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Unite the Ham-Hams & Unlock Boss's Secret!

Hamtaro hops from your TV to your Game Boy for an adventure starring all the Ham-Hams from the hit animated series! See school yards, supermarkets, and other everyday places from the viewpoint of the pint-sized hamster. Help him round up his fellow Ham-Hams and meet back at the Clubhouse for a big surprise!

- Learn Ham-Chat! Use the Ham-Ham's secret language to unite the Ham-Hams! At first, you'll know only a few words, but you'll learn dozes of others as you meet more hamsters and unravel more riddles.
- Reunite the Ham-Hams! Gather Pashmina, Bijou, Oxnard, and the rest of the Ham-Hams back at the Clubhouse - find all 12 Ham-Hams to learn Boss's secret.
- Make a Ham-Jam! Create dances with Ham-Chat! Every word gives you a dance ste - string words together to make your own original Ham-Jam dances, then link up to share them with friends!

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