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FAQ/Walkthrough by ChandooG

Version: 0.0 | Updated: 10/06/04

Document best viewed in Courier new font size 10, screen size 1024x768
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Welcome to the complete guide for .. 
 ___                        _                _       ___              _   
|  _`\               _     ( )              ( )_    (  _`\         _ (_ ) 
| (_) )   __    ___ (_)   _| |   __    ___  | ,_)   | (_(_) _   _ (_) | | 
| ,  /  /'__`\/',__)| | /'_` | /'__`\/' _ `\| |     |  _)_ ( ) ( )| | | | 
| |\ \ (  ___/\__, \| |( (_| |(  ___/| ( ) || |_    | (_( )| \_/ || | | | 
(_) (_)`\____)(____/(_)`\__,_)`\____)(_) (_)`\__)   (____/'`\___/'(_)(___)

                     ___                  _               
                    (  _`\         _     ( )              
                    | ( (_)   _ _ (_)   _| |   __    ___  
                    | |___  /'_` )| | /'_` | /'__`\/' _ `\
                    | (_, )( (_| || |( (_| |(  ___/| ( ) |
                    (____/'`\__,_)(_)`\__,_)`\____)(_) (_)


                       The STAR LIGHT incident...

Welcome to my complete walkthrough for RE GAIDEN, this walkthrough
can be used with the GameBoy color version, version of the game. 
This walkthrough is complete in all formats and I have made sure 
as to leave nothing out.

This walkthrough is brought to you by Adnan Javed, better known as 
ChandooG on the GameFAQ's message boards and as A-J among his friends 
and many many forums. 

Keep in mind first off that the walkthrough contains spoilers so if
you would rather not spoil the story of the game then I would advice
you to close this window and go play the game, I do not wish to make
the game less-enjoyable for anyone, so use this walkthrough mainly
for pointers and information as you please.

Sit back, kick your shoes off, get yourself a carbonated soda and turn
on your game boy..

Quick overview

                          RESIDENT EVIL GAIDEN
                          Complete Walkthrough
                             By Adnan Javed
                                Alias AJ
                 ChandooG on gamefaqs.com message boards
                           Original ver OCT/3/04

                   www.rebiohazard.com *under repairs*

 _____     _   _            ___ 
|_   _|___| |_| |___    ___|  _|
  | | | .'| . | | -_|  | . |  _|
  |_| |__,|___|_|___|  |___|_|  
                             _           _   
                 ___ ___ ___| |_ ___ ___| |_ 
                |  _| . |   |  _| -_|   |  _|
                |___|___|_|_|_| |___|_|_|_|  
Here is the basic list of what you'll find in this guide o' mine.

            |   |                                    |
            |No |        Description                 |
            |   |                                    |
            |1. |   Information                      |
            |   |                                    |
            |2. |   Introduction                     |
            |   |                                    |
            |3. |   Story                            |
            |   |                                    |
            |4. |   Characters                       |
            |   |                                    |
            |5. |   Enemies                          |
            |   |                                    |
            |6. |   Weapons                          |
            |   |                                    |
            |7. |   Game System                      |
            |   |                                    |
            |8. |   Beginner Info                    |
            |   |                                    |
            |9 .|   Walkthrough                      |
            |   |                                    |
            |10.|   Item's                           |
            |   |                                    |
            |11.|   File's                           |
            |   |                                    |
            |12.|   Cheats                           |
            |   |                                    |
            |13.|   Series timeline                  |
            |   |                                    |
            |14.|   My review                        |
            |   |                                    |
            |15.|   Legal Information                |
            |   |          - Site's hosting this     |
            |   |          - Contacting information  |
            |   |          - Ending words            |


I had created the original version of this walkthrough about
more then 2 years back when the game was brand new, but now
i am re doing to entire thing, right down to the walkthrough
itself, i found several mistakes in the previous one and i
wrote this one down while playing the game side by side so 
im pretty sure this is as acurate as it gets.

Anyway, its complete and this is probably the final version.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
       _     ___                   _   _         
      |_|___|  _|___ ___ _____ ___| |_|_|___ ___ 
      | |   |  _| . |  _|     | .'|  _| | . |   |
      |_|_|_|_| |___|_| |_|_|_|__,|_| |_|___|_|_|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
Name : Resident Evil Gaiden
Platform : Nintendo GameBoy Color
Release dates :  EU : 12/14/01
                 JP : 03/29/02
                 US : 06/03/02
Game Genre : Survival Horror / RPG ??
ESRB Rating : Mature, 18+
Playable characters : 3
Game Modes : Single player
Number of Endings : 1
Boss Fights : Several (depends)


Personal Information
Author name : Adnan Javed
Alias : A-J , ChandooG
Author age : 17
Contact : Returnofthemaniac@hotmail.com

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
      _     _             _         _   _         
     |_|___| |_ ___ ___ _| |_ _ ___| |_|_|___ ___ 
     | |   |  _|  _| . | . | | |  _|  _| | . |   |
     |_|_|_|_| |_| |___|___|___|___|_| |_|___|_|_|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

What do you get if you combine Resident Evil with the power of a 
portable gameboy machine, you get Resident Evil Gaiden thats what, 
developed exclusively for the Game Boy Color by Capcom, this is 
the only hand held Resident evil game so far and if i had my way, 
i'd keep it that way. Now lets see what we have here with this 
game. First off, the history of the game goes way back, capcom had 
decided to remake the original RE on game boy for nintendo and 
they had already made a commitment, but after some early developement 
they saw that making the game a direct port from the PS version
would be almost impossible, so it was scrapped out of anger.

But capcom had already made a commitment to nintendo and they 
couldnt back down from it, so an idea for a completely new resident 
evil game was concepted, this game would have nothing to do with 
the past resident evil games even though it featured two of the 
most famous characters from the first and second resident evil, 
the story of the game was a stand alone kind of thing, focusing 
on the evil corporation from the RE series but making a separate 
chapter in it which will not affect the main series in any way, 
thus the name Gaiden. The word itself literally means side story.

Now that a completely new game was devised, capcom decided to make 
just about everything in the game new, right down to the aiming 
system, which became really really annoying now, the two returning 
characters were Barry Burton and Leon S Kennedy, star of the 
upcoming Resident Evil 4. The game is set in a time after the whole 
raccoon city incident.

Even though not changing the real plot of the series, gaiden has a 
good story in its own and at some points your can really see it 
being an integral part of the series, any way i think i've babbled 
on long enough, you guys should play the game on your own and tell 
me how you felt about it.

From Capcom

Survival Horror for Your Handheld

Experience a brand new chapter in Capcom’s classic horror survival 

Resident Evil. Now a desperate fight for survival takes place aboard 
a luxury cruise-liner overflowing with a host of deadly zombies. 
There is no escape. As S.T.A.R.S. operative Barry Burton, it’s up 
to you to save Leon Kennedy, locate andrescue a young survivor 
named Lucia and disable a deadlyBio-Organic Weapon. With countless 
traps to avoid, rooms to explore, puzzles to solve and mysteries 
to uncover, each lurking horror survived will take you closer to 
the source of the Resident Evil. Survival is your only option.

Revolutionary new features include:

• 2 modes: top down exploration & first person combat mode
• 100 rooms: 4 decks and 1 submarine in 11 amazing locations
• More than 100 objects, weapons and armor to collect and use
•Intelligent enemies detect you using sight and field of view
• Play as one of 3 characters to fend off hordes of mutant zombies
• Playable on GameBoy™ Color and Game Boy Advance™ System.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                ___| |_ ___ ___ _ _ 
               |_ -|  _| . |  _| | |
               |___|_| |___|_| |_  |
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

In an effort to put a stop to the global operations of the evil 
corporation entity Umbrella Pharmaceuticals inc , an underground 
organisation consisting of former STARS members and ex umbrella 
employees was formed.

Somewhere in North America, at this underground organization's 


Barry -Reporting for duty.

Unknown - Good to see you Barry. I have a mission for you of the 
utmost urgency. A new type of Bio-Organic Weapon developed at 
Umbrella Labs has escaped! This B.O.W. is believed to be among 
the passengers of the Luxury ocean cruiser, The STARLIGHT.The new 
B.O.W. is an extremely dangerous creature, even in its human form. 
Leon S. Kennedy of Raccoon City Police Department was tracking the 
B.O.W., but we have now lost contact with him. His last report 
came in over 24 hours ago.

Objective: Locate Leon S.Kennedy and eliminate the B.O.W.

Insertion: Via helicopter.

Location: The STARLIGHT, currently cruising in the Atlantic.

Extraction: Via helicopter, deployed on receipt of radio

Operative: Barry Burton.


Now then, the basic premise of the story is just like any other 
resident evil game you've played, the umbrella corp are at their 
old tricks again, this time an entire sea cruiser named the STARLIGHT 
has been taken over by the rogue T virus, and all the crew members 
have been turned into zombies. 

The game will start off with barry reporting in for duty at the new 
organization he is working for, its an agency that specializes in 
umbrella created chaos's and does every thing in its power to stop 
them, makes me wonder why dont they just raid on umbrella if they have 
so much proof about them. Barry isn't the only new operative for this 
agency, after the raccoon city incident, they found another willing 
operative who hated umbrella with equal passion, a young rookie cop 
named Leon S kennedy who was in raccoon city for the first day of 
the job when things went hectic. But with his exceptional skills he 
was able to survive the massacer and now wants to put an end to
umbrella personally. 

After the STAR LIGHT incident Leon was sent on the cruiser to see
through it and investigate, but contact with him was lost a short 
while after he landed on it, after that there has been no trace of 
him since. Barry is being sent in to finish the mission leon started 
and to also find some traces of Leon's ware abouts and track him down. 
Barry agree's to this mission and is soon on his way to the cruiser 
on a high tec chopper. The chopper drops him off at the side deck of 
the ship, after landing Barry gets in contact with his HQ which tell 
him some information, when Barry is ready he sets off into the 
unknown to find his partner.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
            _                   _               
        ___| |_ ___ ___ ___ ___| |_ ___ ___ ___ 
       |  _|   | .'|  _| .'|  _|  _| -_|  _|_ -|
       |___|_|_|__,|_| |__,|___|_| |___|_| |___|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


The main character of this game is Barry Burton, one of the only 
few survivors of the infamous mansion incident, barry has had his 
share of experience with the undead, and after the raccoon city 
incident when the umbrella experiments were starting to get known 
a little bit, a secret organization was formed which had the 
specific  task of monitoring all umbrella activities and make sure 
that none of their experiments go hay wire, Barry was contacted 
by this agency to join them in their fight against umbrella and 
having seen first hand what umbrella is capable of , Barry accepted 
their proposal immediately.

Barry is one of those family type people who will do just about 
anything for the good of their family, which lead to his mis-acts 
in the mansion incident which were orchistrated by the then STARS 
leader Albert Wesker, after that Barry vowed to regain the trust 
of his team mates by any means necessery and this just happens to 
be one of them, and now barry will do just about anything to get 
rid of the evil corp which almost cost him his family.


Leon Scott Kennedy was one of the few survivors of the massive 
raccoon city incident which ended with the entire city being blown 
up by a nuclear missile, Leon was able to survive the massacer 
because of his exceptionally well skills and his rookie enthusiasm, 
that is exactly why leon was one of the first people that the newly 
formed agency contacted to help them in their cause, and leon who
was equally disgusted towards umbrella as barry was, quickly accepted 
their proposal and soon became one of the best point men for them. 
He was the first person to be sent to just about every assignemnt 
and the STAR LIGHT case was no acception. 

But leon was way over his head in this assignment as he ran into 
the undead as soon as he landed onboard the massive cruise liner, and 
contact with him was cut off, the HQ now has no idea wether leon is 
even alive or not. Leon's fate is yet unknown, thats Barry's primary 
mission objective.


Lucia isnt exactly what you would call a normal young girl, she's 
had problems from early child hood where she would have sharp 
ringing noises in her ears from time to time, this is probably the 
reason why she remained isolated from just about every one around 
her, her birth parents wereabouts are unknown and her foster parents 
aren't that happe with her behaviour at all, that is the reason why 
Lucia was sent on this cruise liner, she was being sent to Europe to 
some new people , maybe a new place and new people could change her 
mood and behaviour. Maybe it was because all the kids picked on her 
in her former home and she just wanted to escape from all that herself, 
whatever the reason was, it was good enough for her to be on this 
cruise liner, but she couldnt imagine the events that would 
unfold on the trip.


This is a man of no name but a thousand words, this is the guy 
who will keep your characters in contact with the head quarters, 
often he will contact you to tell you about various new things or 
give you some valueable new information or even warn you of some 
upcoming danger, you can always look up to him if your lost in 
direction and he'll never disappoint you.


Later on in the game you will meet this weird captain of the 
submarine, thats all im going to say.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
              ___ ___ ___ _____|_|___ ___ 
             | -_|   | -_|     | | -_|_ -|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Since all this game features is the zombies and the occasional 
tyrant fight, i'll just elaborate on the various breeds of zombies 
your encounter during the game.

These are your normal average run of the mill zombies, they'll 
slowly stroll towards you and in a few seconds time will reach 
your character, attack from them does about moderate damage, you 
should be able to easily dispatch them with your normal handgun or 
if they're far off, the knife works wonders too, never waste 
anything more then that unless your low on health and being 
attacked by a group of them, in that case, just shoot like mad.

You'll find the female zombies in their blue dresses very rarely,
but thank god that you dont run into them that often because, not 
only are they about equally strong as the normal male zombies are, 
but they also come in with an annoying bonus, they can quiet easily 
poison your character with scratches or bites, no wonder people ask 
them to lighten up the nail polish, anyway, if you run into one the 
first thing to do would be to go for head shots and hope that you 
kill them early, just dont get hit.

Now this is something new, for the first time in the resident 
evil series, you will have zombies that will be armed and dangerous, 
and i dont mean they have dangerous arms, i mean that they'll be 
holding crow bars and waiting for you to run into them, the baddest 
thing about them how ever is that they can attack your character 
from further down the screen then any normal zombie can, this makes 
them really annoying, if you run into one of them at a time, then 
thats okey, the standard handgun will do just fine, but if you run 
into a group, then you should either use critical hits only, which 
means that you'd have to master them first hand, otherwise take out 
a stronger gun and kill the one thats immediately in front of you 
or is the closest. You dig.

This will be your first encounter with the tyrant, and just let 
me say that he looks absolutely lovely, no i dont mean that. The 
tyrant reminds me of mr Tyson, especially with those heavy punches, 
right then, how do we fight it you ask, simple, use critical hits 
with stronger weapons, by the time you get into the first tyrant 
fight you should have mastered the art of hitting right in the middle 
of the box, if you havent then i'll ask you to restart from an 
earlier save and keep fighting random zombies until you do, then 
take on the tyrant, remember that his heavy punches can cause really 
huge amount of damage to your character and he can kill you in a 
very less time, so the only thing we can do is kill IT first, 
remember the simple rule, critical shots, and something more power 
full then the handgun, in the first tyrant fight something like the 
shotgun will do just fine against it, but keep your more power 
fuller weapons for the later fights. That's all i gotta say.

The second form of the tyrant will look something a bit like 
what i do, no im kidding again. The basic strategy is the same as 
before, but the tyrant is more stronger then before and its attacks 
are more damaging then before too, so i would advice you to keep 
your ammo on the trigger and fire just about every time you have 
the opertunity to hit a critical hit, your your strongest gun what 
ever that is and finish the fight as quick as you can, your not 
that far away from the game, there's just one more boss fight 
after that so dont worry about wasting useless ammo. Keep an eye 
on the aiming reticle and fire ONLY when you know your going to hit 
a critical hit. That does not mean to not fire at all at other 
times, just.. FIRE !!..

The third form of the tyrant is butt ugly, there, i said it. No 
im not kidding this time. This time the tyrant is even more uglier, 
more powerful and even more resiliant then before, but by now you 
should have enough of your strong weapons to take this bad boy out 
in a little while, if you've got the rocket launcher then this fight 
will take you less time then the last tyrant fight did, but dont 
let me be the judge of that, oh and if that tyrant does his *special* 
attack, heal after it immediately.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
             _ _ _ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 
            | | | | -_| .'| . | . |   |_ -|
            |_____|___|__,|  _|___|_|_|___|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


" The knife is standard issue combat gear, often used to fend off
  enemies when no other weapon is available "

Seriously though, the knife in this game is pretty good if you ask me,
you can start a fight from a zombie some distance away and while he's
still turning around to come towards you, you can get in a few slashes
at him and hopefully kill him before he can get near you, but keep in
mind this trick should only be used on a single zombie fight, if your
up against more then one zombie at a time then this weapon is really
useless and you should consider switching to the next one ASAP.


" The trusty handgun is standard issue combat aresenel. This weapon 
  is easy to aim but inflicts low damage "

Thats right, the weapon is probably the smoothese weapon, but i wouldnt
bet on the damage part that easily, if your good at the aiming system
in this game then you can kill a average zombie in a very less rounds
if you hit perfect critical hits all the times, i've even used the
handgun for the earlier BOW fights, its not that bad as the game puts
it, the most trust full gun through out the entire game, you should
use it on zombies all the time.


" This is a pump action weapon that is tricky to aim but gives
  medium damage "

Seriously though, what is a survival horror game without a shotgun,
this is the standard hero's weapon in all of the survival horror
movies, here its one of the better weapons in the game, even though
the aiming system is harder then the handgun its pretty easy and you
can squeeze off head shots pretty easily, you can find tons of ammo
for it too so dont worry about wasting a few rounds here and there.
This is one of the best guns.


" This is a heavy duty weapon that is harder to aim with, but 
  delivers medium to heavy damage. "

The medium to heavy part means depending on where you hit the enemy
with it, argueably the second most powerful gun in the game, you can
really bust some caps with this baby, and i really mean that. Normally
i would just ask you to save it for the final tyrant fights as that
is where this gun will come in most handy but if you are ambushed by
a couple of zombies then dont be afraid to take this out. It can kill
a zombie quickly enough and clear a path for you just as easily.


" This is a fully automatic long burst weapon, it is a little tricky
  to aim but can deliver reasonable damage"

This is one of the use less guns in the game if you ask me, the damage
ratio and the aiming system of this gun both resemble the shotgun, but
the only good thing is that the shots will be fired in a wide line so
you'll be able to hit the targets more easily, normally i never use
this gun during my game, at all, but you guys can use it all you want,
its a good gun against zombies over all, not a great gun.


" This is a top of the range armor piercing weapon, although it is
  hard to aim it will deliver heavy damage "

Couldnt have put it better myself, this is the big daddy of the game, 
never, and i repeat never use this gun against anything lesser then
the BOW boss, you will have very less ammo for this gun and you will
probably find only one ammo pack besides the ammo you start with in
the gun so its important that you do not waste its ammo on anything
lesser then the tyrant. This gun will surely put a hole in that big
motha. YEAH !..


" When faced with too many enemies use this weapon. One hit will 
  clear a whole room. "

Now this is what im talking about, one hit from this will clear the
entire room of zombies, i did not have any idea they hated the gas
so much, oh well, you wont find any ammo for it at all so make use
of the one that you currently have and make it count, basically this
weapon does not have any real function in the game other then giving
you a clear room to run through. Save it for the later rooms.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

     ___ ___ _____ ___    ___ _ _ ___| |_ ___ _____ 
    | . | .'|     | -_|  |_ -| | |_ -|  _| -_|     |
    |_  |__,|_|_|_|___|  |___|_  |___|_| |___|_|_|_|
    |___|                    |___|                  

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


Here are the default controls for Resident Evil Gaiden. Its not 
that hard to control the game the system is much different then 
other Resident Evil games. You just press the direction you want 
to go in and valah, its done and you also dont have to keep any 
button pressed to run.

Button      Function

D pad      Movement and control of crosshair in battles
A          Use things , pick up items , open doors, shooting.
B          Show crosshair while outside battles.
Select     Open inventory, you can choose weapons and PDA there.
Start      Show the map of the current place you are in.


Icon system

Resident Evil Gaiden has a different method of infoming you 
about things then the normal Resident Evil games. A series 
of icons indicate what is happening on screen. If anything 
is near you or anything bad is about to happen you will see 
its icon in the bottom of the screen. Each event has its 
own icon.

Here are the icons and their explinations.

Door with green mark : This means that the door you are 
standing with is open and all you need to open is press 
the A button.

Door with red mark : This means that the doo in front of 
you is locked and you either need a key or an item to open 
that door.

Green Exclimation mark : This means that you are near any 
item or weapon that you can pick . To do so just press the 
A button.

Skull mark : This means that you are now in the range of an 
oncomming zombie and now you will be forced to start a fight 
and if any other zombies are standing near him they will 
also join in.

Skull with crossbones : This means that the zombie has 
poisoned you and the only way to cure this is via a blue 
or purple herb otherwise you will keep on losing health.

Saving system

The saving system in this game is not like the other Resident 
evil games either. You dont need to collect any items to save 
your game. When you reach a certain part in the game it will 
automatically ask you to save the game and if you dont do so 
when asked then you wont be able to save the game at 
that point again.

If you have successfully saved a game then you can load it again 
from the main menu of the game.

Character Switching and Inventory

If you have more then one charcater with you at the moment 
then you can switch between them by pressing the B button 
while in the inventory. This game doesnt have any inventory 
restriction as you can carry as much of any item as you desire.

Battle system

The battle system in this game seems to be a little like the 
old RPG games . If you are attacked by a zombie then the screen 
turns to first person and you will see your crosshair scrolling 
from left to right. The onscreen baddy will keep on comming 
closer to you until it is in the range to attack. Shoot at them 
when the crosshair is on them so your bullets can hit them. If 
you shoot at the middle of the enemy indicator then you hit them 
on the head and score a critical hit. These critical hits are more 
powerful and you can drop a zombie quickly with them.

If you want to change your weapon character or use an item during 
battles all you gotta do just open up your inventory with select 
or change your charanter with the B button. But be warned that the 
action wont stop even at those times.

If you want to run away from a fight then press start during a 
battle and then the enemy indicator turns red. At this time you 
have to hit it right in the middle , but the enemy hits also do 
more damage in these times.

PDA and Map

You can view any documents you find later in the PDA . The map 
shows two colors , the green is the area where you are at the 
moment and the red shows you where you should be going, means 
that those areas are the mission objctives.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
      _           _                    _     ___     
     | |_ ___ ___|_|___ ___ ___ ___   |_|___|  _|___ 
     | . | -_| . | |   |   | -_|  _|  | |   |  _| . |
     |___|___|_  |_|_|_|_|_|___|_|    |_|_|_|_| |___|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

               This game will for the first time in a Resident Evil
game give you a unique style of aiming, the way you have to aim is
to watch the moving reticle and press fire when it comes in line
with the zombie, now if you hit it right in the center then your
bullet will hit the zombie in the head which will count as a CRITICAL
HIT, these are very important as you can kill zombies very quickly
with them. Master the art of critical hits before the boss fights.

               This game will also give you many different kinds of
herbs, collect every single herb that you find, since each one has
a different healing level you should use the right one depending on
how much health you want to recover, besides that you should always
have a couple of herbs on you since a zombie strike can take away
alot of your health in a matter of seconds. You'll often need to use
herbs during battle.

               Yes that was a Jackie Chan movie, in this game you
will be given three different kinds of armor, the Kevlar armor is
the weakest and the Diamet armor is the strongest, as soon as you
get a hold of an armor piece, put it on your character from the
inventory menu, these armor's can really prevent you from getting
killed, they reduce the damage taken to half or even quarter of its
original value.

              The system for running away from a battle in this game
is also unique, if you want to run away from a battle then just press
the start button during a battle, your aiming system will change a bit
and you will notice a small square box in the middle of the aiming 
field now, to exit the battle all you have to do is fire one shot
right in the middle of the yellow box and you'll be out of the battle.
Keep in mind that you cannot escape from boss battles.

                       Keep in mind that most of the zombies that
you kill during the game will drop items which can really come in
handy, you will find things ranging from bullets to herbs, and even
key items, so be sure to check on the dead zombie body if its still
there after you kill it, be warned that some times you will see the
zombie move and you will be forced into another quick battle.

             These are your in-game walkthrough's if you ask me,
the map will be very helpful during the game, if you check on the
map from the start button you will see the area's you HAVE to go
to now are marked in red, these area's will often proceed the story
further or lead you to some key or something else. Also the PDA
will tell you in words what your current mission objective is so
be sure to check these two things out more then often.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                _ _   _   _                   _   
      _ _ _ ___| | |_| |_| |_ ___ ___ _ _ ___| |_ 
     | | | | .'| | '_|  _|   |  _| . | | | . |   |
     |_____|__,|_|_,_|_| |_|_|_| |___|___|_  |_|_|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Allright then, you will start the game off with a little *movie* which
will shed some light on what the hell is going on in recent times, Barry
burton has joined an un-named anti umbrella agency and is now working
missions for them, he is informed that leon went for a mission but has 
not reported back from it so far, now Barry must go and see to it that 
Leon is allright. Barry will then be dropped on the side deck of the
cruise liner via a super cool chopper. The game begins...

Did i mention thatn your mission also inclused hunting down a NEW
kind of B.O.W weapon being developed by Umbrella.

NOTE : Here's the thing, you wont be able to save the game normally, 
you will run into *save rooms* in the game after some specific area's
you will be able to save your game ONLY at these save rooms, so be
sure to use them, because they really do count. Believe me.

Now, from the start of the game, you will be contacted by your HQ man
who will tell you that your on the side deck, and that you should
proceed forward. When you get in control of Barry for the first time
check the inventory system and see through it once, you'll notice an
item called PDA, that will tell you about your current mission
objective, so keep an eye on that thing periodically. Now then, when
your in control of Barry, head forward and check the cabinet on the
wall, here you will find some handgun bullets.

NOTE : When your near specific area's like doors or when your next
to an item, you'll see various kinds of icon's, you can easily
identify between these icons and tell which are right and which
are wrong, a green mark means there's an item there, a red cross
means that the door in front of you is locked. Proceed.

After taking the handgun bullets, proceed forward and take the file
off the deck floor, this file will tell you about your PDA item in
a little more detail, read through it and proceed further. Another
cabinet on the way, check it and you'll find a YELLOW HERB, these
babies will return medium of your health, now proceed forward towards
the large doors. Before you can enter them you'll be contacted by HQ.

The HQ dude will tell you that there's danger beyond the doors and
then he will explain to you how the aiming system works, I dont
think i need further explain as he does a good job of it. Enter the
big doors when your ready.

NOTE : Check your MAP to see the name of the current room your in
for easier reference through out the walkthrough.

Now your in the LOBBY, here you'll see the zombies for the first
time, right before they come near you, you can run away from them 
by running to the right of left of the screen QUICKLY, you wont even
have to fight the first batch of zombies.

NOTE : The fighting system of the game is really unique, you will be
presented with a 2D screen of zombies coming in closer to you, and you
will have to aim with a moving target box and shoot when the target
aligns with the zombies, if you aim and fire right in the center, it
will count as a critical hit and will do double damage.

Now, in the LOBBY, run to the left, you may have to fight a zombie
along the way, you'll see a file above the door on the left wall,
grab it, its the RUN DOC. Now exit through the door right next
to where you are.

NOTE : Most zombies will also drop items like bullets and herbs when
you kill them, so do check on their dead bodies after you kill them.

You'll enter REST. BALCONY here, and before anything you'll get a
call from the HQ man, he'll tell you where you need to go right
now, when your in control, grab the doc right near where you are
and then continue up the path, check the dark area at the top of
the area and you'll find a green herb. Follow the path to left now
and check the second black area, and you'll find a key item, the
COOLANT FUSE. Now take the stairs leading down.

Down the stairs, you'll be in the RESTAURANT, here check the dark
curtained area in the center of the two stair cases and you'll find 
some grenade ammo but the game wont let you pick it since you dont 
have a grenade launcher, how pathetic. Now continue your way to the 
left of this large area and check the door at the left hand wall. 
Before entering check the dark area right on top of this door and 
you'll find a red herb, which can give you heavy healing. 

You'll find that the door i asked you to check is locked, check a
bit to the south of the door and you'll find a dead body in a white
suit, check it and you'll find the KITCHEN KEY, head back to the
door in question and enter it thanks to the key. Use it like you
do with herbs from your inventory menu to open the door. Go in.

Inside the KITCHEN, check the oven's on the top row for some handgun
ammo, then check the shelves near the dead guy and you'll find a 
herb then go down to the bottom of the shelves and you'll find another 
locked door, use the COOLENT FUSE we picked up on it and
it'll open. Enter through to the REFRIGERATOR.

Ih here, check the bottom right shelves for the CREW KEY. After that 
head back through to the kitchen, back to the restaurant and head 
back up the stairs again.

Now here, continue the path to the left and you'll find a door near
the end of it with another DOC nearby, read the DOC then enter
through the door to CORRIDOR A.

In here, you'll see several doors up and down, first check the 
nearest door down, its a BATHROOM, in here you can find some
handgun ammo near the mirror, there's also shotgun ammo here but 
since you dont have it the game wont let you pick it up.

Now exit back, and enter the second lower door. This is the WOMEN's 
bathroom, some nasty female zombies in here. Check the mirror area 
for a purple herb, and take the DOC here too. Exit back to the 
hallway, time to head forward. The upper doors are not open-able 

Further down the path, you'll find another DOC about keys and doors, 
continue north the path, kill the zombie and check the broken glass 
on the north wall for some handgun ammo. Check the dead zombie you 
just wasted and you'll find ELEVATOR KEY.

Continue down the hall, check the other broken glass area on the 
north wall for a SHOTGUN, WOO !!. Now might be a good time to 
head back to the men's rest room and take the shotgun shells 
from there.

From where you found the shotgun, head left, check the dead body 
for some more shotgun shells, there's an elevator above you but 
you cant access this one, now head back to the area with the 
shotgun and head DOWN the screen this time, along the way you'll 
see a locked door, this will remain locked for a long long time. 
Kill the zombie here. Head down all the way to the end and you'll 
find another DOC, this will tell you how to escape.

Use the ELEVATOR KEY on the elevator door on the south door and
enter it, once your in, the game will ask you to save your game
and I will tell you to save your game for the love of god since
there is no panelty or anything for over saving the game. Save
it here ASAP.


Inside the elevator, check the controls and you will be taken to
the THIRD FLOOR, CORRIDOR E. Once in here run forward, and kill
the single zombie, should be easy by now. After killing the zombie
check the right side of the hall your in right now for another DOC
after reading through it climb up the stairs to the 4TH FLOOR.

Your at 4th FLOOR SEAT DECK, run to the left and Barry will think
to himself that the Security room where he's headed might be locked
and he might need a key, duh. Now from where your at, head LEFT most
as far as you can, you'll come to some lawn chairs, check the top
most chair to find your first armor. A KEVLAR. Equip it from your
inventory. Now head back to the area where we came to the 4th FLOOR
from. Once there head up the screen, grab the DOC which will tell
you about armor's.

NOTE : Here you will run into zombies which have crow bars in their
hands, they're really dangerous so dispose of them quickly.

From where you found the DOC, head up and right, and continue down
the path until you can only go up, there's a zombie along the way.
KILL IT and take the SECURITY CARD it drops. Continue this path
to the end and enter the door. You'll enter the POOL area.

Right NEXT to where you are there's a cabinet on the wall, check
it and you'll find a ROPE. TAKE IT. Now, head down the screen and
enter the first door into the DRESSING ROOM, in here you'll find
a BLUE HERB and grenade launcher ammo, but you wont be able to
pick it up. BUMMER

Exit back to the POOL area, check the next door down in line, it
will be locked, but use the SECURITY CARD, we picked up and it
will open, head inside the SECURITY ROOM. In here run forward and
check the security monitors and you'll have another scene.

Barry will spot a yet known girl on the monitor and speak to her
over the intercom system, the girl seems to know who Leon is and
she is also not that far away from our current position, but the
girl says that the monsters are about to break through the door
where she's hiding and yells for help. Now we must help her !!.

Try to exit the security room into the POOL area and you'll be
asked to save the game, a little soon but still, save the game.


Outside the SECURITY ROOM, Barry will wonder to himself that he
just heard a scream coming from the east side, thats where we're
going, but before that we have to explore this POOL area for some
more items.

From the SECURITY ROOM door, head north and from the top corner
head RIGHT, here you'll run into some women zombies, but there
will also be a dead body in a blue dress, CHECK IT and you'll 
find the BAR KEY 4F. Just what we needed.

Now run all the way to the right hand wall killing zombies on
the way, in the middle of the right hand wall will be another
locked door, when you get near it Barry will hear the scream
again, use the key we just picked up on this door and enter
through it as quickly as you can.

Your in the BAR, you'll run into a crow bar zombie right as you
enter the door, kill it quickly, and make your way across this
room to the other side, enter through the door you see here
after killing the lone zombie guarding it.

You'll enter the ELEVATOR PASSAGE. In here just run to the right
side of the hall and when you near the door on the right hand
wall, Barry will say that Lucia must be on the other side of
this door, head for that door and go through it.

Once through, you'll have a scene, Barry will spot Lucia but
there's something chasing her, its the new kind of BOW we've
been looking for, Barry seems confident enough and your first
boss fight will begin shortly.


This will be your first encounter with the tyrant, and just let 
me say that he looks absolutely lovely, no i dont mean that. The 
tyrant reminds me of mr Tyson, especially with those heavy punches, 
right then, how do we fight it you ask, simple, use critical hits 
with stronger weapons, by the time you get into the first tyrant 
fight you should have mastered the art of hitting right in the middle 
of the box, if you havent then i'll ask you to restart from an 
earlier save and keep fighting random zombies until you do, then 
take on the tyrant, remember that his heavy punches can cause really 
huge amount of damage to your character and he can kill you in a 
very less time, so the only thing we can do is kill IT first, 
remember the simple rule, critical shots, and something more power 
full then the handgun, in the first tyrant fight something like the 
shotgun will do just fine against it, but keep your more power 
fuller weapons for the later fights. That's all i gotta say.

After the boss fight is over, the BOW will dissolve with the
rain water, that was a pretty weak one. After the fight Barry
will be quickly introduced to Lucia's strange personality as
she calmly says that they're out of danger for now without
even looking around.

Now LUCIA will join you, continue on your way mate.

NOTE : You can switch between characters from your inventory
menu and also during battle, but i would advice you to stick
to Barry at all times since he's really much better. Carry on.

From where you fought the BOW, head up and check the cabinets
on both the left and right side of the deck for some handgun
ammo and a yellow herb. Now head for the middle right hand
side of this huge area. You'll see two doors, one on the bottom
and one on the top wall.

Enter the TOP door first, Inside the SUIT ROOM D, you'll see
a couple of zombies, kill all of them and one of them will be
holding the ELEVATOR 2 KEY. Take it and now check the BOTTOM

You'll be in SUIT ROOM S. Here you'll run into some female
zombies, after disposing of them check the top LEFT corner
of the room for some grenade launcher ammo which you cannot
pick up. That was lame.

Now exit and make your way back to the ELEVATOR PASSAGE, a
few doors back where we saw the 4 elevators. You'll be asked 
to save your game along the way, DO SO.


Before you can enter the elevators you will be contacted by
the HQ dude, Barry will tell him about Lucia and his meeting
with the BOW. The HQ dude will tell Barry in return that Leon
must be somewhere on the 2F cabin decks. Lucia will suggest
that they should take the elevator down since its faster.

Do just that, use the ELEVATOR 2 KEY on any one of the lifts
and take it down, you'll come out in 3F LOBBY BALCONY. Check
your map at this point and you'll see the indicated RED hall
where you have to go very near you. From where you are check
the door on the RIGHT wall near you and another scene, Barry
will realize that the door is locked, Lucia will tell him if
it helps she has a 2nd class key. Barry suggests to go there
and search for a 1st class key.

When your back in control of Barry, head directly LEFT to
the other side of this huge hallway, dont stop anywhere. Kill
the zombies by the door on the door on the LEFT WALL, and use
the 2nd class key from your inventory to open this locked door.

You'll come in 2ND CLASS CABINS. Tons of doors to check here.

Now from where you entered, head down a bit and enter the
first door to the south side, in here there's nothing more
then a crow bar zombie, head forward and enter the first door
on the UPPER WALL. In here after killing the female zombie
check the cabinet for some SHOTGUN SHELLS. Now exit back out
and check the next SOUTH DOOR in line. 

In here kill the lone zombie and check the cabinet for a
LOCK PICK. We'll need this, exit back and enter the next
NORTH DOOR in line, in here check the cabinet in the back
side of the room for a yellow herb, exit back out and enter
the next SOUTH DOOR in line. Nothing in here. Exit and enter
the next NORTH DOOR in line, kill the lone female zombie in
here and check the cabinet at the top for a SEMTEX EXPLOSIVE.

Head for the next NORTH DOOR in line for a KEVLAR ARMOR,
nothing more in the remaining south doors. At the end of the
hallway, head straight up, time to check the vertical doors.

To the RIGHT of the door on the TOP in the vertical line of
doors, you'll find a dark alcove with some assault rifle
ammo in it, but you cant pick it up. Remember this place as
we'll be picking up the rifle in a little while. Head for
the first VERTICAL DOOR and use the LOCK PICK on it and it
will open. A couple of zombies inside.

Check the drawer right near the door and you'll find a CABIN
C34 KEY. After taking it, head further in this room and check
the cabinet for an ASSAULT RIFLE. Now go and take its ammo.

Now head to the very BOTTOM VERTICAL DOOR, and use the key
we picked up right now on this door, it will open. Enter it
and inside check the cabinet for a FIRST CLASS KEY. WOO !.

Allright, now before you can exit this room Barry will also
confirm that now you can go and see Leon, Before you can
exit however, the game will ask you to save your game. Do.


Now exit the SECOND CLASS area entirely, and make your way
to that First class area door, i think you should know where
the door im talking about is.

But before you can open the first class door, another scene
will happen in which Lucia will flip literally and will tell
you that the MONSTER is nearby, the BOW will break through a
wall and will attack, time for the second boss fight. This
one is EXACTLY like the first one so i'll copy the first 
method here, seeing as how lazy I am.


Right then, how do we fight it you ask, simple, use critical hits 
with stronger weapons, by the time you get into the first tyrant 
fight you should have mastered the art of hitting right in the middle 
of the box, if you havent then i'll ask you to restart from an 
earlier save and keep fighting random zombies until you do, then 
take on the tyrant, remember that his heavy punches can cause really 
huge amount of damage to your character and he can kill you in a 
very less time, so the only thing we can do is kill IT first, 
remember the simple rule, critical shots, and something more power 
full then the handgun, in the first tyrant fight something like the 
shotgun will do just fine against it, but keep your more power 
fuller weapons for the later fights. That's all i gotta say.

After this boss fight is over, another scene will happen, Barry
will ask Lucia how she knew that the monster was nearby, she will
say that she just *felt* it, and that she's still feeling it
meaning that the monster is still nearby, suddenly the BOW will
emerge, grab lucia and will vanish. Weird.

When your back in control of Barry, head for the First class door
and open it using the FIRST CLASS KEY.

There are LITERALLY tons of doors here, check each door up and
down and you may find several handgun ammo boxes or different
kinds of herbs, be my guest. When your done exploring head to
the final NORTH door at the very end of this hallway, in here
will be 2 zombies, kill them and head forward in the room and
you'll find a big hole in the middle. Check it and Barry will
automatically use the rope we found a while ago and decend down
to meet Leon who is at the bottom of the hole.

Barry and Leon will finally meet up, Leon's doing just fine. Barry
will tell leon that he's suspicious about this girl Lucia and
that she might be the real BOW in disguise, weird. Leon will
just disperse Barry's comments, and they both start searching
for her anyway. Now you have Leon in your party.

When you regain control you'll be in MULTI PURPOSE. Try to exit
the room and you will be asked to save, DO SO. Now EXIT the


From where your at right now head to the TOP of the area and
enter the two doors side by side, they're both REST ROOMS.
The FEMALE's REST ROOM will have some SHOTGUN SHELLS in it
and also a MEDICAL KEY when you check the toilet. Exit the
rest rooms.

Back in the hallway, go back down and turn LEFT when you
can, in this area of the hall are three doors, one on the
TOP, one on the BOTTOM, and one on the LEFT.

Enter the top one first, your in a SHOP. In here check behind
the cash register for a PURPLE herb, then check the two glass
cases at the top of the room, one as a TITANIUM ARMOR. The
other has some grenade ammo which you STILL cannot take.

Exit back to the hallway and check the BOTTOM door this time
around, its the PIANO BAR. In here, after disposing of the
female zombies, take the LIBRARY DOC, then kill the hidden
zombie near the piano, after that check the dead zombie for

Take it and exit back to the hallway.

Now its time for a fun side trip, check the map and you will
note that your right next to the area where you encountered
the zombies for the first time, check the PDA and it will 
tell you that you have to go to the SECURITY ROOM (where we
first saw Lucia from) to find her again. I think you guys
can manage your way there since its really simple.

NOTE : Along the way, you can take a side trip to the KITCHEN
remember that, there head for the REFREGIRATOR area and check
in the middle of the boxes in the center of it and you will
find the GRENADE LAUNCHER. Now you can re check all the area's
where the grenade ammo was, this is a really powerful gun so
the trip is really worth it.

Now I shall continue from the SECURITY ROOM. Keep in mind that
fresh batches of zombies would have spawned in all of the
previously explored area's so dont blame me if you get attacked.

Once you reach the SECURITY ROOM, head for the monitors again
and check them *there's a zombie in here this time* and another
scene will begin, Leon and Barry will spot the BOW carrying 
Lucia to the upper decks, this will raise Barry's suspicion
about Lucia being the center of all this even more, but Leon
will clear things up for him and will tell Barry her story and
just why she's so strange. After this scene is over try to exit
the security room and you will be asked to save the game again.
Do so.


Now if you were to check your map you will see the area where
we have to go now is on the second floor side deck, right near
where we started the game in the first place. You can go there
by more then one method's but I will state the quickest method
to get there .

From the SECURITY ROOM, head to the ELEVATOR PASSAGE, take the
elevator down to the area where we had the previous BOW fight.
From there you'll notice the grand staircase which you can take
down to the second floor, you'll be in the area where you met
the first zombies in the game, from here on i think you should
know the way out, once you've reached the deck area head all 
the way to the right hand side and before you can reach the
final door in line the game will ask you to save your game once
again. Please do so.


Check the cabinet on the top wall for more handgun bullets, 
heal your character if your wounded in any way then enter
the door at the very right of the deck to enter the UPPER
DECK. Here you will have another scene in which Barry and
Leon will spot the tyrant, it will attack and its time for
another boss fight, same as the first two fights so i'll jus'
copy the previous method.

BOSS : TYRANT I (once more)

Right then, how do we fight it you ask, simple, use critical hits 
with stronger weapons, by the time you get into the first tyrant 
fight you should have mastered the art of hitting right in the middle 
of the box, if you havent then i'll ask you to restart from an 
earlier save and keep fighting random zombies until you do, then 
take on the tyrant, remember that his heavy punches can cause really 
huge amount of damage to your character and he can kill you in a 
very less time, so the only thing we can do is kill IT first, 
remember the simple rule, critical shots, and something more power 
full then the handgun, in the first tyrant fight something like the 
shotgun will do just fine against it, but keep your more power 
fuller weapons for the later fights. That's all i gotta say.

After the boss fight is over, Lucia will tell you guys that
somehow she knew that Leon would be all right, Barry will spot
the BOW coming back to life again and will wonder if it can
even be stopped. Once your back in control QUICKLY turn left
and run because if your not quick you'll have to fight the
tyrant once more, if that happens use the above strategy like
before. Now once your at the safe area.

Now the game, according to the map will ask you to enter the
door which is right near you, its the last top most door on
the second floor deck your at right now, but before that we
will do some side tripping. You must have the LIBRARY KEY in
your inventory.

Make your way to the hallway where we got the SHOTGUN from
near the start of the game, remember there were 2 locked doors
at the top wall near the door you enter the hallway from, well
use the library key to open the first of the top doors and head
inside. Kill the single zombie in here and then search the
various corners of the room to find the following items.

Assault rifle clip, Kevlar armor, Kitchen DOC, LOUNGE KEY.

With the lounge key in hand head to the first elevator that
we used in the game and take it back up to the THIRD FLOOR.
Head in the middle of the corridor and use the newly found
key on the door in the middle of the LEFT SIDE WALL. You'll
enter the LOUNGUE. Now read the following part very carefully.

From the entrance of the Lounge, head to the TOP-LEFT corner
of the huge area, there will be a single zombie here, KILL IT
and check it for the OPERATOR PASS which we will need shortly.
After taking that key head to the central area of the lounge
you'll see 2 doors, one Up one DOWN, first enter the UP door
to enter the KITCHEN D. Here kill the single female zombies and
check for a CABIN F50 KEY. Take it, now exit out of the lounge.

Then head for the first class, here open the only locked door 
with the key and you will find lotsa lotsa goodies. Take them 
and go back again to the side deck where we were at the start
of the game. Head for the final NORTH door and enter it using
the CREW AREA KEY we've been carrying for a long time now.

Head forward in the CORRIDOR C and you will have another scene.
One side of the ship will explode and it will slowly start to
take in water, Barry will contact HQ and ask them for evac but
they cannot do that because of the severe storm, Barry asks
Leon to find a sprinkler system and activate it to control the
fire, Leon asks where Barry is going and he just says trust me.

Now your in control of Leon and Lucia, Barry's gone for now.
Once your in control of Leon for the first time run a bit forward
and take the elevators in front of you to the first floor.

At the first floor in the CARGO ROOM kill all the zombies since
they'll all give you something, after that check the upper part
of the cargo room, check by the dead blue guy and you'll find the
BLOWTORCH. After that enter through the door at the right hand 
side into the STORAGE BAY.

Here, ignore the path heading down and head forward, use the
BLOWTORCH on the door at the left hand wall. Enter it. Your in
the SPECIAL STORAGE. In here kill the zombie right in front of
you and check the area behind it to find a COMPUTER CARD.

After wards check the upper side of the crates in the center
of the area and you'll find a CROW BAR, take that too. Now 
check the Top LEFT area of this entire room and you'll find

We're done with this area for now so exit back all the way to
the elevator and take it back to the SECOND FLOOR. Same area
where Barry separated. Once back here, head to the right side
of the hall, you'll see two doors here, one on the upper wall
and one on the lower wall. One will also lead to the side deck
but we won't go there.

Now, use the CROW BAR we picked up a little earlier on the
UPPER door and enter it, inside you'll see 2 zombies, kill
them, there's a yellow herb in here too, but check out the
cabinet at the end of the room for a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Take
it and exit back, now check the LOWER ROOM.

Here you'll find a box of handgun ammo. Exit back and take
the elevators again. This time head for the THIRD FLOOR. Once
out of the elevator head to the right, 2 doors here too, one

Use the COMPUTER CARD from your inventory to open the UPPER
door, head inside, first take care of all the zombies in this
room then check the control box at the TOP RIGHT for a CONTROL
PASS. Now take the DOC in here, now check the control boxes
on the TOP LEFT and you'll see that you need to be in another
room to start the process. Before you can exit the game will
ask you to save the game.


Exit this room and check the LOWER DOOR now. This one is locked
too but fret now, use the SEMTEX we've had for a while now on
this door and it shall open up. Inside you will be attacked by
zombies immediately, Kill them, check the safe for another
COMPUTER CARD and check the cabinet for a DIAMET ARMOR.

Make your way back to the elevator and take it back down to
the FIRST FLOOR, once here enter the second right side room
and you'll see that FIRE has formed around a previously locked
door, use the FIRE EXTINGUISHER on it, then use the CONTROL PASS
on the door and enter into the DATA CONTROL ROOM.

Inside, kill all the zombies first, then check its body for the
ELEVATOR PASS. After that check the blue body at the bottom for
the DATA DISC. Now check the control box near the top of the
room to start the SPRINKLER SYSTEM. Leon will see that there
is also an emergency fire system which can be started from the
security room. SAVE TIME AGAIN.


Now we go to the only place we haven't seen from the elevators,
thats right, head back to the elevators and this time take them
up to the fourth floor. Immediately you'll notice that you can
not exit the elevator, use the ELEVATOR PASS we just picked up
on the elevator door and you will be allowed to step into the

SIDE TRIP TIME : Before you go to the 4TH FLOOR, head back to
the SECOND FLOOR, and take the side deck path where the game
started from and re-trace your steps from the start of the game,
do you remember the hallway where we found the SHOTGUN, where
we used the LIBRARY KEY not so long ago, head back there and this
time use the MEDICAL KEY on the second upper door. It shall open.

In this dark room check around and you will find a DIAMET armor,
a purple herb and a yellow herb. Very useful so be sure to make
this little side trip for your health issues.

All right, we're done here for now, so head back to the SIDE DECK
and back to the elevator room, take the elevator to the 4TH FLOOR
this time, use the ELEVATOR PASS on the locked 4th floor elevator
room and go through it.

You'll be in the CREW ACCESS AREA, nothing for us to do or see
here to just head right of the screen and take the stairs up to
the next room, the OPERATION ROOM.

Check the control box right in front of the door we entered from
and you'll find the BIOLER KEY. Now we have to make another side
trip back to a familiar place.

SIDE TRIP : We have to go back to the hallway where we just went
to ue the medical key and once you get there, you should know 
there is only ONE door left here we haven't checked. That is the
door on the far left wall which comes in the way when we're heading
for the elevator. Make your way there and use the BOILER KEY on it.
Enter it. A little note that we dont have to do anything here YET
and we're here just for item hunting.

So, on the first floor of the BOILER ROOM, you'll find some
Rocket launcher missles, do take. On the second bottom floor
you'll find two boxes of handgun ammo, one box of shotgun shells
and one assault rifle clip in the far corner.

Now EXIT the BOILER room completely, and make your way to the
rear elevators, the first one we used in the game, we have to
go to the SECURITY ROOM (( how can you forget this, where we
saw lucia for the first time on the monitors and later too )).

Take the rear elevator to the THIRD FLOOR, take the staircase
to the right to the FOURTH FLOOR, then head in the direction of
the SECURITY ROOM and enter it once you get to it. Check on the
security monitors in the back of the room.

Leon and Lucia will spot Barry talking to an unknown person this
time and he'll be making some sort of deal with him, telling him
that he has lucia and that the other guy has very less options, 
it looks like he's making a deal about Lucia, this isnt good. Now
we have to go to where Barry is at this point, the PIANO BAR 2F.

You should know the way there by now, if you dont I'll guide you
through the smallest way, now before you can exit the security
room the game will ask you to make a save, do that.


Allright, from the outside of the SECURITY ROOM, head right towards
the ELEVATOR PASSAGE, and take one elevator to the third floor area,
from here take the grand staircase to the SECOND FLOOR, once your in
the area where we saw the zombies for the first time, head RIGHT in
this room and take the door on the right wall, then take the door
immediately next to you on the bottom wall. We're there.

I dont think i have to remind you that there will be legions of
new regenerated zombies in area's which you may or may not have
cleared out before, so be prepared at all times. Right. When you
enter the PIANO BAR ROOM, head forward towards Barry and another
scene kicks in.

Barry will congratulate Leon for turning the sprinkler system on
but Leon wants to know whats going on, Barry pulls up a gun on Leon
and tells him to hand over Lucia, Lucia agree's to go with him in
exchange for Leon's safety, now Barry and Lucia will be at the side
deck of the ship where a mysterious Sub marine has emerged out of
the water from, Barry and Lucia climb down into the submarine as its
crew opens fire on Leon who is watching all this from the side deck.
The submarine has the umbrella logo plain as day on the side, looks
like Barry made a deal with the enemy.

Suddenly there will be another explosion from the engine room, the
HQ dude will ask you to go check it out since they're reading a 
massive power buil up there. Leon will agree. You will be asked to
save the game. DO SO.


Allright now, your alone with Leon for this leg of the game, you'll
be on the 2F area where we fought the tyrant with Leon for the first
time, we have to head back to the BOILER ROOM, remember we just
cleared it off the items a little while back.

From where your at, go to the side deck 2F, then to the room with
the first zombie fight, make way to the hallway where we got the
SHOTGUN from, then enter the BOILER ROOM door. Once inside, head
straight forward and up and take the stairs leading down into the
engine room. Once in here, run forward and climb the small central
stair like things, you'll see whats causing the power serge.

You'll be asked to save the game first hand, DOOOOO  !!..


You will see the BOW messing around with the engine parts, Leon will
make a macho yell, the BOW notices and its fight time once again.

Again, the basic fight rules are simple like all the other times
we've fought the tyrant, but the method to end this fight is not
just by shooting him until he's dead, in this fight you will note
that when you shoot the tyrant consecutively it will start going
back in the screen, now what you have to do to end this fight is
to take aim right in the center and start hitting the tyrant shot
after shot with your most powerful guns, if your not missing and
your shots are hitting him in a straight series then the tyrant
will start moving back down the screen and in a few more shots
after its in the most back part of the screen, the screen will
fade to white and it will go down. Fight over.

A long scene now, Leon will realize that the ship has been done
for and he cannot do anything about it, he sits hopelessly in
the engine room. On board the elevator, the captain of it asks
Barry to hand over Lucia, seems like Umbrella were after her all
this time, but Barry tells them the deal is off, then threatens
to shoot Lucia if they do anything. Barry will ask why they're
looking for this girl in the first place and the captain will
tell him that the GIRL is the HOST for the BOW parasite and its
inside her at this very moment, that is what causes Lucia's weird
experiences and why she exactly knows where the monsters are.

The captain will tell him that in ten days the parasite will
burst out of Lucia, killing her. Barry orders the captain to
tell the sub's surgeon's to operate on her and take it out and
he agree's. The parasite is taken out of her, but its still
alive and attacks the captain, turning him into a zombie. Now
a quick boss fight.


The captain of the sub is just like any regular zombies, but he's
just a bit more faster and more resiliant, you'll probably start
the fight without any weapons in your hands, so after equipping
a gun shoot it in the critical spot quickly enough to end this.

Barry will say that they have to turn the sub around to go and
rescue Leon. Lucia agree's.

Once your back in control of Barry, check the top shelves of
this room your in for one purple herb, blue herb, and yellow herb.
Exit from the door on the left hand wall, your in CREW QUARTERS.

In here, make your way to the left of the screen while killing
zombies along the way, in the next room in line, you'll see a
staircase leading up, take it UP. You'll be at the BRIDGE, and
you'll see that the damn BOW has made it here too. HOW !!!!.

Read carefully now, if you run into the BOW here you will have
to endure another boss fight, so just dont !. Check the control
boxes on the top line to find a purple herb and a box of shotgun
shells. Then quickly going around the machines, to dodge the BOW
make your way to the left side of this area and enter the door 
on the left wall. Once through another scene will begin. Barry
will quickly shut the door. Head left into the room some more
and you'll be asked to save the game. DO SO.


Head near the controls near the dead body and check them, you'll
have another scene, Barry is more worried about Leon not shooting
him first when they go to rescue him, i would be to. Barry will
also apolagize to Lucia for the mess before, and will suggest 
that after this mess is over she come stay with his family. Nice.

Now Barry and Lucia will board the STAR LIGHT from the side deck
but the BOW will jump on the ship too and disappear again, this
sucks majorly. I think you already know where Leon is and thats
where we have to go right now. So.

From the Side deck, make your way to the side deck, Note that the
ship will have fires in various locations preventing you from going
to the BOILER ROOM with the normal path, we'll have to improvize.

From the SIDE DECK, head to the first zombie fight room. Take the
grand staircase up to the THIRD FLOOR. From here, take the ELEVATORS
to the FOURTH FLOOR. Make your way to the LEFT OF THE AREA and head
back to the REAR ELEVATOR area, remember that ?! .. Once there take
the rear elevator down and you'll come out very near the door to
the Boiler room, take it. Enter the boiler room.

NOTE : Along the way you'll run into more zombies then ever before
so please for the love of god keep an eye out on your health meter
and heal when you see it getting into red or bottom of yellow and
always keep some armor equipped.

In here you will run into Leon right in front of the entrance, but
Lucia will say that this is not the real Leon, suddenly *leon* will
turn into the BOW, DAMN!. This fight is un avoidable. Now you'll
fight the second form of the BOW.


The second form of the tyrant will look something a bit like 
what i do, no im kidding again. The basic strategy is the same as 
before, but the tyrant is more stronger then before and its attacks 
are more damaging then before too, so i would advice you to keep 
your ammo on the trigger and fire just about every time you have 
the opertunity to hit a critical hit, your your strongest gun what 
ever that is and finish the fight as quick as you can, your not 
that far away from the game, there's just one more boss fight 
after that so dont worry about wasting useless ammo. Keep an eye 
on the aiming reticle and fire ONLY when you know your going to hit 
a critical hit. That does not mean to not fire at all at other 
times, just.. FIRE !!..

The method to finish the fight is similar to the last boss fight
we had, keep on shooting it until it goes back furthest into the
screen and then it will fall down and the fight is over.

But after the fight is over, you'll see that the tyrant is still
there and it will start running after you, you should run now to
the stairs which lead down where Leon probably is, take the
stairs down and head for the central stair way area and you'll
have another scene. Leon will see but dont believe Barry, he and
Lucia convince him that it was all for the good. The ship shakes
again and they have to get out quickly.

Head up and you will be asked to make a save. DO THAT.


The submarine is still parked on the side deck area and we have
to get there ASAP. Head outside the Boiler room and you'll notice
that the elevators are blocked by fire, so just head in the path
which leads directly to the area where we first fought zombies, 
this is the same path we took at the very beginning of the game, 
once your back in THAT area, you'll notice that you cannot exit
to the side deck from the first big door since the path is blocked
by fire, we'll just have to find another way. Now head to the hall
with the door to the PIANO BAR. Its just on the right wall from
where your at. Once here, head right and down as it we were going
to the MULTI PURPOSE. But south of the MP you'll find another door
on the south wall we didnt use before, IT will take you to the
side deck too.. WOO... Now head immediately right and make your
way to the ending door towards the sub.

You'll notice that the path leading there DIRECTLY will be locked
so we'll take the in direct route, there's also a door leading to
the sub area from the corridor where Barry separated from you
in the first place remember, its just 1 door away. So enter it.

Run forward to the end towards the door and you'll see the BOW
here, we just have to fight it to get through, so use ALL the
same methods as the previous tyrant fight, its just exactly the
same thing here, so i wont bother repeating it all. Once your
done with the boss fight, take the door it was guarding and you
will be back at the open deck area. Almost the end.

Here you will have another scene, the BOW will emerge and dive
into the sea with Lucia, Barry will jump after them, after some
time Barry will emerge with Lucia in his hand, but Leon will spot
another Lucia standing right behind them, its the BOW playing
tricks on them. The two *Lucia's* will start arguing, one of them
will cut her hand with a knife and red blood will pour out, this
proves that this is the real Lucia since the BOW has green blood.

The other Lucia will turn into the final form of the Tyrant and
its time for the final boss fight.


The third form of the tyrant is butt ugly, there, i said it. No 
im not kidding this time. This time the tyrant is even more uglier, 
more powerful and even more resiliant then before, but by now you 
should have enough of your strong weapons to take this bad boy out 
in a little while, if you've got the rocket launcher then this fight 
will take you less time then the last tyrant fight did, but dont 
let me be the judge of that, oh and if that hits you more then once,
be sure to heal immediately. Okey.

The method to finish the fight is similar to the last boss fight
we had, keep on shooting it until it goes back furthest into the
screen and then it will fall down and the fight is over.

After this fight, the cool ending sequence begins, looks like its
the end... FOR LEON !! 


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                   _ _                 
                  |_| |_ ___ _____ ___ 
                  | |  _| -_|     |_ -|
                  |_|_| |___|_|_|_|___|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

In this small section i will tell you about all the items you may 
find in the game, where you may find them and what they may be used 
for , if you are unable to find any item with the walkthrough then 
you can see its name here and be well.

Green herb :
These are the normal herbs of the resident evil games, these herbs 
only restore a small part of your health, use them only on light 
Location : all over the place.
Yellow herb :
These are a new addition to the resident evil herb collections, 
these herbs restore a moderate ammount of damage and are quite 
useful at times.
Location : less frequent then the green herbs.
Red herbs :
Gaiden changes the role of the red herb and this time it can be used 
itself and it can restore heavy amount of health. This is a powerful thing.
Location : Less found.
Blue herbs :
These are the herbs which finish the poison, these are quite useful 
and you should have as much of them as you can find.
Location : frequently found.
Purple Herb :
These are the real deal, these herbs can cure poison as well as 
restore the heavy health like the red herb. There are very few of 
these in the game so be careful.
Location : Rare.
Armors :
This game has introduced something new and that is the addition of 
the body armors There are three types of body armor going from weaker 
to stronger.
Kevlar       - weak
Titanium     - medium
Diamet       - strong
Locations : These armors are scattered aboard the starlight and they 
are very very useful so make sure you find em all.
Coolant fuse :
A heavy duty electrical fuse used for the coolant system in the 
Refrigerator Room on 1F. This coolant is used to open the refrigator 
room in the kitchen on the first floor restaurent near where you 
start the game.
Location : Balcony 2F
Elevator key 1 :
This key is used to operate a set of elevators to the West of the 
ship. This key can be used to open the elevators in the second floor 
of the ship which allow you access to your first savegame spot and 
the third floor.
Location : Corridor A, 2F on the body of a zombie.
Security Card :
This security card is used to gain access to the Security Room on 4F.
This card opens the most important room on the ship , you will come 
to that room several times so this is something important.
Location : Seat deck 4F, on a zombie.
Rope :
This Rope is strong enough to hold the weight of any full grown man.
This rope is later used in the game to rescue leon, what is it with 
barry and ropes.
Location : Pool 4F.
Bar room key :
This key is used to gain access to the Bar Room on 4F.
This key opens the door which will lead you to your first tyrant fight.
Location : Pool 4F, dead female zombie.
Elevator key 2:
This key is used to operate a set of elevators in the centre of the ship.
This key opens up the main elevator way in the third floor.
Location : Suite room P 4F, on a dead zombie.
2nd class key:
This key is used to gain access to the 2nd class cabins on 3F.
Lucui will give this key to you in the game, it is of great importance.
Location : Lucia gives em to you
Sextex :
Semtex is a highly dangerous plastic explosive. This can be used for 
a variety of purposes. It might be able to blast open the door to 
the Captain's Room on 3F. This is an explosive which can be used 
to blast open the locked door in 3F near the crew elevator.
Location : Second class cabin 3F
Lockpick :
A good set of Lock Picking Tools. These may be useful for a lock 
without a key. These lockpicks are used to open the door on the 
north of the 2nd class area.
Location : 2nd class cabin. 3F
Cabin C34 Key :
This key is used to gain access to one of the 2nd Class Cabins on 3F.
This opens the south west cabin in the second class hallway.
Location : 2nd class cabin.
1st Class key :
This key is used to gain access to the 1st Class Cabins on 3F.
This is the key which will lead you to leon.
Location : 2nd class cabin
Library key :
A well worn key that is used to gain access to the ship's library 
on 2F. This key looks like its old but it will get you in the library.

Location :Piano room 2F , on a dead female zombie.
Medical Key :
A key that is used to open the Medical Office on 2F.
Dont forget to take the several medical supplied found there
Location : Toilet 2F
Kitchen key :
A grubby key use to open one of the ships' Kitchens on 1F.
This key will be used to enter the room where you use the coolant.
Location : On a dead body in the restaurent.
Crew Area key :
This key is used to gain access to the Crew Area on 2F.
This will lead you to the lift.
Location : Refregirator 1F.
Lounge Key :
A lavish key that is used to open the ship's Lounge on 3F.
And lavish here means stylish.
Location : Library 2F
Computer card :
This security card is used to gain access to the ship's Computer
Control Room on 3F.
Location : Captain room 3F

Control pass:
This key is used to gain access to the Data Control Room on 1F.
This is one of the most important places in the game.
Location : Computer room 3F
Cabin F50 key:
This key is used to gain access to one of the 1st Class Cabins on 
3F. This key leads you to the room with leon.
Location : Kitchen of 3F.
Operator pass :
This security card is used to gain access to a computer in the 
Computer Control Room on 3F.
Location : Viewing lounge 3F, on a dead zombie.
Blowtorch :
When used correctly a Blowtorch can be used to cut holes through 
metal. The keys have been lost for the Special Storage Area on 1F. 
This Blow Torch may be useful there.
Location : Cargo bay 1F.
This is a heavy duty tool used for forcing open some locked or 
jammed doors. Maybe this could be used to open the jammed Crew 
Room door on 2F.
Location : Special Storage room 1F
Entinguisher :
A fire Extinguisher can be used to put out dangerous fires.
You should know where to use this.
Location : Crew room 2F
Elevator pass:
This security card is needed to operate a set of elevators to the 
East of the ship. Without this pass you wont be able to go to the 
op rooms.
Location : Data control 1F, on a dead zombie.
Data disk :
This is a Data Disk to be used with the computer in the Data 
Control Room on 1F.
Location : Data control room 1F
Bioler key :
This key is used to gain access to the Boiler Room on 2F.
This is the key which will lead you to the second last tyrant fight.
Location : Operation room 4F, on a dead zombie.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                    ___ _ _         
                   |  _|_| |___ ___ 
                   |  _| | | -_|_ -|
                   |_| |_|_|___|___|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

DOCUMENT                                     DOCUMENT
NAME                                           LOCATION

1.  Info Doc                                2F side deck
2.  Run Doc                                 2F lobby
3.  Health Doc                              2F balcony
4.  Equip Doc                               2F balcony
5.  Poison Doc                              2F ladies bathroom
6.  Items Doc                               2F Corridor A
7.  Escape DOc                              2F corridor A
8.  Targetting DOc                          3F corridor E
9.  Armor Doc                               4F seat deck
10. Library Doc                             2F piano room
11. Kitchen Doc                             2F library
12. Computer Doc                            3F Computer room.
Info Doc :
Your current objective will be shown on your PDA. Your PDA will 
also show all the information you have found. Your PDA can be 
accessed from your inventory.

Your current objective will also be shown on your map and will be 
highlighted in red. Your map will also show where you currently 
are highlighted in green.

As you complete your objectives your current status will be saved. 
You may then continue your mission after a restart. At set times 
you may also save your status in slot 1, 2 or 3. You may then 
continue your mission from slot 1, 2 or 3 when you restart.
Run Doc :
When you try to run away in a battle, you must fire your weapon 
and hit the target in the middle. Zombies will try harder to hit 
you whilst you are running away. Once you start to run away you 
cannot re-join the battle.
Health Doc :
Always be on the lookout for Herbs to pick up. If you are wounded 
these will recover lost health. Apply a herb within your inventory 
to recover lost health. Search zombies as they may be sometimes be 
carrying Herbs and other useful items.
Equip Doc :
You can equip yourself with a different weapon within your 
inventory. You also have access to your inventory when in battle, 
but be careful the action will not stop.
Poison Doc :
Some of these zombies can poison you with their attacks. If you 
are poisoned your health will suffer for a period of time. Use 
the blue or purple herbs to cure yourself from the poison. Your 
display will indicate when you are poisoned.
Items Doc :
To unlock a door you must use the key when you are near that 
door. To use an item, like a key, you must go to your inventory.
Escape Doc :
To escape from a Zombie's grasp, struggle by trying to move.
Targetting Doc :
You may use your targeting system to attack any hostiles. Once 
your target is activated you can aim at any hostiles you meet. 
The sight will indicate when a hostile is in range. De-Activate 
the target system once a hostile is in range to start a battle. 

Once in a battle, fire your weapon when the target is aligned 
with the hostile to be hit. Remember that your weapons are less 
effective at greater distances.
Armor Doc :
Be on the lookout for Armour. Equip yourself with the Armour you 
find to protect yourself. The stronger the Armour, the less damage 
you will suffer when you are hit in a battle. Remember, useful 
items such as Armour may be left around the ship by the crew and 
passengers. Lookout for these items and always watch for your 
alert icon. 
Library Doc :
TO catch up on procedures, crewmen should read during their spare 
time. Many technical books can be found in the Library on 2F
Kitchen Doc :
During meal breaks, crewmen should use the Kitchen 3F. This Kitchen 
can be found next to the Ocean View Lounge.
Computer Doc :
You need the Operator Password Card to re-boot the computer. The 
operator crewmen can often be found socialising in the Piano Bar 
on 2F.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                     _           _       
                 ___| |_ ___ ___| |_ ___ 
                |  _|   | -_| .'|  _|_ -|
                |___|_|_|___|__,|_| |___|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


Ammo Cheat :
You have to be in the engine room before fighting the B.O.W. 
(twelfth save point). Intentionally die when fighting B.O.W. 
and use a continue. Get the handgun bullets and repeat this 
until you have 99 ammunition. You can also get other bullets 
in these locations.

( Note that both the xplorer and the action replay codes are for 
the EU version of the game , as it was only there )

                 Pro action replay codes

Inf Ammo A-Rifle

Inf Health

Inf Ammo Pistol

Inf Ammo Shotgun

                Gameshark codes

Inf Health

Inf Pistol Ammo

Inf Shotgun Ammo

Inf Assault-Rifle Ammo

Inf Grenade Launcher Ammo

Inf Gas Launcher Ammo

Inf Rocket Launcher Ammo


* Alwayz try to shoot in the middle of the enemy indicator 
as it will hit more powerfully and you will save your ammo.

* If you only have 1 zombie in front of you dont hesitate in 
using the knife it saves alot of ammo.

* If you are fighting zombies make sure taht you use the knife 
or the handgun done waste your powerful side arms on the zombies.

* Always try to avoid fights if you can, its really easy to dodge 
a zombie and once you master it you can avoid lotsa damage with it.

* The zombies which have crowbars in their hands are more powerful 
then normal zombies and they will also hit from a larger area so 
you should kill them quickly

* The female zombies can poison you more quickly then male zombies 
so you should try not to be attacked by them.

* Always equip the armor as soon as you find one and dont forget to 
give the best one to lucia as she has a lower endurance rate then 
barry or leon.

* Some weapons are too good to be used on the ingame enemies like 
the rocket launcher and the grenade gun,always save them for the 
boss fights.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                _            _   _           _ _         
    ___ ___ ___|_|___ ___   | |_|_|_____ ___| |_|___ ___ 
   |_ -| -_|  _| | -_|_ -|  |  _| |     | -_| | |   | -_|
   |___|___|_| |_|___|___|  |_| |_|_|_|_|___|_|_|_|_|___|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


Doctor James Marcus, Lord Edward Ashford and Ozwell E Spencer discover
the mother virus.

Birth of Kenneth J. Sullivan S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team Scout.
Deceased July 23, 1998 inside Spencer Mansion.  Devoured by Zombie.

Birth of Enrico Marini.  Captain of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team.
Wounded during Spencer Mansion penetration.  Killed July 23,
1998 by a single gunshot wound.  Murderer unknown; possibly
Barry Burton under the command of Albert Wesker.

Birth of Albert Wesker, captain of STARS Alpha team

Early 1960's
Alexander ashford graduated with a Ph.D in biogenetics and joins his
father in research for the mother virus.

Birth of Barry Burton.  Ex S.W.A.T. team member; currently part of
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team.  Working under threats to his family by
Albert Wesker.  Competent helicopter pilot.

Michael Warren, an engineer, moves to Raccoon city and begins work
the city's cable car system.  He eventually becomes mayor.

New york city architect George Trevor is hired by spencer to build a
huge mansion in the arklay forest.

Birth of Brad Vickers.  Part of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. Known as
"chickenheart" he pilots the helicopter (and abandons the team)
during a botched team disembark at the Spencer Mansion.


November 10, 1967
Progenitor Virus administered to Jessica and Lisa Trevor, wife and
daughter of famed architect, George Trevor.  Kidnapped and held in
the Spencer Mansion, Jessica eventually dies, Lisa lives.
Trevor's Diary: George Trevor's aunt becomes ill and is sent to a
nearby hospital.   Jessica and Lisa Trevor intend to visit her.

November 13, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Architect George Trevor arrives at the Spencer
Mansion, which he designed over a five-year period for Lord Ozwell E.
Spencer.  Spencer tells Trevor that Trevor's family has recently
departed to visit a sick aunt.   Both gentlemen feast in the dinning
room before viewing the mansion's art collection.  Trevor mentions
the house's "numerous secrets."
Lisa Trevor's Letters: Part torture subject, part bio-experiment,
Jessica Trevor writes a final, emotional note to her daughter,
pleading for an escape plan and fearing the worst is upon them.

November 14, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor views Lord Spencer's collection of
European paintings and parchments.  Spencer tells Trevor he is
contemplating turning the residence into a seaside resort.  He also
wishes to start an "international industrial medicine company." The
company's name would be "Umbrella."
Lisa Trevor's Letters" Lisa Trevor feels dizzy from the shot she was
given four days ago.  She wants to escape the mansion, but her mother
hasn't returned.

November 15, 1967
Lisa Trevor's Letters: Lisa finds her mother and they eat together.
Lisa is happy until she realizes her mother is a "fake" and "different
inside." She locates her mother's face, peels it off her skull, and
attaches it to herself.

November 18, 1967
Lisa Trevor's Letters: Lisa mentions a coffin under the house where
her mother rests.  Little else of the letter is comprehensible.
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor notes in his diary that his wife and
children have not returned from their Aunt Emma's.  There are no
telephones, so he can't check their whereabouts.  Trevor heads to a
second floor terrace.  Large crows perch here; Trevor feels strange,
as if he is being watched.  He spies a lower courtyard with a ladder
leading down into a hole ­ this wasn't in his design.

November 20, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor notices that the shotgun gave Lord
Spencer has been swapped for a broken one.  Trevor is alarmed at his
family's disappearance, and his employer wants him back at work.

November 21, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers:  Trevor is ushered into an enclosed
reception chamber, where a man in a white lab coat tells Trevor
that his family is dead.  Trevor feels pain in the back of his
neck; he falls to the floor.

November 24, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor is imprisoned in the room' the
man in the white coat brings him "revolting" food.  Only he and
Spencer know the mansion's terrible secrets.  He mentions
preternatural entities roaming the manor grounds.  Trevor wonders
if Spencer is testing the mansion's "secret mechanisms" on him.
A strange ant-like creature lands on Trevor tramples a number of
them.  Trevor's Diary also notes these occurrences.

November 26, 1967
Trevor's Diary: George Trevor loses his favorite lighter ­ the one
Jessica gave him.

November 27, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: George Trevor escapes from his room, but
the mansion is securely locked.  He mentions Crests, an eye needed
for a statue, and a Golden Emblem.  He hasn't time for these games.

November 29, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers:  Trevor begins to lose his mind.  He stumbles
upon a room with a giant plant growing through it.  He describes it
as "absurdly gigantic." Trevor escapes the mansion and moves through
a laboratory, in to a cave system.  He mentions high-heeled shoes.
He hopes his wife escaped by this route.  Trevor's diary entries
become increasingly disjointed.  He hasn't had food or water for
days. He feels trapped.
Trevor's Diary: Trevor continues to ramble on about being trapped,
writing about large glass tubes and wet, eerie caves.

November 31, 1967
Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor is in the dark.  He scrambles through
a secret tunnel that ends in a damp chamber.  Something monstrous
looms in the shadows.  With his final match, he illuminates the room.
Near him is a headstone carved with his name carved into it.  Trevor
scrawls a final goodbye to his wife.

Sometime in 1967
It is assumed that Lord Ozwell Spencer and Alexander Ashford completed
the experiment known as the T-virus.

Sometime in 1967
The Special Tactics and Recovery Squad (or S.T.A.R.S.) is formed in
New York City as a special branch of the police force.  Its specially
trained troops deal with cult-affiliated terrorism.

Birth of Forest Speyer, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team sniper and vehicle
specialist.  Deceased July 23, 1998 on a balcony inside Spencer Mansion.
Devoured by an unknown entity.

Estimated "birth" of Alfred Ashford and Alexia Ashford, twins in a
long line of Ashfords.  Their father Alexander (along with Lord
Spencer) created the T-virus.  The twins then experimented on
Alexander, turning him into a "Nosferatu".  After the nvention
of the T-Veronica Virus, Alexia enters a cryogenic state chamber to
mutate and strengthen her powers.

Birth of Joseph Frost, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team vehicles specialist,
who joined Alpha Team under orders from Albert Wesker.
Deceased July 23, 1998 on Spencer Mansion grounds.
Devoured by zombified hounds.

The Raccoon City chapter of S.T.A.R.S. is established.

Birth of Chris Redfield S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team member.  Dishonorably
discharged from the Air Force, Chris is recruited from S.T.A.R.S. by
Barry Burton.

Birth of Richard Aiken, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team communications specialist.
Bitten to death July 23, 1998 on Spencer Mansion grounds.

14th Feb 1975
Birth of STARS alpha team member Jill valentine.
Current status. Active.

Wesker's Report II: Albert Wesker arrives at the Arklay Laboratories
ignoring the Umbrella president and remaining aloof to the other staff.
He commences research on the Ebola Virus, and attempts to create a
Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W. Entities).  Wesker first encounters the
"woman," a creature who has been constantly experimented on with
multiple viral strains since her first injection on November 10, 1967.

Birth of Rebecca Chambers, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team medic and part-time
pianist.  One day before Alpha Team's arrival in Raccoon Forest,
she investigates a mysterious train.  Albert Wesker shoots her in the
chest, but she survives and escapes the mansion.
Her status is currently active.

Birth of Steve Burnside.  An immature but good-hearted child, he is
 held on the remote Rockfort Island with his father as a prisoner
of Umbrella, Inc.

July 27, 1981
Wesker's Report II: Ten-year old Alexia Ashford is given permission
to head up Umbrellas' remote Antarctic research station.  Her family's
 reputation is legendary (her father, Alexander Ashford first
discovered the T-virus), although Alexander's son, Alfred, is
useless.  Wesker vows to commence research on the laboratory's older
workers, but Dr. William Birkin ins envious of Alexia and isn't
mentally capable of helping Wesker.  An imprecise killing machine,
 name the Zombie, is created.  However its infection ration isn't
perfect.  The "woman" still lives ,l and Wesker is surprised at
how resilient she has become.


January 30, 1983
Alfred's Diary: Alfred Ashford, inside the secret Umbrella Antarctic
base keeps a diary where he mentions a hidden passageway, accessible
only by using three family brooches.  He cannot retrieve his father's

February 17, 1983
Alfred's Diary:  Alfred manages to secure the brooches and enter the
sealed room.  He makes a shocking discovery-his DNA was spliced from
a family ancestor and surrogate mother; both Alfred and Alexia are
experiments.  Angry and jealous that his father chose Alexia (she
exhibits genius intelligence, but Alfred does not), Alfred is determined
to avenge his blundered birth.

March 3, 1983
Alfred's Diary: Alfred and Alexia begin to experiment using the
T-Veronica Virus on a "human body" they find- most likely their
father.  Alfred worries that the family butler will find out
about this macabre experiment.

April 22, 1983
Alfred's Diary: Alexander Ashford is turned into a freakishly
mutated being that comes to be known as "Nosferatu," and he's
locked away in a secret basement room.  Alexia, meanwhile,
continues to experiment on herself, and she informs Alfred that
she needs to be frozen for 15 years before the T-Veronica Virus
can completely consume her Alfred, now alone, mentally degenerates

December 31, 1983
Wesker's Report II: Wesker hears that Alexia died after injecting
herself with the T-Veronica Virus.  He can't rely on Alfred to
help with research.  Wesker begins to wonder why Ozwell Spencer
locate the laboratory here, especially as Wesker believes other
species (both animal and vegetable) could be affected by the virus.
He realizes that placing a base in the Antarctic wasn't so crazy
after all.  The "failure" at the laboratory (the woman infected
back in 1967) has been forgotten. Wesker's true intentions- that
 he's been planted in the Umbrella organization by another company ­
are still secret.

Birth of Sherry Birkin, daughter of Umbrella scientists, Doctor
William Birkin and Annette Birkin.  Sherry wears a small neck
pendant that carries the G-virus.  Albert Wesker's forces may be
holding her against her will.

Residents of Raccoon City elect Michael Warren (the engineer who
pioneered the town's cable car system) mayor of Raccoon City.
Warren holds this position until the town is destroyed; he dies
in the nuclear explosion.

Wesker's Report II: Wesker can't believe Birkin is bringing life into
the world when he works in such a place, especially as work has begun
on the Tyrant, a genetically superior soldier.  However, very few
"test subjects" could survive with the T-Virus inside them; most turn
into Zombies.  Only 10 people in the United States have the correct
DNA.  Hear the Umbrella France has recently started the Nemesis Project,
Wesker requests appropriate samples, realizing that a tremendous
soldier can now be created.   The Nemesis parasite has a short life
expectancy outside of the host body, so Wesker resolves to plant
the Nemesis parasite into the "woman."  The results are surprising ­
she devours the parasite and lives.  Wesker switches his research
completely and begins to work on the "failure".

After five years as mayor of Raccoon City, Michael Warren begins to
rely heavily on Umbrella's "charitable" donations.  The money helps
to build a hospital, a public utility works, a municipal building,
and helps "keep the public peace."

The newly appointed Raccoon City chief of police, Brian Irons, begins
to take bribes from Umbrella, Inc. to ignore the disappearance of
locals, Umbrella's "experimental" areas of the city, and other
atrocities.  Chief Irons becomes more erratic.


July 31, 1995
Wesker's Report II: Wesker returns to the Arklay Laboratories after
a four-year absence.  Birkin heads the G-Virus experiment that Wesker
began.  The G-Virus continuously mutates its host, creating a creature
that resurrects itself from the dead.  Spencer spends less and less time
at the Raccoon facility.  A new lead researcher named John arrives,
and the experiment on the "woman" begin to turn violent ­ she rips
the faces off careless researchers and wears them on her hunched
back.  She is destroyed, but Wesker wonders what Spencer has in
store for Umbrella.

While Mayor Warren and Police Chief Irons stonewall any protests,
Umbrella, Inc. is permitted to construct the Arklay Laboratories
near the old Spencer Mansion, away from the main business district,
but still within Raccoon City Limits.

Barry Burton leaves his job as S.W.A.T. team sergeant to become
a full-time member of S.T.A.R.S. Burton recruits Chris Redfield,
and both move to Raccoon City to revamp the S.T.A.R.S. team there.
Ada Wong, a spy infiltrating the Umbrella organization to gain more
information on their viral experiments, manages to become intimate
with an Umbrella researcher named John. The Raccoon City Police
Department moves into the disused Raccoon City Art Gallery.
Artwork remains in the building during the move, but many more
expensive paintings and statues arrive shortly afterward.  They
belong to Chief Irons.


April 25, 1998
Manager's Diary: A technician is hired to manage Arklay Laboratories
and "disposal" facility.  The lab is near the mansion, disguised as
a factory.

May 10, 1998
Keeper's Diary: The keeper looks after a new specimen, which may be
a Chimera.  The beast dismembers and disembowels its meat (a wild pig)
before eating. Secretary's Diary: Chief Irons acquires another disgusting
painting; a naked human, being hanged.

May 11, 1998
Keeper's Diary:  A T-Virus leak shuts down the Arklay Laboratories
 basement area.  The keep dons a haz-mat (hazardous materials) suit.

May 12, 1998
Keeper's Diary:  the Keeper feels "musty" and "itchy" after 24 hours
in the haz-mat suit.

May 13, 1998
Keeper's Diary: The Keeper goes to the laboratory clinic when his
itchy back becomes swollen.  He removes his haz-mat suit, and they
bandage his back.
Prisoner's Diary: On Rockfort Island, a prisoner complains that
his cell "stinks of death." He shares a bunk bed with an
"interesting" fellow named Bob.

May 14, 1998
Keeper's Diary:  A blister appears on the Keeper's foot; he
hobbles to the dog pen.  Some of the hounds have escaped.
Manager's Diary: Arklay Laboratories tests a special, but
unstable, gas that decomposes living cells.

May 15, 1998
Keeper's Diary: An armed guard prevents the Keeper from leaving
or making phone calls.

May 16, 1998
Keeper's Diary: A scientist is shot trying to escape from the
secured Laboratory.  That night, a piece of rotting flesh falls off
the Keeper's arm.
Prisoner's Diary: Bob says that he was the assistant to Alfred
Ashford, but was imprisoned over "a tiny little mistake."

May 17, 1998
The T-Virus accidentally saturates a laboratory plant in Arklay
Laboratories, creating Plant 42.  An angry researcher floods the
mansion's lower rooms, freeing sharks infected with the T-Virus.

May 19, 1998
Keeper's Diary: The T-Virus metamorphosis is almost complete.
The Keeper attacks and eats the guard.

May 20, 1998
A female hiker is found on the bank of the Marble River.  The body
shows signs of animal lacerations.
Manager's Diary" Despite possessing a keycard, the Manager is accidentally
locked inside a "treatment room" in the Arklay  Laboratories.
Prisoner's Diary: Military personnel move Bob to a building from people
never return.

May 21, 1998
Plant 42 Report: Umbrella researcher Henry Sarton writes about a mutating
plant that attacks by crushing its victims in its vines or by bloodletting
with its tendrils.  This monster has preyed on several scientists.

May 27, 1998
The Raccoon Times writes a report on the discovery of the dead hiker.
The police think a grizzly bear attacked her.

June 7, 1998
Manager's Diary: Staff members are becoming unruly and will not correctly
dispose of experimentations.

June 8, 1998
Researcher's Note: John, a researcher, tells his sweetheart how to correctly
exit the Arklay Laboratories.  Pass codes are mentioned.

June 16, 1998
The Raccoon Weekly runs a story about strange "dog-like" creatures
roaming the Arklay Mountains near the Spencer Mansion.  The paper
urges people to try to photograph or capture a specimen.

July 9, 1998
The Raccoon Times: "Mystery in the Arklay Mountains" reports that
local authorities closed the roads into the wilderness area; they
summoned S.T.A.R.S. to help investigate.  Grotesque monsters are
still in the area, and more families have vanished.

July 16, 1998
Manager's Diary: Bodies in the facility are still being dumped
into exterior containers and not burned per instructions.  The
plant disposal system cannot cope with "demand." The workers feel
a little strange, they're taking medicine, but it isn't working.

July 22, 1998
White Umbrella: A clandestine organization give strict orders about
an "X-Day." S.T.A.R.S. members are to be lured into a laboratory to
battle the mutating experiments.
Suicide Note: A researcher, writing to his wife, details a viral
outbreak in the Arklay Laboratories.  He destroys his colleague
with an ornate pistol and then hangs himself.

July 23, 1998

Raccoon City television runs a story about 10 families missing in
the Arklay Mountains.  Human remains have been found in the area.
A military police vehicle is discovered inside the Arklay Mountains.
Rebecca Chambers reports that corpses of Military Police, plus an
unidentified body, are uncovered near the vehicle.
Alpha and Bravo S.T.A.R.S. teams are ordered to look for any survivors.
The teams assemble on the evening of July 23rd. Bravo Team makes an
initial sweep of the lower-lying forested areas.

But before the Bravo team can do much their chopper maul funcions
and they are forced to make a forced landing in the Raccoon forest.
The team spreads out except for the chopper pilot kevin who decides
to stay there to make some repairs. Rebecca Chambers the rookie
member of the BRAVO team soon finds an overturnd car which has
the corpses of a few MP personal among it, the MP vehicle also
contains a report about a convict being transported named billy
coen, but coen's body is not among the rest of the people which
meant that he is out there in the forest. The BRAVO team captain
Enrico Marini warns the team about this man and then asks them to
spread out in the forest.

Rebecca soon finds a train in the middle of the forest, cautiously
approaching it she readies her gun, but before she can enter the
train it starts to rain. Rebecca enters the train and soon she
comes across billy coen, not surprisingly enough he points a gun
to her but doesnt shoot and asks her to go, not long after their
first encounter Edward , another member of the BRAVO team comes
crashing in through the train windows but dies before revealing
anything important to rebecca. A little while later rebecca is
contacted by Enrico again and he tells her some more information
about Billy and the amount of people he killed, rebecca finds it
hard to believe that he could kill 23 people.

Not long after that they both meet up again, billy and rebecca
dont get along at first but after rebecca encounters a strange
zombie and billy saves her life they decide to stick togather, but
suddenly the train starts to move again.

They make their way to the cockpit only to see some soldiers
being killed by some huge leeches along the way, they make it
to the cockpit and try to stop the train but are unable to do
so and the train crashes near a training facility. Inside the
facility we see the robed man mocking albert wesker and william
birkin. Rebecca and Billy start exploring the training facility.

After saving her life once more billy finally tells rebecca
about the people he killed, he actually didnt kill them, but
billy was the man they all put the blame on, rebecca knew it.
The 2 hero's find several things reguarding one doctor James
Marcus through out the training facility, who is he !?
The two make their way across the facility then go through
umbrella's own private little church. During this course
they find some more things related to this doctor marcus.

Along the path solving mysterious puzzles and fighting more
and more hordes of zombies rebecca and billy coen make their
way through the training facility and then a lab and even go
through a church where they have to face off against a huge
bat, but they kill it with ease, after exploring some more and
finding some more notes about whats been happening here they both
make their way out of the labs.

Rebecca and billy finally make it to a cable car system but billy is
attacked and he falls down somewhere, rebecca goes through the cable
car alone and she comes to a place with a huge elevator, there she
meets up with his captain enrico, and that was the last time she
ever see's him, after enrico leaves rebecca continues's her search
for billy, soon after she finally finds billy clung on for dear life.
After saving billy , they both head forward and finally encounter
the robed man, he explains his story to the two hero's and we find
out that the robed man is actually james marcus, he starts to tell
his tale to the two hero's, marcus flashbacks twenty years ago
when he was in his lab working on a leech, his queen leech,
marcus has infected the leech with the T virus and its results
were splended as far as his research was considered, but umbrella
wasnt too sure about him and they wanted marcus dead.. as marcus is
working in his lab one day suddenly the door bursts open and some
armed men run into the room and open fire on marcus, he is
completely helpless and cant do anything, marcus almost dead see's
two figures walking inside the room, both of them are the young
researchers albert wesker and doctor william birkin, wesker tells
markus that its time or him to die, and william exclaims that he
will take over his research, markus near death says his final
words,  "wesker.. birkin " and he goes out.

But according to him, a miracle happens, and the queen leech
which he was working on suddenly sprains to life and goes inside
his mouth and spawns inside his throat, somehow markus comes back
to life and he has attained the powers of the leech and much
more, he can change his appearance at will, and the young
man we have been seeing all this time is actually that same old
markus.. he exclaims that its time for the hero's to die then
suddenly james marcus starts mutating and turns into a monster, a
huge battle insue's which see's marcus's defeat in the end.

William birkin and Albert wesker turn on the self destruct system
to this facility as rebecca and billy struggle to get out of
the facility, along the way they are attacked by the queen leech
who feels almost no pain from any weapon but sunlight is lethal to it.
So using sunlight billy and rebecca kill the queen leech and billy
shoots it down into the flames, they both escape the place just in
time. Outside rebecca spots the spencer estate and she heads
towards it and takes billy's dogtags with her and claims that officially
billy coen is dead....

July 24th, 1998

After contact with BRAVO team is lost Albert wesker takes out the
ALPHA team for search and rescue, soon they arrive at the raccoon
forest. The ALPHA team locates the BRAVO's chopper but they dont
find anything inside except for the dead body of their pilot kevin.
Joseph cant take the sight and he almost throws up. The team starts
searching the forest for more clues. While searching Joseph comes
across some noises but before he can do much a horribally skinned
dog attacks and kills joseph before he could defend himself. Jill
tries to shoot the dogs but the bullets have no affect. One of the
dogs notices her and tries to attack but she is saved right in time
by chris. They both make it to their feet and run away but a dog
closes in on chris, this time its wesker who shoots the dog away.

The ALPHA team's pilot Brad Vickers chickens out and leaves the
team alone in the forest, chris spots an old abandoned mansion in
a distance and asks the team to head for the mansion, along the
way they dont stop for anything, this was supposed to be an old
abandoned mansion and luckily they could find a hiding spot in there.

Jill, Barry and wesker enter the mansion and discover that chris
is not with them, suddenly they hear a gun shot and thinking it
might be chris jill and barry head out to investigate, but all
they found is kenneth J sullivan's body, being eaten by something
or someone. Upon dispatching the zombie the 2 return back to
wesker only to find out that he's missing too.

Jill and barry go their separate ways then, while chris redfield
in the mansion finds the only surviving member of BRAVO team
rebecca chamber who is terrified out of her life. Togather they
both find Richard who was bitten by a large snake, just within the
nick of time chris finds the serum which is needed to finish off
the poison from his body, chris is able to save richard, and then
they take him to the medical room to rest.

While barry and jill find the body of forest spayer from the BRAVO team
chris and rebecca make their way to the guard house behind the
mansion, heading into a secret lab below the guard house chris makes
his way to a flooded area where he spots richard in the disntace  but
what is he doing here, richard tries to stop chris but chris doesnt
liste to him and starts to make his way through the flooded catwalk
to richard, richard knows why chris shouldnt come close to him and he
see's a huge figure coming at them from a distance, chris is however
unable to spot the figure and keeps walking, richard jumps at chris
and knocks him out of the way when suddenly a hude 20 foot shark
attacks and swallows richard in a single attack, chris saddened by
this avenges his friend by first draining the whole area, but the big
shark is still in a small pool seemingly dead, chris heads to the area
behind it to find a key but the shark knocks the key in the water after
coming back to life all of a sudden.

Chris using his cunning throws in some electronic equipment in the
pool then electrocutes the shark and takes what was needed, checking
the rest of the guardhouse chris finds a large mutated plant called
Plant 42. Luckily with rebecca's knowledge of chemicals they are able
to kill the snake and upon finding a valueable key they return
to the mansion.

When chris and rebecca return to the mansion they find out that its
been taken over by a new kind of enemy, the hunters, while chris
and rebecca take care of these things jill has managed to find a
way out of the mansion, she makes her way to a cemetary and a
cottage outside the mansion, there she finds a new monster , it
looks alot like the hunchback from the fairy tales, but this one
isnt a nice one and jill cant seem to kill her at all.

Escaping the place jill makes it to the guardhouse where she
overhears barry talking to someone else but barry blows the
topic off and ignores it, then the two make their way to the
catacombs below the mansion. In those tunnels jill finds the
BRAVO team captain Enrico Marini but before he can reveal the
indentity of the traitor in the STARS someone shoots him, jill
gives chase only to be led to an elevator with barry on it
leading down into a huge pit.

But before they can do down again barry and jill are attacked
by that thing jill met in the cottage again, jill turns to barry
for help but finds out that he left her alone, jill gets really
mad at this and dodges the thing again, taking a ladder to the
cottage again she makes it to the mansion and a secret alter
right under the mansion main hall. She finds barry in the alter
and barry almot tries to ambush her after they have an arguement.
But the thing attacks them again, jill thinking wisely gives
barry his gun back and they both shoot the thing but the ammo
seems to have no effect, accidentally knocking over the four
stone pieces in each side of the pit jill opens up the coffin
in the area, when lisa trevor see's the coffin she yells in a
sad yet monsterous voice "mother" and then she throws herself
down the pit and comits suicide.

Jill and barry make their way into a secret lab below the
mansion via a secret passage into the alter, chris and rebecca
are in hot persuit as they make their way to the lab not soon
after, but there they have to fight a large spider which they
kill togather. Meanwhile in the secret lab jill finally discovers
albert wesker's plans and finds out that barry was involved in
them thats why he waa acting weird towards jill.

But barry doesnt want to hurt jill so he turns against wesker
and during this the tyrant impales its own master, wesker. Barry
tries to stop it but the tyrant knocks him out, jill is left
alone to fight the thing and after a very close battle jill
finally gets the upper hand and the tyrant is knocked out.
Barry also wakes up in time, and they both find out that the
mansion is about to explode, they both make their way to the
heliport and run into rebecca and chris on their way back.
Togather again all of them head for the heliport. The tyrant
is however up now and it blows a hole to the roof of the mansion
while brad is closing in to catch the team, the tyrant throws
chris away and the rest of the team is left to fight the tyrant.
Brad vickers from the chopper throws down a rocket launcher
which chris redfield catches right in time and he shoots the
tyrant dead with it. The tyrant stands calm at the sight of
the launcher as if it was sure that nothing is going to happen
to it even after taking a rocket, but its thoughts are wrong
and the powerful weapon blows the tyrant into pieces, after
that brad finally gets the courage to land the chopper on the
helipad and all the team makes it into the chopper.

Once inside the chopper they all brace for impace and just make
it out of the blast area as the huge mansion explodes in a
even huger explosion behind them, and takes the T virus with it.
Rebecca seemingly tired by all this ordeal lies down and quickly
falls asleep while jill also falls asleep with her head on chris's
shoulder, chris looks at barry and finds out that he's readying
his gun again, possibly for the future. Chris raises a smile as
the chopper dives into the sun rise.

July 25th, 1998

The bruised and battered team arrives back at the raccoon city
police department where they are welcomed back by their comrades
but they go and confront the chief of police brian irons at once
and they have a long arguement about that, after that the STARS
speak of the events that happened in the mansion on public but
they all think they're just bluffing and dont take them
seriosuly, the STARS are hopeless.

August 7th, 1998

Jill valentine cant still get over her experience at the spencer
mansion, she writes in her diary that her physical wounds may have
been healed but her emotional wounds may never heal.

August 13th, 1998

Chris redfield causes a little commotion in the Police station
and punches one of his co workers.

August 15th, 1998

Chris invites jill over to his appartment where he shows her
some confidential pictures of a new umbrella virus in testing
the G virus. jill cant believe what she see's.

August 24th, 1998

Chris and barry leave for the umbrella base in Europe, chris
lasts the last note in his diary for his sister, jill elects
to stay behind in case of any emergencies and she quits the

September 28th, 1998

After chris and barry had opted for going to umbrella's europe
branch jill decided to stay behind in the city and investigate more
on this new rumored G virus, but suddenly near the end of september
the whole town was infested with zombies, an outbreak of the T virus,
the same virus which cause all the residents in tne mansion to turn
into zombies had been leaked into the city, nearly all the townfolks
had turned into zombies, and those who hadnt were being eaten alive
by them. Jill surprisingly escapes infection and begins her escape
from this town from her appartment.

Not long after she starts she comes across dario russo, a novelest
to be who just lost his daughter out there among the zombies, jill
asks him to come with her because she knew there wont be any rescue
attempts, but dario frustrated locks himself in the back of a truck
and asks jill to leave immediately, jill tries to talk him into coming
with her but he just doesnt listen. Not long after that jill spots his
old team mate Brad Vickers but he is being chased around by a group of
zombies, jill gives him chase only to meet him in a bar, he tells
jill about something which is coming to get all the STARS member
and he warns her that they're all gonna die. Then he leaves jill.
Then at the main entrance of the RPD jill again finds brad but he
looks in very bad condition, before he can reveal anything to jill
a new kind of monster, nemesis, comes down from no where and kills
brad mercilesly right in front of jill, she tries shooting it but her
bullets dont work. Jill retreats into the RPD. Using her STARS badge
 she makes it to the RPD office where she catches a grumbled
transmission from someone.

Before she can escape jill is attacked by nemesis again inside the
RPD, she quickly dodges it using her skills and makes it out of the
station. Exploring more parts of the city jill comes across a man
named carlos, togather they both fight nemesis but before carlos
leaves he tells jill about his team's mission, later jill comes
across a cable car and when she goes inside she finds more men
like carlos, their leader is apparently injured, nicholai isnt
really pleased that they need to take help from an outside but
carlos's persuation convinces him, they are from the UBCS and there
mission was to cleanse the city and take care of survivors. Now they
have to escape
to the clock tower where a chopper is waiting.

Jill along with carlos find the necessary parts neded to run the
trolley and togather they all ride to the clocktower, once reaching
the tower they find that its also infested with zombies, solvnig
puzzles there and obtaining the mechanic parts needed to operate
the clock tower bell jill gives the extraction team the signal,
but before they can land their c hopper a rocket fired by nemesis
blows up the chopper and jill is left to fight the monster, with some
help from carlos and after an extraurdinary fight jill finally gets
rid of nemesis , for now. But during the battle nemesis had injected
her with the T virus and as soon as the fight is over jill collapses
and carlos takes her to the chappel.

September 29th, 1998

Raccoon city now almost dead from the zombie assault lies quiet as 2
strangers leon S kennedy and claire redfield make their way into town
from opposite ends, leon is here for the first day of his job and
claire is here to find his missing brother. After some commotion with
the zombies leon and claire finally meet up togather in the back alley
of a diner, thinking that it would be more safer for them at the police
station leon and claire ride on an empty police vehicle , but a zombie
ambushes them from the back seat and leon looses control of the car as
it slams into a wall, a large truck is coming in straight for them and
they both jump on the opposite sides to save themselevs. Now the fire
separated them and they have to find their way to the police station.

Not far from the crash leon comes up to a human , the owner of a gun
shop, but he doesnt live long as zombies break through the glass and eat
him before leon's eyes, he runs for his life and after some running
through the city streets leon finally makes it to the front entrance
of the RPD. Claire has a shorter run to the station but when she gets
there she has to go via the roof. When she climbs to the roof via a back
alley staircase she see's a failed chopper rescue attempt which ends with
the chopper crashing into the RPD. Claire quickly scatters into the station
and finds the tool needed to put out the fire, but before she can go back
in another chopper comes overhead, and it drops a large capsule on the
station. Clarie goes in and spots what it was, a huge human like monster
which just doesnt give up. Claire dodges it and continues her
journey into the RPD.

Both claire and leon make it to the STARS office at the same time where
they discover that claire's brother is no longer in this town, they both
decide to split up and find anyone living and get the hell out of there.
Not long after that claire finds a little girl but she is too terrified
to tell anything and runs away, claire gives her chase only to be led to
the office of chief brian irons, there is a girls body on her desk and he
tells claire that she was the mayor's daughter and the zombies killed her,
even though the bullet wound is visable. She goes in a door through iron's
office and finally confronts the little girl, she tells a little bit about
herself before she runs away after hearing a monster's scream. Claire gives
chase but she see's that iron's has disappeared too. She see's a painting
with 3 holes in it. She needs to find something to fill them up with.
Meanwhile leon finds his way to the RPD parking lot where he meets another
survivor, a chinese women who's name is ada wong. She claims to be searching
for a reporter who knows where her boyfriend is. Using the aid of leon
they both finally find this reporter called ben who has locked himself
up. But he refuses to leave his cell.

Meanwhile back in the RPD claire finds the stone pieces she needs and
heads back to iron's office where she meets shery again, this time she
doesnt run away, leon on the other hand also makes his way to the sewer
system . Claire encounters iron's in a torture room of some sort but
he is pulled down by something hideous, claire goes down and she finds
what did it, a humanoid monster with a large claw which had an eye on
his right side. Claire fights off this monster and he throws himself
over the railing. Claire and sherry make their way to the sewer system.
Leon on the other hand runs into a woman in a lab coat but she tries to
shoot ada, leon gets in the way and takes the shot. Ada runs off to get
the shooter. She finaly does and finds out that she is the wife of the man
responsable for all this. After some talking and a little fight annete
falls down into water and ada goes back to searching.

Leon wakes up in the mean time and finds ada hanging around in the sewers,
togather they make their way across a cable car where they are briefly
attacked by william, but he runs away. Claire and sherry are also close
behind them, leon and ada make it to a vertical elevator which they take
to ride down to the umbrella base, but during the way ada is injured and
when they reach down leon asks her to rest and he goes to find something.
Claire on the other hand gets stranded in the umbrella lab and sherry is
left alone. While searching for her claire runs into annete again, together
they spot sherry in danger via the monitors, claire quickly makes her
way to where sherry is and she outsmarts mrX and he falls down into a pit
of molten lava. Leon on the other hand finally finds out the truth about
ada, but before he can talk her out of it annete arrives and shoots ada
off the railnig into a deep pit. Leon , angrily throws the g virus he
just acquired off the railing behind ada. Claire and sherry finally make
it to an elevator which takes them to the escape train. Claire turns the
power on but she is attacked by a mutated MrX which apparently dies after
someone drops a rocket launcher for claire to take.

Leon on the other hand runs into william birkin again, but using his skills
he kills him and makes it to the emergency train just as claire is leaving,
togather they ride the train, which is ambushed by william again, the train's
auto destruct system goes on and it blows along with william as the hero's
run for safety.

September 30th, 1998

claire and leon along with sherry escape the town but they run into an
arguement and claire leaves to find her brother, leon is picked up by some
strange men who give him an unknown offer, they also take sherry away from

October 1st, 1998

jill finally awakes after 2 days, carlos had been watching over her
all this time, carlos goes to find a cure for jill only to run into a
hospital full of zombies and hutners, once inside the hospital carlos
has to siff through the floors to find the right item he was looking for
and what he's looking for is something which can cure jill and get rid
off the virus from her body, on one of the floors carlos runs into his
comrade nicholai who is surprisingly still alive and he just shot another
member of the UBCS, his name was murphey, nicholai knows that carlos just
saw too much so he decides to get rid of him too but murphy is somehow
still alive and he chucks a grenade at the two. Nicholai makes a break for
the window after seeing the grenade and carlos runs back avoiding the
explosion. He continues his search in the hospital and finally after
confronting a new type of hunter monster he finds what he's looking for.
But thats not over yet, when carlos exits the hospital he finds a set
of bombs wired to the pillars of the base floor set up by nicholai,
looks like he reallty wants to get rid of everything, carlos makes it
outside the hospital and to a safe distance just in the nick of time
before it explodes in crimson fire and everything is engulfed.

Still the ordeal for carlos isnt over and while he's making his way
towards jill to give her the anti virus he runs into nemesis, now
looking more horrible then ever before and his overcoat is burned
off revealing plenty more tenticles to nemesis's advantage. Its a
race against time as both nemesis and carlos head for the room where
jill was, carlos makes it there first and shuts the door behind him
he administers the vaccine to jill and slowly she comes to her sense.

Carlos tells her about nicholai and nemesis. Now healthy again jill continues
her escape as she makes her way to the city park , fighting a huge worm in
the park she comes across nicholai there who is apparently a traitor, jill
escapes him and then she finds her way to a treating facility, there she
confrons nicholai again but he escapes again. Jill finds out that this
plant was used to get rid of the bodies of the test subjects, carlos
arrives on the spot and tells jill that a nuclear strike is about to
happen on this city and that they need to get out of here ASAP.

Jill along with carlos's help in severa occasions finaly make it to
the control room of the plant, but not before she gets rid of nemesis
for good. At the control room jill confronts nicholai for the last time
and he escapes in a helicopter after telling jill that she's as good as
dead. Not long after that jill and carlos receive a message from someone
on the radio that he is looking for jill. They both get happy at this hope
of life, and make their way to the helipad behind the plant. Along the way
jill finally runs into nemesis for the last time but this time she gets
 permanent rid of him with the help of a rail cannon which blows nemesis
into bits. Upon reaching the helipad carlos and jill see the chopper
coming in at a distance, when they get in it jill finds that the pilot
is someone who she knows very well, barry. They make it just in time
as the city is attacked by the nuclear bomb.

?? November, 1998

An island on the atlantic ocean, named sheena island, apparently is
another one of umbrella's test grounds, much like raccoon city this
is a completely bought out place where the people work for umbrella
and umbrella own nearly all of the town's important places, it is here
that a stranger wakes up from a chopper crash. He doesnt remember
anything about himself. All he has is a gun in his hand, and now his
search for truth begins. Very soon he discovers the body of a man in
white who is holding dogtags with the name Ark Thompson, the stranger
assumes that was his name and continues on his path , after encountering
a church full of zombies this man comes across an alley where a phone is
ringing, but before he picks it up it hangs up. Not long after the man
spots another phone, this time he picks it up in time and the man on the
other end starts calling him a murderer and killer, and reveals his
name vincent.

Vincent continues on with his passage through an arcade where he comes
up with some cleaning squad which are apparently sent to clean everything,
which means killing everything. Getting rid of them and making his way
through the sewers he finds the sewer chief's diary in which he finds out
what he thinks about vincent. Spotting an unknown boy vincent gives chase
and comes out in a prison, while making his escape he runs into a large
monster, but it goes down after a fight. Vincent makes his way through
several more of these large monster and goes through a night club and
turns out in front of a large complex owned by umbrella. Entering the
complex he makes it to the top floor where he finds an office which was
apparently vincent's. Then vincent spots another child through some monitor's
and gives chase. The 2 kids run away from himand lead him to their house,
here vincent spots the little girl and some talk later she tells him that
her brohter went out himself.

Vincent goes after him only to be lead through a mountain passage full of
these large trench coated monsters, the trail ends at a large mansion and
vincent enters it, he hears the boy's scream, following his scream vincent
comes across a hidden laboratory under the mansion, he finds out that those
large trench coated monsters (MR X's) were being built there, vincent
finally finds the boy and after some talking the boy tells him his true
identity, our hero's real name is ark thompson, and vincent was the real
man who cause all of this. Not long after that the facility's auto destruct
sequence is activated by the cleaner's leader, but he falls pray to the
tyrant. After escaping it once, ark fights the tyrant again on the
helipad, the tyrant goes down after a massive fight and the hero's escape
the exploding island. But the tyrant catches the chopper , ark with his
quick thinking skills launches the chopper's missiles with the tyrant
on board, and they all fly away to safety.

December 17th, 1998

3 months after the raccoon city incident claire redfield finally gets a
lead on his brother which leads him to the umbrella facility of Paris.
Claire manages to infiltrate the base but inside she is spotted and some
guards chase her down the halls. Suddenly a chopper comes right in front
of her, she dodges it only to find herself face to face with a dozen
troopers, getting rid of them with a sneaky move claire runs out of
ammo and a guard captures here and she is taken to a prison.

December 27th, 1998

Claire wakes up in a prison after hearing some explosions upside, a little
while later a man walks inside the area and opens up claire's prison, claire
uses her lighter to see that its the same guard who cought her. The guard
lets her out and tells her about what happened, this place was just
attacked by a special forces team, but the guard warns her that there is
very slim chance of her escaping.

Claire runs out of the prison area but before she goes she checks up the
man's name on a list and also finds out that he needs some hemostatic
medicine. After some commosion top side claire comes face to face with
a dozen zombies, her nightmare relived, quickly dodging them she moves
to the next area where she meets another prisoner who almost shoots him.
Steve burnside, but he's got a rotten attitude and he leaves claire goes
away. Claire follows him and soon they meet again in a computer room, this
time steve asks her if she's related to chris, after some more of his
attitude steve goes out of the room leaving claire to wonder about it.

After managing to get herself the right keys claire escapes from the
prison and comes up to a training facility, most of the doors here are
locked however to she heads up to a nearby palace. Reaching the palace
claire finds a strange room with a lock which needs 2 guns to be opened
a little while after that she finds a childs room where she reveals a
secret door by playing a movie of 2 blonde childs torturing a dragonfly.
She finds the 2 guns she was looking for but taking them out releases
a trap so she puts them back in. But before claire can leave she hears
steve scream from that place, using her quick thinking claire sets him
free from the trap and asks steve for the guns but he isnt trading until
he gets something better. Again before claire can escape she encounters
a new man, alfred ashford. After some threatning alfred leaves. After that
claire uses a submarine to find the underwater seaport, she finds a plane
but its locked so she has to get the keys for it.

With the help of steve claire follows alfred into one of his traps and he
releases a new monster called the bandersnatch on her, steve saves her
again and claire gives chase to alfred only to be trapped by her sister
alexia in their bedroom, holding alfred's rifle. Steve comes in the nick
of time and saves her, alexia gets shot but she escapes,, heading through
the passage they discover that alexia was actually alfred in disguise.
They dont even want to kill alfred after his reaction, the two make their
way to the seaport but the bridge is blocking their way, claire volunteers
to get it out. Claire goes and raises the bridge but she has to come the
long way now, along the way alfred releases a tyrant on her, she barely
makes it to the plane and they take off. The tyrant comes into the plane
and claire has to push it off the plane. Not long afterwards alfred takes
control of the plane and makes it crash land in umbrella's antarctic base.

Once they wake up in antarctica they split up, soon after claire finds
a huge monster trapped inside a floor and later she finds out from some
files that its actually alfred's father, finding an ice digging vehicle
they start raising it but steve causes a blunder and the whole area fills
up with gas, claire finds a gas mask and as soon as she shuts off the
gas valve she is attacked by alfred, this time steve shoots him down a
huge chasm, alfred drops his rifle before falling. Claire and steve use
the ice digger and they blow a hole in the wall allowing them escape
via a heliport. On top of the Helipad claire comes face to face with
alexander but using alfred's sniper rifle she fires at his overgrown heart
killing it instantly. Soon after alfred still alive from an unknown place
goes to see alexia, but he cant live long to see alexia coming out of the
sleeping pod. Alexia is awake. !

Alexia mad at what claire and steve did releases a tentacle which literally
flips their snow mobile over, and it starts burning as alexia watches from
a monitor.

Chris arrives in rockfort island as claire and steve are in the antarctic.
not long after arriving he comes face to face with rodrigo but before he
can tell chris alot a huge worms swallows him, chris fights off the worm
which spits out rodrigo's  body before it dies, rodrigo gives chris his
sisters lighter back before he breathes his final breath . chris continues his
journey and finds most of the island already destroyed, he finds a hanger
which still has a harrier jet standing, but he needs the right key to open
the hanger door. Soon after wards while exploring the base chris comes
face to face with his worst nightmare, albret wesker, apparently albert
has somehow gained superhuman powers and he kicks chris's ass, but after
seeing alexia on a monitor he lets chris go.

Soon afterwards chris finds the key he is looking for but he has to fight
a large underwater monster for it, after obtaining the right items chris
makes it to the hanger and flies to antarctica in the last remining harrier

The plane lands in antarctica and chris continues his search for claire
through the rooms of the umbrella base, one of the floors has a exact
replica of the main hall of the spencer estate, chris finally finds claire
behind the staircase there, but alexia interrupts their reunion and after
hearing steve scream claire runs after her, but they are separated again
thanks to another tentacle, claire goes after steve while chris stays there.
Soon afterwards claire finds steve but he mutates right in front of her
and almost kills her, but after claire's life is in danger due to another
tentacle, steve's human side takes over and he kills the tentacle but it
whacks steve pretty bad into the wall. After finally telling claire that
he loved her steve dies and claire is left crying.

Chris in the main hall see's wesker conftonting alexia, after alexia refuses
they get in a battle, wesker shows some more of his super human abilites
and cracks one on alexia's jaw, but after discovering chris wesker leaves
him to take care of alexia. Chris kills alexia easily and goes and finds
claire , claire tells him how to turn the self destruct system on and after
he does it claire and chris finally get togather again. But alexia interupts
again and this time its for the last time, chris asks claire to leave and
stays there to fight, using umbrella's own linear launcher chris gets rid
of alexia for good. But when he makes his escape he see's wesker taking
claire hostage. Giving chase they end up at wesker's submarine.

Wesker lets claire go for a chance of revenge from chris, the battle
starts but chris knowing that he can never match up to wesker's
superhuman speed and strengh tries to find something useful to aid
him, he spots a metal bar and quickly picks it up and smacks wesker
across the face, another charge and chris attempts a power hit but
wesker amazingly blocks the hit with his left arm and even more
surprisingly the bar bends .. wesker grabs the bar and quickly delivers
kick to chris's side, chris flies sprawling and falls about 20 feet
away.. ,then chris is literally taken to hell by wesker.  Wekser hits
chris with a barrage of punches and knee's to the stomach, causing
some bleeding chris quickly dodges wesker's final blow and uses a
level to lower some I beams which crush wesker, chris takes a sigh
fo releaf but thats quickly taken away from him when wesker emerges
out of the beam puddle, visablly staggering but still as determined
to kill chris, they start to get ready for round 2 of the fight ,  but
after one explosion separates the two of them wesker lets chris go,
until the next time, chris returns to the jet and claire and chris
escape just in time as the base explodes behind them.

?? Some Time later in 2004

Leon S kennedy after losing sherry to some umbrella people decides to
head over to the main umbrella head quarters which are situated in
europe.. will he find what he's looking for ?


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
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                 |  _| -_| | | | -_| | | |
                 |_| |___|\_/|_|___|_____|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Resident Evil gaiden is a fun game is you dig this idea, its 
supposed to be the horror in your hands but its not scary in 
any way possible , its more like a RPG game from the old 
nintendo's days. I still liked this game because its nothing 
like the current REsident evil games that we play. Sure the 
graphics are not that good even for the GBC standards but still 
they get the job done This game is really fun to play and it 
will pass your time with ease.
Graphics : 7/10
These are not the greatest of graphics you will see but they 
are clear enough to see things and the small thigns which make 
the game good are all present here.
Sound : 6/10
What sound can the GBC produce ? the music is fine althought it 
sometimes gets in the ear , and the weapons sounds are also fine.
Gameplay 8/10
Its a resident evil game and like the others its got zombies 
and tyrants, thats all i can say here.
Story : 8/10
Nice story here but the matter is that its not a part of the 
main resident evil storyline but its just a side story so its a boooo.
Overall 7/10
An overall fair and nice game and it couldve been done even 
better if they tried a little hard on it , but what we have here 
is good enough for me. so cool...

Resident Evil Gaiden marks Capcom's completion with Game Boy 
Color gaming... it's GBA or bust now. Luckily the company also 
shipped Shantae on the same day as this game, because it would 
suck to finish off 8-bit development with a game as dull as 
RE: Gaiden. Don't get me wrong, I totally respect the M4 team 
for trying its hand at the license...but the game design just 
doesn't work. It's not fun. The side-story is pretty cool, 
though, and it'd be a good thing if the game's plot was revisited 
on a more capable system. Just lose the overhead perspective and 
the golf-swing battles. Yeesh.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
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| | -_| . | .'| |  | |   |  _| . |  _|     | .'|  _| | . |   |
|_|___|_  |__,|_|  |_|_|_|_| |___|_| |_|_|_|__,|_| |_|___|_|_|

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* God of course for making the whole world like it is today
  and a special thanks for making me lol ;-)

* My hands, i can say without a doubt that i may be one of
  the fastest typers alive.

* GameFaqs.com , for allowing people such as me to show off
  their writing skills, or even learn that common men can
  also make walkthrough's for games, I mean three years ago
  I didnt know what a FAQ was.

* All the people who use this walkthrough for making their
  game easy, not for their profitable gains, a special
  thanks to the web sites who use it by asking my permission
  first , and keeping it in its original unedited .txt format.

 ______,      ___    ___  , _      ____  
(_) | /|   | / (_)  / (_)/|/ \    (|   \ 
    |  |___| \__    \__   |   |    |    |
  _ |  |   |\/      /     |   |   _|    |
 (_/   |   |/\___/  \___/ |   |_/(/\___/ 

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