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Game Shark Codes by Windman

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/13/2001

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: Great Rocket Visits

Gameshark codes (Japanese Version)

version 1.0 (first release)

* Some pokemons names may be writen wrong.
** I'm not american, sorry about the mistakes in writing.

writer: Windman (windman@ositemail.com.br)
Send me a e-mail if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, anything.

Next slot 1 booster pack card modifier codes:


Quantity digits to accompany next slot 1 booster pack card modifier codes:

00 nothing
01 leaf energy
02 fire energy
03 water energy
04 lightning energy
05 fighting energy
06 psychic energy
07 double colorless energy
08 ??? (don't know name)
09 ??? (don't know name)
0A ??? (don't know name)
0B ??? (don't know name)
0C bulbasaur lv12
0D bulbasaur lv13
0E bulbasaur lv15
0F ivysaur lv20
10 ivysaur lv26
11 ivysaur lv16
12 venusaur lv64
13 venusaur lv67
14 venusaur lv67 (different from above)
15 venusaur lv37
16 caterpie lv13
17 metapod lv20
18 metapod lv21
19 butterfree lv28
1A weedle lv12
1B weedle lv15
1C kakuna lv20
1D kakuna lv23
1E beedrill lv32
1F ekans lv10
20 ekans lv15
21 arbok lv27
22 ekans lv30
23 ekans lv25
24 female nidoran lv12
25 female nidoran lv13
26 nidorina lv22
27 nidorina lv24
28 nidoqueen lv43
29 male nidoran lv20
2A male nidoran lv20 (different from above)
2B nidorino lv23
2C nidorino lv25
2D nidoking lv48
2E zubat lv9
2F zubat lv10
30 zubat lv12
31 golbat lv25
32 golbat lv29
33 golbat lv25
34 oddish lv8
35 oddish lv21
36 gloom lv22
37 vileplume lv21
38 vileplume lv35
39 vilrplume lv29
3A paras lv8
3B paras lv15
3C parasect lv28
3D parasect lv29
3E venonat lv12
3F venonat lv15
40 venomoth lv22
41 venomoth lv28
42 bellsprout lv10
43 bellsprout lv11
44 weepinbell lv23
45 weepinbell lv28
46 victreebell lv42
47 grimer lv10
48 grimer lv17
49 muk lv34
4A muk lv25
4B exeggcute lv14
4C exeggutor lv35
4D koffing lv12
4E koffing lv13
4F koffing lv14
50 weezing lv26
51 weezing lv27
52 weezing lv24
53 tangela lv8
54 tangela lv12
55 scyther lv23
56 scyther lv25
57 pinsir lv15
58 pinsir lv24
59 charmander lv9
5A charmander lv10
5B charmander lv12
5C charmelion lv32
5D charmelion lv23
5E charizard lv76
5F charizard lv76 (different from above)
60 charizard lv38
61 vulpix lv11
62 vulpix lv13
63 ninetales lv32
64 ninetales lv35
65 ninetales lv28
66 growlithe lv12
67 growlithe lv16
68 growlithe lv18
69 arcanine lv34
6A arcanine lv35
6B arcanine lv45
6C ponyta lv8
6D ponyta lv10
6E ponyta lv15
6F rapidash lv30
70 rapidash lv33
71 rapidash lv24
72 magmar lv18
73 magmar lv24
74 magmar lv27
75 magmar lv31
76 flareon lv 22
77 flareon lv28
78 flareon lv23
79 moltres lv35
7A moltres lv37
7B moltres lv40
7C squirtle lv8
7D squirtle lv14
7E squirtle lv15
7F squirtle lv16
80 wartortle lv22
81 wartortle lv24
82 wartortle lv21
83 blastoise lv52
84 blastoise lv52 (different from above)
85 blastoise lv28
86 psyduck lv15
87 psyduck lv16
88 golduck lv27
89 golduck lv28
8A golduck lv23
8B poliwag lv13
8C poliwag lv15
8D poliwhirl lv28
8E poliwhirl lv30
8F poliwrath lv40
90 poliwrath lv48
91 tentacool lv10
92 tentacruel lv21
93 seel lv10
94 seel lv12
95 dewgong lv24
96 dewgong lv42
97 shellder lv8
98 shellder lv16
99 cloyster lv25
9A krabby lv17
9B krabby lv20
9C kingler lv27
9D kingler lv33
9E horsea lv19
9F horsea lv20
A0 seadra lv23
A1 seadra lv26
A2 goldeen lv12
A3 seaking lv28
A4 staryu lv15
A5 staryu lv17
A6 starmie lv28
A7 starmie lv27
A8 magikarp lv6
A9 magikarp lv8
AA magikarp lv10
AB gyarados lv41
AC gyarados lv31
AD lapras lv24
AE lapras lv31
AF vaporeon lv29
B0 vaporeon lv42
B1 vaporeon lv28
B2 omanyte lv19
B3 omanyte lv20
B4 omanyte lv22
B5 omastar lv32
B6 omastar lv36
B7 articuno lv34
B8 articuno lv35
B9 articuno lv37
BA maryll lv17
BB pikachu lv5
BC pikachu lv12
BD pikachu lv13
BE pikachu lv14
BF pikachu lv16
C0 pikachu lv16 (different from above)
C1 flying pikachu lv12
C2 flying pikachu lv12 (different from above)
C3 surfing pikachu lv13
C4 surfing pikachu lv13
C5 raichu lv32
C6 raichu lv33
C7 raichu lv33 (different from above)
C8 raichu lv45
C9 raichu lv31
CA magnemite lv12
CB magnemite lv13
CC magnemite lv14
CD magnemite lv15
CE magneton lv28
CF magneton lv30
D0 magneton lv35
D1 magneton lv26
D2 voltorb lv8
D3 voltorb lv10
D4 voltorb lv13
D5 electrode lv35
D6 electrode lv42
D7 electrode lv24
D8 electabuzz lv20
D9 electabuzz lv30
DA electabuzz lv35
DB jolteon lv34
DC jolteon lv29
DD jolteon lv23
DE zapdos lv28
DF zapdos lv40
E0 zapdos lv64
E1 zapdos lv68
E2 sandshrew lv12
E3 sandshrew lv15
E4 sandslash lv33
E5 sandslash lv35
E6 diglett lv8
E7 diglett lv15
E8 diglett lv16
E9 dugtrio lv36
EA dugtrio lv40
EB dugtrio lv18
EC mankey lv7
ED mankey lv7 (different from above)
EE mankey lv14
EF primeape lv35
F0 primeape lv23
F1 machop lv18
F2 machop lv20
F3 machop lv24
F4 machoke lv24
F5 machoke lv28
F6 machoke lv40
F7 machoke lv28
F8 machamp lv54
F9 machamp lv67
FA machamp lv30
FB geodude lv15
FC geodude lv16
FD graveler lv27
FE graveler lv28
FF graveler lv29

Next slot 2 booster pack card modifier codes:


Quantity digits to accompany next slot 2 booster pack card modifier codes:

00 golem lv36
01 golem lv37
02 onix lv12
03 onix lv25
04 cubone lv13
05 cubone lv14
06 marowak lv26
07 marowak lv32
08 marowak lv27
09 hitmonlee lv23
0A hitmonlee lv30
0B hitmonchan lv23
0C hitmonchan lv33
0D rhyhorn lv18
0E rhydon lv37
0F rhydon lv48
10 kabuto lv9
11 kabuto lv22
12 kabutops lv30
13 aerodactyl lv28
14 aerodactyl lv30
15 abra lv8
16 abra lv10
17 abra lv14
18 kadabra lv38
19 kadabra lv39
1A kadabra lv24
1B alakazam lv42
1C alakazam lv45
1D alakazam lv30
1E slowpoke lv9
1F slowpoke lv16
20 slowpoke lv18
21 slowbro lv26
22 slowbro lv35
23 slowbro lv27
24 gastly lv8
25 gastly lv13
26 gastly lv17
27 haunter lv17
28 haunter lv22
29 haunter lv25
2A haunter lv26
2B haunter lv23
2C gengar lv38
2D gengar lv40
2E gengar lv33
2F drowzee lv10
30 drowzee lv12
31 hypno lv30
32 hypno lv36
33 hypno lv26
34 mr. mime lv20
35 mr. mime lv28
36 jynx lv18
37 jynx lv23
38 jynx lv27
39 mewtwo lv30
3A mewtwo lv53
3B mewtwo lv54
3C mewtwo lv60
3D mewtwo lv60 (different from above)
3E mewtwo lv67
3F mewtwo lv35
40 mew lv8
41 mew lv15
42 mew lv23
43 pidgey lv8
44 pidgey lv10
45 pidgeotto lv36
46 pidgeotto lv38
47 pidgeot lv38
48 pidgeot lv40
49 rattata lv9
4A rattata lv12
4B rattata lv15
4C raticate lv41
4D raticate lv25
4E spearow lv9
4F spearow lv12
50 spearow lv13
51 fearow lv24
52 fearow lv27
53 fearow lv25
54 clefairy lv14
55 clefairy lv15
56 clefable lv34
57 clefable lv33
58 jigglypuff lv12
59 jigglypuff lv13
5A jigglypuff lv14
5B wigglytuff lv36
5C wigglytuff lv40
5D meowth lv10
5E meowth lv13
5F meowth lv14
60 meowth lv15
61 meowth lv17
62 persian lv25
63 persian lv28
64 persian lv28 (different from above)
65 farfetch'd lv20
66 farfetch'd lv20 (different from above)
67 doduo lv8
68 doduo lv10
69 dodrio lv25
6A dodrio lv28
6B lickitung lv20
6C lickitung lv26
6D chansey lv40
6E chansey lv55
6F kangaskhan lv36
70 kangaskhan lv38
71 kangaskhan lv40
72 tauros lv32
73 tauros lv35
74 ditto lv19
75 eevee lv5
76 eevee lv9
77 eevee lv12
78 porygon lv12
79 porygon lv18
7A porygon lv20
7B porygon lv15
7C snorlax lv20
7D snorlax lv35
7E snorlax lv50
7F dratini lv10
80 dratini lv12
81 dragonair lv33
82 dragonair lv28
83 dragonite lv41
84 dragonite lv43
85 dragonite lv45
86 dragonite lv33
87 togepi lv8
88 lugia lv55
89 super potion
8A imakuni?
8B energy removal
8C energy retrieval
8D energy search
8E professor oak
8F ???
90 potion
91 gambler
92 ???
93 ???
94 ???
95 devolution spray
96 ???
97 ???
98 ???
99 ???
9A ???
9B defender
9C gust of wind
9D mysterious fossil
9E full heal
9F ???
A0 imposter professor oak
A1 ???
A2 ???
A3 computer search
A4 ???
A5 clefairy doll
A6 mr. fuji
A7 pluspower
A8 switch
A9 scoop up
AA pokemon trader
AB ???
AC ???
AD pokecenter
AE ???
AF pokemon flute
B0 ???
B1 ???
B2 bill
B3 ???
B4 ???
B5 ???
B6 lass
B7 ???
B8 ???
B9 ???
BA recycle
BB ???
BC ???
BD ???

Infinite HP active pokemon:


Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 1:


Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 2:


Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 3:


Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 4:


Infinite HP bench pokemon slot 5:


No HP active enemy pokemon (quick win if he attacks you):


No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 1:


No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 2:


No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 3:


No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 4:


No HP bench enemy pokemon Slot 5:


Infinite credits:


Thanks to:

- Jalt for creating his FAQ/Walkthrough (without it, finishing this game would
  be impossible).

- GameFAQs and NeoSeeker for posting this.

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