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Reviewed: 01/19/02 | Updated: 01/19/02

A Pokemon ripp-off? You wish, Nintendo!

If Pokemon had only been half as good as this, I would've liked it. But sadly, no. The DWM (dragon warrior monsters)
series kick some serious Pokemon butt! And who likes those pokeballs anyway...

DWM2's storyline is pretty nice, especially for a monster dueling game. You are a boy (or a girl if you're playing Tara version) whose family has just established a Monster farm on an island named GreatLog. Some prince runs off with your mother's homemade nut pie, you follow him and after some yapping you end up creating a hole in the earth, causing your beloved Greatlog to sink. That is, unless you do something. You use keys to enter worlds and try to found a plug for the hole. And so, your adventure begins.

The graphics in DWM2 are pretty much the same as in DWM, except for the fact that they are a bit more colorful.
The thing I like most are of course, the monsters. The monster art is very nice. The battle animations aren't too bad, but could've been improved a bit.

DWM2's gameplay is one of the best aspects of the game. There's so much you can do; catch monsters, breed monsters, fight monsters, name monsters, change your monster personalities, collect the best keys and so much more.
The game isn't too hard, but not TOO easy either. The breeding is extremely addictive; it can be pretty hard to get the monster you want. Because there are so many keys to collect, you'll never ever get bored.

A is talk or pick up, and B is cancel. It's that easy. The menu's are easy to understand and monster stats plus other data about your game are easily accessible. Battle is very easy to get used to; You can just fight and let the gameboy decide for you what attacks your monsters will perform or you can make a battle plan. Or, if you need a monster to use a certain skill, you can just order him to.
Your battle strategy will decide your monster's personality.

The sound can indeed get a little annoying if you play it too much, but once you deal with that, you'll actually start enjoying those annoying lil tunes. The battle sounds could've been a bit better, but o well.

Replay value
Get all the monsters. Get all the keys and beat all their random levels. Get all the skills, or better, get the best monster with the best skills. Need I say more?

Buy or Rent?
If you see it somewhere, pick it up. You WILL enjoy it if you like RPG's and monster dueling games. My promise.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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