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FAQ/Walkthrough by pokeeiyuu

Version: 0.92 | Updated: 01/31/03

kakutou ryouri densetsu Bistro Recipe
kettou Bistgarm hen
Walkthrough for GBC Game
Version 0.92- 31/01/2003
Written by pokeeiyuu

Table of Contents
What am I looking for?
Copyright Information

This guide came about mostly because I felt like FAQing up the game while 
playing. Some of it is due to the fact that the anime that was based on these 
video games is now dubbed and should have increased interest in its video games.
Again this game doesn't really need a walkthrough so much as a FAQ. Anyway, know 
that this is the second chapter of a two chapter series. So if I assumed that 
you played through the other one first, I'm sorry in advance.
This walkthough takes nothing from the dubbed anime. I translated everything 
myself which explains why it is very raw. I actually don't appreciate the dub as 
it precludes any thoughts about these games. It should aid anyone who doesn't 
know much Japanese to appreciate the story a little more.

The introduction to the game:
Those chefs who give souls to their cooking are called Bistra. The new lives 
created from this cooking are called Foodon. To find the strongest Foodon chef, 
the Bistra compete with each other. Foodon are born when on Blank Cards their 
name is written. When their masters say things and they hear, the will of people 
is done.
The beginner Bistra Zen, along with his father Tsukiji and younger sister Karin, 
make food and run a food cart, travelling the world. One day, Tsukiji went 
missing and Zen and company were puzzled by this. The ones who had kidnapped 
Zen's father were the evil Bistra army, the Bishokka. The Bishokka aim was to 
use Foodon's for crimes, to capture excellent Bistra and for the Bishokka to 
rule the world... For that purpose, many Bistra from around the world were 
abducted. In the grand Foodon Battle, Zen, along with his comrades, Pi-tan, 
Karin and Hao Ji, fought hard in order to free the world.
The final battle that challenges Zen is the Bishokka stronghold: To Bistgarm... 
The battle with the formidable Crown was won and Crown was in pain... From 
beneath the mask, the face of Zen's father was visible. The Bishokka had subdued 
Tsukiji and made him a follower of them using the mask. The reunion between 
parent and children was short... An ominous darkness enveloped Zen and company. 
Then the voice of the head of the Bishokka, Don Cook, resounded. 
What awaits Zen here?
What are Don Cook's ambitions?
Once more, the curtain before the cooking and adventurous travel opens.

After the introduction, you are shown a summary by Pi-tan! He first shows you 
"the four whose goal is to defeat the Bishokka: the reliable boss hero Zen, the 
boss's cute little sister Karin, the mysterious old man Hao Ji." He does include 
himself in the initial four, though he doesn't say it explicitly. "These four 
fought in the four controlled continents against many enemy Bistra in order to 
get this far."
"Next are the four strong Bishokka Devas! The ethnic, peculiar, prodigious 
Kiima! The Japanese cuisine, rugged old man, big nosed Masa! The Western cuisine 
Deva, artistic Grill! The Chinese obasan, the voluptuous Chuu Nyan! It is these 
people that Zen and company must quickly subdue.
The abducted people are held on the fifth mysterious continent of Bistgarm and 
some are our enemies! The epic battle with the terrible, strong, bound Crown. 
The mysterious girl who was with Crown, the ayakashi Natsume! When Natsume 
removed Crown's mask, Crown was found to be Zen's father Tsukiji. From here on 
out, it's a serious battle!"
"Then some of the captured Bistra were freed from the boat, Bistranshia. Here we 
introduce the others who Zen helped to rescue. We don't really know him, but the 
quick handed Ash! The devoted, pretty obasan Tamayo! What are twins? Wen Lon and 
Fey! And the pretty, charming child Misty! The really healthy, wild boy Banna! 
What are these people going to do?"
"And the Bishokka riding on the Bistranshia, the mysterious old man, Dr. Mayora! 
What schemes is he hiding behind that face?"
"But we won't be defeated! To free the captured people and bring peace to the 
world, we will also defeat the evil Don Cook! That we swear!"
After that, Pi-tan tells you that the Duel! Bistgarm chapter begins now and asks 
if you understand everything to this point.

Now you're brought to the Bistgarm continent map.
Zen is relieved that they have found their father. Tsukiji explains that his 
actions were because of Don Cook and asks for forgiveness for bringing hardship 
to his kids. Zen says that since their father is back, it's all right. Karin 
then says that their father can come with them in their journey to destroy the 
Bishokka. But Tsukiji announces to his kids that he will stay there... Because 
his children are already strong and he doesn't know what he could do to help 
them in their battle with Don Cook. Tsukiji then asks Zen to show him the 
recipes that he has made up to now. Tsukiji then tells Zen that he will take all 
of Zen's recipes to this point and keep them for him. Zen is annoyed by this, 
but Tsukiji tells him that Zen must learn even more recipes in order to defeat 
Don Cook. 
Tsukiji then says that if Zen has a Foodon password for a Foodon that he cares 
about, he can bring it with him. But only one Foodon can be brought with him in 
this way! He then asks if you have a password. If you do, then feel free to 
enter it. You will gain the Foodon that you request at L10 rather than at L1 
like you usually do. If you don't, Tsukiji will still understand. If you do, he 
will tell you to make sure to use it! 
Tsukiji then gives you a present by transferring a recipe to you. You gain the 
Consomme soup recipe! You also gain an L1 Consomme soup Foodon as well. Tsukiji 
also tells you that if you're having a hard time to come and see him. You will 
get to battle him and if you win, he will teach you something! Zen says that he 
Pi-tan will ring in at this point and say that he wants to help and be useful to 
Zen as well. Thus he tells you that he has opened up a topping school! And that 
he won't get scared anymore.
Hao Ji then says to prepare for your journey in Dark Gate.

Dark Gate
1. Hiroba
Like in the last installment, this one time the hiroba attendant will greet you. 
Your limits are five Foodon in hand and 35 foodon in the hiroba.

2. yami no heichi
You're greeted by a familiar face, who tells you that he has no talent. He also 
asks that you return to the other continents... Zen refuses and challenges him 
to a battle.
Demodori Marcy will face you in a single course battle. He also asks if you've 
learned the basics of cooking yet. His Foodon for this match is an L1 omelette. 
Your consomme soup should soak it easily.

The roaming bistra here is the senpuu Kuromu. Kuromu uses an L1 omelette or an 
L1 medamayaki.

3. Shop
"Wherever Bistra cry or have delightful dreams, we are there!"
Here are her goods after that lovely stirring speech:
Boullion 10$
Onion 14$
Herb 10$

4. yami no mori
The kid here wants to eat tacos... The ingredients for that are corn, beef and 
chili sauce. For your trouble, he gives you rice.
His next request is for salad. All he needs for this is lettuce and dressing. 
You get a carrot as payment.
His next order is to get shouronpou. A Chinese dish, this is composed of wheat 
flour, ground meat, soup and soy sauce. For your services, he pays you with take 
no ko.
The next thing that he wants to eat is tomyamkun. Soup, ebi, fukurotake and 
lemon grass is what it is made of. For the soup, he gives you tarako and says 
that pasta is good with it.
Yet another request from this kid, this time for sakechadzuke. Rice, tea and 
sake(salmon) are required for this one. You gain uni for this one!
After that rice, the kid wants waffles... wheat flour, egg, sugar and fresh 
cream... From this errand, you receive tai.
Now he wants to eat liver nira... you need liver, nira, and fry oil. He hands 
over an apple this time.
The boy is done eating after that! But he is still there for you to talk to...

5. yami no tou
Tsukiji greets his son saying that he will wait for him here at this tower. He 
also asks that when Zen becomes stronger for Zen to return. Hao Ji then says 
it's time to go!
If you return to yami no tou, you can battle with Tsukiji. Jukuren no Tsukiji 
faces you in single course battles! He will always use an unizushi, thus it will 
level up with you. 
The first time you see him, he'll use an unizushi at L9. I think that his first 
bit of advice is to save money...

Anyway, The next place to go is Kari KariBu, an ethnic area.

Kari Karibu
1. hiroba
Again, all places have a hiroba as their first position. So I won't bother 
logging them after this one.

2. Arapulco
Ash greets you here by saying that you're slow and insults you on top of that! 
Zen is amazed that Ash came out here, to which Ash responds that not just him, 
but everyone from the Bistranshia went forth. Zen apparently is the only one of 
them that didn't... Ash then asks if Zen is stronger, and challenges him to a 
meal. Ash tells you that if Zen wins, Zen will gain a recipe, but if he doesn't, 
there are no second chances.
Hayate Ash faces you using an Indo Curry at level one. 
If you win, Ash hands over the Indo Curry recipe and tells you that he will go 
ahead and that if you ever want to defeat Don Cook, you must study and not just 
go at your own leisure! If you do somehow fail against him, you won't gain the 
Indo Curry recipe... It's very difficult to do so. But if you do, reload your 
game and try again because the costs are too great to allow yourself to be 

Of the roaming bistra, Shichimi Ariran will face you in single course battles. 
She can use an L1 indo or green curry.

3. Gakkun
Here you find Dr. Mayora failing to find something, and saying that his research 
isn't meant to be done here. Karin then asks Zen if that man is... At which 
point, Zen demands to know what Dr. Mayora is doing there. Dr. Mayora then 
remarks that it's a dangerous place with dangerous people. Dr. Mayora will use 
an L1 green curry here.
After the battle, Dr. Mayora runs away and Karin asks Zen what he was doing 
there. Zen posits that Mayora was probably scheming something evil for them...

4. Shop
The shopkeep tells you that near where they are is an island that the Bishokka 
are denying anyone transport to: the island of dreams, Yat Island! She then 
tells you that the boss of the area knows how to get to Yat Island.
So what is she selling?
Boullion 10$
Onion 14$
Curry powder 10$
Spinach 10$
Herb 10$

5. Mucha Libre
The Indian person who greets you here is heads over heels for curry. He also 
claims that he will not be defeated again. Curry Masara will use an L2 coconut 
curry on you. After the battle, he recognizes you as true Indian people with 
mouths for spice.

6. Palelenque
This old man welcomes you by singing "Besame Mucho"... At this point, Zen 
wonders if this idiot is Bishokka. Salsa Panchos will use a taco at level 3 on 
you. This is a vegetable type recipe, so your curries should eliminate it 
After the battle, Panchos gives you the taco recipe. Zen then asks him if he 
knows about Yat Island and for any information regarding that place. Panchos 
laughs in Zen's face at the request and says that Zen is weak. Panchos then 
tells Zen that if he can defeat the boss of Japanese cooking, he'll think about 
bringing him over to Yat Island. Hao Ji calls Panchos an idiot. Since you can't 
go to Yat Island yet, Hao Ji tells you to go to the Japanese area, Naniwayan.

The local shop has expanded her stock by another six items! She's now selling: 
corn for 10$, beef for 34$, chili sauce for 10$, tabasco for 30$, salt for 18$ 
and shrimp for 28$.

If you roam around this place still, gekikara Garam will attack you using an L2 
indo curry or an L2 green curry or an L2 or L3 coconut curry. Shichimi Ariran 
will also increase the levels of her curries and add an L2 coconut curry to the 

After you get the Japanese cooking pin, if you return to Palelenque, you will be 
able to get to Yat Island.

2. Zuba Zuba raya
Washoku Kuromoto greets you with a string of unintelligible blather. He then 
attacks you with an L3 hiyayakko. This is tofu and a vegetable type, so curries 
will do well. After the battle, you are given the hiyayakko recipe.

If you go after roaming bistra, then you will meet up with nagareita no Hachi. 
He uses an L2 or L3 hiyayakko or an L2 yudoufu. Ryoutei Gonzou is the other 
roamer in the area. He uses an L1 or L2 hiyayakko.

3. Kita Minami
Nabe Kitadarou greets you by saying you must study to become a good Bistra. He 
also credits his wins to study. He unleashes an L4 yudoufu on you.

4. Shop
The shop keep responds to question about Yat Island by saying there is a casino 
there that gives out recipes as prizes.
Tofu 10$
Leek 20$
Dashitsuyu 18$
Herb 10$

5. Shinsai bashi
You come upon Dr. Mayora saying that it isn't here either. Zen asks if he's 
looking for pink mayonnaise. Dr. Mayora is surprised by Zen and says that Zen 
will not interfere with him this time! Dr. Mayora attacks with an L5 agedashi 
After his defeat, Dr. Mayora runs off and an old lady comes out. She asks for a 
leek, soy sauce, wasabi and an herb. In exchange for these, she will give you a 

6. tsu-ten kaku
The man who greets you here tells you that he's cooked teppan 30 years and that 
his restaurant is famous and the Bishokka give him stuff around this time. Karin 
thinks that that is a pity, and Zen says that the man is Bishokka. The man then 
says that he will pay back Don Cook for his kindness. The man then says that the 
teppan type is impossible to defeat.
Teppan Sabu yan faces you in your first three course battle of this game. An L5 
okonomiyaki is your first opponent. His next course is an L6 monja. Finally he 
sends out an L7 takoyaki. These are all teppan types. Just use high level as 
teppan have no natural weakness.
Sabuyan then says after all that he is inferior and hands over his okonomiyaki 
recipe. He also says that he will stop calling himself the boss of Japanese 
cooking. He then gives Zen the Japanese pins. He then says that Yat Island has 
been around since the beginning of cooking and that it can teach Zen a lot such 
as history.

After exiting to the world map, Hao Ji suggests returning to Kari Karibu to go 
to Yat Island. The next place though is the Western cuisine area, Menhattan.

If you attack the roaming bistra in Naniwayan, Konamono Sanchan is one of them. 
He will use an an L3 hiyayakko or an L4 yudoufu or an L4 agedashi doufu. Ryoutei 
Gonzou has also stayed around and can use an L3 okonomiyaki, an L3 yudoufu or an 
L3 agedashi doufu.

There is of course an upgrade in the shopping list at the local shop. Soy sauce 
is now for sale at 28$ as well as wheat flour for 20$, sauce for 20$, cabbage 
for 20$ and wasabi for 30$.
You can also return to battle with Tsukiji again back in Dark Gate. This time he 
uses an L16 uni zushi. After defeating him, the thing that he teaches you is 
that there are two small islands in Bistgarm. In order to get to them, he tells 
you that you have to talk to everyone!

Yat Island
2. sekai no aji
This is a library to come to to learn about the flavours of the world. There are 
ten entries which will be unlocked as you progress through the game. The names 
and their requirements to unlock:
1. shushoku- when you first come to Yat
2. ocha ni tsuite- after finishing Menhattan
3. okashirui- after finishing Won China
4. men no denrai- after finishing Won China
5. shinkaryouri- after finishing Dustopolis
6. hozonryouri- after defeating Kiima
7. hozon no rekishi- after defeating Masa
8. yatai bunka- after defeating Grill
9. ryouri no waza- after defeating Chuu Nyan
10. utsuwa ni tsuite- after defeating Don Cook

3. bishokukan
This is another library where you can learn about gourmet food. Like the other 
library there are ten entries that are unlocked as progress is made through the 
game. The names and requirements:
1. shio ni tsuite- when you first come to Yat
2. koushinryou- after finishing Menhattan
3. herb rui- after finishing Won china
4. abura ni tsuite- after finishing Won china
5. choumiryou- after finishing Dustopolis
6. kenkou- after defeating Kiima
7. hakkou to ha?- after defeating Masa
8. nyuuseihin- after defeating Grill
9. kunsei to ha?- after defeating Chuu Nyan
10. kanbutsu to ha?- after defeating Don Cook

4. Recipe Casino
This is a casino... You will be asked first if you'd like to exchange money for 
coins. The exchange rate is 100$ to 10 coins. When you're done exchanging, you 
will be asked if you'd like to play the slots. If you say yes to that, it will 
ask if you'd like to be shown how to play. If you say no to this, then you will 
go straight to the slots.
The daifuku slot machine: First make a bet using the up and down buttons. The A 
button will lock in your bet and start the machine. While the reels are 
spinning, press A to stop the reel on a mark. If you get "777," then you receive 
15x your original bet. To exit, press B.
The amounts for other symbols in threes: Pots 4x, Pars 8x, Dishes 4x, Salt 4x, 
Meat 4x, Lettuce 4x. There are only ladles on the second and third reels.
Tips for the slots: you can always get "777." There are always 7 marks two marks 
past a par mark. So time for the "777"!

5. koukanjou
This is where you can exchange your coins for things!
When you first come here, your prizes look thus:
Spice Recipe 8000
Tonkatsu 500
Beefun 300
Shortcake 200
Popcorn 100
All of the initial prizes are recipes, and each can only be exchanged for once. 
After exchanging for them, they will become ingredients that can be exchanged 
for infinitely. The prize menu after acquiring all the recipes will then look 
like this:
Shark Fin 500
Truffles 150
Crab 100
maguro 100
Octopus 50

6. goutei
Here you meet the ruler of Yat Island. He first tells you that there is a trick 
to the slots. Then he attacks you in a three course battle!
Shihainin Panchos(!) asks you first if you've been using the recipe he gave you 
before. Then he unleashes an L7 taco. His second course for you to chew on is an 
L7 chijimi. His final course is an L7 kimchee chige.
After your battle, Pi-tan wonders if there is anything good to eat in this 
place, at which point Zen tells him to not be greedy.
If you return to the goutei, then Pi-tan will fall ill... Well actually he just 
really, really, really needs something to eat. Karin then asks if Pi-tan will 
eat the stuff then they'll buy. Pi-tan then runs off a list of stuff to eat: 
oden, takoyaki, ikayaki, butter potato, yakitori... But the smell in that place 
is so inviting to him. Hao Ji then berates him for wanting to steal the food. 
Zen asks Hao Ji what to do, and Hao Ji gives Zen the okayu recipe.
Karin then tells Zen to quickly cook. Karin asks if Pi-tan can eat the stuff 
that's there. This will become an infinite loop if you say that he can't eat. If 
this occurs, then Karin will say that Pi-tan is dying, but Zen will say that Pi-
tan can't die from such a simple thing. When you finally say that he can eat, 
Pi-tan will take a look around, while Karin reminds him not to eat anything that 
isn't theirs. Pi-tan then says that upon reflection, yakisoba and oden would hit 
the spot. Zen is just disgusted by this...
Well, you can never go back into the goutei... Panchos will always yell at you 
to leave. Go Pi-tan!~

After that brief interlude, let's now go to Menhattan, the land of Western 

2. Wall gai
You'll again meet Marcy here... He asks if you're well and says that the weather 
is nice. Zen wonders why he's being so nice. Apparently, Marcy lost in the 
casino... and now he wants you to give him stuff...
Demodori Marcy attacks you in a single course battle. He says that his luck has 
to change and then charges at you with an L6 green salad.
After the battle, Marcy gives you the green salad recipe and says that the next 
time Zen had better come bearing gifts.

If you decide to wail on the roaming bistra, you'll have to deal with hors 
d'oeuvre George who can use an L4 or L5 green salad, an L5 consomme soup or an 
L5 sandwich.

3. Bistonald
The worker greets you in the usual manner and then Pi-tan tries to ask about the 
toy set, but then Zen shuts him up and asks for a battle instead.
Sand Manuana faces you in three rounds. She asks you if the set menu is to your 
liking and begins with an L7 sandwich. Teppan types will work nicely on this 
bread. Her next plate to dish up is an L7 chowder. Finally an L7 ham salad is 
served to close.

4. Shop
The shopkeep tells you that the Bishokka discard unusable Foodon. When night 
falls, they get on a boat and leave. It's apparently quite pathetic... So where 
are they discarded? That she doesn't know.
Lettuce 10$
Dressing 10$
Clam 34$
Ham 18$
Herb 10$
Bread 24$
Egg 10$
Bread crumbs 34$
Butter 10$
Cheese 24$
Ketchup 14$
Lots of stuff to class up your Foodon and also a chance to cook popcorn if 
you've won it already from the island.

5. Harle Harlem
Look, it's Dr. Mayora again! He's still going on about how he can't find what 
he's looking for. Then he starts to run but not before he engages you in a one 
course battle.
He'll throw out an L8 ham sandwich to fight with you.
After Dr. Mayora runs, an old lady will come out and ask you to go shopping for 
her. Her list consists of bread, egg, ham, mayonnaise and mustard. In exchange 
for your kindness, she'll give you some octopus.

6. Dekai megami
The man's speech who greets you makes Karin think that the guy is ethnic. Zen 
asks if he is the boss of the area, at which point the man says that anyone who 
torments him is evil! As an aside, he somehow throws in Di Caprio as a sentence 
ender. @_@
Pasta Al Dente faces you in a three course battle. His first fighter is an L7 
peperonchino. He also talks about the power of pasta, which makes you sort of 
hope that you brought along at least one high level bread type. His next is an 
L8 minestrone. This is a soup type, not pasta, just so you know. Whip out those 
veggies for this one if your first Foodon falls. Finally he brings out an L9 
carbonara, another pasta type.
After you defeat him, Al Dente gives you the peperonchino recipe. He also tells 
you that he doesn't know anything about where Foodon go when they're discarded. 
But he does know where a boat leaves from this land: Dustopolis. Zen and Pi-tan 
then say that that's very far away, and Hao Ji says let's go!

A new local roaming Bistra is here. Hors d'oeuvre George is still around though. 
He even adds an L6 ham sandwich and an L6 chowder to his repetoire. Bouillon 
Maggie is roaming about. She uses an L6 green salad or an L6 sandwich or an L6 

The shop now stocks pasta for 34$, salt for 18$, red pepper for 32$, mayonnaise 
for 30$ and mustard for 30$.

Well, the next place that you're going is the Chinese cooking area Won China.

Won China
2. Kai Takkun
A woman greets you saying that this recipe changes into unexpected things! 
Toromi Wonz attacks with one course. Her foodon is a niku dango at level 9. Your 
newly acquired pasta recipe will take care of it if you leveled it.
After the battle, she hands over the nikudango recipe. She also tells you that 
cabbage and chili sauce will change it.

You can find Canton Oolong and Shisen Shao Je if you decide to attack the 
unsuspecting bistra that are roaming about Won China. Oolong uses an L7 niku 
dango. Shao Je uses an L8 niku dango or beefun, or an L9 shiru beefun. The 
beefun are men type, noodle type.

3. Junk sen
Menrui Yi Fu greets you and challenges you to a three course battle. His first 
is an L10 beefun. An L10 shiru beefun is his next course. Finally he dishes up 
an L11 hiyashi chuuka.
After this battle, Yi Fu hands over his hiyashi chuuka recipe.

4. Shop
The shopkeep asks if you know about Foodon tou. Apparently that's where the 
discarded Foodon are sent to live in the wild. But she couldn't tell you where 
it is, but someone may know around there.
Ground meat 14$
ankake 38$
Chinese noodles 20$
vinegar 30$
Herb 10$
Frying oil 10$

5. Tiger Balm
Oh, look... It's Dr Mayora again! And he still can't find what he's looking 
for... But then he has a good idea! Zen yells that Mayora won't run this time. 
Mayora faces you in a single course battle. He uses an L11 marbo doufu. You 
should be able to make short work of this vegetable type.
Mayora then says that Zen won't give him trouble next time. Zen then wonders how 
Mayora can run away so quickly. Pi-tan then says that he will imitate Mayora...
An old woman has a shopping list for you! Wheat flour, ground meat, shrimp, soy 
sauce and soup are her request and if you return with that, she'll give you some 
bacon to cook with.

6. Kuudon gai
Tenshin Zen Ron says something to you about recipes prior to attacking in three 
courses. An L11 nikuman is his first soldier. Then he throws an L11 hoikourou at 
you. His final attacker is an L13 shou ron pou. All of these Chinese dishes are 
of the tenshin type. Their true weakness is the egg type. I would say password 
or trade one in from the first game of the series. Other than that, just high 
levels and hope that your Foodon have more staying power.
After the battle, Zen Ron gives over the nikuman recipe unwillingly. He also 
tosses the Chinese pin too. Zen then asks him if he knows where the island of 
discarded Foodon is. Zen Ron wonders why they want to know and after he hears 
that they think Foodon are cute... he wonders if they want to see and help the 
discarded Foodon.
Usually when you ask this, you might not have the Beefun recipe yet. If you 
don't, he will tell you that after you bring him the Beefun recipe, he'll show 
you the way to the island of discarded Foodon. If you do have it, you'll be 
brought out to the world map and shown where Foodon tou is. The Beefun recipe is 
available at Yat Island if you've forgotten.
Otherwise, it's to Dustopolis with you.

After finishing off the Chinese boss, the shop now sells soup for 10$, wheat 
flour for 20$ and soy sauce for 28$.
Peking Paitan is one of the new bistra in the area. He faces you in three course 
battles using an L10 beefun, an L10 marbo doufu and an hoikourou at level 11.
Canton Oolong is the other new roamer. Single course battles consisting of 
nikuman L9 will be the norm.

If you return to Dark Gate at this point, the shop keep tells you that she got 
some more stock in due to all of the Bistra that have been coming. Her new 
Bouillon 10$
Onion 14$
Herb 10$
Curry powder 10$
Beef 34$
Chili Sauce 10$
Toufu 10$
Leek 20$
Wheat Flour 20$
Sauce 20$
Cabbage 20$
Lettuce 10$
Dressing 10$
Bread 24$
Egg 10$
Ground meat 14$
ankake 38$
Chinese noodles 20$
Vinegar 30$
Rice 10$
Soy Sauce 28$
Bread crumbs 34$
Pork 30$

In Dark Gate, Tsukiji will also fight with you. He tells you that the travelers 
and their Foodon are very devoted and very connected to one another. His 
unizushi is at level 26 this time. He tells you this time after you defeat him, 
that there is a huge tower in the middle of Bistgarm. In that tower are Don Cook 
and his four Devas all waiting! And so are all of the Bistra that he's captured!

At around this point, you could be hitting the 40 Foodon limit. My 
recommendations are still the same: first anything that you cooked with rare 
ingredients, then high level and at least two of each type. If you'd prefer 
something better than that, look at the attacks that they have and that they 
will learn as well.

We'll make a quick stop in Foodon tou first.

Foodon tou
2. taikenjo
A dorayaki greets you here saying that they thought that they were all 
discarded. It continues by saying that if the Bistra really knew them, they 
would come back and retrieve them. Then he asks you if you really want to come 
and see them. Then he asks you if you'd like to come in. If you say no, you may 
continue on along the path.
If you go in at this point, you go to a minigame called Foodon don. The point of 
the game is to guess the Foodon's weight and place the same amount of sand on 
the other side of the scales. It's 50 coins per game. It's expensive, but if you 
hit it exactly, it's 500 times that as your reward! If you're within ten grams, 
you get 100 times. If you're within 100 grams, you get 50 times. The A button 
puts more sand on the scale, while the B button removes sand. If you hold down 
the button, you'll place more and remove more than if you were to just tap it.
You will see the Foodon being summoned and its weight. You can see the full 
figure on the sand side of the scale for a short while. After that, the figure 
is overrun with question marks. These question marks will block your view of the 
figures on your side.

3. yasei no mori
The dorayaki that greets you here says that there is a wild Foodon around that 
hates humans and tells you to be careful.
Mori Dorao attacks you in a single course battle here. He hates Bistra. He can 
use an L11 tamagodon or yakitori or medamayaki or yakisoba.
After the battle, Dorao tells you that your Foodon are cute looking still and 
that he didn't always looking the way he is. Karin pops in and says that they 
understand Dorao's sentiment. Pi-tan continues the thought by saying that the 
evil is the Bishokka and that the rest of the Bistra aren't like them. Zen puts 
his two cents in as well. Hao Ji finishes by saying that Foodon are incapable of 
evil. Dorao responds by wishing that he could once again meet his creator and 
that if he were to, he would be fine again. He asks Zen and company to convey 
that message. Zen says that he will, but that he has to know what his name is. 
Apparently Dorao's original owner's name was Volcan.
As an aside, this guy can drop stuff like ikura, uni, sake(salmon), tai, and 
apples. But his drop rate is abysmal.

4. ? no doukutsu
The dorayaki here says that the God of Foodons created this cave. Since it's a 
holy place, you cannot enter it. Zen asks about the God of Foodons. Hao Ji says 
something like the bad air around Bistgarm has brainwashed them... Zen wonders 
what Hao Ji said, but Hao Ji quickly changes the subject.

Okay, that's our little trip to Foodon tou for now. Off to Dustopolis with us.

2. hamono no hakaba
You're greeted here by Tamayo, at least Zen and Karin are. Pi-tan and Hao Ji are 
called a panda and dog respectively. Both of them say that they aren't animals 
and Tamayo apologizes. Tamayo then wants to see how strong Zen has become.
Magokoro Tamayo faces you in a a full course battle. She begins with an L13 
morisoba. Her next foodon is an L14 onigiri. The third course that Tamayo tests 
you with is a tsukimi soba at L14. Next up is an L15 inarizushi. Finally an L15 
tenzaru is dished up.
After your battle, Tamayo gives the mori soba recipe. Tamayo then asks if the 
Bistranshia is really over here...
An old woman comes out and asks you to do her shopping for her. Chinese noodles, 
mayonaise, tofu, shrimp and chili sauce will be exchanged for karashi miso.

After running the old lady's errand, you can start attacking the poor 
unsuspecting Bistra that hang around. Shippuu no Macro will face you in three 
course battles. He uses as his sequence an L13 morisoba, an L13 inarizushi and 
an L14 kinako mochi. Yami Quark also attacks you here with a trio of courses. 
His appetizer is an L13 shortcake. An L14 pilaf is his main course with dessert 
being an L14 peperonchino.

3. Nabe no yama
Wen Lon greets you saying that it has been a long time. Fei thanks you for what 
you did at that time. Karin asks if Fei is alright. Pi-tan gets scared that 
there are two of the same person in front of them. But Zen points out that they 
are twins. Zen then asks if they will fight. Wen Lon accepts the challenge 
claiming they won't be defeated this time and Fei concurs.
You are pulled into a full course battle with Wen Lon. Wen Lon then says that in 
battle, compassion is forbidden. He starts off with an L14 nikuman. Next is an 
L15 niku dango. An L15 hoikourou is the middle course. An L16 marbo doufu is 
fourth on the menu. Finally an L16 ebi chili is served.
After their defeat, the twins give you their recipe: ebi chili, a tenshin 
recipe. The twins then tell you that no one is in this place, and they don't 
know where anyone else is.

4. Shop
The shopkeep tells you that from this area you can get to the tower. But she 
doesn't know what's over there.
Soba 10$
Dashitsuyu 18$
Shrimp 28$
Leek 20$
Chili sauce 10$
Herb 10$
Wasabi 30$

5. Gear no mori
Misty is here and asks if you want to battle her.
Miwaku Misty will face you in a full-course battle as well. She begins with an 
L16 shortcake. This is followed by an L16 choco ice. An L17 cheescake is the 
middle course. An L18 purin parfait follows that with an L18 mont blanc taking 
the rear. All sweets, your nimono, men, and curries should have a bang up time.
Since Misty lost, she doesn't like Zen anymore, but Zen expresses care for her 
wellbeing. Misty then says that she will go ahead alone. Pi-tan and Zen try to 
stop her, but are unable to.

6. kyakusen
Banna greets you here by asking which of the two of you is stronger, himself or 
Zen? Zen is surprised to see Banna, but says that they should find out who is 
Yet another full course battle ensues. Indo curry level 19 is yasei Banna's 
first Foodon. To follow that, an L19 pilaf is used. The third Foodon used is an 
L20 chorizo. An L20 reimen is fourth with his ultimate Foodon being an L21 soup 
type, tomyamkun.
After the battle, Banna gives you his tomyamkun recipe. Banna then says that 
everyone is getting on that boat right there, which apparently Zen recognizes as 
the Bistransia. Banna then says that everyone else will go ahead. Hao Ji then 
says that the tower is very close and that within the tower are the captured 
Bistra, but that they don't know where they are.

The entrance to the tower is now open...

However in Dustopolis, a great upgrade has occurred to the shop. You can now buy 
fresh cream for 34$, wheat flour for 24$, strawberries for 10$, soup for 10$, 
fukurotake for 10$, lemon grass for 10$, tabasco for 30$, mayonnaise for 30$, 
mustard for 30$, truffles for 100$ and garlic for 10$.
Of the roaming bistra in the area of Dustopolis, yami Quark has changed nothing 
of his Foodon lineup and neither has shippuu Macro. 

When you go back to Dark Gate, the shop has had yet another upgrade to its 
stock! It actually only adds five items this time, but it's nice. It adds fresh 
cream for 34$, strawberries for 10$, soba for 10$, dashitsuyu for 18$ and shrimp 
for 28$.
While you're in Dark Gate, Tsukiji will again battle with you. His foodon this 
time is an L51 unizushi... You may want to wait on this one...
When you finally do defeat him, he tells you that he too has heard of the 
ultimate item. He says that wherever a fountain gushes forth exists a very 
pretty stuff like water. It is said to be flowing like a pure heart.

Don Cook's tower
This is a multi-area map much like the world map. The first point that you're on 
is to outside of the tower, back to the world map. There is one other point 
open: bishokumon.

2. yami no mon
At this gate, Natsume greets you. Zen tells Natsume to get away from the gate 
and Natsume asks if they'll fight. Zen asks why she is doing what she is doing. 
Natsume replies that she must defeat Don Cook; it is her destiny; it is her 
Ayakashi Natsume faces you in a three course battle. She begins with an L21 
tsukimi soba. An L21 shiru beefun is next. Finally an L22 carbonara is 
Natsume continues to explain that Don Cook found her and raised her. He taught 
her about being a Bistra and continued raising her even until now...
Natsume then removes her mask and hat and says that for Don Cook's sake many 
people have been sacrificed... but she doesn't know whether that is good or bad. 
She says that whatever you do is fine, though she won't understand. She then 
hands over the ankoku pins.
Zen asks Natsume if she knows where the taken Bistra are, and if she does to 
show them where. There is a prison nearby that some Bistra were placed into and 
she shows Zen where that is.

The shinigami Gulten roams this gate. He challenges you with three dishes: an 
L19 morisoba, an L20 beefun, and an L21 pepperonchino. He also has an alternate 
lineup of an L19 hiyashi chuuka, a shiru beefun at level 20 and an L20 

Bishokumon is now open, and the captured Bistra can be rescued. The prison is 
apparently below and Natsume leaves it to Zen to help everyone.
The next place to go is chikarou.

2. dokubou
Ash greets you by saying that you finally made it, but that it's not your turn 
yet. Zen then says that they must rescue the people in this place.
Hayate Ash faces you in a three course battle. If you fail to defeat him, you 
will not proceed. He begins with an L21 omelette. Next up is an L22 ham eggs. He 
finishes with an L22 omerice. Ash is disappointed when he loses, but continues 
on ahead anyway.

A roaming bistra of the prison, family restaurant Lunch attacks in single 
courses with an L21 ice cream, an L21 omelette, an L22 calbee soup or an L22 
miso ramen. Danryoku Nyokki also is about. He can use an L22 ebi zushi or an L22 
omerice or an L23 katayaki soba or an L23 tomyamkun.

3. sekken no ma
Dr. Mayora makes another appearance finally! Apparently Mayora will not run this 
time; he's been waiting! He's found what he's looked for: something that Don 
Cook and the Devas gave to him, something with which to create a strong Foodon 
A three course battle ensues. It begins with an L23 ice cream. Next up is a 
mango purin at level 23. His final foodon is a mont blanc at level 24.
Mayora then says that he wants to see the strongest Foodon and that he can 
create it. He also says that Zen has a 0.01% chance of winning next time. Zen 
asks to see the item, but Mayora runs off...

4. oobeya
The one who greets you here says that this place is for Bishokka soldiers only. 
And that without the proper talent, you cannot pass.
Souzou Ether faces you in a three course battle. He also asks if you'll join the 
Bishokka. He begins with an L23 calbee soup. Next up is an L24 fukahire soup. 
Finally an L24 tomyamkun is thrown on the field.
Ether gives you permission to enter the prison after you defeat him.

5. koujou
The ninja who greets you here says that it's a mistake that you got this far and 
that this is your goodbye...
Shinobi Ron Gan faces you in a three course battle. His first is an L24 ebi 
zushi. Second is an L25 ikura zushi. Finally an L25 tekkadon is put out to 
Ron Gan admits that Zen has gotten stronger, but says that they won't proceed 
any further.

6. rou dou beya
Hakai no Volcan tells you to stop and show him your face. Volcan then goes on to 
say that it's fine to discard Foodon. He begins with an L25 miso ramen. Next is 
an L26 kata yakisoba. Finally an L26 reimen is put forth to fight.
After the battle, if you have been to Foodon tou and met Dorao, Volcan repeats 
that you met Dorao at Foodon tou. And says that when he discarded him, he was a 
different person. Pi-tan says that he seems like a good person. Zen continues 
that line by saying even if he is a good person, he should go to Foodon tou and 
see for himself. 
If you haven't been to Foodon tou yet, then Volcan will cower in fear and say 
that his duty was to take care of that area, and that he hopes that his 
superiors will overlook his failure.

7. kanshu no ma
The shinobi is incredulous that you can help the Bistra and tells you not to 
talk nonsense. Zen then demands that he open the gate.
Dark Algin will face you with three Foodon. His first is an L26 banbanji. Next, 
an L27 hamburg steak comes your way. Finally, an L27 steak charges at you. Meats 
in this game require pasta types to come forth and destroy them.
After the battle, Algin agrees to release the Bistra, but tells you that he 
doesn't think that you're going to leave Bistgarm... At which point, Hao Ji gets 
pissed off and tells him to open the door already.
A cutscene ensues! Some man dressed much like Pi-tan wonders if Pi-tan is Pi-
tan. It's obviously Pi-tan's father. Pi-tan is overjoyed and says that they'll 
never be separated again.
Hao Ji says that this must have been where all the Bistra were held. Zen tries 
to keep a lid on the situation by telling everyone to keep calm and they can be 
returned to their lands. Pi-tan is still incapacitated by his reunion with his 
parents. Karin is happy for Pi-tan. Hao Ji says that one of Zen's objectives has 
been fulfilled, but without defeating Don Cook, true peace can never be 
achieved. Zen then says that before they do that, he has to say goodbye to Pi-
tan. He also tells Karin that she should go with the Bistra as well. Karin is 
insulted, but Zen says that he will be facing the Devas next and it will be very 
dangerous. Pi-tan comes back at this point and says that it's time, but wonders 
why everyone is just standing around. Pi-tan says that he will go wherever Zen 
goes, and Karin says that she will too. Zen tries to say that he was just 
thinking about their safety, but Hao Ji interrupts with the fact that allies can 
help in battle and it's fine for them to be there. Then he asks if everyone is 
prepared and says that the Devas are waiting.
Next is the Spice no ma; Kiima is there to fight!

Spice no ma
2. nitaki no ma
The Chinese girl asks you what you can make paella and jambalaya from.
Rice Paprika faces you in three courses. A paella at level 28 is first up. Next 
is an L29 bibinba. Finally an L29 jambalaya dances its way out to battle.
Paprika tells you that if you put something into consomme soup, it becomes pilaf 
and then from that, you'll have to find out for yourself.

If you decide to beat up on roaming bistra here, you''ll meet up with tougarashi 
Cajun. For her three course battle, she uses an L27 chorizo, a gazpacho at level 
27, and an L28 taco. She can also face you with an L26 kimchee, an L26 kimchee 
chige, and an L26 bibinba.

3. karami no ma
The woman who greets you hopes that you are prepared. Zen tells her to get out 
of the way, but she won't until she sees how strong Zen is.
Kimchee Chogori faces you in three courses. She begins with an L29 kimchee. An 
L29 green curry is next. The final course of Chogori is an L30 taco.
Chogori continues by saying that Kiima has created a new Foodon, the ultimate 
ethnic Foodon. She then asks if you can win and if you have the Foodons to win.
An old lady comes out at this point asking for mutton, beef, corn, an onion, and 
garlic in exchange for kuri.

4. takidashi no ma
The man here is in love with rice...
Takitate Jose engages you in battle: three courses.
He begins with an L31 paella. A bibinba at level 31 is the next fighter for 
Jose. Jose's final hope is a nashi golem at level 32.
Jose tells you that if you surpass jambalaya, you'll find nashi golem.

5. suribachi no ma
The man here though is in love with curry...
Mix Cumin gives you a three course meal. An L32 indo curry is first. Next up is 
a green curry with a level of 33. Finally a coconut curry of level 33 is served 

6. Tandoori
Kiima greets you saying that he's been waiting for you. Apparently since you 
defeated him the last time, he can't sleep. Zen replies by saying that having 
him waiting isn't really very nice. Zen also says that he'll make it so that 
he'll never sleep again. Kiima replies by saying that Zen is in his house now, 
and that he has the Spice Recipe, an exquisite flavour to be savoured.
Shindou Kiima faces you in a full-course meal. Banna decides to help you out by 
saying that Kiima's first Foodon is Genghis Khan and it's very strong. He also 
tells you that pasta and donburi will do well against it. He also advises you to 
be calm. An L34 Genghis Khan is then put into play. As an aside, if you play 
something that can absorb Ethnic spices, Kiima will waste some of his turns 
powering up your Foodon! Kiima's next dish is an L34 chorizo. Following that is 
an L35 tomyamkun. An L36 shish kabab is next. Shish kabab is another meat type. 
Finally Kiima calls forth the strongest Ethnic recipe, Spice Recipe! Its level 
is 39!!! This god recipe, like all the others, is typeless and as such has no 
weakness. Therefore just use whatever Foodon you have left to wear it down. All 
gods however absorb all toppings... therefore you can inflict a status on it and 
not worry about it being healed by Kiima.
After the battle, Kiima is amazed that you defeated the strongest recipe that he 
had... He hands over his Genghis Khan recipe in his defeat. Apparently, Zen asks 
him without saying anything for the Spice Recipe. Kiima is insulted, saying 
that's impossible. Kiima is surprised that they want compassion, instead saying 
that they must endure. Zen receives the Ethnic pins at this point. Zen thanks 
Kiima and tells him that he can now relax. Kiima then tells Zen that Don Cook is 
able to make Foodon that can surpass all of the kinds of food. "Don Cook is 
almost a god!", according to Kiima. Hao Ji is surprised by Kiima's boast.

After exiting the floor, Hao Ji tells you that the shop on the Spice Floor has 
opened and that you should go shopping.

As to the Spice shop, it is at position 6, Tandoori. The shopkeep greets you 
saying that it's their grand opening. She says her products are cheap and long 
lasting and asks you to buy, not to just look.
Bouillon 10$
Onion 14$
Curry powder 10$
Spinach 10$
Herb 10$
Coconuts 10$
Corn 10$
Beef 34$
Chili Sauce 10$
Garlic 10$
Mutton 10$
Tabasco 30$
Vinegar 30$

To the roaming bistras of this floor, chili sauce Pilikaran is it. He uses three 
courses in his battle with you. They are an L31 Genghis Khan, an L31 jambalaya, 
and an L32 shish kabab. He can also use an L29 indo curry, an L30 green curry, 
and an L31 coconut curry.

Next up is the washoku no ma, Japanese cooking floor. Masa is there for us to 

Washoku no ma
2. nigiri no ma
Donburi Donshirou screams about donburi and then faces you in three courses. Of 
course, he begins with an L37 kappa maki, sushi rather than anything donburi... 
After taking out the kappa maki, he sends out an L37 ebizushi. Finally he whips 
out an L38 tekkadon. Pastas will do well against these sushis.
Donshirou then gives you the kappa maki recipe.

After Donshirou is out of the way, Temaki Ginpachi attacks you as the roaming 
guard for this area. He uses three Foodon making for a three course battle. He 
begins with an L35 kappa maki. An L36 miso shiru is next, a soup type. An L36 
dango is his sweet farewell.
Teishoku Asatei also guards the area. He too uses three Foodon. Their sequence 
for a three course rice battle is thus: yaki onigiri L36, tenmusu L36, and an 
L37 okayu.

3. miso no kura
Miso no Marukome X is meditating on miso and attacks Zen! You're drawn into yet 
another three course battle for this one. Marukome X begins with a soupy 
misoshiru at level 38. His next Foodon that he brings out is a yaki onigiri at 
level 39. Finally he places out an L39 tonjiru, another soup.
After your battle with him, X tells you that tofu is the basis for misoshiru.
An old lady decides to ask you for some stuff since X is gone now. Beef, 
dashitsuyu, toufu, egg, and leek will be exchanged for chicken!(?)

4. tetsu no kama
The man here asks if you know how to mumble (?) after eating ochatzuke. Then he 
laughs maniacally and says that he doesn't know how to either and he insults you 
on top of that!
Chadzuke Nagatani faces you in a full course meal. He begins with an L40 
ochadzuke. After that is an L40 tenmusu. In the middle of the battle, Nagatani 
lets his level 41 sakechadzuke take over. An L41 kamameshi is substituted after 
the sakechadzuke is destroyed. Finally an L42 nanakusagayu is allowed to fight.
After defeating him, Nagatani asks if you know how to get to ochadzuke from 
okayu. He tells you that wherever there is a palatial mansion, if you go there 
and are about to die, you'll be able to mumble and eat. Pi-tan then tries to 
mumble but is unable to... Zen then tells him something like you can't eat if 
you can't talk...
If for some reason, you don't have the okayu recipe to this point, Nagatani will 
yell at you that you don't know about the heart of chadzuke.

5. anno nabe
Wagashi Kiyoshi faces you in a three course battle after telling you about the 
virtues of red bean jam. He begins with an L42 dango. Next on his okashi list is 
a daifuku at level 42. Finally an L43 dorayaki is on his list.
Kiyoshi is sad after the battle that Japanese confections haven't gone further 
around the world...

6. sabaki no ma
Guess who!? Of course, Masa is here to battle you. He's very happy to see you 
again, and is babbling about something... Zen tells him that he defeated him 
before so why is he saying what he was babbling. Then he says something about 
smiling until death...
Hanaita Masa faces you in the requisite dramatic full course battle. Tamayo 
decides to tell you that shabu shabu is Masa's first Foodon and that pasta and 
donburi should fight it. His shabu shabu is level 43. Next on the menu is an L44 
tsukune. After that comes a sukiyaki at level 44. To follow that, an L45 koube 
sukiyaki is served. After this, Masa tells you that his Kamikaze recipe is 
royal. It is at level 49. It's all meat until the final course. Again, try to 
have a few recipes left over to wear down the Kamikaze especially something with 
a status inflictor.
After battling Masa and winning, Masa asks you if you are really planning on 
winning against Don Cook. Zen says of course he will defeat Don Cook. Masa calls 
Zen impertinent but gives over his shabu shabu recipe. He also teaches you one 
more thing: in order to master Japanese cooking, one must go to Foodon tou. The 
ingredients for sushi and chadzuke are apparently abundant there. He then tells 
you that Zen doesn't know the extent of Don Cook's evil. Hao Ji then says that 
two of the Devas are left and to go all out! After exiting to the tower map, he 
says that the shop on the Japanese floor has opened and that they should go and 
stock up.

The shop is again at position 6, sabaki no ma. The shopkeeper greets you by 
answering your question about the strongest item. She apparently doesn't know 
what it is or where it can be found, but she does ask that if you find it give 
it to her shop!
toufu 10$
leek 20$
dashitsuyu 18$
herb 10$
Soy sauce 28$
Wheat flour 20$
Sauce 20$
Cabbage 20$
Shrimp 28$
Octopus 10$
Rice 10$
nori 28$
Cucumber 20$
Tea 10$
Miso 38$
anko 30$
Beef 34$
wasabi 30$
Pork 30$
Bread crumbs 34$

Ohitsu Hiroshi is now roaming on this floor. Three courses with an L39 
sakechadzuke, an L40 nanakusagayu, and an L41 kamameshi. Kome Minorigawa also 
roams here. His Foodon in the three course battle will be an L41 shabu shabu, an 
L42 tonjiru, and an L43 sukiyaki.

If you return to Dark Gate, Tsukiji is willing to battle again. His unizushi is 
now at level 66. After defeating him, he will tell you that Don Cook is a very 
strong Bistra, as well as the people around him... After this he says that he 
has nothing more to teach you, but will keep fighting you if you so desire. I 
don't know why you'd do that since he hasn't dropped anything to this point, but 
at least his Foodon is a high level. The funny thing about that is he disappears 
forever after you've defeated him this last time...

Next up is the Western floor, and Grill is a strong opponent.

Seiyou no ma
2. Oven mae
The man here loves ovens, and says that Japanese cooking, Chinese cooking and 
ethnic cooking don't know that fact. Oven Zucchini will battle you with three 
pasta type Foodon. An L45 graten is your first enemy. Next comes an L46 ebi 
graten. Finally comes an L47 kani graten.
After the battle, Zucchini asks if you know how to use ovens, and gives you the 
graten recipe. After Karin says her usual "let's cook right now," Zucchini asks 
again if you really know how to use an oven.

If you fight the bistras who walk about aimlessly here, you will meet Italian 
Toraria in three course battles. He begins with an L43 shichuu, a nimono type. 
He continues with an L44 ebi fry. His finish is an L45 tarako supa. He can also 
use as his trio an L42 graten, an L42 croquette, and an L43 pepperonchino.

3. dou no nabe
The woman here says that first you boil, then you ferment. And then you have 
good shichuu. She then asks if you know how to make shichuu. Nikomi Pan faces 
you in a three course battle. She first tells you that nimono have lots of 
things that will make them taste good. She then displays for you her L47 
shichuu. Next up is an L47 roll cabbage. Finally she puts out her L48 tongue 
shichuu for you to try. Vegetables will easily take out her Foodon.
After defeating her she asks if you know about minestrone.
An old lady will take Pan's place and ask you for some items. She asks for wheat 
flour, milk, egg and sugar. For these items, she'll give you cow tongue.

4. Fry no ma
The noble here tells you that fried foods are tasty. Zen then says that he 
smells a fake. Fry Giuseppe faces you in a full course battle. He begins with an 
L48 croquette. Next is an L48 fried chicken. An L49 crab croquette comes next in 
the lineup. A second L49 crab croquette follows. An L50 ebi fry is his final 
Foodon that you must fight. Your best bet is the sushi type.

5. yudeage ma
The man here starts talking about udon and then saying that you're wrong to 
think that. Pasta Ravioli faces you in a three course battle. He begins with an 
L50 pepperoncino after telling you that there are many types of pasta. After 
that is an L51 bongore. Finally he places in front of you an L51 tarako supa.

6. kashikoubou
Grill reminds you that as he promised, he and Zen have met again. Zen says that 
he knows that Grill has cooked the ultimate in Western foodons and demands to 
see it. Grill says that that is too quick and to savour the flavours. He then 
says that he will engage Zen in a full course dessert battle slowly... Geijutsu 
Grill begins this full course battle with a donut Foodon. Misty tells you that 
it's cute, but strong. She also asks you if you have some good curry or nimono 
Foodon for it. His doughnut foodon is at level 51. Next up is an L52 choco ice. 
After that chocolate treat comes an L53 mont blanc. An L53 apple pie is next. 
Grill announces his final Foodon as the ultimate western Foodon, Euro Recipe! An 
L56 Euro Recipe is his last ditch effort to defeat you.
After taking him down, Grill is amazed that you were able to defeat him twice. 
But in his defeat, he acknowledges your strength. And thus he gives you the 
doughnut recipe. Grill admits that he doesn't know where the strongest item is, 
but he knows that Zen will eventually find it. He then hands over the Western 
pin to Zen. He then calls Zen a courageous, small Bistra and tells him never to 
forget his zeal! Hao Ji has had enough of Grill's yapping on and on and exits 
the floor saying that the shop on the Western floor has opened.

At position 6, kashikoubou, the shop keep of the Western shop greets you asking 
if you've come for topping items. She has a nice stock on hand.
Lettuce 10$
Dressing 10$
asari 34$
Ham 18$
Herb 10$
Bread 24$
Egg 10$
Pasta 34$
Salt 18$
Chili pepper 32$
Carrot 10$
Bacon 34$
Wheat flour 20$
Butter 10$
Milk 14$
Cheese 24$
Sugar 14$
Truffles 100$
Mayonnaise 30$
Mustard 30$
Ketchup 14$
Honey 10$

Having dealt with Grill, the makeup of the roaming Bistra has changed. Now you 
fight gyokai Kepper in three courses. His foodon are an L48 kani graten, an L49 
kani croquette, and an L50 bongore. Yougashi Creamy also makes her appearance. 
She uses three Foodon as well: an L46 doughnut, an L47 purin parfait, and an L48 
apple pie.

The next floor is the Chinese floor, where the strongest Deva dwells, Chuu Nyan!

chuuka no ma
2. teuchi no ma
The Chinese girl asks who says pasta is the world's best... Tsuru Tsuru Mao Aru 
faces you in a three course battle. Then she asks if you've seen the world's 
strongest item... Her first Foodon is an L53 won ton men. An L54 hiyashi chuuka 
follows that. Finally she finishes with an L54 tanmen.
After defeating her, she admits that the world is big, but she cannot forgive 
anyone for saying that pasta is the best.

The roamer of this floor is Shang Hai Tan Tan. Tan Tan uses three courses on you 
like most roamers at this point. She begins with an L53 ebi cha-han. This is 
followed by an L54 chuuka chimaki. Finally an L55 tenshinhan comes out. Her 
other set of Foodon is an L51 won ton soup, an L52 won ton men, and an L53 

3. amami no ma
I think the guy who greets you here says that between sweet and sour, there is 
the splendid salty. It is a complex flavour, and he wonders if a child can 
understand it.
Amasa Tsu Ryuu battles with three Foodon. He also tells you that it is difficult 
to use the ultimate item. He begins with an L54 ebi cha-han. This is followed by 
an L55 fukahire soup. Finally he uses an L55 subuta, a tenshin type...
After the battle he hands over his subuta recipe. And on top of that, an old 
lady comes out and asks for a carrot, garlic, fukurotake and nira. For all that 
she'll give you maguro.

4. seiro no ma
The man here talks about Yamucha and drinking tea. He also says that when he 
makes tea, he drools... Yamcha Chin Zen faces you with five Foodon! He also 
would like to make the ultimate Yamucha with the ultimate item... In this full 
course battle, he begins with an L56 nikuman. After that comes an L56 mushidori. 
The middle is an L57 banbanji. His penultimate foodon is an L57 Peking duck. His 
ultimate foodon is an L58 rebanira.
After the battle, Chin Zen wonders if Yamcha is finished... So he gives you his 
iron packed meat recipe, rebanira.

5. kaiseki no ma
Entaku Lun Shen attacks with three Foodon. His first is an L58 won ton soup. 
After that comes an L59 tenshinhan, an egg type. Finally a sweet L59 annin doufu 
is thrown out.

6. Yamcha no ma
Chuu Nyan says that Zen is a very obstinate child to come this far. Zen, calling 
her obasan, says that Don Cook is very close now. Chuu Nyan tries to correct 
him, saying that she is oneesan. Pi-tan then rings in with the fact that she is 
an obasan. Then she tries to describe her beauty with her mouth.
Youen Chuu Nyan faces you in another requisite full course battle. Wen Lon of 
the twins comes up and says that Chuu Nyan's first Foodon is ebi gyouza. And 
unfortunately tenshin types have no recipes that are strong against them... At 
which point, Fei rings in with the fact that egg type is strong against tenshin 
and that her brother shouldn't be so ignorant. Well all of her recipes are 
tenshin... Her ebi gyouza is level 60. After that comes an L60 chuuka chimaki. 
For the middle of the battle, an L61 ebi chili is next. Next up is an L61 
shumai. Before her final Foodon, Zen asks without saying anything if she will 
use the ultimate Foodon of Chinese cooking. She says that for a childish 
opponent like Zen, she won't use it. She says she's not like the other Devas. 
Her final Foodon is an L62 shouronpou.
After the battle, Chuu Nyan says that Zen has really brought her to her knees. 
She also repeats that Zen's plan is to go to Don Cook. Zen says that he wants to 
become the ultimate Bistra. Karin asks why Chuu Nyan has taken up such an air of 
style. Chuu Nyan says that this time, there is nothing to give to Zen. She then 
says that she wants to see him fight with Don Cook. Zen says thank you to the 
obasan. And Chuu Nyan is of course offended.
Hao Ji says that the Devas are all defeated, but that it's not over yet.

The shop on the Chinese floor has also opened.
No talk from the keep this time.
Ground meat 14$
ankake 38$
Chinese noodles 20$
Vinegar 30$
Herb 10$
karashi miso 38$
Soup 10$
Wheat flour 20$
Soy sauce 28$
Pork 30$
Onion 14$
Liver 10$
nira 10$
Fry oil 10$

If you decide to train on the Chinese floor, Yamcha Pao will challenge you in a 
three course battle. He uses an L55 sui gyouza, an L57 shumai, and an L58 
harumaki. Karamiso Tou Ban is the other bistra roaming here after Chuu Nyan has 
been defeated. He begins with an L56 marbo doufu. His next is an L57 ebi chili. 
Finally an L59 chou ron pou comes out to defeat you.

Next is the place of trials, shiren no ma. Hao Ji wants you to go there now! He 
then says that he is busy at which point, Zen is curious.

Shiren no ma
2. gouka na sara
When you get here, Hao Ji laughs and says that he is your next opponent. Zen 
asks if he is serious. Hao Ji says that Zen must first defeat him, in order to 
see if Zen is good enough. Zen refuses to fight Hao Ji on account of his age, 
but Hao Ji refuses to be treated like an old man. Hao Ji then says that if Zen 
defeats him, he will give him a recipe.
The legendary Hao Ji faces you in three courses. Hao Ji says something about the 
strength of daishippai, and proceeds to put out an L70 one. His next Foodon is 
an L72 daishippai... He then says that he wanted to go slow, therefore as his 
last Foodon he will use a legendary one. He places an L68 Dragon Recipe as his 
final tactic.
After the battle, Hao Ji congratulates you and is proud of Zen's proficiency. He 
then tells you that he will entrust to you one of his Foodon. He also says that 
the key to defeating Don Cook is on Foodon Tou. Then he asks if you know the way 
by now.

Finally it is teiou no ma, where Don Cook lies in wait. He says that if you want 
to go up there, you should go to Foodon tou first. He tells you to go to the 
cave to find what you have been looking for.
When you get to Foodon tou, go to position four, ? no doukutsu. The dorayaki 
will stop you, saying that the children and the old man cannot enter. He then 
talks about someone hitting him and stealing what's inside; they apparently took 
the god item from inside. Zen then says that Mayora must have been there to get 
the strongest item! Karin then rings in saying that they cannot do the same 
thing as Mayora. Hao Ji then asks the dorayaki if he cannot go in either. The 
dorayaki seems to recognize him, at which point Hao Ji says that he is Hao Ji 
and that is was a very very very long time ago when he created Foodon. The 
dorayaki cannot believe that it is Hao Ji in front of him and says that he truly 
is god. He then asks for Hao Ji's signature. Hao Ji then goes into the cave and 
searches around. Pi-tan comments that only Hao Ji got to look inside the cave. 
Hao Ji finds what he is looking for and says that this is the only thing that 
can oppose Don Cook's recipe. It is the strongest recipe, the Wonder Recipe! Hao 
Ji apparently put all of his power into creating Foodon. He tells Zen that it is 
now time to rely upon Zen's strength. He tells you to raise your level and then 
go up to teiou no ma. The dorayaki rings in just saying thank you...
If you ever want more seinaru mizu for the god recipes, then you can just come 
back here. The dorayaki will let Hao Ji in to get some more.

Teiou no ma
2. gyokuza
Don Cook is happy to see that Zen and Hao Ji finally made it, and greets them 
cordially. He also introduces himself. Zen sees Ash as well as everyone else 
there. Apparently everyone else has been defeated. Ash and Banna go on to say 
that Don Cook was too strong for them. Hao Ji tells Zen not to give up hope. Don 
Cook tells Zen that he is scary and asks if he knows about falling. Then he says 
that he has been watching them fight, and wants them to become Bishokka leaders. 
Hao Ji can't believe what he's hearing. Don Cook again extends his offer, saying 
that if it's not accepted, he may do something bad. Tamayo screams for Zen not 
to take it. Zen tells Don Cook to stop playing around.
Saikyou Don Cook will face you in a full course battle. He says that his first 
dish is green curry, at which point, Banna says soup will be strong against it! 
An L61 green curry is then put into play. After defeating the curry, Don Cook is 
thrilled, and tells you that his next dish is ikameshi. Tamayo then says that 
nimono is weak against vegetables and says to use that! An L66 ikameshi is then 
brought out to wreak havoc. After taking out the ikameshi, Don Cook says that 
it's just more junk to bring to Foodon tou. He also asks if that island will 
soon be overrun by discarded Foodon. Misty then comes out to tell you that Don 
Cook's next Foodon will be hot dog, thus teppan recipes will take it out easily. 
An L71 hot dog is then brought out. After that is defeated, Don Cook asks if Zen 
is done playing, and says that bongore is his next recipe. Ash then tells you 
that pasta is weak to bread type. An L71 bongore is put out at this point. After 
defeating the bongore, Don Cook thanks Zen for cleaning out the waste. Then he 
asks if you can really defeat his final Foodon, and surpass him! His final 
Foodon is named Bistron, the Dark Recipe! Wen Lon and Fei come on the scene to 
say that the next Foodon is the strongest Foodon. Don Cook's Dark Recipe is at 
level 76. After the battle, you should receive all of the ingredients to the 
Dark recipe: seinaru mizu, unagi, mango and Kobe beef.
Don Cook cannot believe that he has been defeated... Don Cook then hands over 
the Dark Recipe to Zen. Karin however tells you that the recipe is evil. Pi-tan 
then rings in saying that the atmosphere is going wild! Don Cook says that all 
of the recipes of all of the Bistra are not enough for a banquet. He then tells 
Zen one portion is missing. He then tells Zen to cook the Dark Recipe now! When 
Zen makes the Dark Recipe, Don Cook says, Zen's life will change. And a new 
Bishokka leader will live! Don Cook tells Zen that he has the talent! Hao Ji is 
offended by Don Cook trying to take his pupil. Just then, Natsume comes up 
asking Don Cook to stop. Zen is amazed to see Natsume as is Don Cook, but Don 
Cook just tells her to shut up. Natsume says that it is already to much and that 
isn't right. Don Cook says that the good times are gone and evil has replaced 
it. Don Cook again asks Zen if he will make it or not. Zen replies that a recipe 
is a cherished thing; it cannot be handled roughly. Don Cook sees hope in that 
statement, but then Zen says what he has been given by Don Cook is not the 
same... Zen then asks Hao Ji to reseal the cave on Foodon tou. I think that Hao 
Ji says that that is a simple task. Don Cook is offended by Zen and says that 
Zen doesn't understand; that Zen is foolish. He asks Zen if he does not 
understand the pleasure of ruling the world. Natsume then asks Don Cook to end 
this... Don Cook asks why Natsume is acting this way. Natsume then asks what 
would happen if someone were to fall from the tower... Misty cannot believe what 
is happening. Apparently Natsume jumps... especially since Don Cook screams for 
her to stop. Zen also yells her name. Wen Lon is amazed as is Fei that she 
jumped off...
Karin tells you that it's over, as does Pi-tan. Zen however asks if it's all 
right that it ended this way, that Don Cook and Natsume... Hao Ji tells him that 
he cannot to worry about it, that they could have done nothing to stop her... 
Tsukiji then tells Zen that he has done well, and that he shouldn't lose hope. 
Hao Ji also tells him to be happy, but it's also time for him to go... Ash comes 
up and tells the crybaby to grow up. Zen retorts with the fact that that is his 
line. A dorayaki comes up and says that it's lonely at which point, Pi-tan tells 
it to stop crying and tries to cheer it up. Wen Lon and Fei depart saying that 
they will challenge Zen again sometime. Karin then says that she will wait for 
them as well. Misty says that they will meet again. Zen is sort of taken aback 
by her departure... Banna says that next time he will win and so it will be Zen, 
2; Banna, 1. Zen greets him goodbye. Tamayo then says that goodbyes are hard, 
but that her children have become good. Tsukiji tries to say something to 
Tamayo... He then tells the kids that it's time for them to go as well. Pi-tan 
greets them farewell saying that they will have to do something together again 
sometime. Zen says thanks to everyone and tells them he won't forget them and 
until they meet again. 
The ending cinema: Peace has returned to all of the towns as have the smiling 
faces of people. Bistra and Foodon are now living in harmony. Each bistra has a 
different flavour. Cooking is such that nothing you ever eat is the same. It is 
something without limits. What you want to eat and good places to eat, we each 
select ourselves. At this place, this is the best. This place is better than 
that one for this. Within each person's likes lurk the personality of a cook. 
That is, for example, even if one is not a Bistra, saying "mother's flavours are 
best!" isn't the same for everyone, right? In eating and making, everyone's 
tastes are individual. And that is good. The cooks who can give soul to food are 
called Bistra. From his beginning as a novice Bistra, the story of Zen is over 
for now. But as to reaching cooking's destination? That is impossible. Zen and 
the other Bistras; their travails will never end. Until next we meet... And then 
the credits roll. 

If you continue back into the game, you'll still be in Teiou no ma. All of the 
level gains will have gone through though. Dark Tower also has the bright 
background seen in the ending. If you go back to Foodon tou, Zen will say that 
the cave is where the Dark Recipe is sealed away. But the dorayaki will still 
let Hao Ji in to get seinaru mizu.

What am I looking for?
The Rare ingredients: take no ko, chicken, koube beef, cow tongue, tarako, kuri, 
tai, (potato)
This is a lot of ingredients to be rare and only received once or twice at most. 
It forces you to keep around some recipes. Potato (jagaimo) is in parentheses 
since I've never found it in Bistgarm. However, it is a necessary ingredient for 
a Bistgarm original recipe...
Again, reaping places are kindly accepted.

GameFAQs for posting this
Banpresto for actually making a collecting game that could hold my attention
BlackDragoon073 for showing that there is an interest in such a thing as this

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