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I'd say that most people would want to go back in time and kill Saddam than give him a cold. 06/08/03 A Link to the Past
A terrific game that rivals a Link to the Past, OoT, and MM combined. 05/02/02 Admodieus
A brilliant concept that I'm surprised hasn't really been reused 07/08/16 buruburu1
Nearly non-existant story, but Godly gameplay 05/29/01 Froggy W
Good game - all the expected Zelda elements 05/29/01 Fudge
Easily the second best Zelda game 01/18/02 Gauntlet Man 99
Is it really the best game for Gameboy Color? 06/16/01 giloth
Overall, a great game. 06/14/01 GValko
Talking trees and dungeons within fish... 03/02/02 HatesTheInternet
The new adventure of Link couldn't be better! 09/15/01 Ice84
Dedicated to vertically challanged buff African American little people. 12/23/03 Mr. RPG
The Legend of Zelda will never stop amazing me. 07/05/06 Murk
The more puzzle-oriented game in this incredible series. 05/29/01 Omnislasher
Capcom making Zelda.... with style 09/03/01 Phange
The best GBC game ever... 04/03/02 Poogie
Another Good 2-D Zelda 11/27/06 rolltide19921
Great for RPGers and people over 10, bad for 4-year olds who can't do puzzles 07/01/01 Rufus Shinra
A very fun game that will only really appeal to zelda lovers 05/29/01 saxy
Nintendo's done it again! 08/22/01 Sir Gareth
A great game for the end of a great system 08/17/01 TDog
It's A Zelda Game, Should I Say Anymore 10/24/02 UncleUlty
The perfect finale for the Gameboy Color. 05/29/01 VZukovsky
Possibly the best Zelda game I've ever played! 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
This Type of Zelda Game Is Great, and Is Very Well Made! 08/19/01 ZeldaGuy

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