How do I get past Rocky Hard Place?

  1. OK so I know it's unlikely that anyone still plays this game, or even cares for it... But for anyone that can help, I'm stuck on Rocky Hard Place. I've completed both objectives (get the Thing On A Spring, and raise the meteor bridge) and end of level teleporter is active.

    So I jump across meteor bridge with TOAS towards the active teleporter, which is located at the end of some floating platforms only TOAS can reach. The last platform (with teleporter) is blocked off by a forcefield. There's a Switch on one of the platforms which must disable it, except when TOAS touches the switch nothing happens - I'm guessing for some crazy reason, only the sheep can activate switches, so I go get the sheep.

    Except... there's simply NO WAY to get the sheep up there. It's too high. I noticed beside the platforms, there's a tall pole with a green block at the bottom of it. Looking at it, I'm sure the block is supposed to move up and down. Except it doesn't. If it did, the sheep could get high enough to reach the switch and it'd be fine... but it doesn't. Having searched high and low for hours to activate this platform, totally in vain, I've almost become convinced this is a bug and the level is actually impossible to finish. This wouldn't surprise me at all given the N64 version had so many bugs and glitches. But if anyone knows a way through this level, I'd really appreciate it - thanks.

    User Info: rockman134uk

    rockman134uk - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yeah, this one is tricky. What you need to do is reach it using the fox. At the start, you need to head left, then teleport across the gap. At the top of the next ramp, teleport again so that you land on top of the box. It will then rise along the vertical track. Once it stops, teleport right a few more times and you'll end up at the switch, which will activate once you pass it.

    User Info: lordtrelic

    lordtrelic - 8 years ago 0   0

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