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FAQ by Brownie

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 01/17/03

.88888888P"              C A R D  C A P T O R
88888P"                ~~**-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-**~~
  "88888888oo.__        .88.  8          .888   .88.
      "T888888888o._    8  8  8  o       8  8   8  8
            "88888888o_ 8  8  8 o        8  8   8  8
              '88888888 8  8  88   8   8 8  8   8  8
              o88888888 8888  8o   8   8 888    8888       "Sakura's Sport's Day!"
          _.o8888888P"  8  8  8 o  8   8 8  8   8  8
    __.o888888888P"     8  8  8  8  8  8 8   8  8  8
=888888888P"               8  8   8  88  8    8    8

(The big "S" is copied from Angel's Sailor Moon FAQ, 1995)

				Version 3.0
			Completed: June 8th, 2002

Please do not copy any part of this without my permission.  I will be more than
happy to let anyone use it on their site as long as they give me credit.  This
is my first time ever writing an FAQ, so if you have any questions or comments,
please email me!

Jan. 17th, 2003
- Posted the site for downloading my gameboy emulator, TGB Dual Vol.5 (English)
- Figured out at long last how to see the 'how to" screens without beating the game! (D'oh!)
- Updated a few small thngs concerning spelling errors and such.

June 22nd, 2002
-Updated the character stats
-Cleared up some un-translated phases, but not much new stuff.
-Somebody beat my record! NOOOO!!

Thanks to: 



				     1.Starting the game
				     2. Menu 1
					-Start a new Tournament
					-Connect Gameboys
						i)The list of games (Locked and Unlocked)
						ii)How to play the games
					-Weird Stuff
				     3.Secret Stuff!

    When you open the game:

Two talking colored hats appear!! COOL!
One is red and one is blue.  They want you to pick a team!

Next, you are taken to this menu:

  -Red Stuff!
  -Blue Stuff!
  -Orange Stuff!

      (The people on each team are show down near the bottom of this FAQ)
Red Stuff: Select this too see all the people and their stats from the Red
Blue Stuff: Select this too see all the people and their stats from the Blue
Orange Stuff: Chose which team you want to be on!

Once you know which team you wanna be on and have selected the Orange Stuff,
you will come to yet another menu:

		RED 		   BLUE

Select RED to be on the RED team.
Select BLUE to be on the BLUE team.
Select ORANGE to go back and look at the stats again.

Whichever colored hat you picked says something in Japanese. (Thanks for
joining my team, now let's whoop some heiney!)...or something like that.

And now...THE SCHOOL HAS BOMBS IN IT!!! NOO!!  Big clouds of dust explode
around the school!  Oh no!! Whatever shall we do!?  I know, let's have a SPORTS
 Sakura wakes up and talks in Japanese. (Mmmm, something smells good. Hey, why
is the air thick with gunpowder?)...or something like that. Then she says,"Ohayo!" 
(Good Morning!) Then she says "My name is Sakura," and something about what grade she is 
in in school.

Now you're ready to play!

 Sakura-chan says: Card Captor Sakura!

1st Menu:
	-Start a new Tournament
	-Connect Gameboys
	-Weird Stuff

~~~~~~~	Start a new Tournament: If you choose this, it will (duh) start a new
tournament.  Once you have entered one, you can't quit until you finish (unless
you turn off the game, haha).  It's always best to practice and get the hang of
the different games before starting.  Since all the games are pretty different,
there's a good chance you'll be good at some and bad at others.  As long as
you're at least ok at most of them, you'll probably win.  And if you're stuck,
there's some hints at the bottom that should help a little.

Note:  In the tournament, when selecting a player for a certain game or race,
there is a way to get up a screen that will show you which buttons to press and
how to play that particiar game.  I did it once by accident, and can't figure
out how I did it.  So far, the best advice I can give to get these screens is
to either mash random buttons and see what happends, or you'll just have to
beat the Tournament mode 4 times and unlock the last secret option (see the
very end of the FAQ).

~~~~~~~	Connect Gameboys:
        If you are using a rom (which you most likely are, if you are reading
this) first make sure that your emulator lets you play with two Gameboy windows
(as if you had two gameboys) so that you can have this two-player mode.  I strongly 
suggest "TBG Dual", which is the emulator I used when making this FAQ.
On my emulator, under the "File" menu, there is an option called "Net Play". 
You MUST have selected this after you opened a new Game boy window (File: GB2
Load:  then select "ccs-sport.gb" or whatever you called the file for this game
on your computer and go to the "Connect Gameboys" screen)

Press "A" to get rid of all that annoying Japanese nonsense. ^_^The colored hat
of your team will appear and talk in Japanese again.  Now select the game you
wish to play against your rival!
Select your players, then it will show the gameboy connection screen again. 
Press "A".
The game begins! After the game, it will return the the main menu.

~~~~~~~	Practice:
Some of the options are hidden by question marks in the beginning of the game. 
To unlock them all, you have to win Tournament mode 4 times. 

How to get Instructions on the different Events:
You have to select a game in practice or play it in a tournament, and when you get to 
the character select screen, choose a character.  Choose "yes" (first word) to choose 
the character.  A second prompt shows up that asks you if you want the instructions if 
you don't know how to play, and the arrow is already set on "no."  Make sure to press 
"yes" to see the instructions!

In the order that they are unlocked, they are:
-Ball Game (Big Kids)
-Hamburger Course
-Jump Over the Horse
100 Meter Relay(Big Kids)
2-legged race
Relay Race
Obstacle Course
Hamburger Course--------(must be unlocked)
Ball Race
Tug-of-War--------------(must be unlocked)
Capture The Hat
Ball Game(Big Kids)-----(must be unlocked)
Ball Game
Baton Twirling
Jump over the Horse-----(must be unlocked)

INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO PLAY EACH GAME:(in Japanese of course, but with moving pictures and 
buttons to explain)
After you have selected the character(s) you want, it will show a menu saying:
"Koreteii?" (Are you sure this is the person you want?)

>HAI (yes)  IIE(no)

When you select yes,it will show another menu:

Blah blah? (Do you want to see the instructions first?)

HAI(yes) >IIE(no)

When you select yes again, it will show you how to play. ^_^

	100 Meter Relay(Big Kids):
Press the buttons for A and B to run.  Don't try to do it really fast, you'll
hurt you fingers and wrist and your character might trip.  Try to run at a
steady pace, and gradually speed up.  This is usually very effective and once you get
the hang of it, this event is a total cinch.

	2-legged race:
This one is so unbeliavably easy!! You're lucky to get this one if you're not
doing well in a tournament.  When you start the race, it will flash the letters
A and B.  When it says A, press A, and vice-versa.  They will flash faster once
you start moving faster. Don't press the wrong button, or you'll trip!

	Relay Race: Save you fastest people (eg: Rei Tachibana,Takashi Yamazaki,Li
Meiling,Sakura Kinomoto,and Li Shaoran) in case of this race.  Pick them in the
order that you want them to run.  You'll start as your 1st person, then when
you finish a lap you'll slow down and hand it to the nest person.  It continues
until all three people you picked have run.  You should use your fastest last.

	Obstacle Course: This was a tough one to figure out without instructions. ^_^'
You start off running, but soon you'll come to a bar. Press the "up" key to
jump onto it. Then, continue pressing the A and B buttons, but be carful not to
do it too fast or you'll fall off and lose lots of time. When you jump off,
continue running until you get to 2 large tires on the ground. Press and hold
"down" while still pressing A and B rapidly to get underneath them.  Then they'll be
a few more tires, and then you'll come to a sack on the ground, which you
automatically get into. I'm not sure about this, but I think to jump you have
to press either A or B(doesn't matter which, but stick to only one) when you
are on the ground, and don't press anything when you're in the air.  If you
press the button at the wrong time, you fall flat on your face. However, if you
got a good head start in the beginning, you can finish first anyway, even if
you fall down a few times.

	Hamburger Course: Just like any old race, but soon after starting, you'll come
to a swinging hamburger.  You character will slow down and face towards it. 
You have to move around and try to catch the hamburger.  If you catch it, your
character will eat it (gaining more energy) but sometimes it will just fall on
the ground and you'll have to keep running.  Sometimes that's good, because it
takes a long time to eat a hamburger, but if you can afford losing a little
time, you person can end up with more energy AFTER a race than they started
with.  This is  a good way to refill the energy of your best racers.

	Ball Race: You have a bird's eye view of youself and an opponent. You have to
race the other person, while pushing a huge ball down the track. There are
bumps on the track, and you should avoid them, because they really slow you
down.  It's difficult to keep the ball directly in front of you, so you'll have
to constantly be pressing the right and left arrow keys to keep it away from
the sides of the track and from bumps.

	Tug-of-War: This one was extremely hard to figure out.  I belive you have
to keep pressing A and B at the SAME TIME whenever your characters crouch down, while
pressing "left".

	Capture The Hat: This game is my personal favorite. ^_^  Pick 3 people,fast
ones are best(esp.Sakura proved very formidable, because of her speed), but if
you have strategy you can win easily with anyone.  Two unidentified team
members hold up the first person you picked, and you are facing your rival who
is also being carried by two people.  You have to get over to them and grab
their hat. However, be careful, because they are also trying to take yours!
Press "left" and "right" to move towards or away from them.  Pressing B will
make you push them backwards (making your rival temporarily vulnerable to a hat
snatching, but you have to be fast)and A is to grab for the hat.  If you press
down, you'll protectively cover your own hat. A good strategy, esp. if your
character isn't super speedy, is to keep pushing them till they reach the end
of the screen. Then, when you push them back they won't be able to move back
any farther, and you should be able to steal their ugly hat.  But be careful,
when you lean over to push someone, they can grab your OWN hat!  If someone
steals you hat, it's ok, you can keep playing with the other 2 you picked.
You'll keep going to the next person, and the game only ends when one minute is
up.  My best record is 14 hat snatches to zero.  Tell me if you break my
record. ^_~

	Ball Game(Big Kids) I'm still not totally sure about this game.  Pick one person.
There is a time limit of about 2 minutes. The rivals keep throwing 3 balls into
the "ball cage", in random patterns of blue, white, or red.  When 3 or more of
the same color ball touch each other, either diagonally, horizontally, or
vertically, they dissapear and the balls on top (if there are any) drop down in
their place. It seems at first that you're supposed to get rid of all the
balls, but it doesn't work that way. If you are on the red team, you have to get rid of 
all the blue and white balls.  If you're on the Blue Team, you have to get rid of all the 
red and white balls. See below.

	Ball Game:  I think the rules for this version are a little different from the
above. Pick one person. There is a time limit of about 2 minutes. The rivals
keep throwing 3 balls into the "ball cage", in random patterns of blue, white,
or red.  When 3 or more of the same color ball touch each other, either
diagonally, horizontally, or vertically, they dissapear and the balls on top
(if there are any) drop down in their place.  I think that to win, you have to get 
several groups of balls to dissappear all in one move. The best way to do this is to
fill up the cage with balls, and if you can positions them so that if a ball
above around them dissappears, then they will in a group of the same color,
making them dissapear, causing a chain reaction.

	Baton Twirling- In tournament mode, Keo-chan introduces this in the middle of
the tournament.  I think he says something along the lines of," Now it's time
for our team to rest, while we watch some baton twirling" or something. Just
like Simon says. You play as Sakura, and you start on the very easy level one. 
Three commands will appear at the top: Left, Right, Up, Down, A, and/or B. 
After a few seconds, the commands will dissapear and you have to type it in in
the time limit.  Eash key represents a move that Sakura does in her baton
twirling.  Every time you sucessfully complete a level, you got to the next
harder one.  There are only 10 levels.  This is a good way to restore energy to
your team, because the higher the level you can get to, the more energy they
regain.  You can easily cheat if you have a an emulator and a ROM, just pause
the game when it shows the commands (and/or write them down).  You can easily
get to level ten and refill everyone's energy. Mwhahahah!!

	Jump over the Horse: Almost the same as "Baton Twirling", but harder.  You
play as Sakura again.  Some commands appear at the top, but they don't
dissapear.  Instead, you have a much shorter time limit to type them in. 
Sakura starts slowly running toward the springboard.  As you type in the
commands, she yells "O" and runs faster. If you do it right, she'll do a
perfect lift over the horse and land on the mat on the other side.If you don't
type every key command in before she gets to the springbopard, or type the
wrong one, she won't jump high enough and will smack her head against the

~~~~~~~ Weird Stuff:
	-Some dumb text with a picture of school (Unless you speak Japanese, pretty
	-Printing fun (Useless, but kinda fun for 1 minute.  With the right kind of
emulator, you can print stuff.)
	-Change your Hat
	- ?????? (An option that must be unlocked)

	i)Printing Fun:
You'll find a screen that looks like this:
[	 ]   _______________
[Sakura's]  {               }
[Picture ]  {_______________}


  ----- ----- -----
  ----- ----- -----
  ----- ----- -----
  ----- ----- -----
  #####  ABC  Done

1. Type your name:
  You move around and select the japanese Kanjii you want in your name, or
select the "ABC" button for the English alphabet (Oh how thoughtful!)  There
are also some cute symbols you can use, like little hearts and exclamation
points and such.  The "#####" option takes you to more Kanjii characters.
Select "Done" when you have the name you want.

2. Select your face:
You can choose many characters from the show for your image.  In order from
left to right, they are:

>Yukito-->Fujitaka-->Sonomi-->Youko-->Tomoyo's Bodyguard.

3.  Select your border:
Scroll up and down to choose a border around your name.

4.  Print:
You cannot use this option unless your emulator has a "GameBoy Printer" option.
 On mine, this is under "Options: Hardware Devices: Pocket Printer."  Make sure
you have opened this option screen before prinitng, or it will say that there
is no printer connected.

5. Go Back:
Takes you back to the "Weird Stuff" menu.

	ii)Change your Hat:  *This really means change your team.*  ^_~

		  Yes   No
		-Red Stuff: Select this too see all the people and their stats from the Red
		-Blue Stuff: Select this too see all the people and their stats from the 
		-Orange Stuff: Chose which team you want to be on!

	No: Takes you back to the main menu (Really!)

Red Team:
-Sakura Kinomoto--------(Well, duh, the star of the show)
-Tomoyo Daidouji--------(Her best friend and camera-girl)
-Touya Kinomoto---------(Sakura's Brother)
-Yukito Tsukishiro------(the cool grey-haired gay dude)
-Li Shaoran-------------(That cute kid with a sword)
-Li Meiling-------------(Mean Chinese Girl)
-Chiharu Mihara---------(ugly haired girl)
-Takashi Yamazaki-------(cute little grey-haired boy)
-Fujitaka Kinomoto------(Sakura's Dad)
-Sonomi Daidouji--------(Tomoyo's Mom)

Blue Team:
-Sakura Kinomoto		*see above
-Tomoyo Daidouji		*see above
-Touya Kinomoto			*see above
-Yukito Tsukishiro		*see above
-Li Shaoran			*see above
-Rei Tachibana----------(The Hoppy/Jump card racer girl)
-Rika Sasaki------------(Fluffy haired girl)
-Naoko Yanagisawa-------(That smart girl with glasses)
-Youko Nakagawa---------(One of Touya's classmates)
-Body Guard-------------(One of Tomoyo's bodyguards)

Once you know which team you wanna be on and have selected the Orange Stuff,
you will come to yet another menu:

		RED 		   BLUE

Select RED to be on the RED team.
Select BLUE to be on the BLUE team.
Select ORANGE to go back and look at the stats again.

Whichever colored hat you picked says something in Japanese. (Thanks for
joining my team, I guess you were too much of a loser to be on the other
one!)...or something like that.  Then it goes to the opening screen for your
team color. (Don't worry, it doesn't delete any of the new games you might have
unlocked when you do this.)

	FYI: The only noticable difference I can detect in the game when you switch
teams, other than obviously having different players availible, is the there is
a slightly different intro in the beginning, and a different opening screen. 
If you are in a tournament, and you play against people who are technically on
your team(But not that you have selected for that specific game/race), letting
them win will NOT give you points!! You only get the most points if YOU win, no
matter who the computer chooses!

	Another Note: I can't read Japanese, so unfortunately I cannot tell you what
the characters' stats are.  I assume they must be something like "Endurance"
and "Speed" and stuff like that, but you'll just have to practice as each of
them to get a feel for them. Somebody told me they know the first one is "Speed".
Anybody else know the rest?? ^^
All I can tell you are their names (Which are written in both English and
Japanese on their Stats)
         iii) ?????????? (Must be unlocked)

This option is SO COOL!! I wish they had let me see it at the beginning,
though... It tells you how to play each game! XD  Once you have unlocked all
the games, this mode is also unlocked.  It shows which buttons to press and has
some kawaii animations of the characters performing the tasks. Not only that,
but you can also see EVERY SCREEN shown in the game, plus all the animations of
every character winning at the end of a tournament.

It has a menu kind of like this:

    RED HAT           BLUE HAT

   (numbers)          (numbers)       <--------I'm not sure what these mean.

     (1.)               (2.)

How to:
	Grab the Hat (white)
	Roll the Ball (white)
	Grab a Hamburger (white)
	Go under tires and Sack race (white)
	Jump on a pole and walk across it (white)
	Pass the baton to your partner (white)
	Do the 3-legged race (white)
	Run (white)
Tomoyo's BodyGuard Winning animation
Girl Winning animation
Naoko Winning animation
Rika Winning animation
Rei Winning animation
Saoran-Li Winning animation (Blue Team Version)
Tomoyo Winning animation (Blue Team Version)
Sakura Winning animation (Blue Team Version)
Sakura and Kero Worried (Blue Team Version)
Sakura and Kero Cheering (Blue Team Version)
Sakura and Kero Cheering 2 (Blue Team Version)
Sakura embarassed (Blue Team Version)
Sakura Cheering (Blue Team Version)
Sakura waking up (Blue Team Version)
Blue Hat
	How to play the Ball Game
	How to play the Ball Game 2
	Grab the Hat (red)
	Tug of War
	Push the Ball (red)
	Grab the hamburger (red)
	Go under the tires and sack race (red)
	Jump on a pole and walk across it (red)
	Pass the baton to your partner (red)
	Do the 3-legged race (red)
	Run (red)

2. Forward:
The school
The school (Bird's eye)
The school (With animated explosions)
Sakura skating to school
Sakura's bag shaking
Kero looking Dizzy
Kero whispering something
GameBoy Connection Screen
Winner's block
The Red Hat
Sakura waking up (Red Team version)
Sakura cheering (Red Team version)
Sakura crying (Red Team version)
Sakura and Kero cheering (Red Team version)
Sakura and Kero cheering 2 (Red Team version)
Sakura and Kero worried (Red Team version)
Sakura Winning animation
Tomoyo Winning animation
Mei-lin Winning animation
Saoran-Li Winning animation
Chiharu Winning animation
Takashi Winning animation
Touya Winning animation
Yukito Winning animation
sakura dad Winning animation
Sonomi Winning animation

After a while it will go back to the beginning of the extras.

That's all for now!


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