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You're gonna lose your marbles playing Logical.

Logical is no ordinary thumb-numbing, brain-twisting, eye-bulging puzzle game. Logical was created by our brightest wackos with a sick sense of humor. Whils you're reading the back of this box, they're sitting around that insane asylum they call an office laughing their butts off, picturing you trying to conquer 99 LEVELS of marbles flying around like a whirlwind caught in a hurricane. They're betting you won't be able to use the Teleporter fast enough while keeping an eye on the Traffic Lights avoiding the Color Locks, and let's not forget the Green Slime. Logical is more addictive than bubble gum, faster than a speeding housewife and destined to make a grown man cry. Ready for a real challenge, BUY LOGICAL... GO MAR-BALLASTIC!

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#3 lowest rated GBC puzzle game (#75 on GBC, #6924 overall)


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#16 hardest GBC puzzle game (#317 on GBC, #25060 overall)


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