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FAQ/Walkthrough by Calamire89

Updated: 04/24/12

  _   _                 _              __   _____ _                
 | | | | __ _ _ __   __| |___    ___  / _| |_   _(_)_ __ ___   ___ 
 | |_| |/ _` | '_ \ / _` / __|  / _ \| |_    | | | | '_ ` _ \ / _ \
 |  _  | (_| | | | | (_| \__ \ | (_) |  _|   | | | | | | | | |  __/
 |_| |_|\__/_|_| |_|\__/_|___/  \___/|_|     |_| |_|_| |_| |_|\___|
Complete Walkthrough
Hands of Time Copyright © 2001 Titus
This Guide Copyright © 2011 Andrew Kay

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
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To ask for permission, email me at calamire@gmail.com

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Table Of Contents-----------------------------------------------------------

Use Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F) to search the guide for these sections

1) Introduction
2) Controls
3) Passwords and Difficulty
4) Complete Walkthrough
- 4A) Level 1: Castle Road
- 4B) Level 2: The Inner Walls
- 4C) Level 3: Tunnel
- 4D) Level 4: The Castle
- 4E) Level 5: Secret Lab
- 4F) Level 6: Castle Cathedral
- 4G) Level 7: Cemetery
- 4H) Level 8: Swamps
- 4I) Level 9: Weapon Lab
5) Weapons List
6) Items List
7) Vehicles List
8) Enemies List
9) Bugs, Goofs, and Things of Interest
10) Conclusion

1) Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------

As the young Sebastian, gamers take the role of the son of a brilliant
scientist who has discovered a means to travel through time. Time travel has
already taken place in this reality, however, and Sebatian's first mission is to
use his father's discovery to return to the past and destroy an earlier time
machine, which upset the balance of power in a past war and led to dangerous
realities in their present. Just as Sebastian enters the machine to travel back
to the past, he watches helplessly as his father is kidnapped and taken

Now trapped in the past, Sebastian must find the ancient time travel device and
destroy it to set events right in his own time. But he must also find a way to
travel back to his own time, in order to rescue his father from his captors. As
if the situation weren't paradoxically impossible enough, an agent has been sent
from the future to hunt Sebastian down and stop him at all costs. 

Welcome to my Hands of Time FAQ/Walkthrough! If you're reading this guide and
playing Hands of Time, then you're a rare breed. This game is largely unknown,
and as of June 2011 there is not a single video on Youtube for it. There aren't
any walkthroughs anywhere, either, hence why I'm writing this one. Given the
lack of information about this game, I'm surprised you even found out about it.

In my opinion Hands of Time is an okay game. It's nothing spectacular, but it's
not infuriating, impossible, or full of bugs, either. Give it a shot. You'll
figure out soon enough if it's the sort of game you want to complete.

I'm sorry if this guide feels off. It's the first time I've ever made a guide
for a video game, and unless I find some other unknown game that sparks my
interest, it may be the last.

2) Controls ----------------------------------------------------------------

Main Menu

D-Pad    - Scroll through options
Start    - Choose an option
Select   - Choose an option
A Button - Choose an option
B Button - Choose an option 

Password Entry

D-Pad    - Left/right to choose a space, up/down to select a letter
Start    - Confirm password
Select   - Confirm password
A Button - Confirm password
B Button - Confirm password

Main Gameplay

D-Pad    - Move in the direction pressed
Start    - Opens inventory screen
Select   - Opens map screen
A Button - Examine object/talk to person when a red (!) appears
B Button - Shoots weapon

Inventory Screen
D-Pad    - Choose an inventory slot
Start    - Close inventory menu
Select   - Close inventory menu
A Button - Equip a weapon or an item
B Button - Equip a weapon or an item

3) Passwords and Difficulty ------------------------------------------------

This game has no save feature. Instead it uses a 4-letter password system to
let you resume the game at a particular level and difficulty. Each password will
take you to the very beginning of a level, with a pistol and sometimes other
items. There is no way to resume a game from the middle of a level.

There are two difficulty levels: easy and hard. The only difference is that in
hard mode, you take more damage from enemies and certain powerups are gone.
There is no endgame bonus for beating the game on hard difficulty. 

Here is a complete list of passwords for each level:


Password (easy): DDCA
Password (hard): BXCL
Start Items: 
- Pistol


Password (easy): ZWJX
Password (hard): VHRV
Start Items: 
- Pistol
- Machine Gun (40 ammo)


Password (easy): YSEI
Password (hard): XIJH
Start Items:
- Pistol
- Machine Gun (20 ammo)
- Grenades (2)


Password (easy): QTWW
Password (hard): ZOUY
Start Items:
- Pistol
- Machine Gun (20 ammo)
- Grenades (2)


Password (easy): EOVU
Password (hard): JVYP
Start Items:
- Pistol
- Machine Gun (20 ammo)
- Exterminator (20 ammo)
- Grenades (2)
- Screwdriver


Password (easy): KLQS
Password (hard): MMNE
Start Items:
- Pistol


Password (easy): APHH
Password (hard): LYVV
Start Items:
- Pistol

Password (easy): ZXOL
Password (hard): PMAI
Start Items:
- Pistol


Password (easy): YOTX
Password (hard): LCIO
Start Items:
- Pistol
- Machine Gun (20 ammo)
- Exterminator (12 ammo)

4) Complete Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------------



                  |    |    |    |    |    |
D                 |         |              |
                  |    |    |    |    |    |
   +----+----+----+-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+----+
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    
C  |                        |         |    
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    
   +-  -+----+-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+----+
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
B  |    |    |              |              |
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |
   +-  -+----+-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+----+----+
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |  
A  |                             |  
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |

     1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8


             +----+         +----+
             |    |         |    |    
H            |    |         |    |    
             |    |         |    |    
   +----+----+-  -+----+----+-  -+
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |  
G  |                             |     
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |
   +----+----+-  -+----+----+----+
             |    |    | 
F            |         |   
             |    |    |    
             +----+-  -+
                  |    |  
E                 |    |  
                  |    |   

     1    2    3    4    5    6   


C3 - Get Machine Gun
C1 - Get Iron Rod
A3 - Use Iron Rod on rock, get Lost Key
C2 - Use Lost Key on door, get ID Card
A2 - Use ID Card on machine
A1 - Get Wire Cutters
A6 - Use Wire Cutters on fence, go underground
G1 - Take stairs, get Grenades
H3 - Get Bazooka
G5 - Get Wrench
C1 - Use Wrench, get Bazooka Ammo
B5 - Use Bazooka on Tank, get Big Key
A6 - Use Big Key to enter Testing Area
D6 - End of Testing Area, go underground
H6 - Get Small Key, open door
B3 - Use Iron Rod, get Scientist Suit
D4 - Enter, defeat boss


The game begins with Sebastian (you) appearing out of thin air...in the past.
You can talk to the peasant here. He's one of the few people in this level that
won't try to kill you.

Go north one screen. In this area, there's a large tank moving around. If you
stand in the rubble to the right of the tank, and press A when the (!) appears,
you can examine it. The tank won't hurt you, but there's nothing we can do with
it now, so just head north another screen.

This area is filled with burning rubble. Talk to the girl standing nearby for
some backstory. Apparently, Sebastian is trying to impersonate a scientist to
get inside the castle. The girl says that lots of scientists keep coming in, and
also that the soldiers destroyed the village and told everyone to move away. She
adds that her cousin was arrested for loitering, and is being held in some sort
of island house. Hmmm....

Go west two screens. There's a building in the north part of this area. Go
inside and pick up the Machine Gun. It's just like the Pistol, but it can kill
anyone with one shot. Unfortunately, it has no ammo yet. Some ammo can be found
in various places around the level. 

Go back outside. Go west one screen, where there's a locked building to the
north. We'll come back later. There's also a first-aid kit here if you need to
replenish your health.

Go west one more screen. There's another building to the north of this area. Go
inside and pick up the Iron Rod, which can be used as a lever. Mainly, to break
open rocks as well as manholes leading underground. In the top-left corner of
this area is another first-aid kit.

Go east two screens - to where the railroad tracks stop - then go directly
south. There's a gray wall below you--go left of it and follow the path along
the water. Go south another screen. Kill the guard here, then equip the Iron Rod
(press Start, move the cursor over the Iron Rod, and press A). Examine the rock
blocking your way to break it open. Keep going, and you'll find the Lost Key.

Remember that locked building we passed earlier? Turns out the Lost Key is what
opens it. Backtrack: north, north, then west. Equip the Lost Key, then examine
the building to the north.

Once inside, make your way to the upper-right corner. Pick up the ID Card. Exit
the building, then go west one screen, then south. It's time to go to the
"island house" mentioned by the girl.

This area is filled with water turrets, which shoot in 8 directions. They can't
be killed, however you can time your movement so that you walk past them while
they're preparing their next shot (they shoot at regular intervals). 

Go south across the bridge, then east. Equip the ID Card and examine the
Machine. It will cause a bridge to roll out, so you can continue. Cross the
bridge. Head east if you want a first-aid kit. Or go west across the bridge
below you. You'll arrive at the island house. Outside is some Machine Gun ammo
(nice!). It really is nice, because it can kill any guard with one shot.

Go inside and talk to the prisoner that the girl mentioned. He'll give you the
Wire Cutters. Pick up the first-aid kit, then backtrack out of the water area.
Go all the way back to the girl from before. She mentions that her grandpa will
help you if you meet him.

Go south two screens, to where you began the level. There are two paths east,
with two signs. Take the south path, which the sign says leads to the Hydro
Station. Use the Wire Cutters to break the fence here, then go inside to enter
the Underground Complex.

The halls in this area are narrow, and you'll run into guards every now and
then, so be careful. There's not much room to dodge their bullets.

Head one screen north, then west, then north again. There's a first-aid kit at
an intersection. Take the left path and go two screens to the west. There's a
stairway here. Take it, and you'll appear on a small elevated platform in the
overworld, where you'll find some grenades. Be careful when using them, because
if you get caught in the explosion you'll lose A LOT of health.

Go back downstairs, and go east two screens until you reach that first-aid kit
near that intersection. Go north and talk to the officer drinking. He'll give
you a Bazooka. Unfortunately, you can't use it yet. It has no ammo.

From the drunk officer, head south and take the east passage (the gate which
was blocking your way is now gone). The path forks east two ways. Take the
bottom path. In the next room go east again. There's another first-aid kit here
if you need it.

This screen consists of a long hall with a room in the bottom-left corner. In
this room you'll find the Wrench. The hallway continues east, but there's
nothing else to get except for another first-aid kit. 

We'll leave this place through a second entrance. Go back to the first-aid kit
at the intersection. Go left a little, and take the long hallway north.  The
stairs at the end take you to the top-right corner of the overworld. 

When you reach the surface, go south, then west four screens. Between the
railroad tracks is a switch. Equip the Wrench and examine it, and the switch
will activate. The railroad car comes over, and a man comes out and hands you
some ammo for your bazooka. Except you still can't use it...

Go four screens east, then south to where that large tank is hanging around.
Equip the Bazooka and walk into the stone rubble to the right of the tank. When
you see the (!) appear, press A, and watch Sebastian blow it up. A man walks out
of the ruined tank, and drops the Big Key as he leaves. Pick it up. This it our
ticket to the Testing Area.

Go south, then take the upper path to the east. Equip the Big Key and examine
the gray gate. Head north. You'll find a large, unused green tank waiting for
you. Press A to hop in.

This part of the game is unique, and involves navigating a large tank through
eight screens of traps and enemies. Controls are the same. In addition you have
a new health bar, which can be refilled by driving over a can of fuel (looks
like a brown flashing square with the top-right corner cut off). You have 100
ammo, however if you run out, you will receive an additional 20 ammo if you wait
a few seconds. On an interesting note, you can shoot the green bushes and burn
them to a crisp. Destructible terrain. Quite rare in this game.

This area has unique enemies too. Landmines look like small brown squares with
a circle in the middle. There are also anti-tank turrets, which shoot in eight
different directions. They take 3 hits to destroy. You will also encounter four
enemy tanks, which take ten shots to kill and are not a problem if you just mash
your attack button.

There's not much to say. Simply follow the road. It goes east, east, loops
around west, north, north, east, loops west again, west, south, east, north, and
finally west. When you reach the final screen Sebastian will walk out and climb
down a staircase which leads underground.

Interestingly, you'll end up back in the underground complex you explored
earlier. Pick up the Small Key. Then examine the wall in the top-right corner of
the room to open the gate. There's some Machine Gun ammo here too.

Head south. The east path leads to a first-aid kit. The west path leads to the
entrance. Go west, and you'll be in the room where you found the wrench. To
exit, go west, west, south, east, south.

Remember that wall in the middle of the overworld? It's time to go there. From
the underground complex entrance, go west three screens and go up the stairs.
You're now on top of the wall. Follow it north to find another hole leading
underground. Equip the Iron Rod and examine the hole to enter.

You'll arrive in a small underground room. Equip the Small Key and examine the
northern door to proceed. In the next room, go to the upper-right corner and
pick up the Scientist Suit. With this new disguise, none of the guards will
attack you anymore! There's a Big-Brother-esque picture in this room as well,
but you can't examine it. Oh well.

Sebastian now feels confident enough to go through the huge doorway at the top
of the map. Return to the overworld, then go south, east, then north three
screens. The bunkers here won't shoot at you anymore. Go inside the big

Talk to the guard in this room, and Sebastian will soon be revealed as an
intruder. This causes a boss fight: a tank. Simple enough, just keep shooting.
Use your Machine Gun if you have it--there's no better time than now to use it.
The tank fires straight down, but its shots will sometimes fragment upon hitting
the wall. You can try to dodge the tank's shots, but if you keep shooting, and
have lots of health, you'll destroy the tank long before your health gets too
low. A good strategy is to learn to shoot diagonally (move diagonally then
shoot) so you can attack without getting in range of its shots.



                            |    |    |  
C                           |         | 
                            |    |    |
   +----+----+----+----+----+-  -+-  -+----+
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    
B  |                   |                   |    
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    
   +----+----+----+-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+
                  |    |    |    |    |    |
A                 |                        |
                  |    |    |    |    |    |

     1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8


A7 - Get Laundry Key
B8 - Get Soldier's Uniform, Sheet
B5 - Get Food Parcel
A8 - Talk to man in hotel
B5 - Get Old Canned Food
A5 - Give Old Canned Food to man
B3 - Examine closed hangar doors
   - Talk to man inside other hangar
   - Get Monkey Wrench in other hangar
B1 - Use Sheet to scare man, get Storage Key
B4 - Talk to Paul in Canteen
A8 - Use Storage Key, get File
C7 - Use Monkey Wrench on pipe in building
B1 - Enter sewers, get Hangar Key
B3 - Enter closed hangar, get Pickaxe
B4 - Canteen basement: use Pickaxe on north wall


This level takes place in a village inside the castle walls. Unlike the first
level, getting around is easier because there's fewer walls and brush in your
way. Even better is that you get a disguise very early, meaning there will be
almost no enemies too.

From the start, head one screen east and talk to the man walking around the
bottom-left area. We'll assume this is the man mentioned by the girl in level 1.
He decides to help you by giving you the laundry key, and to go see his wife. He
adds that there might be a secret passage into the castle.

Go north, then east. Use the laundry key on the building surrounded by sheets
hanging outside. Go inside and talk to the woman. She gives you a Soldier's
Uniform, which means nobody will shoot at you anymore.

WARNING: After you speak to the woman, she can end your game due to a glitch.
If you stand to the left of her, it is possible to get trapped between her and
the sink. She will not change direction until she gets past you, and you can't
move because the sink is in your way. If this happens, you have no choice but to
start the level over. :(

Before you leave, go to the north part of this room and pick up the Sheet.

Go three screens west and enter the building marked "Shop". Talk to the girl
and receive a Food Parcel. She wants you to take it to her father, who is in the
hospital/hotel just southwest of the laundry house.

Go to the hospital. Read the poster on the right side, which says the
shopkeeper is in the left upper bed. Equip the Food Parcel and talk to the
woman. She will let you pass and then....disappear? Talk to the shopkeeper, and
he says that there might be a secret passage connecting the castle to the

Return to the shop and talk to his daughter again. This time she wants you to
take out some two-years-old Canned Food. Leave the shop and go south one screen.
Give the canned food to the man blocking the path to the west. He will start to
feel sick, and run away.

Go west, then north. The Canteen is the large building here, but there's
nothing of interest there yet. You *could* go inside, into the basement, and
discover that one of the walls is crumbling, and the secret passage does exist.
But it's not necessary.

Go west. There should be two hangars here, marked "002" and "003". First, look
at the storm drain to the right of hangar #3. Sebastian sees something shiny
down there. Now examine the closed doors to hangar #3. Sebastian decides he
wants the key now. Now enter hangar #2. Talk to the mechanic, who says someone
named Paul has the keys. Before you leave, go to the top-left corner of the
hangar and grab the Monkey Wrench.

Go outside, go west. There's nothing in hangar #1 except a large plane. Go west
again, and go inside the radio tower. Talk to the man, who is apparently scared
of ghosts. Equip the sheet, and Sebastian will attempt to scare the man.
Afterward, he will give Sebastian the Storage Key and ask to get some garlic, to
protect himself from vampires. Sebastian jokingly mentions werewolves too, which
spooks him even more. This is all very ironic, but you'll find out why later.

Return to the Canteen and talk to Paul, the man sobbing alone at a table. He
says he lost the Hangar Key, and dropped it down a storm drain. Make sure you
talk to him. Otherwise Sebastian will refuse to go into the sewers later.

Equip the Monkey Wrench and head to the northeast corner of the map. Go inside
the building and work your way to the bottom-left corner. There should be a
U-shaped pipe sticking out of the ground. Examine the valve, and Sebastian will
use the wrench. The flow of water will stop.

If you want, there's an optional secret journal located in one of the buildings
here, with some information about the war surrounding this game. To reach it,
enter the building south of the one with the valve. This building has 3 floors.
Stairs are to the north. Nothing's in the basement or first floor, except some
pictures which Sebastian says looks like his grandpa.

Go to the second floor, and head to the bottom-right corner. Examine the table
located between the two pictures on the wall to read a diary from one of the
garrison officers. It reads:

"Success! Today we managed to send the commander's cat into the future and
back. To our surprise the creature survived! The only problem was that is
somehow managed to get out of the cage before we could run any tests. Poor
kitty! I wonder what happened to it! The prototype is ready. Soon we'll be
powerful enough to wipe out our enemies! Ha ha ha..."

It's not too interesting, but unlike most things in this game, it's optional,
and located in an enormous empty building. Just odd. Figured I'd point it out
since it's easy to miss.

Now that I'm at it, there's another building of interest to the southwest,
where you started. It's the commander's building. Talk to him, and there's a
somewhat humorous conversation involving paperwork. If you had talked to him
without a disguise, he would summon two guards to attack you. The only reason I
point him out is because he's in a cutscene later.

Back to business. Equip the Storage Key and go to the storage room, in the
southeast corner of the map. In the north part of the room, pick up the File.

It's time to get that Hangar Key! Go to the far west corner of the map. South
of the radio tower is the sewer entrance. If you hadn't turned the valve, there
would be a flow of water blocking the way. If you hadn't spoken to Paul,
Sebastian would refuse to enter the sewers. And if you didn't have the File, you
wouldn't be able to cut through the gate blocking the entrance. But since that's
all taken care of, go inside.

Use the File on the gate. In the top-right corner of this screen, take the
south path. After that, it's fairly straightforward. At the end, you'll find the
Hangar Key.

Return to the Canteen, and go to the basement. Equip the Pickaxe and examine
the crumbling wall to the right of the stairs. Sebastian will break through.

Now there's a cutscene, in the castle commander's room. An "Evil Agent"
appears, from the future, and informs the commander that he's trying to track
down a saboteur--YOU. To prove his good intentions, he gives the commander a
force field generator that will make him invincible to ordinary weapons. Then
they begin to plot...



   |    |    |    |    |  
D  |                   |  
   |    |    |    |    | 
   +----+-  -+----+-  -+
        |    |    |    |  
C       |              |  
        |    |    |    | 
   +----+----+-  -+----+
   |    |    |    |      
B  |              |  
   |    |    |    |    
   +----+-  -+-  -+
        |    |    |      
A       |         |      
        |    |    |     

     1    2    3    4  


B1 - Flip the switch
B2 - Flip the switch
B3 - Examine statue, get Key
C2 - Flip the switch
D4 - Get Cog Wheel
C4 - Use Cog Wheel on mechanism
D4 - Use Key on door
   - Examine skeleton, get Rusty Key
   - Use Rusty Key on door
D1 - Get Lockpick
D3 - Examine coffins, get Plank
D2 - Use plank on stream
C2 - Flip the switch
D2 - Use Lockpick on door
D1 - Climb stairs to end level


The tunnel that leads to the castle! Unlike the first two levels, this one has
no other people. In addition, the "trading game" has been replaced with a series
of switches that open gates, and some keys that open locked doors. It's bland,
but then again, it IS an abandoned tunnel.

Just above your start location is the first switch, nestled in a corner. Walk
in front of it and press "A" to flip it. You can't see it, but it has opened a
gate somewhere in the level, allowing you to proceed.

Go to the bottom-right corner of this room. There are two paths going east.
Take the top one. Continue along, and the path will split four ways. Up leads to
a second switch (flip this one too). Down leads to some Grenades. East leads to
a dead end. Go back to where the path forked in the first area.

This time, take the bottom-right path. It leads east, then south. It forks
again. Two paths lead all the way right across the room. Take the one below the
long black pit, and go right into the next area. (It also forks down, but
there's nothing there).

In the next room, you can go south for a first-aid kit. Then go north. You'll
end up on a small peninsula. Examine the statue and get the Key. This statue
also opens a gate, even though it doesn't say so. The gate you saw all the way
in the starting room is now open, so go there.

In the room where you started, take the top-right path. It goes east, then
north, where it forks left and right. The right path has a first-aid kit (so
does the left). The left path also has some Machine Gun ammo, and another
switch. Flip the switch, and return to the starting area.

Take the bottom-right path again. Remember those two paths that go all the way
right? This time take the upper one. It goes east, then north of where that
statue was. In the room with the statue, leave through the top-left corner. 

Follow the path to a first-aid kit and more machine gun ammo.  Go to the
bottom-right corner of this room, and follow the path north. It leads to a Cog
Wheel. Go back south and use it on the old mechanism in the center of the room.

Now go to the top-left corner of the room. There are three exits to the north.
Take the second one. The mechanism has created a....bridge?...across the pit
that was here earlier. Use your Key on the door, and examine the skeleton in the
top-left corner of the room. You'll get a Rusty Key.

Go back south to the room with the mechanism. This time take the path in the
top-left corner. It forks left: take the top route. Go three screens west and
pick up the Lockpick. Go one screen east, and take the south path to another
switch. Flip it. From the switch, go two screens east, and examine the two
coffins to the north. Pick up the Plank. 

Go east (where the hallway forked), and take the bottom path this time. Follow
it west. There will be a place where a stream of water blocks your way. Use the
Plank to get across. From there, go west for a first-aid kit, or south to hit
the final switch.

Go back to where the path forked (in the room with the mechanism), and take the
top path a second time. Go west two screens, and use the Lockpick on the door
above you. This path leads to the exit, and the end of the level.



                  |    |  
F                 |    |  
                  |    | 
   +----+----+----+-  -+
   |    |    |    |    |  
E  |                   |  
   |    |    |    |    | 
   +-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+
   |    |    |    |    |  
D  |                   |  
   |    |    |    |    | 
   +----+----+----+-  -+----+
             |    |    |    |
C            |              |
             |    |    |    |
             +----+-  -+-  -+
                  |    |    |
B                 |         |
                  |    |    |
             +----+-  -+----+
             |    |    | 
A            |         | 
             |    |    |

     1    2    3    4    5 


E2 - Talk to chef
D1 - Get Storage Key
E1 - Get Exterminator
E2 - Trigger missing key cutscene
E3 - Get metal detector
C3 - Use Storage Key to open storage room
   - Get Oil
   - Get Wire
A3 - Use Oil on machine
   - Enter dungeon, get Piece of Metal
B5 - Send guards off to dinner
C5 - Get Screwdriver
E4 - Use Piece of Metal on door
   - Get Piece of Paper
F4 - Use Piece of Paper on door
   - Use Screwdriver on generator
   - Use Wire on generator

The castle is the tallest level in the game. So tall, that it has to be split
into two maps on the map screen. There's a single long hallway that leads
straight from the south end to the top, which makes getting around somewhat
easier. The primary objective here is to somehow break into the lab entrance at
the north end of the castle.

From your start location, go up and left, to the intersection. You can enter
the small room to the south for some grenades. There's also some new type of
ammo here. We'll get the weapon for it very soon.

From the intersection, go north three screens (past the room with the blue
floor). At the intersection, go left. Where it splits, go left again. To the
north is a small room with a first-aid kit. South is a room with machine gun
ammo. Proceed left into the next area.

You'll arrive at another intersection. first, go north into the kitchen, and
talk to the chef. He'll announce dinner is ready. This sounds unnecessary, but
it is. You must talk to him. South is another first-aid kit. Proceed left into
the next area.

There's a small room nestled into the L-shaped bend here. Go inside and get the
Storage Key (another one??!). Go north into an adjacent room, and get the
Exterminator, which "looks cool." This gun is similar to the machine gun. It
one-shots almost everything. Its bullets travel more slowly, but you can have
more than one onscreen at once. Go northeast into the next screen.

Two small rooms to the north. First is empty. Go near the second one for a
small cutscene where a guard has lost a key. (What's the deal with all the lost
keys in this game, anyway?) After you see it, go right into the next room.

Two small rooms here. Go north and get the Metal Detector. South is another
first-aid kit (the 4th one in only 6 rooms -_-). At this point, we're done with
this small loop of rooms. Go right, and then south until you reach the room with
the blue floor.

In this room, equip the Storage Key and go through the narrow space in the left
wall. Unlock the door. There are 2 items to get here. First, the Oil (located in
the passage above the gray guard). Second, the Wire, located in the bottom-left
corner. Return to the blue room, then go south two screens (to the area you
started in).

When you reach this intersection again, go left. Equip the Oil and use it on
the machine in the top-left corner of this room. It will open a door in the
top-right corner of the room, which leads to the castle dungeons.

The dungeons are filled with mice, but that's it. It's also huge (2x3 screens
big), and it's essentially a maze. I highly recommend using a map of the
dungeons if you can find one online. I've uploaded one to gamefaqs.com, located

Follow the yellow path on that image. The halls are so narrow that it would be
a pain to type out every single turn.

When you reach the top-right area of the sewers, the metal detector will start
ringing. This means you're close to the lost key! The key itself is located in a
patch of flowers in that area, against the right side. Walk into these flowers
and Sebastian will pick up the Piece of Metal - also known as a key.

Make your way back to the castle. Don't get lost.

We're actually almost done. All that remains is visiting the few castle rooms
we haven't checked yet. When you exit the sewers, go east, north, then east (the
narrow passage to the south leads to more grenades).

In the top-right corner of this room, speak to the two men, who proceed to go
eat dinner. If you hadn't talked to the chef, they would not budge. Go up the
passage and pick up the Screwdriver.

Now go west, north, north. Head for the silver door to the right, and use the
Piece of Metal on it. It opens, leading to a large desk. Examine the desk to get
a...Piece of Paper. Which has a cipher written on it.

Go one screen to the north, and this time go right and use the Piece of Paper
on the blue door. It opens, revealing a generator. Use the Screwdriver to open
its front panel. Then use the Wire on it. The generator explodes, blowing a hole
in the grating on the north wall. Walk through this new opening, and you'll
finish the level, and enter the Secret Lab.



   |    |    |    |    |      
C  |                   |
   |    |    |    |    |        
   +-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+
   |    |    |    |    |      
B  |                   |
   |    |    |    |    |        
   +-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+
   |    |    |    |    |      
A  |                   |
   |    |    |    |    |        

     1    2    3    4  


A4 - Examine body, get Burner
B3 - Get Car Keys
C4 - Get Geiger Counter
   - (from other side) Get ID Card
B3 - Use Screwdriver, get full Burner
A2 - Use ID Card
   - Get Gas
   - Get Testing Tube
A1 - Get Laser Gun
B2 - Get Bomb
C3 - Use Gas on wall
   - (from other side) Get Storage Keys
B3 - Use Storage Keys on door
B4 - Get Borer
A4 - Use Testing Tube on acid pool
C3 - USe Borer on north door
   - Use Testing Tube on north door
   - Go in door
   - On other side, use Burner on door
   - On machine, use Bomb


The lab contains a series of blue air vents, which we'll use to get into
otherwise inaccessible rooms. It also introduces a fun new obstacle: instant
death. The air vents contain fans, and if you step into one of these fans you
will die, and you must re-enter the password and start the level over.
So....watch out!

As Sebastian realizes, some of these vents are also leaking radiation, and
you'll take damage if you step into these areas (one of them is right at the
beginning, so walk through it as fast as you can).

Go right, and you'll notice a small puddle of acid. We'll come back when we
have something to put it in. Go up and examine the corpse, and pick up the
Burner, which unfortunately has no gas. From the corpse, go all the way left,
then up. Pick up the machine gun ammo. Go right, then north into the next

Get onto the brown ground, and then go left into the next screen. Pick up the
Car Keys, then go back right. Go north into another vent, and proceed until you
find the Geiger Counter. This device detects radiation leaks in the vents,
coloring them gray. Needless to say, avoid these gray areas. There is ALWAYS a
way around them.

Return to where the machine gun ammo was, and go left onto the brown road. Go
one screen north, where there is a man lifting cans of nitrogen onto an
elevator. Use your Screwdriver on the brown panel to the right of the entrance,
and disable it. The man will stop working, and give you a tank. Your burner now
has fuel. Head north.

There are three blue vents on the right side. Enter the middle one and emerge
in a room on the other side. Examine the emergency switch, which will trigger a
cutscene. Then go right into the room and get the ID Card. Before you leave,
examine the computer terminal as well.

Go back to the road, and go all the way south. Enter the second blue vent from
the bottom of the map (on the left). At the 4-way vent intersection, DO NOT GO
LEFT it leads into a fan. Instead, go down then left into the next screen.

There's a small room here. Use your ID Card on the blue door and pick up the
Gas Tank and the Testing Tube.

There's a large area of vent north of this room. From there, go left, then
north (new area), then left (new area), north, left, left, down, down (new
area). Pick up the Laser Gun (there's more ammo in the top-left corner of the
map if you need it).

Go back through the vent. At the intersections, go up, right, right, down,
right (new area), up, up, right. In this room, pick up the Bomb. From the room,
go up, up, right. Use your Gas on the (!) here, causing the soldier in the
adjacent room to leave (and he leaves the door open too).

Return to the very start of the level (in the bottom-right corner). Use the
Tetsing Tube on the puddle of acid. Now go back to the vertical brown road. Go
to the very top and enter the room on the left, which you just gassed. Pick up
the Storage Key (this item AGAIN??!).

Go south one screen. Use the keys on the blue door to the right. Enter the room
and pick up the Borer.


Return to the very top of the vertical road. Use the Borer on the door. Then
use the Testing Tube on it. You'll cut a hole in the door, allowing you to
enter. In the next room, press "A" when the (!) appears. It leads to a driving
stage. Unlike the tank stage, you have no way to shoot things this time.

There are two obstacles to avoid. First are turrets. They shoot simultaneously
in 4 directions, and their shooting patterns are irregular. Your best bet is to
move past them right after they shoot 2 simultaneous shots. There are also
blinking floors here which damage you slowly. Make your way all the way north,
and Sebastian will emerge on foot again.

Use the Burner to get through the small barrier. When you reach the time
machine, use the Bomb. Right before it explodes, the Evil Agent finally
confronts you, but it is too late. He tries to disable your bomb, but he is
taken out in the explosion.

Now you must make your way out of the lab. This part of the level is short, and
there's only one dead end here. The rats will charge at you if you shoot, so
take them out quickly. When you reach the end, the level is over.



   |    |    |    |    |    | 
D  |                        |
   |    |    |    |    |    |
   +-  -+----+----+-  -+-  -+----+
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |
C  |                   |         |
   |    |    |    |    |    |    |
   +-  -+-  -+----+-  -+----+----+
   |    |    |    |    |    | 
B  |    |         |         |
   |    |    |    |    |    |   
   +-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+
   |    |    |    |    |    | 
A  |         |         |    |
   |    |    |    |    |    |   

     1    2    3    4  


Each of the screens in the map above can be divided into four platforms, as
mapped out below.

 +  +--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+
 |  |     |  | S|  |     |     |
 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +
 |  |  |        |     |     |  |
 +  +  +--+  +--+--+  +--+--+  +
 |  |        |     |     |  |  |
 +  +  +--+--+  B  +--+  +  +  +----
 |     |  |           |     |
 +  +  +  +  +-----+  +  +  +--+----
 |  |  |     |     |  |        |
 +  +  +  +--+--+--+  +--+--+  +
 |  |  |        |  |  |        |
 +--+  +--+  +  +  +  +  +  +--+
 |M          |  |        |     |

M = Mech Suit
S = Sprayer
B = Boss


A1 - Get Mech Suit
D3 - Get Sprayer
C3 - Defeat spider boss
C5 - Reach exit


This level is nasty, the most dangerous yet. To make things easier, there are
only two items you need to pick up. Couple of tips:

1. All of the enemies (except the boss) will leave you alone unless you attack
first. If you start a fight with your Pistol, you will probably take damage,
which you can't afford in the beginning of this level. Try to maneuver around
them instead of shooting your way through. Once you get the Sprayer, you can
one-shot them all.

2. Beware collapsing floors. If they crumble all the way, you will die
instantly. They look more rugged than normal floors, so they CAN be spotted.
Note also that once a floor collapses, it does not return, even if you leave the
area and come back.

3. Avoid the green slime - and there's a lot of it. Avoid the even deadlier
slime (it's darker and isn't animated) because it will kill you instantly.

You begin in the upper-left corner of the map, on a small platform. Head south
three platforms, then east one, then south three more platforms, then west one.
Pick up the Mech Suit. Now you'll no longer take damage from the green slime in
this level. 

From this platform, go east one, north four, east two, north one, then east and
north. Pick up the Sprayer. This weapon lets you one-shot every enemy in the
level. It has a max of 20 ammo though, and has VERY short range. You can examine
any of those weird blue tanks in this level to refill your Sprayer.

You may be wondering: is it possible to get the Sprayer before the Mech Suit
and still finish the level? On easy difficulty, yes. But reaching the Sprayer
requires trudging through green slime, and you'll come back with very low
health. On hard difficulty, it is impossible to get the Sprayer first. You'll
reach the Sprayer and then be trapped: forced to go back through the slime, with
no access to first-aid kits. You'll take too much damage.

Interestingly, I think this is the reason for a graphical bug. South of the
Sprayer, there are some green slime "damage" squares which look like normal
floorboards. The developers never noticed this because they never tried to get
the Sprayer first. They got the suit first and were invincible, so they never
noticed this bug.

Moving on...

From the Sprayer, go south one platform. Then west, south, west two, south
four, east two, north, west, north, east. Grab the first-aid kit if you have
less than full health. Then go north, then east. Prepare yourself. This is a
boss room, and you'll notice the music change.

The boss (a large spider) is the nastiest enemy in the entire game. He hangs
near the top of the room, then charges down and back, spraying a wave of
missiles so dense that you're bound to take damage. The Sprayer makes this boss
a joke though. After only a few hits, he will die. Just run up to him, and shoot
as fast as you can. You may find it worthwhile to grab the first-aid kit and
then hide in the top-right corner of the room, and wait for him to stay there so
you'll have a nonmoving target. There's also an ammo tank in the bottom-left
corner if you need it. Also beware the collapsing floors in this room.

When you beat the boss, all that remains is reaching the level's exit. It's
just bugs, collapsible floors, first-aid kits, and fuel tanks for the rest of
the level. Kinda empty compared to other levels, huh?

From the boss's lair, go: right, down 3, right, up, right 2, up, left 2, up 2,
left, up 2, right - and just follow the platforms the rest of the way.

When you reach the end, Sebastian will hop out of the mech suit. Then the evil
agent will appear, even though he was supposedly killed. He looks different
though, and reveals that he is mostly machine now, which allows him to be "even
more evil" (I kid you not). He tries to catch Sebastian, but his leg apparently
falls off, and he falls behind. Sebastian exits the cathedral, and finally goes
outside again.



   |    |    |    |    |
D  |                   |
   |    |    |    |    |
   +----+----+-  -+----+
             |    |    |
C            |         |
             |    |    |
             +-  -+-  -+
             |    |    |
B            |         |
             |    |    |
             +-  -+-  -+----+----+
             |    |    |    |    |
A            |                   |
             |    |    |    |    |

     1    2    3    4    5    6


A3 - Talk to Cemetery Keeper
B4 - Kill leprechaun, get Silver Coins
D2 - Talk to Cemetery Keeper
A5 - Enter house, use fire to make Silver Bullets
D2 - Talk to Cemetery Keeper, get Old Gun
D4 - Enter Crypt, kill werewolf, talk to Daughter
D2 - Talk to Cemetery Keeper, get Shears
B3 - Use shears on left wall, enter, talk to friendly vampire
C3 - Examine large bush on left side, get Tooth
B3 - Enter, talk to friendly vampire again
D4 - Enter crypt, examine top-left wall, find Daughter, get Mausoleum Key
D1 - Enter Mausoleum, get Necronomicon
D4 - Enter Crypt, talk to daughter, get Necronomicon as a weapon
A5 - Cutscene with father
A6 - Use Necronomicon to kill demon, cross bridge


When I first started playing this game, the only cheats I found find online
were the passwords for six levels. So I assumed there were only six. Imagine my
surprise when level seven began! And imagine my further surprise  when I
realized the makers of this game were definitely smoking something when they
made this level.

You start off leaving a cave and coming outside. Head right and talk to the
Cemetery Keeper. He tells you that the cemetery has suddenly become infested
with zombies and werewolves. The werewolves can only be defeated with silver
bullets. On top of that, there's a demon guarding a bridge nearby, and no mortal
weapon can kill it.


I know what you're thinking: did you just step into a completely different
game? Wasn't this about going back in time, destroying a time machine, saving
your father and stopping some sort of evil empire? And now we have to add
zombies, skeletons, werewolves, and a demon to the to-do list? Really? Why are
these creatures in this game at all? More importantly, why does Sebastian care?
They're not part of his mision. Really? Really? REALLY???????

Okay, I'll assume you want to keep playing, despite the game's sudden identity
crisis. This level has a somewhat isometric view, and it is extremely easy to
get confused about where you are. For that reason I'll repeatedly use "gray
path" to refer to those vertical walkways in-between the grassy areas, which
take you up or down. It will be repetitive (like this entire level), but I
assure you, getting lost in the cemetery is annoying.

TIP: There's a trick to keeping yourself safe from skeletons, which will shoot
at you. On each green path there's some room to move up or down. The skeletons
usually stand near the top, so you should try to walk as far to the bottom as
you can. This way, if a skeleton shoots at you, the bullet should pass
harmlessly over Sebastian's head. But if you shoot, you'll hit its feet and kill
it. With this trick, you should be able to vastly reduce the damage you take
from skeletons.

After the Cemetery Keeper leaves, go past him and up the gray path. Go left, up
the gray path. Then right, and up the gray path. There's a C-Shield to your
left. Head right and into the next screen. Go up the gray path, then left into
the next screen. Keep going left, then take the straight gray path into the
northern screen.

Go right, into the next screen, then go up two gray paths. Go right, and talk
to the little red man at the end of the path. He's a leprechaun. Yes, that's
right folks. There are leprechauns in this game now. He'll tell you that you
won't get his silver, and then attack you. Mash your attack button, and kill him
quickly. He hits like a truck. If you're playing on hard difficulty, he can kill
you in 6 hits. When he dies, examine the pot of silver he leaves behind, and
take it.

Take the 3 paths north into the next screen.

Go all the way left into the next screen. Go left more, then go up the path. Go
right into the next screen. Go up 3 paths, then left into the next screen.

Go all the way left, and take the straight path north into the next screen.

Go up two paths, then left into the next screen. 

In the next screen go left, and up the path. You'll see the Cemetery Keeper
again, and you'll discover that you can make silver bullets out of the silver
you have. There's a building nearby with a fireplace. To reach this building,
you have to backtrack nearly the entire way you just came. 

And no, you couldn't just go there to begin with. You can only use its
fireplace after this Cemetery Keeper says you can. -_-

Soooo....let's go back! Return to where the leprechaun was. Then go down 2
paths, left into the next area. Go down, then right into the next area. After
this, take the 4 paths down (you'll pass a first-aid kit), into the bottom-right
corner of the map. Enter the house, make sure your silver is equipped, and
examine the fireplace. You'll leave with some Silver Bullets, just what we need
to kill werewolves. 

Now, you have to go all the way back, again, to where you last saw the Cemetery
Keeper. He will give you an Old Gun, loaded with your Silver Bullets. This gun
can kill a werewolf in one hit. Against the skeletons and zombies though, it
takes sixteen hits! You may want to use your pistol for now.

It's time to kill the werewolf and free his daughter! Go right, into the next
screen, and this time go up the path, and right into another screen. Head south
and enter the Crypt. You'll see the werewolf pacing back and forth, and the
daughter behind him. One hit with the Old Gun and he'll die. Speak with the
daughter. She's been bitten by a vampire and doesn't have much time before she
fully transforms.

Go talk to the Cemetery Keeper again. He says you might need his daughter's
help to get the Necronomicon (which apparently can change her back).
Unfortunately, she's run away. He'll give you a pair of Shears. 

Now we have to cross the Cemetery yet again. Return to where the leprechaun
was. Go down two paths, then go all the way left, into the next area, then all
the way left again. You'll see a wall of brush blocking your way. Use the Shears
to clear it.

You're now in some sort of cave, filled with zombies and vampires. Use your
Pistol on Zombies, and Old Gun on Vampires. Or you can just keep the Old Gun
equipped and kill every zombie in 16 hits. Your call. Head left into the next
screen, then work your way to the upper-right corner and go back into the first
screen. Talk to the green vampire here, who tells you he's friendly. If you
bring him his fang, he'll tell you where the girl is.

The fang's location is non-obvious. Go back outside. Go right into the next
screen, and take the 4 paths up to the screen to the north. In the next screen,
go left into the next screen, keep going left, then go up the gray path. Now go
left. There should be two huge bushes here. Examine the first one and you'll get
the Tooth.

Go back to the friendly vampire. He tells you to examine the vampire's tomb,
and that it is not all that it seems. Return to the Crypt (the place where you
killed the Werewolf). Examine the top-left corner of the room, and you'll be
transported to another underground area, filled with more zombies and vampires.

Go up, and all the way right into the next screen. Follow the path down. Where
it forks, go up. Follow the path all the way until you find the girl. She tells
you the Necronomicon is in the Mausoleum, and she gives you the key.

Exit, then go back to where the Cemetery Keeper gave you the gun. Go left, down
the path, left into the next screen. Go up three paths, and follow the path to
the Mausoleum, located in the very top-left corner of the map.

You'll see the book in the middle of the room. Make your way there, get it, and
return to the girl. Afterward, the Necronomicon will change from an item, into a
weapon that shoots fireballs! You'd think this would be able to kill every enemy
you see, but no. It can't kill anything. You can shoot it at the girl, though.
And kill her. Your choice.

It's time to confront the demon blocking our way out. Return to where the
leprechaun was, and take the 3 paths south into the next screen. Keep going, and
you'll receive a message from your father. Apparently, there's a second time
machine you need to destroy. Your father talks about causing a time paradox, and
Sebastian brings up the possibility of your enemies sending yet another time
machine into the past. Sebastian says he's not too confident at this point, and
who can blame him?

Proceed to the right, and you'll see a long bridge. Halfway across is the demon
blocking your way. Equip the Necronomicon and shoot him a few times. He'll die
without a fight. Keep going across the bridge, and it will break, sending
Sebastian plummeting down into the swamps below.



        |    |    |    |
C       |              |
        |    |    |    |
   +----+-  -+-  -+----+
   |    |    |    |    |
B  |                   |
   |    |    |    |    |
   +-  -+-  -+----+----+
   |    |    |    |   
A  |              |    
   |    |    |    |    

     1    2    3    4  


C2 - Start area, talk to woman
C3 - (Enter from south) Get Bell #1
B4 - Get Log, get Axe
A2 - Get Branch
A3 - Use Axe on tree, talk to woman, get Bell #2
A1 - (Enter from north) get Life Vest
B1 - Equip Life Vest, cross quicksand
B2 - Get Bell #3
B1 - Use Branch to save man, get House Key
C3 - Enter house, give Log to man
C4 - Get Bell #4, examine boat
   - Enter house, get Oars, ride boat
   - North shore, talk to vampire, get baby, get Bell #5
A3 - Return baby, get Rope
A1 - Enter church, use bells, defeat boss, get Relic
C4 - Enter boat, cross river
   - North shore, use Rope on stairs
   - North shore, use Relic on building


You've fallen down into the swamps. Go across the bridge and talk to the woman.
She's worried because her husband hasn't come back from cutting wood, so they
can make oars and escape from the swamp in their boat. 

Head south into the next area. You'll encounter Ghouls, which take 11 hits to
kill, but luckily don't do much damage if they touch you. Mash your attack
button to kill them off as fast as possible. Better yet, try to go around them
without attracting their attention.

Head east, then walk up the second bridge into the northern area. There's a
Bell on this island (you have to reach it from the right side). Pick it up and
go back south, then one screen to the east.

Cross the bridge and enter the forest area. Pick up the Log in the south part,
and the Axe to the north. Go back two screens to the west, then go south into a
new area. Now, go east.

Equip the Axe and use it to cut down the tree, forming a bridge to the large
island. Talk to the woman there. She says her baby was taken by a vampire, to a
cave across the river. She adds that the vampire only had one tooth.
Interesting. Head south and pick up a second Bell. 

Go back west, and go all the way to the bottom of the screen. Pick up the
Branch, then go west into a new area.

The bridge to the west is broken, so go around it by taking the bridge north,
then using a second bridge to go west. Go south (to the opposite side of the
broken bridge), and pick up the Life Vest, which it says is property of the
Titanic. Go back north, then east across the bridge.

Now, MAKE SURE THE LIFE VEST IS EQUIPPED. There's quicksand to the north, and
you'll only survive if you have it equipped. If you don't, instant death. Go
north across the bridge (to where the sign is), and then go east. Pick up the
third bell.

Go back, and go north across the bridge. There's a man drowning in quicksand.
Approach him from the bottom. Equip the Branch and talk to him, saving his life.
He'll give you a House Key.

EQUIP THE LIFE VEST AGAIN. Go all the way back to the start area, where the
woman was (south, east, north, north). Now go east again, and use the key to
open the house. Give the Log to the man, which he'll use to make oars. Talk to
him, and he mentions a legend about how you must return a set of church bells to
the church. Go out the right door. Pick up a fourth bell, and examine the boat.
Go back inside, and the man will give you Oars to use the boat. From this point
on, he will heal you whenever you talk to him. 

Go back outside and use the oars on the boat. This begins another area where
you must navigate a vehicle to the end of the area. Compared to others, this one
is fairly easy. Dodge the fish (whirlpools?) moving back and forth). Where the
path splits on the second screen, take the left path.

You arrive at another dock. Head right and enter the cave. Inside is the
vampire we helped earlier. Sebastian convinces him that people are coming to
kill him, and he hands over the baby. Pick up the fifth and final bell.

Time to return the baby. Go back across the river in the boat. Go through the
house, then go west, south, south, east. Return the baby to the woman, and she
gives you some Rope. 

Now it's time to return the bells to the church. From the woman, go west, west,
north, left across the bridge, then south. The church is in the bottom-left
corner of the map. Enter it, and examine the wall to the north. Equip each of
the five bells, and examine each hole in the wall to place them there. When
they're all placed, a door to the right will open. Prepare for a boss fight and
grab the first-aid kit. Once you go through the door, you can't leave until the
boss is dead.

The green slime boss is like a watered-down version of that spider you killed
earlier. It tends to follow your movements (goes left when you do, approaches
you when you approach it), so one strategy is to lure it out, then back off, and
shoot when it retreats to the top. There's a trick where you can get it stuck on
the ledge that sticks out to the right, if you stand in the right spot. There's
a first-aid kit near the top also if you need it. 

When you kill it, go north and pick up the Relic.

Now we must go back to the cave with the vampire. Go to the house, into the
boat, and when you land, climb the stairs above you. Equip the rope and examine
the hole in the stairs to get across it. There's a building at the top, but
don't examine it just yet. Go all the way to the right and pick up a Machine
Gun. It has no ammo, but maybe you remember seeing some back in the swamps.
So....why is there a Machine Gun at the very end of the level? I have absolutely
no idea. Sebastian will start the next level with it regardless of whether you
pick it up, or the ammo.

Equip the Relic and examine the building. That ends the level, and Sebastian
gets into the Weapon Lab.



   |    |    |    |    |
C  |                   |
   |    |    |    |    |
   +-  -+-  -+-  -+-  -+
   |    |    |    |    |
B  |                   |
   |    |    |    |    |
   +----+-  -+-  -+----+
        |    |    |   
A       |         |    
        |    |    |    

     1    2    3    4  


C1 - Kill cyborg, get Explosive Shell
   - Go in teleporter #1
B1 - Emerge from teleporter #1
B2 - Get Laser Gun
C1 - Get Card
B4 - Get Documents
B1 - Re-enter teleporter #1
C1 - Use Card on teleporter #3 (from the right)
B4 - Emerge from teleporter #3
B3 - Get Card
B4 - Kill cyborg, get Explosive Shell
B4 - Re-enter teleporter #3
C1 - Use Card on teleporter #4
A2 - Emerge from teleporter #4 
   - (enter from north) Get Card
B2 - Kill cyborg, get Explosive Shell
A2 - Re-enter teleporter #4
C1 - Use Card on teleporter #2
C4 - Emerge from teleporter #2
   - Use Explosive Shell on first control panel
   - Use Explosive Shell on second control panel
   - Use Explosive Shell on third control panel (from the left)
   - Approach Time Machine, win game


This level is extremely straightforward. The halls are tight, but it's
typically obvious where you have to go next. You might also notice its
similarity to the lab shown in the game's intro.

From the start location, head left (the only possible route) and go into the
next screen. North of you are four teleporters, with only one activated. Ignore
them for now and go south. Continue along, and you'll end up in a small room in
the top-left corner of the map. There is a large security bot here. It takes 20
hits with the pistol (as well as the laser gun, which you'll find later). Kill
it, and you'll receive an Explosive Shell.

Return to the teleporters and enter the active one. When you come out, go to
the other side of the big blue cabinets and pick up a Laser Gun. It has 99 ammo,
and it can take out those mech soldiers in only two hits - very nice. After
that, go all the way left to the end of the light gray hall. From here you can
go either south or north. North is a short route and lands you with a Card,
which you can use to activate another teleporter. 

Go south, and follow the VERY long hallway across four screens. You'll pass
through some wall turrets, which are LETHAL on hard difficulty. They take out
more than half your health in one it. Just time your movements for right after
they shoot, and you'll get by unharmed. At the very end you'll find the
Documents. Head back to the teleporter.

When you come out, equip the Card. You can use it to activate any of the other
three teleporters. Let's call the active teleporter #1. The others are, from
right-to-left, #2 through #4. Here's how it works.

#2 is where you'll finish the level. But to finish, you need two more Explosive
Shells, which can be found in #3 and #4. You can go into #2 now, but all you'll
be able to do is pick up another Card, to activate the other teleporters. You
need all three Explosive Shells to proceed through #2.

So let's just do #3 (from the right). Use the Card, enter the teleporter. When
you exit, follow the path until it splits left and into a long hall of green
cabinets on the right. Just north of the green cabinets is another Card. Pick it
up, then head left into the next area. Here, go south and down the narrow blue
hallway. At the end, defeat another cyborg and get a second Explosive Shell.
Return through the teleporter.

Now activate #4 (from the right). Exit the other side, and just south of you is
a 4-way intersection. At this intersection, go left and south to reach another
cyborg with an Explosive Shell. If you go directly south from the intersection,
you'll reach another Card. Once you acquire both, head back through the

Finally, activate teleporter #2. Come out the other side, and go south and into
the vertical hall left of the teleporter. There are three barriers in this hall
which can kill you. To destroy each one, you must find their control panels
(which look like blue vending machines) and use an Explosive Shell on each one. 

The first control panel is left of the first barrier. The second is to the
right of the second barrier. At the third barrier, go left and through a long
hallway of mech soldiers and wall turrets. At the end, destroy the final control

This leaves a clear path to the time machine at the top of the hallway. Return
to the electric field you deactivated and approach the time machine above you.
Before you can reach it, your father appears out of it and says your mission was
a success. You destroyed the documents (apparently?), which gave the good guys
enough time to win the war. In fact, they now rule the entire world. On top of
that, your father is now the Emperor. Sebastian has many questions, obviously,
and your father says he'll answer them all.

And that's how the game ends. Your father is the Emperor of the entire world
now. Needless to say, it feels somewhat ominous. Is this new Emperor going to
rule the entire world nicely? There's no sequel, so we'll never know. There's no
extra ending for beating it on hard difficulty, either.

The credits roll, and if you stick around, they'll start rolling again, and

And that's Hands of Time for you. Please, send me an email at
calamire@gmail.com if you used this guide. I'd love to know if you found it
helpful, or if you have any suggestions for improvement. I'm even more
interested how you got your hands on this game or learned about it. Drop me an
email. I don't bite.

5) Weapons List ------------------------------------------------------------


Standard weapon, you have it in all levels. Infinite ammo, but less effective
as the game progresses.

Machine Gun

Found in several levels, is able to kill most enemies in one shot. Has limited
ammo. More ammo can be found in the form of brown bullets.


Only found in level 1, you must find its ammo separately. This is the only
weapon in the game you can't use like a weapon. Its only ammo is used up during
a cutscene to destroy one specific enemy.


Found in several levels, they roll and explode upon collision with something.
Be careful, because they can severely injure you if you're caught in the


The strongest weapon in the same. It shoots bullets slowly, and it can have up
to two bullets onscreen at once. More ammo can be found in the form of blue

Laser Gun

Found in the two lab levels (5 and 9). Very strong. Limited ammo, but more can
be found in the form of a giant battery (in level 5 only).


Found only in level 6, the cathedral. Can destroy all rats and bugs in one
shot, and is also great on the boss. You can examine any of the blue tanks in
the level to refill your ammo.

Old Gun

Given to you in level 8 by the cemetery keeper. This gun uses silver bullets
and can destroy vampires and werewolves in one hit. Much weaker than the pistol
against other enemies, however. Has infinite ammo.


Found in level 8, in the mausoleum. It is only effective against one enemy, the
demon on the bridge. Aside from that, it is completely useless. Has infinite

6) Items List --------------------------------------------------------------


Iron Rod
- Location: Building in northwest corner of map
- Used for: Breaking open rocks, and manholes
- Description: It's bent at one end

Lost Key
- Location: Behind a boulder in bottom-center of map
- Used for: Opening the building containing the ID Card
- Description: The soldiers were looking for it

ID Card
- Location: Locked building in northwest corner of map
- Used for: Activating machine that opens a bridge
- Description: Piece of plastic with a bar code on it

Wire Cutters
- Location: Island hut in southwest corner of map
- Used for: Breaking through fence near the hydro station
- Description: Razor sharp

- Location: Room in the underground area
- Used for: Operating switch at the railroad tracks
- Description: Quite heavy

Big Key
- Location: Tank north of starting area
- Used for: Opening gate to the testing area
- Description: It has a tab attached

Small Key
- Location: Underground area, accessed through testing area
- Used for: Opening Lower Castle door
- Description: Looks old

Scientist Suit
- Location: Lower Castle (center of map)
- Used for: Enemies will no longer shoot at you
- Description: (none)


Laundry Key
- Location: Old man east of starting area
- Used for: Opening the door to the laundry house
- Description: It's the laundry key

Soldier's Uniform
- Location: Woman in the laundry house
- Used for: Enemies will no longer shoot at you
- Description: (none)

- Location: North room of laundry house
- Used for: Use to scare the man in the radio tower
- Description: Just washed

Food Parcel
- Location: The woman in the shop
- Used for: Deliver it to the shopkeeper in the hospital/hotel
- Description: It's not for me! I must not open it!

Old Canned Food
- Location: The woman in the shop
- Used for: Give to the man blocking the road south of the shop
- Description: Two years old. I would never eat it!

Storage Key
- Location: The man in the radio tower
- Used for: Opening the storage building
- Description: It's the key I got from the technician

Monkey Wrench
- Location: Back of hangar 002
- Used for: Turning the valve which shuts off the water
- Description: Useful home tool

- Location: Storage building
- Used for: Breaking through the pipes at the sewer entrance
- Description: Rusted, but looks ok 

Hangar Key
- Location: End of the sewers
- Used for: Opening hangar 003
- Description: The lost hangar key

- Location: Back of hangar 003
- Used for: Breaking the wall in the Canteen and beating the level
- Description: Good for digging


- Location: Suit of armor
- Used for: Opening door in northeast corner of map
- Description: Small key

Cog Wheel
- Location: Small room in northeast corner of map
- Used for: Turning on the mechanism that creates a bridge
- Description: Must be part of some mechanism

Rusty Key
- Location: Skeleton in northeast corner of map
- Used for: Opening another door in the northeast corner of map
- Description: It must be ages old

- Location: Fenced area in northwest corner of map
- Used for: Opening door leading to tunnel exit
- Description: I never used one but...

- Location: Coffin in north part of map
- Used for: Crossing a stream leading to the final switch
- Description: Long plank that fell off the coffin


Storage Key
- Location: Northwest corner of map
- Used for: Opening the storage room
- Description: The key that was lost

Metal Detector
- Location: North part of map
- Used for: Detecting the Piece of Metal in the dungeon
- Description: Now I can go treasure hunting

- Location: Storage room
- Used for: Operating the machinery in the southwest corner of map
- Description: Some oil

- Location: Storage room
- Used for: Sabotaging the generator at end of the level
- Description: Small piece of wire

Piece of Metal
- Location: Castle dungeon
- Used for: Opening the door that leads to the Piece of Paper
- Description: It's a key

- Location: Room in the east part of the castle
- Used for: Opening the generator's access panel
- Description: Small screwdriver with a red handle

Piece of Paper
- Location: Room in northeast part of map
- Used for: Opening the door that leads to the generator
- Description: It has some cipher on it


- Location: You begin the level with this item
- Used for: Sabotaging the elevator near the fuel tanks
- Description: Small screwdriver with a red handle

Burner (empty)
- Location: Corpse at the beginning of the level
- Used for: Filling with gas at the fuel tanks
- Description: The gas tank is empty

Burner (full)
- Location: Man who lends you a gas tank
- Used for: Burning through barrier at end of the level
- Description: The gas tank is full

Geiger Counter
- Location: Air vent north of starting location
- Used for: Detecting radiation in the vents (turns areas white)
- Description: (none)

Car Keys
- Location: Hallway north of starting area
- Used for: Accessing the car portion of the level
- Description: Labeled as transport car

ID Card
- Location: Northeast room of lab
- Used for: Opening room containing testing tube and gas tank
- Description: Just a piece of plastic

Gas Tank
- Location: Room in south part of level
- Used for: Forcing a man out of a room so you can enter
- Description: Small gas tank

Testing Tube (empty)
- Location: Room in south part of level
- Used for: Filling with acid
- Description: Small testing glass. It's empty.

Testing Tube (full)
- Location: Acid puddle near start of level
- Used for: Cutting through door at north part of level
- Description: Now it holds acid.

- Location: Room in northwest part of level
- Used for: Destroying the time machine
- Description: Just a bomb. Average size

Storage Key
- Location: Room that you used gas tank to enter
- Used for: Opening storage room containing Borer
- Description: Opens the storage room

- Location: Room in east part of level 
- Used for: Boring through door in north of level
- Description: Common tool helpful on many occasions


Mech Suit
- Location: Southwest part of level
- Used for: Crossing safely over slime puddles
- Description: (none)


Silver Coins
- Location: Leprechaun in middle area of cemetery
- Used for: Making into silver bullets
- Description: Old coins

- Location: House in south part of level
- Used for: Getting the Old Gun from the cemetery keeper
- Description: A few silver bullets

- Location: Cemetery keeper after you rescue daughter
- Used for: Cutting through bushes
- Description: Very sharp

- Location: Bushes in middle part of cemetery
- Used for: Giving to the friendly vampire
- Description: Long white fang

- Location: Cemetery keeper's daughter
- Used for: Opening the mausoleum
- Description: Very old and heavy

Necronomicon (the item, not weapon)
- Location: Mausoleum in northwest corner of map
- Used for: Killing the demon on the bridge
- Description: Ancient tome of magic


Tree Branch
- Location: South part of swamps
- Used for: Saving the man drowning in quicksand
- Description: Heavy

- Location: Forest in east part of map
- Used for: Cutting down tree leading to woman
- Description: Sharp

- Location: Forest in east part of map
- Used for: Give to the man so he can make Oars
- Description: I cut it down!

- Location: Five found in various locations
- Used for: Opening the door in the church
- Description: Sounds nice

House Key
- Location: Man you rescue from drowning
- Used for: Opening the house doors
- Description: Small key

Life Vest
- Location: West island
- Used for: Walking safely over quicksand
- Description: From a life boat?

- Location: Man in the house after you give him the Log
- Used for: Operating the boat
- Description: Brand new

- Location: Vampire in cave across the river
- Used for: Give to the lady in south island
- Description: It's a girl!

- Location: Defeat the boss in the church
- Used for: Opening the door to the lab across the river
- Description: Looks unusual

- Location: Woman after you return her baby 
- Used for: Reaching the secret lab across the river
- Description: Long


Explosive Shell
- Location: Three found in three different cyborgs
- Used for: Destroying control panels near time machine
- Description: It has a timer

- Location: Four found all over the lab, one through each teleporter 
- Used for: Activating the remaining releporters
- Description: Plastic keycard

- Location: Southeast corner of lab 
- Used for: Bring to the time machine and your father
- Description: Looks important
5) Vehicles List -----------------------------------------------------------

Throughout the game, you will have to use several different vehicles in order
to progress through certain areas. Here is a complete list.


Used in the Testing Area of Level 1. You have limited ammo, however you will
regain 20 ammo if you run out and wait a few seconds. Avoid anti-tank turrets,
landmines, and enemy tanks. You can refill your health by driving over fuel
tanks (which look like flashing brown squares with the top-right corner cut

Transport Car

Used at the end of Level 5, to reach the time machine. You cannot shoot, and
must avoid anti-car turrets, as well as flashing squares on the ground which
damage you.

Mech Suit

Used in Level 7, the cathedral. You can still switch weapons as normal, and use
first-aid kits. The mech suit lets you safely cross over puddles of slime, which
are deadly without it.


Used in Level 8, the swamp. The boat has no ammo, and your only obstacles are
some eel-like creatures moving in back-and-forth patterns.

8) Enemies List ------------------------------------------------------------

Normal Enemies

There are many different enemies in this game. For the most part, they will
reset if you walk into a different screen and return.

Metal Trap (Level 1,2)
If you walk into this trap, you'll set it off and take damage. Just avoid it.

Air Vent (Level 1,2)
No idea what else this could be...it looks like a red bar with white steam
coming out the top. If you stand on it, you'll take damage, and continue to take
damage until you move away. Cannot be destroyed.

Flames (Level 1)
You'll take damage if you walk into fire, and keep taking damage until you walk
out. They're only found in the village ruins (found in the northeast corner of
Level 1).

Blue Guard (Level 1,2,4)
Bread-and-butter enemy unit. Walks around, and will shoot at you if you come
near. Takes 3 hits to kill.

Gray Guard (Level 1,2,4)
Exactly like a Blue Guard, except they stand in one place until you come near.
In which case, they attack. Takes 3 hits to kill.

Brown Guard (Level 1,2,4,5)
Looks like Dick Tracy, with the hat. Walks around until you come near, then
attacks. Somewhat more aggressive than other guards, and takes 4 hits to kill.

Water Turret (Level 1)
Very annoying. These things pop out of the water and shoot in your general
direction, no matter how far away you are. The good news is that they can only
shoot in eight directions (sometimes four), and by timing your movement you can
walk in-between their shots. Cannot be destroyed.

Anti-Tank Turret (Level 1)
Similar to the Water Turret, but found on land in the Testing Area. Takes 3
hits to kill.

Landmine (Level 1)
Similar to the traps, they only hurt you if you drive over them in the tank.
Cannot be destroyed.

Tank (Level 1)
Found in the Testing Area. They stand still until you come close. Takes 10 hits
to kill. There is another tank, which you destroy with the Bazooka while on
foot, however it is harmless.

Rail Car (Level 1)
You'll take damage if you walk into the rail car in the rail tracks. Can't be

Mouse (Level 3,4)
Very small, but very easy to kill. Dies in 2 hits.

Spider (Level 3)
Very strong, will approach you if you get too close. Dies in 9 hits.

Scientist (Level 5,9)
Very passive enemy, will only attack you if you're in front of it (seriously,
shoot it from behind and it won't turn around). Takes 3 hits to kill.

Vent Fan (Level 5)
If you walk into an air vent fan, you will die instantly. No matter how much
health you have, you're forced to start the level over. EVIL!

Radiation (level 5)
Certain air vents have radiation leaks, and you'll take damage if you walk
through them. Fortunately there's a Geiger Counter in this level, which colors
dangerous areas gray.

Anti-Car Turret (Level 5)
Similar to previous turrets. They shoot simultaneously in four directions,
however their shots are irregular, sometimes shooting two in a row. Since your
car has no gun, your safest bet is to proceed immediately after it shoots two
simultaneous shots. Only then are you guaranteed a safe interval.

Anti-Car Panel (Level 5)
Seriously, what the heck is this thing? It's a flashing square. Just don't
drive over them, or you'll take damage until you move off.

Rat (Level 5,6)
Annoying. If you don't shoot, they'll leave you alone. If you hit it, it will
charge at you. Ignore them, or take them out fast. The Sprayer can destroy it in
one shot.

Green Bug (Level 6)
Ignores you unless attacked. Shoots slime from its mouth, but it has a short
range. The Sprayer can destroy it in one shot.

Blue Spider (Level 6)
Ignores you unless attacked. Shoots slime from its mouth, but it has a short
range. The Sprayer can destroy it in one shot.

Collapsing Floor (Level 6)
If you stand on it, it will quickly crumble and you will fall to your death.
Move quickly when standing on them. Note that if you leave the screen and
return, it will NOT be reset.

Green Slime (Level 6)
You'll take damage if you walk over this. Once you get the mech suit you can
pass over it harmlessly.

Deadly Slime (Level 6)
Looks like green slime, but is not animated. Touch it, and you'll die
instantly. Once you get the mech suit you can pass over it harmlessly.

Zombie (Level 7)
They move left to right (some also move up and down). Doesn't shoot anything,
and is very easy to kill. Dies in 4 hits with the pistol, and 16 hits with the
old gun.

Skeleton (Level 7)
They move left to right, and will shoot if you're in front of them or if you
attack. If you stand at the bottom of the green path, its bullets should pass
over your head. Takes 4 hits to kill with the pistol, or 16 with the old gun.

Werewolf (Level 7)
Can only be killed with the Old Gun and its silver bullets.

Vampire (Level 7)
Can only be killed with the Old Gun and its silver bullets.

Demon (Level 7)
Can only be killed with the Necronomicon. Dies in a few hits and doesn't fight

Ghoul (Level 8)
Nasty things. They take 11 hits to kill and it's almost impossible to get
around them. They also shoot...something...at you if you get too close. Mash
your attack button and they'll die fast.

Ghost (Level 8)
Takes 7 hits to kill. Passive, but will move toward you if you get too close.

Quicksand (Level 8)
Instant death. Equip the Life Vest to safely cross it.

Electric Eel (Level 8)
When you're using the boat, these eels will move back and forth across your
way. Wait for them to pass, then move. 

Robot Soldier (Level 9) 
Takes two hits with the Laser Gun. Nasty when provoked.

Supersoldier (Level 9)
Takes many hits to destroy. Upon death they give up an Explosive Shell.

Hall Turret (Level 9)
They shoot a beam every few seconds. Wait until it shoots before you have a
chance to cross. Some shoot from bottom to top (and you can't see them, only
their beam) and others are deactivated. They are dangerous. On hard difficulty,
one hit will consume more than half your health!

Electric Field (Level 9)
A beam of electricity blocking the way. You take damage if you touch it,
however there is no reason to go through them, ever. There's always a way

Supercell Field (Level 9)
Results in instant death. Use an Explosive Shell on its control panel to
deactivate it.


Boss Tank (Level 1)
The boss of Level 1. Just keep attacking it while dodging its shots. If you
have full health, you can just ignore its shots and keep shooting. If you shoot
fast, you can defeat it long before your lose all your health.

Giant Spider (Level 6)
Nasty. Walks near the top of its room, and occasionally charges downward,
shooting webs in a wave below it. Use the Sprayer, and it will die quickly.

Slime Monster (Level 8)
A boss guarding the Relic. Similar to, but less aggressive than the spider boss

9) Bugs, Goofs, and Things of Interest -------------------------------------


The laundry woman in level 2 can get you permanently stuck if you stand to the
left of her, beside the sink. She walks into you, preventing you from moving. If
she gets you stuck, you have no choice but to reset the game. Strangely, this
glitch can only happen AFTER you speak with her and get the disguise.

The old man at the beginning of level 2 can also get you stuck after speaking
to him. However, his movements are random and even with a sped-up emulator, it
can take a while for this to happen.

The old man can also get himself stuck in a building after speaking to him.
There is a building in the top-left corner of his screen. If he approaches it
from the right side, he will pass through it and get permanently stuck inside.


Some places in the game were not given the proper graphics to match their
effects. Examples are in level 4 (the castle) where a certain floor tile is
actually impassable for some reason. More dangerous, there is a place in level 6
(the cathedral) where the floor damages you, yet it has wood tiles instead of
the deadly slime tiles it should have. It's southwest of the Sprayer, if you're
interested. On the flip side, one room in the castle (the one with the two
guards waiting for dinner) has correct graphics of boxes and banners, but you
can walk right through them.

There is an invincible mouse in level 4, found in the bottom-left corner of the
sewers. Bullets pass right through it, and thus it cannot be killed. It can
still hurt you, though.

In level 6 (the cathedral), there is a glitched sprayer fuel tank in the
bottom-right corner of the map, which emits a loud hum when you approach it. No
(!) appears, either. It refuels your ammo automatically, and pressing A has no
effect. Pressing up when standing below it will play the fill-up noise, before
playing the loud hum again. Try standing below it while pressing up and facing
left. You will lose ammo, but releasing up will restore it. Weird.

In level 7 (the cemetery), there is a typo where the cemetery keeper says you
must "get ride" of the werewolves.

In level 9, the top-right corner of the map incorrectly shows you as being
elsewhere on the game's minimap.

The skeletons in the cemetery are buggy. Some can be found walking vertically,
however after being hit only once, they will only walk from side to side.
Sometimes it is possible to make them break this pattern, but overall the
programmers seem to have taken shortcuts with them.

Things of Interest

In the game's intro, the time machine is shown sending Sebastian from 2013 (the
present) to 1943 (the past). If the game takes place on Earth, the war mentioned
could very well be WWII. In level 9, the time machine is set to 2010.

In the level 1 testing area, you can use the tank's bullets to destroy bushes.
They become a charred stem, but they still block your way. It's the only example
of destructible terrain in the game which seems to serve no purpose other than

10) Conclusion --------------------------------------------------------------

Please, send me an email at calamire@gmail.com if you used this guide. I'd love
to know if you found it helpful, or if you have any suggestions for improvement.
I'm even more interested how you got your hands on this game or learned about
it. Drop me an email. I don't bite.

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