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In 2020 AD, it became popular to go to the "Denjukai" using a mobile phone, make friends with "Denju", and have them give you a phone number.

The main character, Shigeki, lived a life unrelated to such an "electric beast boom", but decided to go to the electric beast world with the appearance of one electric beast. To make new friends in the electric beast world.

This game makes full use of futuristic mobile phone D-shots in the electric beast world (the world of this game), win a telefang (battle) with electric beasts (monsters living in the electric beast world), and make friends with strong electric beasts. It's a new RPG that solves the mystery of the electric beast world while getting a phone number!!!

A "Telefang Power Antenna" is included in the package of only the "Telefang Power Antenna Bundled Version" for the first production!
If you attach it to the communication connector of the Game Boy and play the game, the antenna will shine when you make a call to your friend Denju or receive a call from Denju during the game!!!

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