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FAQ/Walkthrough by Nakian

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/15/08

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence FAQ qritten by Nakian
Word wrap
Character: Courier New
Size: 10

Game Info:

Japanese Release:
Biohazard Gaiden
Release Date: 03/29/2002

U.S. Release:
Resident Evil Gaiden
Release Date: 06/04/2002

PAL Release:
Resident Evil Gaiden
Release Date: 12/14/2001


            III. Enemies
               1. Weapons
               2. Healing Items
               3. Key Items
               4. Game Files
               5. Other Items
               1. Side Deck 2F
               2. West Elevators 3F
               3. Security Room 4F
               4. Elevator Passage 4F
               5. Second Class Cabins 3F
               6. Multi Purpose 4F
               7. Security Room 4F
               8. Side Deck 2F
               9. Computer Room 3F
              10. Data Control 1F
              11. Security Room 4F
              12. Upper Deck 2F
              13. Engine Room 1F
              14. Submarine Control Room
              15. Boiler Room 2F

V.0.3 12/22/2001
Started writing the FAQ.
V.1.3 12/31/2001
Finished the Maps.
V.1.5 01/02/2001
Finished the Files Section next will be the Items.
V.1.6 01/03/2002
I'm playing the whole game again to tell you where you can find all the
items and files.The Files-Section is complete now.
V.1.9 12/20/2003
Yeah i know I was heading for a record with this update.Well i don't
want to ruin anybody by  saying that there's much more about this game so I
actually added all the codes available for this game (well there aren't that
many) which makes this (at least for me) complete!
V.2.0 09/15/2008
Taking out the garbage.Seriously I cut some things and addeda few
things like new proper formatting etc. But the most important
change is the contact information which has changed a lot.
So anyway this is the new 2.0 version with my new proper
formatting which I think is the best I can come up with.

I. - Story
"Who wants to know about the story?!?Let me shoot zombies!!!"
No,that's not the way it goes.Although the Story isn't that 
interesting I'll telly you:It's about a ship which is cruising across a
sea. And YOU now have to make a visit there to see if there's a new 
B.O.W(Biological Organic Weapon).Well that's it...great huh?

II. - Characters
The cast of characters in this game is rather limited.One guy from 
the original Resident Evil,one from the second game and a totally
new character:

He's that guy from Resident Evil(PC,PS,SAT) who helped Jill in 
her way through the game.In this part of the series he's the Agent
who has to enter the ship,find Leon,destroy the BOW and escape.

This is another guy,but his one was one of the main cast in Resident
Evil 2(PC,PS,TIG,N64,DC,GCN).After escaping he joined some kind of
anti-Umbrella organisation(selling hamburgers was his only alternative).
Anyway now he's on that ship called Starlight and the base has lost
contact to him.

She a helpless girl on that ship.She grew up at an orphanage
and is send to europe now and that's why she's on that ship.

III - Enemies
Of course like in other REs the enemies are the point of playing
the game.Anyway this time you'll be a little dissapointed because
you'll face ONLY two types of enemies.

They are mutated humans infected by a virus.At
the begining of the game you wont have much trouble with them but
later they'll start to be poisonous and their attacks and range
will be a lot greater especially when carrying a weapon.You can
use whatever weapon you want against these enemies as long as
you accurately hit them.

Name: B.O.W.
Nd that's the second one.Another Bioorganic Weapon developed by
Umbrella.At its basic form it only can hit you when it's right in
front of you.In it's advanced form it will be much stronger and in
it's final form it will be able to hit you even when you near can't
see it.Using the better weapons is highly advised here.

IV. - Items
1. - Weapons
Found: Right from the start in your inventory.
Ammo: -

Found: Right from the start in your inventory
Ammo: 9mm Rounds

Found: 2F Corridor A,West Elevators on the wall
Ammo: Shotgun Ammo

Found: 2nd Class Cabin on the 3F at the top of the 2nd Class,it's
       in the cupboard
Ammo: Assault Rifle Clip

Found: In the Refrigator on the 1F.Open it with the Fuse.It's on some
       brown boxes in the middle of the room.
Ammo: Grenade Rounds

Found: On the 4F in the Operation Room,at the right part of the
       room(the computers).
Ammo: Gas Bullets

Found: Special Storage 1F,behind a zombie
Ammo: Rocket Missiles

2. - Healing Items
Purpose: Heals your character a little.

Purpose: Heals your character a lot.

Purpose: Heals your character completely.

Purpoe: Heals your character a little and cures poison.

Purpose: Heals your character completely and cures poison.
Purple Herbs

3. - Key Items
Found: Restaurant Balcony 2F,in one of the darkened parts at the
       wall,in front of the stairs.
Purpose: Use it to open the refrigator on 1F in the kitchen(go down
         the stairs then left..).

Found: Zombie drops it in Corridor A at the 2F,where you can find
       the Shotgun.
Purpose:It's to be used with the one of the elevators in Corridor A.
Use it on one of them and both shoud be accesable afterwards.

Found: Seat Deck 4F,zombie drops it on the wy to the pool.
Purpose: Use it to enter the Security Room which is accesable from
         the pool at 4F.

Item: ROPE
Found: Pool 4F,in the box at the top of the deck.
Purpose: Barry will use atomatically when he finds Leon in the First
         Class Rooms.

Found: Female zombie drops it at the Pool in 4F.
Purpose: It opens the door to find Lucia and save her from the B.O.W.

Found: Suite Room 4F,male zombie drops it.
Purpose: It opens the elevators in the center part of the ship,
         similar to the other elevator key.

Found: Lucia holds it,she mentions it after you save her from the
       first B.O.W. fight.
Purpose: Use it to gain acces to the 2nd Class rooms.Use it on 3F
         at the left part of the Lobby Balcony.

Found: 2nd Class Cabins on the 3F(Room Nr.24 at the maps).
Purpose: You'll need that in the future.Use it in front of the
         Captain's Room in 3F at the East part of the ship.

Found: 2nd Class Cabins again(This time Room Nr.30)
Purpose: Use it at the top part of the 2nd Class Cabins(Room Nr.21)
        to open the locked door there.

Found: 2nd Class Cabin(Room Nr.21) at the desk.
Purpose: Unlocks another 2nd Class Cabin(that's a maze....Room Nr.18).

Found: 2nd Class Cabin
Purpose: Open the 1st Class in 3F with it.

Found: Piano Bar 2F,the pianist holds it.
Purpose: With it you can open up the library in 2F at the Corridor A.

Found: Restaurant 1F,at a female corpse.
Purpose: Unlocks the kitchen next to the restaurant.

Found: Refrigator 1F
Purpose: You can open up the Crew Area which is accesable by the Side
         Deck at 2F.

Found: Cargo Bay 1F,near the male corpse at the top.
Purpose: Use it to get left into the next room(the Storage Bay)and
after that into the Special Storage.

Found: Special Storage 1F,near the zombie at the entrnace.
OR     Captain's Room 3F,in the safe.
Purpose: With it you can operate the Computer in 3F in the
         Control Room(take the elevators up).

Found: Special Storage 1F,this time at some gray boxes.
Purpose: It opens the Crewroom at 2F.

Found: Crew Room 2F,Corner with the Cupboard.
Purpose: You'll have to use it later in front of the fire of the
         Data Room on the 1F in order to get inside.

Found:Library 2F,at the desk.
Use:Go to 3F with the east elevators and open the Lounge.

Found: Lounge 3F,go far west in the lounge and kill the zombie
       there,he'll drop it.
Purpose: Now you can go back and use the Computer(where the
         HQ tells you that you don't have the necessary item.

Found: Lounge Kitchen 3F,female zombie.
Purpose: Unlock the only locked door in the 1st Class
         Cabins(it's Room Nr.35 at the maps).

Found: In the right toilet on the 2F(not the bathrooms).
Purpose: Use it next to the library to enter the medical office.

Found: Computer Room 3F,left wall at the computer on top.
Purpose: Go down the elevators to 1F and open up the Data Control Room.

Found: Data Control Room 1F,zombie holds it.
Purpose: Go up the elevators at the Crew area.You can
         enter the 4F with it.

Found: Data Control Room 1F,male corpse.
Purpose: Where you found it,you have to use it in the Data Control
         Room on one of the computers.

Found: Operation Room 4F,at the corpse when you enter the room.
Purpose: At the west elevators in Corridor A.Open the Boiler Room.

4. - Game Files
Found: At the start in your inventory
This file is always different,according to you current situation in
the game.

Found: Side Deck 1F,At the start of the agem when you make your way
to the Lobby.
"Your current objective will be shown on your PDA.
Your PDA will also show all the information you have found.Your PDA
can be accesed from your inventory.Your current objective will also be
shown on your map and will be highlighted in red.Your map will also
show where you currently are highlighted in green.As you complete your
objectives your current status will be saved.You may then continue
your mission after a restart.At set times you may also save your status
in slot 1,2 or 3.You may then continiue your mission from slot 1,2 or
3 when you restart."

Found: Seat Deck 4F,top part.
"Be on the lookout for Armour.Equip yourself with the Armor you find
to protect yourself.The stronger the Armor,the less damage you will
suffer when you are hit in a battle.Remember,useful items such as Armour
may be left around the ship by the crew and passengers.Lookout for these
items and always watch for your alert icon."

Found: Bathroom 6 on 2F,near the library.
"Some of these zombies can poison you with their attacks.If you are
poisoned your health will suffer for a period of time.Use the blue or
purple herbs to cure yourself from the poison.Your display will indicate
when you are poisoned."

Found: Corridor A 2F,where you can find the Shotgun.
"To unlock a door you must use the key when you are near that door.To
use an item,like a key,you must go to your inventory."

Found: Left part of the Restaurant Balcony on 2F.
"You can equip yourself with a different weapon within your inventory.
You also have acces to your inventory when in battle but be careful the
action will not stop."

Found: Lobby 2F,Left part of the room,near the door.
"When you try to run away in a battle,you must fire your weapon and hit
the target in the middle. Zombies will try harder to hit you whilst you
are running away.Once you start to run away you cannot re-join the battle."

Found:Corridor A 2F,west elvators at the bottom.
"To escape,from a Zombie's grasp,struggle by trying to move."

Found:Resteaurant Balcony 2F,right in front of you when you enter.
"Always be on the lookout for Herbs to pick up.If you are wounded these
will recover lost health.Apply a herb within your inventory to recover
lost health.Search zombies as they may sometimes be carrying Herbs and
other useful items."

Found:Library 2F,near the male corpse.
"During meal breaks,crewmen should use the Kitchen on 3F.This kitchen
can be found next to the Ocean View Lounge."

Found:Piano Bar on 2F,a female zombie drops it.
"To catch up on procedures,crewmen should read during their spare time.
Many technical books can be found in the Library on 2F."

Found:Cmputer Room 3F(Room Nr.45)west part of the ship.
"You need the Operator Password Card to re-boot the Computer.The
operator crewmen can often be found socialising in the Piano Bar on 2F."

Found:Corridor E 3F,near west elevators and Lounge.
"You may use your targeting system to attack any hostiles.Once your
target is activated you can aim at any hostiles you meet.The sight will
indicate when a hostile is in range.De-activate the target system once
a hostile is in range to start a battle.Once in a battle,fire your
weapon when the target is aligned with the hostile to be hit.Remember
that your weapons are less effective at greater distances."

5. - Other Items
Item: PDA
Found: Right from the start in your inventory.
Purpose: Check your files and objectives.

Found: An option found in the inventory.
Purpose: Discards weapons from your characters.

Found: 2nd Class Cabin on the 3F.
       Library 2f,between the shelves,behind the zombie.
Purpose: Light Armor type.

Found: Shop 2F,on one of the cupboards with the closed shutter
       In the locked 1st Class Cabin Room
       Elevator Passage 4F,top right corner
Purpose: Medium Armor type.

Found: Medical Office 2F,at the desk
       Submarine, Crew quarters,by the corpse
       Operation Room 3F
Purpose: Heavy Armor type.

V. - Walkthrough
Before I start:

You should make yourself familiar with the controls and the gameplay
mechanics before starting to use this guide. This is a guide not
an instruction manual.The guide's structure is based on the save
points you encounter throughout the game.

1. Side Deck 2F
This where you start.You should head for the west.On your way you
should find in the boxes some Handgun Ammo and some yellow herbs.
There should also be a file to collect.After that enter the big door.
If you want fight the zombies some give Yellow herbs or Handgun
Bullets.Turn left and enter the door on the left.You should get a
message.Take the file and make your way through to the elevators on
the west.On your way you should look at walls for Green Herbs and a
Fuse.Zobies there carry Ammo for the Handgun and the Shotgun.Watch 
ut for zombies who are in the shadowed parts of the rooms.By the
way:when you hit an enemy while she attacks you it won't make any
damage!!In the next room the zombie will drop some herbs.In the
bathrooms you will find:2x Handgun Bullets,2xShotgun Bullets and
2xZombies(!) but only one has some Handgun Bullets.Anyway back to
the corridor.When go ahead you should face the zombie.He has the
elevator key,on the wall you'll find some Handgun Bullets(again!!)
and the SHOTGUN(hooray!!).Go further you'll find some Shotgun
Shells at the corpse of that dead worker.Go into your inventory
and use the elevator key in front of the elevator.-SAVE POINT-

2. West Elevators 3F
Be careful when you go out.There are some zombies waiting.Defeat the
zombies.One will drop some Handgun bullets.Go up the stairs at the
right part of the room.Now you're on the 4F.The zombies are getting
stronger now.Make up your mind for yourself if you want to use the
Handgun on them or the knife(some of them are weaponed now or attack
you with acid).Anyway go to the top(zombie!).You'll get a Tip from
Barry.On your way you'll find a zombie from you can't run away.Defeat
him he'll drop the key you'll need for the control room.Follow the
way to the next room.There's a rope in the box.You'll need it later.
Then go down.You can open one of the doors with you obtained Security
Card.There's also a bathroom where you'll find some Greande Rounds
and Blue Herbs(zombie!).Anyway use the Security Card in front of the
locked door and enter.Go to the monitors and see the Cutscene where
Barry talks to Lucia.Go back out.-SAVE POINT-

3. Security Room 4F
When you go out,Barry will tell you that he had heared a scream from
the East.Now head to the east part of the deck.Use the route on the
top.You'll have to face the two female zombies(what else??)there to
find the Bar key(to open the door where Lucia is)and Handgun Bullets.
Now got to the door equip yourself with the Handgun and use some
herbs.Avoid all the zombies in this room for now and enter the next
one.Go straight forward in the next room and enter again the next
one.After the Cutscene prepare yourself for the first bossfight...
This one is easy.Try to shoot his face about 10-15 times with your
Handgun and he'll fall.After the Cutscene you can save.-SAVE POINT-

4. Elevator Passage 4F
In the room where you fought the boss you can find at the top some
Handgun Bullets and some Herbs.Go to the right to find two rooms.
Enter the one above.Face the zombies to find a key for elevators at
the centre of the ship.TAKE IT!!Enter the other room.Kill the female
zombie at the wall on the top you can find some Grenade Rounds.Now
go back to the Elevator passage.You should get a message that Leon
might be at the First Class.Use one of the elevators with you key
obtained at that room before.When you're down kill the female zombie
to get the Second Class key(I couldn't even afford the third one;).
When you try to enter the room you'll notice that it's locked.Lucia
will suggest to try the Second Class.Now you got the key and you have
nothing better to do so make your way to the Second Class.Go to the
west and use your Second Class Key on the locked door.Welcome in the
Second Class!!First go down.Check all the rooms.In some of them you'll
find Shotgun Shells,Herbs and Handgun Bullets.At the top,on the wall
there's even a clip for the Assault Rifle.In the little rooms you need
to find a lockpick,plastic explosives and a light armor.Use it on
Barry.Head to the rooms on the left.Check all the 3 rooms that are not
locked up.At the door on the top use the Lockpick to open it.Take
the Assault Rifle and a key.Wth this key go down and open the other 
ocked door.Search the cupboard for a key for the First Class.When you
go out you'll see a dialogue between Lucia and Barry.Go out.-SAVE POINT-

5. Second Class Cabins 3F
Make your way back to the First Class(go straight right).Cutscene.
Lucia gets attacked by the B.O.W..Again you have to face the B.O.W.
and again you'll make it fall with 10-15 bullets.After another scene
Lucia will be kidnapped by the B.O.W. and Barry will be helpless to
watch.Anyway,use now the key at the door to gain acces to the First
Class.Check all the room you shoul find Handgun Bullets and Herbs in
some.In the last room there should be a big hole that you should
examine.If you had collect the rope you will meet Leon.Otherwise you
have to search for the rope.Go back to Deck on the 4F it's the box
near the door.By the way:the zombie in here is a real pain!!!Anyway
after the Cutscene go down.-SAVE POINT-

6. Multi Purpose 4F
Leave the room.Go up(or down to get some fresh air).You can find
some Shotgun Shells in the toilets above.No go to the left and check
the two rooms there.The one at the top holds Purple Herbs and Grenade
Rounds for you.And in the Piano Bar you can find a key for the ships
library.Now all the rooms will be filled with zombies again.BE SURE
TO FINISH THEM OFF BEFORE YOU GO.Enter the Security Room in 4F
again(where Barry first saw Lucia) and watch another Cutscene(where
Barry and Leon argue).After that leave the room.-SAVE POINT-

7. Security Room 4F
Leave the room.By the way:You always should check your map if you
don't know where to go to.The room that should be your target is
always red.And there's always a target...And our actual target is
the Second Floor.Use an elevator to go down to 3F.Go left and go 
own the stairs.In the hall you go right.Then you go through the
corridor,then down to get some fresh air again;).Head to east
of the ship.-SAVE POINT-...that means...

8. Side Deck 2F
Be careful there are some zombies now.There should also be some
Handgun bullets in the box at the wall.Go to the next room.Leon and
Barry will fight the B.O.W.Cutscene.The B.O.W. gets up and goes after
your party.When you gain control.RUN!Leave the room and go ahead.
Lucia will mention the Refrigator.Well lets go then.Go to the Main 
all then left.Make your way to the stairs and go down.Search in a
female corpse to find the key for the kitchen.Enter the kitchen with
the key.Take the yellow herbs from the dead cook,kill the fenale zombie
and go down to open the refrigator with the fuse.Enter and get the
Grebnade Launcher from the boxes.There should be the crew key at the
back.Take it and go back up the stairs you came from.Go forward into
the next room.Use your library key at the first door.You should find
a file,some Handgun Bullets and a zombie who drops a clip for your
Assault Rifle.but the most important thing you find is the key for the
3F Lounge.Leave the room and go ahead to the elevators.Use one to go
to the 3F.Use the Lounge Key on the locked door.Visit the rooms in
there,in one of them you'll find the F50 Cabin Key.Use the stairs to
go to 4F Deck.Go east to the other elevators.Use one to go down back
to east part of the 3F.Enter the first class.Open the locked door
with you key.There are a lot of good things in here.Rockets,Gas,Herbs
and armor.Go back out and head west to the stairs.Go them down.Enter
the door on the right side.ZOMBIE!!Make him drop dead.Go ahead and
up to the toilets to get the mediacal key.Use next to the library on
2F.Now go down and exit to the side deck.Go left to the next door and
open it with the crew key.Go forward.Cutscene.After that you can
control only Leon and Lucia because Barry has left in order to do
something against the explosion that suddenly occured.Use one of the
elevators and go down.Kill some zombies to get herbs and shotgun
shells.The corpse of the dead worker has a blowtorch.Go to the next
room.Go up and then forward.You'll see green liquid.Go to the door
and use the blowtorch.In the next room kill the zombie and search 
here for a keycard.On some of the boxes you should find the iron
pipe.Go till the top of the room to find the Rocket Launcher.Go back
to the elevators and use them go back up to the 2F.Use the pipe on the
door.kill the zombies to get some herbs.The corpse also holds something
for you.Examine the cupboard you'll find  a Fire Extinguisher.Use the
elevators again to go to 3F.Use the Keycard on the door.When you go in
you will find out that you need another card.You find the Control pass.
Go out.Use the explosive semtex on the opposite door to open it.The safe
has another keycard.The room also includes a heavy armor.Use the elevators
to go down to 1F.Use the Control Pass in the second room to open the last
locked door.Kill the zombie to get the key card,go further and get the data
disk from the corpse.Get back to the elevators and go up to the 4F.Use the
Keycard on one of them to open them.Go out then right upstairs.Go forward
to the corpse to get a key.Back to the elevators and down to 2F.Go out to
the side deck.Enter the main hall and make your way through to the library
on the west part of the ship.Use the Medical key to open the door next to
the library.You'll find herbs and Heavy Armor at the corpse.Go out and follow
the corridor.Open the one door that is locked.Search inside for some Rocket
Missiles.After go down the stairs.The Engine Room has many gifts for you.
Search for corpse with a Assault Rifle Clip and at the Engine parts you'll
find handgun Bullets on the West Side and Shotgun Shells on the East Side.
There's also another room with a corpse in it where you can find some Grenade
Rounds.Now go back up the stairs and use one elevator to up to 3F.Enter the
Lounge.Go to the west part of the room.There should be a zombie which drops
a Pass after defeating him.This is what you need!!!Make your way back to
the elevators in the east part of the ship.Try to operate the computer now.
Leon wills say that they can't operate the sprinkler from there.They have to
go to the Control Data Room.Now use the elevators and go down to 1F.-SAVE POINT-

9. Computer Room 3F
After using the elevators to go down head to the next room.Examine
the fire and Leon will automatically use the Fire Extinguisher to put
it out.Enter the room and use the Computer on the right.Leon will
again automatically use the Data Disk.Now you have to go to the
Security Room.-SAVE POINT-

10. Data Control 1F
Go out and back to the elevators.Us them and go to 2F.Make your up
to the 4F Deck and enter the Security Room.There's a zombie inside
so take care.Examine the Security Control.You'll see a Cutscene where
Barry seems to talk to someone else.He sounds a bit strange so Leon
worries about him.They saw him in the Piano Bar.Lucia knows that the
Piano Bar is in 2F.Now there you go...-SAVE POINT-

11. Security Room 4F
Go out and to the east to use one elevator to go down to 3F.Head to
the right now and take the stairs down to the Main Hall.Then enter
the door on the right side.Now enter the Piano Bar.A Cutscene will
show how Leon faces Barry,Barry forces him to give him Lucia.Barry
and Lucia enter a mysterious Submarine.Guards open fire to Leon who
wants to aproach the Submarine.He shoots while he can't beleive it.
Another explosion rattles the ship.The HQ tells you that it might be
the Engine Room.We were there before so you know where that is.After
the Cutscene.-SAVE POINT-

12. Upper Deck 2F
Now,because the ship is burning you can't take the regurlar route to
the boiler room.So leave the Upper Deck and try to get to the Side
Deck.Enter the next door(where the Piano Bar is)to get to the Main
Hall.Go up the stairs and turn right and use one elevator to go up to
the 4F Deck.Up there make your way through zombies to the west end
with the stairs.Go them down and take there another elevator to get
down to 2F.Then go to the Boiler Room.When you go upstairs you can
save your stats.And that's what you should do now.-SAVE POINT-

13. Engine Room 1F
When you go ahead the B.O.W. will destroy the engine.Leon will shout
at him and the B.O.W. will notice him....Bossfight!!It's easy again.
Just shoot at him like a madman and he should fall.After beating it
you'll see what Barry and Lucia take care of.Lucia is the B.O.W.
they werelooking at and it will eat Lucia in 10 days.Barry forces
the Captain to extract the parasite from Lucia's body.They do the
operation succesfully.Then the parasite attacks the Captain and
turns him into a zombie,a strong one.Bosfight.He's easy,just two
times stronger as other zombies.After defeating him you gain control
of Lucia and Barry in the Submarine.You can find Purple Herbs in
this room.Leave it and kill all the zombies in the next one.You can
Bullets for the Handgun and the Assault Rifle on the beds.Before you
go up the stairs you can enter the Operation Room you can find Handgun
Bullets,Purple and Yellow Herbs there.When you go up you should watch
out for the B.O.W.Visit the rooms at the right side to find some Rocket
Missiles.Then enter the door on the other side to enter the Bridge.
Cutscene.-SAVE POINT-

14. Submarine Control Room
Play a bit with the controls.After a dialogue(family and that kind of
buisnesses)you will gain control of the ship.Take the same way to
the Engine Room as before with Leon.When you're there be careful.
You'll find out that this is not Leon.You can try to dodge the B.O.W.
(that's possible i made it...once...),otherwise you have to fight
it and then runaway from it.Go down the stairs to find Leon.After
the discussion(and another explosion..)they decide to
escape.-SAVE POINT-

15. Boiler Room 2F
I don't have to tell you the way.The flames will tell you the right
one.When you are at the East Elevators you have to battle the B.O.W.
in its advanced form.Bossfight.You'll need about 10 Grenade Rounds
so prepare for a tough one.After beating him enter the Upper Deck.When
you enter it the final battle begins.It's a bit more difficult than
before but you should make it with 15 Grenade Rounds or 10 Rocket
Missiles.All them make it onto the Submarine and are happy.Leon
contacts the HQ and the Credits roll.

Congrats,you've beaten this game.What Leon has green blood?Who cares...

VI. - Secrets
This game contains a glitch:
It has to do with boss fight in the Engine Room on the 1F.
How it works?Always lose the BOW fight and the you can get:
1xHandgun Bullets in the Engine Room
1xGrenade Rounds in the Power Control
1xRocket Missiles in Boiler Room

You can collect thsese items again and again until you max out.

VII. - Q&A

Q:Where the hell is the Gas Launcher?
A:Examine the computer at the right side on the 4th Floor in the
Operation Room(East part of the ship,look at the map).

Q:I have to operate the computer but i can't find the key.I always
get a message that i don't have the necessary item.Did I forgot
A:No of course not.This might be the most difficult part in this
game.The key holds the a zombie at the west part of the ship.Enter
the Lounge at the 3rd Floor and go as far west as you can.
Shoot the zombie there and it should drop the necessary item.

Q:Hey did i bought the wrong game??I thought this would be a port
of part 1 for the Sony Playstation.And what the hell means GAIDEN??
A:No you bought the right,although it's not a port of the first part
ANYMORE.It was scrapped because Capcom said it wouldn't live up to
the standards.I think they were wrong...Anyway they made a new game
(because they saw the good work of Infogrames with AITD 4 for our Game
Boy Color)with a new plot.And the subtitle GAIDEN means Side Story
as far as i know.Which means it's more or less a side story.

Q:Damn,while i was playing it restarted and deleted all my slots!!
A:Yeah you're right that can happen.The reason?I don't have the
slightst clue.

Q:Hey why has Leon green blood at the end of the game is he the....
A:Maybe,maybe not. Nobody knows.

Q:Is it possible to make it through the game with the knife??
A:Well..i wouldn't say maybe.You can kill every zombie with the knife
and some of the first tyrant forms(I did it)but in the last few tyrant
forms you will have seroius problems...Give it a try,maybe with tons of
herbs you'll make it.

got questions?email:nakian@gmx.net

VIII. - Legal
Got questions?Mail me: nakian@gmx.net
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