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Blast off with E.T. on a journey back to his home planet. Your mission is to help E.T. complete the Cosmic Garden! Be prepared to work on E.T.'s space ship laboratory with wacky, strange and crazy plant species you create by growing and cross-pollinating alien seedlings. Get help from E.T.'s silly friends the Space Bee and Space Slug. It's not easy... you'll be faced with adverse growing conditions that test your ability to adapt and overcome surprise situations. Make enough different plants to earn E.T.'s ultimate treasure - The Prize Garden!

*12 exciting levels and 7 environments take you to 6 planets
*Over 60 plants to create
*Crazy alien plants that sing, dance, jump, emit light, electricity and more
*Use resources wisely as they run out!
*Complete the game to win the never-ending Prize Garden

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#2 lowest rated GBC strategy game (#71 on GBC, #5848 overall)


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