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FAQ/Walkthrough by EOrizzonte

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/06/02

 ____  ____  ___  _  ___   ____  _   _  _____     ____  _  _  _  _
|    ||  __||  _|| ||   \ |  __|| | | ||_   _|   |  __|| || || || |
| |\ || |   | |  | || |\ || |   |  \| |  | |     | |   | || || || |
| || || |_  | |_ | || || || |_  |   | |  | |     | |_  | || || || | 
|    /|  _| |_  || || || ||  _| | |\  |  | |     |  _| | || || || |
| |\ \| |     | || || || || |   | | | |  | |     | |   | || || || |
| || || |__  _| || || |/ || |__ | | | |  | |     | |__ \ \/ /| || |_
|_||_||____||___||_||___/ |____||_| |_|  |_|     |____| \__/ |_||___|

  _____         __         _____     ______      ______     ____   __
 / |  \|        / \         | |       | |\ \      | | \|     |\ \  ||
|  |           /   \        | |       | | | |     | |        ||\ \ ||
|  | ___      / /\  \       | |       | | | |     | |/|      || \ \||
|  | | |     / ____  \      | |       | | | |     | |        ||  \ \|
 \_|_|_|   _/_/_  _\__\_   _|_|_     _|_|/_/     _|_|_/|    _||_  \_|

                         RESIDENT EVIL GAIDEN

                             Version 1.0

                   For the Nintendo Game Boy Color

                       Author: Efrem Orizzonte




                       efroriz @ hotmail . com


8.  TIPS
11. MAPS


Version 1.0 [March 6, 2002]
Everything I could find is here. I hope there are no mistakes. By the 
way, before you e-mail me about the 99 bullets trick, be advised that 
I have deliberatly chosen not to add it in the FAQ. It can be found 
in other FAQs, and the game can be completed with ease without using 


This section is extracted from the game manual.


In an effort to put a stop to the global operations of the evil 
corporate entity, "Umbrella Pharmaceuticals Inc.", an underground 
organisation - consisting of former S.T.A.R.S. members and ex-
Umbrella employees - was formed.

Our story begins inside the hideout of the underground organisation 
where Barry Burton and an unidentified elderly woman are discussing a 

A new type of Bio-Organic Weapon (B.O.W.) developed at Umbrella Labs 
has escaped and is believed to be onboard the luxury passenger cruise 
ship - STARLIGHT - currently crossing the Atlantic heading for 

Leon S. Kennedy was sent to eliminate the B.O.W. His last report 
confirmed he was aboard the STARLIGHT. He has not been heard from 

Barry could not believe that Leon had gone missing - he was one of 
their best former S.T.A.R.S. recruits. The feedback from base was 
sketchy at best, but it seemed that his last contact with HQ had been 
made shortly after boarding the cruiser, which had been reported 
drifting aimlessly like a ghost ship in the Atlantic.

Barry didn't know why but a poem he learned as a child, suddenly 
returned to him - "I loathe the ocean and the secrets it holds - 
forever deep, dark and cold-" and this for some reason sent a chill 
down his spine...

Had the horrors of Raccoon City returned?

- CAST -

Leon was a rookie cop when he started out on his first assignment in 
Raccoon City, he is now a veteran and one of the most highly skilled 
recruits of the underground organisation. Leon is idealistic and 
deeply wants to protect and serve, but he has experienced at first 
hand the harsh truth of reality. At first glance he may look naive 
but this is misleading and he has been known to be aggressive and 
even arrogant at times. Leon is highly qualified in his line of work 
and a good sense of humour makes him popular with his colleagues.

Barry is a former SWAT team member with more than 16 years of 
experience to his name and was regarded as one of S.T.A.R.S. most 
exceptional members. Barry is a highly skilled weapons expert and he 
supplies and maintains weapons for the underground organisation. 
Barry is very much a family man with strong values. Past experiences 
have made him wary of others.

Little is known about Lucia except that she is an orphan child who 
was adopted approximately two years ago. Lucia was picked on by other 
kids because she was different to them. Things had gotten so bad that 
her foster parents had decided to send her to relatives in Europe - 
which is why she is onboard the STARLIGHT.



D-Pad: move your character around
       struggle when attacked by a zombie 

A Button: pick up items
          open doors

B Button: draw out the selected weapon. Hold B and move the cursor on
 an enemy, then, when it turns square, release to enter Battle Mode.

Select Button: open inventory

Start Button: show map


D-Pad: scroll the Battle Screen left or right

A Button: use the selected weapon

B Button: switch between characters

Select Button: open inventory

Start Button: activate Run Target


D-Pad: move the cursor

A Button: select highlighted item

B Button: cancel selection
          switch between characters



Resident Evil Gaiden features a unique icons system to help you 
navigate the game. When anything of interest happens, an icon will 
appear at the lower-right corner of the screen. It may be any of the 

- Green Door: this means you're close to a door that isn't locked.

- Red Door: you're close to a door that requires some item to be   

- Green Exclamation Mark: an item is close to you. Press A to collect  

- Red Exclamation Mark: one of the zombies onscreen is holding an 
  item. Kill him/her, then approach the body and a green exclamation 
  mark will appear.

- Flashing Skull: an enemy has gotten you! You're forced to battle.  
  If the enemy is a zombie, it'll call upon his/her comrades (if
  there's any nearby) to join the battle.

- Skull and Crossbones: an enemy has poisoned you. Use Blue or Purple  
  Herbs to heal yourself. 


If you die, or if you turn off the game, the next time you play you 
can choose the "Continue" option to restart at the point where you 
died or turned off the game.

During the adventure, you'll come upon predetermined save points. 
This usually happens when you've completed an objective in the story. 
You can now save onto any of the three save files. If you die, or if 
you turn off the game, next time you play you'll be able to load any 
of the three game files.


Unlike other episodes of Resident Evil, in Gaiden your inventory is 
unlimited. You can carry all the key items, herbs, armors, and 
weapons you like. The maximum number of ammo allowed for each weapon 
is 99. 

If you have more than one character in your party, you can press the 
B button to switch between them. This way, you can equip each 
character with the weapons and armors of your choice.

Key items will not be used automatically, with few exceptions. This 
means that if you have a key to a door, you'll have to access the 
inventory and choose to use the key in order to open the door.

If you want to unequip a weapon or armor, select the "Discard" icon 
in the inventory and press A to unequip the item.


Battle is very peculiar in Resident Evil Gaiden. If you want to fight 
an enemy, press and hold B to make the target cursor appear. Still 
holding B, use the D-Pad to move the cursor around within the 
weapon's range, and on the enemy you want to fight. When the cursor 
is on the enemy, it will change in shape. Now release the B button 
and Battle Mode will start. This will also happen if an enemy grabs 

In Battle Mode, you fight in a first-person perspective. The enemy 
will be in front of you, and it will get closer and closer as time 
elapses, until it gets into knife range. This is the closest an enemy 
can get, and it's the distance at with you can stab it with the 
Knife. If the enemy is far away, you'll need a firearm to hit it.

Below the battle window is a bar, and on this bar there is a smaller 
bar, representing the width of the enemy's body. The closer the 
enemy, the larger this bar will be. On the bar, a slider will move 
left and right. This is your weapon's cursor. You must press A when 
the slider is over the enemy's bar in order to score a hit. In the 
middle of the bar is a square representing the enemy's weakest point. 
If you manage to press A when the slider is right over this point, 
you'll deal greater damage. However, the more powerful a weapon is, 
the more difficult it is to aim, and the faster the slider will move. 
If there's more than one enemy, an arrow will appear at the bottom of 
the screen, signaling the position of other enemies.

You can access your inventory during the battle to change weapons or 
to heal yourself - but be quick because the battle won't be 
interrupted! Enemies can still hit you while you're navigating the 

Press the B button to switch between your characters. This is useful 
as you can give each character a different weapon, and you can switch 
to a healtier character if the leader is badly hurt and you don't 
have the time to access the inventory and use a herb.

To run away from battle, press the Start button. The target bar will 
turn red, and the Run Target will appear. You must hit this target 
perfectly to escape from battle, and this won't cost you any ammo. 
However, the battle won't be interrupted as you try to escape - even 
worse, zombies will get as close to you as possible and hit you at 
full force! Try not to escape from battle, but even more important, 
try not to be involved in fights too often.


The PDA will record all the documents you'll find. Use it to read 
them again.


The area colored in green is the area you're in at the moment.

The red area is your next destination.


This herbal compound will restore light damage.

This herbal compound will restore medium damage.

This herbal compound will restore heavy damage.

This herbal compound will cancel out a poisonous infection.

This herbal compound will both cancel out a poisonous infection and 
restore heavy damage.


Found: Seat Deck, 4F
       2nd Class cabin, 3F  
       Library, 2F

This is light combat armour that will help reduce inflicted damage.

Found: Elevator Passage, 4F
       Shop, 2F
       1st Class cabin, 3F  

This medium strength armour will help reduce inflicted damage.

Found: Medical Office, 2F
       Captain's Room, 3F
       Crew's Quarters, Submarine

This heavy strength armour will help reduce inflicted damage.


Found: You begin the game with this

The Personal Digital Assistant contains all messages and objectives 
that you have collected.


Found: Rest. Balcony, 2F

A heavy duty electrical fuse used for the coolant system in the 
Refrigerator Room on 1F.

Use: Opens the South door in the Kitchen, 1F.


Found: On a zombie in Corridor A, 2F

This key is used to operate a set of elevators to the West of the 

Use: Opens Rear Elevator, 2F


Found: On a zombie on Seat Deck, 4F

This security card is used to gain access to the Security Room on 4F.

Use: Opens the third door from above on the West side of the Pool, 


Found: Pool, 4F

This Rope is strong enough to hold the weight of any full grown man.

Use: It's used to descend through a hole in the floor to reach Leon.


Found: On a female zombie at Pool, 4F

This key is used to gain access to the Bar Room on 4F.

Use: Opens the East door at the Pool, 4F


Found: On a zombie in Suite Room p, 4F

This key is used to operate a set of elevators in the centre of the 

Use: Opens Main Elevators on 3F.


Found: Lucia has it

This key is used to gain access to the 2nd class cabins on 3F.       

Use: Opens the West door in Lobby balcony, 3F.


Found: 2nd class cabin, 3F     

Semtex is a highly dangerous plastic explosive. This can be used for 
a variety of purposes. It might be able to blast open the door to the 
Captain's Room on 3F.

Use: Opens the door South of the Crew Elevator, 3F.


Found: 2nd class cabin, 3F

A good set of Lock Picking Tools. These may be useful for a lock 
without a key.

Use: Opens Northwest door in 2nd class, 3F.


Found: 2nd class cabin  

This key is used to gain access to one of the 2nd Class Cabins on 3F.      

Use: Opens Southwest cabin in 2nd Class, 3F.


Found: 2nd class cabin, 3F   

This key is used to gain access to the 1st Class Cabins on 3F.  

Use: Opens East door in Lobby Balcony, 3F.


Found: On a female zombie in Piano Bar, 2F

A well worn key that is used to gain access to the ship's library on 

Use: Opens the first locked door in Corridor A, 2F.


Found: Toilet, 2F

A key that is used to open the Medical Office on 2F.

Use: Opens the second locked door in Corridor A, 2F.


Found: On a corpse in Restaurant, 1F

A grubby key use to open one of the ships' Kitchens on 1F.

Use: Opens West door in Restaurant, 1F.


Found: Refrigerator, 1F

This key is used to gain access to the Crew Area on 2F.

Use: Opens Corridor C, 2F.


Found: Library, 2F

A lavish key that is used to open the ship's Lounge on 3F.

Use: Opens West door in Corridor E, 3F.


Found: Captain's Room, 3F

This security card is used to gain access to the ship's Computer 
Control Room on 3F.


Found: Computer Room, 3F

This key is used to gain access to the Data Control Room on 1F.

Use: Opens door East of Crew Elevator, 3F.


Found: Kitchen p, 3F

This key is used to gain access to one of the 1st Class Cabins on 3F.

Use: Opens the fifth cabin from the left in 1st Class, 3F.  


Found: On a zombie at Viewing Lounge, 3F

This security card is used to gain access to a computer in the 
Computer Control Room on 3F.  

Use: You'll automatically use it when you approach the right 


Found: Cargo Bay, 1F

When used correctly a Blowtorch can be used to cut holes through 
metal. The keys have been lost for the Special Storage Area on 1F. 
This Blow Torch mat be useful there.

Use: Opens West door in Storage Bay, 1F.


Found: Special Storage, 1F

This is a heavy duty tool used for forcing open some locked or jammed 
doors. Maybe this could be used to open the jammed Crew Room door on 

Use: Opens Northeast door in Corridor C, 2F.


Found: Crew Room, 2F

A fire Extinguisher can be used to put out dangerous fires.

Use: On the fire in front of Data Control Room, 1F.


Found: On a zombie in Data Control, 1F

This security card is needed to operate a set of elevators to the 
East of the ship.

Use: Opens the doors of Crew Elevator on Floor 4F.


Found: On a corpse in Data Control, 1F

This is a Data Disk to be used with the computer in the Data Control 
Room on 1F.

Use: You'll automatically use it when you approach the right 


Found: On a corpse in Operation Room, 4F

This key is used to gain access to the Boiler Room on 2F.

Use: Opens the West door in Corridor A, 2F.


Found: You begin the game with this

The Knife is standard issue combat gear often used to fend off 
enemies when no other weapon is available.

The Knife is a good weapon, certainly better that it was in other 
Resident Evil episodes. Its range is dramatically short - basically, 
you can only hit the enemy when it's close enough to hit you back - 
but its power is not to be underestimated. If well aimed, the Knife 
can kill a zombie in four-five hits, and it's very easy to aim, too. 
Use it when you're against a single enemy, or when other enemies are 
far away. Don't use it against zombies armed with crowbars though, 
and just don't think you can kill the B.O.W. with this.


Found: You begin the game with this

The trusty Handgun is standard issue combat arsenal. This weapon is 
easy to aim, but inflicts low damage.

These bullets are used with the Handgun.

The Handgun is a reliable weapon. It's easy to aim and it's very 
effective against unarmed zombies, especially females. Two-three 
bullets will usually be enough to kill a zombie in the first part of 
the game, and you can even defeat the B.O.W. with this on some 
occasions. Later on, the Handgun becomes less useful, but it's still 
recommended because you'll find plenty of ammo for it. A box of HG 
Bullets will add 12 bullets to your total.


Found: Corridor A, 2F

This is a pump action weapon that is tricky to aim, but gives medium 

These shells are used with the Shotgun.

The Shotgun is a very good weapon. It's not the easiest to aim, but 
it's not that difficult either. It's very useful against the B.O.W., 
and you'll be using it a lot against zombies towards the end of the 
game. Every time you'll find SG Shells, 8 shells will be added to 
your reserve.


Found: 2nd class cabin, 3F   

This is a fully automatic long burst weapon. It is slighly tricky to 
aim, but can deliver reasonable damage.

This bullet clip is used with the Assault Rifle.

The Assault Rifle is the weapon of choice against the B.O.W. It's 
quite difficult to aim, but its power is impressive. It can kill 
zombies in two or three shots, although later on you may need some 
more to kill the undead. Save this for big battles.


Found: Refrigerator, 1F

This is a heavy duty weapon that is harder to aim with, but delivers 
medium to heavy damage.

These rounds are used with the Grenade Gun.

The Grenade Gun is well hidden, but it's well worth it. Its power is 
greater than that of the Assault Rifle, but it's much more difficult 
to aim. Anyway, you'll find a reasonable amount of ammo for this 
weapon, and it's good against just anything, so make good use of it. 
You'll get 6 more rounds every time you pick up ammo for this weapon.


Found: Special Storage, 1F

This is a top of the range armour piercing weapon. Although it is 
hard to aim it will deliver heavy damage.

These missiles are used with the Rocket Launcher.

The Rocket Launcher is also hard to find, but its power is 
astonishing. It's the ultimate weapon against a single enemy. 
However, it has two major problems. First, it's tremendously 
difficult to aim correctly, and second, ammo is terribly scarce - 
we're talking about three refills in the whole game, and every box of 
Missiles is worth just 4 missiles. Save this weapon for the very 
final battle - if you can find it, of course. 


Found: Operation Room, 4F

When faced with too many enemies use this weapon. One hit will clear 
a whole room.

These rounds are used with the Gas Launcher.

The Gas Launcher is a new addition to the Resident Evil arsenal, and 
a tremendous one too. One shot is enough to kill all the zombies in 
the area, regardless of the precision of the hit - you may even miss, 
but the enemies will still be defeated. The only drawback is that 
ammo is almost nonexistent - a couple more boxes of rounds is all 
you're gonna find, and every one of them is worth only 3 more rounds.  


Found: Side Deck 2F

Your current objective will be shown on your PDA. Your PDA will also 
show all the information you have found. Your PDA can be accessed 
from your inventory. 
Your current objective will also be shown on your map and will be 
highlighted in red. Your map will also show where you currently are 
highlighted in green. 
As you complete your objectives your current status will be saved. 
You may then continue your mission after a restart. At set times you 
may also save your status in slot 1, 2 or 3. You may then continue 
your mission from slot 1, 2 or 3 when you restart.


Found: Lobby, 2F

When you try to run away in a battle, you must fire your weapon and 
hit the target in the middle. Zombies will try harder to hit you 
whilst you are running away. Once you start to run away you cannot 
re-join the battle.


Found: Rest. balcony, 2F

Always be on the lookout for Herbs to pick up. If you are wounded 
these will recover lost health. Apply a herb within your inventory to 
recover lost health. Search zombies as they may be sometimes be 
carrying Herbs and other useful items.


Found: Rest. balcony, 2F

You can equip yourself with a different weapon within your inventory. 
You also have access to your inventory when in battle, but be careful 
the action will not stop.


Found: Bathroom 6, 2F

Some of these zombies can poison you with their attacks. If you are 
poisoned your health will suffer for a period of time. Use the blue 
or purple herbs to cure yourself from the poison. Your display will 
indicate when you are poisoned.


Found: Corridor A, 2F

To unlock a door you must use the key when you are near that door. To 
use an item, like a key, you must go to your inventory. 


Found: Corridor A, 2F

To escape from a Zombie's grasp, struggle by trying to move. 


Found: Corridor E, 3F

You may use your targeting system to attack any hostiles. Once your 
target is activated you can aim at any hostiles you meet. The sight 
will indicate when a hostile is in range. De-Activate the target 
system once a hostile is in range to start a battle. 
Once in a battle, fire your weapon when the target is aligned with 
the hostile to be hit. Remember that your weapons are less effective 
at greater distances.


Found: Seat Deck, 4F

Be on the lookout for Armour. Equip yourself with the Armour you find 
to protect yourself. The stronger the Armour, the less damage you 
will suffer when you are hit in a battle. Remember, useful items such 
as Armour may be left around the ship by the crew and passengers. 
Lookout for these items and always watch for your alert icon.


Found: Piano Bar, 2F

TO catch up on procedures, crewmen should read during their spare 
time. Many technical books can be found in the Library on 2F.


Found: Library

During meal breaks, crewmen should use the Kitchen 3F. This Kitchen 
can be found next to the Ocean View Lounge.


Found: Computer Room, 3F

You need the Operator Password Card to re-boot the computer. The 
operator crewmen can often be found socialising in the Piano Bar on 


- When fighting zombies, use the Knife whenever possible. The Knife  
  is very effective - three hits from it can kill a zombie, provided
  you aim well. Saving ammo is very important.

- If you want to fight zombies with firearms, use the Handgun or the  
  Shotgun. Never waste more powerful ammo on zombies, because you
  will need every bullet you can get for major battles. Once you have
  the Gas Launcher, feel free to use it when there's too many zombies
  in the room.

- Avoid battle whenever possible. Lure the zombies out of the way.  
  Point your weapon at them to make them come towards you, then run
  around them and escape. Remember, you don't want to waste ammo or
  energy in unnecessary fights.

- If you visit an area that you're not supposed to visit during your  
  current mission, it will be free of enemies. Take advantage of this 
  situation to collect items without having to worry about enemies. 

- You can't collect ammo for a weapon you don't have. If you find 
  ammo you can't use, remember where it is. This way, you'll be able 
  to stock up on ammo when you find the weapon later. 

- The Grenade Gun, the Rocket Launcher, and the Gas Launcher can't be 
  found until certain points in the story. If you didn't find all the 
  weapons before you go to the Engine Room as Leon, make sure to 
  check some rooms again.  

- Zombies armed with crowbars can hit you even if they're not within 
  knife range. Shoot them from a distance, as they're very powerful.

- Female zombies have much greater chances to poison you than males. 
  Try not to be hit by them.

- Search every nook and cranny for items and ammo. You'll never know 
  what you may find.

- If you don't know where to go next, have a look at the map. The red 
  area is where you ought to go.

- Try not to use Lucia in battle. She has lower stamina than Leon and 

- Always equip the best armor you have.

- Use Herbs whenever you need to. There's plenty of them around, and 
  if you avoid battle until necessary, you won't run out of Herbs. 


NOTE: this walkthrough is very different from other walkthroughs you 
may have read for this game. There's one simple reason for that: I 
wanted to make things as easy as possible. That's why I've chosen to 
describe the search for items as soon as you can go for it. You may 
look for items later in the game instead of walking so much after 
Save Point 1, but you'd meet many zombies on your way, while in my 
walkthrough, you won't meet any. I prefer powering up upon going on 
with the story in too a straightforward way. If you don't want to 
wander around before the first B.O.W. encounter, just skip the long 
part and go on with the story. But I tell you, it's easier my way. 


The game begins on the Side Deck 2F. Go left and check the small 
cupboards on the wall to find some [HG BULLETS]. Go ahead and pick up 
the [INFO DOC], then check the next cupboard for some [YELLOW HERBS]. 
Approach the big door and a cutscene will start. When it's over, 
enter the Lobby.

Another brief scene will take over, then you'll be attacked by two 
zombies. Ignore them and run to the left. Go up and collect the [RUN 
DOC], then exit to the left. In the next corridor, you'll be 
contacted by the HQ. They'll tell you what to do next, so head up and 
to the West. Take the [HEALTH DOC], and check the alcoves in the 
north wall to find some [GREEN HERBS] and a [COOLANT FUSE]. Descend 
the stairs to get to Floor 1F, and to the Restaurant. Check the place 
for some [HG BULLETS] as well as some [GREEN] and [RED HERBS], and 
search the white-dressed corpse for the [KITCHEN KEY]. Use it to 
unlock the West door.
In the Kitchen, explore the north side of the room for some [HG 
BULLETS], then go to the South door, collecting the [YELLOW HERBS] on 
the way. At the door, use the Coolant Fuse to open the way to the 
Refrigerator. Take the [CREW AREA KEY] from the southern shelf, then 
return upstairs.

Follow the corridor until you get to the [EQUIP DOC], and enter the 
door nearby. You're now in Corridor A. Enter the first door on the 
southern side of the corridor to access Bathroom 5. Get the [HG 
BULLETS] and proceed to the next Bathroom. On the way there, check 
the alcove in the wall to find some more [HG BULLETS]. In Bathroom 6, 
collect the [PURPLE HERBS] and the [POISON DOC], and check one of the 
female zombies for some [HG BULLETS]. Now go ahead down the corridor, 
and get the [ITEMS DOC] at the corner. Go north and kill the zombie 
for the [ELEVATOR 1 KEY], then check the vase for [HG BULLETS]. Near 
the next vase, you'll find the [SHOTGUN]. Now, before you go ahead, 
go back to the Rest. Balcony and kill the nearby zombie for some [SG 
SHELLS]. You can find some more in each of the two Bathrooms. When 
you're done, go back to the crossroad in Corridor A.

Check the red-dressed body for some more [SG SHELLS], then go South 
and West to collect the [ESCAPE DOC]. Use the Elevator 1 Key to open 
the door to the Rear Elevator.

---------------------------[SAVE POINT 1]----------------------------

Use the elevator to go to 3F. Get out and kill the zombies. One of 
them is holding some [HG BULLETS]. There's also the [TARGETING DOC] 
nearby. Now climb the stairs to 4F.

You're now on the Seat Deck. Kill the nearby zombie to get some 
[GREEN HERBS], and pick up the [ARMOUR DOC]. A brief scene will tell 
you what to look for. Now go West and check the seats to find a  
[KEVLAR] armor. Three more zombies can be killed for items here - one 
of them has [SG SHELLS], another has [HG BULLETS], and the third one 
has the important [SECURITY CARD]. Be sure to get this one, then take 
the upper exit to the Pool.

Check the small cupboard near the door to find a [ROPE], then look 
for the female zombie who's holding the [BAR ROOM KEY] and kill her 
to retrieve the key. You'll find [YELLOW HERBS] and [HG BULLETS] on 
other zombies. Now unlock the East door to access the Bar, where a 
zombie is carrying some [HG BULLETS], then enter the Elevator 
Passage. Go to the North aisle and look for some [GREEN HERBS] and a 
[TITANIUM] armor. A zombie here is holding some [SG SHELLS], so get 
them as well. 

Go East still, and to the Sun Deck. Look for some [YELLOW HERBS] and 
[HG BULLETS], then enter the Suite Room P, where a zombie is guarding 
the [ELEVATOR 2 KEY]. Get it and return to the Elevator Passage. 
Unlock the Main Elevators with your newfound Key, and take them down 
to the Lobby Balcony. Kill a female zombie for some [PURPLE HERBS], 
then descends the stairs and return to the Side Deck. Unlock the 
second-to-last door from the left with the Crew Area Key to access 
Corridor C. 

Use the Crew Elevators to go down to the Cargo Bay. Search the corpse 
by the North wall to find the [BLOWTORCH], then go West to the 
Storage Bay. Use the Blowtorch on the West door to open it, and enter 
the Special Storage. Look between the crates near the door to find 
the [COMPUTER CARD], and get the [CROWBAR] from the small boxes on 
the South wall. Now go back to the elevators, and return to 2F.

Use the Crowbar on the nearby door to access the Crew room. Check the 
cupboard for the [EXTINGUISHER], then get out and take the elevators 
up. Use the Computer Card to open the door on the right, and enter 
the Computer Room. Pick up the [CONTROL PASS] and the [COMPUTER DOC], 
then use the elevators to return to 1F.

Go to the Storage Bay and use the Control Pass on the middle door to 
access the Data Control. Kill the zombie to get his [ELEVATOR PASS], 
and search the corpse for the [DATA DISK]. Go back to the elevators 
one more time, and use them to get to 4F.

Use the Elevator Pass to open the doors. You're now in the Crew 
Access Area. Go East into the Operation Area, and check the corpse 
for the [BOILER KEY]. Return to 2F and to Corridor A, and use this 
Key to open the westernmost door. 

In the Boiler Room, go down the stairs and to the Engine Room. Search 
this room thoroughly for [HG BULLETS] and [SG SHELLS], then, finally, 
go back to 4F from the Main Elevators and return to the Pool. Use the 
Security Card to open the locked room, and enter it. It's the 
Security Room. Check the computers and a scene will ensue. When it's 
over, exit this room.

---------------------------[SAVE POINT 2]----------------------------

Go East, witnessing many cut scenes, until you get to the Elevator 
Passage. Here, equip the Shotgun, then move to the next room. 
Its' your first encounter with the B.O.W., and fortunately, it's not 
going to be so hard. Five well-aimed Shotgun shells should be all you 
need to scare the big guy and make him flee. Now that Lucia is safe, 
you'd better go looking for Leon.

Go back to the Elevator Passage.

---------------------------[SAVE POINT 3]----------------------------

The HQ calls you, with news about Leon. Lucia suggests taking the 
elevators down. Do so.

Approach the door to 1st Class and you'll find out it's locked. 
However, Lucia has the [2ND CLASS KEY], so you can explore that area. 
Go West and use the Key in the door to access the area of the 2nd 
class cabins.

Go North and check the plants on the wall to find [GREEN HERBS] and 
[HG BULLETS], and one of the zombies there has more [HG BULLETS] for 
you. Ignore the rooms on the West side of the corridor, because they 
have nothing in them except for zombies. So, take the lower aisle and 
enter the first door on the upper row to find some [KEVLAR] armor in 
the cupboard. Now enter the next door you'll find, on the lower row, 
and kill the zombie there for some [HG BULLETS]. Continue right and 
to the nearby room, where you'll find the [SEMTEX] in the cupboard. 
Enter the next room on the higher row, and get the [YELLOW HERBS] 
from the cupboard. Going ahead, enter the next room (lower row) and 
check the cupboard for the [LOCK PICK]. The cupboard in the nearest 
room hides some [SG SHELLS]. The last room has absolutely nothing of 
interest, so go back to the left and use the Lock Pick on the 
northernmost room to open it.

Get the [CABIN C34 KEY] from the drawers, and open the cupboard to 
find the [ASSAULT RIFLE]. Go back to the last plant in the upper 
aisle to find an [AR BULLET CLIP] for it, then go down until the last 
door and use the newfound Key to open it. In the cupboard is the [1ST 
CLASS KEY]. With it, exit the room.

---------------------------[SAVE POINT 4]----------------------------

Go back to the Lobby Balcony and go downstairs. Return to the Crew 
Elevators and use them to go to 3F. Use the Semtex on the South door 
to open it and gain access to the Captain's Room. Check the cupboard 
for a [DIAMET] armor, then open the safe to find the [COMPUTER CARD]. 
Now go back to the Lobby Balcony, equip your Shotgun, and use the Key 
to open the way to the 1st class cabins. Note the peculiar icon that 
will appear at the bottom of the screen.

At that point, a cutscene will ensue, then the B.O.W. will burst 
through the wall and attack you. 5 more Shells should do the work, 
provided your aim isn't too bad. After the fight, another dialogue 
will take place, and then... 

You're alone again. Oh well, don't let that bring you down. Open the 
door and proceed to 1st class.

The first room is empty, and so is the second. So are the next two, 
too... and the fifth one is locked! The sixth room, anyway, has a 
zombie that you can kill for some [HG BULLETS], and there are some 
[YELLOW HERBS] by the fireplace. Skip the following room, and enter 
the last room of the corridor. There, examine the big hole in the 
floor to find some new company.

You're now in Multi Purpose. Go down the steps on the left.

---------------------------[SAVE POINT 5]----------------------------

One of the zombies here has some [HG BULLETS]. Exit West to be in 
Corridor B. Go North and East, and enter the Toilet to find some [SG 
SHELLS] and the [MEDICAL KEY]. Now go back, and take the left 
corridor. Enter the upper room at the end, which is the Shop. Get 
behind the counter for som [PURPLE HERBS], and check the first 
display for a [TITANIUM] armor. Enter the room below, the Piano Bar, 
and kill one of the female zombies for some [SG SHELLS]. Pick up the 
[LIBRARY DOC], then go near the piano and kill the "girl" hiding in 
the dark for the [LIBRARY KEY]. Now get out and open the left door.

Kill two of the girlies in the Lobby for some [GREEN HERBS] and an 
[AR BULLET CLIP], then head for the stairs in the Rest. Balcony 
(killing one of the zombies for some [RED HERBS]), and from there go 
to the Refrigerator. There, get the [GRENADE GUN], and go check the 
curtains in the Restaurant for some [GL ROUNDS]. You can also find 
ammo for the Grenade Gun in many other places, namely: 

1F: Power Control
2F: Shop
4F: Dressing Room 
    Suite Room S

I suggest that you get all of them but the ones on 1F - you're 
heading for 4F anyway, and you'll pass by the Power Control Room 
later. But first, go to Corridor B on 2F, and kill the zombie near 
the door for some [GREEN HERBS]. Once you're in the Corridor, use the 
Library Key on the first locked door. In the Library you'll find the 
[KITCHEN DOC], the [LOUNGE KEY], [HG BULLETS], and a [KEVLAR] armor. 
Now use the Medical Key on the next locked door, and enter the 
Medical Office. Here you can find [PURPLE HERBS], [YELLOW HERBS], [HG 
BULLETS], and a [DIAMET] armor. 

Now go to the West end of the corridor, and use the Rear Elevator to 
go to 3F. There, use the Lounge Key to open the door to the Viewing 
Lounge. Kill the first zombie to get some [HG BULLETS], then go to 
the West side of the area and kill the zombie there to get the 
[OPERATOR PASS]. Now, enter the upper room in the middle aisle and 
kill one of the girls for the [CABIN F50 KEY]. The other kitchen has 
some [GREEN HERBS] for you.

Now go back to the Lobby, climb the stairs, and go to 1st class. Use 
the Cabin F50 Key to open the fifth room, where you'll find some 
[YELLOW] and [PURPLE HERBS], and ammo that you can't pick up just 
now. But remember it's here, for it may be useful later.

Now use the Main Elevators to get to 4F, and go to the Pool. Here, 
you'll find [HG BULLETS] and [PURPLE HERBS] on two female zombies. Go 
to the Dressing Room and get the [GL ROUNDS] and the [BLUE HERBS], 
then go to the Security Room, kill one zombie for [GREEN HERBS], and 
check the panel. One cutscene later, it's

---------------------------[SAVE POINT 6]----------------------------

Now just reach the Upper Deck on Floor 2F. Take any route you want. 
On the Side Deck, a zombie has some [HG BULLETS]. Then, you'll 
stumble upon

---------------------------[SAVE POINT 7]----------------------------

Now go to the Upper Deck. Equip the Assault Rifle before entering. On 
the Upper Deck, you'll have another ancounter with the big guy. 6 
shots with the Rifle will do the job, but Mr. Octopus Stomach, like 
every Umbrella's Tyrant lookalike, just refuses to succumb. Get back 
quickly before he gets you, and enter the first door on the Side 
Deck. Go North and a long scene will take over.

Now you're in control of Leon. Board the elevator and head for 3F. 
Enter the Computer Room and use the computers on the North wall, 
then, after the scene, go back to the elevators and go down to 1F.

---------------------------[SAVE POINT 8]----------------------------

In the Cargo Bay room, a zombie has some [SG SHELLS]. Go to Special 
Storage and head for the upper-left corner. Here, kill all the 
zombies and retrieve the [ROCKET LAUNCHER](!!). Ammo for this baby 
can be found at the following places:

1F: Boiler Room
3F: Cabin 1st class

Now go back to Storage Bay, and use the Extinguisher on the fire to 
activate a cutscene and clear the way to the Data Control Room. Enter 
it and approach the console to use the Data Disk. Hold on, the 
wandering is almost over.

---------------------------[SAVE POINT 9]----------------------------

Your next destination is once again the Security Room on 4F. Get 
there and use the computer. The following scene will probably remind 
you of another game... guess which one?

After the scene, approach the exit door and you'll find

--------------------------[SAVE POINT 10]----------------------------

Save points are getting closer and closer to each other, aren't they? 
Oh well, you'd better move on to the Piano Bar. The trip is short, 
just follow the usual route (Main Elevators, anyone?). Just be 
prepared to fight the zombie who'll ambush you in Corridor B.

At the Piano Bar, your suspects will be confirmed. Nothing new if 
you've played other Resident Evils, but at least the continuity of 
the series is safe ^_^. 

When the cutscene's over, you'll be on the Upper Deck.

--------------------------[SAVE POINT 11]----------------------------

Now leon's alone, so why not get him all the firepower he can get? 
So, head for the Crew Elevators, and take them up to 4F. Go to the 
Operation Room and retrieve the [GAS LAUNCHER] from the East panel. 
Get the [PURPLE HERBS] from one of the zombies, too. Ammo for the Gas 
Launcher can be found at Cabin 1st Class, 3F. Get it, then head for 
the Engine Room on 1F. To get there, you must descend the stairs in 
the Boiler Room on 2F. You'll find [SG SHELLS] on the Side Deck if 
you pass by there, and you'll also find some on a zombie on the Rest. 
Balcony. Also kill one of the female zombies in the Library for an 
[AR BULLET CLIP]. [RED HERBS] can be found near the Rear Elevator, 
and the nearby zombie has some [HG BULLETS].

In the Boiler Room, pick up the [RL MISSILES], then climb the stairs 
down. Go East to the Power Control Room, kill the zombie for [HG 
BULLETS], and get the [GL ROUNDS] from the dead body. Then, return to 
the Engine Room and go to the South side of the room by using the 

--------------------------[SAVE POINT 12]----------------------------

Heal, equip the Assault Rifle, and go ahead. The White Giant will 
accept your challenge, and will come for you. A dozen blasts will do 
the work, but things can hardly get any worse for Leon!

Somewhere else, Barry elegantly shows Umbrella men how easily he can 
triple-cross just anyone. He gets Lucia saved, but as usual, he 
underestimates the creatures he's facing, and he's attacked by the 
fiercest zombie in the game. Quickly equip a weapon, and wipe out the 
Captain before he does the same to you. After that, you'll be back to 
controlling Barry and Lucia.

Search the Sickbay for [YELLOW], [BLUE], and [PURPLE HERBS], then get 
going. Next room hides a [DIAMET] armor, [GL ROUNDS], an [AR BULLET 
CLIP], and [HG BULLETS]. Proceed to the Stair Corridor and to the 
Operation Room, where you can find [GREEN] and [RED HERBS], and [HG 
BULLETS] on a zombie.

Now go upstairs. The B.O.W. is here! How he got on the sub is a 
mystery, but you have no time to solve it. Run to the right, 
collecting [PURPLE HERBS] and [SG SHELLS], and into the Corridor. 
Dodge the zombie and head for the Torpedo Room, where you can find 
[RL MISSILES]. Take them, then return to the Bridge. Climb the steps 
to find some [GG ROUNDS] near the steel periscope, then avoid your 
unstoppable friend and dive into the Control Room. 

--------------------------[SAVE POINT 13]----------------------------

Get the [HG BULLETS] and go West to the Engine Room and kill the 
zombie for [PURPLE HERBS] if you want, then use the computer in the 
Control Room.

After another long, long scene, you'll be back on the Upper Deck. 
From here, you've got to make it to the Engine Room, but the Rest. 
Balcony's way is obstructed by flames, so you'll have to take the 
long way round. Go to Lobby Balcony, take the Main Elevators up, and 
go down the stairs at the Seat Deck, which you'll have to access from 
the North door of the Pool. Then, take the Rear Elevator down to 2F 
and enter the Boiler Room.

Equip your Assault Rifle, then approach Leon. After a scene, you'll 
have another chance to escape the white gorilla. He's quick though, 
so it's unlikely that you will make it. If that's the case, just 
fight! After the battle, quickly run to the stairs, for the moster 
won't give up the chase.

In the Engine Room, the team will finally reunite. Go to the Power 
Control Room and get some more [GL ROUNDS] and the [HG BULLETS] from 
the zombie, then go back upstairs.

--------------------------[SAVE POINT 14]----------------------------

Kill the zombie for some [SG SHELLS], then head back to the Upper 
Deck once more. Notice that many routes are blocked by fire, so 
you'll have to get to the Side Deck through Corridor B, then go to 
the Upper Deck through Corridor C. Be prepared to face an onslaught 
of zombies on the way.

Just before you get to the Upper Deck, you'll find out that Nemesis' 
brother is guarding the door. Prepare your Assault Rifle, heal 
everybody, and give Lucia and Leon powerful weapons. Don't use the 
Rocket Launcher yet, but do use powerful weaponry. As usual, twelve 
Rifle shots will clear the way. Now heal any wounds you may have, and 
finally access the Upper Deck.

After a long and quite disturbing scene, the REAL final battle will 
begin. Use the Rocket Launcher to finally blow away the B.O.W. Watch 
out though, as it has a powerful claw swipe this time, and it can 
take away much of your energy in a single hit. 8-9 Rockets will kill 
it. If you run out of Rockets, use the Grenade Gun or the Assault 

One cutscene later, the game is over.


Here's a complete transcription of all the dialogues that occur 
during the game.



Occurs: When you begin a new game.

In an effort to put a stop to the global operations of the evil 
corporate entity Umbrella Pharmaceuticals Inc., an underground 
organization was formed. This organization consists of former 
S.T.A.R.S members and ex-Umbrella employees.

Somewhere in North America, at this underground organization's 


Barry: Reporting for duty.

Chief: Good to see you Barry. I have a mission for you of
 the utmost urgency. A new type of Bio-Organic Weapon developed at 
 Umbrella Labs has escaped! This B.O.W. is believed to be among the 
 passengers of the Luxury ocean cruiser, The STARLIGHT.
 The new B.O.W. is an extremely dangerous creature, even in its human 
 form. Leon S. Kennedy of Raccoon City Police Department was tracking 
 the B.O.W., but we have now lost contact with him. His last report 
 came in over 24 hours ago.

Objective: Locate Leon S.Kennedy and eliminate the B.O.W.

Insertion: Via helicopter.

Location: The STARLIGHT, currently cruising in the Atlantic.

Extraction: Via helicopter, deployed on receipt of radio

Operative: Barry Burton.

Good luck with your mission.



Occurs: As soon as the game really begins.

HQ: Barry come in over...

Barry: Copy, I read you, over..

HQ: You are now on the Side Deck 2F. Make your way West to the Lobby 
 to enter the ship.
 Look for useful items along the way. They may be hidden in boxes or 
 other containers.
 Your alert icon will show when an item is nearby. You can then pick 
 up this item.
 Good luck Barry. Over and out.



Occurs: When you first reach the Lobby door.

HQ: Barry, be careful, we have detected hostiles in the Lobby.
 If you need to, use your targeting system to attack these hostiles. 
 Once your target is activated you can aim at these hostiles. The 
 sight will indicate when a hostile is in range. De-activate the 
 target system once a hostile is in range to start a battle.
 Once in a battle, fire your weapon when the target is aligned
 with the hostile to be hit. Remember that your weapons are less 
 effective at greater distances.
 Caution is recommended though. Avoid conflict if you can. Be careful 
 in there.

Barry: Will do. Over and out.



Occurs: When you first enter the Lobby.

Barry: What in the name of... What has happened to these people?
 They're not... human anymore!



Occurs: When you first enter the Rest. Balcony.

HQ: Make your way to the Security Room on 4F. Try the elevators to 
 the West. Maybe you can locate Leon with the security cameras.

Barry: O.K. I'll make contact when I get there. Over and out.



Occurs: When you first access the Seat Deck on Floor 4F.

Barry: The Security Room will probably be locked. I may need a key 
 for it.



Occurs: When you use the computer in the Security Room for the first 

Barry: Hmmm, what can I do with this hunk of junk.

Barry searches through the switches on the control console to 
activate it.

Barry: Wait a minute, this doesn't look like one of those creatures!
Barry: Hey! Listen up! Can you hear me?

Girl: Leon?... Is that you?

Barry: Huh?... You know Leon!?

Girl: Who are you?

Barry: I'm special agent Barry Burton. I'm a friend of Leon's.

Girl: I'm Lucia. Leon went off to find the horrible monster that is 
 turning everybody into... into... Zombies! Leon rescued me and told 
 me to wait here until he gets back.

Barry: Where is Leon right now?

Lucia: I don't know, he left here ages ago. I'm scared- I keep 
 hearing noises.
Lucia: Oh no, you have to help me. I think it's that monster banging 
 on the door! He's here! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Barry: Don't panic! Calm down! Just tell me where you are!

Lucia: I'm on the Sun Deck! Hurry, the door isn't going to hold much 

Barry: Hold on, I'm on my way.



Occurs: When you get out from the Security Room.

Barry: I though I just heard a scream. It seemed to be coming from 
 the East.



Occurs: Before entering the Piano Bar while going helping Lucia.

Barry: There's that scream again. This time I know it's Lucia. She 
 must be really close.


-SCENE 10-

Occurs: Before entering the Sun Deck to help Lucia.

Barry: I can hear Lucia. She's on the other side of this door.


-SCENE 11-

Occurs: First B.O.W. encounter.

Barry reaches the Sun Deck. From the edge of the shadows he can see 
something hideous and large chasing Lucia.

Lucia: Help Meeee!
Lucia: Keep it away from me!

Barry: If that's the B.O.W. this is my lucky day!
Barry: Sweet mother of... I spoke too soon!

Lucia: Ahhhhhhhh! Get it off me!


-SCENE 12-

Occurs: After defeating the B.O.W. for the first time.

The B.O.W. dissolves into an amoeba-like form. Then it disappears 
rapidly into the shadows.

Barry: That thing just vanished!

Lucia: I'm glad it has finally gone. It was horrible.

Barry: Are you hurt? Let me see your arm. What the... Not a scratch! 
 I could've sworn he'd hurt you!

Lucia: I... I was lucky wasn't I?

Barry: Uh, yeah. I guess you were, but let's not push that luck, O.K? 
 Stay close, that thing might still be around.

Lucia: No, he's gone.

Barry: What makes you so sure of that?

Lucia: I don't know... I just... feel it.

Barry: Uh, right.

Lucia: What is it. Is something wrong?

Barry: No, nothing. C'mon, let's go find Leon...


-SCENE 13-

Occurs: Before you use the Main Elevators with Lucia.

HQ: Barry, do you copy... Barry, do you copy, over?

Barry: Copy, over.

HQ: Thought we'd lost you, what's going on out there.

Barry: I've found a survivor and I'm pretty certain I've located the 
 B.O.W. It took everything I threw at it, but then it vanished.

HQ: Unlucky about the B.O.W. However we have news on Leon. We have 
 unscrambled Leon's last message. We believe he is somewhere in the 
 1st Class Cabin area.

Barry: Thanks for the update. Over and out.

Lucia: Why don't we take the lift down, it would be a lot quicker.


-SCENE 14-

Occurs: When you try to enter 1st Class for the first time.  

Barry: Hmm, looks like the door to 1st Class is locked.

Lucia: If it helps I have a key to 2nd Class.

Barry: O.K. let's go to 2nd Class and give that a try instead. We may 
 find something of use there.


-SCENE 15-

Occurs: When you find the key to 1st Class.

Barry: Now we have the 1st Class Cabin's Key we can go look for Leon.

Lucia: Great! I'll follow you there.


-SCENE 16-

Occurs: Before you unlock 1st Class.

Lucia: Wait! It's that monster... He's somewhere around here!

Barry: Huh?... Where?!

Lucia: I can't pinpoint his location... but he's definitely nearby.  


-SCENE 17-

Occurs: After the second B.O.W. encounter.

Barry: Hey, Lucia. What's going on? How did you know that thing would 
 be here?

Lucia: I told you I can feel its presence.

Barry: Right! I'd like to believe you. But I got this feeling there's 
 something you're not telling me!

Lucia: I can still feel it... It's really close.

Barry: Noooooo!!!!

Barry: That thing just grabbed Lucia... then... vanished.


-SCENE 18-

Occurs: When you find Leon.

Barry: This hole appears to go down a long way.
Barry: I can just make out a figure. I think it's Leon.

Barry decends the rope to reach Leon.

Barry: Leon c'mon! Wake up!

Leon regains consciousness.

Leon: Uhhhn... My head... Barry? What are you doing here?

Barry: When you failed to report in, somebody pushed the panic 
 button. So they called me in to pull you fat out of the fire.

Leon: Right... Sorry for dragging you... Wait a minute! There was a 

Barry: Yeah, I know. Lucia, right? She's been captured by that... 
 that thing. Y'know, there's something about that girl that bothers 

Leon: Like what?

Barry: Well, she's got this weird power. Maybe she's the B.O.W. that 
 we're looking for...

Leon: Yeah sure... And that thing that took her doesn't fit the bill?

Barry: Well yeah, but...

Leon: Listen. Right now, I'm convinced that ameoba thing's a pretty 
 good candidate for what we're looking for, and until I'm convinced 
 otherwise, I'd like to see what I can do to save what may be the 
 only survivor in this hellhole!

Barry: You're right. There's a security room back the way I came. We 
 might be able to use the observation monitor to find her.


-SCENE 19-

Occurs: When Barry and Leon look for Lucia in the monitors.

Leon: There they are!

Barry: Looks like it's heading for the Upper Deck. This doesn't make 
 any sense! As far as we know that thing has wiped out everybody on
 board. Why doesn't it kill the girl?

Leon: You don't quit do you! I know you think she's the monster we're 
 looking for, but if she is, why isn't she wiping the floor with that 

Barry: I see your point, but...

Leon: Look. If it's her power that's bothering you, don't
 worry. I know about it. Before you came on board I had some time to 
 talk to her. About two years ago she was adopted from an orphanage. 
 She said her ears started ringing about that time.

Barry: Her ears?

Leon: Yeah. Apparently she has an acute sense of hearing. Not to 
 mention her other senses. She also told me that she healed quicker 
 than most. In fact those same powers got her into trouble with the
 local kids. They picked on her for being different. She said that 
 things got so bad, her foster parents decided to send her to some 
 relatives in Europe. That's why she's on this ship. Not because 
 she's some sort of refugee from the Umbrella laboratory!

Barry: That sounds pretty lame to me!

Leon: Jeez. Why do I bother? Can you at least assume she's innocent 
 until proven guilty? Right now, my concern is that monster heading 
 for the Upper Deck. If taking that thing out means saving the girl 
 in the process, then what's the problem with that?! Come on... We've 
 wasted enough time! Let's move!


-SCENE 20-

Occurs: When Barry and Leon encounter the B.O.W. together.

Leon: Hold it right there. Put the girl down! NOW!


-SCENE 21-

Occurs: After the third B.O.W. fight.

Leon: Lucia!

Lucia: Leon you're alive! Somehow I knew you'd be OK.

Barry: I don't believe it... this thing can't be stopped! Come on 
 we'd better get out of here! Let's go! Now!


-SCENE 22-

Occurs: After the flight from the B.O.W.

Suddenly an explosion rocks the STARLIGHT.

Leon: Lucia! You're hurt!

Lucia: I'm okay! I'm okay!

Leon: The fire is spreading! If it reaches the engine room, this 
 ship's gonna blow and we're gonna go with it!

Barry: I'll use the radio, and call in the helicopter, we need to get 
 off this floating death trap. Mayday! Mayday! HQ, do you read me? 
 Come in! Over.

HQ: This is Headquarters. Over?

Barry: I've found Leon! We've also got a girl with us! She appears to 
 be the only survivor.

HQ: What about the B.O.W.?

Barry: We're still working on that! But right now we've got a ship 
 that might sink at any minute! Request a helicopter for immediate 

HQ: No can do! We can't get a chopper up in this storm. Suggest you 
 hold out until the storm blows over. We'll get a chopper out the 
 minute the sky is clear!

Barry: Right... I'll see if the ship will accommodate our schedule...

HQ: One more thing. We've received some new info on the B.O.W that 
 might help you identify the creature. It has green blood. I repeat 
 it has green blood. Acknowledge, please.

Barry: Green blood... uh... Acknowledged. Over and out!

Leon: Well it looks like you were wrong.

Barry: Yeah I guess I was... Listen, Leon, I need you to see if 
 there's a sprinkler system or something you can get working to slow 
 down the fire. That way we might be able to buy some time 'til the 
 chopper gets here.

Leon: What are you going to do?

Barry: Trust me. I'll be right back!

Leon: Yeah, sure...
Leon: Lucia stay close. On high tech ships like this everything 
 usually runs from a main computer. Let's head to the Computer 
 Control Room and see if we can find something that will activate the 
 sprinkler system!

Lucia: OK I'm right behind you.


-SCENE 23-

Occurs: When Leon and Lucia re-boot the computer.

Leon: Ok, That's the computer re-booted, but we can't start the 
 sprinkler system from here. It says the system can only be started 
 from the Data Control Room. It must be part of the ship's security.

Lucia: Ok. Let's go.


-SCENE 24-

Occurs: When Leon uses the Extinguisher.

Leon: Great! That fire extinguisher has put out all the flames. Now 
 we can get through to the Data Control Room to switch on the 
 sprinkler system.


-SCENE 25-

Occurs: When Leon and Lucia activate the sprinkler system.

Leon: Thats got the sprinkler system working. According to this 
 computer there an emergency fire system that can be activated from 
 the Security Room. Let's head there and see if we can start it.


-SCENE 26-

Occurs: When Leon and Lucia check the monitors in the Security Room.

Leon: Wait a minute! What's going on here? Who's Barry talking to?

Lucia: If we listen carefully we can just make out what he's saying.

Barry: Well? What's your answer? Do I have to remind you that I have 
 Lucia? That doesn't leave you with too many options now, does it?

Voice: You do have a point. Proceed as planned, but don't go getting 
 any strange ideas. We have eyes watching your every move...

Barry: You're just gonna have to trust me. Over and out.

Leon: Who in the world was he talking to? It almost sounded like he 
 was trying to sell us out to Umbrella or something.

Lucia: But he's your partner...

Leon: Yeah, I guess I owe him the benefit of the doubt. I'll just 
 have to ask him about it, when I find him. Do you know where the bar 
 is that he was talking from?

Lucia: I think it was the Piano Bar on 2F.

Leon: Okay let's go there and see if we can find Barry...


-SCENE 27-

Occurs: When Leon and Lucia join Barry in the Piano Bar.

Barry: Looks like you bought us some time with the sprinkler system.

Leon: Forget that. Just tell me what's going on?

Barry: ...........

Leon: Well? Let's hear it! What's going on?!

Barry: Give me the girl.

Leon: What? Have you gone mad?

Barry: You heard me. Lucia, come over here!

Leon: Lucia!

Lucia: Don't worry I'll be O.K.

Leon: I can't let you get away with this!

Barry: Right now you don't have any choice.

Leon follows Barry and Lucia to the Upper Deck, where Barry forces 
Lucia to descend a rope ladder to a mysterious submarine that waits 
below. The submarine has the markings of the Umbrella Corporation.

Leon: Somehow I've got to get inside there, I can't let them get 

Suddenly armed guards appear on the deck of the submarine.

Guards: Get back! This is your only warning! Do not approach the 

Leon: What are you going to do...shoot me?

Guards: OPEN FIRE!

Leon: I can't believe they opened fire! And now they're gone!

A second explosion rattles the STARLIGHT

Leon: This is not looking good! That sounded like the Engine Room. 
 Another explosion like that and this ship is going down! I wonder if 
 it's too late to learn to swim?

HQ: To all operatives, is anyone there, over. I repeat is anyone 
 there, over...

Leon: This is Leon sir, reading you loud and clear!

HQ: Good to hear your voice Leon. I'm afraid we have some bad news, 
 our sensors indicate that there is a massive build up of power 
 around the Engine Room. Going by what the sensors are telling us it 
 could blow in minutes.

Leon: Things are really not going my way today. I'll make my way to  
 the Engine Room and see if I can stop what ever is causing the power 
 build up.

HQ: Good luck Leon.


-SCENE 28-

Occurs: When Leon meets the B.O.W. in the Engine Room.

Inside the engine room the B.O.W. proceeds to wreck the ship's fuel 
converter. In an attempt to blow up the ship and destroy all the 
evidence of his activities.

Leon: Hey big guy! That's enough! I'm not ready to go down with the 
 ship. If anything's going down, it's going to be you! I'm gonna blow 
 you right into those steam ducts.


-SCENE 29-

Occurs: After Leon has defeated the B.O.W. in the Engine Room.

Leon: It looks like I finally ran out of luck... the damage that 
 monster has done is so severe there's no way back now. I never 
 thought it would end like this! My only regret is that Barry isn't 
 here to share the moment...

On board the submarine

Capt: Well done, Barry! It seems you've come through for us after 
 all... Now, hand over the girl.

Barry: Sorry Captain. The deal is off.
 Tell your men to hold their fire, if you want to keep the
 girl alive.
 Nice and easy. Do as I say and we'll all get along just

Capt: You back-stabbing... You set me up. You offered Umbrella the 
 girl so you could hijack my sub!

Barry: Very good, Captain. Being aboard a sinking ship with no hope 
 of being picked up, I figured I'd see what Umbrella had in mind for 
 recovering their precious B.O.W. I offered the girl, and here you 
 are my own underwater limousine service!
 What I can't figure out is why you want the girl. I thought the 
 amoeba-thing was what you were after...

Capt: B.O.W.? amoeba...? You mean you didn't know that we were after 
 the girl, all this time?

Barry: Don't give me that, the B.O.W. is supposed to have green 
 Blood! Lucia's blood is red!

Capt: Of course her blood is red! She's the host. The B.O.W. is a 
 parasite! It's inside her body!

Barry: What?!

Capt: In another ten days, the B.O.W. will mature and reach a stage 
 where it can eat its way out of the girl.

Lucia: NO! NO!

Barry: It's all right Lucia! I'm sure I can persuade the ship's 
 Captain to lend us his ship's surgeon to extract the parasite.

Capt: Don't be stupid who knows what complications an early 
 extraction might cause!

Barry: Listen carefully, Captain. I'll give you a simple choice... 
 Extraction or extinction!

Capt: Very well my friend you win!

Inside the sickbay Barry holds a gun to the Captain's head while the 
ship's surgeon prepares to operate on Lucia.

Surgeon: The operation was a success. We were able to extract the 
 parasite via the Girl's mouth.

Lucia: Barry!

Barry: You've got nothing to worry about now. Take a look...

Barry: That thing won't be bothering you anymore.

Lucia: Is it dead?

Barry: I don't know...
Barry: Geez! It's still alive!

Suddenly the parasite breaks free from the glass and attacks the 

The parasite drains the life from the Captain, turning him into a 


-SCENE 30-

Occurs: After Barry has defeated the Zombie Captain.

Barry: Sounds like that thing's attacking anything in sight! We've 
 got to get to the bridge to turn this sub around and rescue Leon!

Lucia: I'm right behind you!


-SCENE 31-

Occurs: When Barry and Lucia evade the B.O.W. on the Submarine.

Barry and Lucia make it to the bridge. Slamming the hatch shut on the 
B.O.W. Keeping the creature at bay.


-SCENE 32-

Occurs: When Barry uses the controls of the Submarine.

Barry: That's it. I think I've figured out these controls. I've got 
 the Sub headed back towards the STARLIGHT!

Lucia: I'll bet Leon will be happy to see us!

Barry: If he doesn't shoot me first. By the way I'm sorry for 
 treating you so rough back there.

Lucia: There's no need to apologize. I don't know how to explain 
 it... But what you were doing it somehow felt right.

Barry: It's more than likely because I have a daughter about your 

Lucia: Oh!

Barry: Hey I've got an idea! If we ever get out of this mess, why 
 don't you come and live with us? That is, if you don't mind having a 

Lucia: Oh Barry that would be wonderful.

Barry: I think so too. Now, we're near the STARLIGHT, let's go find 

Barry and Lucia prepare to board the STARLIGHT.

Barry: The ship's barely floating! We don't have much time! Let's 
 find Leon and get out of here!

Suddenly the B.O.W bursts from a hatch onto the sub's deck.

Lucia: BARRY!!!

Barry: Man! Not again.

Before Barry can get a shot, the creature, in a sudden burst of 
speed, dives towards the side of the STARLIGHT and disappears.

Barry: It's bad enough that the ship is about to sink! Now we've got 
 to watch out for that thing too! Let's head to the ship's Engine 
 Room and see if we can find Leon.


-SCENE 33-

Occurs: When Barry and Lucia find the fake Leon in the Boiler Room.

Barry: Leon! you're alive.

Leon: You came back?!

Barry: What did you expect?! Now c'mon let's get out of here!

Lucia: Barry I... I don't think that's Leon.

Barry: What?!

Lucia: I mean what I said... I don't think that's Leon.


-SCENE 34-

Occurs: When Barry and Lucia find the real Leon in the Engine Room.

As Barry and Lucia enter the engine room they see Leon sitting on the 

Leon: Barry?!

Barry: Hold it right there Leon. If you are Leon?

Leon: What? First you leave me behind on this sinking ship, and now 
 you're trying to order me around! I oughtta wring your...

Barry: It is you chill out man! I can explain...

Lucia: Oh No, what was that?

Barry: Sounds like the hull just exploded...The ship's flooding!
 Leon, we haven't got time to argue! We gotta make it back to the 


-SCENE 35-

Occurs: Before the final battle.

Suddenly out of the darkness the creature lunges, grabbing Lucia and 
pulling her into the sea.

Barry: I don't believe this, Leon wait here, I'm going in after her!

Leon waits for Barry to surface.

Pulling Lucia from the ocean they both make it onto the deck of the 

Barry: Take it easy girl you're going to be alright! That's it deep 

Leon: Oh Jeez... Not again...

Eerily standing behind Barry and Lucia is another Lucia.

Lucia1: What's going on I'm Lucia!

Lucia2: Don't believe her I'm Lucia!

Barry: Don't either of you move a muscle!

Lucia1: She's lying! I'm the real Lucia! Barry look at this.

Lucia nicks her hand with a knife and oozes red blood.

Barry: Ouch! good thinking Lucia.

Leon: I don't believe it! It's turning into another creature.


-SCENE 36-

Occurs: It's the epilogue of the adventure.

Barry: Let's get out of here while we've got the chance. Move it!

Barry, Leon, and Lucia finally make it onto the deck of the Sub.

Barry: Look... The STARLIGHT, she's going under!

The three look on as the STARLIGHT tilts upright and prepares to sink 
into the freezing cold watery depths.

Leon: Looks like we finally made it...

Barry: Yeah. It looks like we're going home, Lucia!

Lucia: Oh Barry! You don't know what this means to me...

Barry: Your hand... it's cut and it's not healing...

Lucia: You're right! And my ears aren't ringing anymore!

Barry: That means...

Lucia: I've lost my power! I'm normal!

Leon: Hey guy's I'm getting through to headquarters.

Leon: HQ, this is Leon, mission accomplished. We're heading home.

11. MAPS

In Resident Evil Gaiden, maps are significantly wider than those seen 
in previous episodes. This makes it very hard to represent them with 
ASCII characters within the page's limited width, so I have decided 
to split each map in two halves. That's why every floor of the 
Starlight is divided into a West part and an East part, while the in-
game maps show each of them as a whole.

I have used the " and = symbols to represent doors.

| 1F - WEST PART |

 _   _  ___  ____  _     _     _       
| |_| =|_2_||    || |___| |___| |    
|     |     | 3  ||             |    
|  1  |     |____|=             |    
|     |____  __"_ |      5      |    
|          ||    ||             |    
|      ____|| 4  ||_____________|    
|_____|     |____|


| 1F - EAST PART |

 ________  ________  ________  11 12
|        ||        ||        ||_||_|
|        |=   7    ||         ¯"¯¯"|
|   6    ||______  ==   9    |¯¯¯¯¯
|        ||¯¯"¯¯|| ||        |
|        ||  8  || ||        |


| 2F - WEST PART |

           |3|                     ______________
    _____   "________  ___  ___   |  __________  | _   _
 _ |  ___| |_ 2 ___  || 6 || 7 |  |8|          | || |_| |
| || |       | |   | ||___||___|  | |          | ||     |
| || |______ | |   | |__"____"___ | |          | ||  9  |
| ||1     __|| |   |_____________|= |          | =|     =
|________||¯¯  |  ____"_  ___"___ | |          | ||     |
           "¯¯¯  |_     ||__     || |          | ||     |
          |3|     _| 4  | __| 5  || |          | ||     |
                 |_     ||__     || |          | ||     |
                 __|    | __|    || |          | ||_____|
                |_______||_______||_|          |_||¯10¯¯¯

4 BATHROOM 6         9  LOBBY
5 BATHROOM 5         10 SIDE DECK

| 2F - EAST PART |

  _____  _19_  ____  _______  __
 | 13  ||_||_||    ||  17   ||  \
 | _ _ | "__" |    ||_____  ||   \
 | ||||||    ||    | _20_ | ||    \
 |_||||||  __||    ||_||_||_||     \
 _"_____| ||¯¯     ||"15"¯¯"|=      |
=_______12||   14  || |¯¯¯"¯ | 18   |
 |¯"¯¯¯|| ||       || ||¯¯"¯||     /
 | 11  || |=       || || 16 ||    /
 |_____||_||_______||_||____||   /

13 SHOP            19 TOILET

| 3F - WEST PART |

                                                     _  _
 _________  _    ___  ________________  ___________ |7||7|
|   ___   ||3|  |_5_|=  ____________  ||  _______  ||_||_|
|  | _ |  | "    ___ | | _  _  _  _ | || |       | |_"__"
|  ||8||  ||¯|  |_5_|= ||5||5||5||5|| || |       |       |
|  |_"_|  || |_  ___ | ||_||_||_||_|| || |       |  6    =
|   ___ 1 |= 2_||_5_|= |_"__"__"__"_| |= |_______|       |
|  | " |  || |   ___ |5 ______________||_________________|
|  ||9||  ||_|  |_5_|= | "  "  "  "  "               "  "
|  |___|  | "   |¯¯¯|= ||5||5||5||5||5|             |7||7|
|_________||4|  |_5_||_||_||_||_||_||_|             |_||_|


| 3F - EAST PART |

 ____  ____  ____  ____  _______
|    ||    ||    ||    ||  12   |
| 15 || 15 || 15 || 15 ||_____  |
|    ||    ||    ||    | 10 11| |
|____||____||____||____|| || ||_|
 __"_____"_____"_____"_  "__"__"
 "     "     "     "          "
| 15 || 15 || 15 || 15 ||  13   |
|    ||    ||    ||    ||       |


| 4F - WEST PART |

       _____________  ________________    ________________  _  _
   ___|    _________|=                |  |_________       ||7||7|
 _|   ____| ________ |    ________    |_  ________ |      ||_||_|
|    |     |   2    ||   |        |     ||        ||      |_"__"
|    |___  |________|=   |        |     ||        ||            |
|  1  ___|           |   |   4    |     =|   5    |=   6        =
|    |     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|=   |        |     ||        ||       _____|
|_   |____ |___3____||   |________|    _||________||      | "  "
  |___    |_________ |                |   _________|      ||7||7|
      |_____________|=________________|  |________________||_||_|

1 SEAT DECK          5 BAR
4 POOL               

| 4F - EAST PART |

        ______            _____
 _____ |      |          |_13__|
|     ||   9  | 15 16 __  __"__
|     ||______||_||_||  ||     |
|     |_"_____  "__"_|  ||     |
|  8          ||        || 12  |
|     |¯¯¯"¯¯¯ |  11    |=     |
|     ||¯¯¯¯¯¯||        ||     |
|_____||  10  ||________||_____|
       |______|           __"__

8  SUN DECK            13 SIDE DECK P


 ___________________                  ______________
|                   | ______________ |              |
|                   ||              ||              |
|         1         =|      2       |=      3       =
|                   ||              ||              |
|                   ||______________||              |
|___________________|                |______________|

                      ______________        _______________
                     |              |||__|||               |
                     |      4       =|    |=      6        =
                     |              || 5  ||               |



 _______________  __________
|               ||          |
=       7       |=    8     |
|               ||          |

        |              |
        =       9      |
        |              |



Capcom Co., Ltd for making another Resident Evil game. This one could 
have been a lot better, true, but it's still a decent game. And it 
came out in Europe first, which doesn't happen that often.

Xfactor, for his good FAQ which helped me find the Rocket Launcher 
and that "reminded" me of the location of the Grenade Gun (I had 
forgotten where it was -_-'). It also saved me the time needed to 
transcript the dialogues from scratch.

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for posting my FAQs on GameFAQs.

Me, for typing up another FAQ. I'm starting to fully realize how hard 
this job is, and believe me, I'm not that pleased.

You, for having fun with videogames, and for reading my FAQs. 

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