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Heroes of Might and Magic 2 is a fantasy strategy game that pits you against diabolical warlords in a struggle for territory and resources. Dangerous enemies and mystical creatures roam the land and await any hero who sets out to defeat them. At stake is the ultimate prize: control of the land and the royal throne. Support the villainous usurper and lead the armies of evil, or be loyal to the righteous prince and deliver the people from tyranny.

- Players hire from 8 new heroes types and use them to gather men, creatures and materials for the fight against the other warlords.
- Turn-based gaming system: The unique gameplay allows everyone to play at his or her own pace. Easy to learn, and challenging to master.
- All-new Campaign Mode will put your planning and strategy skills to the test.
- 30 new character classes of battle-savvy monsters and enemies to wage war against.

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