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Reviewed: 01/02/03 | Updated: 01/02/03

Incredible. The best monster RPG ever.

Dragon Warrior. Many people expect great things whenever they hear that name. This game is a spin-off of Dragon Warrior called Dragon Warrior monsters 2: Cobi's adventure. There is another version of the same game called Tara's adventure where you play as Cobi's sister Tara. Whether you like Pokemon or not, it doesnt matter, because this game is for everyone.
Story: When you start, you are on a ship on its way to a place called Greatlog. The ship arrives and Cobi and Tara go off to find a pie for their mother. On their way, they meet the mischievous Prince kameha and His monster Warabou. The two ''teams'' fight over the pie and end up destroying the navel Plug that keeps Greatlog above water. The story is excellent. I think its possibly one of the best stories in an RPG on Gameboy. 350 monsters, fight in tournaments, save the world, help your parents and other side quest add up to one hell of a great story. I was a little upset when I found out that the game ended. Cobi starts out with a weak monster from the slime family, but he can get other monsters to join him by using meat and other treats. I cant believe no one thought of this game sooner. 10/10

Gameplay: Gameplay is similar to that of Dragon Warrior and Dragon Warrior monsters 1. The main difference however is that maps dont change and you no longer have to drop down a hole in the ground to get to castles etc. There is one extremely annoying part to the game however. In caves, you often run into hoards of monsters. Usually, your monsters will be hurt from battles and you're trying to leave, and all these annoying monsters seem to come from all over the place. It's mainly walk, walk, walk, monster, walk, monster, walk, walk, monster. It can be very frustrating. On a higher point, monster items have been improved, as have monster skills. However, the game is quite difficult to finish. There are over 350 monsters in the game to obtain, and many are obtained by breeding, and usually to get good monsters you need to breed two exceedingly rare monsters together. Your monsters tend to be quite weak, so You'll often need to walk around the place and train a lot. 7/10

Sound: Its A GBC game. In other words, sound isn't good. You have peaceful music and sorrowful music. that's about it. It isnt good. And unlike Pokemon, monsters don't have calls, and There are no sound effects, either. Personally, I think that the producers could have put more effort into sound effects and music. It doesn't affect gameplay too much, but It would be nice to hear more than two music tunes. 2/10

Graphics. Not great, but better than the sound. Monsters look good visually in battle, but outside of battle when they follow you they look like little minature models that bounce up and down. You can tell the difference btween most of the characters though, which is good. Different attacks look similar to each other, and so do some of the characters, but these are minor graphic flaws. The graphics are good, but they could've been better. 7/10

Overall: Overall, the game could've been improved. Enix made a good game in terms of story and gameplay, but horrible in terms of sound. Personally the game keeps you hooked. Its addictive, but gets rather annoying sometimes.

Rent or Buy?: It's hard to decide. Rent it and Try it, and buy it if you like it. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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