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FAQ by JColverson

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/21/00

pop'n music GB FAQ v1.1 2000/04/21
by Jon Colverson (jon_colverson@geocities.com)


1. Intro
2. Modes/options
3. Song List
4. Song Progression Charts
5. Passwords
6. FAQ History
7. Where to get this FAQ
8. Legal/Konami Stuff


1. Intro

pop'n music is Konami's light-hearted music game. It's a similar game to 
Beatmania but with bright colors, bouncy music and cool cartoon characters. 
The arcade and console versions have a nine buttoned controller. The Game Boy 
version uses a simplified five button control system. The game is obviously 
aimed at younger players but it's by no means simple and like all of Konami's 
music games the great thing is that it's as difficult as you make it.

2. Modes/options

On the mode select screen there are 7 different choices, here I'll give a 
run-down of each and explain any other options.

Arcade - This mode lets you play songs from the arcade versions of pop'n music.
You choose from a selection of songs before each round (see the song 
progression section of this FAQ for the possible choices). There are four 
sub-modes in arcade mode, these are:
Beginner - this mode starts with the instruction song and then you get a 
choice between two songs. This mode only has one round.
Normal - This mode has three rounds with a varying number of songs per round.
Excite - Excite mode is like normal mode but with an added feature. Several 
times per song the game goes into "excite mode" where the falling blocks move 
around the screen to vary the songs each time you play.
Survival - Survival mode is like Expert mode on Beatmania. In this mode the 
rhythm level bar at the bottom of the screen works differently. In survival 
you start out with a full bar. When you make a mistake you lose part of the 
bar, same as in the other modes. The difference is that in survival you cannot 
restore the bar. The bar doesn't reset between songs either so the one bar has 
to last you five songs which makes this mode quite tricky. In this mode there 
are five stages with a set sequence of songs. Survival mode also features the 
excite mode.

Original - Original features new songs which are not from the arcade versions 
of pop'n music. In Original mode there is a set sequence of songs. There are 
two sub-modes in Original mode. Normal mode is like the Arcade Normal mode and 
Another mode is like the Arcade Survival mode, it features excite mode and the 
expert rhythm level bar (except that in this mode the bar resets to full after 
each song).

Free - Free mode lets you play any songs from the game. When you select it 
there is an option screen. The first option turns on or off excite mode and 
the second option switches between manual and auto. When you select auto the 
game plays itself without you needing to press the buttons. This is helpful 
for learning how a song should sound when played correctly.

Versus - This is the two-player mode. I haven't played this mode yet, please 
let me know if you have and could explain how it works.

Option - The options screen lets you choose the difficulty of the game, the 
control system and the number of buttons to play with. In this game the 
difficulty setting controls the rate at which the rhythm level bar increases 
and decreases. On HARD it increases more slowly and decreases quicker when you 
miss notes. On EASY it increases faster and decreases more slowly.

Password - The password screen lets you enter a password to unlock the hidden 
songs in free mode. See the password section of this FAQ for a full list of 
possible passwords.

3. Song List

This is a list of all songs including secret songs. The songs are listed in 
the order that they appear in free mode when they are all unlocked. The 
difficulty is the number of bars on the song select screen. The character, 
genre and title are capitalized as they appear in the game. Songs with 
Japanese names are noted as (Japanese), if someone could give rough 
translations and/or the romaji representations of the titles that would be 
nice. Exceptions are Anzu's song which has Japanese and English in the title 
and Ling Ling's song which I think might have a Chinese title (if someone 
could confirm this either way that'd be cool too).

 #  Character   Dif Genre        Title
01  RIE-chan     4  POPS          I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU
02  DON MOMMY    7  LATIN         El Pais del sol
03  SHOLL KEE    6  J-TEKNO       Quick Master
04  Dino         5  FANTASY       monde des songe
05  PRETTY       6  J-POP         Life
06  KoKo        14  EURO QUEEN    what i want (EURO MIX)
07  FLOWER      12  NEW FOLK      (Japanese)
08  BOY         13  FUNNY         PULSE
09  Kelly       11  J-GARAGE POP  Miracle Moon
10  Anzu         4  CUTE          (Japanese) Again. My Lovely Day
11  tourmaline   9  J-R&B2        (Japanese)
12  Ling Ling   19  KANGTONG      (Japanese or Chinese?)
13  Charly      20  JAZZY         Get on that train
14  Pepper      22  GROOVE ROCK   (Japanese)
15  Jennifer    15  ROCKABILLY    (Japanese)
16  SANAE-chan   6  Winter POP    White Lovers
17  KING         7  WESTERN       (Japanese)
18  KRAFT       11  RUSSIA        Troika Dance
19  MARY        13  motor 5       (Japanese)
20  KID         12  GANG          (Japanese)
21  MIMI-chan   19  folksong      dandelion
22  NYAMI-chan  15  SURFY         Sea Side City
23  JUDY         9  NUDY          No more I love you
25  Candy        7  Romanesque    (Japanese)

4. Song Progression Charts

For each stage in each of pop'n music GB's modes there are set songs. In some 
modes you have a choice of up to four songs and in some of the modes there is 
no choice. These charts list all the songs in each mode. The songs are listed 
by the character associated with them. When there is more than one row for a 
column that means there is a choice of songs for that stage.

ARCADE:    RIE-chan
(beginner) Dino

                      Dino       CHARLY
                      BOY*       PEPPER*

(excite)   PRETTY     SHOLL KEE  Ling Ling
                      tourmaline Jennifer

ARCADE:    FLOWER     KoKo       Jennifer   CHARLY     Ling Ling



* BOY is only available on stage two of normal mode if you score 85000 or more 
on stage one or if you've used a password enabling it. PEPPER is only 
available on stage three if you score 85000 or more on stage two or if you've 
used a password.

5. Passwords

There are a total of 64 passwords in pop'n music GB which unlock combinations 
of the six hidden songs. The following table lists all the passwords on the 
left and which songs they unlock along the top (see above table to link 
numbers to the song names/characters). An (x) means that that code unlocks 
that song, a gap means it doesn't.

            8  9 10 14 20 25

GIG         x
GROOVE         x
TRACK       x  x
VOLUME            x
SONG        x     x
MARCH          x  x
HORN        x  x  x
LIVE                 x
SESSION     x        x
OMNIBUS        x     x
FEATURE     x  x     x
AUDIO             x  x
STEP        x     x  x
RHAPSODY       x  x  x
VOICE       x  x  x  x
SOPRANO                 x
FORTISSIMO  x           x
TUNING         x        x
TEMPO       x  x        x
JIVE              x     x
SPEAKER     x     x     x
MIXING         x  x     x
DUET        x  x  x     x
HARMONY              x  x
RECITAL     x        x  x
CASTANETS      x     x  x
CONCERT     x  x     x  x
SOULFULL          x  x  x
TONE        x     x  x  x
JINGLE         x  x  x  x
HOWLING     x  x  x  x  x
MUTE                       x
SWING       x              x
VIOLIN         x           x
JOINT       x  x           x
QUARTET           x        x
HUMMING     x     x        x
TRUMPET        x  x        x
LOUDNESS    x  x  x        x
TIMPANI              x     x
BREATH      x        x     x
SCAT           x     x     x
REQUEST     x  x     x     x
PICK              x  x     x
TROMBONE    x     x  x     x
BOLERO         x  x  x     x
VIBRATO     x  x  x  x     x
CELLO                   x  x
ORGAN       x           x  x
HARP           x        x  x
CYMBAL      x  x        x  x
PIZZICATO         x     x  x
ORCHESTRA   x     x     x  x
STOMP          x  x     x  x
TAMBOURINE  x  x  x     x  x
MARACAS              x  x  x
SCRATCH     x        x  x  x
UNISON         x     x  x  x
FUGUE       x  x     x  x  x
MANDOLIN          x  x  x  x
LULLABY     x     x  x  x  x
CLARINET       x  x  x  x  x
PERCUSSION  x  x  x  x  x  x
MAX         x  x  x  x  x  x

There are also a number of codes which don't unlock any new songs but instead 
give you the "instructions" animation/song when you go to free mode. This 
seems more or less pointless. Some of these codes were also codes on the first 
Beatmania game on GB so maybe these codes were put in this game to fool anyone 
who tried to use the old codes. Anyway, these codes are:

6. FAQ History

Version 1.1 2000/04/21
Added song progression for Original Another
Changed explanation of Original Another
Changed note about hidden songs on Arcade Normal

Version 1.0 2000/04/20
First Release

7. Where to get this FAQ

The main text version of this FAQ can be obtained at Game FAQs 
(http://www.gamefaqs.com/). Other versions (eg UNIX text, HTML coming soon) 
can be obtained from my web site (http://www.geocities.com/jon_colverson/pop/).

8. Legal/Konami Stuff

pop'n music GB is a Konami game. pop'n music is trademarked/copyrighted by 
Konami. The Japanese Konami web site for pop'n music GB is at 
(http://www.konami.co.jp/kcek/commod/GB/popun/index.html). This FAQ is 
copyright (C) 2000 Jon Colverson. Any part of this FAQ may be freely 
redistributed but credit must be given to the author.

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