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FAQ/Walkthrough by flip

Version: 0.23 | Updated: 06/01/01

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Fox Interactive
THQ Inc.
Developed By GameBrains
Licensed By Nintendo
For the GameBoy Color

	Mini-FAQ - Full FAQ
	Version 0.23

COPYRIGHT - Even though I didn't make this game, I wrote this.  So respect this 
and don't transmogrify it or edit it without my permission.  If you want to post 
this on your site, contact me.  I can be reached at jt@flipmode.com


Controls & Items

Level 1:  The Graveyard

Level 2:  The Bronze

Level 3:  The Sewers

Level 4:  Outside the Zoo

Level 5:  The Mansion

Level 6:  The Initiative Lab

Level 7:  The Hellmouth

Level 8:  The Chamber

Controls & Items

Up - Jump

U then B - Jump Kick

D then U - High Jump

D then R/L - Roll

D then B - Crouching Kick

While Standing R/L - Block 

B - Kick

Press B Repeatedly - Kick Combo

A - Punch

Down then A - Pick Up Item/Stake Vampires

BA Together - Leg Toss

Hearts - Will give back all of the red meter

Strength - Will give back all of the green meter

Cans - Make your punches more powerful

The Graveyard
This place is fairly easy, unless you don't know how to stake the vampires.  
After you have punched them out, press down then A to execute them.  After 
hordes of them, they will start double teaming you and start to move faster.  
Don't let them knock you down or your neck will get punctured.  When knocked 
over hit them quick before they regenerate.  The leg toss works efficiently, as 
you can stake them quick.  After a while Buffy will stop patrolling and leave 
the graveyard.

Password - 9 M D 1 W V

The Bronze
More of the same, except the vampires are bikers with swinging chains.  They 
come from everywhere, windows, fences even the shadows.  You can pick up items 
such as paint cans or garbage cans and toss them, only once though.  Then after 
you leave the sidewalk and get back on, they triple team you.  Soon a person 
comes from nowhere and challenges you.  Trap him in a corner and combo away.  If 
he's in the open move around so the swords don't slash you.  Whew, that was 

Password - X T N 4 F 7

The Sewers
A subway for the undead eh?  Many items are scattered in convenient, easy to 
reach places.  If you reach some ground where you can't jump that high, do the 
high jump.  When an enemy takes all of your strength down rapidly press buttons 
to recover.  After a bit you'll reach a place where you have to high jump many 
times.  Execute the last vampire and leave.

Password - 5 B V P L 2

Outside the Zoo
Now you have to fight Amazon warriors, since the other vampires are scared of 
them.  They hop out of trees, fences, anything at all feasible.  After the first 
two they triple team you.  Throw the pail on them.  They still are vampires, so 
use the stake anyway.  Sometimes you'll be able to 'kick the can' at them also.  
A big clay person comes out so deal with him.  Grab the heart in case you need 
it first.

Password - 9 D 6 F 0 S

The Mansion
More weird vampires, this time they are businessmen-gentleman types.  Since they 
are rude to you, stake them all.  Jump on the pieces of the wall to move up.  
High jump across and then up more steps for 2 more vampires.  When you are at 
the brick part of the mansion (red walls) move back and get a heart.  After 
numerous double-teams you leave.

Password - T S C N B 4

The Initiative Lab
All the previous vampires you have faced now converge to face a common threat, 
which is you.  There are even different color ninjas and more tribesmen.  Right 
before the end guy you can grab a heart.  A vampire from the initiative 
challenges you so take her out efficiently and wipe the dust off of you.

Password - C S J T Q Z

The Hellmouth
These guys in here are tougher than most, and combined with the fact that they 
triple team you after the gorge; you'll probably die (I did).  Put on your tough 
boots and memorize the combos.  The pharaoh vampires have a nice death ending, 
but everybody else is recycled from previous levels.  Always take a heart when 
you see one, you will need them from the constant hordes.  At the end re-kill 4 
ninja vampires and exit this gloomy galleon.

Password - B N P X Z 9

The Chamber
Since that Dr. Fruit guy turns out to be Ethan, you have the glorious job of 
destroying some of the strongest vampires on earth.  These guys are very 
powerful, as your health goes down faster than the amount of air in a vacuum.  
Kill them hastily; their health shoots up faster than a heroin addict.
Around a ring of fire, you battle a griffin looking undead.  Stake him like any 
other and move on.

Password - G H 9 M R Y

Congratulations!  You saved the world!

(c) J.T.  All Rights Reserved.

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