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TYRANNOSAURUS TEX sees you take control of Tex, a maverick cowboy from the little town of Eastwood. A new diamond mine has opened nearby, and Tex loves diamonds! But, as ever, things aren't quite what they seem....

Guide Tex through 28 massive 3D levels, collecting diamonds, shooting Robots and Dinosaurs, and rescuing the lost townsfolk. Watch as the story unfolds in stunning comic-book fashion with the aid of superb cut-scene pictures. Navigate Tex through complex mazes, help him dispatch devious enemies, and make sure he rescues the girl...


- The only real 3D game on GBC!
- 6 Different types of guns
- Over 10 different types of enemies.
- 28 action packed levels spanning a mine, an underground city and a crashed spaceship.
- Levels include keys, doors, forcefields, teleporters, pickups, powerups, diamonds, runes, traps and time limits.
- Overhead 2D map allows you to find your way if you get lost.
- Action packed story told through over 100 Hi-Colour screens.
- Collect diamonds to open secret areas where runes are hidden. Find runes to unlock extra characters and levels in multiplayer.
- Last but not least, 2 player head to head games over the GBC. Play as any of 5 characters in 5 specially created arenas. The journey to work or school will never be the same again!

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