Review by Goblin King

Reviewed: 11/19/01 | Updated: 11/19/01

One of the best DW games I've ever played

STORY:(8.5/10: I've heard better, but at least it isn't just for self fulfillment)

Your name is Cobi. Your family is moving to a new place called great log. It is a generally small island. You and your sister run into a boy named Prince Kameha and his monster warubou. You guys get in a scuffle, and in the end you destroy the islands navel(what keeps the island afloat). Warubou is forced to through his body into the hole to temporarily plug the hole till you go out and find a replacement.

GAMEPLAY:(10/10: It's an rpg, I don't really think you can mess this up.[unless you want to talk about Robopon])

It's pretty straight forward. The controls are nice and responsive. Also, the battle system is very easy to use and it is just like all the other DW games. And the best for last; one great thing about this game is the seemingly endless places to go when you get a magic key. The main story line is just the beginning of the game. You will receive magic keys that will take you to almost 900 different land where you can find any monster you want. Another reasons to get this game is the breeding. You can make any monster you want and it will be strong. What is kind of cool is that you could beat the game with a very common monster that you get in the beginning of the game.Also, I would like to add that there are over 300 different monsters to befriend.

GRAPHICS:(9/10: It is a step up from last game)

The graphics are great. The monsters are very detailed and look wonderful. There are a lot more brighter colors this time around. Also the animations of the attacks are very fluid and clear;Just like everything else.

SOUND/MUSIC:(9/10: very happy and cheerful)

The music is fabulous. Some vets might notice that some of the music from the last game is used again (like the nursary theme). It is very catchy music and you will catch yourself humming along. So, all in all, very good.


Plus, I don't think I've ever seen it to rent, but this is a great game and should be a part of your library. The quest will take a couple days, but that is only half the game. Also, the replay value of this game is very high, just like any other monster catching game.


Just as a little tip, I think it would be wise to invest in the prima strategy guide. I did, and it really helped my game. Not really for the quest, but for the monster breeding and stats.(that is what most of the guide is about anyway)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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