Review by Saint Michael

Reviewed: 02/10/05

Simply great!



I know that this game is quite old but it is still enjoyable. Graphic is good and there are a lot of lovely tunes. It is also one of the best role playing game for game boy color and the story is funny,long and with a lot of side quests and monsters to find. Trust me, this game is simply great.

Graphic: 8

Good and clear. Skills are well done and monsters are all in the typical dragon warrior style. You will meet old and new monsters all well done. Cities and dungeons are really good but you may notice that the world map screen is a bit empty and it is not very detailed.

Sound: 7

Good but it may be boring because you'll hear the same tune a lot of time. I repeat that the tunes are lovely and enjoyable but they may also be repetitive.
So you may like them and don't even notice how often you hear them; on the other side you may hate them and hearing this tunes all the time would be a pain. Don't worry they are in the Dragon Warrior style so if you're a fan you won't complain about them.

Game Play: 9

Fantastic! The best thing in this game is the Game play because you will find everything you need for a good RPG: a lot of items to collect, tons of characters, a lot of cities to visit and a million of enemies to face. Also there are secret levels, secret bosses ,secret characters,secret items and so on. Your party is composed by three monsters from the Dragon Warrior series. To have new monsters you must leave him as the last enemy and then you should throw food to him/her . Now defeat him/her and he might join you. It sounds complicated but it is not,trust me. You can also exchange monsters with your friends and battle his/her party to see who is the best .

Story and longevity: 8

The hero and his family want to open a monster farm but something terrible is going to happen.... This is the very beginning of the story and you'll find what follows by playing. I won't add details and I won't sail nothing else. Just know that the story is pretty interesting and original and in the typical Dragon Warrior style.

I hope that you'll find this review useful. This is a great game even if it is a bit old.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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