Review by DarkWizardThree

Reviewed: 04/01/04

Better than the first in many ways.....

This is a game boy color game that everyone will enjoy. People of all ages. Dragon Warrior monsters 2 kicks
gameboy color ass. This is the best gameboy color game i have ever played. It sucks i didn't buy it till just last year. The overall gameplay is what gives this game its greatness .This game is the best, heres why:


Actually, this is what brought the rating down to a 9/10, only because ive seen better for the gameboy color. The monster's pics are awesome and easily depictable. They all look different. But, for example: the magic key worlds. They could have done just a bit more with those place's graphics. Atleast look like the trees and forests from pkmn gold/silver/crystal. Although this game beats those games in everything else. They, in short, could have done just a little more for the graphics.


This is the game's best aspect. The gameplay, over three hundred different monsters and a hundred or so different keys, you will be playing this game a LOOOOONG time. The story adds to the gameplay as well. Although, the people's reactions to a sinking island are a bit defiant,lol. The gameplay is GREAT! The story gives it a nine cuz its really predictable.


The story is pretty simple and straight forward. A family owning a monster farm moves to an island ruled by a tree, Greatlog. If you recall, the main enemy of Great Tree from DWM 1. Though warabou is a bit more mature in this one. The plug to the log's navel, which holds Greatlog's life force, is destroyed over a pie and it is your job to go out with your monsters and find a new plug for the navel. Your journey will take you to great highths and unforseen places......


The music in greatlog is the same in most every where, but it isn't that annoying kind music found in most games. It does get repetitive after awhile, so not the best.


There are over three hundred monsters so you'll be breeding for hours and hours and hours and hours. Okay thats enough. Monsters will come in many different shapes, sizes, and species. They've added a new species but i'll leave that for you to find out. In a addition you will have a new type of item to use to befriend monsters.


The most excellent part of any dragon warrior monsters game that will ever be made. You take two monsters and breed them for a new stronger monster. Breeding is also the most complicated part of the dragon warrior monsters series. You will love this part. Breeding i give a 10/10 for its impact on the game's gameplay.


With over three hundred monsters and a hundred or so different keys you will be playing for a very long time. It is also what most people like about the game, its length. Something the Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective gameboy advance game does not have. But, if we are only talking about the storyline length, well:


The replay value of this game is obviously one of the best of any game ever made. Over three hundred monsters and a hundred or so different keys, im curently playing my seventh file. The monsters will make continue to restart the game...........NOT! JUST KIDDING! With the option to continue playing after the game to continue your quest you'll probably not start over too many times. But it's good.


Actually, ive never seen a place where you can rent gameboy games so BUY IT! You'll love it. If you think the game sucks, why are you reading my review? I say BUY it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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