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Reviewed: 07/18/02 | Updated: 08/12/02

DWM2: The perfect Game Boy Color game!

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2, for Game Boy Color. To me, this game is nearly perfect. The game has proved that Game Boy Color games can be even better than Game Boy Advance games. I liked mainly every aspect of the game. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 had a solid story, which was original. It also had some pretty long gameplay, making it good, too. The Sound was always crisp and clear, and the game was hard enough. Even the replay value was a great kink. I really like what Enix did with this game.. But it didn’t sell as good as it should have. Buy it now at your local video game store, for a cheap 15 to 30$. Definitely a great deal.

Story: (8.9/10)
You are Cobi. Your family travels to GreatLog to run a Monster Farm at the King's request. In the middle of doing a chore for your mother, you meet the mischievous Prince Kameha and his monster Warubou. Prince Kameha steals the package that you were ordered to get as a chore. Well, one thing leads to another as you chase them into the bottom of a well. When Kameha gets pushed into the plug that is stuck in Log's Navel, it comes loose, causing the fact that the whole island of GreatLog will sink! Quickly, Warubou jumps in to block it for now. He gives you the Oasis Key because he believes you may find a plug for the Log’s navel there. One world leads to another as you keep searching and searching for a magic plug that will work and save GreatLog.

Gameplay: (10/10)
The gameplay is simply AMAZING. You go throughout the first 5 worlds training, raising, and breeding your monsters to defeat difficult bosses and tough obstacles. Once you find the Magic Plug, you’re only half done. There is extra worlds, sidequests, and several Magic Key worlds. Every magic key leads to another world.. And there is almost 900 magic keys in total for you to collect! Magic Keys have two parts to them. The first part of the key, which is a description or color, varies on rareness. Last being the rarest and Yellow being the most common and least rarest. The second part of the key varies on the monsters in the world. For Instance, ShinySlime would have some very rare slimes. There are also a combination of the monsters. (ie- the World could have a combination of both Zombie and Bug monsters, therefore being a Tomb key.) After a while, when you finally get your dream team of monsters, you probably would've already played 200 hours! Some even have 400+ hours on their file. A lot of time spent on a game. And believe it or not, its still fun at those points.

Graphics: (10/10)
The graphics are superb for a Game Boy Color game. They are updated since the first one and the monsters that follow you around look exactly like they should. The monsters that follow you have sharp colors and are drawn very accurately. The monsters that are shown in battle and at the status screen are also drawn with obvious effort. The towns, villages, caves, towers, and dungeons you go through in the game all have nice background, walls, even the ground has nice patterns. Otherwise, great drawings by Akira Toriyama help this game excel in graphics.

Sound: (10/10)
The Music is cheerful and you will find yourself humming to the music as you travel around the world, defeat other monsters, or are just wandering around in GreatLog. Whenever you win a battle you hear that same familiar sound. Or, when a monster of yours levels up, you hear that cheerful tune of melody. Some other music, which are bad for you if they happen, such as the Death toll, are very crisp and sharp. The overall music is done very well, also-there's no skips or odd beats in the melody.

Replay Value: (10/10)
Great Replay Value, at Enix’s best. The replay value SIMPLY couldn’t be better. The aspect of breeding monsters to get other monsters is genious, and very original. Breeding could never be boring. Other fun things to do are to assemble an impressive team, get good keys, and roam those worlds for bards, warriors, and other people to fight. They offer very rare monsters and its fun to steal their monsters. You can also do this over and over again. But the breeding concept is singly the best part of Replay Value.

Hardness Factor: (9.4/10)
The bosses aren't very difficult, but breeding and training both take a long time so the hardness factor on this game is pretty high. What I like about the hardness factor, is that its hard all through the game. Its not just hard at the beginning. Its not just hard after ten hours. All through the game, you are constantly breeding to get better skills and monsters. The only thing they could have done to make this game harder was to add more bosses or make the bosses harder.

Overall: (10/10)
This is a great game that is even better then most Game Boy Advance games today. Most of its features are great, the game is an all-around great RPG. The concepts of breeding, training, and fighting never get boring. Well, okay, some time training is boring, but its for a good cause. More training will get you better monsters and better skills. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 is a solid RPG with many great features-and is definitely one of the best Game Boy Color games of ALL time.

Buy/Rent/Not? This is an RPG. A great RPG. Buy it at Best Buy, Toys R Us, whatever. Just buy it. The series of Dragon Warrior/ Dragon Warrior Monsters is well known and is lengthy and difficult. Just do me and yourself a favor by going to that video game store of yours and purchasing a copy of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2. You’ll be bedazzled.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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