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Welcome to Player Manager 2001 the world's premier football managerment game. Take on the role as the manager of a 1st or 2nd division club from one of 5 European countries. Use your skill and strategy to determine the destiny of your team and keep your head cool when things get hectic. Buy and sell players, train them, set up your team and determine your strategy to ultimately bring your team to victory.

- Intuitive icon system to ease the control of all the functions.
- 5 leagues from all over Europe (UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy).
- Manager functions include fixtures, transfers of players, scouting, injuries management etc.
- Finance functions include salaries, expenses, stadium earnings, contracts etc.
- Coaching functions include training and tactics and team stats.
- More than 2000 players in the leagues.
- Game engine performs complex calculations including factors such as physical condition, training, tactics, experience and morale to determine the outcome of the matches.

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