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Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Updated: 01/03/11

|_   _|__  _ __ ___  
  | |/ _ \| '_ ` _ \ 
  | | (_) | | | | | |
  |_|\___/|_| |_| |_|
        __ _ _ __   __| |      
 _____ / _` | '_ \ / _` |_____ 
|_____| (_| | | | | (_| |_____|
       \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|      
    | | ___ _ __ _ __ _   _ 
 _  | |/ _ \ '__| '__| | | |
| |_| |  __/ |  | |  | |_| |
 \___/ \___|_|  |_|   \__, |

 ___       _                 _            _   _             
|_ _|_ __ | |_ _ __ ___   __| |_   _  ___| |_(_) ___  _ __  
 | || '_ \| __| '__/ _ \ / _` | | | |/ __| __| |/ _ \| '_ \ 
 | || | | | |_| | | (_) | (_| | |_| | (__| |_| | (_) | | | |
|___|_| |_|\__|_|  \___/ \__,_|\__,_|\___|\__|_|\___/|_| |_|


Hey guys, Bkstunt here doing a walkthrough on the gameboy color game Tom and
Jerry. Why? Well, I've always been a fan of the cartoons as a child (Oh who am
I kidding, I still am), and this game never had a FAQ made for it. 

This is also an effort to help out the GameBoy FAQ Completion Project located
at Gamefaqs.com, which is a project designed to have a FAQ for every gameboy
game released. If you feel like helping, go over to the contributor boards at
gamefaqs and help out!

Also, this guide was written rather quickly and probably won't see any
updates barring any HUGE piece of info I missed, which is doubtful. Since
it's a habit though, here's my email (Y'know, in case you want to send a
lovely "Thank You" email or something). 

Gregorio31 @ gmail . com

- Table of Contents -

Level 1: The Street    ---------------------[TJ: LVL1]
Level 2: The Park      ---------------------[TJ: LVL2] 
Level 3: The Rooftops  ---------------------[TJ: LVL3]
Level 4: The Lounge    ---------------------[TJ: LVL4]
Level 5: The Shower    ---------------------[TJ: LVL5]
Level 6: The Kitchen   ---------------------[TJ: LVL6]
Level 7: The Garage    ---------------------[TJ: LVL7]
Level 8: The Garden    ---------------------[TJ: LVL8]
Level 9: The Treetops  ---------------------[TJ: LVL9]
Level 10: The Bedroom  ---------------------[TJ: LVL10]

Level Codes:           ---------------------[TJ: LVLC]

Credits:               ---------------------[TJ: CRE]


*Important Note*

This game is a port of the original gameboy game of the same name. It seems
that they added color to it as well as added a matching mini-game after the
end of every level that you can play for extra points. Other then that, it's
the EXACT same game.

So, since I happened to write the guide for the original gameboy game, I
played through the gameboy color version and verified that EVERYTHING is the
same, then I just used my first guide, which is what you see now.

Other things to know:

The game starts out with Jerry's nephew, Tuffy, calling out for help since he
is lost. And that's all the reason Tom needs to try and obtain a tasty snack.

We'll go through the levels, and while I won't hold your hand I'll tell you
which ways to go and point out cetain things of interest (AKA: I'm not going
to point out each and every piece of cheese, so if you have the pokemon
syndrome 'Gotta catch em all', feel free to explore. Each level has
cheese and items to find which all add up your score at the level's exit.

Some items are useful, like balls which you can throw (these balls can also
collect items for you). You can also collect cups. If you can find all four,
you'll get an extra life!

Jerry doesn't have health, those hearts you see on the screen are how many
lives Jerry has. But even though Jerry doesn't have health you can see how
many hits you can take - or have left - by looking at Jerry's picture:

Note: The music changes depending on your health too!

Mouth-wide open/Happy: Full Health.
Smiling: You've been hit once. Meh.
Normal: You've been hit twice. Oh well...
Anxions: You've been hit three times. Be careful!
Sweating/Scared: You've been hit four times! One more and you "die"!

Each time you get hit, you'll be invulnerable for a few seconds.

You can refill your health by finding a star as well, so keep your eyes open!

Also, each level is timed, but I found I had more than enough time to get
through them. Just don't dilly-dally and you'll be fine!

Out of Bounds

Level 1: The Street
[TJ: LVL1]

Ok, the controls are pretty easy here, with A being jump and the directional
buttons, um... directing. You can also use B to sprint, which is helpful when
combined with jumping for extra height.

Grab up all the cheese with Jerry's amazing jumping ability (seriously I was
impressed!). Go on until you see the sewer lids, which will pop up every so
often, so time your jumps.

Soon you'll see a car, so use it to go to the right. On the tacks, jump up
and grab the cup looking object, but be careful of the hole coming up. In this
area there's another cup in the upper left corner if you jump up the windows.

Keep going to come to a second car ride with some cheese bait. Be sure to jump
over the pit at the end. Move onto the next car ride, but jump on the garbage
bin and then the window. You can sprint jump to another window on the right
here and get up to those higher windows (the first window is to high to jump
to on it's own). You'll find a black star up here. Continue on to the last
car ride and the levels exit.

Level 2: The Park
[TJ: LVL2]

Grab the cheese in this area and continue. The flowers here HURT you so jump
over them. There's also acorn's in the tree which hurt you too, so be careful.
Bait them to fall before you walk under them (or you can sprint under them).
Up the hill you'll see a garbage bin that has Tom in it. You can get by this
easily by standing right by it and waiting until after Tom attacks. He'll
swipe three times, after the third swipe jump over him.

Keep going and you'll find a fountain area. Here you can jump off of the water
spurts to jump to bonus items. Be careful as you cross this area as there are
hazards in the water. There's a star here too if you need your life refilled.
Keep going past another tree to another fountain area. This first water spurt
leads to some ledges with cheese to the left, and a star if you sprint-jump.
You can find a time extension (:30 seconds) by sprint jumping again and a cup
as well.

Navigate this fountain area, which has cheese rewards above on ledges and
below in the water at times. You can find a one-up by sprint-jumping to the
far right ledge in this area (it's a HARD jump though). Go down the hill to
exit this area.

Level 3: The Rooftops
[TJ: LVL3]

Right away you'll see a toy soldier, so avoid these. There's also pipes here
that can take you up and down, so gather the cheese and go up (The path to the
right is blocked off by a chimney)! You can't climb the back-ground roof, but
you CAN slide down it. Go up and jump over the chimney. Be careful, as Tom can
swipe at you on the right side (he does this on most chimneys, so be careful),
so keep moving.

In this second house area be careful of the mouse traps, which can snap up at
you as you jump over them. Be sure to visit the roof in this section as
another chimney blocks your way and you can find a time extension and a star
up there! Jump over the chimney to get to the third house area.

Here you can find another star in the upper-middle portion by the plant.
Continue upwards and you'll find the exit on the roof (after a nice long
trail of cheese). 

You also get a password after this level, which is:

Heart, Cheese, Cup, Timer.

Inside looking Out

Level 4: The Lounge
[TJ: LVL4]

Ah, now we're in the house. Go up the stairs, but be careful of the two pieces
of cheese to the left as Tom will swipe at you. Use the window thing above the
plant to go up a level. Up here there's a ball to the right and to the left
past the stairs (without going up them) is a cup and cheese. The sign here
falls though, so be careful.

Go up the stairs, heading ever upwards. You can use the chairs here to reach
new heights, just press down A while you are on the cushion. This is
apparently a skyscraper of a house, as you have a LOT of upwards jumping to
do. The area on the right leads to a bunch of jumping while the area on the
left has a window that leads to a time extension. You can go both ways if you
wish though. Keep going to the third set of stairs where you can get a star.

Here you have a window to the left and a window to the right. You can take
both again if you want, but I prefer the right as it has a star on it (the
left has a cup and some more stairs). Keep heading upwards and you'll find
the exit near some cheese. Be careful, Tom takes on last swipe at you here.

Level 5: The Shower
[TJ: LVL5]

This is the BIGGEST bathroom I've EVER seen. Also note that Jerry can swim
in bodies of water by tapping A. Climb up the vines to find goodies,
including a cup to the left of where you start. Go right and use the ledges
to jump over the gap.

The bathtub here has sharks, so be careful. I have no idea what sharks are
doing here, but who am I to judge? You can find another cup up on the ledges.
Keep heading to the right past the bathtubs without hardly any water. The
spouts here can hurt you. In this next area you can find a time extension as

Once you reach the big bathtub you'll have to navigate through mines AND
sharks. Fun. Use your invulnerability by getting hit if you need to and reach
the exit at the end of the bathtub.

Level 6: The Kitchen
[TJ: LVL6]

Now this area is dangerous. Toy soldiers, plates falling down, hot water
drips, fire spurts, garbage bins with Tom... geez! Go down the stairs and
move past them to the left and go down some more stairs. This area has cheese
and stuff to find here and there, but this corridor has a LOT of things to
hurt you, so be careful and take your time. You can go up the stairs by the
garbage bin and make your way left to find a one-up past a plate. Sweet!

Go back to the banister and use it to jump up to the higher level on the
right, then run under all the plates. Use the second banister here to jump up
to a higher ledge and follow these ledges up to a much-needed star (for me at
least). Go to the left now, which is pretty much just a gauntlet of pain, but
with your star you should be good. You'll find the exit at the end.

You'll get another password after this level:

Blank, Timer, Cup, Heart.

A Stroll Outside

Level 7: The Garage
[TJ: LVL7]

Where is Tuffy? We started off outside, then went inside, and now we're back
outside? Hmm, go to the right and wonder why there's a guillotine in the
garage. At the drop off you can find a cup to the right. Take the lower path,
not the higher one, and grab another cup to the left.

Drop down again and head to the right. This area is pretty tough, mostly due
to the vast amount of spikes in the area and the fact that when you're on a
ledge you sometimes can't see the spikes below you, but all of these spikes
can be cleared with a standing jump. Just be careful with your timing when a
water drip or a guillotine immediately follows a spike. If all else fails,
just rush this section if you have three or more units of health, since the
end sign is at the end of this part.

Level 8: The Garden
[TJ: LVL8]

Here you'll notice the pipes sticking up. The pits here lead to water
resivours where you can find the pipe entrance and ride them up. The ceilings
here are spiked, though, so don't run into them. There's also spikes that can
fall down, so make sure to go left or right while swimming. Go past the first
water pit and make your way to the second. This water pit is HUGE, but first
go to the left and find a pipe on the left. When you go through it, be sure to
swim down otherwise it'll throw you into the ceiling. This room has a cup and
an extra life. The next pipe takes you to the beginning of the stage.

(Note: You may have more than 5 continues right now. Picking this one up won't
make your hearts go up to six, but you'll have six. Trust me.)

Go back to the huge water pit. Here you can explore for cheese, but the
important parts here are the star in the bottom right area and the exit to
the upper right area (Note that you can press up when LEAVING a pipe to gain
extra height).

Head right to another water pit. The left area leads to some cheese while the
upper right path has a star and a cup. Take the lower right path to continue.
To the right is yet ANOTHER water pit, with a cup by the tree to the right.

Level 9: The Treetops
[TJ: LVL9]

These first couple of areas are pretty enclosed. You can use the holes in the
trees and press up or down to move around. Gather the cheese and move up to 
the third area. Here move to the next tree on the right and go down it. You'll
then have to climb all the way back up.

Now you'll have to make your way right past a slew of telephone poles. The
metal parts here will hurt you, so stick to the edges until you can get lower
and use the trees to get up higher again. Here you can find a star up in the
trees, but take the right exit above you to get to one last short telephone
pole section, where you can find the exit sign at the end.

You'll get another password here:

Tom, Heart, Blank, Cup.

Upstairs Mayhem

Level 10: The Bedroom 
[TJ: LVL10]

Another confusing aspect of reality hits us inside the house again. You'll
see what I mean if you head to the right and see the bed? Yeah, notice the
ledge? Who puts their bed on a ledge? You can find some items by sprint
jumping to the right, but it's too risky for my taste, so go up the stairs.
Make your way to the right and beware of the boxes in the house, as Tom hides
out in them and tries to ambush you (you can see his ears, though).

Make your way up and right and go down the stairs. At the end you'll find some
more stairs so make your way up and to the right. You can jump over this gap
for some goodies, but you have to follow the ledges as they go down and to the
right and then back up to find the exit. There's lots of goodies to the left
if you want, but head right to end the level. Be careful of your footing here,
as there's nothing to catch you if you fall! This is a suiting challenge,
though, as beating this area finishes the game. And so...

Congrats on beating Tom & Jerry for the gameboy color!

Level Codes:

Level 3:

Heart, Cheese, Cup, Timer.

Level 6:

Blank, Timer, Cup, Heart.

Level 9:

Tom, Heart, Blank, Cup.


Gamefaqs Gameboy Completion Project for providing the motivation. No way I
would have done this without that! Also thank you to Root Beer this time for
your delicious taste!


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