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The Surf is Always Up When You're Playing Natsume's Ultimate Surfing!
Go for big air and live on the edge of a towering tidal abyss as you rip across the world's largest right- and left-handers. Whether you're perched on the next wave of surfing legends or just another surf rat, Ultimate Surfing is more than a day at the beach, especially when you're doing ultra-cool moves in places like Brazil, Japan, Antartica and Australia. Take on three modes of play, then paddle into shore and test your skills in two incredible bonus games. If life is a beach, then Ultimate Surfing is your pipeline to the biggest and the best!

- Choose one of six radical surfers
- Get stoked with power-ups that improve your performance
- Execute 360 spins, cut backs and other breathtaking tricks
- Take on another Ultimate Surfer in multiplayer Multigame Mode

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