Where can I find the stars?

  1. I have had this game for a long time and i cant find the star foir acorn shrine and somewhere else can you help me fin the stars? haileyg9614 - 11 years ago - report


  1. Acorn Shrine stars: Tack-Q the rock where the sleeping ham ham is. A bug will roll into the wall. Tack-Q the wall and then Hiff-hiff the star. Another is where the granny hamster is. Say hamha to the ladybug and digdig where it hovers in the dirt.

    SunFlower Park: Go to the Digdig shop and digdig until you find the star. Another is at the secret garden place; talk to the tanning hamster like before and dig where you see gold. In the treasure chest this time is 3 seeds.

    Ruins: Score 200 points at Tack-Q bowling and go to where you find Penelope but tack-Q the tire. Open the chest where you found 3 rocks.

    Sunflower Market: Search the register Howdy was at and keep giving seeds to the hungry hamster--have a lot of seeds on you.

    Sunflower Elemetary: Go to Panda's workshop and open the treasure chest with the star on it. Talk to the merchant who says Ham-chat wrong and eventually he will give you a star.

    more later.
    Pipluppals - 9 years ago - report 2   4
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