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FAQ by JTKauffman

Version: 0.99 | Updated: 11/25/99

                |      |        ___
                |_     |       /   \
                  |    |      |     |
D     J           |    |       \___/
          ______  |    |
         /      \ |    |    ________ 
        / S     Y\|   D|   R|    O |  M     E
       /    /\    |    |    |_     |
      |_   |_ |_       |_     |_   |_
        |    |  |        |      |    |
         \    \/    |    |__    |    |
          \        /|       |   |    |
           \______/ |_______|   |    |
                                |    |
                                |    |
B  E  A  T  M  A  N  I  A  |\__/     |
  [     G       B     ]    |        /
      faq                  |       /


DJ Syndrome: Beatmania [GB] FAQ
by J.T.Kauffman

0.01: Intro
0.02: Stage Flow 
0.03: Hidden Songs
0.04: Song List
0.05: Outro

0.01: Intro_________________________________________________

'DJ Syndrome' is the main tagline of the marketing campaign for 
Beatmania 4th Mix ~The Beat Goes On~. It's also now a series of guides 
to Beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution and the rest of the BEMANI series 
of rhythm games by Konami. While not comprehensive, it should begin to 
answer some of the questions that you might have about the games. 

Please note that this FAQ only covers the GameBoy(Color) release of 
Beatmania GB.  For a more comprehensive look at Beatmania and the rest 
of the BEMANI series, including things like Soundtracks (audio CDs), 
strategy guides, portable LCD games (like Beatmania Pocket), and much 
much more, please check out my longer work titled DJ Syndrome: The 

All of the information contained in this FAQ is also available in the 
longer, more comprehensive work titled "DJ Syndrome: The BEMANI Series 
FAQ". This document is merely a scaled down version that only pertains 
to the GameBoy(Color) release Beatmania GB (sequels, Playstation, 
WonderSwan, and arcade releases are _not_ covered, nor is Beatmania 

This is my final planned release for this FAQ. Please see my BEMANI 
series FAQ (the Compendium at gamefaqs.com) for more up-to-date 
BEMANI/Beatmania info. 

Title:   Beatmania GB
System:  GameBoy Color/GameBoy

Intro:   The first Beatmania for a portable system, the GameBoy version, 
which is compatable with all existing GameBoy systems, features songs 
from the 2nd and 3rd Arcade mixes, as well as a few originals. This is 
the first home title to include a feature that keeps track of how many 
greats/good you score in a row (this first appeared in Beatmania in 4th 
Mix in the arcades). Also, a first in the Beatmania releases, a password 
system is included to open up the hidden songs in Free mode.

0.02: Stage Flow___________________________________________

__Stage Flow:

Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:
break-bts    techno       j-dance pop  konamix
funk         dj battle    bossa groove minimal techno
                          bigbeatmix*  eurobeat*

Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:-----Stage 5:
coming later...

Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:-----Stage 5:
reggae       jazz         rakuga kids  latin        classic 1

Stage 6:-----Stage 7:-----Stage 8:-----Stage 9:-----Stage 10:
classic 2    country      disco*       e.n.k.*      classic 3

(*hidden song)

0.03: Hidden Songs_________________________________________

In order to get:   score at least: in this (or one of these) genre(s): 

Arcade Mode:  
bigbeatmix         70,000          any Stage 2 genre
eurobeat           80,000          any Stage 3 genre

GB-Mix Mode:
disco              75,000          country
e.n.k.             75,000          disco
classic 3          75,000          e.n.k.

REMIX      opens up bigbeatmix in 'free' mode
GENERATION opens up eurobeat in 'free' mode
FEVER      opens up disco in 'free' mode
VISUAL     opens up bigbeatmix and eurobeat in 'free' mode
SENSE      opens up disco and bigbeatmix in 'free' mode
WORLD      opens up disco and eurobeat in 'free' mode
ALLEGRO    opens up bigbeatmix, eurobeat, and disco in 'free' mode
MOTHER     opens up disco and e.n.k. in 'free' mode
PASSION    opens up disco, e.n.k., and bigbeatmix in 'free' mode
NOISY      opens up disco, e.n.k., and eurobeat in 'free' mode
RELAXATION opens up disco, e.n.k., and classic3 in 'free' mode
ALTERNA    opens up disco, e.n.k., eurobeat, and bigbeatmix in 'free'  
SILENT     opens up disco, e.n.k., classic3, and bigbeatmix in 'free'
MOONLIGHT  opens up disco, e.n.k., classic3, and eurobeat in 'free' 
KOBEBEEF   opens up disco, e.n.k., classic3, eurobeat, and bigbeatmix 
            in 'free' mode 
BEATMANIA  only DJ Battle in 'free' mode
KONAMI     only DJ Battle in 'free' mode
KCEK       only DJ Battle in 'free' mode
UUDDLRLRBA opens up all songs in 'free' mode (opens up disco, e.n.k., 
            classic3, eurobeat, bigbeatmix, and dj battle in 'free' 

--note: the BEATMANIA, KONAMI, and KCEK codes don't erase the songs that 
you've already opened - they're just not accessable - only the DJ Battle 
is (which usually isn't accessable...)

0.04: Song List____________________________________________

[note: if multiple BPMs are listed, then it starts at the first number, 
then changes to the next number, then the next, etc. The first number in 
the Notes category is the number in notes in 1P mode, and the second 
number is for 2P mode. If there is a dash instead of a number, then the 
song is not available in that mode.]

Song Title         Artist         Genre           Diff.  BPM    Notes
2 gorgeous 4 U     *              break-bts       *      150    80
cat song           *              funk            *      127    155 
 ~theme of upa    
overdoser (romo    *              techno          ***    132    155
believe again      *              j-dance pop     ***    130    209
papayapa bossa     *              bossa groove    **     143    134
metalgear solid    *              bigbeatmix      ***    140    191
 ~main theme               
Salamander Beat    *              konamix         ****   134    153
 Crush mix
overdoser (driving *              minimal techno  ****   138    331
 dub mix)
luv to me          *              eurobeat        *****  164    272
It's your funky    *              reggae          *      60     147
kiiroi kabin       *              jazz            **     128    187
theme of rakuga    *              rakuga kids     **     140    183
Feel the Beat!     *              latin           ***    110    244
Amadeus Mania      *              classic 1       ***    120    226
The Nutcracker     *              classic 2       ***    140    209
Cow Boy Star       *              country         ****   140    158
mirrorball         *              disco           **     140    226
okkasan no uta     *              e.n.k.          *****  93     178 
suite no.3 air     *              classic 3       *      68     60
dj battle          *              dj battle       *      93     58    

[notes: In Beatmania GB, no artists are listed in the game itself, and 
there is no song list in the instruction book. Also, in DJ Battle, the 
number of stars is listed as one, but instead of saying 'EASY' under the 
record like it should, it says '????'.]

0.05: Outro________________________________________________


v.0.99 25nov99: final release
      added all missing info except the Expert Stage Flow.

v.0.87 06sept99: still technically pre-release
      Cut and pasted info on BMgb from my BEMANI Series FAQ to 
      create this document, which deals only with BMgb. 

_____Trademark/Copyright Info:

Beatmania, BEMANI, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Freaks, Pop'n'Music, 
Drummania, Dance!Dance!Dance!, GooGooSoundy, and all versions/mixes are 
copyright/trademarked by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. All other 
copyrights are properties of their respective owners. 

This document is copyright J.T.Kauffman 1999 and cannot be reproduced 
for profit in any form. It can be freely distributed over the internet 
as long as it is unaltered and is only distributed on free (i.e. non-
subscription) sites. If you do choose to post this document on your 
site, please email me to let me know.


Beatmania Consumer all Guide



since 06sept99
Shibata, Japan

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