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You had a terrible dream last night...
Or at least you thought it was a dream until you tried waking up. There you were on your way home from a night of merriment at the castle, when all of a sudden it happened. The Earth began to shake like the folds in a fat mans' belly. The sky drew darker than a raven's shadow at midnight.
That's when you heard it. The ear piercing sound of the very ground you were walking on being gobbled up by the meanest group of freaks and monsters the night has ever seen. You tried to wake up but your silent screams only drove you further into the nightmare. You have only two choices, fight or DIE!
QUEST Fantasy Challenge will take you on the biggest adventure you can hold in the palm of your hand. With the help from some cool stuff, like silent flutes, fire rubies and earth orbs you'll be challenged every air sucked breath of the way.
- More than 10 MONSTERS to beat
- More than 20 LEVELS to dominate
- More than 100 WAYS to win
- More than 10,000,000 WAYS to die

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