Review by Payzmaykr

Reviewed: 10/07/03

Great game for people of all ages.

Welcome to the floating city of The Great Log. You are a young boy named Cobi. You and your monster-farming family decide to move from your previous land to that the great monster-raising kingdom. Now, being the young, adventurous hero of a videogame that you are, you just have to do some exploring!

Story: 10/10
As is written in the excerpt above, you are a boy who lives with his parents and sister. You are now living on a totally different place with tons of places to explore. Once you settle in, you are asked pick up a package and bring it home. While I am not going to spoil anything, I will tell you this much: A sequence of events occurs that triggers the event of your becoming a Monster Hunter (this much you should already know if you've researched it). And the term Monster Hunter refers to a person who raises and battles with monsters. Not that much of a story, but it is simple, and I like that.

Graphics: N/A
I feel that the section of the graphics is sort of a biased opinion, as this game wasn't made for them. However, instead of a rating, I will provide a description:

Don't expect too much more than you would with Pokemon. Simple as that! Not exactly up to par with Final Fantasy X, but you can definitely understand what's going on with the 2D graphics that they provide.

Music: 9/10
Not too much to see here, but I guess the game wouldn't be much without it, now would it? This is pretty much just a simple combination of *beeps* and *boops* that blend together quite nicely to keep your mind going when you're playing.

Gameplay: 10/10
This, in my opinion, is the best feature that there is in the game. Like the music, expect a modified version of Pokemon. You can catch and train monsters that befriend in order to battle them against other monster trainers. Remember the way that I compared Dragon Warrior Monsters II to Pokemon? Well, there is one thing different. You can have three monsters fighting for you at the same time! That proves to be really helpful.

Buy/Rent?- BUY!
This is a great game in almost every aspect. Straight from the story to the gameplay, this is a truly solid game. I recommend that you buy it as soon as you can. There is no bad language in it, no excessive blood and gore, just a great story, good music, and awesome gameplay. As soon as you can, get it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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