another bag. Each bag of feed holds 12 
pieces of fodder. So for example if you had 3 cows, your bag of feed 
would last four days. If you had 4 cows, it would last three days.

Your cows and sheep can get sick if you dont feed them. You can tell 
the difference between a healthy and sick animal by it's color. Sick 
animals have a lot of green color on them and their faces look sad. 
You can buy Cow and Sheep Medicine from Chet. If you dont cure your 
animals they'll die.

                   | Medium Cow     | 5000G |
                   | Chicken        | 1000G |
                   | Medium Sheep   | 5000G |
                   | Brush          | 800G  |
                   | Shampoo        | 1000G |
                   | Cow Feed       | 500G  |
                   | Chicken Feed   | 700G  |
                   | Sheep Feed     | 1000G |
                   | Cow Medicine   | 1000G |
                   | Sheep Medicine | 1500G |
                   | Cow M.Potion   | 4000G |
                   | Sheep M.Potion | 4500G |

Chet is the only shop keeper who will buy items from you. If you have 
an animal you dont want anymore, or you want to make room for an 
expected mother, you can sell him one of your animals. He'll pay a 
different price depending on the size of the animal. So a large sheep 
will fetch a better price then a lamb.

                   | Calf           | 2500G  | 
                   | Medium Cow     | 3000G  |
                   | Adult Cow      | 5000G  |
                   | Chick          | 500G   |
                   | Chicken        | 500G   |
                   | Golden Chicken | 10000G |
                   | Lamb           | 2500G  |
                   | Medium Sheep   | 3000G  |
                   | Adult Sheep    | 5000G  |

 Part 2h - Restaurant

Your farmer needs to eat in order to survive. If you dont eat, you 
dont have any energy to work on your fields. Rosie runs the Restaurant
where you will purchase your food. She sells food in packs of 10 and 
also some she sells as singles. The Lunch Set and Drink Set are what 
you buy to take back to your farm and eat. You can tell how much food 
you have left by going inside your farmhouse and looking at your 
stove, which is in the lower right corner.

Rosie sells Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Daily Special, and Cake. Those 
four items immediately replenish some health when you buy them. If 
your farmer becomes too weak to work, you can go to the Restaurant and 
buy one of each. Your stamina will be back up to 100% and you can 
continue to work again.

On the 2nd of Summer, third year, Rosie's sister Chocola will take 
over the Restaurant. She will sell the same things that Rosie did.

                   | Lunch Set     | 100G |
                   | Drink Set     | 100G | 
                   | Apple Juice   | 50G  |
                   | Orange Juice  | 20G  |
                   | Daily Special | 50G  |
                   | Cake          | 20G  |

 Part 2i - Library

The Library holds a lot of information that you have gathered. Mary, 
who runs the Library, has picture books with every kind of bug, fish, 
and flower/herb you have grown. The computer used to trade with your 
friends is also located here (see Part 6) and so is the Photo Album. 
You can print out any of the picture information in the books by using 
your Gameboy Printer.

Every time you catch a bug, fish, or bloom a flower for the first time 
it's picture and name is categorized into a book in the Library. There 
is a book for bugs, fish, and plants. Crops that you grow arent put in
the plants book - only the flowers and herbs that you grow inside the 
Hot House.

The Photo Album keeps a record of the pictures that you have collected 
so far. There are 7 pictures total and you can get one if you 
participate in certain events. 

  | Cherry Blossoms  | Flower Viewing Festival      | 25th Spring |
  | Moon Viewing     | Moon Viewing Festival        | 10th Fall   |
  | Harvest Festival | Harvest Festival             | 25th Fall   |
  | Celebration      | 4th year New Year's Festival | 1st Spring  |
  | Snowball Fight   | 3rd year first Sunday        | Winter      |
  | Record Fast Time | Cherry Cup - second year     | 15th Spring |
  | Birthday         | Your first birthday party    | varies      |

The Japanese version of Harvest Moon 2 (Bokujo Monogatari 2) had a 
more detailed bug, fish, and plant book. Each page would tell you the 
name of each item and what category it belong to. So a "Aniyasoma" was 
under the category "Tosobo" (Dragonfly). The English version has 
simplified the books. The only detail now is the name of the object on 
the page. Information on bugs can be found in Part 3a. Information on 
fish can be found in Part 4g. 

 Part 2j - Town Square

Located between the Church and the Florist, the Town Square is where 
town folk hang out. Will (Bill's brother) is often seen there along 
with Chocola and a few other unnamed people.

In the upper left corner of the Town Square is the Bulletin Board, a 
place where notices by other town folk are posted. Throughout the 
year when events are announced, often times there's a notice on the 
Bulletin Board. It's always a good idea to come back to the village 
and check the latest messages. When there is a new message you havent
read before it will have the word "NEW" in red letters on it.

Many events also take place in the Town Square. The Flower Viewing 
Festival, the Starry Night Festival, the Harvest Festival, the 
Snowball Fight, and the New Year Festival all occur in the Town 
Square. The Harvest Festival takes place in the square and throughout
the village. More information on festivals are in Part 7.

 Part 3 - The Mountain

Between the Flower Bud Village and the farm is the Mountain. The area 
is made up of three levels that you walk up by following the path.

Along the path you may find items that you can pick up. Depending on 
the season the items on the ground can change. In the Spring you will 
find Berries. The Summer brings Cherries and the Fall brings 
Mushrooms. In the Winter nothing will grow. Each one grows in three 
locations on the Mountain; 2 on the second level and one up top on the 
third level. You can pick one up, carry it back to your farm, and toss 
it in your shipping bin. They grow once a day, so after you pick them 
you have to wait until the next day to pick again.

                 | Spring | Berry    | 150G |
                 | Summer | Cherry   | 150G |
                 | Fall   | Mushroom | 180G |

Your supply of wood will come from the Mountain. There are 5 tree 
stumps on the path. You can use your Ax or Super Ax to chop up the 
stumps for building wood or fences. To cut up a stump, walk up next to 
it and make sure you have your tool equipped. Then just press the A 
button to cut the stump. Depending on what version of the Ax you have 
it will take different amounts of effort to cut up the stump. If you 
have a regular Ax you will need to press the A button 6 times before 
the stump is cut up. If you have the Super Ax it only takes one hit. 
Stumps will magically reappear once you leave the Mountain, so if you 
wanted to you could chop wood all day long.

The Hot Spring is on the third level of the Mountain. The Hot Spring 
will help to replenish your stamina when you become tired. To use it 
just stand on the wood platform and press the A button. Your farmer 
will strip down and jump into the water. To get back out just walk 
back to the wood platform and press A again. There is no difference on 
how long you stay in the Hot Springs. Jumping in and back out has the 
same affect on recovering your stamina as staying in for hours.

The secret exit out of the Mountain is up by the Hot Spring. To the 
left of the springs is a wall of trees. One of the trees has a secret 
exit that takes you back to your farm. Just walk up against the tree 
and you'll be teleported back.

 Part 3a - Insects

There are 27 different kinds of insects that appear on the Mountain. 
Each one that you catch is categorized in Mary's insect book at the 
Library. To catch bugs, you first need to buy the Bug Net from Bill 
(500G). Equip the Bug Net as your active tool and then just press the 
A button when you're standing next to an insect. The insect's name 
will appear and you'll be informed whether or not you've caught that 
type before.

Insects will appear in the Spring and Summer time. They are always in 
the same general location throughout the season, but they do fly back 
and forth from one spot to the next. Often you have to destroy weeds 
or stumps in order to reach them. Butterflies, Ladybugs, and Ant Lions 
appear during the Spring. Flies, Beetles, Dragonflies, and Fireflies 
will appear in the Summer. The time of day also will affect whether 
insects will show themselves. After you caught the insects you can 
leave the Mountain, return, and the insects will be back. 

              | Swllwtl   | Spring | Book page 1  |
              | P. Btrfly | Spring | Book page 2  |
              | B. Btrfly | Spring | Book page 3  |
              | G. Btrfly | Spring | Book page 4  |
              | Y. Btrfly | Spring | Book page 5  |
              | W. Btrfly | Spring | Book page 6  |
              | M. Btrfly | Spring | Book page 7  |
              | Ant-lion  | Spring | Book page 17 |
              | Ladybug   | Spring | Book page 27 |
              | B. Cicada | Summer | Book page 8  |
              | G. Cicada | Summer | Book page 9  |
              | S. Cicada | Summer | Book page 10 |
              | E. Cicada | Summer | Book page 11 |
              | M. Cicada | Summer | Book page 12 |
              | R. Drgnfy | Summer | Book page 13 |
              | B. Drgnfy | Summer | Book page 14 |
              | G. Drgnfy | Summer | Book page 15 |
              | C. Drgnfy | Summer | Book page 16 |
              | Bl. S Btl | Summer | Book page 18 |
              | Br. S Btl | Summer | Book page 19 |
              | H. S Btle | Summer | Book page 20 |
              | M. S Btle | Summer | Book page 21 |
              | O. S Btle | Summer | Book page 22 |
              | G. Frfly  | Summer | Book page 23 |
              | H. Frfly  | Summer | Book page 24 |
              | A. Btle   | Summer | Book page 25 |
              | H. Btle   | Summer | Book page 26 |

You can also trade insects to Legend of the River King 2. In fact to 
complete the Bug memo in River King 2 you will need to trade some 
insects from HM2. See part 9 for more information.

 Part 4 - Your Farm

The farm consists of 3 animal barns, 3 pasture areas, a Hot House, a 
large crop field with a stream running through it, the farm house, a 
wood bin, the Secret Garden, and a Fountain area where you catch fish. 
Some of the buildings wont be there when you first start farming. You 
have to have Ken build you the Sheep Pen (and pasture area), Hot 
House, and Bridge so you can cross the stream.

The front yard area at first only has weeds growing in it. The weeds 
wont grow back in the front yard, but weeds do reappear down in the 
crop field and in the pastures. You cant plant anything in the front 
yard area. It has an exit that lead to the village/Mountain located 
next to the farm house on the western side. The barns for animals are 
on the north side, the Hot House/wood bin is on the eastern side, and 
down south is where the crop field is located.

The crop field has an exit to the west that takes you out to the 
Fountain area (see Part 4g). The Fountain has a place where you can 
store your caught fish. You can fish at the Fountain or in the stream 
that runs through the crop field.

 Part 4a - System Notebook

By pressing the Select button on your Gameboy, you can bring up your 
System Notebook, which tells you the date, time, season, and what 
tools you currently have equipped. If you press the Select button 
again you bring up a detailed inventory of what you have. There are 
eight parts to the detailed inventory screen - Cow, Chicken, Sheep, 
Seed, Memo, Schedule, Map, and "Q and A". To read more information 
about the subject, just select the topic you want to read about by 
using the Up and Down on your directional pad, then just press the A 

The Cow, Chicken, and Sheep topics give facts about your animals. 
Since you can have four of each kind, at the bottom of the screen is 
a place where you can select each animal (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th). The 
Cow and Sheep topics will list the animal's name, it's size, if it is 
healthy or grumpy, and it's love level. If one of your cows or sheep 
are pregnant, the number of days left until the baby is born is
listed under it's topic. Chickens dont have names or love levels, so 
the only information given is it's size, it's health, and whether or 
not there is an egg in the incubator (and if there is, how many days 
are left before it hatches).

By default the Memo feature is turned off. If you choose to turn it on 
a lower portion of your main screen (where your farmer runs around) 
will be populated with a new window that lists the date, time, and 
what tool you currently have set as the active tool. With the Memo 
activated, you can watch the time change.

The Schedule is one of the most important parts of the System 
Notebook. It allows you to see what events are scheduled for the 
current season. Every 1st of the season the schedule will change to 
reflect the going on's of that season. The schedule can tell you 
when Ken is due to finish building you something, when your birthday 
is (in case you forget), when events occur, and when storms are 
scheduled to appear.

The Map is just a graphical representation of your farm, the Mountain, 
and the village. If you bring up the Map you'll be able to see your 
current location.

Mary also supplied you with a "Q and A" section, where you can look up 
answers to some of the more common Harvest Moon questions. The Q&A is 
split up into 3 sections - the top is where you can select the 
question number by using the directional Up and Down buttons and the 
middle is the summery of the question. If you press the A button after 
reading a question summery the answer will appear in the lower 
section. When you get Mary's Treasure Map (see Part 8a) the clues to 
the treasure will be listed as question 24, 25, and 26. They wont show 
up until you solve Mary's puzzle and then solve each clue in order.

 Part 4b - The Farmhouse

Your farmhouse is where you will be sleeping at night, where your food 
and tools are stored, and where you check the weather every day. You 
also save you game inside the house. By the bed is a diary. Before you 
go to bed, stand facing the diary and press A. You will get the option 
to save before going to bed. If you choose No, then you are asked if 
you want to go to bed without saving. If you choose No again, then you 
dont go to bed at all.

In the upper right corner is the television. Every day the weather 
report for the next day is played on the TV. After the weather report, 
and if you have found any mini games (see Part 8b), you will get the 
chance to play a game.

The lower right corner is where your stove is. You dont get to use 
the stove to cook things on, but it does keep track of how much food 
you have left. You eat at 6AM, 12PM, and 6PM (if you havent gone to 
bed yet). To check to see how much food you have just face the stove 
and press the A button. You can have "food" and "drink", with 99 of 
each as the maximum amount. You buy food from Rosie and Chocola at 
the Restaurant (see Part 2h).

The most important item in the Farmhouse is the Tool Shed, which is 
in the lower left corner. The Tool Shed hold the tools and seeds that 
you dont currently have equipped. Pressing the A button next to the 
Tool Shed takes you to your tool inventory screen. You can exchange 
equipped tools for others by selecting your equipped tool, press A, 
and then selecting the other tool from the list. To access the seeds 
that you may have bought from Daisy, select "Next" and pick which seed 
you want to equip.

You can have you house expanded by Ken (see Part 2d). The original 
house that you acquire is pretty small and cramped. The next one up is 
a lot roomier and the last one is very large. It even has a 
decorative bookcase built in.

 Part 4c - Cows

The first barn to the left (closes to the Farmhouse) is the Cow barn. 
There are 4 stalls centered in the middle of the barn and one in the
upper right corner reserved for pregnant cows. There is a shipping bin 
in the lower left corner and the fodder bin is in the lower right 

Before you buy any cows from Chet you need to have enough grass 
planted in the pasture. If you go out the door at the back of the 
barn, you'll reach the pasture. At first it's covered in rocks, weeds, 
and stumps. After clearing those out till the land and plant grass 
seed. You need to plant at least 6 bags of grass and have it 
sprouting before Chet will sell you a cow (see Part 2g). It's a good 
idea to also have fodder stored in the Silo. When you cut grass it 
will automatically go into the Silo. You can find out how much grass 
you have by reading the sign in front of the Silo.

The feeding bin in the upper left corner is for your first cow, the 
one in the upper right is your second cow, lower left is your third 
cow, and the lower right is your fourth cow. Each one of those spots 
corresponds with the information on your cows in the System Notebook. 
So if you're looking at the information about your 3rd cow, it is the 
one that stands at the lower left corner feeding bin.

Each cow has a love level, which you can find in your cow information 
in your System Notebook. The cow's love level determines what size 
milk she is going to produce. Cows with 7 hearts or less will only 
give small milk. Once a cow reaches 8 hearts she'll give large milk.

To raise your cow's love level you have to remember to feed it every 
day. Take the fodder out of the fodder bin in the lower right corner 
(stand next to the bin and press the A button. Make sure you dont have 
and tools equipped as your active tool.) and then just press A while 
standing next to one of the food bins. You also have to "talk" to your 
cows by standing next to them and then pressing the A button. When you 
talk to your cows you'll also find out whether they're happy or if 
they're grumpy. Brushing your cows also helps to raise their love 

If you do have a grumpy cow, it's most likely because you didnt feed 
it the day before. If you remember to feed it after 3 days the cow 
will become healthy again. If you dont feed your cows for 3 days they 
become sick and they'll have green splotches on them. You can buy cow 
medicine from Chet to cure their sickness. If you dont cure them they 
will die 3 days later. Going to a cow funeral is never any fun.
When you want to produce more cows you can buy the Cow M.Potion from 
Chet. Make sure your cow is healthy, equip the potion, and then use it 
on your cow. When you leave the barn and come back, the cow will be 
next to the pregnant cow bin. Pregnant cows dont wander throughout the 
barn like the regular cows and you cant take them outside by using the 
Bell in the pasture. You need to remember to feed, talk, and brush 
this cow as well. When you talk to it, you'll find out how much longer 
you have to wait before the baby cow is born. If you dont forget to 
take care of your cow, once the baby is born it will remain a healthy 
cow. If you skip a day feeding it (which is possible to do during 
summer and winter storms) once the baby is born you'll have a grumpy 
mommy cow. Baby cows need the same attention as the adult cows do, 
except you cant milk them. It takes 14 days for a baby cow to grow 
into a medium sized cow. Medium sized cows take 25 days to grow into 
adult cows. Once it has reached it's adult size it will produce milk. 
The size of the milk of course is determined on the love level of the 

Using the Milker on cows (when they're adults of course) will produce 
either a large or small milk. You can take that milk to the shipping 
bin in the lower left corner of the barn and toss it in. Bill may 
eventually build you a Cheese Maker and a Butter Maker. Once you buy 
those they'll sit in the upper left corner of the barn. To use them 
just milk your cow and then toss the milk into one of the machines. 
The machine will jiggle a little bit and then give you either Cheese 
or Butter. Then just take it and put it in the shipping bin. Cheese 
and Butter fetch a higher price then just milk. You can use a small or 
large milk in the Cheese Maker or Butter Maker and end up with the 
same results.

                     | Milk, small | 150G |
                     | Milk, large | 250G |
                     | Cheese      | 300G |
                     | Butter      | 300G |

You can sell your cows back to Chet as well (see Part 2g). He'll give 
you a different price depending on the cow's size.

 Part 4d - Chickens

The barn to the right of the Cow Barn holds your chickens. Chickens 
are very easy to take care of. You dont have to buy any special 
grooming products to take care of chickens. You can have four chickens 
at a time, which may include the following combinations - 3 chickens 
and 1 egg in the incubator, 1 chick + 2 chickens + 1 egg in the 
incubator, or 4 chickens. If you have 4 chickens/chicks you cant put 
an egg in the incubator

The chicken barn has a feeding bin in the upper left corner, fodder 
bin in the upper right, shipping bin in the lower left, and the 
incubator in the lower right corner. The chickens also have a pasture 
area in the back that needs to be cleared and planted with at least 9 
bags of grass seed. After you have 9 bags sprouting you can buy a 
chicken from Chet. Chet only sells adult chickens, so your new bird 
will produce eggs the next day you have it (if you remember to feed 
it of course).

The System Notebook has limited information about your chickens. It 
will tell you their size (chick, chicken, or golden) and whether 
they're healthy or not. If you have an egg in the incubator you will 
also see how many days are left before the egg hatches.

Every day a chicken will lay an egg. You can ship that egg by picking 
it up and putting it in the shipping bin, or you can put it in the 
incubator to hatch a new chicken. An egg takes 8 days in the incubator 
before it hatches into a chick. Once the chick hatches it will take 
another 8 days before it develops into an adult chicken. You dont 
need to feed chicks, just make sure you put enough fodder in the feed 
bin for the adult chickens.

The only care that you need to give your chickens is to feed them 
every day and pick them up. Chickens love to be picked up and put 
back down. They dont have a love level like the cows and sheep, so 
picking them up is the best thing you can do to make them happy.

Sometimes a chicken will get grumpy even though you've taken good 
care of it. Since there is no chicken medicine for sale, the only 
thing you can do is wait and see if it becomes healthy in 3 days. If 
it remains grumpy you might as well sell it to Chet and hatch or buy 
a new one. Having a Golden Chicken grumpy can be an expensive loss 
for you, since their eggs sell for a lot of money. See Part 8c for 
Golden Chicken information.

                      | Egg        | 50G  |
                      | Golden Egg | 500G |

 Part 4e - Sheep

You need to have Ken build you the Sheep Barn, which will be the last 
barn in the group and to the right of the chicken barn. The sheep barn 
is internally the same as the cow barn - 4 feeding bins, pregnant 
sheep area in upper right corner, fodder bin in lower right, and 
shipping bin in lower left.

There is the pasture behind the sheep barn that needs to have grass 
growing in it. You need approximately 16 bags of grass planted. That 
means only a few squares of dirt can remain - most of the pasture 
area needs to be covered in grass. Only after you have planted all of 
that grass will Chet allow you to buy Sheep.

The sheep also have love levels just like the cows. They have a max 
of 10 hearts as well, and depending on the amount of hearts a sheep 
has is how large it's wool is going to be. Adult sheep with 7 or less 
hearts will give small wool and sheep with 8 to 10 will give large 

Raising their love levels requires you to take good care of them. You 
can buy an unlimited supply of Shampoo from Chet which you use to 
pamper your sheep. The Shampoo works just like the Brush for cows - 
equip it and then just press the A button while next to a sheep. You 
will see a sudsy animation and the sheep will have a happy face. 
Talking to sheep also makes them happy. Of course dont forget to feed 
them. Unlike cows who are grumpy, sheep will still produce their wool 
even if they're unhappy.

It takes 9 days for wool to regrow on sheep. To harvest the wool you 
need to buy the Clippers from Bill. Equip them and then stand next to 
a sheep and press the A button. You'll see a shearing animation and 
the wool will appear above your head. You can then put it in the 
shipping bin or if you have the Yarn and Knitwear makers you can put 
the wool in there to produce Yarn or Knitwear. Wool comes in two 
sizes - small or large. If you put either size into the Yarn or 
Knitwear makers you'll still produce Yarn and Knitwear. Regular wool 
sells for a little less then the refined wool.

                      | Wool, small | 200G |
                      | Wool, large | 250G |
                      | Yarn        | 300G |
                      | Knitwear    | 300G |

To reproduce sheep you need to buy the sheep M.Potion from Chet. Make 
sure you only have 3 sheep else he wont sell it to you. Equip the 
potion as your active tool and then just face which sheep you want to 
have a baby and press the A button. Remember to put food in the 
pregnant sheep food stall. Sheep take 30 days before they'll produce 
an offspring. Once a lamb it born it will take 15 days before it will 
become a medium sheep. After 22 more days it will become an adult.

 Part 4f - Hothouse

The Hothouse, after being built by Ken, will be in the east part of
the front yard, south of the sheep barn. Before the Hothouse is built 
the only thing in the eastern part is the wood bin where your wood is 
stored. After the Hothouse is built the wood bin is placed against it 
on the left side wall.

You use the Hothouse to grow herbs and flowers. You can buy the seeds 
from Daisy at her shop (see Part 2a). You also need to buy Pots to 
plant the seeds in, which she sells as well. The Hothouse has two 
sections - the left section is for flowers (the "paper bag" seeds) and 
the right section are for herbs (the "rabbit ear" seeds). There are 4 
tables inside each side, which hold 4 Pots each (16 total in each 
section). So you need to buy at least 32 Pots from Daisy to grow your 
stuff in. The Pots, after you buy them, are inside the Hothouse in the 
lower right corner of each section. You need to take the pots out of 
the bin and place them on the tables. Once you put a pot on a table, 
you can take it back off if it doesnt have anything growing in it. If 
you have planted seeds in the pot you cant remove it until after the 
plant has grown.

Planting flower seeds in the herb section wont work - the seeds will 
decay. Likewise if you try to plant herbs in the flower section. If 
you plant seeds and notice the next day that the pots are empty it's 
because you've planted them in the wrong sections.

You have to water the plants every day. Once they have bloomed you 
can harvest them by using the Scissors, which you buy from Bill after 
the Hothouse has been built. Just equip the Scissors and use them on 
a pot. You'll receive the plant and you can put it in the shipping bin 
that's located in the lower left corner of the section. If you dont 
pick your flowers in 7 days they will decay. Herbs will actually last 
forever if you dont pick them.

Each gender of farmer has different flowers and herbs that can be 
grown. After your first crop of a certain flower or herb blooms, it's 
name and picture are added into Mary's Plant book. Your book will 
automatically have two of the other gender's plant information in it, 
along with your own information. You can get more pictures from Mary 
on your birthday (see Part 8d) or trading with Legend of the River 
King 2 game. Some of the plants you'll receive from trading with LOTRK2 
and on your birthday are Narcisus, Pink, Amaryllis, and G. Lily. The 
plants will appear in Mary's book, but they wont have any page numbers.

     | Rosemary | Girl | 150G | Grows in 6 days | Book page 1 |
     | Camomile | Girl | 150G | Grows in 6 days | Book page 2 |
     | Sage     | Boy  | 200G | Grows in 9 days | Book page 3 |
     | Saffron  | Boy  | 200G | Grows in 9 days | Book page 4 |
     | Lavender | Girl | 250G | Grows in 6 days | Book page 6 |
     | Orchid   | Girl | 500G | Grows in 9 days | Book page 8 |
     | Geranium | Boy  | 250G | Grows in 6 days | Book page 5 |
     | Primrose | Boy  | 350G | Grows in 9 days | Book page 7 |
     | Amarylis | Both | 150G | Trade from RK2  |     --      |
     | G. Lily  | Both | 350G | Trade from RK2  |     --      |
     | Narcisus | Both | 450G | Trade from RK2  |     --      |
     | Pink     | Both | 250G | Trade from RK2  |     --      |

 Part 4g - Fountain

In the western portion of the crop field is the Fountain area. Here is 
where you can fish and stock fish in your fish pond. The Fountain area 
is surrounded by three sides - the northern side has the fish pond and 
the remaining sides are encased by water. You need to buy the Fishing 
Pole from Bill (2000G) before you can fish.

There are three sizes of fish - small, medium, and large. Each size 
sells for a different price. To fish you need to equip the Fishing 
Pole as your active tool. Then stand next to some water and press the 
A button. Your farmer will sit down and dip the pole into the water. 
When the end of the pole starts to wiggle press A again. You'll either 
get a fish, boot, or can. The boot and can are junk and will disappear 
after you try to pull them out. If you catch a fish, the fish's name 
will appear and you then can put it in the fish pond or in the 
shipping bin.

                       | Fish, small  | 40G  |
                       | Fish, medium | 80G  |
                       | Fish, large  | 100G |

The fish pond will hold fish until you take them out. You cant use 
your Fishing Pole at the fish pond. The pond acts like a fish 
inventory of what you've caught so far. The sign next to the pond lets 
you know how many fish total are in the pond. To look at how many of 
each kind you have, make sure you dont have anything equipped ("empty 
hands"), stand facing the pond, then press the A button. There are 18 
fish total that can be listed in your inventory. To the right is the 
number of each particular fish that you have. If you want to take a 
fish out of your pond, just pick a fish and press A. If you answer Yes 
to whether you want to take the fish out, you'll return to the 
Fountain with the fish above your head. You can then put it in the 
shipping bin, back into the fish pond, or if you want you can toss it 
back into the water. You can have 99 of each type of fish. After that 
if you catch another one you can toss it in the pond, but the fish 
isnt counted as part of the total.

All fish are easy to catch, but some fish wont show up as often as 
other fish. Bluegills are easy to catch, but C.Salmon and some others 
are rarer. Every time you catch a fish for the first time, a picture 
is taken for Mary's Fish book. There arent any seasonal fish - each 
one can be caught year round.

            | Amiya    | Large  | Many  | Book page 1  |
            | Alowana  | Large  | Often | Book page 2  |    
            | I.Salmon | Large  | Rare  | Book page 3  |
            | Y.Perch  | Small  | Many  | Book page 4  |
            | Tilapia  | Small  | Many  | Book page 5  |
            | Eel      | Medium | Rare  | Book page 6  |
            | Ayu      | Small  | Often | Book page 7  |
            | Catfish  | Large  | Rare  | Book page 8  |
            | C.Salmon | Large  | Rare  | Book page 9  |
            | Snkhead  | Large  | Many  | Book page 10 |
            | Br.Trout | Medium | Many  | Book page 11 |
            | Bluegill | Medium | Many  | Book page 12 |
            | Kg.Carp  | Medium | Many  | Book page 13 |
            | Bl.Bass  | Medium | Many  | Book page 14 |
            | R.Trout  | Medium | Often | Book page 15 |
            | Carp     | Medium | Many  | Book page 16 |
            | Y.Trout  | Small  | Many  | Book page 17 |
            | D.Varden | Small  | Often | Book page 18 |

You can trade fish information between Harvest Moon 2 and Legend of 
the River King 2 (see part 9 for more information).

 Part 4h - Crop Field

To the south of your front yard is where you will plant your crops. It 
is very important that you do NOT plant grass in the crop field. Grass 
belongs behind the animal barns. Planting grass in the field is a 
waste of ground that you could be using for your crops. You cant 
destroy grass either, so you would have to wait until a storm came by 
to take out a piece or two so you could plant crops instead.

There are two halves to the field - a large chunk up north and a 
smaller one to the south. There is a stream that separates the two. 
In order to reach the southern field, you have to have Ken build you a 
the bridge. There is one shipping bin located in the upper left corner 
of the field. The entrance to the Fountain is along the west edge (see 
Part 4g).

The first thing you need to do is destroy the rocks and stumps that 
are stuck in the field. You can destroy the large rocks by using the 
Hammer. You can save stamina by tossing the little rocks into the 
stream instead of breaking them up. The stumps you need to use the Ax 
on. The wood you receive from destroying the stumps go into the wood 
bin in your front yard. You also need to pull the weeds that are 
scattered around. Unlike the first Harvest Moon for Gameboy, weeds 
will grow back. Every day you'll have more weeds to pull.

Once you have your field clear of debris you need to till the ground. 
Use the Hoe to expose the soil for planting. The Hoe will till one 
square of ground. Eventually when you obtain the Super Hoe you can 
till a 6 square strip of land. Tilling the ground allows you to 
plant seeds. Seeds wont scatter on land that hasnt been hoed up.

Seeds will plant themselves in a 3x3 grid, so how you hoe up the 
ground matters. If you hoe a 3x3 grid, plant seeds, and then water, 
once they start to grow you're not going to have access to the one 
plant in the middle. Some people always leave one square of untilled 
land so that they can get to the middle plant. Others leave two 
squares to make for faster watering. Other people use rows, which 
leaves 3 squares unplanted.

              ***                ***                ***
              ***                * *                   
              * *                * *                ***

        1 Empty Square     2 Empty Squares     3 Empty Squares

The 2 and 3 empty square formations make for fast watering with the 
Sprinkler. You would just need to position your farmer in the middle 
of the grid, sprinkle all the plants with water, then move onto the 
next one. The 1 empty square formation takes longer to water, but you 
do get an extra plant per grid. You would have to water the 3 plants 
on the outside, then run into the empty spot that remains and water 
the 3 plants in the middle.

The north field is large and lets you experiment on different crop 
formations. It is almost a perfect rectangle, so there is lots of 
room to plant in. An example of an efficient crop formation for 
the north field is below. If you are planting crops that dont regrow 
after so many days, you could squish all of the grids together and 
only have rows running east and west for movement.
                 ----   --------------------------
                 |BBB     *** *** *** *** *** ***|
                 |BBB     * * * * * * * * * * * *| 
                 |        * * * * * * * * * * * *| 
                 |                               |
                 |    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *| 
                 |    *** *** *** *** *** *** * *|
                 |    *** *** *** *** *** *** ***|
                 |                               |
                 |    *** *** *** *** *** *** ***|
                 |    *** *** *** *** *** *** * *|
                 |    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *|

The south field isnt as large, and only has room for 2 3x3 grids going 
north and south. It's a little more difficult to have an organized 
crop formation in the south field. The field has an unusual shape 
which will leave a lot of empty, unplanted ground.

Some of the crops you plant will only harvest once, while others will 
produce all season long. When you buy seeds from Daisy (see Part 2a) 
she'll tell you if what you are buying produces multiple times. To 
harvest your crops just pick the item out of the plant (make sure you 
are in "empty hands" mode) and then toss it into the shipping bin in 
the upper left corner. When you receive the horse, and then later the 
saddlebag, you can ride the horse down to the field and use the 
horse's saddlebag as a shipping bin. Unfortunately there is no way of 
controlling the horse, so it will run throughout your field on it's 
own. Often you'll have to chase the horse down in order to toss the 
produce into it's saddlebag. If you become friends with Mary the 
Librarian, you might obtain a simpler way to ship items (see Part 8a).

      | season |gender|   name    |profit|  grow   |  regrow   |
      | Spring | Girl | Potato    | 60G  | 7 days  | No regrow |
      |        | Boy  | Turnip    | 40G  | 5 days  | No regrow |
      |        | Both | Asparagus | 80G  | 9 days  | No regrow |
      | Summer | Girl | Corn      | 100G | 14 days | 4 days    |
      |        | Boy  | Tomatoe   | 80G  | 10 days | 3 days    |
      |        | Both | Melon     | 130G | 12 days | 4 days    |
      | Fall   | Girl | Eggplant  | 40G  | 5 days  | No regrow |
      |        | Boy  | Peanut    | 40G  | 10 days | 3 days    |
      |        | Both | S.Potatoe | 60G  | 9 days  | No regrow |
      | Winter | Girl | Carrot    | 100G | 7 days  | No regrow |
      |        | Boy  | Broccoli  | 100G | 14 days | 4 days    |
      |        | Both | Napa      | 130G | 12 days | 4 days    |

If you want to know what crops are best to grow during what season, 
Ewout Stam has created a webpage that calculates which crops give the 
best profit, when the last day of planting should be, and other 
things. His website is located at http://hmlab.cjb.net 

 4i - Secret Garden/Power Berries

The Secret Garden is located in your front yard, just south of your 
farm house. The garden isnt much of a secret - it's sitting in plain 
view for you to see. You cant enter the garden and using any tools on 
the walls doesnt have any affect. The Secret Garden is a graphical 
total of how many Power Berries you have found.

When you're tilling your ground you may find items. You may uncover 
money, moles, bags, or a Power Berry. Power Berries will increase your 
stamina so you dont become tired as quickly. There are 10 berries 
total and they are not in any one place in your fields or pasture 
area. The berry is discovered by how much land you hoe up. Once you 
obtain the Super Hoe you can just stand in one spot and hoe the 
ground. The Power Berries will eventually appear out of the ground for 

 5 - Super Tools

In the beginning you are given 5 basic tools from the folks who live 
in Flower Bud Village. Daisy gives you a Watering Can, Bill gives you 
a Hoe and Sickle, and Ken gives you an Ax and Hammer. Each one of 
those tools can have one upgrade to make them more useful.

The Watering Can originally can water 1 square of ground and runs 
out of water. You can refill it by going down to the stream. When you 
ship your first couple of crops head to Bill's tool shop. He may have 
the Sprinkler available to buy. The Sprinkler waters a 3x3 grid of 
plants and doesnt run out of water. If Bill doesnt have the Sprinkler 
yet, return after you have shipped some more items.

The Hoe is one of the easiest to upgrade. The normal Hoe will till 1 
square of ground for planting. After you use it for a while it will 
naturally break. Return it to Bill who will repair it for you. Return 
in 3 days to obtain the Super Hoe. Sometimes you can also get the Hoe 
upgraded as a birthday gift from Bill.

The Sickle allows you to cut 1 square of grass to be used as fodder. 
To get the Super Sickle, you can wait until your birthday. Bill will 
come over and offer to upgrade it for you. The other option is to 
become good friends with Bill and receive the Great Whetstone event 
(see Part 7a). Once the event is over he'll upgrade your Sickle. 
Return for it in 3 days.

Normally the Hammer will allow you to break up rocks with one hit, 
except for the large rocks. You have to use the Hammer on it 6 times 
before the large rocks will break. After you have expanded your house 
for the first time, return to Ken's shop and he'll give you the Super 
Hammer. Now you can break large rocks in one hit.

The Super Ax is one of the tools that many people miss. The regular
Ax is used to chop up stumps for wood, but it takes 6 uses before the 
stumps are chopped up. Daisy is the one who holds the Super Ax. If 
you become good friends with Daisy, one day when you go to visit her 
she'll give you the Super Ax. 

 Part 6 - Trading via Gamelink Cable

Trading with another Harvest Moon 2 game allows you to obtain seeds 
that wouldnt normally be for sale for your gender, trade animals, 
trade pets, trade bug/fish information, and combine a part of 
your treasure map. Without trading you'll miss out on a lot of stuff. 
If you're just interested in growing different crops, you can rely on 
your cat to discover seeds. If you have a dog though, you'll need to 
trade. It is possible to trade between the English and Japanese 
versions of the game. The farmer's names may appear garbled, but the 
items will all have the correct names.

You will need two Gameboys, a Gamelink cable, and two gamepacks of 
Harvest Moon 2. Plug the gamepacks into the Gameboys and turn them 
on. Maneuver the farmer to the village and to Mary's Library. In the 
Library is the Trade Center, which has an icon that looks like a 
computer. Activate the Trade Center on both Gameboys. The computer 
will save your game and then let you in to trade. There are 6 objects 
in the Trade Center - Trade animals, Trade seeds, Trade bugs/fish, 
Trade pets, Combine Map, and Exit.

Trading a chicken between gamepacks is the only way to get a Golden 
Chicken besides using a Gameshark code (see Part 8c). Cows and 
Sheep dont gain a "golden" quality when they are traded from one 
pack to another. When you go to trade an animal, then animal's name, 
it's health, and what it's love level is will appear on the screen. 
If one of the people dont have an animal, the other person can give 
it as a "gift". You cant give a sheep if the other gamepack doesnt 
have the Sheep Barn built. Likewise you cant receive a sheep if you 
dont have it built.

You can also send seeds as gifts to another gamepack. The only problem 
with trading seeds is you can only trade one seed pack at a time. So 
if you want 16 Rosemary seeds you'll have to trade 16 times between 
gamepacks. Trading herbs and flower seeds allow you to fill in the 
missing pages of Mary's plant book once you've harvested the plants.

If you're missing pages out of the bug and fish book, you can trade 
information via the Trade Center. For example if you're missing page 
14 out of your bug book, you can trade one of the bugs you do have 
with someone who happens to have page 14 (see Part 3a). The bug you
trade doesnt become deleted out of your book, so you are just gaining 
the information about the bug on page 14. If you want to trade fish, 
it's the same process. You dont loose a fish if you trade one for 
another that you havent caught yet. Trading fish and bugs is just for 
filling in missing pages.

You can also swap pets between gamepacks. If you want to have a cat 
for a while and someone else has a dog, you can switch. You dont get 
to rename the pet when you receive it.

If you have become friends with Mary and you have reached the end of 
her treasure quest, you will need to combine maps with another game 
in order to receive the price. The Combine Maps selection will only 
combine maps if both gamepacks actually have a piece of the map. 
Trying to use the Combine Maps without actually owning a map will 
result in an error (see Part 8a).

The last selection exits you out of the Trade Center and puts you back 
at the Library.

 Part 7 - Yearly Events

Every season there will be events that take place. You can find out 
what is going on each season by activating your System Notebook, press 
SELECT again to bring up your detailed inventory, then selecting the 
Schedule. Every season the schedule will change.

Usually the events will happen on the same day every time the season 
comes around. Storms on the other hand, are scheduled to occur on a 
certain day but are actually meant to happen around that specific date. 
So if you have a Storm Warning set for December 1st, the storm can 
occur on the 1st or a few days afterwards.

Some festivals, if you attend them, will be documented in Mary's photo 
book. The day you pick as your birthday will also appear on the 
schedule in the proper season (see Part 8d). If Ken is building you 
something the date that it is suppose to be finished also will appear 
on the schedule.

             | Spring | 1st  | New Year's Festival     |
             |        | 15th | Cherry Cup              |
             |        | 25th | Flower Viewing Festival |
             | Summer | 7th  | Star Festival           |
             |        | 11th | Storm Warning           |
             |        | 21st | Storm Warning           |
             | Fall   | 10th | Moon Viewing Festival   |
             |        | 15th | Daisy Stakes            |
             |        | 25th | Harvest Festival        |
             | Winter | 1st  | Heavy Snow Warning      |
             |        | 14th | Giving Thanks           |
             |        | 20th | Heavy Snow Warning      |
             |        | 25th | Holy Night              |

Spring, 1st - New Year's Festival
This one does not occur in the first year, namely because the 1st is 
the day that you acquire the farm. Every year afterwards though on the 
1st everyone will be out of their shops. If you talk to the Mayor 
twice he'll give you 1000G.

Spring, 15th - Cherry Cup
On the 1st of Fall, first year, the Mayor will stop by your farm and 
give you a baby horse. The baby will become an adult horse on the 
first day of the second year. On the 2nd of Spring you can buy the 
Saddle for your horse. If you have that on the 15th when you wake up 
in the morning you'll have the opportunity to participate in the 
Cherry Cup. You'll be racing your horse against Chet and Daisy. To 
make your horse run faster, press the A and B BUTTONS one at a time 
(A, B, A, B, etc). If you win you'll receive 10000G. If you win 
the next year you'll receive 20000G. You'll also get a photograph 
for Mary's photo book.

Spring, 25th - Flower Viewing Festival
The flowers are blooming and Ken, the Doctor, Will, and the Mayor are 
out in the Town Square viewing them. Most of the shops remain open. 
If you go to the Flower festival you'll have a photograph added to 
Mary's photo book.

Summer, 7th - Star Festival
This one occurs at night (6PM - 12AM). Visit the Town Square and talk 
to the folks there. Rosie will tell you the story behind the Star 
festival if you talk to her twice.

Summer, 11th and 21st - Storm Warning
A hurricane will occur at some point in time around those two dates. 
You will loose some of your crops and your animals will become grumpy 
because you'll be trapped inside all day long.

Fall, 10th - Moon Viewing
At night again, this time out in the Mountain. Mary will be on the 
third level watching the Moon. You'll also have a photograph added to 
her photo book.

Fall, 15th - Daisy Stakes
Another horse race like the Cherry Cup. The only difference is the 
prize if you win. You'll receive 10 bags of Napa seeds.

Fall, 25th - Harvest Festival
This festival has most everyone out of their shops except for Rosie. 
Chocola and the others mention that she is in her Restaurant making 
cream stew, but she is missing an ingredient. Return to your farm and 
get a milk, cheese, or butter. Once you have that you will be able to 
enter Rosie's Restaurant. If you dont have one of those items, the 
door will be locked. After you give Rosie her ingredient, talk to the 
Mayor. You will all then go out and dance in the Square. You will 
get a photograph in Mary's photo book.

Winter, 1st and 20th - Heavy Snow Warning
Just like the hurricanes in the Summer. You'll loose parts of your 
crops and your animals will become grumpy. 

Winter, 14th - Giving Thanks
When you wake up in the morning you'll have a visitor. If you're 
playing a girl it will be Bill, if you're playing a boy it will be 
Rosie. Their sibling wants to give you a gift, but they're too shy 
to do it themselves. They'll give you a cake and then leave.

Winter, 25th - Holy Night
Head to the church when you're finished with your daily chores. Cain 
will give you the opportunity to pray for different things. You can 
pray for Happiness, Sunshine, Friendship, Wealth, or Health. Once 
you have made your choice the Harvest Goddess will come down and 
grant your wish. 

 Part 7a - Unscheduled Events

Some events wont be listed on the schedule. You'll just wake up one 
morning and something will happen.  

Spring - Chet and Rosie's Wedding
Chet will arrive at your door one day inviting you to his wedding. 
Apparently he and Rosie are getting married on the 1st of Summer. Go 
to the church on that day and watch the festivities. On the 2nd of 
Summer Chocola has taken over the Restaurant.

Spring - Going deaf 
After the three year mark the game keeps playing. If you decide to 
keep farming, a few days into Spring you'll wake up deaf! Head to 
the Clinic and the Doctor and Nancy will give you some ear medicine. 
You'll be fine the next day. If you dont go to the Clinic you'll 
wake up the next day and end up staying the whole day and night at 
the Clinic. Which means that none of your animals get fed.

Summer - Ken's Melons
On the day that your melons ripen, Ken will arrive at your door and 
request 20 melons of his own. He wants you to put just 20 melons in 
the shipping bin and at 5PM he'll come pick them up. You cant put 
anything else in any of the shipping bins that day except for the 20 
melons. If you put in less then 20 he'll give you 150G per melon. If 
you give him 20 he'll give you 5000G. Putting any more in the bin 
will result in the 5000G, no matter what it is.

Fall - Chocola's Mushrooms
Chocola will want you to meet her in the Mountain. Go see her and she 
wants you to fetch her mushrooms. Pick up the three mushrooms and 
give them to her. After the third one talk to her again and she'll
thank you and leave. A few days later on the Bulletin Board in the 
Town Square there will be a notice about Mushrooms being for sale at 
the Restaurant for 10 days.

Winter - Snowball Fight
If you head to the Town Square on Sunday in the third year, you'll 
almost get hit by a snowball. Daisy and the others will invite you 
to join them in a snowball fight. You can choose Daisy, Chocola, 
Will, or Bill to throw a snowball at. After a while everyone gets 
cold and head back inside. You get a photograph for Mary's photo 

Any - Animal Graveyard
If you forget to feed your cows and sheep for several days they'll 
become sick. If you dont take good care of them they'll eventually 
die. On the morning of an animal's death you will have a ceremony 
with Cain and Chet. When Chet asks you how you feel and you pick 
"fine" instead of "sad", be prepared to get hit! After the funeral 
you'll be back at the farm house and it will be 6PM.

Any - Daisy's Hot Tub
One day when you head to town Daisy's shop wont be open. She'll be 
out on the Mountain by the Hot Spring. She invites you to join her 
in the Hot Spring. You'll both jump in and she'll say a few more 
things. After that you can leave and she'll stay there all day.

Any - Mary's Time Capsule
In the morning Mary will greet you and ask to meet you in the 
Mountain. She'll be up on the third level waiting for you. She wants 
to bury a time capsule at that location. You are given 7 different 
secret messages to write. After your choice the two of you will bury 
the capsule and she requests that you return to that exact spot in 3 
years. If you return to the Woods after 3 years Mary will mention a 
short comment depending on which of the 7 messages you selected.

Any - Town Square Ghost
Bill will greet you in the morning and say that there have been 
reports of a ghost appearing in the Town Square. Head to the square 
and talk to the Mayor and Ken. Ken is quite frightened and heads 
back to his shop. The Mayor then asks you to go ask Cain for more 
information. Cain suggests that Ken may know more and to go ask him 
and then return. When you go ask Ken about the ghost, he will give 
you some clues about what he saw. Return to Cain and answer the 
questions. Cain will then tell you what really happened.

Any - The Great Whetstone
Bill will come by one morning and ask for your help. Will has fallen 
off of a cliff and he needs you to help him carry his brother to the 
Clinic. The Doctor will say that Will's fine, but he's delirious and 
keeps mentioning a "great whetstone". Bill is curious as to what his 
brother might mean, but he has to get back to his shop. Head back to 
the Mountain and run through it. After finding nothing return to 
Bill's shop. He says he found what his brother was talking about and 
to thank you he'll upgrade you Sickle. Return to Bill's shop in 3 
days to obtain the Super Sickle.

Any - Daisy's Date (submitted by Jordan Mongaya, baku@edsamail.com.ph)
One day, Daisy will go to your house and ask you if you can meet her 
at the town square at 1 pm on the same day. When the scheduled time 
comes, go to the town square and you will see her standing in front of 
the bulletin board. When you talk to her she will ask you about what 
you did on the hot spring. She will ask if you still remember it and 
if you say "yes" she say: "I'm glad you still remember that. Please 
dont forget about this day also".

 Part 8 - Miscellaneous

There is a lot of extra stuff added into Harvest Moon 2 compared with 
the first Harvest Moon game for Gameboy. Now there are mini games and 
other interesting tidbits to ease the boredom that comes with doing 
the same thing over and over and over.

 Part 8a - Mary's Treasure Map

One day when you go to visit Mary in her Library she'll give you a 
map. She was cleaning and says she found it. The map is currently all 
scrambled up and she needs you to fix it. The map is made up of 15 
squares that are scrambled up and one empty square used to move the 
other squares around. 

                        | 2  | 3  | 4  | 8  |
                        | 1  | 6  | 7  | 12 |
                        | 5  | 10 | 11 | 15 |
                        | 9  | 13 | 14 | 16 |

Square #16 is the "emtpy" square. Squares #6, #7, #10, and #11 are 
already in the correct location so there's no need to move them. The 
only scrambled pieces are the ones along the side and they're only 
off by one piece. To solve the puzzle move square #16 up 3 squares, 
left 3 squares, down 3 squares, and then back to the right 3 squares 
to have it sitting back where it was before. The map will then be 
completed. Mary then says that the next clue is listed in your Q&A 
section of your System Notebook. If while you are trying to solve 
the puzzle you quit out of it, you CANT get it back. So if you dont
solve it the first time you loose it forever.

Look in your Q&A section. The clue is question #24 which reads "Where 
is the real treasure?". The answer given is "The treasure is buried 
under the flower that doesn't wither". Daisy is also the name of a 
flower and she never withers. Check out the flowers in front of her 
shop. The one closest to the door is the one that the clue is
referring to. Unfortunately, the treasure isnt buried there. You do 
receive a new clue though.

Question #25 in the Q&A is "What is the Real Treasure Map?". The 
answer given says "Superimpose the two maps and... Here's a hint: the 
Trade Menu". At this point you NEED to have a friend who is also 
playing Harvest Moon 2 and has received a piece of the map. Using the 
Trade Center (see Part 6), combine the maps. When you exit the Trade 
Center you'll have another clue in your Q&A.

The last clue is question #26, which says "Where is the real 
treasure?". The answer given is "It is buried between the tree and the 
L3 cliff from the bounty of the mountain". Head to the Mountain and 
walk up to the very top. There is one tree stump that sits up on the 
third level. To the left of the tree stump is a tree that is up close 
to the top edge of the screen. At the very corner where the tree meets 
the top of the cliff is where the treasure is buried.

The treasure is the Miracle Glove. You use the glove when you are 
harvesting your crops. Instead of picking up each item and throwing it 
into that horrible horse's saddlebags, you can use the Miracle Glove 
instead. Equip the gloves, pick the item, and then press the A BUTTON 
again. Normally if you didnt have the gloves equipped you would throw 
the item on the ground. With the gloves on the item magically is sent 
to the shipping bin. No more need for that horse!

 Part 8b - Mini Games

There are three mini games that you can find. Each time you discover 
one it will be for sale in Bill's tool shop for 3480G. After you buy 
the game it becomes part of your television. When you check the 
weather you'll get an option to play one of the mini games. If you 
choose Yes you'll be sent to a screen where you can pick one of the 
games that you found. 

Mole Bash - When you hoe your ground you may notice that moles will 
appear and then bury themselves back underground. After you have 
found a few moles you'll get the option to play a Mole Bash game. You 
are given 50 seconds to smash as many moles as you can. The mole holes 
correspond with the buttons on your Gameboy - The group of 4 holes to 
the left side go with your UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT buttons. The two 
holes on the right go with you A and B buttons. When a mole pops his 
head out of the hole press the correct button to smash it back down. 
There are three different types of creatures. Brown moles are slow and 
easy to hit, yellow moles are faster, and the green frogs arent to be 
hit at all. If you hit a green frog you will hear a "bad" sound and an 
X will appear on your screen. At first the game is slow but as time 
goes on it will speed up. The best score is 100 moles.

Horse Race - After you participate in one of the horse races you can 
buy the game from Bill. The horse race mini game is just like the 
normal horse race. You race against Daisy and Chet. To make your 
horse move faster press the A and B buttons one at a time (A, B, A, 
B, A, B, etc). It's easier to place your Gameboy on a flat surface and 
then use two hands to press the buttons. The game will save your 
fastest time.

Slide Puzzle - When Mary gives you the scrambled treasure map and 
after you solve it you can buy the game. The puzzle game is made up 
of 16 pieces of a picture that you need to unscramble to solve. Move 
the empty space around to shuffle the pieces. If you press the SELECT
button you can see what the completed picture is suppose to look like. 
Pressing the START button exits you out of the game. Each picture is 
actually one of the photographs that belong in Mary's photo book, so 
sometimes you can see photographs that you havent received yet.

 Part 8c - Golden Chicken

The only animal that can be "upgraded" are the chickens. You need to 
be able to trade with a friend to obtain one (see Part 6). Activate 
the Trade Center and enter the animal section. If your friend doesnt 
have a chicken to give you but you have one to give to him, you can 
send it as a "gift".

Sending a chicken and then immediately sending it back wont work - the 
chicken will remain a normal, white chicken. After you finish trading 
you need to leave the Trade Center and then return. Once you have 1 
golden chicken you can easily have a whole barn full. Golden chickens 
reproduce just like normal chickens. You just need to put a Golden Egg 
into the incubator in the chicken barn and in 8 days it will hatch 
into a chick. The chick will look like a normal chick but once it 
grows into an adult chicken it will have the same golden color as it's 

Golden Chickens lay eggs every day just like normal chickens. Instead 
of each egg being worth 50G though, golden eggs are worth 500G a 
piece. You can make an easy 2000G a day just by harvesting the 4 eggs 
a day. If you choose, you can sell one of the Golden Chickens to Chet, 
who will pay 10000G for each one.

 Part 8d - Your Birthday gifts

On your birthday you will receive a gift from one of the villagers. 
Having a good friendship built up between you and the person is what 
determines what you get for your birthday. If you dont have a 
friendship built up with anyone, you'll have the Mayor stop by your 
house instead of a villager (see Part 8e). If you have the highest 
level of friendship with the villagers the Mayor will come by as well.

                | Mayor   | 1000G                 |
                | Bill    | Tool upgrade          | 
                | Rosie   | Seeds                 |
                | Chocola | Seeds                 |
                | Mary    | Plant photo for book  |
                | Daisy   | Seeds                 |
                | Cain    | Blessing              |
                | Chet    | Makes animals healthy |

*note* - Ken, the Doctor, and Nancy the Nurse dont appear to give any 
birthday gifts.
Mary's gift seems to be the most interesting. She gives you a photo 
that belongs in the Plant picture book. Sometimes she gives you a 
picture of a plant that you cant even grow! The extra plants come 
from Legend of the River King 2 (see Part 9) and you would normally 
have to trade to get them. Sometimes she'll give you a photo of a 
plant that you can grow. Mary can give you a Pink, Orchid, Narcisus, 
Amaryllis, G. Lily, Geranium, or Primrose picture.

 Part 8e - Friendships

Becoming friends with the people who live in the village is an 
important part of the game. The people of the village have five 
friendship "levels" that you can gain by giving them presents on days 
when they're not in their shops or just talking to them. When levels 
are gained you can see events, get tool upgrades, and receive free 

You can tell where your friendship stands by talking to the shop 
owners. When you enter the shops and after their welcome speech, there 
will be an option to "talk". If you talk to them they will give a
little speech. The speech will change depending on how often you talk 
to them.

   | Daisy | 1 | Water Daily                                    |
   |       | 2 | Hi! What'll it be today? I highly recommend    |
   |       |   | everything                                     |
   |       | 3 | It's hard work, but never give up, {your name} |
   |       | 4 | I wish I had a younger sister like Chocola...  |
   |       | 5 | I'm so happy when you come to visit            |

   | Cain  | 1 | {your name}                                    |
   |       | 2 | This is a nice place to live                   |
   |       | 3 | Have you heard the words of the Goddess...?    |
   |       | 4 | I have a feeling something will happen... soon |
   |       | 5 | Life's a cycle of ups and downs                |

   | Bill  | 1 | You working the farm today, too?               |
   |       | 2 | Can you tell us apart? Who am I?               |
   |       | 3 | We build the computer that's in the library    |
   |       | 4 | We're thinking of making a time machine next.. |
   |       | 5 | We guess the time machine's just a dream...    |

   | Ken   | 1 | Working hard?                                  |
   |       | 2 | Working hard, {your name}?                     |
   |       | 3 | Is something the matter {your name}? Do you    |
   |       |   | want to talk with me?                          |
   |       | 4 | I'd like to try working the field sometime.    |
   |       | 5 | Keep it up {your name}. Go for it!             |

   | Chet  | 1 | How's the farm?                                |
   |       | 2 | Are you taking good care of {pet's name}       |
   |       | 3 | You have to treat animals with affection       |
   |       | 4 | It's hard work, but you're the kind of person  |
   |       |   | who can do it.                                 |
   |       | 5 | Come whenever you've got problems with the     |
   |       |   | animals.                                       |

   | Rosie | 1 | Would you like some food?                      |
   |       | 2 | How is {pet's name}? Be nice to it please      |
   |       | 3 | Hello {your name}. Are you working today, too? |
   |       | 4 | You should eat 3 square meals a day or you'll  |
   |       |   | poop out.                                      |
   |       | 5 | Actually, I love animals.                      |

   | Chocola | 1 | Sneak a little chocolate and eat it in       | 
   |         |   | secret Just kidding.                         |
   |         | 2 | Eat well or you'll run out of steam          |
   |         | 3 | Come on in {your name}. Eat hardy.           |

*note* - Have only been able to get Chocola to give 3 speaches, no 
matter how many seasons I talk to her.

   | Mary  | 1 | H... hello                                     |
   |       | 2 | I... ah... um... nevermind                     |
   |       | 3 | I've read so many book now in library...       |
   |       | 4 | The main character in this novel... He's like  |
   |       |   | you.                                           |
   |       | 5 | T... thank you very much for coming today      |

 Part 9 - Legend of the River King 2 

LotRK2 is a fishing game translated by Natsume. It's your job to 
gather the Heaven Jewel that split into two and was taken by two sly 
gods, the Mountain God and the Sea God. To make things worse, each has 
transformed himself into a fish; the Mountain God became the River 
King and the Sea God has become the Sea King. You have to gather your 
fishing equipment and go fish up the bad guys.

LotRK2 has a bug collecting and plant collecting component in it 
just like HM2. Some of the items you receive are tradable to HM2. You 
can exchange fish, bugs, and plant information between the two games. 

The "trade center" in LotRK2 is the Grocery shop that is usually 
located with the Tackle shop, Inn, and Fish Market. Inside there will 
be an old man and woman. To trade, walk up to the old man and pick the 
second selection ("tsuushin" for japanese, "comm" for english). You'll 
have to save your game before you trade just like in HM2. Then you'll 
be at a shortened version of your inventory screen.

The Harvest Moon 2 screen will have selections for seeds, bug/fish, 
and an exit. The River King screen will have a listing for fish, bugs, 
and plants. Trading items from HM2 to RK2 wont decrease the 
number of items, but trading from RK2 *will* reduce the number of 
items. So if you have 99 Ayu in your fish pond and you trade one to 
RK2, you'll still have 99. But if you are trading from RK2 to HM2, you 
must have an Ayu in your inventory and you loose the Ayu after you 
trade it. You can also only trade for something of the same type, so 
you can only trade a fish for a fish, bug for a bug, and plant for a 

There are some limitations with trading to and from LotRK2. You can 
trade all types of fish, all bugs, but you can only trade 4 types of 
seeds. Likewise there are a lot of things that are in RK2 that you 
can not trade to HM2. From RK2 you can only trade fish and bugs that 
already appear in HM2. So from LotRK2 you can trade a Carp but you 
couldnt trade a Coral Shrimp since it doesnt normally appear in HM2.

There are 4 plants that you can trade from LotRK2 that dont normally 
appear in HM2 though. Those four plants are Amarylis, G. Lily, 
Narcisus, and Pink. Since you can only trade a plant for a plant, 
there are also only four plants that you can from HM2 to LotRK2. Those 
four are Camomile, Sage, Saffron, and Rosemary. In fact to complete 
Mary's Plant book *and* the Plant memo/Mom's Garden from LotRK2 you 
will have to trade between the two games.

There are also a few bugs that dont appear in LotRK2 that will need to 
be traded from HM2 in order to complete the Bug Memo. LotRK2 will need 
a H. Beetle, M. Butterfly, and O.S. Beetle from HM2 in order to 
complete the Bug Memo.

  From Harvest Moon 2 to River King 2 you can trade...
  - All 18 fish
  - All 27 bugs
  - 4 plants (Camomile, Sage, Saffron, Rosemary)

  From River King 2 to Harvest Moon 2 you can trade...
  - The same 18 fish that appear in HM2
  - 24 of the bugs that appear in HM2 (H. Beetle, M. Butterfly, and 
    O.S. Beetle do not normally appear in RK2.)
  - 4 plants (G. Lily, Pink, Amarylis, Narcisus)

 Part 10 - Version History

Ushi no Tane HM2 FAQ version 1.5
Creation Date: December 18, 2000

Version 1.5 - 
- completed information on trading from Legend of the River King 2
- added info on the 4 plants you receive from RK2 into the HotHouse 
  section (see part 4f)
- added Daisy's Date event 

Version 1.2 - 
- removed duplicate Ladybug entry
- added names of flower pictures given by Mary to Birthday section
- added Ewout Stam's Harvest Moon Lab website link to the Planting 

Version 1.1 - 
- added bug#27, Ladybug (was previously overlooked in version 1.0)
- added a bit of info on the Music Mode in the Church
- added a bit on trading in the LotRK2 part

Version 1.0 - 
- Most of HM2 information added

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