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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jukilum

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    Let's get right into the game!
    Remember, no lives or health to worry about.
    Part 1: Island Intro
    Part 2: Delivery to the Jail
    Part 3: The Brickster's Escape
    Part 4: Pepper's Underground Adventure
     BOSS 1: Rock Monster
    Part 5: Off to Adventurers Island!
    Part 6: Senior Palomar
    Part 7: Into the Jungle
    Part 8: Sneak Into the Castle
    Part 9: Save the Princess
    Part 10: Stop the Bull's Attack
     BOSS 2: Cedric the Bull
    Part 11: Back to LEGO Island
    Part 12: Ogel Island
     FINAL BOSS: The Brickster
    Part 1: Island Intro
    In this game you play as Pepper, the pizza dilivary boy.
    when you start, you will walk onto the screen and say to the person
    standing in front of you,"Hi Infomaniac! It's me, Pepper, the dude with the
    food! So, What's happening?"
    The Infomaniac will reply,"You are! I've made a new skateboard for delivery
    jobs. So, to the pizzaria with you! Follow me!"
    "Way cool! Count me in and sign me up!", you will reply.
    You will automaticaly follow the infomaniac to the pizzaria.
    He will leave when you get there and you will walk up to the chef.
    "Hiya Papa! What's up?" (Mama and Papa Brickolini adopted Pepper)
    Papa will reply,"Enough Funny Talk! You've got work to do. Take this
    pizza to the jail.
    You will now have control over Pepper. Before we go to the jail, let's 
    explore a bit. In this game there are collectable cards to pick up
    which can be traded with others who own the game. For our first one,
    head straight left and go down when you reach the edge of the hedge.
    There will be a card between a few LEGO walls. What card you get is random.
    I will tell where cards are when I find them, but exploring on your own is 
    the best way to find them. To use your skateboard press B. It goes much faster
    than your feet.
    Part 2: Delivery to the Jail
    Now for the jail. Exit the pizzaria area and go right until you fade to the 
    next screen. Continue east past the first corner and take the next one.
    Continue north on the road until the next screen. If you turn right
    onto a small path a police officer will tell you that the road is closed until
    the donuts arrive. Continue north and you will reach another right turn with 
    another police officer blocking the road til the donuts show up.
    Continue north to the next screen. You will now be on a bridge over water.
    Turn left and continue until you reach a blocked off road and turn to the
    north again. This next bit is a maze with cards at the dead ends, so follow
    my directions for the scenic route. Turn left at the first fork and turn up
    at the next corner. Turn right to reach a dead end with a card. Turn back
    to the path going north and turn right again at the next corner. This is 
    another dead end with a card. Go back to where you started on the maze.
    This time take the east path. at the corner there is another card. Continue
    north and turn left at the corner. Go up when you reach the next turn.
    The path going up from the enterance merges here. Follow the path until you 
    reach another fork. To the left is a dead end with no card, and to the right
    is a dead end with a card. Go up and you will be at the jail.
    Part 3: The Brickster's Escape
    Aproaching the jail will start a conversation with the prisoner, best known as
    the Brickster.
    "Brickster, don't do anything funny!" you will say.
    The Brickster will reply,"Pass the pizza pronto Pepper. Try saying that
    5 time fast! A cut scene will start know. First it will look like the 
    Brickster is having a seizure, then a short series of pictures showing
    the Brickster escape will start. After it is over, the Brickster will run 
    away to the south. Pepper responds with his trademark 
    phrase,"Hey, you didn't pay for the pizza!" Follow the path to the maze exit.
    When you get back to the last blocked road turn right and the man who was 
    prieviously standing behind will say,"That blasted Brickster busted my barrier
    and he went that a-way!" Continue,"That a-way" to the west down a very long 
    path west and you will see the brickster doing nah-nah-nah you can't catch me
    type stuff. 
    "Can't ketchup to me, 'spice boy'.",the Brickster will say. follow him west 
    onto the next screen. Coninue on and talk to the guy pacing in front of a 
    building. "Bank holiday until the Bricksters caught.", he will say.
    The western path is blocked by some one who says that,"Research shows that
    something might happen soon." In the grassy area down near the bottom of
    this screen there is another card. Go back to the building and take the road 
    to the south. A police officer will stop you and you will 
    say,"Officer Nick Brick! How can I help?"
    He will say,"I'll Deputize you, Pepper. Take this pizza chukka and
    a salute. Get the Brickster Deputy." Continue down the road and you will see
    the Brickster mocking you again,"You're so slow & I'm so fast. Heheh!"
    Continue south to the next screen. Go into the fenced area and grab a 
    card near the bottom. Exit the fenced off area and get on the road going
    south. Take one of the two paths going east, both bring you to the same spot.
    Exit the screen to the east. The Brickster will speed off again. Go south into
    an area with some frogs and grab a card. Return to the path and continue 
    following it east. Turn south at the corner and through a gate. 
    The gate will close behind you.
    Talking to the guy that closed it will have you 
    say,"Seen any bad guys around, Bob?
    "He went to the Res-Q center, so the park gates are locked tighter 
    than a drum now.", he will reply. Follow the path onto the next screen.
    If you take the path to the north you will have to stop at a road with a
    construction worker who says he needs a pick axe to finish the work.
    Going back to the other path and following it all the way will bring 
    you to another blocked off road, this time because of a race. Our
    only other option is to go south into that nice grassy field.
    Go down to the docks and grab two more cards. The girl will say to
    go to the information centor. Leave the grassy area and follow the road to
    where the race was. It will be over now, so you can pass. Turn north at the
    corner. Take a small path to the left with a card at the end. Go back and 
    continue north. At the gas station talk to the man walking around and he
    will give you a pickaxe. Up by the building itself is another card.
    This is a dead end, so now go back to the path that was prieviously
    blocked off for the race. Follow the road west until you get to the north
    road. Go up it to Bill Ding who will take the pick and finish the road.
    To the east you will see the info maniac pacing back and forth in front of
    the info center. walk past him for a second and grab a card. Go back and talk 
    to him. He will say,"Here's what I know: the Brickster has escaped, he
    stole the constructopedia, and torn pages will destroy buildings. We have to
    capture him. Pepper, go to the police to help as fast as you can!"
    Go to a road going north and turn right at the fork. On the next screen
    continue north past the path to the right. Turn right at the next chance,
    go past all of the houses, and go behind them to get a card. Go back and enter
    the area with the police station. Go up to the left of the police station,
    go behind it to get a card in a field. Go back and talk to the police officer.
    "Brickster's gone to Adventurers Island. Get a boat at the Res-Q center.
    I can't go, I ate too many donuts." Go back down past the infocenter to
    that nice big open field. This time you will see a robot gaurding the area.
    These are called Brickster Bots. Go into the field. The ground will rumble
    and you will fall down a hole saying,"ARGHHHHHHHH!"
    Part 4: Pepper's Underground Adventure
    "Creepy and spooky!" you will say. Now that you're down here you will need
    your pizza chukka. Press the A button to shoot a pizza. In the first room,
    step on the button to the left of the door. In the next room there is a
    skeleton which will chase you around. All the skeletons can do to you is
    knock you off your skateboard. Shooting them with pizzas makes them fall 
    apart for a moment. You can't really see it, but to the left in this room is
    another door that is already open. Go around the three buttons in here and
    walk over them from left to right. This will unlock the next door.
    Open the treasure chest in here. The key inside will unlock the next door.
    Back up, get on your skateboard and go through the door onto the jump over the
    river. The next room has two more chests in it. Both have cards. This door is
    opened with the key. Walk up to the lock and press A.
    The next door only stays open while something is on the button, so get 
    the skeleton in this room to do fall apart on it. Jump into the river.
    This will bring you back to the beginning of the underground, but you will 
    get a card on the way and all of the doors will still be open. When you 
    get back, this time use your skateboard again to jump over the river.
    In the room to the left there are another three buttons and another room 
    to the left of it with a locked door. I haven't ever been able to figure out
    exactly what to do, but walking over the buttons a lot eventually unlocks the 
    next room, but not the one to the left. Actually, the next two doors will be
    unlocked, the first room with another chest with a card in it. The other room
    has a skeleton statue on a small platform surrounded by water. shoot it with
    a pizza. This unlocks that one door to the left of the room with three 
    buttons. Open the treasure chest inside for another card. Go back to the
    room with the skeleton statue and walk up to the lock on the door.
    Press A to open the door. This room has a skeleton and another chest with a
    card in it. Walk over the button to the right of the door to unlock it.
    Walk inside to fight the first boss in the game.
    BOSS 1: Rock Monster
    The rock monster is from the LEGO Rock Raiders theme.
    He is on the other side of a wall and, 
    you have to hit him in the face several times with pizzas to beat him.
    The problem is that he jumps every few seconds and lands hard on the ground
    which causes LEGO bricks to fall down in front of him. If one hits Pepper he
    will bounce around, which means he can't shoot pizzas. The trick to beating it
    is predicting where he will land. He alternates between two landing spots for
    a couple times, so this should allow you to get in front of him before the
    bricks fall. You have to hit almost exactly the right spot. If he flashes
    red then you got him. after you have hit him several times he will fall apart
    causing the whole area to shake, throwing you over the wall so that you can 
    walk out.
    Part 5: Off to Adventurers Island!
    Back on the surface you will walk up to a police officer who will say,
    "Call me officer relieved, now that you're here. To the Res-Q center!"
    Follow the road to the south past two Brickster Bots, the last one gaurding 
    a card. If they see you they will speed up. Continue to the next screen.
    Follow the road back to the field again. this time ou will see a hole, but
    walls have been built around it now. There is a card in the field just a bit 
    to the left of the Brickster Bot. Now go down to the docks and talk to a guy 
    with a boat next to him. Talk to him and he will give it to you. Jump onto the
    boat and you will enter an aquatic maze. First Navigate over to the 
    pirate ship. Talk to the pirate and he will give you some shark bait.
    Look around until you find someone being chased by a shark. Go to the shark
    and you will automaticaly feed it. Talk to the swimmer and he will tell you
    that there is another island nearby. Go south and you will see a dock. Go past
    it and talk to a guy on a small island with an X on it. Talk to him and he
    will say he needs a shovel. Now go back and dock your boat. You are now on
    Adventurers Island!
    Part 6: Senior Palomar
    Almost everyone on the island will tell you to go see Senior Polamar
    at the tavern, so let's go there. The tavern is directly south of where
    you docked your boat, and sure enough there is someone in front of it.
    Talk to him and he will say,"What? Say it isn't so! Oh, no, it is!
    Brickster's escaped! Warn the gaurds!" He will then run off. Go up a little
    and turn left to go on the path that Senior Palomar took.
    Turn south and follow the path to the right of the building. Turn up into
    and open sandy area. A mummy will chase you around, but there are three cards
    in here. After leaving go around to the right side of another building and
    take the path to the next screen. Avoid all of the gaurds to get a card in the
    top right of the screen, then go talk to Senior Palomar. He will say,
    "It Hasn't been the same since you showed up. Guards, arrest this flea!"
    The guards will come grab you and you will apear in a prison cell. To get
    out of the prison you have to avoid all the gaurds, who will throw you 
    back in your cell if they see you. First, wait till the gaurd comes to your 
    door and turns around, then run straight down between some metal boxes.
    Go left until you pass a crate with an exclamation point on it. There is an
    open space above, but there is also another gaurd. wait until he turns around
    and run to the spot between some crates and a brick wall. Wait until the same 
    guard goes past this point and run to another spot to the north. You will see
    a table with a book on it. Press A to read it:
    "Week 1/Dear Diary, expedition took an interesting turn today. Found large 
    stone building in the Jungle. We're not the first LEGO figures here either.
    Found a crashed Res-Q helicopter not far from the site here. Tracks leading
    into the building from the helicopter.
    Week 2/Dear Diary, due to bad weather the expedition was called off.
    Hopefully, I will be able to return when the weather improves. I have
    made a map of the area so I can find my way back. Journal ends."
    In the back of the book is the Miss Pippin Reed card, suggesting that she 
    wrote the diary. Now back to escaping. go left a bit and go down into an
    area enclosed with three walls. A guard will likely see you and atempt to 
    catch you through the walls. Run quickly up to the top left corner of the
    building and grab the shovel there. Go back down past where you were before
    and run out the gap between some boxes.
    Part 7: Into the Jungle
    When you step out someone will say,"The jungle is just through the gates.
    Here's the key. You can't miss it." At least we shouldn't miss it since it 
    is right in front of us, but first we need to go use our shovel. Run all 
    the way back to your boat and hop in. Bring the shovel to the guy on the small
    island to the right. He will bring you a card from the hole, then 
    continue to dig. Meanwhile, let's get back to the prison exit. Use your
    key to open the gate at the bottom of the screen. In the jungle there are
    spiders that work the same as the skeletons, and arrows that shoot at you 
    from the trees. Get to the bottom left and go right. You will again see
    the Brickster, still mocking you. He will repeat his previous comments
    and run into a building. Follow him in. You will appear outside of it 
    somewhere else in the jungle. Walk south and you will be shown a picture of
    the crashed helicopter. Afterwards, someone will walk out of the jungle
    and say,"I am Achu."
    "Bless you!" you will reply.
    Achu will continue,"Thank you. Stop! Come no closer. My tribe's secrets are
    not for your eyes. I send you to your ancestors." He will teleport you away...
    back to your ancestors.
    Part 8: Sneak Into the Castle
    You will appear in front of a guard who will say,"Halt, who goes there? 
    I mean, here."
    You will reply,"I, Pepper, Sir Dude of Food, will catch that deadbeat
    Go to the left and grab a card before coming back to the guard. If you
    choose to talk to him again he will tell you to go see the king. Go across
    the bridge, then go to your right. go north onto the next screen.
    The first thing you wil notice are footprints everywhere. The next thing
    you will notice are guards that will throw you out. Go up to the right and 
    wait for the gaurd to turn around. Follow behind him and leave his path above,
    where there is also a card. Continue upwards to grab a card. The exit of this
    hedge maze is about right here. Go out. You will enter into a very dark room.
    Go up the path to a door at the back. You are now in the main 
    part of the castle.
    Part 9: Save the Princess
    Go to the back of the room and talk to the king. He will tell you that
    the Brickster is most likely with Cedric in the dark woods, and that you 
    should go save his daughter while he secures the castle. Go back out the 
    way you came in and a guard will tell you that the princess was last seen 
    entering the maze. Once you are in the maze go to the top left corner of 
    the maze. The princess is hiding behind the post. Talk to her and she will
    ask you to bring her to the courtyard. Head down there, but don't go to fast.
    If you get too far away from the princess she will go back to her hiding spot.
    Once in the courtyard the princess will walk off to the left. Talk to her and
    she will give you a card. A guard nearby will tell you to go back to the 
    throne room. This time the king will be near the enterance. He will tell you
    of a secret entrance to the dungeon behind his throne and ask you to question
    Weezil about Cedric's attack plans. Talk to the gaurd to the right of the 
    throne and he will let you back to the dungeon. Explore the left side to find
    two cards, then go to the last cell on the other side of the dungeon. Talk
    to the gaurd and he will let you in. Weezil will say,"Hey, kid. Did the bull
    send you? He attacks tonite, right? Get me out!" Go back and talk to the 
    king again. To reward you for the information he tells you that you can
    take anything you want from the treasure room. The treasure room is to the
    left. There are ten chests inside, with one card in each. after you have
    everything, head out the door.
    Part 10: Stop the Bull's Attack
    You will find yourself in the court yard. Go south across a bridge, and
    a second after running through a field. The last bridge will bring you to
    the princess, who wants you to folllow Weezil to Cedric the Bull's 
    hiding place. She will convieniantly desert you as soon as you enter the 
    dark woods. Follow the path until you meet a gaurd. He will tell you that
    it is Cedric's wood, and to get out. Go up and talk to the wizard. He
    will go down off the screen, the ground will shake, lights will flash, and
    he will return. Go down and you will see that the two gaurds are now frogs.
    Go to the west and down to the next screen. Hiding behind some trees to the
    north is someone who will give you a super pizza chukka. This shoots blue
    pizzas out at high speeds. Now for one of the hardest parts of the game,
    Getting past Cedric's gaurds. You will know when they have seen you because
    they make a little beeping sound when they start chasing you. To get past the 
    first gaurd, shoot him a few times from a distance to push him up against the
    trees. If you stay right next to the trees you can make it past without being 
    seen. Push the next gaurd simalerly up against some trees. You shoud be 
    following along the bottom of the path, and the third gaurd will see you.
    However, being behind the trees he can't get you yet. When you continue 
    around the corner the second gaurd will likely see you and start chasing.
    The really hard part comes now, when you have to get around the third gaurd
    while being chased by another. This will get both locked on to you and you
    will see what looks like another gaurd in front. This is really Weezil, and
    he will run away from you. If you're carful, you can make it into the next
    room with the gaurds following less than a foot behind you.
    BOSS 2: Cedric the Bull
    You will see the Brickster and Cedric inside, and you will say to the
    Brickster,"Freeze Dude! Do not move a whisker!"
    The Brickster will aproach you and Cedric will say,
    "Leave him be! He's mine now. Pepper is mine, Brickster."
    This begins the fight. Cedric will try to rush you with his sword, and 
    you have to quickly get out of the way so that he will crash into the wall.
    This is much easier said than done, though. He is very fast, so watch out.
    After he hits the wall enough, he will leave the room and Pepper will do a 
    little victory dance. Here the Brickster will come back in and 
    say,"You're good; but I am better and faster." he will run out, Pepper 
    following close behind, then a flash of red light knocking you back as
    the Brickster escapes in his spaceship.
    Part 11: Back to LEGO Island
    A LEGO brick will fall in front of Pepper and the wizard will arrive.
    "I think I may have just found LEGO Island's Smart brick and if I did I will
    need the wizard's help." You will say.
    The wizard will reply,"I can tell you may want some magic to get you & the
    brick back to the Island."
    You will be teleported back to LEGO Island. Start walking around and you will
    start to see some Brickster Bots. The blue pizzas can completly destroy them.
    Make your way around the top of the area and turn left. You will see Bill Ding
    again. Talk to him. You will ask if there is any use for the brick you found.
    He will say yes and go over to a space shuttle that is completed with this 
    brick. We will blast off and land on Ogel Island.
    Part 12: Ogel Island
    Go down and east until you find a maze with Brickster Bots in it. Navigate
    through while collecting cards. When you have all you want, find the exit of 
    the maze and go off the screen to your right.
    FINAL BOSS: The Brickster
    In Phase one of this battle, you have to hit the brickster with pizzas on the
    other side of a platform with several moving bricks that block your pizzas 
    inbetween. In addition to that, the Brickster will be randomly moving to one
    of three differant spots. After you have hit him several times a bridge will
    Now for the final phase. After you follow the path to the next area, you will
    be in a square, with Brickster Bots Appearing at the corners. The Brickster is
    inside a smaller square that opens up on one side. Hit him with pizzas when 
    you get the oppurtunity. These only stay open for a couple seconds and you
    have to hit him ten times. After doing so you will lock the brickster up, go
    back to LEGO Island, and turn him in. Pepper does a little victory dance and
    the credits roll. The game is over. Or is it?
    Play the game some more times and try to get every card, or trade with your
    friends. Card Checklist below.
    LEGO Island 2 Collectable card Checklist
    (With bonus info on every character.)
    #1 Achu
    Achu is the tribal leader in the adventurers theme's second year.
    Also known as the Johnny Thunder theme, based off of Indiana Jones.
    Achu is Fequantly annoyed by people making fun of his name.
    Qoute: "..." from just about everywhere
    #2 Bill Ding
    Bill Ding is a characther in almost every LEGO Island game.
    In LEGO Island, the first official LEGO video game, he assists
    in the construction of any of the many customizable vehicles.
    In the PC version of LI2 he reconstructed all the buildings as 
    constructopedia pages were found.
    Qoute: "I'm Bill Ding, And you're building!" from LI1
    #3 Balogna Roni
    Balogna Roni is Pepper's birth father.
    He was a great story teller who dissapeared one day leaving Pepper.
    Quote: "" from nowhere
    #4 Unknown
    (Contact me if you have this card)
    #5 Brickster Bots
    Brickster Bot's first apearance was LI2, and especially common in 
    the PC version. They hide behind trees, stand on people's heads and
    cause other mischief. They are defeated by throwing pizza's at them.
    A new improved version could only be defeated by playing music
    faster and faster until they fall apart. They also appear in
    Soccer Mania and LI: Xtreme stunts.
    Quote: They are robots, they don't talk.
    #6 Buck Pounds
    Owner of the Super Store, only retail store on LEGO Island.
    Quote: "The store is closed for remodling." from LI1
    #7 Captain Click
    Captain Click is a pirate skeleton, still residing on LEGO Island.
    Can be found in the cave on LEGO Island 1
    Quote: "If I give you a hint will you leave me alone?" from LI1
    #8 Cedric the Bull
    Cedric the Bull is the disgruntled brother of King Leo.
    He frequantly attacks Leo's Castle in attempt to take over his kingdom.
    Appears in the 1999 Knight's Kingdom product line. 
    His few followers include Weezil and Gilbert the Bad.
    Quote: "Hello, Pepper. Let me introduce myself. I am Cedric the Bull, 
    and these are cannonballs." from LI2
    #9 Dr. Clickit
    The Head Docter at the LEGO Island Medical Center.
    An ad he wrote says, Has this ever happend to you? Your head falls off
    Solution: Go to the LEGO Island Medical Center. Located on the north-east
    side of the island.
    Quote: "It's time to get back to my practice, actually I'm a proffesional,
    it's rather insulting really" from LI1
    #10 Ed Mail
    Ed Mail is LEGO Island's mail carrier.
    He is very grumpy after LI1.
    Quote: "Rain, snow, sleet or hail." from LI1 and just about every other mail
    #11 Gabarro
    Gabarro is one of the villians in the Jungle Adventurer's line.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #12 Gilbert the Bad
    One of Cedric's Cronies.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #13 Hotep
    The Mummy. Enjoys torturing prisoners with bad jokes.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #14 Infomaniac
    According to LEGO Island's history, The Infomaniac was born about
    40 zillion years ago. He loved to explore, but eventually he became lonesome.
    He built LEGO Island, then made his first friend. He called him the Brickster.
    The Brickster said thet he would call him the Infomaniac since he knew 
    so much. They were good friend for years until the Infomaniac suggested making
    another friend. The Brickster denied being created by him and said that he 
    made the Infomaniac. He stole some bricks and built Ogel Island.
    Quote: "Velcommen, Konichiwa, Aloha, and in any language, welcome to LEGO 
    #15 John of Mayne
    One of king Leo's Knights.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #16 Johnny Thunder
    Johhny Thunder has been in four differant themes and a whole lot of web games.
    His first theme was based on the first Indiana Jones movie, and has since 
    been in several of his own adventures. Mr. Hates is his arch enemy.
    Quote: "Ai, mate!"
    #17 King Leo
    The king of the good guys of the 1999 line.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #18 Laura Brick
    Very social and outgoing police officer.
    Quote: "I can be tough if I have to." from LI1
    #19 Unknown.
    #20 Mama Brickolini
    Mama Brickolini is Papa Brickolini's wife and plays the piano.
    Quote: "You are the Mozart of meatballs!"
    #21 Miss Pippin Reed
    Johnny Thunder's female sidekick. Was originaly called Gail Storm
    and was a photographer, but they changed her name and made her a piolet.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #22 Mr. Hates
    Johnny Thunder's arch enemy.
    Has had quite a few name changes in his day.
    He was Baron von Baron, then Lord Sinister, and is now Mr. Hates.
    Misspelled in LEGO Racers 2 as Mr. Hats.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #23 Nick Brick
    Nick Brick is LEGO Island's detective.
    Quote: "People comment on my memory. I'm remembering right 
    now that I just said that people comment on my memory."
    #24 Papa Brickonlini
    Pizza Chef at Brickolini's.
    Adopted Pepper after the dissapearance of Balogna Roni.
    Quote: "I need you to deliver this pizza to the jail." from about every 
    LI game.
    #25 Pepper
    Pepper Roni is the star of the LEGO Island series, and the pizza delivery boy.
    Can't spell well.
    Quote: "I'm the pizza delivery boy, the dude with the food!" from 
    every LI game
    #26 Princess Storm
    The rebelious daughter of King Leo.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #27 Prof. Kilroy
    Proffesor Kilroy is Johnny's uncle and taught him everything he knows.
    He has had his named changed too, it was originaly Prof. Lightning.
    Seems to be obsessed with magnifying glasses.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #28 Queen Leonora
    Married to King Leo.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #29 Richard the Strong
    The LEGO Prince Charming.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #30 Rock Monster
    The rock monster is from the rock raiders product line.
    They live off of the energy from power crystals. Close relatives 
    include the ice monster and the lava monster.
    Quote: "GRRRRRRRRRRR!"
    #31 Rudo Villano
    A villan from the Adventurers theme.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #32 Senior Palomar
    Leader of the villians in the second Adventurers theme.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #33 Slyboots
    Mr. Hates' sidekick.
    Prieviously known as Lord Sinister.
    Quote: Unknown.
    #34 Weezil
    An orphan who follows Cedric the Bull.
    Quote: Unknown.
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