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FAQ/Walkthrough by tofu_bud

Version: 0.5F | Updated: 07/26/03

                ***          ***
              _______  **  _______               ____________
         ____|       |$**$|       |____          |  --   --  |
                     |*$$*|                      |  |     |  |
                     |*$$*|                      |     @     |
         ____        |*$$*|        ____          \   -----   /
             |_______|$**$|_______|               |_________|
		       **                            @ | @
		     ******                           \|/
		 **************                        |
                ***          ***                     _/ \_

M     M   OOOOOOO   NN    N   K    KK   EEEEEEE   Y     Y
MM   MM   O     O   N N   N   K  KK     E          Y   Y
M M M M   O     O   N  N  N   KKK       EEEEEEE     YYY
M  M  M   O     O   N   N N   K  KK     E            Y
M  M  M   OOOOOOO   N    NN   K    KK   EEEEEEE      Y

PPPPPP    U     U   NN    N   CCCCCCC   H     H   EEEEEEE   RRRRRR
P     P   U     U   N N   N   C         H     H   E         R     R
PPPPPP    U     U   N  N  N   C         HHHHHHH   EEEEEEE   RRRRRR
P         U     U   N   N N   C         H     H   E         R   R
P         UUUUUUU   N    NN   CCCCCCC   H     H   EEEEEEE   R    RR By Taito

Created by: tofu_bud
Email: tofu_bud@hotmail.com

Last update: 4:52 PM 7/26/03

Version: 0.5F

			---About This FAQ---

	This is the first FAQ i have wrote for gamefaqs so feel free to e-mail me any
commments.  Currently, this will be the final edition of the FAQ as I have no
time to complete it.  Please contact me if you wish to continue this FAQ or
have something you think I should add onto it.  Thanks.


	Monkey Puncher is a very unique RPG in which your character doesn't fight the
battles but your monkey does.  You can do many things to do with your monkeys
and each type of monkey have different styles and likes/dislikes different
things.  Your purpose in the game is to train your monkey to fight in boxing
matches against other monkeys but you don't control them during the matches. 
You give your monkey coaching tips for each round of the match and you watch
your monkey fight.  You can breed your monkeys to get even stronger faster ones
with your friends or breed them at the pet shop.  The concept for this game is
extremely original and is a must try game.


	Here is a simple description of what each button is used for in the game.

A button - Use to select in the menu.
B button - Use to cancel in the menu.  Use to bring up the menu.
Start button - Use to get information on your monkey.
Select button -


	Kenta and Sumire lives in a house by the riverbank and their mother died when
they were little.  They lived with their father, who was a famous monkey
trainer until one day, Sumire and the Saru Group kidnapped her father.  The
Saru group, a gangster group, illegally controlled the Monkey Puncher
Association and wanted Kenta's father to become one of their group members by
using mind control.  Now Kenta has to rescue his sister and father from the
Saru group but the only way to rescue them is to face the group at the Monkey 1
Grand Prix Tournament.  Kenta has decided to become a monkey trainer and is
training hard to rescue his family.
	One day, a mysterious man visits Kenta at his apartment and describes himself
as an old friend of his father.  His name is Fred and was a monkey trainer just
like his father.  He was once his father's rival but now he wants to offer help
to Kenta to rescue him.  He gives Kenta his first monkey puncher, Freddy.  He
gives a book of instructions to Kenta telling him how to become a successful
monkey trainer and leaves Kenta to his training.


Kenta - Kenta is the main boy character in this game.  You control Kenta and
the ways that he trains his monkey.  Help him reach the top!

Fred - Fred is an odd fellow and he says that he once was a monkey puncher
himself and was one of your fathers rival.  He offers to help you rescue your
father and he also kindly gives you your first monkey, Freddy.  He drops by
once in a while during the morning for brief conversations and more information
on the kidnapping.  He is a shady  *wink* character.

Freddy - He is the your first monkey and he is given to you by Fred at the
starting of the game.  You cannot choose his name, it's alread chosen for you
but you can choose the names of the monkey's that you will breed in the game.

Bill - Bill is a worker for the Monkey Puncher Association.  He comes to your
house after 3 days of every match to sign you and your monkey for a new match
tomorrow so he gives you a match every 5 days.  He is a nice guy and expresses
his concern about the kidnapping the first time he talks to you.


	Here is a list of all the foods I have encountered with the games that add to
the monkey's stats and you can buy them at the store once your monkey has found
it or bought it once.  Most of this information is correct but some of the
empty spaces usually means that there are special affects to the strength or
the stamina of the monkey such as adding to the monkey's current maximum
stamina but it cannot add to the stat once it has the * beside it.
	Different monkeys like different foods but some is very obvious of what foods
they will like or dislike.  Most monkeys like bannanas, curry, ice  milk, and
most of the expensive stuff.  Some monkeys don't like garlic, chicken, and
liver.  So keep track of which type of monkey likes which types of foods and
you'll become a lovable trainer.

Note: The hunger can sometimes vary so it is only the approximate value is
listed here.

Cost: 100
Hunger: 4
Strength: 15
Stamina: 15

Cost: 300
Hunger: 13
Strength: 60
Stamina: 60

Cost: 40
Hunger: 3
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0

Cost: 150
Hunger: 9
Strength: 30
Stamina: 30

Cost: 100
Hunger: 7
Strength: 15
Stamina: 15

Cost: 200
Hunger: 3
Strength: 35
Stamina: 0

Cost: 400
Hunger: 8
Strength: 35
Stamina: 35

Cost: 150
Hunger: 1
Strength: 0
Stamina: 35

Cost: 5000

Cost: 200
Hunger: 4
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0

Ice Milk
Cost: 200
Hunger: 2
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0

Cost: 500
Hunger: 2
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0

Cost: 100
Hunger: 2
Strength: 40
Stamina: 0

Cost: 100
Hunger: 4
Strength: 50
Stamina: 0

Cost: 200
Hunger: 10
Strength: 40
Stamina: 40

Cost: 600
Hunger: 15
Strength: 90
Stamina: 90

Cost: 1200

Cost: 5000

Cost: 300
Hunger: 6
Strength: 0
Stamina: 40

Cost: 150
Hunger: 0
Strength: 30
Stamina: 30

Cost: 600
Hunger: 20
Strength: 80
Stamina: 80

Ox Tail
Cost: 500
Hunger: 1
Strength: 40
Stamina: 0

Cost: 110
Hunger: 1
Strength: 20
Stamina: 0

Cost: 10000
Hunger: 10

Cost: 1200

Cost: 150
Hunger: 5
Strength: 0
Stamina: 20

Cost: 250
Hunger: 3
Strength: 25
Stamina: 25

Cost: 120
Hunger: 4
Strength: 20
Stamina: 0

Cost: 1000
Hunger: 7
Strength: 80
Stamina: 50

Cost: 2000

Cost: 6000

Cost: 40000


	The items listed here are things that are given to you throughout the game or
your monkey finds them or buys them when it goes shopping, there is no other
way to get them the first time.  Most of the items can be sold for quite some
money (eg. books, gems) and other are just useless (eg. garbage).

			---Taking Care of Your Monkey---

	Here are some things that you should and shouldn't do to your monkey.

1.  You should feed your monkey whenever he can't move because of hunger and
not when he just feels a little hungry because all you'll do is feed him to a
point where he is too full and can't move.
2.  You should get angry at your monkey when they are chattering around when
they are supposed to be training.
3.  Praise your monkey when they do something good like make a record training
or bought you everything you told it to get when they went shopping.
4.  Don't overfeed your monkey or they won't be able to move for a while and
you'll have to wait for them to digest their food.
5.  Always train your monkeys to the max before breeding them to get the most
potential out of the baby monkey.
6.  Always get your monkey to fill up your food stocks before you breed them so
that the newborn will have enough food to eat before they really know how to go

			---Commands in Fights---

	There are two types of commands to tell your monkey during a boxing match and
they can only be done at the starting of the match and in the two
intermissions.	The first type is the strategy your monkey will use in the
upcoming round and the second type is trainer, which helps out your monkey's
stamina and strength.


	The first one is "Hit it!  Hit it!" and it tells your monkey to go on the
offence and should be used when your monkey has full stamina or the opponent is
all worn out and can be knocked out easily.  Be careful, this command usually
leaves your monkey with little or no stamina after the round so the monkey
could be vernable for the next round.
	The second one is "  " and it tells your monkey to go on the defence and block
the opponents attack.  With this strategy, your monkey will block half of the
match and will back away from the opponent throwing very little punches.  This
is a good strategy to use in the first round if the opponent is better or close
to the stats of your monkey because it usually wears down the opponent and you
can knock him out the next round.
	The third one is "Keep movin" and it tells your monkey to use its speed to
avoid attacks and quickly jab the opponent.  This is a good strategy to use if
your monkey has a lot of stamina but little strength as it allows the monkey to
run around, using a lot of stamina, while avoiding getting hit.
	The forth one is "  " and it tells your monkey to stand on it's feet and just
duke it out with the other monkey.  Your monkey does not do anything in
particular with this strategy but just fight when it wants to, block when it
wants to.


	The first one is "  " and you get to bandage up your monkeys wound and give
back strength to your monkey.
	The second one is "Breath and relax" and you help your monkey relax to gain
back stamina.
	The third one is "Wipe it with water" and you clean up your monkey giving back
some strength and stamina.
	The forth one is "  " and it allows you to give your monkey an item such as
monk max that enhances your monkey's stats such as power.

You can only use one trainer option during the intermission so pick the best
one as you cannot go back and change it into another one like the strategy.


	Here is a short guide to what you should do with Freddy to start him off in
the first couple of days.

Day 1:  Give Freddy a curry and 2 bananas so that he likes you and will follow
your commands.  Train Freddy with the practice punch bag the whole day so his
power will go up.

Day 2:  In the morning, your doorbell will ring and Bill is at the door.  Bill
expresses his concern of your kidnapped father and sister.  He says that he'll
find the Saru Group for you and will promote a match with them free of charge. 
He tells you that your monkey must have a pro test to enter any matches and
must be done with in 5 days then he leaves.  Today, give Freddy a bread and get
to work by practicing skipping.  In the afternoon, do the practice sit-ups with

Day 3:  Practice running in the morning with Freddy to add to his stamina and
use the special punching bags in the afternoon.

Day 4:  Give Freddy a bread and a corn at the beginning of the day before
starting to train so he won't say he's hungry when you're training.  In the
morning, continuous skip with Freddy and in the afternoon, do the continuous

Day 5:  Bill will come to you in the morning to tell you that your test match
is tomorrow morning.  Give bread to Freddy at the beginning of the day and
start the morning with continuous running.  Give a banana and a corn to Freddy
in the afternoon then do double jump to add to his speed.

Day 6:  Today is the pro test match for Freddy.  You should easily K.O. the
opponent in the first round if you've followed the schedule well.  Bill talks
to you after the match and tells you that Freddy can start attending matches
and that boxing matches are held every 3 days.  You then get to a screen with
the leader of the Saru Group and one of the gang members is reporting to the
leader of your successful match.

Day 7:  Freddy is all worn out after the fight so give him a curry to boast his
energy.  Do the free mode running in the morning and in the training, give
Freddy a bread when he says that he's hungry.  After running, give Freddy a
curry to eat.  In the afternoon, train in the free mode punch bag to add power
to Freddy's punches and during the training, give Freddy 2 biscuits to cure his

Day 8:  Give Freddy a banana and a bread in the morning because he always seems
to be hungry now.  In the morning, allow Freddy to shopping and give him a
order of 9 bananas and 9 bread.  He should come back with about 3 of each and
you can praise or get angry at him but his knowledge will go up the same but I
suggest you get angry at him just so that he knows he did something wrong. 
Give a bread to Freddy then start free mode skipping.  When he gets hungry
again in training, give him a bread.

Day 9:  Bill will ring on your doorbell in the morning and asks you whom do you
want to face in a match.  Pick the ranked 13th monkey and select OK.  Give
Freddy a banana and a bread at the start of the day.  In the morning, do the
free mode sit-ups with Freddy and during practice, give him a bread to boast
his energy.  Do free mode sit-ups again in the afternoon and feed him a curry
when he's hungry.

Day 10:  Today is the first real boxing match that Freddy will be in.  In the
first round, give Freddy the strategy of beat it up for defence so you can wear
down the other opponent's stamina.  At the beginning of the second round, tell
Freddy to breath and relax then give him the strategy of hit it hit it for
offence.  In the third round, tell Freddy to breath and relax then give him the
strategy of hit it hit it.  You might not K.O. your opponent but you should win
the match by referee decision.

Day 11:  Fred will ring your bell in the morning and tell you that you have to
work harder to go up in the ranking and that you can get better monkeys at the
pet shop then he leaves.  Give Freddy a curry and a bread to make him happy
again then start training with the total challenge running.  Give a corn to
Freddy in the afternoon then get him to go shopping for you with the order of 9
banana, 5 curry, 8 bread, and 9 corn to fill up your inventory.  He shouldn't
bring much back home but it will increase his knowledge.

Day 12:  Give a bread and a corn to Freddy at the beginning of the day.  Train
with Freddy with total challenge punch bag and give him a bread at noontime
then train him again with total challenge punch bag.

Day 13:  Bill rings your doorbell in the morning to ask you for a match
tomorrow for Freddy.  This time pick the monkey at the 14th rank just to get
some money because the 12th and 11th ranked monkeys are still a lot better than
Freddy is.  Give a curry and a corn to Freddy at the start of the day and start
training with the total challenge sit-ups.  In the afternoon, let Freddy go
shopping with a small order or let him do it but be careful, Freddy might buy
something useless or get something real nice when you let him decide what to

Day 14:  Today is the boxing match against the ranked 14th monkey.  It should
be a easy match so just give Freddy the strategy of hit it hit it and he should
K.O. the opponent in the first round.

Day 15:  Give a curry to Freddy in the morning.  Train for total challenge in
the sit-ups category and feed Freddy a bread when he gets hungry.  In the
afternoon, train his speed by selecting the total challenge in skipping.

Day 16:  Give a banana and a bread to Freddy early in the morning before you
start training.  Do the total running challenge to train up Freddy's stamina in
the morning and give him a bread after he is finished.  In the afternoon, get
Freddy to the super market and buy some foods, choose 9 of each of corn, bread,
curry, and banana.  Just hope that stupid Freddy brings some things home, if he
bought more than 10 items, your lucky.  Praise him if he got more than 10, if
less than 10, yell at him.

Day 17:  Again, in the morning, Bill comes to ring the doorbell and asks you to
arrange another monkey puncher match for tomorrow.  Pick the 12th ranked
monkey, he might look tough, but Freddy should be able to beat him.  Give
Freddy a corn in the morning than start training for total challenge in the
punching bag.  Give him a 2 banana during the training to fill Freddy's
bottomless pit.  Do the total challenge for running during the afternoon and
feed him a curry when he sits down and grabs his tummy.

Day 18:  Today is your match against the 12th ranked monkey.  Start off with
beat it up to wear the opponent down in the first round.  Give Freddy water
during the intermission and tell him to go on the offence on this round, as the
opponent should be out of breath already from the last round.  In the last
round, tell Freddy to go on the offence again and tell him to breath to gain
back some stamina.  The opponent should either get K.O. or you should win by
the judge's decision.

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