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FAQ/Walkthrough by pokeeiyuu

Version: 0.98 | Updated: 01/31/03

kakutou ryouri densetsu Bistro Recipe
gekitou Foodon Battle hen
Walkthrough for GBC Game
Version 0.98- 31/01/2003
Written by pokeeiyuu

Table of Contents
What am I looking for?

This guide came about mostly because I felt like FAQing up the game while 
playing. Some of it is due to the fact that the anime that was based on these 
video games is now dubbed and should have increased interest in its video 
For the most part, this game really doesn't need a walkthrough as it is quite 
linear. What it should have is a FAQ which doesn't exist as of writing this 
(31/01/2003) but may later on. Also note that this is only the first chapter of 
a two part saga. The walkthrough of that one is in the final editing stages as 
of 31/01/2003.
This walkthough takes nothing from the dubbed anime. I translated everything 
myself which explains why it is very raw.

The introduction to the game:
A long time ago, there was a king who suddenly posed a question while a meal 
was being prepared. "Which is stronger: Peking Duck or Marbo Tofu?" He didn't 
ask which was tastier, but which was stronger. The citizens were perplexed by 
the king's choice of words.
Then came a day when a mysterious man went to the king. He showed which was 
stronger of Peking Duck and Marbo Tofu. The man placed strange cards on top of 
the dishes and with a brush, wrote the names of the plates on them. After that, 
what happened?
The food transformed into monsters and began to fight.
These were the Recipe Cards, which were able to give life to food. The 
resulting monster was called a Foodon.
The king was overjoyed and the mysterious man received the prize. This 
technique was circulated among all the cooks in the country.
The chefs who could use the cards and create Foodons were called Bistras and it 
was a great honor to be one.
Time passed...
The boy Zen wanted to become the world's greatest Bistra. With his father, 
Tsukiji, and his little sister, Karin, he practiced every day, morning, noon 
and night.
One day, Tsukiji left to compete in a Bistra tournament. Bistras from around 
the world brought their best Foodon to fight. But this tournament was a scheme 
to take control of all the dishes of the world, thought up by the evil Bistra, 
Don Cook and his henchmen... the Bishokka army. And in their style, it was a 
These excellent Bistras were captured and made into minions of the Bishokka. By 
this plot, many Bistras were captured.
Tsukiji was also missing... Zen and Karin went out to search for him. In front 
of them, the old man called Hao Ji appeared.
"You seem bothered. I will guide you!" he said.
It is here that the cooking and adventure travels begin.

After the intro, Hao Ji tells you that you will begin on the continent of 
Hourai where Chinese cooking is dominant. He also says that Zen has only cooked 
an omelette as a Foodon and that he must take recipes from the hands of other 
cooks. He then reminds Zen that many recipes are necessary as the Bishokka are 
likely quite strong. He must travel the world and learn those recipes to become 
strong. Hao Ji then gives Zen blank cards for the recipes that he will learn.

Starting Recipes: medamayaki and omelette
Starting Foodon: omeracer (L1 omelette)

Hourai Continent
Xian Hao
1. Hiroba
The attendant tells you that you can have up to 5 Foodon with you and can store 
up to 35 in the plaza. To add flavour to the game, he also tells you that when 
you release a Foodon from your care, that you eat it...

2. Ten Shin mon
Here you will fight your first Bistro Battle against beginner Marcy. He also 
tells you that in order to get recipes, you must fight and win.
Anyway, your battle with Marcy is a one course battle. His Foodon is a L1 cha-
han. Your omelette will be able to sweep the floor with the cha-han as egg-type 
attacks are strong against rice-type Foodon.
When you win, you gain all of the ingredients necessary to make cha-han as well 
as the recipe for it. I would recommend cooking any new recipes as soon as you 
get them especially since you receive the ingredients "for free." Even Karin, 
Zen's sister, wants you to cook immediately.

If you were so desire, you can begin beating up on random Chinese Bistras. At 
this point, you will fight against Hakkai in a one-course battle. He can use a 
level 1 or 2 cha-han, a L1 gyouza or a L1 ramen foodon. Against the noodle type 
ramen, egg attacks are not very effective. Against tenshin recipes, like 
gyouza, egg attacks are quite effective, just like on rice.

3. Banri no tou
When you arrive here, the resident Bistra tells you that in order to become a 
higher ranked Bistra, you must gain more recipes and cook more Foodon. Then she 
engages you in battle.
Another fixed battle, you fight against the Chinese Bistra Chao in a one-course 
battle. She can use a level 2 cha-han or a level 1 gyouza.

4. Tan Tan bashi
The big guy here wants you to cook omerice for him. He tells you to bring him 
rice, egg, ketchup and green peas. You won't get ketchup until the next area, 
but do come back. When you put to his palate that poor, potentially powered-up 
parrot, he'll give you a piece of ham. Use that in a medamayaki as your 
original recipe and you'll gain the ham and eggs foodon.
After that, he decides to ask for toppings: milk, ketchup, soup and sugar, to 
be exact. He gives you a cucumber for them. He also tells you that the cucumber 
goes well with chicken.
He then sends you on another mission... for a Bistonald hamburger. Bring him 
bread, ground meat and chicken.

5. Shop
The woman at the shop will first tell you that a girl passed by using egg soup 
for her Foodon. She also tells you that "cha-..." was the last foodon to defeat 
that girl, but stops herself quickly. You know who to use, right? More on that 
later. Anyway to shopping:
Egg 10$
Rice 10$
Salt 18$
Herb 10$
Green Peas 10$
You don't really need most shops at all. Usually you can just beat up on some 
roaming bistras and you'll gain most common ingredients. Shops are also very 
expensive, and you don't get much from selling back ingredients, which should 
be a common occurrence when you fill your item list. Rarer ingredients are 
received from errands, like at Tan Tan bashi or from later Bistras and don't 
end up in shops for a very long time, if at all. Eventually though, money 
becomes no object, just not now.

6. Hourai san
Well, here is the leader of the area. She is Yamucha's Shan Tan. She engages 
you in a one-course battle. Her Foodon? An L3 tamago soup. If you understood 
the shop keeper, you have a cha-han foodon waiting. Otherwise, given that you 
probably only have your cute kitty omelette, you're going to get it handed back 
to you on a platter, soaked in soup. Egg dishes are weak to soup attacks. Shan 
Tan even says that before you start.
When you win, you gain the tamago soup recipe and its components. The Xian Hao 
shop also starts selling soup for 10$ and you get to know of another continent 
to train at as well as a city on that continent to go to.
Next stop: New Rourke on Garian continent...

Garian Continent
New Rourke
1. Hiroba
Every new city will have a hiroba as it's number one spot, so this will be the 
last time I mention them. Also, none of them have anything special after the 
first time that you go to the hiroba in Xian Hao.

2. Eskimo mura
"Cooking begins with an egg and ends with an egg." This is what Bistra Joseph 
of the egg tells you before attacking you. Well, he also tells you about the 
relative classes of Foodon. Essentially, most of the recipes that you will 
acquire through battle are class 1 Foodon. There are three classes to Foodon, 
each one building upon the former. You will never acquire a class 3 Foodon from 
a class 1. Sometimes you can decrease classes creating a new type of recipe to 
start from.
This will be a one-course battle with his Foodon being an L4 omerice, which 
is class 3 egg type. I would recommend you attack him with your new Foodon, 
tamago soup, which I hope you cooked up. You gain ketchup, which you can do 
one of two things with, either cook up an omerice now or bring it back to Tan
Tan bashi in Hourai and get a piece of ham. I'd take the ham for now. Ketchup 
will be available quite soon in the local shop. After the battle, Hao Ji tells
you that recipes can change. Adding ketchup to medamayaki creates omelette;
adding rice to an omelette creates omerice. This is how to class up!
When Karin asks you if you want to create an original recipe, say yes. Any 
ingredient with a circle by it will class up your recipe. Any ingredient with a 
triangle near it will change the recipe totally, but we won't be seeing that 
for a bit.

If you try beating up the local Bistras now, you may meet the icy Sharon. She 
can use an L3 ice cream or maccha ice or L2 choco ice. This is a new type, the 
okashi or sweet type. Don't use your egg recipes on them. Eggs can be destroyed 
quickly by sweet attacks. And you won't get any recipe that is strong against 
okashi for a bit either. Use your cha-han or tamago soup if you want to fight 
those ice creams.
Joseph of the egg is also hanging around for you to beat up. He can use an L3 
or L4 omerice or an L3 omelette or an L4 medamayaki.

3. matenrou
The child who attacks you is the tenshin user, Pi-tan. He assumes since you're 
a Bistra that you're a Bishokka and wants you to return his parents...
He faces you in a one-course battle. He can use an L5 shumai. Obviously, go 
with your egg recipes. Beware though, as he will use toppings during this 
battle. The toppings he uses will usually put you to sleep or heal his shumai. 
He also tells you a lot about Toppings. And after you defeat him, you will 
learn to use toppings in battle also. This allows you to use your ingredients 
in more ways, and helps keep your inventory lighter. Essentially, you can give 
your Foodon assistance by adding more ingredients to them during battle. But 
Foodon can dodge those ingredients, regardless of who throws them. Pi-tan 
tells you that on many Foodon, soup will put the burn status on them, while 
sweet things like sugar will put sleep status on them. Herbs will usually 
cure status effects, by the way, while the ingredients used to make them 
will usually heal them. 
Oh yeah, Pi-tan will join you after this battle. There is no way to avoid that, 
so say yes when he asks; otherwise, you're going to be talking to him for a

If you go back to Xian Hao at this point, then a new bistra is roaming. It's 
the Chinese cook, Lin and she uses low-level tamago soup(L2 or 3) or L3 cha-han 
or an L2 ramen. Deal with her accordingly.

4. Banana unga
The icy Jennifer greets you here, offering to teach you how to make ice cream. 
Then she attacks you, but we should be used to that by now, right? She tells 
you that cold things have cold attacks. Pi-tan rings in here with his lecture, 
and tells you that soup burns ice cream pretty well. Then Jennifer throws out 
an L4 choco ice in a one course battle. Remember that after your battle with 
Pi-tan, everyone can use toppings now. Usually they will have toppings related 
to their Foodon. Learn what toppings do. It's harder to do in this game, but it 
will help a lot. So after all that, what does Jennifer give you? The recipe for 
ice cream is what! She also tells you that the next bistra will face you in a 
three-course battle.

5. Shop
The shop keeper tells you about Hamburg steak for some reason... and these shop 
keepers are pretty sharp. But then again, it's not like you can really use that 
information that well at this point. Her wares?
Ketchup 14$
Herb 10$
Rice 10$
Salt 18$
Egg 10$
Milk 14$
Sugar 14$
If you'd like, the only thing here that's difficult to find among the roaming 
bistra is ketchup. But you could fight Joseph for that if you wanted to, before 
going to the next area.

6. Washin tou
The noble Romanoff will attack you after saying that he is of noble blood, a 
Baron even!
The battle? Three courses. He begins with an L5 ham eggs. It should be noted 
that in multi-course battles, you cannot switch out your Foodon and replace it 
with something else. You have to stick with that one Foodon until it either is 
defeated or the enemy's forces are exhausted. Anyway, next comes an L4 choco 
ice. After that, Pi-tan decides to tell you that it's the Hamburg steak that's 
coming next, but you should already know that. He also tells you that sweet 
things will put it to sleep. An L5 Hamburg steak makes for Romanoff's final 
course. Since the Hamburg is of the meat type, your egg soup will be weak to 
its meat attacks. So just wear it down with your other types.

After the battle, Romanoff will ask you if you'd like to be knighted. Answer 
no, no matter if you'd like it, and he'll give you the Hamburg steak recipe 
instead. You have to answer no eventually to continue.

At this point, you'll exit to the world map and Hao Ji will give you some 
topping suggestions to try. On omerice, try green peas; for Hamburg steak, 
ketchup. These toppings will both give the sanmi,ittai status to your Foodon. 
It's a power up status. The New Rourke shop now sells all of the ingredients 
for Hamburg steak, meaning they added ground meat for 14$ and onions for 14$.

In New Rourke, Icy Sharon will increase the level of her ice cream foodon to 
level 4 at this point.
A new bistra also adds herself to the roaming bistra group here: Youshoku Carl. 
She will fight you in three courses. She uses L4 ham egg, L3 hamburger, and L3 
maccha ice.

Well, on to the next city: Edomae on Yamato continent.

Yamato Continent
2. Kaminari mon
Kushiyaki Daikichi will ask you if you eat meat before attacking you in a one 
course battle. His Foodon is an L5 or L6 yakitori, a meat type. Defeat it 
After the battle, Daikichi's little sister (O_O) will come out and ask you to 
bring her some ingredients. Chicken, salt and dashitsuyu to be exact. She'll 
give you maccha in return.

3. Furano bonchi
Kushiyaki Chuukichi will offer you some tasty yakitori and then fight you in a 
three course battle. L6 yakitori, L7 tsukune and finally another L6 yakitori 
will be his menu. After his defeat, Chuukichi will give you the yakitori 
recipe. This also means that you can use that cucumber that you've been lugging 

You can now also start beating up on local bistras. Washoku's Kushimaru attacks 
with meat type Foodon: L4 or L5 yakitori.
Washoku Dongorou also starts attacking with tamagodonburi (L4 or L5) or 
oyakodon L4. This is donburi style food, which is strong to meat types. So 
don't flaunt any of your meat types, like yakitori or Hamburg steak. Use 
another type to attack it.

4. Shop
The shopkeeper talks about donburi type and dashitsuyu.
Egg 10$
Onion 14$
Rice 10$
Green Peas 10$
Chicken 18$
Salt 18$
Herb 10$

5. Satou ga shima
Donburi Donshirou attacks after some rambling about meat and donburi. This will 
be a one course battle. Pi-tan tells you that sweets will make donburi sleep. 
Then you're attacked by an L6 tamago donburi. Like I said above, do not use 
meat-type Foodon. No reward after this; just proceed to the next spot.

6. Fuji Fuji san
Onihei tells you about how Dudu continent has had something bad happen there. 
Apparently Bistras who go there are forced to work for someone. So Onihei is 
working to become stronger and asks you to battle.
Kaiseki Onihei serves it up in a three course battle! He begins with an L7 
tamago donburi. He follows this with the chicken donburi, an L8 oyakodon. He 
finishes his attack with the pork donburi, an L7 katsudon. 
After the battle, you gain the tamago donburi recipe, as well as a long lecture 
by Hao Ji on how the best recipes are balances of three flavours: meat/fish, 
vegetable and seasoning. For example, omerice is egg(meat) and ketchup 
(seasoning). Add green peas(vegetable) and you have a balanced recipe. This is 
a battle hint for you. It's for the sanmi, ittai status. The second line of the 
Foodon profiles in the catalog tell you what will give them this status.
You also learn of Bora Bora on the Dudu continent, where ethnic recipes reign 

The Edomae shop has added dashitsuyu to their stock for 18$ each. 
The local bistra Dongorou has also raised the level of his tamagodonburi to L7 
and the level of his oyakodon to six. Washoku Kushimaru will also start 
attacking you in three-course battles. He attacks with an L6 yakitori, an L5 
tsukune, and an L7 yakitori.
If you try to make a tamago soup, make an original recipe. You'll see a 
triangle next to dashitsuyu. This usually means that it will become a lower 
class recipe. You will create chawanmushi, an egg type recipe.

Dudu Continent
Bora Bora
1. hiroba
I just feel a need to tell you that you're about to have your first huge 
setback. So stock up on any ingredients that you'd like to buy and level up 
some more in other continents before going to Cairo.

2. Cairo jou
Here you meet up with your first real Bishokka. The Bistra in front of you is 
Crown and apparently he has a kitchen knife that you recognize, though Crown 
doesn't know where he got it from. He also refuses to allow you to proceed. 
Shikkoku's Crown attacks you... with an L65 omelette... and on top of that, Pi-
tan ran away with all of your toppings... Well, no matter what Foodon you use, 
it's obvious that you're supposed to be defeated in this one course battle, 
especially since after a certain level difference enemy Foodon will no longer 
give experience to those Foodon. If you can win this fight, you most likely 
cheated. Anyway, even if you win, the game proceeds in the same manner, though 
you do get some experience as well as possible ingredient drops.
After your defeat, Crown asks if you want to join the Bishokka, saying that the 
Bishokka have taken over the whole world, making minions of Bistra everywhere. 
Finally Hao Ji and Karin manage to get Zen to run away, even though he still 
tries to fight. As to a plot twist, Karin tells you that the knife they 
recognized was their father's. Hao Ji tells you to go back to Xian Hao to check 
it out and to defeat the Bishokka. And it's not like you have any choice, since 
all of the other places to go have been removed from your map.

Hourai Continent
Xian Hao
2. Ten Shin mon
Crown wasn't kidding when he said that the world is Bishokka. You meet the 
Ramen Yi Fu who, after talking about the trinity status and its joys, tries to 
defeat you. Pi-tan apparently is over his fear of Crown and tells you that 
sugar and ketchup will do bad things to ramen(sleep and mold, respectively). Yi 
Fu then whips out a single L7 ramen to battle with since he really likes ramen 
foodon. Do not use your sweet recipes, as okashi type are weak to ramen 
After the battle, Yi Fu talks about the superiority of ramen recipes... but 
doesn't teach you the basic ramen recipe for some reason... He instead tells 
you that adding Chinese noodles to some recipe will get you the ramen recipe, 
but doesn't tell you which recipe...

If you decide to fight roaming bistra, chuuka Pao Ron will fight you with an L7 
ramen or (L6 or L7) gyouza or an L8 cha-han. The chuuka Fu Su will also fight 
you with an L7 or L8 ramen or L7 cha-han or an L6 gyouza.

3. Banri no tou
Pao of Gyouza attacks you with an L7 or L8 gyouza. Pi-tan tells you in a 
redundant manner that adding green peas to omerice during battle puts it under 
sanmi, ittai status, which is a power-up status, playing on the word for 
trinity. But the second kanji is flavor in this case.

4. Tan Tan bashi
Yakisoba's Shao Men attacks you in a three course battle. He begins with an L10 
ramen. An L10 yakisoba follows that as his second course. His final course is 
an L11 won ton ramen.
After the battle, Shao Men teaches you the yaki soba recipe. 
The big guy from earlier is still waiting for whatever stuff he asked you for 
last time you saw him and will be here until you finish his errands. If you've 
been doing his errands as you receive them and were able to acquire the 
ingredients he asked, the errand you should have currently is the Bistonald 
burger. To repeat it here, for that errand, you need to bring him bread, ground 
meat and chicken. He'll give you cheese for your trouble.
His next errand for you is shark fin soup. You need shark fin which is at the 
local market at 555$ a pop (^_^);; But by now you should have a large stash of 
money. That's all you need for this errand. He gives you eel this time.
The next thing this slave-driver gives you to do is get some toppings from Dudu 
continent. Mayonnaise, mustard, wasabi and tabasco are what he wants. Maguro is 
your reward!
This time he wants sweets. Sugar, caramel, kinako and anko is the shopping 
list. In exchange he gives you truffles...
His next request is for luxury items... which are apparently cheese, unagi, 
maguro and truffle. This is his final request from you and apparently he'll see 
you again when he gets hungry... but he doesn't know when that will be. Your 
reward? Kobe beef.

5. Shop
Well, the shopkeep is complaining about how the Bishokka are around and that 
she had to change her strategy since they took some of her goods. But you 
shouldn't really mind when you see what she still has to sell.
Rice 10$
Chinese noodles 20$
Ketchup 14$
Salt 18$
Egg 10$
Chicken 18$
Milk 14$
Soup 10$
Cabbage 20$
Sugar 14$
Shark Fin 555$
Sauce 20$
Dashitsuyu 18$
Ground meat 14$
Herb 10$
Green Peas 10$

6. Hourai san
Yamucha's Shantan is back. But she's spouting blasphemy about the Bishokka: 
about how they are the best and all of the recipes of the area as well as the 
area itself are now hers. Zen gets pissed off and tells her to cut off her ties 
with the Bishokka if he wins.
Anyway, three course battle. She states that a lot of the recipes of Xian Hao 
are tenshin type. And her Foodon show this. She begins with an L14 gyouza. Her 
second course: an L13 Shumai. Her final course, an L14 or L15 won ton soup.
After all that, you gain the gyouza recipe as well as New Rourke reappearing on 
your world map. The shop also sells wheat flour now for 20$.
One of the Xian Hao Bistra, Fu Su, will begin attacking you in three courses. 
He can use L9 ramen, L8 yakisoba and L9 won ton ramen.
The tenshin Shao Ron also makes an appearance in one course meals. He can use 
an L11 gyouza or shumai or an L12 won ton soup.

Garian Continent
New Rourke
2. Eskimo mura
Ice's Jennifer invites you to the Bishokka, and then attacks you with a purin 
L15. After the battle, an old lady comes up and asks for milk, caramel and a 
potato... In return she claims she'll give you mayonnaise and mustard. Of 
course, you'd probably be helped more by her getting out of the way so that you 
can beat up some decent level Foodons.

3. matenrou
A pirate Bistra is waiting for you here. She is the ayakashi Natsume, Crown's 
assistant. She also announces before your three course battle, that she uses 
the Burger Sentai!! At which point, Pi-tan rings in, with his seemingly 
constant desire to burn things with soup... Her first course is a basic 
hamburger L15 (Burger Red!). Then out comes a lettuce burger at level 16 
(Burger Green!). Her final Burger Sentai member for this battle is double 
burger L17 (Burger Blue!). They are all bread type foodon. Do not bring your 
donburi recipes up against them. They will become toast. You don't have any 
foodon at this point that is strong to bread types if you played through 
naturally, so just use your highest levelled Foodon. Wise usage of toppings and 
status attacks will be the deciding factor in this battle.
After the battle, you ought to receive in the spoils a piece of bread. Well if 
not, then it should be in the store soon. Natsume also tells you that you're 
not Crown's enemies and that Zen should work as hard as he can to get strong.

Now you can start bashing on the roaming Bistras of New Rourke. Yougashi's Whip 
is here to greet you in single course battles with an L12 maccha ice, an L13 
purin or an L13 chocolate ice cream.
Youshoku's Poteko will also attack you here. Her Foodon can be an L12 or L13 
fried potato or an L13 hamburger or an L12 cheeseburger.

4. Banana unga
Oddly, you're greeted by a Bistonald worker. And since Pi-tan is with you, he 
asks about the toy set. (As an aside, it takes a determined adult to order a 
kid's meal for themselves just for the toy.) Burger OG (Office Girl) then 
attacks you in a three course battle after touting the strength of the Burger 
Sentai. Her first course is fried potato at L16. Even though it looks like a 
fry type food, it's really a vegetable type. Attack it with meat or sweets. Her 
second course is hamburger at L17. Her final course is a cheeseburger (Burger 
Yellow!) at level 18.
After defeating her, you gain the fried potato recipe, your first vegetable 
type Foodon.

5. Shop
Oh, those oh so wise shopkeeps. This time she tells you that the boss of the 
area will take you on in a full-course battle, that is to say, five courses.
Ketchup 14$
Onion 14$
Milk 14$
Maccha 24$
Rice 10$
Herb 10$
Sugar 14$
Potato 24$
Salt 18$
Green peas 10$
Egg 10$
Bread 24$
Ground meat 14$
Chicken 18$

6. Washin tou
A noble welcomes you to the grand reopening of the noble bistro. Pi-tan says 
that the noble has slimmed a little. The noble then challenges you to a noble 
return match!
The noble Romanoff will fight you in a full course battle, five courses. 
Romanoff then says that it will be a dessert full course battle. An L20 ice 
cream is his starter followed by an L19 maccha ice. His third course is an L19 
chocolate ice followed by an L19 purin. His final course is an L21 mango purin.
After the battle, Romanoff gives you the purin recipe and you can return to 
Edomae. The local shop also picks up caramel to sell at 24$.

Around New Rourke, youshoku's Galuf will challenge you in three course battles. 
An L16 maccha ice, an L17 purin and an L18 hamburger are his Foodon.
Burger's Shakey will also attack you in single course battles. Her foodon can 
be a rice burger (Burger Black!) at L16, an L17 ham eggs or a hamburger L15.

Yamato Continent
2. Kaminari mon
Kushiyaki Daikichi talks about the boss using five courses to battle and then 
attacks in a single course with an L20 tsukune.

Washoku Shoukichi will attack you in one course as a roaming Bistra after 
taking down Daikichi. He also uses an L20 tsukune in addition to one at L21. In 
addition, he sometimes uses an L20 yakitori.
Donburi Matsugorou will also attack you as a roaming Bistra in one course 
battles with katsudon, L18 or L20 or tendon L21 or oyakodon L18.

3. Furano bonchi
Dango no Wajimaru is smiling and Zen wants to wipe that smile off of his face. 
Three course battle: L21 dango, L22 kinakomochi, and L23 daifuku to finish up. 
Beware of that daifuku! He tells you before hand that it can change into other 
Foodon with the right toppings... and it can. For example, he can use some 
maguro to make it into toro sushi. If you're faster than him, with most 
toppings, you can make it into a daishippai, which is easy pickings for anyone. 
You gain the dango recipe for your troubles after the battle.

4. Shop
Oddly, the shopkeep doesn't tell you anything this time... Oh well, more time 
to shop then.
Ground meat 14$
Egg 10$
Green onion $20
Chicken 18$
Rice 10$
Salt 18$
Soy Sauce 28$
Dashitsuyu 18$
Dango flour 28$
Herb 10$
Sugar 14$

5. Satou ga shima
Doburi Donshirou offers you something good should you win against him. Three 
course battle: L18 oyakodon, an L20 katsudon, and finally an L21 tendon. 
Apparently his something good that he gives you is shrimp... which surprisingly 
enough is a pretty common ingredient for class up. You just saw the shrimp in 
tendon, but it's also used in cha-han, yakisoba, and gyouza. Four more recipes 
that you can create right there!
After the battle, an old lady makes a request of you. Bring her dango flour, 
green onion and shrimp and she'll give you sesame seeds and wasabi. Or you 
could just use the shrimp here...

6. Fujifuji san
The boss asks if you want to go to Dudu after you defeat him. If you want to 
challenge Crown, he tells you, that you're just going to get hit back to your 
own country. Zen wonders what the hell he's spouting and then the boss tells 
you that Don Cook rules from the Dark Kingdon Bistgarm. Karin rings in with the 
fact that that is the legendary continent and then Onihei, the boss, tells you 
that for Don Cook nothing is impossible or something like that.
This will be a five round battle with Onihei of kaiseki. He first tells you 
that rice type are the best and then proceeds to attack you. His first Foodon 
is an onigiri at level 22. His second and third courses are a yakionigiri at 
level 23. His fourth course is another onigiri this time at level 24. His final 
course is a level 25 tenmusu.
After the battle, Onihei tells you that those who fight the Bishokka are taken 
to Bistgarm. So Zen makes the conclusion that his father is there too. Onihei 
then gives you the onigiri recipe. He also warns you that it's a long road 
ahead since the Four Devas rule the four areas which you must go to before you 
can get to Bistgarm.

The local shop has expanded their stock quite nicely. They have added 
mayonnaise for 30$, nori for 28$, mustard for 30$, soy sauce at 28$ and ebi at 

Wagashi's Dankichi starts attacking you after the battle in Edomae. He uses 
kinakoron at L22 or an L23 daifuku.
Onisuke of Onigiri also starts attacking you in Edomae. Three course battles of 
L22 onigiri, L23 yaki onigiri, and finally an L25 tenmusu.

Finally, you also get to return to Bora Bora on the continent of Dudu.

Dudu Continent
Bora Bora
2. Cairo jou
The bistra who meets you will be head over heels for curry. Masara of Curry 
then challenges you to a single course battle. He proceeds to root for the 
Bishokka. Pi-tan then decides to tell you that a curry type foodon is strong. 
But that sweet stuff is good against it. Masara then proceeds to whip out an 
L25 curry. Your only monsters with strength against curry at this point are 
your soup types. So use them!

After the battle, wild bistras will roam in Bora Bora.
Garam of Curry will attack you with an L25 or L27 curry, or an L26 beef curry 
or a chicken curry of the same level.
Bibinba's Yan will attack you in three course battle. Her foodon? An L24 
kimchee to start, followed by an L24 bibinba and finally an L25 kimchee chige 
to finish. Their types are vegetable, rice and soup respectively.

3. daishinboku
The bistra who greets you here says that she heard something from Kiima, one of 
the Devas. Zen asks if he is the boss of the area, at which point she says that 
Zen will never meet him.
Kimchee's Chogori will attack you in three rounds. An L27 kimchee is her 
appetizer. An L28 chijimi is her main dish. This is the only teppan type found 
in this first game. The teppan type is strong against bread types, and has no 
noted weakness (besides its lower than average Foodon Points). An L29 calbee 
soup is her dessert for you.
After the battle, Chogori tells you that Kiima is a magician with spices and 
Pi-tan says the same about himself. She then gives the kimchee recipe to you.

At this point, if you've cooked everything that you are able to cook, then you 
are very close to the foodon limit of 40 (5 in hand, 35 in hiroba). So you're 
going to have to make some hard decisions about what dishes to discard so that 
you can continue to increase your bistra rank. If you want my recommendations, 
keep anything that required ingredients that you can't buy yet. Of the rest, 
keep high levels and keep a few of each type as well as most fixed battles are 

4. Shop
No word again from the shopkeeper... Anyway, her wares:
Rice 10$
Herb 10$
Egg 10$
Shrimp 28$
Soup 10$
Chinese cabbage 32$
Onion 14$
Red pepper 32$
Chicken 18$
Potato 24$

Not much, but definitely useful for the types that you are most likely using in 
this country...

5. Hiruma no zou
San Chu of bibinba attacks you in a three course battle! An L27 kimchee is her 
opening Foodon. Next comes an L26 bibinba. Her final Foodon is an L27 kimchee 
After the battle, yet another old lady asks you to run an errand for her. She 
needs curry roux and red pepper. In exchange for that, she'll give you a mango 
and chocolate.

6. Anko Wat
You have met the enemy and it is the Deva Kiima. He's been waiting for Zen, but 
Zen can't believe that he is a Deva. Zen continues to insult Kiima by saying 
that he looks like an easy victory.
The prodigious Kiima will take you on in a full course battle. He will use a 
lot of toppings in this battle with you. His first course is an L31 curry 
followed by an L27 curry. An L29 chicken curry is his next foodon. A beef curry 
at level 28 is his next attempt to take you down. His final foodon with which 
he says that he will shut your mouth is an L31 kaisen curry. Soup types will 
carry the day. Had it not been for his kaisen curry, my tamago soup could have 
swept him.
After the battle, you receive the Ethnic Pins from Kiima. Apparently there are 
four more pins that you can receive from the other devas. Once you receive the 
pins, the way to Bistgarm will open. Kiima of course tells you that you will 
never get to Bistgarm, but then gives you the curry recipe.
Hassan of Curry will start attacking you here with an L27 chicken curry or a 
kaisen curry at L30.
Kimchee Coria will also attack you in three courses using an L25 kimchee, an 
L26 chijimi, and finally an L27 calbee soup.

The local shop has started selling curry roux for 32$.
You also gain leave to go to Kyouton back on the Yamato continent.

Yamato Continent
2. Totori sabaku
Onigiri Musubi greets you by calling you a fool. He then talks about how the 
heart of onigiri is umeboshi... His attack is three pronged. The first tine you 
will attack is an onigiri L28. The middle tine is an L29 yakionigiri. The final 
prong to break is a tenmusu with a level of 30.

Donburi Rokusuke will be one of the roamers after defeating Musubi. His attack 
is composed of an L30 katsudon, an L31 tendon, and an L32 unadon.
Onigiri Nigiri will be the other roaming Bistra at this point. He can attack 
you with an L30 tenmusu, an onigiri at L28 or a yakionigiri at L29.

3. Oze no numachi
A donburi user attacks you when you get here. Donburi Gansuke will face you in 
a three course battle. An L30 katsudon is his first Foodon after talking about 
high defense. His second will be an L31 tendon. An L32 unadon is his final 
chance to defeat you.
Pork may be one of your rewards! But even if it isn't, this place will most 
likely sell it to you. After your fight with Gansuke, an old lady will come out 
asking for squid, shrimp, vinegar and wasabi in exchange for lettuce and fried 
tofu. On top of that she'll also give you the inari zushi recipe.

4. Kyouto dera
The man you meet at this temple is scary enough for Pi-tan to say so... But 
he's basically saying that he is scared of children...
Washoku Kuromoto will then attack you in a full course battle! An L32 yakitori 
is his first Foodon. He then sends forth an L32 tsukune. Midway through the 
battle an L32 oyakodon will be thrown out. An L32 katsudon is his next Foodon 
with his swan song being an L35 tendon.

5. Shop
Okay, apparently shopkeepers are keeping tight lipped in the countries 
controlled by the Devas. Don't know about that one in Edomae though... But this 
store's wares anyway:
Rice 10$
Herb 10$
Chicken 18$
Egg 10$
Salt 18$
Sesame seeds 30$
Dango flour 28$
Dashituyu 18
Pork 30$
Shrimp 28$
Sugar 14$
Wasabi 30$

6. Uchinan jima
Wagashi Kiyoshi attacks after telling you about how Japanese confections are 
the best, and so are the Bishokka. In this three round fight, he starts with an 
L31 gomadango. This is followed by an L31 anmitsu and finished with an L33 
After this battle, you should receive kinako and anko with which to create your 
own confections. And if not, it'll be for sale soon enough.

7. Sakura jima
Masa greets you in some way. Zen then says that this man must be the Japanese 
cooking deva. Masa replies with "yes I am the wellknown, nasal(?) Masa!" Zen 
then demands Masa's pin if he wins. Masa just says that this will be 
Of course, this will be a full course battle. An L30 shrimp sushi is his 
starter. The sushi type is strong against donburi types, so don't use them for 
this round. A second shrimp sushi at level 33 is used next. An L35 inarizushi 
is his middle man. Another inarizushi is used with this one's level at 36 for 
the fourth course. His final Foodon is an L38 ikameshi. This is of the nimono 
type. These type of Foodon have attacks which are strong against okashi and 
ramen type, but paradoxically ramen attacks are also strong against nimono 
types. Vegetables can also take down nimono nicely.
After the battle, Masa will say that men keep their words and gives you his 
pin, the pin of Japanese cooking. He also gives you the ikameshi recipe.

The shop has added vinegar at 30$, mango at 34$, squid at 30$, chocolate at 
34$, kinako at 30$ and anko at 30$ to its stock.

Wagashi's Dangorou will make his appearance after the battle to fight you. He 
uses an L31 anmitsu or gomadango or an L33 daifuku. Washoku's Tasuke will fight 
you in three course battles as well. His foodon team is composed of an L35 
yakitori, an L36 tsukune, and an L35 inarizushi.

A new place has opened up! You may now go to Province (pronounced in the French 
style) on the Garian continent.

Garian Continent
2. Mosuku jou
A woman greets you with evil laughter and tells you not to bully her. Then she 
attacks in a three course battle...
Yougashi Creamy continues to insult you by asking if you, a weakling, would 
fight with her. Then she tells you that just because something is small doesn't 
give you the right to tease it. Her first course is an L38 maccha ice. Next she 
uses a mango purin at L38. Her final shot at you comes from an L38 purin 

After she leaves, wandering bistras will roam the highways and byways.
Steak Well Done will attack you in three rounds using meat dishes. Hamburg 
steak at level 38 is his first course. This is followed by steak at level 39. 
The last course is another steak at level 40.
Yougashi Monica also attacks with single round blasts. She can use an L38 mango 
purin, purin parfait, or maccha ice.

3. Dondon tou
The bistra who greets you offers to show you how to make croquettes. Crouquet 
Croquette attacks you in a three course meal. He tells you that Western cooking 
is the favorite of children and that many toppings make it fun. His first is an 
L38 croquette. This is the fry type of foodon. Sushi is strong against this 
type, and rice is weak against it. An L39 fried chicken is his next course for 
you to gnaw. His final course is an L40 crab croquette.
After the battle, Croquette gives you the croquette recipe. And an old lady 
comes out asking you for a potato, tomato, tabasco and pasta. For these items, 
she will give you kanten, fresh cream, and an apricot.

4. daiseidou
Apparently the person who you meet here is Italian. He asks you why you're 
there and Zen of course replies to defeat the local deva. But then the person 
tells you that you won't pass him.
Pasta Al Dente will face you in a full course battle. He begins with an L40 
omelette. Then comes out with an L40 omerice. His third course is a hamegg at 
level 42. After that he tells you that he will unleash upon you a new Foodon 
which is Italian. An L42 meat sauce is his foodon after that speech. This is 
the pasta type foodon. Bread types are strong against pasta. His final foodon 
is an L42 pescatore.
After the battle he gives you the meat sauce recipe.

5. Shop
Finally, tabasco!!! Now you can fulfill that slavedriver's order back in Xian 
Bread 24$
Egg 10$
Sugar 14$
Ground meat 14$
Herb 10$
Mustard 30$
Bread crumbs 34$
Onion 14$
Sauce 20$
Mayonnaise 30$
Lettuce 10$
Pasta 34$
Green Peas 10$
Fried tofu 28$
Tomato 34$
Tabasco 30$

6. Piza no tou
A Bistonald worker tells you that you can't bring your cart and your own food 
in there.
Manuanna of the burger faces you in a full course battle. She then asks you if 
you've assembled the whole Burger sentai. Her first Burger sentai is an L40 
hamburger. Cheeseburger at level 40 is her next sentai member to attack. 
Lettuce burger at L40 is her middle man. Chicken burger level 41 will attack 
you next. Finally a double burger at level 42 will try to avenge its fallen 

7. Ehhen tou
Grill greets you in stereotypical Western character style. He also tells you 
that he is the young, western cooking noble. He asks if Zen wants his pin. Zen 
then says that talk is cheap and to fight for the pin already.
Geijutsu Grill faces you in a Full course battle. Grill tells you that you have 
to use your head in battle especially when using toppings. His first attack is 
with an L40 crab croquette. To follow that, an L41 purin parfait is put out. An 
L42 pescatore is his middle course. Next he will try to take you out with an 
L42 fried potato. His final bow will be with a steak at level 45.
After the battle, Grill insults you and says that cooking should be flawless. 
Zen reminds Grill that he promised to give him his pin if he won. Grill hands 
over the pin, but also says that he won't forget this disgrace. Grill then 
hands over the Steak recipe saying that the next time you meet will be 

After the battle, youshoku Kari will attack you as a roaming Bistra of 
Province. He can use an L40 croquette, an L40 crab croquette or an L41 fried 
chicken. Burger Patty is the other roamer. She will challenge you in three 
course battles using an L40 hamburger, an L40 cheeseburger and an L40 lettuce 

Beef is also for sale in the local shop for 34$.

Off to Hon Kon Ron back on the Hourai continent!

Hourai Continent
Hon Kon Ron
2. Mongo no mori
A man greets you by saying that Japanese ramen is unappetizing and offers to 
show you the true flavour of ramen.
Menrui Jan faces you in three courses. He tells you that ramen should be made 
hot! An L45 ramen is your first course to swallow. An L45 miso ramen is his 
next course. Finally an L46 katayaki soba will face you.

Of the wandering bistra, tenshin Shan Pao attacks you in three course assaults. 
An L45 shumai, an L45 harumaki, and an L46 ebi gyouza are his Foodon. Menrui 
Tenmen attacks you in single course battles. He can use katayaki soba L45 or 
L45 miso ramen.

3. Mongo sabaku
The man who greets you asks if you know of the Yamcha who are eliminators for 
the Bishokka.
Yamcha Chinzen faces you in a three course battle. He begins with an L45 
shumai. This is followed by an L45 harumaki and finished with an L46 ebi 
After the battle, an old woman comes and asks you to get her take no ko, crab, 
shrimp and Chinese cabbage. In exchange for your services, she will give you 

4. Gomi sabaku
The local asks you if you're the one defying Chuu Nyan. Zen responds correctly 
after which the local says that Chinese cooking cannot be defeated.
Tantan Ra-Jan attacks with a full course meal. An L47 tanmen is his starter. 
Following its defeat an L48 miso ramen is served. Following that is an L48 
gomoku yaki soba. An L48 won ton men is the fourth course. To finish the meal, 
an L50 niku miso men is served up.
After this battle, Ra-jan tells you that you are daring to go up against the 
most powerful Deva, Chuu Nyan. He then gives you his niku miso men recipe.

5. Shop
Lots of stuff to buy in this shop!
Ground meat 14$
Pork 30$
Take no ko 38$
Kanten 30$
Squid 30$
Herb 10$
Miso 38$
Rice 10$
Fresh Cream 34$
Shrimp 28$
Peach 38$
Chinese cabbage 32$
karashi miso 38$
Salt 18$
Chinese noodles 20$
Soup 10$

6. daisekkutsu
"Here you can relish the taste of China as much as you would like"
Mankan Menmen attacks with five courses. An L45 miso ramen is the first course 
in chinese flavour. The next dish is an L45 wonton men. An L46 gomoku yakisoba 
is the next course to be displayed and tasted. The fourth course is an L46 
kanitama. The last taste for you to savour is that of an L47 tenshinhan.
This battle may give you some crab to enhance your Foodon with. But like many 
other ingredients, even if it doesn't, it should be for sale in the upgraded 
store after finishing the area.

7. Ten Jiku tou
Chuu Nyan cannot believe that a child has defeated the other Devas. Zen of 
course can only think about fighting her to get her pin. Chuu Nyan of course 
doesn't believe that he can't, but then Zen calls her "obasan" as does Pi-
tan... which is the classic cue for any woman in anime to go crazy. And Chuu 
Nyan does...
Youen Chuu Nyan faces you in a full course battle. She tells you that she will 
teach you some good things. Her lesson begins with an L49 katayaki soba. The 
next course is an L49 gomoku yakisoba. Chuu Nyan decides to tell you that she's 
going to teach you good things now and unleashes her level 50 tan tan men. Her 
next teacher will be an L50 niku miso men. The final course is served with her 
saying that she's had enough of this obstinate kid. An L52 happousai is her 
final course.
After your epic battle, Chuu Nyan waxes about the fact that all of the Devas 
have been defeated and how they can no longer face Don Cook. She then gives the 
Chinese pin to Zen. She also tells Zen that Crown is the one that directs the 
Devas and that he has no chance. Zen of course is unperturbed by this turn of 
events. Chuu Nyan also gives over the happousai recipe.

The local shop has increased its wares nicely. Asari is now for sale at 34$ a 
pop.  Ankake goes for 38$ per, while amamiso goes for 50$ per. The final 
addition to the shop is crab at 38$ per.

The first of the new wandering Bistra is the chuuka Lin Lin who faces you in 
three course battles. Her forces are an L49 katayaki soba, an L49 gomoku 
yakisoba, and an L50 tan tan men.
The other is the chuuka Pai Tan. In single course battles, he uses an L45 ebi 
cha-han or an L46 kani cha-han.

With the four pins in hand, the Dark gate on the continent of Bistgarm is now 
open, where Tsukiji is being held by the Bishokka...

Bistgarm Continent
Dark Gate
2. yami no heichi
The one who greets you is surprised that you made it as far as Bistgarm. But he 
boasts that he is the master of all cooking. "Recipes of utter darkness, would 
you like to see?"
Ankoku Algin faces you in a three course battle and offers to show you the 
power of darkness. His first course is an L53 beef curry. Next up is an L52 
kimchee chige. Finally an L54 bibinba is served to destroy you.

Ankoku Elgin faces you in one course battles using an an L52 beef curry or 
chicken curry or an L54 kaisen curry. Shinobi Lon Gan challenges you in three 
course battles. He uses an L52 inarizushi, an L53 inarizushi and an L53 

3. yami no kishibe
Shinobi Mangan says that recipes of darkness aren't sweet and then proceeds to 
draw Zen into a full course battle.
He continues to taunt by saying that he is impossible to defeat and that Zen 
and company will never enter Bistgarm. An L59 annindoufu is his first recipe to 
use. An L58 mushidori is his next recipe. An L55 banbanji is his third recipe. 
An L57 won ton soup is his follow up to banbanji. The swan song of Mangan is an 
L61 fukahire soup.

4. yami no mori
Natsume is here... Zen requests to see Crown since he knows that he is near due 
to Natsume's presence. Natsume then says that you won't get to see him again.
A full course battle is your trial by Natsume for the right to see Crown. An 
L57 tamagodon is her first Foodon. Next up is an L55 oyakodon. The third part 
of your judgment is an L56 katsudon. Her penultimate foodon is an L57 tendon. 
Finally an L57 unadon will accost you.
Natsume tells you that she cannot defeat you, at least not now. The next area 
is where Crown is...

5. yami no tou
Crown is talking in his usual phrases... You are apparently the one who 
defeated the Chinese kingdom and are now nearing him... Zen then talks about 
how his father is strong and that his father would never sell his soul to the 
Bishokka like Crown did... Crown then says that his head hurts. Natsume tries 
to assist, but Crown shoos her off saying that he will fix it himself.
Shikkoku Crown will face you in a full course battle. An L65 omelette should 
look familiar. His next attacker will be an L61 steak. This is followed by an 
L62 pescatore. An L60 katsudon is his penultimate Foodon. His ultimate Foodon 
is an L64 torozushi.

After the battle, Crown's head is causing him to scream in pain. Natsume starts 
with the usual "I'll see you next time and next time will be different" runaway 
villain speech, but then notices Crown.
Crown recognizes Zen! Zen notices that Crown's mask is coming off. All this 
time, Crown has been Tsukiji! (like we didn't know that...) Tsukiji greets Zen 
and Karin. Zen and Karin wonder why their father turned into a Bishokka. 
Apparently, the mask allowed Tsukiji to be controlled. Tsukiji then says that 
Don Cook is a terrible person.
Hao Ji notices that it's getting dark and wonders why. The environment darkens 
totally and Don Cook makes an appearance. Don Cook laughs at seeing the mask 
having been removed so quickly and wonders if his ability in mind control was a 
little premature. Hao Ji yells at Don Cook marvelling at the fact that he 
showed his face. Zen is surprised that Don Cook is the way that he is. Don Cook 
notices Hao Ji and tells him that he looks good. At which point, Hao Ji demands 
that he tell them what he is doing with the world? Don Cook announces that he 
is unifying the world of cooking. Zen says that such a world is not a good 
world and that that cooking would have no flavour or meaning. Don Cook then 
wonders if the group will do anything to stop him. Zen says that he can't just 
do whatever he wants. Don Cook then says that Crown has been stopped but that 
the Devas have regrouped and are in good health. He then invites Zen to come to 
his tower. Zen then says that he will continue on and topple Don Cook.
A cutscene now occurs. Thus struggling through Bistgarm toward the ominous 
soaring tower in the darkness, Zen and his companions will try to foil Don 
Cook's evil machinations. And what of the other captured Bistras fate? Next 
time: continued in Dual chapter... Then the credits roll.

If you continue back into the game, you will notice that you have a fifth pin, 
that of Crown.
The bistra of Dark Gate have also changed their foodon. Ankoku Elgin still 
faces you in one course battles but uses an L54 ebi cha-han or L55 kani cha-han 
or an L54 chuuka chimaki. Shinobi Lon Gan again challenges you in three course 
battles, but this time he uses an L55 purin, an L56 choco ice and an L56 purin 
A lot of ingredients are dropped in Dark Gate even with the dearth of foodon 
types used here. Cheese, cucumbers, eel, maguro, sasa no ha, shark fin and 
truffles are all uniquely dropped here. You won't find any of these things 
dropped anywhere else. And in every instance except that of shark fin, none of 
them are sold either. If you were to really need the money, you could even sell 
the things...

What am I looking for?
Rare ingredients: Ham, Koube Beef. 
You only get these ingredients once. That's all. You will never see these 
ingredients again either. So make sure that you cook with them and get the 
recipes for your zukan...
That said it's odd that they are rare... since most other ingredients aren't.
Reaping places for such kindly accepted.

GameFAQs for posting this
Banpresto for actually making a collecting game that could hold my attention
BlackDragoon073 for showing that there is an interest in such a thing as this

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