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One day, a beautiful shooting star landed from the quiet night sky.
What you found in the starlight was twin babies.
A boy who cries cheerfully and a girl who sleeps comfortably.
Thirteen years later, 4408 years of Aselia history.
In this peaceful world without conflict, a little adventure began...

The sequel to "Legendary RPG" "Tales of Phantasia", which has been acclaimed in the SFC and PS versions, will be released as Game Boy software. The setting is 100 years after the time when the main characters of the previous work, Cress, were there. The player acts as a parent for the twin boys and girls and raises them into a full-fledged [impersonator]. The mysteries of their own birth and the wonders of this world will gradually become apparent in the process.

The twins, who are [impersonators], have the special ability to use their profession-specific abilities by wearing various costumes. If you wear the [Swordsman] costume, you will become an avant-garde type character who is good at sword attacks, and if you become a [Healer], you will be able to use the recovery magic "First Aid".
You can get costumes by finding them in a treasure chest, buying them at a store, or having them made to order during your trip. There are over 100 total! Wearing as many costumes as you can will help your adventure.

Lots of fun unique to the "Tales" series!
The battle system uses the "Petit LMB" that incorporates the familiar "LMB (Linear Motion Battle) system" characteristic in the "Tales" series. You can enjoy the speedy and comfortable battle unique to the series.
The main characters have adventures in towers and caves whose maps change each time they enter. There are over 20 total! There are more than 200 types of monsters waiting for you!
Players travel with the protagonists over time to solve the mysteries of this world. There will surely be more surprises and nostalgic faces than you can imagine.

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