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Zebco Fishing! for Game Boy Color recreates the thrill and excitement of catching that first bass while providing the seasoned fisherman with the chance to hook the elusive lunker. There is plenty of room for the bass master to improve through the proper choice of lure, reeling technique, and casting placement. You might even be able to land the fabled 21-pound Lochness Bass! Zebco Fishing! incorporates the latest Game Boy Color breakthroughs from rumble feature for biting fish to real voice playback so it is just like you are fishing with a buddy. Environmental graphics and sound along with changing weather and water conditions add to the realism of your fishing adventure.

- Eleven Lures To Choose From & Two Different Lakes To Fish On.
- Tournament And Blackjack Bass Fishing.
- Land Old Nessie And You Too Will Become A Legend Of The Twin Lakes!
- Game Pak Contains Built-in Rumble Feature!

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