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Reviewed: 08/12/01 | Updated: 08/12/01

Another great Dragon Quest game from Enix

Introduction - Dragon Quest Monsters 2 is the sequel to Dragon Quest Monsters, aka Dragon Warrior Monsters in the U.S. The general rule with Dragon Quest games is that each sequel is always a great improvement to its predecessor. (though Dragon Quest 3 vs. 4 is debatable to many people) This game is certainly no different to that rule, as it offers a great deal more features which make you wonder how so much can be in one Game Boy Color game. But just how well does it do?

Gameplay (9.8/10) - I only have limited knowledge of Japanese, so I don't really know as much as I wish I did, but this is definitely one area the game really shines. The same great breeding system from DWM is back, but you can also now have more monsters, randomly generated worlds exist in the form of Mystery Keys, but once a Mystery Key is forged, the new land created is static until you get rid of that key. There are also 8 static worlds to explore, not including Maruta, and three of them are bonus worlds! There are also plenty of items, monsters, skills, and challenges to keep your interest for a long time. The only thing I dislike about the gameplay is that you still can't directly control your monsters during the rare arena battles, something I disliked about Chapter 5 in Dragon Warrior IV too.

Story (9.5/10) - This is another toughy, because I can't really make out much except bits and pieces. But from what I can understand, it's very good for a monster raising type of game. You start off on a ship heading to a tiny island called Maruta. (or Marta, or Malta) You play as either the boy or the girl, depending on which version of the game you buy. As far as I know though, the only difference between games are which monsters you can find where. Your journey quickly turns into a quest to save the island from sinking. It's not very epic or dramatic, compared to standard RPGs anyway, but it's still better than the other monster catcher stories I've seen, and fitting for this game's intended audience.

Audio (8/10) - It's not bad, but seriously repetitive. I can only remember there about 10-15 tracks total, which is -not- good considering this is an extremely long game. Nothing really stands out either. Many tracks were taken from its predecessor.

Video (8.5/10) - It's not bad, but there -is- better for this system, made by the same company even. (like DWIII remix) Still, you have to love the cartoony masterpieces of Akira Toriyama, even if they don't move like in the remix.

Replayability (10/10) - Monster catcher games always have a great replay value, and this one is no exception. With an elaborate breeding system with nearly 300 monsters, a nearly limitless number of Mystery Lands to explore, and the link battle system, this one will stay fresh for a very long time, you may not even tire of it until Dragon Quest Monsters III comes out!

To buy or to rent? - If can find it and can read some Japanese(or the walkthrough I'm working on) buy it now, or wait until the North American release of Dragon Warrior Monsters II in September. Of course, if you plan on using the link system, you should wait. This game is worth the price.

Overall (9.3/10), rounds down to 9/10. (for GameFAQs)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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