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FAQ/Walkthrough by The Mystical One

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/09/01

| FAQ/Walkthrough/Lists for Dragon Warrior 3 on Gameboy Color |
                                        | Version 1.0 |

Written by The Mystical One
Copyright (c) Matt Buchwald 2001
Started: 8/21/2001

1. Updates/Legal
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Walkthrough
 01. Personality Test
 02. Aliahan
 03. Reeve
 04. The Cave on the Promontory & The Tower of Najima
 05. Thief Key Stuff
 06. The Tempt Cave
 07. Romaly
 08. The Forest North of Romaly: Pachisi 1
 09. Kazave
 0A. Noaniels
 0B. Elvenham
 0C. Cave Near Elvenham
 0D. Tower Shanpane
 0E. Becoming King
 0F. Ashalam
 10. Forest Near Ashalam: Pachisi 2
 11. Desert Cave
 12. Isis
 13. The Pyramid
 14. Using the Magic Key
 15. Romaly Shrine
 16. Portoga
 17. Cave of Norud
 18. Cape of Olivia Shrine
 19. Baharata
 1A. Baharata Cave
 1B. Dharma
 1C. Tower of Garuna
 1D. Shrine of Zipangu
 1E. Village of Muor
 1F. Lighthouse
 20. Tedanki
 21. Lancel
 22. Edinbear
 23. The Shoal Shrine
 24. Final Key Stuff
 25. Tedanki Revisited
 26. The Field, etc.
 27. <Name>Burg Part 1
 28. <Name>Burg Part 2
 29. Soo
 2A. The Earth's Navel
 2B. Zipangu
 2C. Cave of Zipangu
 2D. <Name>Burg Part 3
 2E. The Tower of Arp
 2F. The House of the Pirate (No, it's not PNC Park)
 30. Greenlad
 31. Samanao
 32. Cave of Samanao
 33. The King of Samanao
 34. Greenlad Revisited
 35. Luzami
 36. <Name>Burg Part 4
 37. <Name>Burg Part 5
 38. The Phantom Ship
 39. Olivia Cape and the Shrine Jail
 3A. The World Leaf
 3B. Dragon Queen's Island: Pachisi 3
 3C. The Giana Volcano
 3D. Cave of Gondo
 3E. Gondo Shrine
 3F. Leiamland
 40. The Dragon Queen's Castle
 41. Castle of Baramos
 42. Victory!
 43. The Cursed Couple
 44. The Pit of Giana & The Port
 45. Tantegal
 46. Nail Mark
 47. Garinham
 48. Kol
 49. The Tower West of Kol
 4A. Marsh Cave
 4B. The Mountain Cave
 4C. Domdora
 4D. The Shrine of the Spirit
 4E. Mercado
 4F. Rimuldar
 50. The Sacred Shrine
 51. The Sword of Kings
 52. The Lair of the Demon King
 53. <Name>Burg: The Final Chapter
 54. The Sky Cave & Zenith Basement
 55. Zenith Castle & The Riddles
 56. The Celestial Tower & The Wishes
 57. Zipangu's Well: Pachisi 5
 58. The Ice Cave
 59. The Temple of Ice
4. Pachisi Tracks
5. Lists
 A. Classes and Experience
 B. Personality Effects
 C. Monsters
 D. Monster Medals
6. Thanks

|1 | Updates/Legal |

You may not use this guide for commercial purposes.  Do not steal material 
from this guide.  Etc, etc.  You may contact me by email at mrb1138@rit.edu.  
Hate mail, Spam mail, viruses, and all other evil devices shall cause Mr. T. 
to arrive at your home and pity da fool.  Or something. Nyaaah.  (I'm 
terrible at writing this section)

My goal is to provide a guide that is appropriate.  If you find ANYTHING 
inappropriate (offensive, questionable, etc) in this guide LET ME KNOW 
(mrb1138@rit.edu) and I'll remove it and bring out an update ASAP.  I've been 
trying to watch myself, but sometimes things get through.  Parents: Reading 
any guide first before letting your children use it is probably the best 

Version History
0.5 Finished 08/31/01: Completed walkthrough from Romaly Shrine to The Bronze 
door of the second bonus dungeon.  Finished (mostly) Pachisi Tracks and added 
a few lists.

1.0 Finished 09/09/01: The walkthrough is finished (Including the second 
bonus dungeon)!  I also finished adding all the questions to the FAQ portion 
(more will be added as I get asked questions).  Lists have been updated.  
Monster stats and items they carry have been added.

I intend to write a good, solid walkthrough that can specifically help any 
player.  While doing this, I will provide lists and other details that will 
supplement the walkthrough.  At the same time, I try to entertain the reader.  
Any suggestions on how to improve this will be appreciated.

|2 | Frequently Asked Questions |

Q: How do I get to the Tower of Najima?
A: There are two ways that amount to the same.  You can go through the cave 
that is southwest of the tower, or you can enter a patch of grass in the 
middle of the forest southeast of Reeve.  Both of them will take you to a 
path that exits on the first floor of the tower, although you can get more 
treasure by going through the cave on the Promontory.

Q: Where is this Magic Bomb?
A: Once you get the thief's key, talk to the man in the northeast house in 
Reeve. (You need the key to open the door.)  He will give you the Magic Bomb.

Q: How to I awaken the village of Noaniels?
A: You need to return the Dream Ruby to the Elves.  You can find it in the 
cave near Elvenham.

Q: How can I get the elves to sell me items?
A: Elves won't sell items to humans.  You need to change your appearance so 
that you do not look human.  When you obtain the Change Staff, return to 
Elvenham to buy items.

Q: Kandar tricked me! Where did he go when I went back up the stairs?
A: He fled by jumping off the ledge on the top floor.  Jump off the north 
ledge of the sixth floor for the tower to find him.

Q: I don't want to be king.  How can I give the kingdom back?
A: The king's father said he likes to play.  Maybe he's gambling at the 
monster arena?

Q: How do I open the stone wall on the Pyramid's third floor?
A: Remember the children's song?  Push the western button on the eastern 
side, then the eastern button on the western side, then the western button on 
the western side, and finally the eastern button on the western side.  To 
push a button, move forward into the niches at the south side of the floor 
and say yes.

Q: Where is the Golden Claw?
A: In the basement of the pyramid, go to the northwest room and search two 
steps south of the right-hand skull of pair of skulls.  This will reveal the 
secret second basement.  You will need the magic key.   The claw is in the 
coffin.  Beware, though, for once you have disturbed this tomb, the encounter 
rate in the pyramid becomes very high!

Q: How can I get Norud the Hobbit to let me through the cave?
A: Talk to the King of Portoga.  He will give you a letter for Norud.

Q: The guard at Edinbear won't let me past!
A: If you are invisible, you can sneak past.  Do so with a HideHerb or 
Invisible spell.

Q: How do I solve the boulder puzzle in Edinbear?
A: See the walkthrough for a detailed solution

Q: Where is the Final Key?
A: The key is in the Shoal Shrine.  Sail south of the Tower of Najima and 
you'll find the shoals.  You'll need the Dry Vase to raise the shrine from 
the sea.

Q: Where is the EchoFlute?
A: In the Tower of Arp, jump down from the center of the fifth floor.  One of 
the chests here contains the EchoFlute.

Q: When I try to sail through this channel, something pushes me back.  How do 
I get through?
A: You need to use the LuvMemory right after the spirit pushes you back.  
This will break the curse.  It can be found on the Phantom Ship

Q: How do I find the Phantom Ship?
A: Use the Bone to locate the ship.  The old mage on Greenlad will trade you 
this for the Change Staff.

Q: How can I get to the King of Samanao?  He always throws me in jail, and 
the guards won't let me in his room at night!
A: Climb the western tower at night and you can hop down onto the castle 
roof.  A door here leads to the king's bedchambers.

Q: Where is the Sword of Gaia?
A: Search at the feet of Simon's corpse in the Shrine Jail.

Q: Where do I use the Gaia Sword?
A: Sail west of Baharata and up a river near the continent that Isis is 
located on.  You should see a Volcano.  Use the sword to toss it in and clear 
the way to Gondo.

Q: Where is the Green Orb?
A: Go to Tedanki at night and talk to the prisoner.  He will give you the 
Green Orb.

Q: Where is the Purple Orb?
A: Defeat the Orochi in the Cave of Zipangu and then chase it when it runs.  
When it is defeated, you will find a chest containing the Purple Orb.

Q: Where is the Red Orb?
A: Move the boulder outside the eastern wall of the Pirate House and search 
that spot to find a staircase.  The Red Orb is inside a chest.

Q: Where is the Blue Orb?
A: Go to the temple at Luzami.  Accept the priest's challenge and go into the 
cave.  The Blue Orb is in a chest on the final floor.

Q: Where is the Yellow Orb?
A: Eventually the townspeople will become angry with your dealer.  At night, 
find revolutionists south of the jail and talk to them.  Return in the 
morning and talk to your dealer in jail.  He will tell you to where to find 
the Yellow Orb.

Q: Where is the Silver Orb?
A: Once you've gone through the Cave of Gondo, you will find a shine.  The 
man here will give you the Silver Orb.

Q: I have all of the orbs.  Now what?
A: Great!  Go to Leiamland, in the southwest part of the map.  There is a 
shrine on this icy island.  Place all six orbs on the pedestals.

Q: How can I become a sage?
A: Any character that has the Zen Scroll in his or her inventory can choose 
to be a sage.  Jesters may also become a sage.  In either case, the character 
must be at least level 20.

Q: Where is the Sun Stone:
A: A secret passage in Tantegal Castle's kitchen leads upstairs.  You will 
find the Sun Stone in a chest.

Q: Where can I find the PixyFlute?
A: starting from the south-center of Kol's open-air bath, walk south until 
you run into a tree.  Search for the PixyFlute here.

Q: I can't seem to climb any higher in the Tower West of Kol.
A: You need to leap off the northern ledge of the tower's third floor.  
You'll find a passageway that leads up to the fifth floor.

Q: How do I free Rubiss?
A: Play (USE) the PixyFlute while facing her.

Q: Where is the Rain Staff?
A: There is a shrine just south of Mercado.  Upstairs, a Faerie will give you 
the staff.

Q: Where do I go to get the Rainbow Drop?
A: There is a shrine on an island south of Rimuldar.  Here you will find the 
man who can make the Rainbow Drop.

Q: Why won't the old man give me the Rainbow Drop?
A: You are missing one or more of the following items: Sun Stone, Rain Staff, 
and Crest.  Return with all three to receive the Rainbow Drop

Q: How do I reach Zoma's Castle?
A: You need to use the rainbow drop on the western tip of the continent that 
Rimuldar is on.  This will create a bridge to the castle.

Q: I can't get anywhere in Zoma's castle!  I just keep getting stuck in 
infinite loops!
A: Search behind the eastern throne on the first floor of the castle.  You 
should find a secret staircase.

Q: Zoma is too powerful! How can I hurt him?
A: You need to use the Light Orb at the start of the fight.  This'll weaken 

Q: Where is the Light Orb?
A: The Dragon Queen will give you the Light Orb.  Her castle is northeast of 
the Shrine Jail

Q: I've beaten the game.  Now what?
A: Return to the Dragon Queen's Castle.  Step into the sunshine in the back 
to reach the Sky Realm.

Q: How do I defeat Divinegon in 15 turns?
A: Have your main fighting types at full strength and cast TwinHits on them.  
When Divinegon uses an Icy Pulse, quickly restore these. Give your two 
SageRocks to those in your party who aren't doing the main fighting.  Use 
them to heal whenever necessary.  Give WorldLeafs to each character that does 
not know the Revive spell.  Have mages and sages cast BlazeMost as often as 
possible.  If you average close to 500 damage per round, you'll defeat him.  
Equip your party with items that reduce ice and fire damage, such as the 
Dragon Armor (fire only), Dragon Robe, Light Dress, Light Armor, and Dragon 
Shield.  This will reduce the damage you receive.  After satisfying all of 
these conditions, remember to be as aggressive as possible.

|3 | Walkthrough |

Items and monsters are listed for each area.  Inns, Weapon Shops, and Items 
Shops are listed for areas that have them.  Inn prices are for a party of 
four, and monster listings for towns are those monsters that can be found in 
the areas surrounding the town.

01. Personality Test
Items: STRseed
Monsters: None

In the beginning, the game will ask you a series of questions.  Eventually 
your answers will lead you to a scenario.  How you act in the scenarios will 
determine your personality.

1. You will find yourself in a tower.  You have two choices here.  You can 
jump off the edge, or you can leave through the stairs.  Jumping off the 
tower give you a _Romantic_ personality (Those ladies really swoon over men 
who lead to their deaths).  If you leave, you'll be _Lonesome_.

2. You'll find that you are in a cave/dungeon of sorts.  Unlike most 
dungeons, the dungeon master happens to provide you with signs that tell you 
exactly how to get out of the dungeon.  If you read them all and obey them 
EXACTLY you will end up with a _Stubborn_ personality.  If you ignore what 
the first sign says and then fall down a pit, you'll get the _Selfish_ 
personality.  If you fall down a pit after the second, third, or fourth sign, 
you'll end up with a _Defiant_ personality.  (Ha! I will not obey those 
stupid signs!)  If you try to snag the treasure chests, you'll fall down a 
pit and get a _Foolish_ personality, because we all knew they'd be trapped.  
Lastly, if you go to save the maiden who asks for help, you'll get to have an 
_Honest_ personality.

3. You'll overhear the queen talking about some plot.  If you just plain 
leave the castle, you'll end up being _Happy_.  If you tell the main in the 
eastern chamber that you think the king's orders should always be obeyed (by 
answering yes twice), You'll end up with the _Sexy_ personality (female) or 
_Lewd_ personality (male).  If you're answers to this guy disagree, you'll 
get to be _Smart_.  If you think the king's orders can be ignored, you'll be 
_Silly_. And lastly, saying no to the duke's stuff gives you a _Kindly_ 

4. An old man will tell you the way out.  He'll also ask you to bring back 
lots of boulders.  If you bring back no boulders, or you only bring back one, 
you get to be a _Lazy_ hero.  You can be _Vain_ by only bringing two to five 
or you can be _Diligent_ by hauling back six to nineteen boulders.  A healthy 
amount of twenty to thirty-nine boulders nets you the _Eager_ personality, 
while bringing back a hefty forty boulders nets you the _Tough_ personality.

5. You are in a desert.  There are two brothers here, and one canteen.  Only 
one could survive.  If you tell the brother to leave his brother there, you 
are a _Bully_.  If you tell him to carry his brother, you get to be _Macho_.  
Lastly, you get to be _Fearless_ by telling him to leave the canteen with his 

6. You get to deliver a message for some lovers.  If you don't, you are 
_Carefree_.  When you deliver the message, a "Yes" gets you _Weepy_, a "No" 
gets you a _Solitary_ personality, and a "Huh?" Gets you a _Naive_ 

7. You are a monster in a well.  You can go out and kill people.  This is a 
fun scenario. If you attack a couple people (one or two) you can be 
_Valiant_.  If you kill everyone, but miss the man in the inn, you are a 
_Careless_ person.  Killing everyone on site makes you _Logical_, and leaving 
town with the Nun dead, but the boy alive gives you a _Cowardly_ personality.  
Lastly, if you kill three or more people and the nun and the boy are still 
alive, you are one _Helpless_ individual.

8.  A man forgot his purse and wants you to get it.  If you leave the town 
without retrieving it, you are a _Timid_ person.  If you get the purse, the 
guards apprehend you.  Pleading guilty makes you _Vain_, while pleading 
innocent makes you an _Alert_ person.

At this point, you have a birthday and get to meet with the king.  In the 
dresser in your room is an STRseed.  Grab this before you go downstairs.  The 
king gives you his blessing to fight the Demon Lord Baramos now that your 
father supposedly died while fighting at the Giana Volcano.

02. Aliahan
Items: LUCKseed, TinyMedal x2, Antidote
Monsters: Slime, Raven
Inn: 8g
Weapon Shop: Stick, Club, Copper Sword, Cloth Armor, Traveler's Clothes, 
Leather Armor, Leather Shield
Item Shop: Herb, Antidote, WarpWing, PotLid

From the throne room floor, head to the southwest room and open the dressers 
to snatch a LUCKseed that you might find useful.  If you talk to everyone on 
this floor, they talk about the Cave on the Promontory and about how it's 
connected to the Tower of Najima.  File this away for later.  Someone is also 
convinced that Ortega isn't dead.  He realizes this is a video game, and that 
such things are common.  Go downstairs and be ready to explore the rest of 
the castle.

You'll learn that a thief named Bakota made a special key that opens simple 
locks.  Since nobody here has any talent, they all thing that this is an 
amazing accomplishment.  If you go into the north courtyard, you'll find a 
path that leads to a basement.  Down here is the jail.  You can talk to 
Bakota and he'll complain about some old guy in the Tower of Najima that 
locked him up and stole his key.  Maybe we want to head to the tower?  If you 
head out the south passage here, you'll find a thief key door.  On the other 
side is a path that leads to Najima Tower.  Too bad we don't have the key!  
Going back to the first floor, in the southeast portion of it there is a room 
with two barrels.  The western one holds your first TinyMedal.  The other 
barrel hides an Antidote.  That's all for the castle for now.  Go outside to 
the town.

Apparently Aliahan ruled the world awhile back.  It also seems that it lost 
power.  Strangely, nowhere else in the world seems to recall this ^_^.  You 
can learn from another lady that Reeve is to the north.  In the inn, you can 
learn about some guy who was injured while making a Magic Bomb.  The injured 
man talks about how he wanted to go across the sea.  I wonder if the bomb is 
connected with crossing the sea, somehow?  The old man by the well will tell 
you that Najima Tower is on the island west of the castle, and that you can't 
miss it.  If you walked outside, you'd see that he was right, hehe.   Search 
the well to find that you can climb down it.  You'll find a house down there.  
What the heck?  If you enter it, you'll find the TinyMedal Man.  He'll trade 
you items for TinyMedals, so return to him as you find them.  The medals you 
obtain are cumulative, so you don't have to worry about saving up for items 
like you did in Dragon Warrior IV.  North of the well is a guy who tells you 
that day turns into night if you walk around outside for long enough.  No 
kidding!  Apparently, he thinks you are an idiot.  North of him is a church.

Stop by your house to raid it for goods.  There is an Herb in the southern 
barrel on the first floor, and you can swipe your grandfather's life savings 
from his dresser.  After you steal his five gold, he can no longer by food 
and will be forced to start eating the furniture.  No, really, he doesn't 
mind you stealing his money.  You can also get a free nights rest if you talk 
to your mom when you're in town.  You see, in RPGs, Inns and beds and tents 
are magical things that completely heal ALL of your wounds and restore your 
mind to full strength.  Thus, by resting you'll have your HP and MP 
completely restored.  I wish it worked that way in real life.

In the northwest part of the town is the tavern.  There are 25g in a barrel 
here that you can feel free to swipe.  Upstairs you can register party 
members.  Strangely, you can't name people certain things.  In game names, 
like Eric and Loto are forbidden, as well as certain expletives.  However, 
some things slipped through their censorship operation.  Weird.  If you 
really want to, you can have a party of people named ????, 1337, and Blah, 
though.  Once you have the party members registered, you can go downstairs 
and talk to Ruisa in the northwest part of the first floor, she'll add 
members to your party and dismiss others.  When you have your party 
assembled, you can buy equipment at the weapon shop, and then leave town to 
fight monsters and gain levels.

The game recommends a part of a warrior, cleric, and mage, but I prefer a 
fighter, thief, and mage.  Either way, it is your choice in the end.

After awhile of wandering around the outside, the grass will turn dark green, 
and then a weird bright kind of blue.  This is evil, killer goo that seeps up 
from the ground to engulf the world in a blue gooey evil mess.  Actually, 
night fell.  Unfortunately it fell on your third party member, squashing him 
completely.  Now that it is night, head back into Aliahan.  Remember the guy 
who thought you were an idiot and told you that night eventually occurred?  
Go to his house.  You can now raid it and steal everything he owns.  As 
revenge, of course.  Go upstairs and grab his TinyMedal from the eastern 
dresser.  That'll teach him to insult you!  Someone here finds that when he 
goes to bed and then wake up, that it is morning.  This is quite possibly the 
most brilliant observation that anyone in this game will make.  Take this as 
a warning.

03. Reeve
Items: Muscle Book
Monsters: Raven, Slime, HornyHare, Anteater, Babble, StingWasp, Froggore, 
Magician, Almiraj
Weapon Shop: Bronze Knife, Copper Sword, Sickle, Training Suit, Leather 
Armor, Turtle Suit, Leather Hat
Item Shop: Turban, Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing

Once you are really sick of Slimes and Ravens, head north of Aliahan and 
cross the bridge there.  Head a bit west and then north and you'll see a 
town.  This town is Reeve.  You can wander outside the town to fight... 
Ravens and Slimes... and HornyHares (the most inappropriate monster name 
ever) and Anteaters.  There are harder monsters to the east if you want to 
fight something more challenging.

Inside the town, you can learn that people who want to travel away from 
Aliahan look for the Magic Bomb.  The bookcase in the building next to the 
item shop holds a Muscle Book.  Lastly, there is a weakling who cannot move a 
simple boulder in the southeast part of the town.  Move the boulder and 
search the spot it was on for a TinyMedal.  The man here just talks about how 
awesome you are. :)

You'll want to stock up on the best weapons and armor here.  This goes 
without saying for every new place we'll visit.

04. The Cave on the Promontory & The Tower of Najima
Items: Herb, Traveler's Suit, TinyMedal, WarpWing
Monsters (Cave): Slime, Raven, HornyHare, Anteater
Monsters: Tower: Raven, Froggore, Anteater, Babble, Butterfly
Inn: 8g

When you are ready, head south of Reeve and stick along the western shore of 
the lake that is east of Aliahan.  You'll see a cave here on the Promontory.  
Enter this to begin your journey to the tower.

The first floor is a very simple square room.  Walk down the stairs in the 
opposite corner.  Here, walk east down the passage, and it'll curve north 
into a room.  Take the southeast exit to reach a room that has a chest.  In 
games such as this, you will constantly encounter random chests in caves that 
people leave there just for craps'n'giggles.  Take the Herb from the chest 
and return to the room that you just came from.  This time, take the north 
exit of the room, and follow it to yet another big room.  This room has a 
chest laying in plain view.  You can procure a nice, healthy Traveler's Suit 
inside.  Take the north passage in the room to enter yet another room with a 
chest.  This one contains 56g.  Head back through the entrance you used to 
enter this room and immediately take the eastern passage to reach a staircase 

This is the tower's basement. Head east and you'll come to a room with a 
staircase leading up.  This leads into the first floor of the Tower of 
Najima.  Let us ignore it for now and point out a few other things.  If you 
keep heading east, you'll come to another staircase up.  This goes to the 
basement of Aliahan's castle.  We'll need the Thief's Key to get through the 
door there, though.  If you head north, you'll see that there is a room to 
the west.  The chest here contains 32g.  The path also curves east.  Down 
this hallway is a Thief Key Door that you cannot yet open, and a staircase 
up.  This staircase leads to the patch of grass in the forest southeast of 
Reeve (you might have seen it.)  You could have also come to the tower by 
this route, but you'd be backtracking if you wanted the treasure from the 

Go up to the first floor of the tower.  Walk north through the doorway above 
the dragon statues.  Then, on the second doorway on the west side of the 
building that you encounter as you walk north, there is a stairway leading 
down to an Inn.  Use it if you need to be healed, although I hope you won't 
have to by this point.  This is a mysterious inn, which can stay in business 
even though it is located in a MONSTER-INFESTED tower that almost nobody ever 
visits.  Go back upstairs and walk directly east from this room.  You'll find 
another room with a staircase leading up.  Use those stairs to reach the 
second floor

Walk west into another room, then north into a little intersection.  Walk 
west to enter a room with a chest that holds a measly 40g.  Then go back and 
walk west into a room with a staircase leading up.  Use this staircase.  You 
will be in a lone room with a chest.  Grab the TinyMedal and walk back 
downstairs.  Head back to the room with the stairway that we used to 
originally enter this floor.  This time, walk all the way south, then all the 
way west and walk north to the room there (Be careful not to fall off the 
edges).  Walk up the stairs here to the third floor.

Follow the path from the staircase north.  When you can go eastward, do so.  
Ignore the first room to the south and go south at the second room to grab a 
WarpWing (Room entrances look like an unfinished edge in the normal wall and 
aren't too hard to spot).  Go back to the first room that we passed and enter 
it for a staircase up to the fourth floor.  There is an old man here.  Talk 
to him and an exclamation point will appear above his head.  None of this 
should seem unusual to you, since such things often happen in real life.  
Why, just the other day, my friend Lenny had three pop up above him in a one-
hour period of time!  He'll also talk about how he constantly dreams about 
you, and gives his Thief's Key to you while telling you about personality-
changing books.  Toss it in your back and steal his Tomboy Book from the 
western bookcase.

There are a few ways to exit here.  You could climb down the tower and use 
the cave to exit.  You could leap off the tower and enter it to use the cave 
to exit.  Or you could leap off the edge and use a WarpWing (or a Return 
spell, if you know it) to return to Aliahan (or Reeve).  I recommend the 

05. Thief Key Stuff
Items: TinyMedal, Wooden Hat, AGLseed, INTseed, Magic Bomb, Antidote
Monsters: None

Return to Aliahan castle to loot some new areas. Walk over to where the 
princess is in the north courtyard.  To the west of her should be a thief key 
door.  The man here talks about breaking the sea on the traveler's gate with 
a Magic Bomb, and how there's an old guy in Reeve who studies Magic Bombs.  
You can swipe a TinyMedal from the dresser here.  That makes five TinyMedals.  
Go to the TinyMedal Man to receive your first prize: The Spiny Whip.  Whips 
are wonderful weapons that can hit an entire group of enemies, doing 
progressively less damage to each on after the first.   Their only downfall 
is their inability to critically hit.  A man in the southeast corner tells 
you that Magic Bombs are used to smash walls.  A woman outside the walls just 
northeast of this room will tell you that in the past, there was a traveler's 
gate at the far east of the continent if you tell her you came out here just 
to see her.

Go to the patch of grass southwest of Reeve.  Walk down the passage and open 
the thief's key door there.  Inside are two chests.  There is a Wooden Hat in 
the western chest, and an AGLseed in the eastern chest.  In reeve, open the 
thief's key door in the inn to find directions to a spring in the eastern 
part of the continent.  This is the Tempt Cave.  In the northeast part of the 
town is a house with a thief's key door.  Enter to find a huge pot.  There is 
an INTseed in the eastern vase on the first floor.  Go upstairs and an old 
man who decides that because Ortega's daughter (or son) barged into his 
house, he must give you the Magic Bomb.  Swipe the antidote from his dresser.

06. The Tempt Cave (or the Cave formerly of Enticement)
Items: WarpWing, TinyMedal, MagicMap, Antidote, Knife
Monsters: StingWasp, Echidna, Almiraj, Butterfly, Magician, Catapila, Babble

Follow the directions of the guard at the inn to reach the spring (Go east of 
Reeve, then south).  Along the way you'll find a small shrine.  The man here 
tells you to go to the Tempt cave by the spring with your Magic Bomb.  There 
is a WarpWing in the western vase, a TinyMedal in the eastern vase, and a 
book about whips and boomerangs in the bookcase.

North of here is a spring.  At the back of the spring is a staircase leading 
down to the tempt cave.  Naturally, and old man is here to tell you that the 
stairs are sealed by a wall.  As if you couldn't notice that yourself.  Walk 
down to the wall and use the Magic Bomb to blow it up.  Boom!  There by the 
stairs that contains a MagicMap (of the world).  Take it and be prepared to 
consult it often.  Go down the stairs.

There are many pits on this floor.  Don't fall down them.  If you do, the 
staircase back up places you just to the east of where you stair this floor.

Keep heading north until you are about to fall into a pit.  The path east of 
the pit curves around to the north side of the pit.  When you are on the 
north side of the pit, head north until you run into a wall (Ouch!).  Walk 
west to reach a chest containing an Antidote.  Then, walk west all the way.  
From here, walk south until the passage curves west.  Walk west until you 
reach the first intersection, being careful not to step into a pit. Head 
north at the intersection and take the first western passage to a chest that 
stores a Knife.  Go back to the intersection and walk north, following the 
path west and then north to a staircase.

Downstairs, take the western path to its end to reach the traveler's gate.  
This will take you to a small patch of grass south of Romaly.

07. Romaly
Items: MoonHerb, Antidote, Toughness, Smart Book, TinyMedal x3, Leather Hat, 
Cheat Book, Token
Monsters: Manabat, Almiraj, Catapila, PutrePup, Magician, VenomToad, 
Inn: 12g
Weapon Shop: Knife, Sickle, Spear, Leather Armor, Shell Armor, Chain Mail, 
Bronze Shield
Item Shop: Iron Apron, Leather Hat, Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, 

Head north to Romaly.  There's some strange rumor going around that a hero 
from Aliahan is supposed to come and defeat the Demon Lord.  I wonder who 
that could be?  Downstairs in the weapon/item shop you can find a battle 
arena.  You can bet on monster fights here and rack up gold if you are lucky.  
At the church, you learn that Kazave is to the north.

A dresser on the first floor of the inn holds a MoonHerb; the upstairs 
dresser has an Antidote.  In the church, the dresser has a Toughness, which 
gives a character extra vitality and makes them Diligent.  The center 
bookcase has a Smart Book (This is a book that homes in on its target).  The 
house west of the pond has a TinyMedal in its northern vase; you can find a 
Leather Hat in the dresser.  Head up to the castle gate, but don't enter yet.  
Walk east of the gate and search one square east of the torch you find so 
that you can pick up another TinyMedal.

Enter the castle.  A guard complains that monsters are hard to the east, and 
that you should go north first.  The old man at the top of the eastern tower 
mentions that his son likes to play a lot, and that this habit remains even 
though his son is now king.  Remember this.  In the western tower you learn 
that Shanpane Tower is to the west.  The prisoner at its top tells you that 
Kandar is holed up in Shanpane Tower with a bunch of goons.  He suggests that 
you go punish him.  Who is Kandar?  Now go to the throne room and talk to the 
king.  Like most kings, he will tell you what experience you need for your 
next levels, and then save your game.  And then he'll complain that Kandar 
stole his crown, and that he wants it back or he'll throw a hissy fit.  If 
you get it back, he says he will reward you, so we may as well try.

In the southeast courtyard on the first floor, search the corner where the 
two lines of bushes meet to get a TinyMedal.  You can find a Cheat book in 
the king's father's bookcase, and a Token in his dresser.  That's all there 
is in the castle to loot at the moment.

08. The Forest North of Romaly: Pachisi 1
Items: Token
Monsters: None

Heart almost directly north of Romaly for a while and you'll see a shrine in 
a forest near mountains.  Enter to find your first Pachisi Track.  You can 
find a token on the altar in the eastern room on the first floor.  There is 
not too much to this track.  You might like the Wooden Boomerang that can be 
found on the track.  You get a Steel Sword and 500g for winning.

09. Kazave
Items: TinyMedal, LifeAcorn, Fur Hat, Boxers, Token, Club, Poison Needle
Monsters: PutrePup, Catapila, KillerBee, Army Crab, Butterfly, RogueNite
Inn: 16g
Weapon Shop: Spear, Iron Claws, Chain Whip, Iron Armor, Fighting Suit, Bronze 
shield, Scale Shield
Item Shop: Wooden hat, Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, MoonHerb, 

Keep walking north, into the mountainous region and you'll see a town.  This 
is Kazave.  Here, you'll learn that Noaniels is to the north, and that 
Shanpane Tower is to the west.  The man in the graveyard talks about dead man 
who killed bears with his fists.  If you come back at night, the ghost of the 
fighter tells you he used Iron Claws.  If you have a fighter, you might want 
to pick some up :).  There are rumors at the tavern that there was as village 
put to sleep for angering some elves, those nasty elves.  An old man in the 
town preaches the joys of poison needles, and how cowardly weaklings can use 
poison to slay strong monsters.  ...or something like that.

Search at the base of the eastern gravestone in the cemetery to find a 
TinyMedal.  This is your 10th TinyMedal.  Feel free to return to Aliahan to 
collect your garter, which gives a female a little extra defense and makes 
them Sexy.  If you walk around to the back of the tavern you can find a 
secret stairway up to the second floor.  There is a LifeAcorn in the north 
barrel and a Fur Hat in the eastern dresser.  The item shop's dresser 
contains some Boxers.  The eastern dresser in the Inn contains a Token.

At night, you can go upstairs in the tavern to learn that a colony of elves 
live in a forest west of Noaniels.  You can also steal the item shop owner's 
Club and Poison Needle.

0A. Noaniels
Items: STRseed, MoonHerb, Kilt, AGLseed, Tragic Book
Monsters: VenomWorm, GasCloud, PutrePup, RogueNite, MadRaven, MadHound, 
Shadower, ArmyCrab
Item Shop: Steel Sword, Wizard Staff, Evade Clothes, Repellent, WarpWing, 
MoonHerb, SpiderWeb

Travel north of Kazave and you'll soon see this village.  Talk to everybody 
and find out that they are all asleep. Zzz...  Unfortunately, you cannot buy 
any of the items or sleep at the Inn.  Doh!  There is one person awake here.  
He is in the southwest house.  He wants you to return the dream ruby to the 
elves so that the town can wake up.  He also tells you that Elvenham is to 
the west.

In the northeast house, there is a STRseed in the vase.  Upstairs in the inn, 
the eastern dresser in the bard's room has a MoonHerb.  The dresser in the 
western room has a Kilt.  A vase in the southwest house's first floor 
contains an AGLseed.  There is a Tragic Book upstairs in the eastern 

0B. Elvenham
Items: TinyMedal
Monsters: VenomWorm, GasCloud, PutrePup, RogueNite, MadRaven, MadHound, 
Shadower, ArmyCrab

Travel west of Noaniels.  You will see a cave.  Also, near the cave is a 
patch of grass in a forest.  Like most patches of grass in forests, this 
hides a secret.  That secret is Elvenham.  Nobody lives here except paranoid, 
racist elves.  They hate humans and they are afraid that people are going to 
come and get them.

There is one human here.  Apparently his son ran off with the elf princess.  
If you talk to the queen, she'll at least mention that some Noaniels man ran 
off with her daughter and the precious Dream Ruby.  Naturally, she blames the 
human for tricking her daughter, because as we all know, humans are evil mean 
things that have no regard for other races. (I'm not entirely sure if I am 
being sarcastic there, actually.)

There is a TinyMedal here, in a spot that is almost impossible to describe. 
West of the king, on her level, there is a little niche that is a 1x1 square.  
Search here for the TinyMedal.

Here is a map: (x marks the spot).
     _      _
 _ _|x|_   | |
|       |__| |
|            |

0C. Cave Near Elvenham
Items: Repellent, Spear, STRseed, Rosary, Leather Dress, DreamRuby
Monsters: Toadstool, MadHound, Vampire, Carnimoth

It's easy to locate this cave.  It's right near Elvenham ^_^.  You could call 
this Noaniels Cave, too, I suppose.  You star tout by walking south.  You 
could walk north, but you wouldn't get very far, since there is a wall there.  
Take the first west you come to and you'll enter a room with a treasure 
chest.  Opening it nets you 288 more gold.  Continue south on the main path, 
ignoring the next west you come to.  There is only an old man there who tells 
you that there is a healing spring somewhere in this cave.  Eventually, the 
path will curve east.  Go north into a room once you can.  The chest in there 
has some Repellent.  Go back out and travel all the way south to a staircase.  
Walk down the stairs.

Walk to the west end of this passage and go down the stairs you'll find.  
Follow this path, collecting the TinyMedal from the chest, and head up the 
stairs.  And, yet again, walk down this passage and head up the stairs to the 
first floor.  Walk west to go down some more stairs.  There.  Now that we're 
down that little treasure side trip, we can get back to what we mean to do.

You are standing by the healing spring.  Walk around and step in the magical 
glowing spot.  Your HP and MP will be restored.  Level up around here if you 
wish.  When you are finished, take the west exit from the room.  From here, 
travel all the way north until you can't anymore.  Take the western path to a 
room with a chest that stores a Spear.  Then take the eastern path to a room 
with a chest containing a STRseed.  Walk back to the intersection and go 
south into the big room.  There should be an exit to the west that you passed 
on your way up.  Walk down that path and follow it to a room with a staircase 
leading down.  Use that staircase.

Head north and then follow the big path west.  You should see a staircase 
leading down.  Ignore it for now.  You'll be on a small island in an 
underground lake, but it's a dead-end.  You'll want to be down there, but 
we'll need to use another path. Head south of the staircase you found, and 
then take the east path to a chest containing a Rosary.  After getting this, 
returning to that staircase you found.  Travel west once more.  At the end, 
walk a little bit south, then head west, and then all the way south.  At the 
end of this hall way is a chest that holds 224g.  Walk back north and head 
east at that intersection.  Then travel south, and at the end of the hall, 
head east into the side passage.  A chest here holds a Token. Walk out of the 
little alcove and head north, moving east at the next opportunity.  Here is a 
chest with a Leather Dress.  There is also a stairway down.  Use these 

Follow the path to a ring of stones that have a chest in their center.  Open 
the chest to find the DreamRuby!  You'll also find a note.  Apparently the 
couple was really in love, and drowned themselves in the underground river 
because the elf queen didn't approve.  Now, I've never eloped before, but I 
would assume that if one's parents did not approve, that one would not think 
to drive into an underground lake with his/her mother's prize jewel and drown 
myself.  But maybe elves and humans of long ago thought differently.  Either 
way, you have the jewel.  Take it back to the elf queen and she'll learn that 
because of her disapproval, her daughter and lover committed suicide.  She'll 
then proceed to blame it all on humans and give you some Wake Dust.  You can 
then go back to Noaniels and wake some sleepy people up.

In Noaniels, you'll learn that the tower was put to sleep shortly after 
Ortega left and that he was headed towards Ashalam on rumors that the Magic 
Key was there. You'll also learn that it is a town east of Romaly.

0D. Tower Shanpane
Items: Bronze Shield, Golden Crown
Monsters: Manabat, KillerBee, ArmyCrab, GasCloud, BigShroom, VenomWorm, 

Head west of Kazave, and you'll eventually reach the Shanpane Tower.  From 
the entrance, head northeast.  You will enter another room, head southeast.  
There is a staircase in this room.  Ignore it for now, and exit the room by 
going west.  Curve south and then east and you'll reach a treasure chest that 
holds 430g.  Now go back and up those stairs.

Head west out of this room, and travel north.  Stick along the wall and 
you'll be able to enter a room at the north end of the floor.  There is a 
staircase up to the third floor here.

Head east and then north and you'll reach a room with a treasure chest.  This 
chest has a Bronze Shield in it.  Then head west from the staircase and curve 
clockwise around to the last room, in the northwest part of the floor.  The 
stairway to the fourth floor is in this room.

Head to the front of the room on this floor and use your thief's key to open 
the door.  Walk up the stairs to the fifth floor where some goons will run up 
to the next floor to inform their boss.  Head up the stairs on this floor.

Here, you'll find Kandar.  He'll open a pit below you.  Climb back up to find 
that he's not there...  Where could he have gone?  Look around the room.  Do 
you see anything obvious?  Follow him and be prepared for a fight.  Cast 
increase to improve your defense and kill off his goons first.  Then Kandar 
should be easy if you heal occasionally.  When you win, you'll be able to 
grab the Golden Crown from his chest.

0E. Becoming King
Items: None
Monsters: None

Return to Romaly and give the king back his crown.  To show his recognition 
of your heroics, he asks that you become king.  If you say No enough, he will 
agree to let you stay an adventurer.  However, if you say Yes, you'll get to 
wander around being king for a while :).  People will praise and practically 
worship you.  You get to be a rude snob and look down at people.  It's nice.  
However, you can't finish the game like this.  So once you get bored, find 
the king and tell him that you don't want to rule anymore.  He'll agree to be 
king again.  Whenever you save your game at Romaly from now on you'll be 
offered the kingdom again. Hehe.

0F. Ashalam
Items: BugPowder
Monsters: Wild Ape, Vampire, GasCloud, MadHound, CatFly
Inn: 28g
Weapon Shop (Day): Chain Mail, Iron Armor, Bronze Shield, Scale Shield, Iron 
Apron, Fur Hat
Weapon Shop (Haggle): Wizard Staff, Holy Spear, Iron Axe, Skirt, Black 
Clothes, Iron Helmet
Weapon Shop (Night): Knife, Sickle, Spear, Chain Whip, Iron Claws, Iron Axe
Item Shop: Antidote, MoonHerb
Item Shop (Haggle): Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, SpiderWeb, Gold 

Set out east of Romaly, and cross the bridge you'll find.  Keep heading 
southward (and just a bit east) and you'll reach Ashalam.  Some shops require 
you to haggle.  Just keep going lower until you will buy the item.  However, 
the lowest price is always twice what you could buy it for elsewhere.  You 
decide if it is worth the price to get the item now.

This town has two sides to it depending on if it is day or night.  I shall 
start out in the day.  Here, you can learn that in the desert to the west is 
a kingdom named Isis.  There is talk that Ortega went south to find a key.  A 
guard at a closed weapon shop says that if you go south through the desert 
you'll find a cave in a swamp near the mountains.  Apparently the old guy 
there knows about the Magic Key.  There is BugPowder in a dresser in the inn.

At night, you can enter a building in the western part of town.  Upstairs, 
you can snatch a token from the dresser.  If you are male, the dancer in the 
courtyard will offer to give you a powder-puff massage.  It's a bit of a 
humorous scene.

That's about it for Ashalam for now.  Walk southwest of the city to find a 
special place.

10. Forest Near Ashalam: Pachisi 2
Items: TinyMedal x3
Monsters: None

The shrine in the forest southwest of Ashalam is the second Pachisi Track. On 
the first floor, search the southeast corner of the western center blue 
square for a TinyMedal. You can find a TinyMedal in a vase on the track, and 
you'll get one for reaching the goal.  You'll also get a mace at the goal, 
which is a good whip for your priest.

11. Desert Cave
Items: Token, TinyMedal, Tomboy Book
Monsters: None

Head west of the Pachisi Track and then south once you reach the desert.  If 
you follow the mountains, you'll see a cave in a swamp.  Enter it.  The old 
man here will tell you where the Magic Key is.  Then he'll tell you to go to 
Isis, in the desert.  After learning this, repay him by stealing all of his 
stuff.  Apparently this is the proper form of payment in this world.  The 
western Dresser has a Token inside.  The western vase has another TinyMedal.  
You can get another Tomboy Book from the eastern bookcase, too.

12. Isis
Items: TinyMedal x2, Boxers, Starry Bracelet, Token, Defy Book, Brave Book
Monsters: HellCrab, BigShroom, Flamepede, CatFly, CarniMoth, MummyMan
Inn: 40g
Weapon Shop: Steel Sword, Holy Spear, Iron Axe, Iron Armor, Silk Dress, Iron 
Shield, Iron Helmet
Item Shop: Turban, Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, MoonHerb

Walk east from the cave and then head north when you see the oasis.  Step on 
the grass in the southwest corner to reach the town and castle of Isis.  
Here, you can learn that the queen is beautiful.  The conversation goes 
something like this: "Did you know our queen is beautiful?"  "Why, yes! I 
did! This is an RPG! The queen is always beautiful in an RPG!"  You can also 
learn that in the northern part of the desert is a Pyramid.  Apparently the 
late Pharaoh was buried there.  Some guy named Sokras is waiting for 

The vase in the building just south of the weapon shop has a TinyMedal.  
Upstairs in the weapon shop owner's house, you can grab some Boxers from the 
western cabinet.  By some odd dimensional stretch made possible by this being 
a video game, the upstairs of this building is a lot big than the ground 
floor.  You can search at the base of the middle tombstone in the graveyard 
for a TinyMedal.  You can find a Brave Book in the well.  There is a monster 
arena just north of the entrance to this town.

Walk to the castle.  After going through the initial gate, travel west and go 
through the gap in the pillars here.  Travel all the way north until you 
reach a staircase leading down to the basement.  Walk east and then north 
once you can.  Go down the stairs to the tomb and open the chest.  You'll get 
the ever-powerful Starry Bracelet.  A spirit will appear and ask if you took 
the item.  If you're honest, he'll thank you for your honesty and let you 
keep it.  If you lie to him, he'll fall for it and let you have it.  This 
teaches us that lying is okay. *scratches head*

Go to the main entrance of the castle and head north this time, into the main 
part of the castle.  Here, you learn that the pyramid is rigged with traps.  
This doesn't seem unusual.  You'll also learn that there are places in the 
pyramid where spells do not work.  It is best to bring many herbs.  The 
northeast room has a Token in the western dresser.  The bookcase in the 
southeast room has a Defy Book for your enjoyment, too.  Go upstairs and to 
the northeast room where the children are.  There song is as follows: "Round 
buttons are magic buttons. Round buttons open a door.  From west of east to 
east of west.  From west of west to east of east."  Remember this, because 
someone tells you that this song is the key to the pyramid.  The queen here 
thinks her beauty is useless.  This is also typical of RPGs.  She'll save 
your game, though.

13. The Pyramid
Items: INTseed, TinyMedal x3, MagicKey, WarpWing, STRseed, AGLseed, Skirt, 
Ruby Ring, StoneWig, Flashy Coat
Monsters: MummyMan, TrickBag, KingToad, Mummy

Walk directly north of Isis and you'll encounter the pyramid.  There are many 
traps inside to thwart you.  Walk north into the pyramid.  At the first 
intersection, there is a pit in the center two squares.  Be sure to walk 
around them.  If you fall, head to the southwest corner of the basement.  
There will be a passage to the outside wall of the pyramid from there.  The 
chests down the east and west passages at the first intersection are empty.  
Head north to the second intersection, which has hidden pits in the same 
location.  To the west, there are three chests.  Each one is a Cannibox, 
except the north chest, which is empty.  North is a dead-end, and east will 
lead you to a staircase up.  Use that staircase.

The second floor is a maze.  Walk south to the first second, then travel all 
the way west to a wall.  Walk south to a chest that contains an INTseed, and 
then walk all the way north, and turn east at the corner.  Go down the stairs 
here.  The western chest in this room is a Cannibox.  The other is empty.  
Walk down the western passage and open the chest you'll find to procure yet 
another TinyMedal.  After this, go back to the second floor.  Follow the 
passage to the first intersection, then travel east.  Once you are able to, 
travel south, and then east again when you run into a wall.  There should be 
a staircase here.  Walk up to the third floor.

The left and right passages will lead two places.  If you go north at their 
ends, you'll find a staircase to the fourth floor.  However, you need the 
magic key to do anything on that floor.  If you go south at their ends, there 
will be two niches on each side.  If you walk into them, you'll find round 
buttons.  Use the combination in the children's song to open the sealed door 
that is to the north of the stairway in this level.  If you push them in an 
incorrect combination, a pit opens up and drops you to the third floor.  Once 
you've gotten the combination correct, walk up the northern passage in the 
third floor to find the MagicKey and a VITseed.  Now, go to one of the 
staircases that lead up to the fourth floor and open the door on that level.  
There is a large amount of treasure on this level.

When you search each chest, four MummyMen will attack you.  Be prepared.  
Starting from the northwest hest and going clockwise, the chests contain 
176g, WarpWing, STRseed, 80g, AGLseed, 112g, Skirt, 304g, Ruby Ring, 56g, 
TinyMedal, StoneWig.  Go to the southern part of the room and up the 
staircase to the fifth floor.  The lone chest here contains a Flashy Coat.  
Travel up the stairs to the roof. Walk west along the ledge and then north 
once you can.  At the end of the ledge is another TinyMedal.  Jump off the 
ledge and begin your tour of the realms you've visited.  Since you have 21 
TinyMedals by now, why not start in Aliahan?

14. Using the Magic Key
Items: Hero Ring, AGLseed, STRseed, Lune Rod, Joke Book, TinyMedal x3, Silk 
Dress, INTseed, Ruby Ring, Tiara, LifeAcorn, Wizard Ring, Golden Claw
Monsters: None

In Aliahan's castle, there is a magic key door preventing access to the 
treasure room.  Not anymore!  Proving that RPG people like the hero to steal, 
the guard says he won't look while you're in the room.  Why a nice guy!  You 
can snatch (top-left to bottom-right) 128g, 336g, a Hero Ring, AGLseed, 
STRseed, and Lune Rod.  Return to Ashalam and explore the town at both day 
and night.  You will learn that a cave northeast of Ashalam leads to the 
eastern realms, and that you need a hobbit to guide you.  Apparently, the 
hobbit there, Norud, doesn't like to help people, but is friends with the 
king of Portoga.  In the northwest of the town, there is a building requiring 
the magic key to enter.  Upstairs, you can steal a Joke Book from the 
bookcase.  On the northeast blue square, you'll also find a hidden TinyMedal.  
If you come here at night, there is a Demonite that was pretending to be a 

Now, return to Isis.  You'll need to return at night to accomplish anything 
new.  Go to the castle treasure rooms.  The guards sleep at night.  The 
chests in the western room, from northwest and clockwise, contain a Silk 
Dress, 72g, INTseed, and a Ruby Ring.  The eastern room, by the same pattern, 
contains a Tiara, LifeAcorn, 80g, and a TinyMedal.  Visit the queen in her 
bedroom at night and talk to her.  Then search behind her bed to find a 
Wizard Ring.  Finally, return to Romaly.  At the north end of the castle's 
first floor is a silver door.  Open it and search the bush that is closest to 
the pond on its eastern side.  You'll grab a TinyMedal for doing so.  You'll 
also learn that Portoga is a ship-making kingdom.

Back in the Pyramid, you can search the basement to find a secret passage 
down to a second basement.  You'll need the magic key to get the treasured 
Golden Claw.  However, once you've desecrated the tomb, you'll get attacked 
almost continuously while you are inside the pyramid.

15. Romaly Shrine
Items: None
Monsters: None

Follow the coast east of Romaly; you'll hit the shrine after a short walk.  
There is not much to do here until we get the final key.  Just use your magic 
key and head to the other side of the riverbank to continue on to Portoga.

16. Portoga
Items: TinyMedal x2, Token, STRseed, Tragic Book, King's Letter, Tattoo, 
VITseed, Mist Rod
Monsters: Druid, MadHound, MadRaven, RogueNite, Toadstool, Vampire
Inn: 40g 
Weapon Shop: Steel Sword, Iron Axe, Steel Whip, Iron Armor, Iron Shield, 
Black Garb
Item Shop: Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, MoonHerb

Portoga is a town with a castle in it.  Here, you'll here talk bout a couple 
that is no longer seen, as well as clues that the king loves pepper, which is 
sold in the east.  Since most people are powerful heroes, the journey is 
dangerous, and so the king is forced to eat bland food.  Someone else 
mentions that if you had a ship, you could travel the world.  Oddly enough, 
there is a dock here.  I wonder if you could get a ship...

Behind the Inn is a little horse pasture.  Try searching around the bushes to 
find a TinyMedal.  You can also look in the inn's dresser to grab another 
Token.  A short walk northwest of the Inn lays a building.  Upstairs, you 
meet a girl named Sabrina who pines for her long lost lover (could she be one 
of the lovers that met by the water?).  You can also grab a STRseed from the 
western hanging sack in the southern room.  Lastly, head north of the horse 
pasture and then west above the castle, eventually you can head south and 
down some stairs.  An ex-priest sits here whining about a great swordsman and 
his beautiful lover and how Baramos put a curse on them (Read: defeat 
Baramos, break curse).  Being the kleptomaniac hero that you are, feel free 
to help yourself to the TinyMedal Mr. Priest was cooking in his pot, as well 
as the Tragic Book on his bookshelf.  He won't miss them.

Now that you've pillaged the town, it's time to move on to the castle.  Here, 
the king whines about how bland his food is without pepper, and gives you a 
letter so that the stuck-up hobbit will let you through so that you can risk 
your neck getting it for him.  You see, that's what kings do.  Of course, he 
is willing to trade you a ship for some pepper, so you might be inclined to 
do so.  While you are at it, hire a shrink for the king.  His Chancellor is a 
bit more competent and will save your game for you if you ask nicely.  You'll 
also hear about a temple in the east that lets people change classes.  Damn, 
the east is a happening place, isn't it?

If you like to be electrocuted, go after the three chests here.  They contain 
a Tattoo, VITseed, and Mist Rod, from west to east, respectively.

If you come back at night, you can meet Carlos in the horse pasture where the 
horse was standing earlier.  He asks you if you know Sabrina.  Either way, he 
weeps for her.  You can then go visit Sabrina.  She'll say "Meow."  
Apparently she lives a secret life as a cat.

Cast return and head to Ashalam.

17. Cave of Norud
Items: LifeAcorn, Training Suit, Club
Monsters: None

A short hop and skip to the northeast and you'll be in Norud's grumpy home.  
Dive into his well and search the northeast corner to find a LifeAcorn.  Feel 
free to steal his training uniform and club from the chests by his bed.  He 
won't yell at you for stealing.  Talk to Norud so that he can yell at you to 
go out, and then wave the letter in front of his face (Read: USE the item 
while facing him) and he'll rant about how he can never refuse the king. 
Follow him and he'll break open a rock wall with his head.  You see, Norud is 
really a hobbit android from the future, designed to break down solid rock 
with his head of destruction.  Strangely, he knocks down a wall that is a 
longer route than if he had just knocked down the eastern wall, but we'll 
ignore this for now.  Continue on through the boring passage and up the 
stairs to the land of Baharata.  If you head south and east, you'll reach the 
town of Baharata.  For now, let's head north-ish to the Shrine of the Cape of 

18. Cape of Olivia Shrine
Items: None, yet
Monsters: None
Inn: 40g

There really isn't anything here except an inn and two doors locked with the 
final key, however some information can be gathered here later, so it's a 
good thing to remember it's existence now.  Rest if you fell asleep during 
the battles on the way here, and head south the east to Baharata (One of the 
coolest town names in the game.  Say it out loud a few times, and try 
different tones of voice.  It's fun).

19. Baharata
Items: TinyMedal, Traveler's Clothes
Monsters: HeatCloud, Catfly, Vampire, DeadHound, DeadStool, Antbear, 
Inn: 48g
Weapon Shop: Mace, Shears, Force Staff, Steel Armor, Magic Shield, Black Hat
Item Shop: Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, MoonHerb, SpiderWeb

A quaint little town known for monster-repelling sacred river water and 
pepper, Baharata is probably one of the strangest RPG towns I've visited.  A 
man here will talk about how the Demon Lord is from an icy, horrible land and 
how he'll bring destruction blah blah blah.  You'll also learn that the 
pepper shop owner's daughter has been abducted and that the shop owner 
refuses to sell any pepper.  You'll also learn that the Force Rod is a unique 
weapon that transfers magic points into damage-dealing pizzamm! ...Or 
something.   The pepper shop guy will ask you to save his daughter, and the 
boyfriend (named Gupta) of the daughter will run off to save her so that he 
may be kidnapped also. *Sigh*  Assuming you want to get anywhere, you 
probably will want to think about saving them.  Anyway, you can head down to 
the sacred river and drink (search) it in order to give yourself a monster 
repellent effect.  It's just alike to the item and spell: mostly useless.  
Walk around some more and you'll learn that this town is a real pain to walk 
around in.  You'll also learn that the Dharma temple is up north and that 
people change classes there.  The same man also lets slip that there is a 
connection between being a Jester and becoming a sage...

In the inn, start pillaging.  You can snag a TinyMedal from the dresser in 
the eastern room. Then head upstairs in the pepper shop and swipe the 
Traveler Clothes from their dresser.  That'll teach them to stop selling 
pepper!  All in all, that's about all you can do here.

1A. Baharata Cave
Items: TinyMedal, VITseed, AGLseed, STRseed, INTseed, LifeAcorn, Token, 
Monsters: Shadower, Catula, Executer, Mystifier, HunterFly, CatFly, TrickBag

Head east across the bridge from the town and the swing up and west (across 
another bridge) and you'll reach Baharata Cave. (You can also keep heading 
north to get to Dharma and the Tower of Garuna, from which you can head east 
and north to get to Muor, but that is ill advised right now.

This is a fun little cave filled with a bunch of rooms that look alike.  It's 
also quite easy to get through.  From the initial staircase, head west into 
the next room.  Just about every room in here looks like this.  Head north 
until you enter a room that needs the thief key (you'll hear the sound of a 
door opening).  There are two chests in this room.  One of them is a 
Cannibox.  You can cast X-Ray on unopened chests.  If they glow blue, they 
are safe.  If a chest glows red, then it is a monster.  The northern chest is 
a Cannibox and the eastern chest contains 352g.  Head west from here and open 
the chest in the next room for a TinyMedal.  Go west again and open the 
northern chest to get 132g.  You can open the western chest for another 
Cannibox if you want to try for a Cannibox medal :).

Head south from here.  Eventually you'll find a guard who tells you that 
someone walked south into the darkness and he heard a key turning or some 
such stuff.  Just walk down through the thief key door and into the room 
there.  Head west from this room and open the box for a VITseed.  Keep 
heading east and you'll reach a staircase.  That's where you want to go :)

Head all the way west and go through the magic key door.  It's a seed 
bonanza!  You'll find an AGLseed, INTseed, STRseed, and LifeAcorn by 
searching the chests.  Go back to the intersection and go south.  You'll run 
into a couple of goons... exactly like the ones Kandar had.  They'll ask you 
if you want to join.  If you say yes, they kick you out.  If you say no, they 
try to kick your ass.  Give them a whupping and search the western hanging 
sack for a Token.  Head south and unlock the jail cells to free the couple.  
Watch them dance for a while and then run off again.  Search the northwest 
corner of Gupta's cell for a LUCKseed, and the northeast corner of Tania's 
cell for a MysticNut.  This is the only dungeon that carries a full set of 

Head back up to find that the boss is back and Tania and Gupta are scared 
again.  Walk up to the big bad boss man and get ready for another fight with 
Kandar.  This time, his goons have upped their abilities and can cast 
HealMore and Defense.  Defeat them first and then beat on Kandar until he is 
dead.  Hopefully you think ahead and plan to have a few people capable of 
healing, because you might need it depending on your party makeup.  You can 
watch as Kandar beats on your mage, or you can have your mage get even by 
casting BlazeMore (or BlazeMost!) on Kandar.  Kandar no likie.  Either way, 
it won't be a long fight.  Have mercy on Kandar if you want to be hero-like 
or you can say no.  Either way, he'll more or less be gone for the rest of 
the game.  The lover people thank you and leave, asking you to visit them.

When you're done, head back to Baharata and get some pepper.  This is another 
reason why it sucks to be a hero. You save their lives, and all they give you 
in return is some pepper.  "Thanks for saving us.  All I'm going to give you 
is pepper. Nyaah!"

1B. Dharma
Items: TinyMedal
Monsters: Mystifier, KillerApe, MadOx, Antbear, Bruin, Metaly, Catula, 
Inn: 8g

If you normal, you would head back to Portoga at this point and get a ship so 
that you can sail around and feel cool or something.  If you are I, you head 
north of Baharata cave so that you can find the Shrine of Dharma.

If you follow the left wall of the temple, you will find a lady who will 
change your characters' names.  Heading right will find you an upstairs with 
an inn and a church.  In front of a door is a goofy looking guy who will save 
your game.  Search the feet of the northeast statue inside to find a 
TinyMedal.  The man up top in the center changes classes.  You must be level 
20 to change class.  Here are some recommendations:

Class    Change to:
-----    ---------
Warrior  Fighter, Mage, Cleric (Lots of hitpoints and strength)
Fighter  Any (High strength and agility benefits any class)
Thief    Fighter, Mage, Cleric, Sage (Lots of agility, well-balanced)
Mage     Thief, Cleric, Sage
Cleric   Fighter, Sage
Dealer   Any (Well-Balanced)
Jester   Fighter, Sage

Chances are you aren't level 20 yet.  Maybe you should work on that.  Head 
north and then east to reach the Tower of Garuna.

1C. Tower of Garuna
Items: INTseed, TinyMedal, Silver Crown, Zen Scroll
Monsters: Metaly, GreatBeak, SkyDragon, Garuda, Shadower, MadOx, StingMoth
Outside Monsters: StingMoth, Hork, SkyDragon, Garuda, Demonite, Snaily, 
Executer, MadOx, Healer

This tower is small, but reasonably tricky.  The goal here is to find the Zen 
Scroll.  Is there a way to get across the pit on the second floor?

Several people in the first two rooms (up and down) tell you some things 
about the tower, but they really aren't that helpful.  Start out by traveling 
the lower path, taking the second passageway down.  The chest here contains 
an INTseed.  Continue down the lower passage until you must go up.  Ignore 
the staircases in the rooms and continue north.  Eventually you'll find a gap 
in the wall.  Go through and head west to find a room with a staircase.  Take 
it.  Go across the tightrope and take the stairs back down.  There is a 
travel gate here that will take you to the center room on the first floor.

Here, you will find three staircases.  Take the northern one first.  In the 
top room, you'll find a chest containing 448g.  Go back down and take the 
southern staircase. At the top room, you'll find a chest containing a 
TinyMedal.  Now head back down and take the staircase to the east, then take 
the southern staircase on the second floor, and climb to the top.  Here, 
you'll see another tightrope.  Walk all the way across it and take the 
southern staircase (to go up).  At the top, you'll find a chest with a Silver 

Go back down and walk to the center of the tightrope. Jump off.  You'll be in 
a room with a big pit.  Jump down.  Take the staircase here and open the 
chest to find the Zen Scroll!  Now get out of the tower, there's nothing else 
of interest here.

1D. Shrine of Zipangu
Items: Stick, TinyMedal
Monsters: StingMoth, Hork, SkyDragon, Garuda, Demonite, Snaily
Inn: 60g

Naturally, since we can still walk somewhere, it's wise to do it now.  Head 
east of Dharma and you'll encounter this shrine.  Here, you'll learn that a 
monster named Orochi is terrorizing the people of Zipangu, to the east.  
We'll need a boat to get there.  You can find a stick in the dresser in the 
western room, and a TinyMedal in the one in the eastern room.  There's also a 
final key door here.

Next, walk north from the shrine until you see the village of Muor.  This was 
the town you saw Ortega stumble into during the introductory scenes of the 

1E. Village of Muor
Items: Token, TinyMedal, Ortega's Helmet, Kilt
Monsters: Snaily, MadPecker, Demonite, Barnabas
Inn: 48g
Weapon Shop: Fan, Judge Staff, Shears, Evade Suit, Black Garb, Magic Shield
Item Shop: Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, MoonHerb, BugPowder

Here, you'll learn that on the continent to the northeast there is a magic 
spring if you tell a man you came here by ship.  Also, people mistake you for 
Pokapa, some great warrior who passed through awhile back.  You'll notice 
that your father's helmet is sitting on the desk of one of the shops... go 
around back and talk to everyone upstairs after examining the helmet.

You'll learn that Pokapa went by the name Ortega in Aliahan.  Leave and 
Popota will talk to you and you can snag your dad's helmet.  Don't forget to 
grab the Token and TinyMedal from the vases upstairs.  There is a kilt in the 
dresser in the inn.

By now, you have over 30 TinyMedals; head back to Aliahan and cash them in 
for a Strength Ring if you wish.

After all this, feel free to cast return and zip back to Portoga so you can 
get your ship.

1F. Lighthouse
Items: None
Ocean Monsters: Merman, Merdane, SeaSlime, Jellyfish, Tentacles, KingSquid, 
Crabus, MadCondor

After getting your ship from the king, sail south to the lighthouse that you 
can see.  Go to the top floor and talk to the man there.  He'll tell you to 
sail south, down along the coast and around the cap of Tedanki, the east to 
Lancel; east of that being Aliahan, and north of Aliahan is Zipangu.  He'll 
also talk about how there are six orbs scattered over the world, and if you 
collect them all, you won't need a ship.  Sounds like you need these orbs.  
However, you probably would like to open all those final doors, right?  Let's 
focus on that.

20.  Tedanki
Items: TinyMedal, Black Hat, DarkLamp
Monsters: Witch, Shaman, Goategon, HellArmor, Hork
Inn: 4g
Weapon Shop: Mace, Steel Whip, Shears, Skirt, Magic Dress, Magic Armor, 
Horned Hat

Sail south along the coast until you see a small shrine.  Enter that and talk 
to people to learn that the villagers of Tedanki used to come there.  There 
is also a church here.  Then continue along the coast in your ship until you 
reach the second river.  Take this and sail down to Tedanki.  A ruined 
village is good for pillaging, right?

Enter in the day, and you'll find the place empty.  Enter at night, and it'll 
be bustling with people.  I'll focus on the night, first.  Everyone here 
talks about standing up against Baramos, and how you are nuts for telling 
them the town is destroyed.  Yet they never seem to notice the ruined 
buildings or the fact that they are selling weapons at night.  There is a 
prisoner that can't be reached without the final key here.  Take note of 
that.  You'll also learn that the Gondo Mountains are north of here (that's 
where Baramos is).

Stand above the old man in the swamp, and head 4 steps east and search for a 
TinyMedal.  The old man tells you to find the final key and to start your 
search in Lancel, far south of Baharata.  The vase next to him holds 55g.  Go 
downstairs to examine the coffins and listen to a weird dialogue.

Stay at the inn and wake up to the daytime town.  Examine the corpse in the 
jail and read a letter about how the man wanted to pass on his orb before he 
died...  Then, go to the weapon shop's upstairs.  There is a black hat in the 
dresser, and the DarkLamp in the chest.  This item lets you turn day into 
night.  It's useful.

21. Lancel
Items: Token, TinyMedal
Monsters: RogueNite, MadHound, WildApe, Mummy, Shaman, Shadower, Vampire, 
Catapila, Almiraj, Goategon, HellArmor, StingMoth
Inn: 60g
Weapon Shop: Steel Whip, Hammer, Power Claws, Evade Suit, Magic Dress, Magic 
Armor, Iron Mask
Item Shop: Repellent, WarpWing, HideHerb

Head a bit south of the continent and then travel east until you run into a 
big island.  This should be the island with Lancel on it (If you run into 
Aliahan, you didn't go far enough south).

Here, you can learn such things as the dry vase being in Edinbear, an island 
nation north of Portoga.  You can also learn that a vase is necessary to find 
the final key.  Some guy here complains about not being able to find the 
temple this place is renowned for.  Apparently he failed to look northward, 
over the trees.  Big temples tend to stand out.  The item dealer's daughter 
begs you to buy some HideHerbs.  Being that they are magical herbs that make 
you invisible, I bet you could do some naughty things with one.  Why don't 
you go buy one or two?

Go into her house and take the 5g she has in a vase, then swipe the Token 
from the dresser.  Aren't you wondering why nobody minds if you steal all 
their stuff, yet?

Head to the east part of town and go north, along the trees.  What is this?  
A huge-ass temple!  Apparently no visitors actually look over the trees in 
this village, or they'd be able to find it.  Just right of the main entrance 
to the temple is a small path of grass, go to the end of it and search for a 
TinyMedal.  The guy by the entrance talks about how the temple leads to a 
cave called The Navel of the Earth. However, since we don't have a final key, 
we can't get in the temple.  You see, the people who live behind final key 
doors have a magic food-producing property and they also never have to go to 
the bathroom or have any real human contact.  This allows them to live 
indefinitely in these sealed off areas.  Likewise, when criminals get thrown 
behind bars, the jailors simply have to will them inside, rather than 
bothering to unlock the doors, since the final key would be needed, and 
nobody has that, or they might have loaned you one, since they'd be so 
common.  Go up the left hand passage of grass to find a Slime.  This is a 
smart slime, and it won't attack you, since doing so would mean its utter 
destruction.  You see, since it's the only slime on this continent, it has to 
be outstanding in such aspects or it'd be Goategon food. Yum Yum.  If you 
tell him you have a HideHerb, it tells you should go to Edinbear.  Keep this 
in mind.

At this point, just cast return to Portoga.

22. Edinbear
Items: TinyMedal x2, Dry Vase, Lady Book, Dandy Suit, Party Dress
Monsters: Witch, HellArmor, Barnabas, Curer

Sail generally northward of Portoga towards the island that looks like 
England and such.  The quaint little castle there is Edinbear.  Here, the 
guard at the gate continually moves to block your way, and calls you a 
bumpkin.  Assuming bumpkin is an insult, proceed to beat the snot out of him, 
that stuck-up, whiney snot.  Actually, use a HideHerb that you should have 
bought, and walk right past him.  Strangely, nobody in the castle seems to 
actually care if you are inside, only the guard at the gate seems to.  Though 
they all call you a bumpkin.

Head down to the basement, where there is a collection of boulders you need 
to move onto the diamond squares.  By some strange coincidence, should you 
dunk a boulder into the water, or get it stuck in a corner, you can leave and 
come back.  You see, the magical boulder fairy comes in during the split 
second that you were gone and fixes all the boulders.  That's what magical 
boulder fairies do, ya know.  Solve the puzzle to get the Dry Vase.

Solution:  Labeling the boulders from left to right, 1, 2, 3, we'll start the 
1.  Move boulder 1 up one square
2.  Move boulder 2 right one square
3.  Move boulder 1 right two squares
4.  Move boulder 1 up onto a diamond square
5.  Move boulder 3 down one square
6.  Move boulder 2 left three squares
7.  Move boulder 2 up one square
8.  Move boulder 2 right two squares
9.  Move boulder 2 up onto a diamond square
10. Move boulder 3 up one square
11. Move boulder 3 left four squares
12. Move boulder 3 up one square
13. Move boulder 3 right two squares
14. Move boulder 3 up onto a diamond square
15. Door in the northern part of the room opens; enter to get the Dry Vase.

Take the eastern door outside and search the eastern center square of the 
flowerbed (grass) to find a TinyMedal.  A kid here says the final key is in a 
shrine. Oookay.  Go upstairs and see the king. He will save your game and 
call you a bumpkin.  His chancellor, like most chancellors in this game, is 
sane and will tell you that far away on the western sea is the, "New world of 
Soo."  Strangely enough, this is on the same continent that looks like North 

Head to the bottom of the king's room and talk to another guard who calls you 
a bumpkin.  Walk through the door and out into the sky!  Surprise! That sky 
blue stuff turns into the castle's roof! The guy here asks you if you are the 
rumored bumpkins and then confirms it by him.

On the eastern part of the roof is a stairway. Take it down and go outside.  
Talk to the people here.  One of them again calls you a bumpkin (I are 
bumpkin man, har!).  The other guy tells you that when you move the boulders 
in the basement to the happy squares, something magical happens.  And that if 
you leave, the boulder fairies will reset the puzzle for you.  What nice 
boulder fairies they are.  If you stand on the square directly to the south 
of this man and move 8 squares west and search, you get a TinyMedal (Though 
perhaps it is easier to say, "on the southwest square, next to the tree.).

Head back to the main chamber of the castle and talk to the princess by the 
water.  She'll tell you that you are the bumpkins and that you must tell her 
all about your bumpkin life.  Go to her room to the northeast and steal her 
Lady book, Dandy Shirt, and Party Dress.  Being that you are bumpkins, the 
residents expect you to do this and don't bother stopping you.  Feel free to 
admire your bumpkin self in the mirror here.

One of the guys in the rooms near the entrance will tell you the Dry Vase 
will dry the sea.  When you tell him it's in the castle and that you have it, 
he stares in disbelief or something.  At least he doesn't call you a bumpkin.  
The other guy below him (who also doesn't call you a bumpkin!) tells you that 
a shrine sank into the sea long ago and that it's part of the shoal.  Gee, I 
wonder where you use the Dry Vase?

Oddly enough, the king doesn't care if you steal his Dry Vase, being that you 
are bumpkins, and that you have the vase, he has to assume that it's 
worthless and just lets you have it.  How nice of him.

Now that you have 36 TinyMedals, return to Aliahan, rest up, cash them in, 
and save.  We are right where we need to be.

23. The Shoal Shrine
Items: Final Key, TinyMedal
Monsters: None, save those in the ocean.

Hop on your boat and sail south of Aliahan, through the gap in the bottom of 
it (Start directly south of the tower and stay south).  After a very long 
time, you'll crash into some shoals.  Instead of sinking, you ship will just 
sit there and not go forward anymore.  In real life, you'd no longer have a 
ship, and you would have to learn to swim real quickly, but remember, this is 
a video game, and ships are magical and refuse to break when you ram them 
into a reef.  Use your Dry Vase here and watch the shrine jump out of the sea 
at you.  You might even consider entering it.

Walk forward in the shrine to the chest that contains... TubeSocks!  Just 
kidding.  You now have the final key.  Walk north of the chest and on the 
last diamond square thingy you can search and get another TinyMedal.  Open 
the door to the north and invoke your this-time-only speak-with-the-dead 
ability to talk to the corpse here.  He tells you that south of Isis in the 
Gondo Mountains gapes the Giana pit.  Apparently all the world's misfortunes 
come from this pit.  Wow.  I never knew a pit could be so evil!  You might 
think this is your next destination.  Prepare for the utter humiliation of 
being wrong.  This isn't a useful clue until much later in the game.  But you 
might want to be a good boy or girl and remember this clue.

24. Final Key Stuff
Items: TinyMedal x4
Monsters: None

Casually return to Romaly.  Climb up the western tower of the castle and 
search the sink in the room behind the final door.  You'll find a TinyMedal.  
Now go back to the Romaly Shrine.  Enter the final key room in the basement 
and search the corner of the water for another TinyMedal, then take the 
traveler's gate.  This is the shrine south of Greenlad.  Search the center-
north diamond square around the water for... another TinyMedal!  Take the 
northern traveler's gate and you'll be in the Olivia cape Shrine.  Move one 
square west and two north and search for another TinyMedal.  Go to the main 
room and enter the room there.  The man will tell you how Olivia leaped to 
her death at this point when her lover died in a storm at sea.  This is why, 
if you try to sail your ship through the gap to the north, it pushes you 
back.  He also mentions how if you present her a memento of her lover, it 
should break the curse.  Remember this, because it's actually a vital clue.  
He'll then tell you that Eric's (the lover) ship roams the sea.  Entering the 
northern door takes you to the kingdom of Samanao.  Chances are the monsters 
here would kill you.  The other gate in the Samanao shrine takes you back to 
the shrine south of Greenlad.  At this point, return to Portoga and head back 
to Tedanki.

25. Tedanki Revisited
Items:  Green Orb
Monsters: Same as before.

Enter the town at night and open the jail cell.  The prisoner will be glad to 
give you his green orb for no apparent reason.  Don't argue with him because 
not all the orbs will be this easy.  Return to Edinbear.

26. The Field, etc
Items: TinyMedal x2
Monsters: Shaman, StingMoth, BlueBeak, MadCondor, VenomHork, BigHorn, 
Merdane, Deranger

Sail a bit south of Edinbear and then head west until you find a new 
continent.  This is North America.  On the east side of the continent, not to 
far from where you should crash into it, there will be a little spot of grass 
inside a forest, visible from the coast.  Walk onto this spot.  In here is a 
man who needs a dealer so that he can make a town.  Return to Aliahan, make a 
dealer, and return here with the dealer alive (Not always the easiest of 
tasks). He will thank you and tell you that in the Soo village in the center 
of the continent, you should look carefully around the well.  Name the 
merchant Porn.  It'll be fun.  I named my dealer Porn.  It is one of the few 
semi-obscene or non-politically correct names the game allows.  This provides 
some fun dialogue; I recommend that you name your dealer this, too. :) (What 
I don't understand is why the game allows Slut, but not Suck.)

Anyway, get in your ship and sail around the north of the continent.  You'll 
pass by the shrine south of green land, but keep following the coast; you'll 
eventually hit a patch of ice that connects with the Asia-like continent.  
Here is the village of Muor. Open the final key door and grab the TinyMedal 
in the northeast corner.

Get back in your ship and follow the coastline north again.  You see a lot of 
forest over there.  A useful item can be found there, but you probably don't 
want to fight monsters here yet, so I'll save that for later. At the top, of 
the forest is a little channel (and some ice). Sail into it and you'll see 
the hobbit's shrine.  Go in there and talk to the one cat.  Say yes and he'll 
tell you to search the middle of the four mountains.  Remember this for 
later.  The Hobbit here says he fought with your dad a few times and doesn't 
believe he perished in the volcano.  Whatever.  Search the square behind his 
throne for another TinyMedal.

Now, return to Aliahan, grab your left-behind party member, rest up, turn 
over some TinyMedals, save, and turn your power off.  See, turning the power 
off makes time pass insanely quickly in the world of Dragon Warrior 3.  By 
doing so, you can have items made, you can see towns grow... well, you get 
the idea.

27. <Name>Burg Part 1
Items: None
Monsters: Shaman, StingMoth, BlueBeak, MadCondor, VenomHork, BigHorn, 
Merdane, Deranger

Sail back to the field and you'll find that the town has been started, sorta. 
Dealer is building an item shop.  Fight some monsters, return to somewhere 
and save, power off, power on.

28. <Name>Burg Part 2
Items: None
Monsters: Shaman, StingMoth, BlueBeak, MadCondor, VenomHork, BigHorn, 
Merdane, Deranger
Item Shop: Herb, Leather Hat

Power on, sail back, and find an item shop here! It doesn't sell much, 
though.  We'll come back later.

29. Soo
Items: AGLseed, TinyMedal x2, Bolt Wand, Token
Monsters: Shaman, StingMoth, BlueBeak, MadCondor, VenomHork, BigHorn, 
Merdane, Deranger
Inn: 20g
Item Shop: Herb, Antidote, MoonHerb, BugPowder, HideHerb, MohawkWig, Silver 
Weapon Shop: Club, Poison Needle, Battle Axe, Kilt, Flashy Suit, Magic Shield

Sail south along the coast until you can enter the river system.  Sail 
generally upward until you see a town.  This is Soo.  Soo is a backwater town 
(literally) with people that talk funny.  Here you can learn from Mr. Edo the 
talking horse that you should use the Dry Vase on the shoals in the western 
sea.  Besides the fact that we've done this already, I must point out that 
this is the most vague clue in the history of video game RPGs.  Looking at 
our map, the location where the shoals are can't be really described as 
eastern or western.  Actually, they are on the eastern side of the map.  They 
are western in the sense that they are west of Soo, but you could argue that 
it isn't the western sea.  Argh.  Aren't you glad I didn't make you rely on 
this clue to find the shoals?  Another man tells you that people from 
Edinbear stole the Dry Vase awhile back.  Also is the tale that the EchoFlute 
is in a tower somewhere.  It apparantly echoes back when an orb is nearby.  
This would be a useful property if you didn't have this walkthrough to tell 
you where the orbs are.  The chiefly guy tells you that on the northern sea 
lays the island of Greenlad, and that some great mage lives there on a 
meadow.  Why do great mages live in secluded places where people can't find 
them to give them what they want?

Now, time to loot!  In the southeast house, you can grab an AGLseed from a 
vase.  In the northern house, you can find a TinyMedal in the vase.  Search 
north of the well to find another TinyMedal, and south of the well to find 
the Bolt Wand.  Hop down the well and find a token in the dresser, then talk 
to the old man from Edinbear to learn nothing new.

At this point in time, the area around Soo is a great place to fight and gain 
levels.  Do so for as long as you want.

2A. The Earth's Navel
Items: TinyMedal x3, INTseed, Terra Armor, Blue Orb
Monsters: RogueNite, KillerApe, Demonite, HunterFly, Antbear, Metaly, 
Executer, Flamepede, CatFly, DeadStool, Witch, Mummy

Return to Lancel once you feel that your hero is of a level high enough to 
tackle a dungeon alone.  Around level 25 might be good enough, but if you're 
unsure, wait until level 28 or so.  Go to the temple in Lancel.  Opening the 
doors will get you such wonderful clues.  You'll learn that the yellow orb 
passes between people everywhere, and that it is hard to find (it isn't).  
You'll also learn that a parted friend of yours will give you new hope.  
Whatever.  Just enter the temple and accept the dude's quest.  He feels that 
it is fun to send people into this deep cave by themselves, for no real 
apparent purpose.  If you die, he revives you and taunts you, and you get to 
try again for his amusement.  The bastard.  Cut a right at the top of the 
passageway he goes down and grab the TinyMedal there before heading out to 
the cave.

Inside the cave, head south and turn at the intersection so that you can get 
caught in an infinite loop! Haha! Sucker!  You fell for my trap! *end 
walkthrough* ...Anyway, keep going south and enter a room full of fun.  There 
are four rooms to the side.  Each has a chest.  The northwest room has 248g, 
the southwest room has a fun lovin' Mimic, the northeast room has a 
TinyMedal, and the southeast room has an INTseed.  Head south, the east and 
go down the stairs.

Walk a few steps northward and then head east until you see a staircase going 
up.  Take these stairs.  Walk the passage and open the chest for the Terra 
Armor.  You see, the esper part of Terra didn't really fade from existence at 
the end of Final Fantasy 6.  It merely drifted into the old world of Dragon 
Warrior 3 and turned into a suit of armor, which later found itself shoved in 
a chest in some old cave that people were sent in so that they could die.  
Since you don't suck, you managed to actually get past the first room of the 
dungeon.  Lucky you.  Equip the armor, since it's better than what you have, 
and go back downstairs.

If you manage to kill a Metaly at any time around here, get up and do a 
little dance in the middle of wherever you will.  Sure, people will start to 
wonder about you, but you just got 4000+ experience for yourself, and that's 
worth dancing for.  For more experience joy, kill every enemy except that 
KillerApe, and then just parry until he self-replicates.  KillerApes are 
asexual organisms that can bud off and grow to normal size rather easily.  
Exploiting this property can give you a lot of experience.

When you finally get back down into the big room-o-fun, head northward and go 
down the staircase there.  Exit the room and head north.  In this hallway, 
you will find that the False Alarms from the movie Labyrinth have found a new 
home since David Bowie no longer found them amusing.  Ignore them, unless you 
don't want to finish the game.  At the end of the hallway, you will find the 
Blue Orb and another TinyMedal.  Casually take the time to exit the dungeon 
by whatever means you feel is best.  If there is one thing you should learn 
by taking the southern route instead and then backtracking, it is that the 
game developers feel that northerners lie, and that southerners tell the 

If you are having trouble with this dungeon, you might want to wait until 
you've gotten a better weapon or better armor, or you could equip yourself 
with a whip to improve your attacking capabilities.  Consider carrying a lot 
of herbs in your bag, too.  Quite frankly, you could save this Orb until 
after Zipangu or Samanao, but it's fun to do now.  Plus, where else can you 
see such a large variety of enemies?

2B. Zipangu
Items: STRseed x2, TinyMedal x2, MysticNut, BugPowder, Scale Shield, Training 
Monsters: Snaily, SkyDragon, StingMoth, Demonite, Garuda, Bruin, KingToad, 

Return to Baharata and sail east, hugging the coast.  On an island you should 
find Zipangu, the country of gold!  Here, you can chip chunks off the 
buildings and refine them into coins to make a massive amount of money!  It's 
easy... all you have to do is take some hallucinogenic drugs and dance a 
funky jig (Do not try this at home).  For some reason this town looks like a 
shrine.  There is a happy cave almost right next to it.  Interestingly 
enough, you can ignore the town and do the cave first, and the plot doesn't 
worry about it.

Here, you can learn many fun things.  Foremost of these is that you are 
foreigners.  Holy crap! Really?  I did not know this.  You also learn that 
Himiko keeps some treasured ball when you ask about an Orb.  You'll also 
learn that Orochi wants people to sacrifice women to it.  Or, rather, that 
Himiko came up with that idea, and it seems to work.  Apparantly a nice lady, 
Yayoi, was made a sacrifice.  Nice ladies taste better, you see.  You'll 
learn this in life.  Or something.

In the southern house, you can find cloth armor in the dresser.  In the 
western house's basement, you can snag a STRseed and a TinyMedal from the 
vases.  You'll also find a HUMAN HEAD! Oh my!  Run for your lives!  Actually, 
it is Yayoi hiding in a pot.  Silly Yayoi.  In the house north of here, you 
can grab a MysticNut from the southern vase and some BugPowder from the lower 
hanging sack.  You can steal some poor lady's wooden hat from the dresser in 
the eastern house.  That'll teach her for not having a daughter to eat!

Step into the temple to learn that you dress funny.  You'll also learn that a 
missionary here can't convert people.  Someone says Himiko should be 
concerned about Orochi, and that if someone would kill Orochi, Himiko should 
be delighted. Nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean, know what I mean?  
Himiko seems to think that you shouldn't do anything meddlesome.  I guess 
that heroes shouldn't be going off slaying Orochis.  That wouldn't be nice.  
Himiko is also said to have amazing powers, and uses her premonition to 
choose sacrifices.  Being their leader, she knows which women will taste 
better, and prepares them accordingly.

In the north easternmost room, the dressers contain nothing, Scale Shield, 
nothing, nothing, and Training suit, respectively.  In the room south of this 
one, you can grab a STRseed from the uppermost pot and a TinyMedal in the 
east-center pot.  In the north westernmost room, you can take a MysticNut 
from the northeast pot. The natives won't mind.  They embrace stealing in 
their culture, apparantly. South of this room, the dressers contain nothing.  
That's about it for the loot.  There isn't anything in the well... yet.

Come back here at night and talk to Himiko. You'll also get to see people 
sleeping while standing up.

2C. Cave of Zipangu
Items: NohMask, Orochi Sword, Purple Orb
Monsters: Deranger, LavaMan, KingToad, Bruin, Hork, Metaly

Head off to the cave whenever you feel like you want to fight a boss and then 
have fun.  Head west from the start.  Eventually the passage will turn south.  
Keep going south and stick to the western forks in the road.  Eventually the 
passage will curve east.  Take the first northern passage and then stick to 
the eastern wall until you enter a room with a chest.  Grab the NohMask from 
the chest and stick the very defensively cursed mask in your bag.  Its 
permanent confusion effect is utterly crappy.  Head back west from here until 
you see a stairway down next to some lava.  Use it.  Head north and steer 
east at the intersection.  Walk across the bridge to find the Orochi.  Heal 
up and plunge into the fight.

Cast Increase and SpeedUp on yourself and whack away with weapons until he 
runs away.  Keep your hitpoints up while doing so.  Mages should use ice 
spells to fight.  As long as you SpeedUp and Increase, Orochi won't do much 
damage with his attacks.  Just make sure you stay healed after he spews fire.  
Eventually he will run away and drop the Orochi Sword.  Equip your hero or 
soldier with it, heal up, and follow it through the gate it makes.

You'll be in Himiko's chambers and she'll be lying down on the ground, 
injured.  Talk to her and refuses to keep her secret so that you may beat the 
snot out of her.  She'll do the same moves, but she has more hitpoints and 
likes to breathe and spew fire more often, as well as attacked twice.  It 
helps to have two people able to cast HealMore.  When you kill it, you can 
collect the Purple Orb from the chest.  Everyone will praise you and worship 
you.  The missionary will be annoyed again.

At this point, you'll realize you have 50 TinyMedals, and that returning to 
Aliahan to cash them in for the Ninja Armor for your thief would be a good 
idea.  While you are there, you can rest and save and prepare to head back to 

2D. <Name>Burg Part 3
Items: None
Monsters: Shaman, StingMoth, BlueBeak, MadCondor, VenomHork, BigHorn, 
Merdane, Deranger
Item Shop: Herb, Repellent, WarpWing, Leather Hat
Inn: 8g

Sail back to your town and you'll find your merchant is starting to build a 
theater.  Some guy also talks about finding a good business partner here.  
You'll also learn that the Gaia Sword is said to make mountains quake.  
Wonder what that could be used for?  Since we can't do anything else here, we 
may as well head to our next destination: the Tower of Arp.

2E. The Tower of Arp
Items: Love Ring, TinyMedal x2, EchoFlute, LifeAcorn
Monsters: Eliminato, KillArmor, BlueBeak, VenomHork, Barnabas, BigHorn

Sail south and stay along the coast.  Instead of entering the riverbank, dock 
at the west back and walk west, staying west of the mountains.  Stick to the 
grassy areas (slightly north) and you'll shortly find the Tower.

This is a rather simple tower to get through.  Head northward, and travel 
through the system of doors until you find four staircases.  Walk up one of 
the western staircases.  Take the western passage and go up the staircase.  
You'll be on a small platform.  Take this one up, too.  Then walk east and 
take the staircase up on this floor.  You'll be in a room with a big pit and 
lots of ropes.  On the south end of this floor are three treasure chests.  
From west to east they contain a Love Ring, TinyMedal, and Cannibox.  Then 
climb to the center of the rope system and jump into the big square that is 
formed by the ropes.

At this point, take the time to ponder how you can all walk on these ropes 
and still manage to fight while doing so.  Also ponder how all the enemies, 
especially the big fat axe-wielders, can do so.  When you find this answer, 
proceed to open the four chests you see now that you've jumped down and 
landed on their platform.  Starting from the northwest and going clockwise, 
you'll get the EchoFlute, 552g, LifeAcorn, and another TinyMedal.  Hop down 
and leave the tower.

2F. The House of the Pirates.  Arr Dee Arr Arr!
Items: TubeSocks, Token x2, TinyMedal x2, Red Orb, STRseed, Punk Ring
Monsters: Kong, HellArmor, Shaman

Get back in your boat and continue to sail down the eastern coast of the 
Americas.  Eventually, at the peninsula of South America, you'll find what 
appears to be a town.  This is the House of the Pirates.  Alternately, you 
can walk more or less southward from the Tower of Arp and you'll get here 
eventually.  First, enter it at daytime.

In the northwest room, grab some TubeSocks from the pirate captain's dresser.  
Then you can laugh evilly because you know her feet will be cold at night, ha 
ha ha!  In the room east of here, take the Token from the northwest and 
northeast pots and a TinyMedal from the center barrel.  Then go down to the 
basement, check the northeast corner of the prison cell for another 
TinyMedal, and talk to the man here who will tell you the pirates come back 
at night.

Come back at night.  A pirate will remember that he saw an Orb in their loot 
at one point in time.  The pirates apparently know you're the hero setting 
out to kill Baramos, and because of this, they like you.  The captain likes 
chauvinist pigs, and will tell you that Luzami is south of here.  Another 
pirate says they random into a phantom ship because they used the bone of a 
sailor.  How the hell you use the bone of a sailor is beyond mortal grasp at 
this time, but trust him.  He'll pointedly tell you that they gave it to the 
kooky old mage guy on Greenlad.  Maybe we should pay him a visit.

Stick along the eastern wall of the outside of the pirate house and move the 
boulder you find.  Search under it for the Red Orb.  You'll also snag a 
STRseed and a Punk Ring

30. Greenlad
Items: Silk Hat, TinyMedal
Monsters: IceMan, BigHorn, IceDragon

Sail north of Soo and you'll run into a huge snow covered island.  Enter the 
one patch of grass in the middle of the snow.  In the northeast part of this 
area is a hut that an old man lives in.  The old man will talk about how the 
last people he saw were some pirates and asks you to get the change staff for 
him.  The King of Samanao is said to have it.  Maybe he'll reward us with 
riches!  Steal his SilkHat and TinyMedal from the dressers and get out of 

31. Samanao
Items: TinyMedal x4, AGLseed, Token, STRseed
Monsters: Tortragon, OldHag, Kong, KillArmor, VoodooMan, Hork
Inn: 80g
Item Shop: Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, MoonHerb, BugPowder
Weapon Shop: Staff of Judgment, Power Claws, Zombie Slasher, Magic Armor, 
Dragon Shield, Black Hat, IronMask

Sail to the Shrine south of Greenlad and use the eastern travel gate.  This 
will take you to a shrine that allows easy access to Samanao.  Here, you'll 
learn that the king is a changed man who banished Simon through the eastern 
travel gate.  He also tells you how to get to Samanao from here.  Follow his 
easy instructions and head to the town.

Here, you get to witness a nice little scene where all the townspeople gather 
together.  It's really quite heartwarming.  Except, of course, that they are 
gathered together to bury a friend at the cemetery.  I won't spoil why the 
guy was dead this time.  The guy upstairs at the cemetery thinks the king 
turned tyrannical because of the change staff.  He'll also tell you how you 
can find your friends when they get hit with a Disperse spell.  Also, 
apparently nobody has explained death to the guy's kid.  Oh well.  Many 
people seem to get thrown in jail around here, and you learn that the king is 
just a mean ol' man now, even though he was kind before.

Search in front of the tombstones to find a TinyMedal (E), AGLseed (H), and a 
Token (P) according to the following gravestone chart (spiffy, isn't it?):


You can nab a STRseed from the western vase in the dead man's house, too.

After all this, head to the castle. You'll learn from Simon's son that his 
father is rumored to be in jail somewhere.  The guards here have a permanent 
Detect Lie spell cast on them, and basically won't let you through.  However, 
the guard by the kitchen entrance on the eastern side of the castle is inept 
and will see through your deception.  However, head to the west side of the 
castle and search the snug little corner of the castle (about the water) to 
find another TinyMedal.  The women in the kitchen don't like men, and will be 
executed if they can't cook quickly.  Further proof that the king is a total 
ass.  Because of this, it is okay to steal the tiny medal from he barrel in 
the kitchen.  The princess in the courtyard will mention how her father used 
to be kind, blah blah blah.  You see where this is going, right?

Talk to the king and get thrown in jail.  Since you have the final key, you 
should be able to walk right out of your jail cell.  Apparantly the guard 
here is the only guard in the game with a final key, since he'll actually 
unlock the final key door to put you in jail.  Whatever.  Ignore his talk 
about being on your best behavior and leave the cell anyway.  The guard 
however is nice and will talk in his sleep while telling you so.  He'll 
mention how something is wrong with the king and how they can't defy him.  
Lots of whining goes on.  A poet here talks about how Simon rotted in a jail 
sell in a lake to the east.  Interestingly enough, that lake is on a 
different continent (Remember the Cap of Olivia?).  Search the poet's pot for 
yet another TinyMedal.  The bard tells you that monsters must be possessing 
people.  As if you didn't realize that, yet.  The only other clue is about 
the LarMirror that reveals someone's true self.  He also kindly tells you 
where it is.

Walk down the stairs.  In the east cell you'll find the real king.  He'll 
tell you nothing you haven't already realized by now and you'll feel swelled 
with compassion and want to retrieve the LarMirror right away!  The west wall 
of the west cell is that secret passage you heard about.  Use it and you'll 
find yourself in the cemetery.  Now let us go retrieve the LarMirror.

32. Cave of Samanao
Items: STRseed, Token x2, LifeAcorn, TinyMedal x2, LarMirror, Plush Suit, 
LifeStone, VITseed
Monsters: VoodooMan, Skeletor, Tortragon, Shadow, KillArmor, Curer

A very short hike southeast of Samanao gets you to the cave in the water.  It 
is here that you must venture to recover the fabled LarMirror.  You will 
battle hordes of monsters and witness events most horrible!  And a Mimic'll 
probably beat you while you're at it.

The first floor is an utter waste of time.  Don't bother wandering around 
looking for things unless you want to find random corridors and enemies.  
Head west, north at the intersection, west at the intersection, and south at 
the intersection and you'll find the staircase to the second floor.

There are a lot of chests on this floor.  Starting with the easternmost 
chest, and curving all the way around, you'll get, respectively, 128g, 
STRseed, 56g, Token, 568g, 24g, LifeAcorn, TinyMedal, and 320g.  The four 
chests in the next room are all Mimics.  If equipped with Zombie Slashers and 
strong, fast people, feel free to attack.  If they cast beat and it fails, 
you are safe, since they don't have enough mp to cast two.  The only reason 
to fight Mimics is for Mimic Medals, however.  Their experience and gold 
sucks.  Actually, they can leave Demon Axes in their treasure chests (If you 
have a thief, s/he can steal them).  This is pretty much the best weapon for 
your warrior (except for the Wreck whip).

Head back to the staircase to the first floor.  Head south and to the corner 
down there and fall down the pit.  Grab the chest for the LarMirror, stand up 
and proclaim that you shall destroy the foul evil that has replaced the king 
and then jump down the pit.  Head up the stairs and head west and along the 
water.  Ignore the staircase up and keep going until you find a chest.  Open 
it for a Plush Suit.  Equip this on whoever could use the defense and you can 
have a giant raccoon in your party.  Then go back and up the stairs to the 
second floor.

Head west, and up at the first intersection.  The first chest is a Mimic.  In 
the room you come to, the eastern chest has a LifeStone, and the western 
chest is another Mimic.  Continue back at the main passage and head north 
when you get the chance.  The chest here has a VITseed, the next one has 24g, 
the next is a Token, and in the room you come to, the eastern chest contains 
a TinyMedal, while the western chest is an evil Mimic with nasty, sharp, 
pointy teeth!  Head back to the passage and you'll come to the first room 
with bunches of chests.  Take the stairs up to the first floor and leave.

33. The King of Samanao
Items: Change Staff
Monsters: BossTroll

Return to Samanao to heal, and then storm into the castle to face the king.  
However, in the daytime, stepping in front of his chair gets you thrown in 
jail, and at night the guards block his bedchamber door.  Why don't you find 
a way to 'drop in' on him?  Once you get to his sleeping body, use the 
LarMirror to make him revert to his normal self.  Prepare to face the 
BossTroll!  SpeedUp, Increase, and TwinHits are your friends.  Use them and 
he'll go down quickly as long as you maintain your hitpoints.  If you were 
lucky enough to snag the Demon Axe from a Mimic, your warrior will deal some 
nasty hits :).  When you splatter the BossTroll's vile carcass all over the 
bedchambers, grab his treasure chest and you'll gain the Change Staff.  
People in Samanao will like you, as will the real king.  Also on the king's 
bookshelf you can get a Cheat Book.  Search his dressers to snag the 
BossTroll's spare club :).

At this point, you could give the staff back to the mage... or you can use it 
to change into a non-human so that the elves will sell you their goodies.  I 
recommend doing this, as it is the best way to get Wizard Rings.  Also, you 
should have over 60 TinyMedals now.  You might consider cashing them in.  If 
you have a Dealer for you, the Justice Abacus will provide him with 110 more 
attack power, so it's well worth it.  Oddly enough if you use the change 
staff right in front of the elf shopkeeper, she'll not realize that the 
magical slimes, hobbits, or whatever in front of her were human just a moment 
ago.  The queen however realizes you are really human no matter what you look 
like.  I never understood why the elves will sell items to demons, either.  
See, the elves are really symbiotic creatures with the slimes, so they'll 
gladly sell to slimes, even though the slimes could in no way actually hold 
any of the items they are selling.

34. Greenlad Revisited
Items: Bone
Monsters: IceMan, BigHorn, IceDragon

Return to the mage and hand him the change staff.  Being ever so grateful, 
he'll give you a Bone in return.  Take this time to curse at him, and then 
curse whatever beings you wish to blame for making you be a hero, then calm 
down and leave.  Get really ticked off and throw the bone into the ocean when 
you're in your ship, and see what happens.  What's this?  Hmm... Maybe you 
should head to where it tells you?  But first, let us accomplish some other 

35. Luzami
Items: TinyMedal, Muscle Book, Lucky Book, LUCKseed
Monsters: Kong, Crabus, MadCondor, SeaSlime, BlueBeak

Sail north from Greenlad and head towards the little black dot of land 
between there and South America.  The town of Luzami is on this island (Of 
course, it looks like a shrine).  The southeastern house is an observatory.  
The guy here talks about how the earth is round and spinning.  Oooh.  Head to 
the east of the northeast building and search the crack for a TinyMedal.  In 
the northeast house, you can snag a Muscle Book and a Lucky Book.  The man 
here tells you where Baramos's castle is, and how you should hurl the Gaia 
Sword into a volcano to reveal a new path.  Prophets never cease to amaze me.  
Head to the west and search the tombstone's base for a LUCKseed.  The dead 
probably need a lot of luck, since theirs ran out, but it's too late now.  
Muwaahaha!  The Item Shop keeper tells you that the Gaia Sword belonged to 
Simon.  Being a terrible shopkeeper, he doesn't charge you any money, and 
forgot to pick up some items to sell.  Oops.  That's about all for here.

36. <Name>Burg Part 4
Items: Token, GoldBeak, TinyMedal, Garter, Bunny Tiara
Monsters: Shaman, StingMoth, BlueBeak, MadCondor, VenomHork, BigHorn, 
Merdane, Deranger
Inn: 60g
Item Shop: Herb, Repellent, WarpWing, BugPowder, SpiderWeb, HideHerb
Weapon Shop: Zombie Slasher, War Hammer, Staff of Judgment, Magic Abacus, 
Magic Apron

Head back to your dealer's town again to find that it has bloomed.  You'll 
find that your town is named after your dealer and so much has been added.  
You can snag a Token from the dresser in the inn, and learn that the Silver 
Orb is in a Shrine in the mountains of Gondo.  The old man will tell you the 
people aren't too happy with your dealer anymore, however.  This could be bad 
for you, right?  Your dealer's western chest has a GoldBeak in it, while the 
eastern chest has another TinyMedal.  Another man here complains about your 
dealer making the people work too hard.  You can find another Garter in the 
western dresser on the first floor of the Theater, as well as a Bunny Tiara 
(I do believe these change to a Gold Necklace and something else if your 
dealer is female, however.  The dancers also have a different gender based on 
your dealer's).

Return here at night and you'll find the old man can't get in to visit your 
dealer so that he can warn him/her of the townspeople's unrest.  If you head 
south of the jail, people will be talking about revolting.  Uh oh...

37. <Name>Burg Part 5
Items: YellowOrb
Monsters: Shaman, StingMoth, BlueBeak, MadCondor, VenomHork, BigHorn, 
Merdane, Deranger
Inn: 60g
Item Shop: Herb, Repellent, WarpWing, BugPowder, SpiderWeb, HideHerb
Weapon Shop: War Hammer, Dragon Sword, Magic Abacus, Magic Apron, Dragon 
Shield, Angel Dress

Leave the town and come back in the morning.  You'll find that they three 
your merchant in jail! :)  Someone here mentions that a merchant came buy 
trying to sell a YellowOrb.  You'll find they threw your dealer in jail.  
However, he'll tell you the location of an item... You'll then be happy s/he 
got thrown in jail! :)

38. The Phantom Ship
Items: TinyMedal x2, Token, Poison Needle, STRseed
Monsters: Merdane, JellyFish, Crabus, Skeletor, Tentacles

Usually, this sits in the inlet near Portoga, but it can be anywhere on the 
waterways.  Once you close in on it with the bone, enter it and search around 
and talk to everyone.

Head towards the southern portion of the top deck, and you'll find a 
MiniDemon near some barrels.  Smack his bum up and search the eastern barrel 
for a TinyMedal.  Head down the stairs, then head south to grab the LuvMemory 
from the chest.  Could this be Eric's memento of love for Olivia?  Could this 
be the memory of a discarded diaper?  Only time shall tell...

Loot the chests to find (top to bottom, left to right) 128g, a Token, 670g, a 
Mimic, and a Poison Needle.  The barrel two steps east of the upper row of 
chests and on the north wall has another TinyMedal.  The southwest vase 
contains a STRseed.

Use your inherent Speak With the Dead ability to take to the ghosts and 
corpses.  You'll find Eric talking to Olivia and the memory of their love.  
The center dresser here contains yet another Garter for your perverted 
enjoyment.  Since there isn't anything worthwhile left on the ship, you may 
as well say goodbye to the dead and jump back on your boat that, strangely, 
has been keeping pace with the phantom ship all along or something.  Gotta 
love them magical boats, eh?

39. Olivia Cape and the Shrine Jail
Items: TinyMedal, Gaia Sword
Monsters: Ocean Monsters

Sail back to the hobbit Shrine (the one by the channel near Muor) and head 
through the channel.  When you get to Olivia Cape, use the LuvMemory to break 
the curse.  Two gigantic people will spin and dance around and thank you.  
Nobody else in the area seems to notice two giant flying people by the cape, 
but such is life.

Sail through to the shrine jail and enter.    Take the first western passage 
and search the vase for a TinyMedal.  Keep going south and take the next 
west.  Simon's soul here tells you to search near his corpse.  Go and search 
around the corpses here until you find a special item...

3A. The World Leaf
Item: WorldLeaf
Monsters: BombCrag, OldHag, BlissBird, KillArmor, MiniDemon, Metaly, Barnabas

Remember the large forest next to the channel that brought you here?  There 
are four mountains in that forest... Remember what the cat at the hobbit 
shrine told you?  If you don't have a WorldLeaf already, search there to find 
one.  This'll act just like a revive spell when used.  Be careful of 
BombCrags.  While they usually do nothing, they occasionally will cast 
sacrifice and ruin your day.

3B. Dragon Queen's Island: Pachisi 3
Items: TinyMedal x3
Monsters: Avenger, OldHag, Grizzly, BlissBird, BombCrag

Sail right north of the shrine jail and look around in the forest to find a 
cave leading to the third Pachisi track.  Three spaces north of the soldier 
in the opening cave is a spot that hides a TinyMedal.  On the southwest 
corner of the ? square, outside the track, you can search for another 
TinyMedal.  Don't forget that in the vase on the track right after the three 
paths join together again, you can grab a third TinyMedal.

3C. The Giana Volcano
Items: None
Monsters: Troll, MiniDemon, IceCloud, Curer

Head west from Baharata in your ship, sticking to the shoreline.  Eventually 
there will be a river heading north.  Start sailing northward in the river.  
You should see a volcano on the west bank after awhile.  At the fork in the 
river, travel west and then curve down towards the volcano.  Walk up to it 
and... (Do you remember the clues?) ...throw the correct object into the 
volcano.  Watch the pretty explosions and lava, and then get in your ship and 
use the new path you just made.  Make your way south, and eventually east and 
you'll encounter a cave.  Being deep in the Gondo Mountains, where could this 
lead?  Do you remember the clue about the Silver Orb?

3D. Cave of Gondo
Items: TinyMedal x2, Thunder Sword, Blade Armor
Monsters: IceCloud, HoloGhost, HellNite, JewelBag, MiniDemon, LionHead, 
TortoLord, Metabble (rare)

This is a rather long cave, despite the entrance being three feet away on the 
other side of the short mountain range.  You're also constantly traveling 
upward.  Don't ask me. *shrugs*  Start out by heading west and coming up the 
stairs that you encounter.  There isn't really anything interesting here.

On the second floor, just head more-or-less constantly west.  Eventually 
you'll reach a treasure chest.  Open it up to find a TinyMedal.  Head back 
east and take the southern fork in the room you passed through earlier.  Walk 
south and then curve west once you can.  You'll be in a room with a treasure 
chest that contains the Thunder Sword.  Head south to the next room, and then 
take the western passage to get to another room.  Take the west passage here 
to snag the Blade Armor, and then return to the south passage for the 
stairway up to the third floor.  As a side note, the Blade Armor tosses 1/2 
or so of the enemies' damage back at them.  Unfortunately, the enemies don't 
hit you for much, and so this property is almost useless.  At least it's 
better defensively than what you have.

On the third floor, head all the way south until you must turn east.  Don't 
fall down the pits here.  At the end of the corridor is a stairway up to the 
fourth floor.  This floor was rather pointless, apart from the monsters you 
had to fight. Ermph.  At least it's not grossly huge.

On the fourth floor, you'll need to jump down the first pit you come to.  The 
game doesn't allow much choice, assuming you wish to finish it.  You'll be in 
a large room.  Before heading up either of the staircases, search the center 
of the room for a TinyMedal.  Use MapMagic to pinpoint it.  You can also 
start west of the northeast staircase and move five spaces west, and nine 
south if you don't have MapMagic or patience.  Climb the northeast staircase 
to reach the fourth floor again and then follow the west wall until you reach 
the staircase to the fifth floor.  Don't fall in the pit again if you can 
help it.

The fifth floor is a really annoying maze of bridges that appears like an 
underground ruin.  I think that's the angle the programmers were aiming for, 
at least. There is no treasure here. Head south, east across the bridge, 
north to the intersection, east to the intersection, south then east.  Go 
across the bridge here and head east, then south at the first intersection.  
Follow this path around the water until you reach the stairway out of here. 
*pants*  What an annoying waste of time.

3E. Gondo Shrine
Items: Silver Orb, TinyMedal, Token x2
Monsters: Ice Cloud, TortoLord, IceMan, IceDragon, Curer, BlissBird

Take this time to look at Baramos' Castle over the water above you, and then 
head east along the mountains to get to the shrine.  The man here is 
overjoyed at seeing another human, since everyone else has died trying to get 
through the cave.  As a result he gladly gives you this big silver shiny 
round object that he has no need for.  Being the ever kind and polite hero, 
steal his TinyMedal.  It's under the center cross in the shrine.  Also, the 
western cross has a Token under it, as does the eastern cross.

3F. Leiamland
Item: TinyMedal, and you get a Giant Bird!
Monsters:  MadCondor, Bruin, IceDragon

Return to Aliahan and cash in your TinyMedals (you should have 72 if you've 
done everything so far) so that you can snag a spiffy AGLscarf, then sail 
south and east until you reach an icy Island (it's below Africa).  Here, 
there is a shrine that is the most important place at this point of the game, 
now that you have all the orbs.  Before you climb the ladder, head two spaces 
east of it to grab your 73rd TinyMedal.  Climb the ladder and place each orb 
on the pedestals.  The game doesn't care where each one goes, so long as all 
six are there.  You might want to arrange the colors so that they look nice 
to you, though.  You'll probably be back here much later, and if you have an 
ugly arrangement, you'll be cursing yourself and wanting to start over to 
correct this grievous error.  Okay, so not really.  When you're done, watch 
the cut scene and you'll have a giant bird to fly around on.  The bird goes 
in whatever direction you turn it, and you can make it move faster if you 
hold that direction.  Otherwise, it's a pain in the ass to steer, since it 
likes to just move on its own.  Oh well.  Now you can fly to two fun places: 
The Dragon Queen's Castle and Baramos's Castle.

40. The Dragon Queen's Castle
Items: TinyMedal, Light Orb
Monsters: Avenger, OldHag, Grizzly, BlissBird, BombCrag

Fly north of the World Leaf Forest/North of Baharata/East of the Tower of 
Shanpane/South of Aliahan (All various ways to get there) to the Dragon 
Queen's Castle, which is northeast of the third Pachisi track, too.  Enter 
and find the Dragon Queen.  She'll ask you if you mean to defeat the Demon 
King and assumes that you are, and gives you the Light Orb and tells you how 
it'll help bring peace quickly.  She then lays her egg and dies abruptly.  
Wonder how this will help to fight Baramos, the Demon... Lord? Ponder this 
and then go to the northernmost part of the castle.  And elf here talks about 
how real heroes can get to the sky world from that point.  Two steps east of 
here there is a TinyMedal.  There is nothing else left to do here, so store 
your Light Orb and fly to Baramos's castle.

41. Castle of Baramos
Item: TinyMedal x2, Demon Axe, Misery Helm, Wizard Ring
Monsters: EvilMage, IceDragon, StoneMan, Lionhead, HellNite, Metabble

Take the time to absorb the music.  After doing so, ponder what your course 
of action is.  Ignore the front gate.  Walk to the east and go down the 
stairs in the little house there.  From there, walk west, north, and then 
east at the intersection and you'll reach a room that needs the final key.  
In there, search west of the corpse for a TinyMedal.  Return the way you 
came.  Once you're back into daylight, stick to the east wall of the castle 
and walk up that way.  When the wall ends, head west and go in the door you 
find.  Go up the stairs here.  Walk west, then south, and enter the big room 
with the statues.  Keep walking west into the next room and go down the 
stairs here.  You'll be in an area with some electric tiles.  Cast StepGuard 
and proceed south.  Take the eastern staircase here.  Head all the way east 
and go down the stairs.  Head west to find three treasure chests.  From top 
to bottom, they contain a Demon Axe, Wizard Ring, and Misery Helm.  Head back 
to the place with the electric tiles and this time take the western staircase 
(Don't go back over the tiles!).

Don't head up the other staircase here, just head east and go up the 
staircase at the end of the corridor.  From here, go north (south is a dead-
end) and go up the staircase at the end of the passage.  Then head east and 
go down the stairs here.  (This castle is actually a lot more straightforward 
that it seems at first.)  Head over to the door and go outside, then go right 
back inside the door you see in front of you and take the staircase down 
there.  You walk north here and go up another staircase.  Cast StepGuard and 
walk through the opening in the western wall on this floor.  Search the feet 
of the corpse at the throne to grab another TinyMedal (Be sure to not face it 
while doing so).  Go through the door in the south wall.  Proceed eastward 
and you'll see a bridge leading to a stairway down that is surrounded by 
lightning squares (StepGuard time!).  Baramos is at the north end of the room 
down there.  Face him when you are ready.

SpeedUp is a very useful spell to cast right away  (Baramos tends to take two 
actions per turn more often if you aren't sped up).  TwinHits is another 
invaluable spell in making sure you are capable of dealing large amounts of 
damage to the Demon Lord.  If you have the HealUs spell, put it to good use, 
as Baramos will constantly be hitting your whole party.  Baramos likes to 
cast Explodet and blast intense flames at you.  When he attacks it'll be a 
relief (Especially if he attacks your hero wearing the Blade Armor!).  Other 
times, he'll cast BlazeMost, which is his least damaging attack.  The most 
deadly spell in his repertoire, however, is PanicAll.  Not only will you lose 
an ally, but also you'll gain an enemy you can't afford to have.  It is best 
to put that ally to sleep if this happens so that you don't end up worse off.  
Don't you hate when your own warrior kills you?  Occasionally he'll also pull 
off a Disperse.  If this happens, you'll have to increase your efforts to 
compensate for the lost member.

42. Victory!
Items: A Warm, Fuzzy Feeling
Monsters: None

The voice from the beginning of the game will give you some congrats and 
whisk you away to Aliahan.  You could theoretically go anywhere you want now, 
so when you're ready, see the king and he'll throw a big party.  And then 
something goes wrong.

After this development, you'll need to find a way down to another world... 
remember a clue about where all the world's evils come from?  Why don't you 
go there, it's just a short step away from Baramos's castle.

43. The Cursed Couple
Items: Seduce Sword
Monsters: None

Head back to Portoga and head to the point where the lovers meet.  You'll 
find Sabrina and Carlos are no longer forced to be animals.  Talk to them and 
they'll give you the Seduce Sword.  Only women of certain classes can use 
this, and it casts PanicAll when used as an item.  Unfortunately, The attack 
power is not that great for what you're used to at this point in the game, or 
this'd be a great weapon.

44. The Pit of Giana & The Port
Items: TinyMedal, STRseed, LUCKseed
Ocean Monsters: Kragacles, MerKing, and all the previous

If you've been to the pit before, you'll have remembered that it was walled 
in.  Apparantly the pit got bigger and the walls are broken.  Jump in and 
continue your adventure.  You'll learn that you are in Alefgard, the Dark 
World.  If you don't recognize that name, listen to the overworld music when 
you get out of here.  There is a grassy spot to the west of the house that 
contains a STRseed, and there is a LUCKseed in the eastern dresser.  The 
little boy here will tell you to grab the ship (yet another cheap ship) and 
that Tantegal is to the east.  Let's head there, but first sail to the 
northern pier and grab the TinyMedal in the southeastern corner.  Then travel 
east to Tantegal.

45. Tantegal
Items: Mystic Nut, Lucky Book, Wimpy Book, Token x2, TinyMedalx2, Boxers, 
AGLseed, Sun Stone, PixyMap
Monsters: Goopi, Slime, Red Slime, StoneMan, Salamandr, HellNite
Inn: 4g
Weapon Shop: Dragon Sword, Power Claws, Angel Dress, Dragon Armor, Dragon 
Shield, Silver Shield, Mythril Helm
Item Shop: Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, MoonHerb, HideHerb

Here, you'll learn that Baramos was one of many disciples, and that these 
people's ancestors came through the Pit of Giana.  Search the northeast 
center square of the flowerbed near the weapon shop to pick up an extra 
MysticNut.  An old man upstairs in the building east of the flowerbed will 
give you a clue about how to get to Zoma's Castle.  You can steal a Lucky 
Book and a Wimpy Book from his collection.  If you had mercy earlier, you can 
mean an old acquaintance upstairs in the church.  He'll give you a clue about 
the Sun Stone.  Grab the Token from his vase.  Then head towards the castle, 
but right after you pass the guard telling you that you're on the path to the 
castle, head up through the trees.  Right next to the wall, the second to 
last piece of grass hides a TinyMedal.  Now go to the castle.

Here, you can learn that the Demon King stole and hide the items that were 
once in the castle.  Hence, the chests in the west side room are empty.  A 
woman that is upstairs claims to have attended Ortega... Could he still be 
alive?  The dressers in the northwest room upstairs contain a Token and some 
Boxers.  A guard will talk about how Rubiss, the elemental spirit, created 
the world and how she was cursed.  The western barrel in the kitchen has 
another TinyMedal for you.  Another man hints about Ortega, and you can find 
a man whining about monster medals outside.  Go down the west wall outside to 
find a basement.  However, the Sun Stone is not here, only the man who had a 
dream about it in the future.  Darn.  Remember what Kandar said?  Try 
prodding around in the kitchen.  You'll eventually find the Sun Stone and can 
take 550g and an AGLseed from a couple of barrels...  A guard over some 
electric flooring will mention the Kings Sword, Light Armor, and Hero Shield.  
Perhaps you should hunt these items down?  Rumors place the PixyFlute in Kol, 
but we don't have any idea what that could be for.  You learn that Kol is to 
the east by ship.  Perhaps we should stop there?  A man on the roof will give 
you a map of this world, and the king does his normal duty of saving your 
game.  We're all ready to head towards Kol, right?

46. Nail Mark
Items: TinyMedal, Hero Shield
Monsters: Hydra, TrollKing, WingDemon, Salamandr, Archmage

Head north of Tantegal and a little bit west and you'll encounter a lone 
cave.  This is the Nail Mark Cave.  Be careful in here, because magic doesn't 
work.  You might want to bring some healing items with you...

On the first floor, head generally southeast, and on the north floor, work 
your way around to the northwest.  These are small caves, so there shouldn't 
be much trouble navigating them.  On the third floor, you'll find some 
treasure chests and a large fissure that is shaped like a dragon's nail.  
Apparantly it was made when Zoma first appeared.  Or something.

The southernmost chest contains some gold.  On the east side of the fissure, 
from bottom to top, the chests contain a Mimic, 1016g, and a TinyMedal. The 
chest on the west side of the fissure is home to the Hero Shield, which you 
will want to equip as soon as you get it.

Now leave the cave. (Fall in the fissure first if you want to see what that 
does...you won't be hurt.)

47. Garinham
Items: ShinyHarp, MohawkWig
Monsters: Ghoul, RedSlime, Goopi

Head east of the Nail Mark Cave and you'll come to what appears to be a 
shrine.  This is Garin's House, on the spot of a town later to be called 
Garinham.  His parents will tell you Garin went traveling with his Shiny 
Harp, but go out back and to the basement and see for yourself.  Oops.  Guess 
they were right, the chest is empty.  Why not try casting MapMagic, though? 
(Or just search the basement the long way.)  You can also procure a MohawkWig 
from the western dresser and a TinyMedal from the eastern dresser.  You might 
then want to return to Aliahan and get your Dragon Claws.

48. Kol
Items: Cloth Armor, Token x5, TinyMedal x6, PixyFlute
Monsters: Ghoul, Skullgon, Goopi, WingDemon
Inn: 124g
Weapon Shop: Zombie Slasher, War Hammer, Power Claws, Blade Armor, Water 
Dress, Silver Shield, Sage Staff
Item Shop: Herb, Repellent, WarpWing, MoonHerb, Pierce

Get back in your ship and sail to Kol.   Head up and around the world to the 
northeast large land mass.  Kol is in there, surrounded by a wide ring of 
mountains.  There is a lot of talk about the item shop owner's abilities.  
Apparently he's good at reforming items and fixing things up.  You'll also 
learn that he and his wife left Zipangu to come here.  Perhaps his prowess 
will be useful in the future?  Speaking of broken things, Zoma smashed the 
Kings sword to pieces.  Damn.  You'll learn that it was made of Oricon 
though.  Another helpful hint here is that the PixyFlute could remove the 
curse placed on Rubiss.  I bet she could help us out.  An old man who 
casually decided to build his booth in an area guarded by a swamp talks about 
the Light Orb.  Pay attention to him, even if he wants to cause damage to his 
visitors.  Yet another man, who likes to stay behind buildings, well away 
from people, talks about how Rubiss is imprisoned in a Tower to the west.

Search the dressers in the room with the item shop owner's wife to find Cloth 
Armor and a Token.  Up in the item shop, the western hanging sack has a 
token, while the eastern one stores yet another TinyMedal.  Search the step 
leading into the open-air bath for yet another TinyMedal.  Head down the well 
and search the spot three steps south of the ladder leading to a cave.  
Inside the cave is the fourth Pachisi track!  Head to the second floor and 
walk west around the board until you get to a dead end with a flower patch.  
You can search just west of the goal to snag another TinyMedal (northeast 
corner of the flower patch).  Two more can be found on the track itself.  You 
can grab tokens in the basement of the Pachisi track.  Search the corners of 
the inner blue squares.

In the main part of the town, you can find a very important item that is 
needed to free Rubiss.  Search around and try to find it.  Use MapMagic if 
you need to.

49. The Tower West of Kol
Items: Strength Ring, TinyMedal x2, LifeAcorn x2, Love Ring, Flame Boomerang, 
Token, Crest
Monsters: Leona, MagWyvern, VoodooWiz, VileShade, Metabble, WingDemon, Goopi, 
TortoLord, DarthBear, Dragon

Once you've got the PixyFlute, sail west of Kol and a little north to a small 
Island.  You'll find a Tower here.  Enter it and you'll be on the way to 
getting one of three crucial items in this world.

Be careful of MagWyverns here, they like to cast PanicAll.  You'll need 
StepGuard to avoid damage tile in the entryway.  Head straight at the first 
intersection and collect 1016g from the eastern chest.  The chest on the left 
is a Mimic.  Take the right fork of that first intersection and head outside 
to talk to an old man.  He'll just tell you that if you have the PixyFlute, 
you need to get your butt to the fourth floor.  This is the games way of 
telling you to do something.  You see, games often place people to live in 
completely dangerous areas so that they can give you clues.  Why this old man 
is still alive is beyond me.  Apparently all the monsters like him and leave 
him alone.

Now go back and take the left route at that first intersection, then head 
south when you get to the room there.  You'll go down a hall, enter a room, 
and see a staircase.  I'd advise you to walk up it.

On the second floor, you'll encounter, for the first time, rotated squares.  
When you are on these, your control pad inputs rotate to the left or to the 
right, depending on the arrow.  To get the new settings, rotate the control 
pad (well, the game boy) 90 degrees in the direction the white arrow points.  
Alternately, remember that the black arrow points towards the key that 
becomes up on the control pad.  Head north, and the east into a room with 
electric fields and rotated squares.  You can practice with the rotated 
squares here, but if you want to save time, cast StepGuard and skip them.  
The northern four chests, from northwest and clockwise contain a Strength 
Ring, TinyMedal, 960g, and a Mimic.  The southern four chests, from northwest 
and clockwise contain as LifeAcorn, a Love Ring, another LifeAcorn, and a 
Flame Boomerang.

A note about rotating floors:  The only possible explanation for these is 
that they can somehow sense the immense force of the player who is 
controlling your character (that is, you) and that by some immense mechanical 
and/or magical creativity, have managed to exploit your controls.  However, 
what I actually don't understand is that if this culture wields a power that 
is mighty enough to affect YOU, why they can't just utterly obliterate your 
character and prevent him from ever succeeding.  Really though, the rotated 
squares don't make any physical sense in the game, and are really there just 
to annoy you.  Apparently the designers couldn't figure out how to make the 
dungeons difficult at this point.

Head east out the room, and the go up the staircase that is visible here.  
Head all the way south and go up the staircase here.  Then, on the fourth 
floor head north and you'll see a long ledge over a pit.  There are rotated 
squares here.  Walk across them to procure the Light Armor from a treasure 
chest.  Equip it on your hero right away.  It protects him from spells and 
good stuff like that, and it regenerates his hitpoints as he walks.  Explore 
this floor a bit, then.  Hmmm... No more staircases up.  That must mean there 
is another staircase to this floor on the third floor, right?  Head back down 
to the third floor.

Head west and the go up into a really big room.  There are two skulls 
diagonal from each other here.  Search the northeast corner that they make to 
grab another Token.  There isn't anything else in this room.  Continue on in 
the floor and you see a chest in the northwest part of the floor.  There is a 
TinyMedal here.  You'll see some rotating floors near a ledge to the east, 
but otherwise you can't find anything else here.  Ah ha! Maybe you jump down 
the big pit where the light armor is!  You can try that, but you'll end up in 
the big room on the third floor.

What you need to do is jump off the ledge by the rotating floors on the 
northern end of the third floor.  You'll see a doorway in front of you.  Walk 
in and go up the stairs.  The next part is very straightforward, and involves 
climbing up a lot of stairs and avoiding a few pitfalls that rotating floors 
can lead you through.  Since it is so straightforward, I'm not going to write 
about it.  Rather, I am going to sit here and rant about how I'm not going to 
write about it and, in doing so, I will generate this large paragraph that 
would take up about the same amount of space and that is just about as time 
consuming as telling you how to walk up stairs and down passages and avoid 
walking off ledges because you still haven't learned how to walk on rotating 
squares which don't make sense anyway.

Once you reach the fifth floor, head all the way south, then east to an 
intersection, and then head all the way up and into a room.  Admire the 
pretty stone statue that is sitting on the pedestal, and then complain about 
how there is nothing here.  Then remember something about some elemental 
spirit, some curse, and something about the PixyFlute.  When you free Rubiss, 
she'll actually be grateful, and give you a Crest that you can use to wave at 
an old sage's head to show him that you are a true hero and that he should 
make a crucial item for you when you show up with the pieces to make it.  All 
in all, this is the first reward in the whole game that both makes sense and 
is valuable to you.  Of course, I still think that that old sage should make 
the crucial item for anyone who manages to reach him alive with all the vital 
pieces, but maybe he's stingy and wants proof, since this item means the fate 
of the world and all.  But I could be wrong.

4A. Marsh Cave
Items: Token, TinyMedal
Monsters: None, until Dragon Warrior 1. :)

Head more or less south from Kol, and you'll eventually encounter a cave in a 
swamp (You will need to head west around any mountains you encounter.).  In 
the original Dragon Warrior, this will be a cave that leads across the river, 
and it was important in reaching Rimuldar.  It also had a mean nasty Green 
Dragon guarding a Princess.  However, in this time it's still being built.

In the bedroom, search beneath the torch that is centered between two beds to 
grab a Token.  Then head all the way south and search the eastern square just 
north of wall between the diggers to grab your (hopefully) 90th TinyMedal.  
If you've gotten every medal covered so far, you can return to Aliahan and 
cash them in for the ever-useful Vivify Staff, which casts Vivify when used 
in battle.  After all this, just head back to Tantegal.

4B. The Mountain Cave
Items: Wizard Ring, TinyMedal, Devil Armor, Devil Sword
Monsters: HellNite, HoloGhost, DarthBear, TortoLord, JewelBag

Head southwest of Tantegal, and you'll see a cave by some mountains.  This 
cave is reasonably curvy, with lots of dead ends.  There's only a few things 
in here to get, so don't wander around needlessly.  Move east initially, 
through the first intersection.  It will dip south twice, and the second time 
will yield and intersection.  Head east here and you'll see a treasure chest 
in a little niche.  Open it for a Wizard Ring.  Go back to the first 
intersection and head north.  Then head east at the wall, and after it curves 
north, head west and after the path curves north, you'll see a staircase 
down.  There isn't anything worthwhile down there, so ignore it.  Head east, 
and when the path intersects ignore it for now and continue on and then south 
to find 1016g in a chest.  Go back to that intersection you just ignored and 
take the stairs you'll find down.

Take the path east out of the room go all of the way until you hit a wall. 
Head south and grab the TinyMedal in the chest.  Go back to the intersection 
you passed on the way and head north, through the next room.  At the wall, 
head west, to the second intersection and then keep going south at the next 
intersection you reach.  The path will curve east, and at the end go south 
and stay that way until you hit a wall.  Follow this path to the Devil Armor 
and Devil Sword.  They are powerful, but cursed, so you probably do not want 
to put them on.  Exit the cave, now.

4C. Domdora
Items: Magic Bikini, Bunny Tiara, TinyMedal x3, Joke Book, Oricon
Monsters: VileShade, Wyvern, RedSlime, StoneMan
Inn: 100g
Weapon Shop: Dragon Sword, Snow Sword, Magic Dress, Dragon Armor, Heal 
Shield, Tight Bikini, 
Item Shop: Herb, Antidote, Repellent, WarpWing, MoonHerb, Brave Book

Head south of the Mountain Cave (and across a bridge) and you'll eventually 
encounter a town in a wasteland/desert.  This is the town of Domdora, a town 
that will [much] later be destroyed by the DracoLord.  Upstairs in the inn, 
someone will tell you how to get to Mercado, which is surrounded by a high 
wall.  Someone else is looking for Oricon, and heard that some could be found 
in this town.  Wasn't something made out of that?  Maybe you should look for 
it.  Lenna, a dancer from Ashalam is here, also.  See the Troupe Master in 
Ashalam and tell him about her and you'll receive a Magic Bikini, which 
protects women from magic, and offers pretty decent defense.  You can steal 
Lenna's Bunny Tiara from her dresser.

Head south of the city's wall and you'll find a woman talking about how the 
man next door is always sneezing.  Go next door and he'll tell you he always 
sneezes when people talk about him.  It must be an endless cycle.  Poor guy.  
Grab the TinyMedal from his vase and the Joke Book from the eastern dresser.  
Just east of here is a house.  The man here will talk about your world and 
the Light Orb.  Blah.  Head further east to the horse stables.  Search the 
northeast corner/niche of the main building for yet another TinyMedal.  Try 
searching around the pasture for an important item...  Once you find it, head 
north and go into the well.  The lady at the well mentioned something 
glinting in the tall grass of the stable.  But you probably found that by now 
:).  Just southwest of the southwest corner of the water in the well is 
another TinyMedal.  That makes 94.  One more and we can get ourselves a 
Sacred Bikini.  Aren't you excited?

4D. The Shrine of the Spirit
Items: Rain Staff, TinyMedal
Monsters: VileShade, Wyvern, RedSlime, VoodooWiz, Skullgon, MagWyvern, Slime, 
Ghoul, DarthBear, HellNite

Head all the way south of Domdora and then start heading east across a bridge 
(there will be mountains above it) when you can't go south any longer.  
Travel along this northeast path until you encounter a bridge.  Cross it and 
head southeast until you reach a shrine in a small swamp.  This is the Spirit 
Shrine.  An elf here likes no humans with the exception of Ortega, who is 
apparently off fighting the Demon King.  Upstairs you'll meet one of the 
fairies that attended to Rubiss.  She'll confess to giving you the 
personality test and apologizing for being mean to you when she laughed at 
you about your crappy personality and made you cry, that witch.  Then she'll 
give you the rain staff as a form of over-apology.  Accept it and then steal 
the TinyMedal that is hiding in the center of her carpet's decoration.  You 
now have 95 TinyMedals if you've been collecting them as we go.  But before 
heading to Aliahan, let's get to Mercado first.

4E. Mercado
Items: Punk Ring, TinyMedal, Kindly Book, Lady Book, Smart Book, Hero Book, 
Defy Book, Token, Party Dress
Monsters: VileShade, Wyvern, RedSlime, VoodooWiz, Skullgon, MagWyvern, Slime, 
Ghoul, DarthBear, HellNite
Inn: 100g

Head back to the last bridge you crossed, then keep moving northeast.  
Eventually you'll cross another bridge, and from here, move south to a town 
surrounded by hills.  Before you can enter the town you get attacked by 
Golem!  Ooops! Sorry, wrong game.  Enter and be prepared to be hit by waves 
of depressed people that aren't doing anything.  In the couth part of the 
town, there is an old man surrounded by electricity (he doesn't like people, 
I guess) that says you need the Sun Stone, Rain Staff, and Crest before the 
Rainbow Drop can be made at the sacred shrine.  Hey... we have all of those.

In the inn, you can find Garin, who doesn't want his harp back.  Apparently 
he didn't like getting attacked by monsters every time he sat down to play 
it.  Poor guy.  In return for his kindness, steal his Punk Ring from the 
Dresser.  West of the inn is a building with nothing in it.  That is, except 
a TinyMedal in the northwest corner.  South here is a large building.  
Upstairs in the bookcases you can grab, from left to right, a Kindly Book, a 
Lady Book, a Smart Book, a Hero Book, and a Defy Book.  The man here wants to 
make a Golem to protect the town.  That bastard.  The western dresser in the 
next room has a Token, and the eastern one has a Party Dress.  In the 
northeast part of the town is a building that contains a stairway to the 
monster arena.  For all you addicted gamblers out there.  That's about all 
for here.

4F. Rimuldar
Items: Toughness, Life Ring, TinyMedal x3, GoldBeak, STRseed, Zen Scroll, 
INTseed, Token
Monsters: Skullgon, DarthBear, Wyvern, Metabble, GoldMan, Goopi, VileShade, 
Inn: 80g
Weapon Shop: Falcon Sword, Bastard Sword, Evade Suit, Dragon Shield, Ogre 
Shield, Great Helm
Item Shop:

Walk all the way back across the first bridge we cross, south of Domdora, and 
then walk a bit northeast to reach another bridge, this one on the northern 
side of the mountain range.  Follow the path all the way to the large eastern 
landmass, and head north to the center of it.  You'll see a lake with a town 
in the middle.  Curve around to the land bridge and cross to Rimuldar.

There are a lot of Metabbles around Rimuldar.  Use the BeDragon spell to kill 
them if they don't run away.  The Chance spell will also occasionally kill 
them.  You can also find DarthBears.  These are bears that have gone over to 
the dark side of the force.  They will attack you with their light saber 

Some old guy used to be standing by the western tip of the island, according 
to one man.  You can grab a Toughness from the dresser in the Inn.  Go in the 
back door of the Inn to snag a Life Ring.  The man west of here talks about 
how he left an important item in the inn that Ortega left him. Heh heh heh.  
Keep west of him, and go around the back of the building where you will find 
a staircase if you push into the lower part of the west wall.  Upstairs is a 
jail.  The man here has an important clue, event though everyone thinks he is 
a liar.  You see, in games like this, the chronic lying people are always the 
ones telling an important, vital truth.  Search right below the table here 
for a TinyMedal.  The main part of this building is a fortuneteller's place.  
She tells you where to use the Rainbow Drop when you get it.  North of her is 
a set of buildings.   In the western building, you can take a GoldBeak from 
the dresser.  The northernmost vase has yet another TinyMedal, and the bottom 
pot has a STRseed. People here talk about the location of the Light Armor, 
and how Zoma is nearly impossible to beat without the Light Orb.  In the 
eastern room, search the dresser for a second Zen Scroll.  The woman here 
talks about the Crest that Rubiss gave you.

Go back to the entrance of the city and walk counterclockwise around the 
water.  Someone here is looking for her lover.  In the northwest part of 
outside of the river, there is a house.  The vase southwest of the man has an 
INTseed.  The northeast dresser has another TinyMedal and the one next to it 
has a Token.  The man just whines about wanting to see a Magic Key. A boy on 
the western edge of the town tells about how the SageRock is an awesome 
healing item.  I agree.  The he whines about how his lover is late. *smirks*  
This is just a sad commentary about how people in relationships need to 
communicate better.  If these two would have, they'd be happy and together 
now.  Or something.  Actually, I think the developers were just trying to be 

50. The Sacred Shrine
Items: Rainbow Drop, TinyMedal
Monsters: Ghoul, etc

Cast return and go to Rimuldar.  This will cause your ship to be to the east 
of the town.  Get on the boat and sail south, sticking along the shore.  Just 
south of the southern tip is an island.  This island has a shrine.  This 
shrine's got an old dude.  This old dude makes you a Rainbow Drop out of your 
Sun Stone and Rain Staff if you wave the Crest in his face to show him that 
yes, Rubiss loves YOU, and because of that you deserve a nice Rainbow Drop 

Search under the western cross to find a TinyMedal.  Now we have 100.  One 
hundred TinyMedals gets you the Gold Pass.  The Gold Pass means unlimited 
Pachisi runs.  Woohoo!

51. The Sword of Kings
Items: King Sword
Monsters: Kol Area (Duh)

Return to Kol now that we have our Rainbow Drop.  You see, we have some 
precious metal.  Some guy here is good at making weapons... You get the 
drift?  Sell him the Oricon, then make time pass and come back and... Viola!  
You can buy the King Sword for a decent price.

52. The Lair of the Demon King
Items: TinyMedal x3, 2-Edged Sword, LifeStone, SageRock, WorldLeaf, Wizard 
Monsters: Swordoid, Putregon, Dragon, Metabble, Mantigore, TrollKing, Balrog, 
Archmage, GrndTitan, Salamandr

Head northwest of Rimuldar and you'll eventually come to the western tip of 
this part of the land.  A short gap separates this from another tip of an 
island.  Given the clues you've obtained, you should know what to do here.  
Once the Rainbow Bridge has been constructed, fight through hordes of 
monsters with nasty, sharp, pointy teeth.  Cross the deadly swamp of doom, 
and up ahead you will soon see a castle.

"Hmm. Is that Zoma's castle? It's awfully small."

"Well, it's really just a model. But when you step on it, it takes you to the 
real one."

"Right.  Charge! .... Ahhh! Monsters!  Run away! Run away!"

Proceed to build a giant wooden rabbit and use it to get inside the castle.

Once you've successfully gotten into the castle, avoid the scantily clad 
women trying to entice you into bed.  Actually, there are none of those here, 
just monsters.  And while some of them may try to seduce you, I highly doubt 
any of them would be successful.  This level is simple.  In the middle is a 
big door.  To the sides of that are two sets of four rooms, two on each side.  
In the southeast room, search the northeast damage square for a TinyMedal.  
Ignore the staircases in the four rooms there.  The main goal is the center 

"Crikey, Zoma's got HUGE... ugly statues!"

"Let's just walk past them, I'm not afraid of a few statues"

Walking between the sets of statues causes two GrndTitans to attack you.  
They spew out a nice dialogue about how they shall destroy all good doers who 
oppose Zoma.  They shouldn't be too tough.  In the next room, search the spot 
between the two thrones for another TinyMedal.  Now we need to find a 
stairway.  Remember what that guy in Rimuldar said?  The one that everyone 
says is a liar?  Heh.  Use MapMagic if you don't want to take the time to 
search, then head down the staircase you find.  Then go down the stairs you 
see in this little room.

"A set of stairs!"

"Aren't you glad we no longer say, 'Gosh! A Stairway!'?"

Ignore the stairway down you'll find on the second basement.  It'll lead you 
down to a room that you'll find yourself when you fall down the pits on this 
level.  There isn't anything else down there, anyway.  This floor is composed 
of many walkways over a big pit.  The walkways have those physically 
nonsensical rotated floors on them.  There are three hallways at the north 
end of the pit.  You want to maneuver to the middle one.  There is a 
staircase there.  Go down it.

"Why the heck are we always walking into the pits?"

"These ancient tiles cause whomever is guiding us to become an idiot."


Downstairs in the third basement, you will be in a slight mess of corridors. 
Go west out of the room, and head south when you can.  Take the first west 
you come to and head south.  There is a chest here that contains a 2-Edged 
Sword.  While this is a powerful weapon, it also inflicts damage on its 
wielder.  That makes it slightly less useful.  Head back to that intersection 
and head south like you would have had you not made this detour.  Head south 
at the intersection you come to, and follow this path to the stairway down to 
the fourth basement.

"Die foul beast! ...Ack! I hurt me!"

In the fourth basement, follow the path around and across a bridge.  You'll 
encounter a very special person and a King Hydra.  Unfortunately Ortega 
forgot to use his Wizard's Ring and runs out of MP.  Since the game doesn't 
allow you to head over and cast HealAll, he naturally doesn't have very good 
results.  However, it is fun to see all the moves he can do.  He has some of 
yours, after all.  Zap! Zap! Kapow!  Talk to him afterwards and let a tear or 
two drip down if you are the sensitive type.

"Hahaha!  Hydra King, I shall smite thee with my spells."

"I breathe the fire that roasts the puny mortals!"

"You cannot defeat me! I cast HealAll! [Not enough MP] ...Oh crap."

Stick to the main path (head north) and take the door that is at the center 
of the western passage you'll come to.  This is a treasure room.  From left 
to right, the chests contain a TinyMedal, a LifeStone, a WorldLeaf, the 
SageRock, a Wizard ring, and a starving Mimic.  Head back to the main path 
and keep going.  At the end of the southbound stretch is a staircase down to 
the fifth basement.  Zoma is in wait down there, along with three henchmen.  
If you want to keep what you've got so far, cast Outside and save, then come 
back for the final battle.

Listen to Zoma taunt you and then prepare to fight the King Hydra.  He 
basically is like a supercharge Orochi. Cast SpeedUp and use TwinHits.  Then 
proceed to beat him into submission while you keep your hitpoints up.  Next 
comes Baramos Bomus.  For a magician type character, he sure has a lot of 
defense.  SpeedUp and TwinHits are your main essentials here.  Just be 
prepared to heal yourself more often than in the previous fight.  Lastly, you 
face the skeletal Baramos Gonus.  His attack power is very high.  Use SpeedUp 
and Increase to protect yourself, and TwinHits to finish him off quickly.  
Between these fights, you might want to slip on life rings for your 
characters that don't have armor that regenerates their hitpoints.  There are 
no random monsters here, so it is safe to do so.  Before Zoma, Fill your HP 
and use Wizard Rings to restore MP.

"Use the Light Orb! *uses*"

"You destroyed my shield!  Now I shall taunt you a second time!"

First things first, Use the Light Orb to weaken Zoma.  He is not an easy 
target when he's big, bad, and blue.  Try to maintain a SpeedUp spell in this 
battle.  It helps to avoid having Zoma take two actions.  Use TwinHits when 
you can, and maintain your hitpoints at all times.  When he belches ice, it 
hurts.  He can also attack, BlazeMost, and cast Blizzard among other nasty 
things.  It is a good idea to have people equipped with armor that protects 
against spells and ice.  This'll decrease Zoma's damage-dealing capacity.  
Press on and use your resources to the best of your ability and Zoma shall 
fall.  A random thing to note is that Wizard Rings never seem to break during 
this battle.  Use this to your advantage.

[NOTE: Remember to take the Light Orb out of your bag BEFORE you fight Zoma.  
His Blue form takes a lot less damage, seems to do a bit more, and is quite 
aggressive.  If you're like me, however, you'll forget to do this once and 
you will then die.  Ermph.

Now, the castle is crumbling and you must get out as fast as you can!  Oh no! 
A pit!  You should find yourself in a familiar place.  Make your way to 
Tantegal and see the king.

Congratulations!  You have now completed the game!  You now get a "Loto" 
added to your save game file when you finish watching the ending.  This 
allows you access to the secret features of Dragon Warrior 3.

53. <Name>Burg: The Final Chapter
Items: TinyMedal
Monsters: Shaman, StingMoth, BlueBeak, MadCondor, VenomHork, BigHorn, 
Merdane, Deranger
Inn: 60g
Item Shop: Herb, Repellent, WarpWing, BugPowder, SpiderWeb, HideHerb
Weapon Shop: War Hammer, Dragon Sword, Magic Abacus, Magic Apron, Dragon 
Shield, Angel Dress

Load up your Loto save and head back to your town.  In the merchant's house, 
you'll see an event that results in the people forgiving your merchant.  
You'll now be able to get your dealer back into your party.  Hooray!  Search 
a vase upstairs in the house that used to be a jail.  You'll find another 

If you head back to Aliahan to pick up your dealer, you might notice that 
your Hero can now be dismissed.  I wonder if anything happens when you beat 
the game without her or him.  Try out a party of four that includes members 
of all the same class sometime.  It's fun, and can be challenging if you pick 
a class like.. the Jester. :)

54. The Sky Cave & Zenith Basement
Items: STRseed x2, Bounce Staff, Gaia Sword, TinyMedal x3, Sorrow Shield, 
LifeAcorn, Token
Monsters: EvilCrab, DarkTroll, DevilMage, KingHydra, DemonSwrd, BaraEvil, 
MerKing, Dragon, Putregon, GoldMan, Metabble, Balrog

Now that you're a true hero because in the future, you defeated the Demon 
King, Zoma, and saved history, then managed to imprint your Heroism onto 
yourself in the past, you can fly your way over to the Dragon Queen's House 
of fun and enter a new area.  Walk all the way to the back of the castle and 
take a nice sunbath (Step into the square the sunlight is shining on).  
Because you're a hero, you get to be catapulted into a small island in the 
sky, floating in much the same way that bricks don't.

You see, a whole bunch of Lefeins escaped from Final Fantasy and showed these 
guys how to suspend things in the sky.  Then this big dragon guy figured he'd 
make a dungeon that isn't quite dimensionally sound and put a castle and a 
tower in there, too.  All in all, you end up with this hunk of rock.  You'll 
see the cave ahead of you.  You want to enter it, but make sure that you 
aren't a bunch of weaklings, because weaklings will die in here (I'm 
encouraging, aren't I?).

The first floor's layout is exactly the same as the second floor of the Gondo 
Cave.  However, you start at the southwestern staircase.  As you move through 
here, watch out for BaraEvils.  They come in attack squads of two and like to 
ruin your day.  Expect to be explodetted to death once or twice on your 
attempts to make it through here.  EvilCrabs are not much fun either.  They 
are strong, can increase their defense, and put you to sleep.  To start off, 
you want to move north into the room ahead of you.  Take the western path 
first, and fight a hungry Mimic that was pretending to be a treasure chest.  
Then go back and take the eastern path.  You will come to a large room.  Go 
north and open the chest here to receive a STRseed.  Head west.  The path 
will turn northward.  Take the path all the way north, and walk east into a 
room.  Take the western path and you'll arrive at a chest.  This chest 
contains a Bounce Staff.  Magic users can use this to put up a magic-
reflecting spell.  It's just alike to the Bounce spell only it doesn't waste 
magic points.  Head back east and this time, take the northeast pat in the 
room.  Stay east at the intersection and you'll find the staircase down to 
the first basement.

This floor is exactly like the fifth floor of the Gondo Cave (See, the 
masters that constructed this place really liked the Gondo Cave, so you'll 
see a lot of its pieces in here.  Here, you start at the end of the floor, 
and work your way back to the beginning.  If you don't remember the path, 
here it is.  Walk all the way south, and then you'll have to turn east into a 
room.  Head north out of the room and make a left at the intersection.  Go 
straight across the bridge you'll find and you can head east into a room.  Go 
north out of it and keep east.  You'll eventually see another bridge, just a 
little to the south.  Cross it and then head north to the staircase down to 
the second basement.

You'll find yourself in what looks like the Cave of Zipangu.  KingHydras like 
to show up in this level, sometimes with a large amount of Metabbles.  To get 
through this floor, curve counterclockwise around the floor until you can go 
north at the final intersection, just like you did last time you were here.  
The chest in the room to the east of the stairway down to the third basement 
contains a Gaia Sword.  I wonder if the lava of the volcano is somehow 
connected to this place, because there was only supposed to be ONE Gaia 

The third basement is just like the maze-like level of the Pyramid.  You 
start at the lower staircase.  Head east and then all the way up and take the 
staircase down to find a priest.  This is useful if you need anybody revived 
and don't have any means of doing so. From the starting staircase, head west 
to the first intersection, then north to the first intersection, then head 
west to the wall. (If you come from the priest, head south to the first 
intersection, then all the way west to the wall.)  From the wall, head all 
the way south to reach a chest with yet another TinyMedal.  Then go all the 
way north and follow the path east to take a stairway down.  This floor tends 
to throw DemonSwrds at you a lot.  These things often take two actions.  
Frequently they will belch some breath.  Since they ate WAY too much Mexican 
and Cajun food the night before, the toxicity of the gas will paralyze your 
characters.  This is a bad thing, so be prepared to NumbOff if a character is 
paralyzed.  If things look bad, you can always run.

The fourth basement looks like The Cave near Elvenham, specifically the floor 
with the Healing Spring.  Head to the spring when you get here, because the 
boost in HP and MP will surely be a help.  This is an excellent place to 
spend time and do some leveling up.  When you're ready, return to the passage 
that is west of the spring.  Head all the way north until you hit a wall.  
Head west into a room and grab a Sorrow Shield from the chest here.  Then go 
back and take the eastern path to open a chest that contains a TinyMedal 
(Lots of them, aren't there?). GO back to the intersection, and then head 
south into the room there.  Take the western path that you ignored on your 
way through before, and you'll arrive at a staircase in the southern part of 
a room.  Use this to enter the fifth basement.

This floor looks like the first floor of the Gondo Cave.  There are some 
hidden items here.  At the feet of the fourth northern statue from the 
entrance, you can search for another STRseed.  To the west of the fifth 
southern statue from the entrance there is a hidden LifeAcorn.  Both of these 
are easy to find using MapMagic.  Continue on to the stairway that leads up.

You will find yourself in the basement of Zenith Castle.  It looks like 
Samanao's Prison.  There are no more random encounters from now on.  You can 
search at the feet of the corpse in one of the cells.  You'll procure a Hero 
Book.  Don't feel guilty, the guy is dead, why could he possibly need to be 
Valiant now?  On second thought, maybe being Valiant is why he is dead. Heh 
heh.  There is a slime in one of the cells waiting for his turn in an arena.  
This slime is the younger and more stupid cousin of the one you talked to in 
Lancel.  You see, he is smart enough to not try to fight us, but is even more 
stupid for wanting to get killed by a BaraEvil. :)  The vase in the northwest 
cell, like the one in Samanao's prison, contains a TinyMedal.  That's a two-
for-one-vase deal :).  Walk up the stairs to enter the arena of Zenith 

This is a monster arena.  People cheer for you as you enter.  Three steps 
east of the monster, one step south will yield a hidden Token upon search.  
You can also start out by going three steps west of the stairway you just 
came from.  Talk to the monster to have him call you a powderpuff ^_^.  
Weird.  This is a BaraEvil.  Just think of it as an extra-evil MiniBaramos 
and you'll whup its butt.  They are a lot easier when they don't come in 
pairs :) Head down the stairs to the basement of the castle.  This is just 
like a floor of the lighthouse near Portoga.  Walk down the stairs here to 
enter Zenith Castle.

55. Zenith Castle & The Riddles
Items: Beast Claw, Dark Robe, SageRock
Monsters: None

Here, you'll find a king who won't save your game, and who doesn't have a 
chancellor to do it for him.  Drat.  However, now that you are here, it 
sticks Zenith in your Return list, right before all the Alefgard locations.  
At least we won't *have* to go through the Sky Cave again.  The king will 
talk about how he rules the castle, and about how Divinegon is nearby and can 
grant any wish.  Sounds like he is worth going to.  Near where you entered 
this floor is a place to jump back down to the outside of the Dragon Queen's 
castle if you wish to do that.

East of the king is a man who will give you some riddles.  When you search 
the area described by the riddle, you will obtain an item.  Head back to the 
man after you retrieve the item, and he will give you the next riddle.

1. "A town in ruins.  What glitters beneath the cross?
2. "An enclosed town in a dark world.  It sleeps among the flowers..."
3. "The gazer of the stars notices not what lies at his feet..."

1. Search beneath the cross in the ruined church of Tedanki.  You must do 
this during the daytime.  This will get you the Beast Claw.
2. Search the southern flower in the northeast corner of the enclosed garden 
in Mercado.  You will find a Dark Robe, which increases your evade rate.
3. Search east of the man by the telescope in Luzami.  The building is in the 
southeast corner of this small island town.  You'll get another precious 

After answering the riddles, the man will then give you clues about where you 
can find the 110 TinyMedals.  He will mention that, "Five can be gotten at 
Pachisi up in the village of Kol."  This has to be the most vague clue you 
could possibly give, since really there are six TinyMedals in Kol.  Two of 
them are on the Pachisi track, and one is in the Pachisi palace, but off the 
track.  However, there are five TinyMedals total if you add up all the medals 
that can be found while traveling the Pachisi tracks.  What does his clue 
really mean?  Who knows.

56. The Celestial Tower & The Wishes
Items: Flee Ring, TinyMedal x3, LUCKShoes
Monsters: GateGuard, MtlWyvern, DevilMage, Phoenix, DemonSwrd, DarkTroll

Take the southern staircase in Zenith Castle to head towards this Divinegon 
fellow.  There will be a giant pot and an old man here.  Talk to him and tell 
him the true, and he'll suggest drinking from the potion before you pay a 
visit to Divinegon.  Do so and you'll scald your mouth.  If you talk to him, 
he'll laugh and make some joke about it being hot.  For his rude comment, you 
should steal his Flee Ring and TinyMedal.  They are stored in his vases.  
Walk out the door to find yourself in the Celestial Tower, home of Divinegon.

You can jump off the ledges to return to the surface world, but that isn't 
advised.  It is also very easy to accidentally jump off.  Some of the open 
space looks like you could walk on it, especially if you do not have a good 
light source.  I play on a Gameboy Advance, and with the anti-glare screen 
and poor lighting in the room, I managed to accidentally walk off the ledge a 
lot. Don't be like me.

"Let us climb this tower!"

"Why are we falling through the air again?"

"Oops.  I thought that was a ledge."

"I thought we were practicing how to fly..."

Enemies here can be very difficult.  GateGuards hit very hard, Phoenix can 
cast HealUs, DevilMages cast Explodet and revive their comrades.  All in all, 
be careful and use your SageRocks often.  Increase can be a big help when 
fighting GateGuards.

Climb up the ladder that is right next to the door you came out of.  At the 
top, take a left and go through the door you'll find.  Inside this room are 
two chests.  The west chest has a nice shiny TinyMedal, while you can snag a 
spiffy Ruby Ring from the other one.  exit and walk the other way form the 
ladder to come to another door.  Inside, just march in the direction you can, 
and go up the staircase you'll see at the north end of the floor.  You'll be 
in a big room with a pit.  Use the ropes to move across the pit to the door, 
and walk outside.  If you fall into the pit, you'll be in the room where you 
got the Ruby Ring and the TinyMedal.  Now that you are on the outside of the 
tower, head east along the ledge.

You'll see a ladder.  Climb it.  At the top is a doorway.  Enter it.  
Immediately head southwest to a chest that contains your 110th TinyMedal.  
That's it; you've got them all.  Consequently, you don't get anything for 
collecting them all, except maybe some sort of happy feeling of 
accomplishment. Heh.  Return to the doorway again (don't go back through it) 
and head up the stairs you see in front of you.  Head east and go down the 
staircase there.  Head a little east at the end of the stairway, and go up 
into that central room there.  You'll find a chest that has a pair of 
LUCKShoes in it.  These puppies increase your luck by a bunch, and will give 
you 1xp per step you take on an overworld.  Hooray.  Go back outside these 
two rooms.  Continue on the eastern path, and ignore the stairway up you see.  
Go outside the doorway you see a little southwest from it.  Head along the 
outside ledge and you'll come to a chest that contains a Wreck whip.  This 
weapon has the most attack power of any weapon we've seen so far, and it 
attacks every enemy group in the battle.  However, like all whips, it can't 
critical hit.  I'm not complaining.  Head back to that stairway near the 
doorway we just went through.  Climb up it and follow the path to another 
staircase up.

This is a nice little floor with a garden and some ponds.  In the center of 
the walled area is a stairway up.  Use those stairs.  Climb the sets of 
stairs you find and you'll see a big floating dragon.  Enter Divinegon, the 
ruler of the Sky.  Before he'll grant you a wish, however, he wants you to 
fight him.

"I want you to kill me as fast as you can."


"Come on, how much do you really know about your wishes if you've never 
fought to kill something quickly?"

Use TwinHits on your main fighters to boost their attack power.  Give both 
SageRocks to your non-fighting members, and use them to heal as much as 
needed.  Try to have as many ways to revive characters as possible.  As far 
as offensive spells go, BlazeMost always works and it does a fair amount of 
damage.  Divinegon is pure difficulty.  He can blast you with ice, he can 
breathe tremendous flames, and he likes to cast Explodet.  Handle all of 
these by equipping items that protect against fire, ice, and spells.  He also 
knows how to send out an Icy Pulse, so expect to renew your spells every now 
and then.  He's got three levels of physical attacks.  One of them is just a 
plain attack.  This does a large amount of damage.  He can also chew on a 
party member; this tends to eat up a lot of HP.  Lastly, he likes to flop on 
the party, causing considerable damage to everyone.  On top of all his moves, 
he can also take two actions per turn.  Even having high speed tends not to 
help much, unless you can keep everyone at maximum agility.  Perhaps his most 
annoying ability is his glare.  It puts your party member to sleep, which 
prevents an ally from functioning.  This can be hazardous.  Keep trying, and 
eventually you will be him.

However, there is still a catch.  If you don't beat him within 35 turns he'll 
tell you that you aren't good enough and that you need to train more.  He'll 
still praise you slightly, since you did just beat him.  He taunts you very 
nicely.  Chances are, though, that if you can beat him, you've definitely 
done so in 35 turns or less.

You can also go back and fight him for a second wish, except this time he is 
more demanding and requires you to defeat him within 25 turns.  Again, this 
timeframe isn't too difficult to accomplish, but you'll need to do more 
damage with your attacks.  Lastly, if you want any more wishes, you'll need 
to beat him in 15 rounds or less.  At least he never requires less than this.  
Defeating him in 15 rounds is quite difficult indeed and you'll need an 
excellent party and strategy to accomplish this.

The Wishes:
1. New Pachisi Track
2. Revive Ortega
3. Read Sexy Book
4. Rare Medals

If you wish for a new Pachisi track, you will find it in Zipangu's well.  
This is a monster of a track, but tons of excellent equipment can be found 
inside.  Try randomly searching squares.  I've found extra seeds, various 
armors, and two extra Wreck Whips (One from a chest in a ? square, and one in 
a forest).  Check out the Pachisi Track section to see just how large this 
track is.  You get 70 dice rolls, and will definitely use 25-40 of them on 
the first floor.  Happy Hunting! :)

Since I haven't chosen it yet, I don't know exactly what happens when you 
choose to revive Ortega.  Maybe it'll raise the profits of a taco company.

The Read Sexy Book wish gets you a copy of the Sexy Book.  This book will 
give a female character the Sexy personality, and a male character the Lewd 
Personality.  It's a fun book.  When you read it you find that it has a lot 
of sexy pictures, and then you blush.  Sounds like a porno book to me, hehe.

The Rare Medal wish is vital in receiving all the medals in the game.  You 
will receive bronze, silver, and gold medals for each one.  The first time 
you wish for this, you'll receive a set of Metaly, BlissBird, Metabble, 
Baramos, Zoma, and Divinegon.  These are all obtainable from their respective 
creatures throughout the game.  If you wish for it again, Zoma will give you 
the extra rare ones he's been storing away.  These include special editions 
of the Slime, BossTroll, KingHydra, BaraGonus, and BaraBomus.  Some of them 
are irregularly shaped :).  If you again pester him for more medals, he gives 
in and gives you the ultra-rare medals that he was trying to keep secret.  
You'll get the special editions of Baramos, Zoma, and Divinegon.  Isn't that 
nice that he keeps a medal of himself? Hehehe.  This wish is actually a very 
potent one.  The Baramos, Zoma, and Divinegon medal sets are nearly 
impossible to get, otherwise.  Also, the special edition medals can't be 
found anywhere else.  You want these wishes.

If you pick the fifth slot, Divinegon wonders how you knew to wish for it.  
Apparently silence is a very powerful wish, because in Divinegonese it means, 
"Send me up a new phat dungeon, yo." ...or something.  Either that or he 
didn't realize that the master system popped up a convenient text box for you 
to choose from.  It is really a shame we can't wish for something completely 
that isn't in the box.  Anyway, he creates a new dungeon for you.  It'll be 
on the pedestrian lane of I-90.  Er... the pedestal where Ramia hatched.

I advise you to wish for a Pachisi track first, then the new dungeon, and 
then whatever you want. :)

57. Zipangu's Well: Pachisi 5
Monsters: None

Now that the track is here, you can find a Starry Bracelet one space north of 
the stalagmite that is south of the rope.  On the second floor, you'll find 
the real Himiko walking around above the northern tip of the track. Search in 
the flowerbed to the southwest of her to gain a Life Ring. The flowerbed 
southwest of her hides an AGLscarf.  In both flowerbeds, just take a step 
south of their centers to find the spot to search.

58. The Ice Cave
Items: MysticNut, Goddess Ring, Starry Bracelet, LifeAcorn, Hero Ring, 
STRseed x3, Wizard Ring, Life Ring
Monsters: Kandar, Kandar 2, Goon, Orochi, Orochi 2, Mimic, Cannibox, 
BaraBomus, BaraGonus, WhiteLion, GrayBear, BlueDragn, EvilCloud, BaraEvil, 
Metabble, IronNite, MtlGoopi, SteelHulk, Dorasbox, RedDragon

On the first floor, you'll find that the random monsters you've encountered 
are very familiar.  To be kind to you, the game has allowed for all the 
bosses to show up here.  You'll fight both incarnations of Kandar, both 
fights of Orochi, and Zoma's fiends, BaraGonus and BaraBomus.  The game also 
places wandering Mimics and Canniboxes here.  Use this area to get the hard-
to-obtain medals from these beasts.

The first floor of this cave is more-or-less in the shape of Rubiss's Crest.  
There are three 'feathers' on each side, two legs with talons below that (one 
on each side), and at the very bottom are two tail feathers.  There are 
treasure chests at the end of some of the passages.  Start from the northeast 
passage, but do not travel down, since nothing is there.  The second path 
south of this (third wing feather) ends in a chest containing a MysticNut.  
The eastern tail feather has a Goddess Ring at its end.  Walk to the left 
foot and check the upper Talon to grab a Starry Bracelet from the chest 
you'll find there.  Travel down the northwest passage to find a chest that is 
really a hungry Mimic.  Apparently, it didn't want to wander with its 

You'll have noticed an old man standing above the tail feathers.  He stands 
guard at a bronze door.  In order to pass him, you must show your power but 
displaying all 155 of the first bronze medals.  This can be quite a task, and 
cannot be done without all of Divinegon's rare medal wishes.  Have patience 
and fight everything in the world, defeat Divinegon in 15 turns a few times 
(I'm not sure if you can spread the rare medal wishes across several game 
files... if someone finds this out, let me know!), and return here to get 
through the door.

When you have all 155 Medals in bronze, the man WALKS THROUGH YOU and steps 
away from the door.  This man is a phase-old-man.  He's got the ability to 
occupy the same physical space as other people when he chooses to do so :).  
Walk through the door and to the second floor.

Follow the path until you get a choice to go left or right.  Go left, first.  
Eventually there will be an intersection.  Go north to a chest that contains 
a Life Ring.  Return to the first intersection and take the right path this 
time.  You'll come to an intersection.  Head south here.  Open the chest in 
the room for a LifeAcorn.  Walk back out of the room and go east again. Pass 
the intersection you see and travel to the end of the passage.  The chest 
here contains a Hero Ring.  Go back to the intersection we just passed and 
travel south.  Ignore the small side passage in the east wall.  It is an 
empty room.  The next one, in the west wall, is also empty.  The next side 
passage is to the east.  Remember this for now.  We will be coming back.

Enter the second side passage on the west wall to find a treasure chest that 
contains a STRseed.  Keep going south in the main hallway and take the next 
eastern side passage.  The chest here has a MysticNut. Go back to the side 
passage we ignored and walk through it.  It will curve south and eventually 
head west to an intersection.  Go all the way west to get a chest with a 
STRseed inside.  Then go back and take the north branch and then stay west 
and you'll arrive at a north/south intersection.  Go north initially.  You 
will find a Wizard ring.  Then walk back and take the southern path.  You'll 
follow it around to a stairway down to the next floor.

On this floor, check out the cool ice tiles that are strewn about here and 
there.  When you step on ice, you automatically move in the direction you 
were walking until you run out of ice.  Remember this.  Then start walking 
north.  At the wall, you can go east or west. Head down the east passage.  At 
the intersection, head each to a STRseed in a box.  The southern passage is a 
dead end.  Return to that first intersection and head west this time.  You 
will enter a neat rocky bridge that has a sweet background behind it.  There 
is some kind of temple in an ice wall.  Take the time to gaze at it and thank 
the programmer that they could include such cool things in the game.  Then 
keep walking to the other side of the bridge.  Once you are past the bridge, 
head west at the intersection (south is an empty room).  At the end of this 
passage is a stairway down to the fourth floor.

You'll find a silver door.  Oh great, guess what this entails?  You guess it.  
Since there are horribly powerful monsters in the temple behind the door, the 
old man has to make sure that you've spent hours of monster fighting.  This 
means that you need the first 155 silver monster medals.  If you talk to him 
again and tell him that it is impossible to collect them all, he'll let you 
trade two bronzes for a silver medal.  What a nice old man.  (If you're like 
me, you just gained A LOT of silver medals.)

When you finally have all 155 of the first silver medals, talk to the man.  
He'll proclaim that your power is real.  None of that fake power here.  Then 
he'll let you go through the silver door. (At this point, you might consider 
praying that there isn't a gold door.)

You'll enter a small cave with lots of stalagmites.   This is a maze of a 
most annoying kind.  Maneuver to the treasure box that is right next to the 
entrance.  To do this, you'll need to move northward for a while before 
cutting east and then south.  It contains a Tiara.  Travel all the way north 
and you'll find a big, icy temple.  This is what you saw from the bridge on 
the floor above.

59. The Temple of Ice
Items: Ultimate Whip, Lucky Book, STRseed, Rubiss Sword
Monsters: Dorasbox, IronNite, SteelHulk, RedDragon

Walk up the hall and enter a large room with 9 smaller rooms.  Enter the 
southeastern room and go in the travel gate there to reach the western room.  
Open the chest here and grab an Ultimate Whip.  Then walk back through the 
gate.  Take the gate in the center room to reach the western room.  Take the 
eastern gate here to go to the northern room.  Use the staircase you find.

On this floor, move south, over the ice and then curve around and travel west 
over the ice.  Head all the way south once you can, and follow the path to a 
chest containing a Lucky Book.  Go back to the intersection you passed.  
There you will come to a room of ice.  From the entrance of the room, start 
on the left side of the entrance and move north into the room.  Then move 
left, followed by north, and another left.  Move north.  From here, travel 
right, the move north into a room with a treasure chest.  This contains a 
STRseed.  From here, move south, left, south, right, south right.

From here, you'll be aligned with the right side of the entrance room.  The 
following instructions allow you to start from the right side of the entrance 
room, or your current position and enable you to reach the exit passage.  
Move north, right, north, right, south, left, north, left, north, right, and 
then north.  You will reach a passage that has a staircase.  Take this down 
to the next floor.

Walk to the north end of the room on this floor.  You'll find a passage 
leading to an altar.  Something that looks like the Orochi is sitting on it.  
This is Gran Dragon.  He is the temple's head honcho.  He wants you to 
demonstrate your strength to him.  Bring it on.

Use TwinHits on your fighting types, as usual.  Use your support characters 
to heal (sage rocks, etc) and cast BlazeMost when you can.  It should do 
about two-thirds the damage that your TwinHitted fighting types are dealing.  
Gran Dragon can belch both intense flames and enormous flames.  He'll also 
try to cast Explodet, and can put a party member to sleep with a glance, just 
like Divinegon did.  As far as physical attacks go, he can chew on a party 
member for around 200 to 250 damage per hit.  Likewise, his normal attack 
deals near to 150 points of damage.  Being a large dragon, he can also flop 
on your party.  Ouch!  Defend against his flames with a Dragon Shield, Light 
Armor, Light Dress, Dragon Dress, Dragon Armor, and any other armors or 
shields that will protect against fire.  Cast Increase a few times to nullify 
the impact of Gran Dragon's physical attacks if you think you will need it.  
However, since Gran Dragon can also emit icy pulses, you might find this to 
be a useless action.  His greatest asset is his enormous amount of HP.  Be 
prepared for a long fight.  Since you can beat Divinegon in 15 rounds or 
less, it should not be a tremendous task to defeat Gran Dragon.

When you are victorious, Gran Dragon will be in utter disbelief over your 
victory (On my first trip, I beat him in 25 turns).  He'll then praise you 
and hand you the Rubiss sword.  This sword has a whopping attack power of 

If you talk to him again, he mentions that there are 165 monster medals in 
the world, and that he doubts you could collect all the gold medals.  I think 
that this is a challenge.  I wonder what would happen if someone were to show 
him all 165 gold medals?

|4 | Pachisi Tracks |

There are five Pachisi tracks scattered about the world.  These are game 
boards that one party member travels through, heading towards a goal and some 
rewards while avoiding traps and monsters and while searching for treasure.  
These can be very fun and rewarding.

The Squares
Start: You start here.  It's a big blue Start. :) [X]

Grass/Forest/Mountain: These either hide a monster, or can be searched.  
Searching can yield gold, items, monsters, or trapdoors.  Sometimes you can 
get good items from this, but if you are trying to reach the goal, don't 
search or you'll hit trapdoors and fail.  Grass holds the easiest monsters, 
while mountains hold harder. [Blank]

Slime Square: These look like slimes on a star.  These are the really tough 
monsters from the last big area of the world you've been to, usually.  Often 
times these can be very difficult for a lone character. [M]

Move Forward x Spaces: These move your character forward a certain number of 
spaces.  They are an up arrow with a +<number>.  You can pick your path. [Fx]

Move Back x Spaces: These move you back a certain number of spaces. They are 
a down arrow with a -<number>. [Bx]

Dressers/Vases/Chests: These can be searched for items.  This is where your 
main treasure comes from. [Dx/Vx/Cx]

Electricity: These looks like the electric tiles found in dungeons and 
castles.  They damage you by bout 1/3 of you Max HP. [Z]

Skull: These cut your current MP in half.  A skull on a blue background 
represents them. [S]

Chance: These are blue squares with a white ?.  Various random effects, both 
good and bad, happen when you land here.  I'll form a list of them later. [?]

Stats Modifier: These are blue squares with !. You roll the die three times.  
The first die determines what stat to modify, the second by how much to 
change it, and the third determines if the modifier is positive or negative. 

Go Back to Start: A U-Turn-like arrow on a blue square represents these. 
Landing on these makes you go back to the starting square. [U]

Dice Increase: These are a little die with a +<number>.  They give you that 
many extra dice rolls. [D+x]

Dice Decrease: These are a little die with a -<number>.  They cause you to 
lose that many dice rolls. [D-x]

Trap Door: These make you fall down.  They look like trapdoors ^_^.  
Sometimes you land off the track; sometimes you'll land on the track. [T]

Shops: These looks like little wings in a black box.  You can buy items 
(sometimes rare or unique) here if you have enough money. [Shp]

Inns: These are represented by the word, Inn. :) You can rest here to regain 
your HP/MP for a price. [Inn]

Full Restoration: These are represented by a white Hexagram on a red 
background.  They fully restore your HP and MP. [FR]

Travel Gates: These take you somewhere else on the board. They look like... 
travel gates! [Ox]

Goal: When you make it here, you go into a room to collect your prizes.  You 
must hit them by exact count or you'll backtrack. [E]

X: Start
E: End
Fx: Forward x spaces
Bx: Back x spaces
Dx: Dresser x
Vx: Vase x
Cx: Chest x
Z: Electric Square (Zap!)
?: Chance Square
!: Stat Change Square
U: U-Turn (Go Back to Start)
D+x: x Extra Dice Rolls
D-x: x Less Dice Rolls
M: Hard Monsters
T: Trap Door
Shp: Shop
Inn: An Inn
FR: Full Restoration
Ox: Travel Gate x
S: Skull (Halves MP)

Pachisi 1: Shrine
Found: North of Romaly

Level: 9+ (Heal is helpful)
Dice Rolls: 10
Difficulty: 0.5

Quickest Path: Head straight forward.

  Floor 1:

            | E |
            |   |
            | T |
            |G4 |
            |   |
            |   |
            |C3 |
| S |   |F3 |   |
|   |       | ! |
+---+       +---+
|FR |       |B2 |
+---+       +---+---+---+---+
|D+3|       | M |D1 |   |C2 |
+---+       +---+---+---+---+
|   |       |   |       | T |
+---+       +---+       +---+
|B2 |       | Z |       |   |
+---+---+---+---+       +---+
|G3 |V2 |D+2| ? |       | ? |
+---+---+---+---+       +---+
            |   |       |G2 |
            +---+       +---+
            |G1 |       |V1 |
            |C1 |D+1|   |Shp|
            |   |
            |F3 |
            |   |
            | S |

  V1: Herb
  V2: Leather Hat
  D1: Token
  C1: Knife
  C2: Wooden Boomerang
  C3: Life Acorn

  G1: +50 gold
  G2: +100 gold
  G3: -50 gold
  G4: -50 gold

 Shop: Steel Sword: 1300 gold
       Leather Robe: 420 gold
       Iron Shield: 1200 gold
 Reward: Steel Sword, 500 gold

Pachisi 2: Shrine
Found: Southwest of Ashalam, in the Forest

Level: 13+
Dice Rolls: 220
Difficulty: 1.5

Quickest Path: Ideally, you'll hit the first travel gate and get to the goal.

  Floor 1:

        | ! |D+2| O |   | ->|   |V1 |   |F2 |
    |FR |G4 |           | X |           |   |   |   
+---+---+---+           +---+           +---+---+---+
|   |   |                                   | T |G1 |
+---+---+  	 	                    +---+---+
| T |                                           |FR |
+---+                                           +---+
|F3 |                                           |D1 |
+---+                                           +---+
|C2 |                                           |B2 |
+---+                                           +---+
|D+1|                                           |F6 |
+---+                                           +---+
|B5 |                                           | ? |
+---+                   +---+                   +---+
| M |                   | E |                   |D+1|
+---+                   +---+                   +---+
| O |                   |   |                   | Z |
+---+                   +---+                   +---+
| Z |                   | Z |                   | M |
+---+                   +---+                   +---+
| ? |                   |D-1|                   |G2 |
+---+                   +---+                   +---+
|   |                   |Inn|                   |   |
+---+                   +---+                   +---+
|Shp|                   | P |                   |   |
+---+---+               +---+               +---+---+
|   |V2 |                                   |B3 |C1 |
+---+---+---+                           +---+---+---+
    | S |D+2|                           |G3 |   |
        |   |Inn|B3 |   | O |   |F1 |   |D2 |
  V1: Strength Seed
  V2: Tiny Medal
  D1: Wooden Hat
  D2: Token
  C1: Iron Claw
  C2: Life Acorn

  G1: -100 gold
  G2: +200 gold
  G3: -200 gold
  G4: +300 gold

  O: Travels to P

 Shop: Skirt: 1500
       Steel Sword: 1300
       Mist Wand: 3300
 Inn: 100g
 Reward: Mace, Tiny Medal

Pachisi 3: Cave
Found: Southwest of the Dragon Queen's Castle OR North of the Shrine Jail

Level: 27+ (HealMore is helpful, though)
Dice Rolls: 20
Difficulty: 3

Quickest Path: Take the west path at the first intersection for the least 
dangerous and shortest route.  However, taking the east path allows you to 
pick up dice roll additions and so forth that may speed things up depending 
on how well you roll.

  Floor 1:

+---+                                   +---+---+---+
|Up |                                   |F3 |   | X |
+---+                                   +---+---+---+
|FR |                                   |V1 |
+---+                                   +---+
|Shp|                                   |   |
+---+                                   +---+
|   |                                   |   |
+---+                   +---+---+---+---+---+
| T |                   |G1 |   |   |D1 | M |
+---+                   +---+---+---+---+---+
| ? |                   |D+1|
| M |   | O |V2 |   |   | ? |   |   |F3 |   | O |   |
                        |   |                   |Inn|
                        +---+                   +---+
                        |   |                   | Z |
                        +---+                   +---+
                        |G2 |                   |D2 |
                        +---+                   +---+
                        |   |                   | ? |
                    +---+---+                   +---+
                    | M | O |                   |   |
+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+                   +---+
|Up |D3 | U |C1 |D+1| T |                       |Up |
+---+---+---+---+---+---+                       +---+

  V1: Strength Seed
  V2: Luck Seed
  D1: Turban
  D2: Silver Tiara
  D3: Token
  C1: Power Belt

  G1: +500 gold
  G2: -500 gold

  O: Each cycles to the next gate, clockwise.

 Shop: Flame Boomerang: 6500 gold
       Speed Ring: 3100 gold
       Horned Hat: 2300 gold
 Inn: 200g

  Floor 2:

+---+                   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
|Dn |                   |G3 |   |F2 |C3 | Z | ? |G4 |
+---+                   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
|   |                   | M |                   |   |
+---+---+---+           +---+                   +---+
|G5 |   |D4 |           |B3 |                   |Inn|
+---+---+---+           +---+                   +---+
        |   |           |D-1|                   | T |
        +---+           +---+       +---+       +---+
        |F4 |           |V3 |       | E |       |D+1|
        +---+           +---+       +---+---+---+---+
        | S |           |   |       |   |B6 | M | S |
        +---+---+---+   +---+       +---+---+---+---+
        |C2 |   |Inn|   |   | 
                | Z |   | ! | 
                        |FR |C4 | T |D+2|   | ? |D5 |
                        |   |                   |D+1|
            +---+---+---+---+                   +---+  
            |   |G6 | Z |   |                   |B4 |
            +---+---+---+---+       +---+---+---+---+
            | ? |                   | Z |D+1|F3 |   |
+---+---+---+---+                   +---+---+---+---+
|Inn|D-1|V4 | T |                   | M | 
+---+---+---+---+                   +---+ 
|B1 |                               |G7 |
+---+                               +---+---+---+---+
|   |                               |   |D+2|   |Dn |
+---+                               +---+---+---+---+
|Dn | 

  V3: Tiny Medal
  V4: Magic Acorn
  D4: Token
  D5: Party Dress
  C2: Knife
  C3: Flashy Suit
  C4: Skirt

  G3: +1000 gold
  G4: -500 gold
  G5: -500 gold
  G6: +500 gold
  G7: -1000 gold

 Reward: Dragon Whip, Agility Seed

Pachisi 4: Well
Found: Inside Kol's well.

Level: 33+ (HealAll is very helpful)
Dice Rolls: 25
Difficulty: 3.5

Quickest Path:  Both paths are straightforward.  Each leads to a different 
goal, however.

  Floor 1:

+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+           +---+---+---+
|Up |D+1| M |B3 |C3 | Z |Inn|           |F2 |   |Up |
+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+           +---+---+---+
|   |                   |F2 |           |D+1|   |   |
+---+                   +---+           +---+   +---+
|B2 |                   |   |           | Z |   |D+1|
+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+           +---+   +---+
| T |   | ->|V3 | S |   | ? |           |   |   |V1 |
+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+           +---+---+---+
        |   |                           | ^ |   |B4 |
        +---+                           +---+---+---+
        | Z |                           |FR |        
        +---+   +---+---+---+---+---+   +---+        
        |FR |   |G1 |   | T |   |G2 |   |Shp|        
        +---+   +---+---+---+---+---+   +---+        
        |D+1|   |V2 |   |G3 |   |D2 |   |   |        
    +---+---+   +---+   +---+   +---+   +---+---+
    | M |G4 |   |   |   |F3 |   |   |   | M |   |   
    +---+---+   +---+   +---+   +---+   +---+---+
    |   |       | ? |   | M |   | ? |       |C1 |   
    +---+   +---+---+   +---+   +---+---+   +---+
    |   |   |   |C2 |   |   |   |D+2|   |   |F4 |   
    +---+---+---+---+   +---+   +---+---+---+---+
    |G5 | O |A+3|       |D1 |       |   | O |   |   
    +---+---+---+       +---+       +---+---+---+
                        |F2 |
                        | X |

  V1: Life Acorn
  V2: Turban
  V3: Mystic Nut
  D1: Tiny Medal
  D2: Vitality Seed
  C1: Dragon Whip
  C2: Life Stone
  C3: Flee Ring

  G1: +500 gold
  G2: -500 gold
  G3: +500 gold
  G4: +500 gold
  G5: -1000 gold

  O: Leads to the other Gate

 Shop: Blade Armor: 6500 gold
       Dragon Robe: 27000 gold
       Thor Sword: 65000 gold
 Inn: 700g

  Floor 2:

+---+                           +---+---+---+---+---+
|Dn |                           |G6 | Z |V4 |   |Dn |
+---+                           +---+---+---+---+---+
|   |                           |F3 | 
+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+   +---+ 
|   |   |   |   |Key|   |FR |   |   |  
+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+   +---+ 
|F2 |   | T |           | T |   | S |
+---+   +---+           +---+   +---+
|G7 |   |V5 |           |B6 |   |Inn| 
+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+   +---+ 
|   |   | ^ |D+1| ! |D+1| M |   |G8 |  
+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+   +---+ 
|D4 |   |   |                   |   |      
+---+   +---+                   +---+           +---+
| ? |   |   |                   |B3 |           | E |
+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+           +---+
|D-1|   | M |C4 |D+2|G9 |B3 |D3 | ? |           |   |
+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+       +---+---+
|   |                                       |D-1|   |
|C5 |   | S |   | Z |FR |   | ! |G10 |   |V6 | T | 

  V4: Tiny Medal 
  V5: Life Acorn
  V6: Agility Seed 
  D3: WorldLeaf
  D4: Muscle Book
  C4: Mimic
  C5: Dark Robe

  G6: -500
  G7: -1000
  G8: +2000
  G9: -1000
  G10: +1000 

 Reward (Key Door): Ultimate Whip, Life Ring
 Reward (Regular Door): Light Dress

Pachisi 5: Wish in a Well
Found: Inside Zipangu's well once you wish for it.

Level: 50+ (Wreck Whip is extremely helpful)
Dice Rolls: 70
Difficulty: 5

Quickest Path: On the second floor, take the right-hand path to avoid trap 
doors.  Once On the third floor, head west at the first intersection, west at 
the second intersection, and north at the third.  This is take you to the 
staircase directly south of the goal, and will avoid many pitfalls and other 
unpleasant things.  This track is huge.  You'll need a lot of time and 
patience to collect all the treasures.

  Floor 1:

                +---+---+---+---+       +---+---+---+---+
                |D4 |G7 |   |Up |       |   | T |   | ? |
            +---+---+---+---+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+---+
            |G6 | ? |               | ! |V3 |       |   |   |
            +---+---+               +---+---+       +---+---+
            |   |                   |   |               | M |
+---+---+---+---+           +---+---+---+               +---+
|Up |D+5| ->|D-2|           |   |O2 |F3 |               |G3 |
+---+---+---+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+               +---+
        |   |       | ? |B1 |Inn|                       |O1 |
    +---+---+       +---+---+---+       +---+---+---+   +---+
    |   |Inn|       |   |               |F3 |   | ? |   |F5 |
    +---+---+       +---+           +---+---+---+---+   +---+
    |   |           |   |           |   | M |   | Z |   |D2 |
    +---+           +---+       +---+---+---+   +---+   +---+
    | T |           |   |       |B1 |   |       |D1 |   |   |
    +---+           +---+       +---+---+       +---+   +---+
    |F2 |           |G4 |       |   |           |   |   | ? |
    +---+---+       +---+       +---+           +---+   +---+
    |   | ? |       | Z |       |   |           |V1 |   | U |
    +---+---+       +---+       +---+           +---+   +---+
        |   |       | M |       |G1 |           |   |   | Z |
        +---+       +---+       +---+       +---+---+   +---+
        |O4 |       |O3 |       |   |       |F6 |   |   |   |
    +---+---+       +---+       +---+       +---+---+   +---+
    |V4 |F2 |       |   |       |F5 |       |   |       |D-1|
+---+---+---+       +---+       +---+       +---+       +---+
|F5 |   |           |D3 |       |   |       | X |       |V2 |
+---+---+           +---+       +---+       +---+       +---+
|   |               |   |       |   |                   |   |
+---+               +---+       +---+---+           +---+---+
|FR |               | S |       |G2 |D+1|           | M |F4 |
+---+---+       +---+---+       +---+---+---+   +---+---+---+
|F1 |   |       |   |D=2|           |   |B4 |   |   | Z |
+---+---+---+   +---+---+           +---+---+---+---+---+
    |   |G5 |   |   |                   | ? |   |   |
    +---+---+---+---+                   +---+---+---+
        | ? |   |C1 |

  V1: LifeAcorn
  V2: Misery Helm
  V3: StoneWig
  V4: STRseed
  D1: MysticNut
  D2: Silk Hat
  D3: TubeSocks
  D4: Sucker
  C1: Demon Axe

  G1: +500
  G2: -2000
  G3: -500
  G4: +2000
  G5: -1000
  G6: +1000
  G7: -500

  O1: to O2
  O2: to O1
  O3: to O4
  O4: to O3

 Inn: 1000g

  Floor 2:

                                |Dn |
            +---+               +---+
            |Up |               |Inn|
            +---+           +---+---+---+
            |   |           |   |F6 |V5 |
            +---+           +---+---+---+
            |D+3|           |   |   |   |
            +---+       +---+---+   +---+---+
            | ? |       | Z | M |   |   |D5 |
    +---+---+---+       +---+---+   +---+---+
    |Dn |D+3|C2 |       | S |           |   |
    +---+---+---+   +---+---+           +---+---+
                    |G8 |F3 |           |   |B1 |
            +---+---+---+---+           +---+---+---+---+
            | T |   | ? |                   | ? | M | Z |
        +---+---+---+---+                   +---+---+---+---+
        |   |F5 |                                   |G9 |B3 |
    +---+---+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+   +---+---+---+
    | Z |   |       |Up |D+5| Z |C3 | Z |   | P |       |   |V6 |
+---+---+---+       +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+       +---+---+---+
|   |FR |                                                   |D-1|B3 |
+---+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+   +---+---+
| T |       | ? |F4 |   |   |V7 |   |   | Z |   | M | ? |       |   |
+---+       +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+       +---+
|F5 |       | M |           |F3 |O5 |   |           |   |       |   |
+---+       +---+---+---+   +---+---+---+   +---+---+---+       +---+
|V8 |       | T |   |F6 |       |   |       |B3 |D7 |G10|       |FR |
+---+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+   +---+---+
| M |   |           | T |FR |F3 | ^ |F3 |   |   |           |   |B3 |
+---+---+---+---+   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+   +---+---+---+---+
    | ? |   |F5 |               | ? |               | S |G11| ? |
            |D-2|G12| T |D6 |   | ^ |B4 |D+2|B2 |   |   |

  V5: Wizard Ring
  V6: Rosary
  V7: STRseed
  V8: LUCKseed
  D5: MohawkWig
  D6: TubeSocks
  D7: PowerBelt
  C2: Dragon Claw
  C3: Change Staff

  G8: -2000
  G9: -2000
  G10: -500
  G11: +1000
  G12: -1000

  O5: to P

  Floor 3:

|Dn |Shp|FR |   |D8 | ? |   |   |F3 |   |D+3|   |D10| Z |C6 |
                    |   |                               |B4 |
                    +---+                               +---+
                    |   |                               |   |
                    +---+                               +---+
                    |C4 |                               | S |
                    +---+           +---+---+---+---+   +---+
                    |D+1|           |Up |   | T | ? |   | ? |
                    +---+           +---+---+---+---+   +---+
                    |   |                       | M |   |   |
    +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+       +---+   +---+
    | ? |   |FR | M |Inn|   | Z |G13| M |       |Inn|   |FR |
    +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+       +---+   +---+
    |V9 |                           |   |       | S |   |Up |
    +---+                           +---+       +---+   +---+
    |D+2|                           | ! |       | Z |
    +---+   +---+                   +---+       +---+
    |   |   |Up |                   |D9 |       |D-1|
    +---+   +---+                   +---+       +---+
    |G14|   |   |                   |   |       |V11|
    +---+   +---+                   +---+       +---+
    |   |   |G15|                   |G16|       |   |
    +---+   +---+                   +---+       +---+
    |Dn |   |D+2|                   |   |       |   |
    +---+   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+
            |C5 |   | Z |F3 |V10|   | ? |   |   |F1 |FR | M |
                                                        |F2 |
                                                        |   |
        |Up |Inn|B6 | T |   |D+3| Z |C7 | Z |   |   |   |Up |

  V9: Wizard Ring
  V10: INTseed
  V11: VITseed
  D8: Speed  Ring
  D9: Tight Bikini
  D10: Ruby Ring
  C4: Ninja Gear
  C5: Devil Sword
  C6: Thor Sword
  C7: ?

  G13: -3000
  G14: +1000
  G15: +5000
  G16: -1000

 Shop: Wizard Ring:
       Hero Book:

  Floor 4:

                    | E |
                    |   |
                    | Z |
                    |   |
            | T | T | ? | T | T |
| S |F4 |B2 | M |   |Dn |   | M |B2 |F4 | S |
+---+---+---+---+   +---+   +---+---+---+---+
|G18|                                   |   |
+---+       +---+---+---+---+---+       +---+
|   |       | T |V13|O6 |D11| T |       |   |
+---+       +---+---+---+---+---+       +---+
|D+2|       |   |           |   |       |D-2|
+---+       +---+           +---+       +---+
|Dn |       |F2 |           |F2 |       |Dn |
+---+       +---+           +---+       +---+
            |D+3|           |D-3|
            | T | M | ->| M | T |
                    |   |
                    | ! |
|Dn |   |Shp| Z |   | ? |   | Z |Inn|   |Dn |

  V12: Starry Bracelet
  V13: ?
  D11: Sorrow Shield

  G17: -1000
  G18: -3000

  O6: To the staircase south of the goal

 Shop: ?
 Reward: Bolero (Dress), Goddess Ring

|5 | Lists |

A. Classes and Experience


Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | EXP       | Lvl | Exp
 1  | 0         | 26  | 101347    | 51  | 1644175   | 76  | 4087650
 2  | 29        | 27  | 116196    | 52  | 1741914   | 77  | 4185389
 3  | 87        | 28  | 132901    | 53  | 1839653   | 78  | 4283128
 4  | 174       | 29  | 151694    | 54  | 1937392   | 79  | 4380867
 5  | 304       | 30  | 172836    | 55  | 2034131   | 80  | 4478606
 6  | 499       | 31  | 196621    | 56  | 2132870   | 81  | 4576345
 7  | 792       | 32  | 223378    | 57  | 2230609   | 82  | 4674084
 8  | 1232      | 33  | 253480    | 58  | 2230609   | 83  | 4771823
 9  | 1891      | 34  | 287344    | 59  | 2426087   | 84  | 4869562
10  | 2880      | 35  | 325440    | 60  | 2523826   | 85  | 4967301
11  | 4364      | 36  | 368298    | 61  | 2621565   | 86  | 5065040
12  | 6218      | 37  | 416512    | 62  | 2719304   | 87  | 5162779
13  | 8534      | 38  | 470752    | 63  | 2817043   | 88  | 5260518
14  | 11428     | 39  | 531771    | 64  | 2914782   | 89  | 5358257
15  | 15045     | 40  | 600417    | 65  | 3012521   | 90  | 5455996
16  | 19114     | 41  | 677644    | 66  | 3110260   | 91  | 5553735
17  | 23690     | 42  | 764524    | 67  | 3207999   | 92  | 5651474
18  | 28837     | 43  | 862263    | 68  | 3305738   | 93  | 5749213
19  | 34627     | 44  | 960002    | 69  | 3403477   | 94  | 5846952
20  | 41141     | 45  | 1057741   | 70  | 3501216   | 95  | 5944691
21  | 48468     | 46  | 1155480   | 71  | 3598955   | 96  | 6042430
22  | 56711     | 47  | 1253219   | 72  | 3696694   | 97  | 6140169
23  | 65983     | 48  | 1350958   | 73  | 3794433   | 98  | 6237908
24  | 76413     | 49  | 1448697   | 74  | 3892171   | 99  | 6335647
25  | 88147     | 50  | 1546436   | 75  | 3989911   | 


Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp
 1  | 0         | 26  | 86957     | 51  | 1727038   | 76  | 4169813
 2  | 12        | 27  | 101801    | 52  | 1824749   | 77  | 4267524
 3  | 36        | 28  | 118500    | 53  | 1922460   | 78  | 4365235
 4  | 84        | 29  | 137286    | 54  | 2020171   | 79  | 4462946
 5  | 156       | 30  | 158421    | 55  | 2117882   | 80  | 4560657
 6  | 264       | 31  | 182197    | 56  | 2215593   | 81  | 4658368
 7  | 426       | 32  | 208945    | 57  | 2313304   | 82  | 4756079
 8  | 669       | 33  | 239036    | 58  | 2411015   | 83  | 4853790
 9  | 1033      | 34  | 272888    | 59  | 2508726   | 84  | 4951501
10  | 1579      | 35  | 310972    | 60  | 2606437   | 85  | 5049212
11  | 2398      | 36  | 353816    | 61  | 2704148   | 86  | 5146923
12  | 3627      | 37  | 402215    | 62  | 2801859   | 87  | 5244634
13  | 5163      | 38  | 456239    | 63  | 2899570   | 88  | 5342345
14  | 7083      | 39  | 585868    | 64  | 2997281   | 89  | 5440056
15  | 9483      | 40  | 663073    | 65  | 3094992   | 90  | 5537767
16  | 12483     | 41  | 749928    | 66  | 3192703   | 91  | 5635478
17  | 16233     | 42  | 847639    | 67  | 3290414   | 92  | 5733189
18  | 20920     | 43  | 945360    | 68  | 3388125   | 93  | 5830900
19  | 26779     | 44  | 1043061   | 69  | 3485836   | 94  | 5928611
20  | 34102     | 45  | 1140772   | 70  | 3583547   | 95  | 6026322
21  | 42340     | 46  | 1238483   | 71  | 3681258   | 96  | 6124033
22  | 51608     | 47  | 1336194   | 72  | 3778969   | 97  | 6221744
23  | 62034     | 48  | 1433905   | 73  | 3876680   | 98  | 6319455
24  | 73763     | 49  | 1531616   | 74  | 3974391   | 99  | 6417166
25  | 86957     | 50  | 1629327   | 75  | 4072102   | 


Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp
 1  | 0         | 26  | 119837    | 51  | 2137202   | 76  | 5517477
 2  | 18        | 27  | 138098    | 52  | 2272413   | 77  | 5652688
 3  | 54        | 28  | 158641    | 53  | 2407624   | 78  | 5787899
 4  | 126       | 29  | 181751    | 54  | 2542835   | 79  | 5923110
 5  | 234       | 30  | 207749    | 55  | 2678046   | 80  | 6058321
 6  | 396       | 31  | 236996    | 56  | 2813257   | 81  | 6193532
 7  | 639       | 32  | 269898    | 57  | 2948468   | 82  | 6328743
 8  | 1003      | 33  | 306912    | 58  | 3083679   | 83  | 6463954
 9  | 1549      | 34  | 348552    | 59  | 3218890   | 84  | 6599165
10  | 2369      | 35  | 395997    | 60  | 3354101   | 85  | 6734376
11  | 3598      | 36  | 448087    | 61  | 3489312   | 86  | 6869587
12  | 5441      | 37  | 507384    | 62  | 3624523   | 87  | 7004798
13  | 7745      | 38  | 574081    | 63  | 3759734   | 88  | 7140009
14  | 10625     | 39  | 649115    | 64  | 3894945   | 89  | 7275220
15  | 14225     | 40  | 733528    | 65  | 4030156   | 90  | 7410431
16  | 18725     | 41  | 828492    | 66  | 4165367   | 91  | 7545642
17  | 24350     | 42  | 935236    | 67  | 4300578   | 92  | 7680853
18  | 30678     | 43  | 1055514   | 68  | 4435789   | 93  | 7816064
19  | 37797     | 44  | 1190725   | 69  | 4571000   | 94  | 7951275
20  | 45805     | 45  | 1325936   | 70  | 4706211   | 95  | 8086486
21  | 54814     | 46  | 1461147   | 71  | 4841422   | 96  | 8221697
22  | 64949     | 47  | 1596358   | 72  | 4976633   | 97  | 8356908
23  | 76350     | 48  | 1731569   | 73  | 5111844   | 98  | 8492119
24  | 89176     | 49  | 1866780   | 74  | 5247055   | 99  | 8627330
25  | 103605    | 50  | 2001991   | 75  | 5382266   | 


Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp
 1  | 0         | 26  | 99861     | 51  | 1879588   | 76  | 5048588
 2  | 15        | 27  | 115078    | 52  | 2006348   | 77  | 5175348
 3  | 45        | 28  | 132197    | 53  | 2133108   | 78  | 5302108
 4  | 105       | 29  | 151456    | 54  | 2259868   | 79  | 5428868
 5  | 195       | 30  | 173121    | 55  | 2386628   | 80  | 5555628
 6  | 330       | 31  | 197494    | 56  | 2513388   | 81  | 5682388
 7  | 532       | 32  | 224913    | 57  | 2640148   | 82  | 5809148
 8  | 835       | 33  | 255758    | 58  | 2766908   | 83  | 5935908
 9  | 1290      | 34  | 290458    | 59  | 2893668   | 84  | 6062668
10  | 1973      | 35  | 329495    | 60  | 3020428   | 85  | 6189428
11  | 2997      | 36  | 373412    | 61  | 3147188   | 86  | 6316188
12  | 4533      | 37  | 422818    | 62  | 3273948   | 87  | 6442948
13  | 6453      | 38  | 478399    | 63  | 3400708   | 88  | 6569708
14  | 8853      | 39  | 540927    | 64  | 3527468   | 89  | 6696468
15  | 11853     | 40  | 611271    | 65  | 3654228   | 90  | 6823228
16  | 15603     | 41  | 690408    | 66  | 3780988   | 91  | 6949988
17  | 20290     | 42  | 779436    | 67  | 3907748   | 92  | 7076748
18  | 25563     | 43  | 879562    | 68  | 4034508   | 93  | 7203508
19  | 31495     | 44  | 992268    | 69  | 4161268   | 94  | 7330268
20  | 38169     | 45  | 1119028   | 70  | 4288028   | 95  | 7457028
21  | 45676     | 46  | 1245788   | 71  | 4414788   | 96  | 7583788
22  | 54121     | 47  | 1372548   | 72  | 4541548   | 97  | 7710548
23  | 63622     | 48  | 1499308   | 73  | 4668308   | 98  | 7837308
24  | 74310     | 49  | 1626068   | 74  | 4795068   | 99  | 7964068
25  | 86334     | 50  | 1752828   | 75  | 4921828   | 


Lvl | Exp      | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp
 1  | 0        | 26  | 101450    | 51  | 1844869   | 76  | 4766144
 2  | 14       | 27  | 117229    | 52  | 1961720   | 77  | 4882995
 3  | 42       | 28  | 134981    | 53  | 2078571   | 78  | 4999846
 4  | 98       | 29  | 154952    | 54  | 2195422   | 79  | 5116697
 5  | 182      | 30  | 177419    | 55  | 2312273   | 80  | 5233548
 6  | 308      | 31  | 202694    | 56  | 2429124   | 81  | 5350399
 7  | 497      | 32  | 231128    | 57  | 2545975   | 82  | 5467250
 8  | 780      | 33  | 263116    | 58  | 2662826   | 83  | 5584101
 9  | 1205     | 34  | 299102    | 59  | 2779677   | 84  | 5700952
10  | 1842     | 35  | 339585    | 60  | 2896528   | 85  | 5817803
11  | 2798     | 36  | 385128    | 61  | 3013379   | 86  | 5934654
12  | 4232     | 37  | 436364    | 62  | 3130230   | 87  | 6051505
13  | 6024     | 38  | 494004    | 63  | 3247081   | 88  | 6168356
14  | 8262     | 39  | 558849    | 64  | 3363932   | 89  | 6285207
15  | 11064    | 40  | 631799    | 65  | 3480783   | 90  | 6402058
16  | 14564    | 41  | 713867    | 66  | 3597634   | 91  | 6518909
17  | 18939    | 42  | 806194    | 67  | 3714485   | 92  | 6635760
18  | 24407    | 43  | 910061    | 68  | 3831336   | 93  | 6752611
19  | 30559    | 44  | 1026912   | 69  | 3948187   | 94  | 6869462
20  | 37479    | 45  | 1143763   | 70  | 4065038   | 95  | 6986313
21  | 45263    | 46  | 1260614   | 71  | 4181889   | 96  | 7103164
22  | 54020    | 47  | 1377465   | 72  | 4298740   | 97  | 7220015
23  | 63872    | 48  | 1494316   | 73  | 4415591   | 98  | 7336866
24  | 74955    | 49  | 1611167   | 74  | 4532442   | 99  | 7453717
25  | 87423    | 50  | 1728018   | 75  | 4649293   | 


Lvl | Exp      | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp
 1  | 0        | 26  | 97232     | 51  | 1658166   | 76  | 4004266
 2  | 13       | 27  | 113272    | 52  | 1752010   | 77  | 4098110
 3  | 39       | 28  | 131317    | 53  | 1845854   | 78  | 4191954
 4  | 78       | 29  | 151617    | 54  | 1939698   | 79  | 4285798
 5  | 136      | 30  | 174454    | 55  | 2033542   | 80  | 4379642
 6  | 223      | 31  | 200145    | 56  | 2127386   | 81  | 4473486
 7  | 353      | 32  | 229047    | 57  | 2221230   | 82  | 4567330
 8  | 548      | 33  | 261561    | 58  | 2315074   | 83  | 4661174
 9  | 840      | 34  | 298139    | 59  | 2408918   | 84  | 4755018
10  | 1278     | 35  | 339289    | 60  | 2502762   | 85  | 4848862
11  | 1935     | 36  | 385582    | 61  | 2596606   | 86  | 4942706
12  | 2920     | 37  | 437661    | 62  | 2690450   | 87  | 5036550
13  | 4397     | 38  | 496249    | 63  | 2784294   | 88  | 5130394
14  | 6243     | 39  | 562160    | 64  | 2878138   | 89  | 5224238
15  | 8550     | 40  | 636309    | 65  | 2971982   | 90  | 5318082
16  | 11433    | 41  | 719726    | 66  | 3065826   | 91  | 5411926
17  | 15036    | 42  | 813570    | 67  | 3159670   | 92  | 5505770
18  | 19539    | 43  | 907414    | 68  | 3253514   | 93  | 5599614
19  | 25167    | 44  | 1001258   | 69  | 3347358   | 94  | 5693458
20  | 32202    | 45  | 1095102   | 70  | 3441202   | 95  | 5787302
21  | 40116    | 46  | 1188946   | 71  | 3535046   | 96  | 5881146
22  | 49019    | 47  | 1282790   | 72  | 3628890   | 97  | 5974990
23  | 59034    | 48  | 1376634   | 73  | 3722734   | 98  | 6068834
24  | 70300    | 49  | 1470478   | 74  | 3816578   | 99  | 6162678
25  | 82974    | 50  | 1564322   | 75  | 3910422   |


Lvl | Exp      | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp
 1  | 0        | 26  | 78577     | 51  | 1462170   | 76  | 3780520
 2  | 10       | 27  | 91100     | 52  | 1554904   | 77  | 3873254
 3  | 30       | 28  | 105188    | 53  | 1647638   | 78  | 3965988
 4  | 70       | 29  | 121037    | 54  | 1740372   | 79  | 4058722
 5  | 130      | 30  | 138867    | 55  | 1833106   | 80  | 4151456
 6  | 220      | 31  | 158925    | 56  | 1925840   | 81  | 4244190
 7  | 355      | 32  | 181490    | 57  | 2018574   | 82  | 4336924
 8  | 557      | 33  | 206876    | 58  | 2111308   | 83  | 4429658
 9  | 860      | 34  | 235435    | 59  | 2204042   | 84  | 4522392
10  | 1315     | 35  | 367563    | 60  | 2296776   | 85  | 4615126
11  | 1998     | 36  | 303707    | 61  | 2389510   | 86  | 4707860
12  | 3002     | 37  | 344368    | 62  | 2482244   | 87  | 4800594
13  | 4302     | 38  | 390112    | 63  | 2574978   | 88  | 4893328
14  | 5902     | 39  | 441573    | 64  | 2667712   | 89  | 4986062
15  | 7902     | 40  | 499467    | 65  | 2760446   | 90  | 5078796
16  | 10402    | 41  | 564597    | 66  | 2853180   | 91  | 5171530
17  | 13527    | 42  | 637868    | 67  | 2945914   | 92  | 5264264
18  | 17433    | 43  | 720298    | 68  | 3038648   | 93  | 5356998
19  | 22315    | 44  | 813032    | 69  | 3131382   | 94  | 5449732
20  | 27807    | 45  | 905766    | 70  | 3224116   | 95  | 5542466
21  | 33985    | 46  | 998500    | 71  | 3316850   | 96  | 5635200
22  | 40935    | 47  | 1091234   | 72  | 3409584   | 97  | 5727934
23  | 48754    | 48  | 1183968   | 73  | 3502318   | 98  | 5820668
24  | 57550    | 49  | 1276702   | 74  | 3595052   | 99  | 5913402
25  | 67445    | 50  | 1369436   | 75  | 3687786   | 


Lvl | Exp      | Lvl | EXP       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp
 1  | 0        | 26  | 93316     | 51  | 1784634   | 76  | 4618609
 2  | 11       | 27  | 108623    | 52  | 1897993   | 77  | 4731968
 3  | 33       | 28  | 125844    | 53  | 2011352   | 78  | 4845327
 4  | 77       | 29  | 145217    | 54  | 2124711   | 79  | 4958686
 5  | 143      | 30  | 167012    | 55  | 2238070   | 80  | 5072045
 6  | 242      | 31  | 191531    | 56  | 2351429   | 81  | 5185404
 7  | 390      | 32  | 219114    | 57  | 2464788   | 82  | 5298763
 8  | 612      | 33  | 250145    | 58  | 2578147   | 83  | 5412122
 9  | 946      | 34  | 285055    | 59  | 2691506   | 84  | 5525481
10  | 1447     | 35  | 324329    | 60  | 2804865   | 85  | 5638840
11  | 2198     | 36  | 368511    | 61  | 2918224   | 86  | 5752199
12  | 3324     | 37  | 418216    | 62  | 3031583   | 87  | 5865558
13  | 4732     | 38  | 474134    | 63  | 3144942   | 88  | 5978917
14  | 6492     | 39  | 537042    | 64  | 3258301   | 89  | 6092276
15  | 8692     | 40  | 607813    | 65  | 3371660   | 90  | 6205635
16  | 11442    | 41  | 687430    | 66  | 3485019   | 91  | 6318994
17  | 14879    | 42  | 776998    | 67  | 3598378   | 92  | 6432353
18  | 19175    | 43  | 877762    | 68  | 3711737   | 93  | 6545712
19  | 24545    | 44  | 991121    | 69  | 3825096   | 94  | 6659071
20  | 31258    | 45  | 1104480   | 70  | 3938455   | 95  | 6772430
21  | 38810    | 46  | 1217839   | 71  | 4051814   | 96  | 6885789
22  | 47306    | 47  | 1331198   | 72  | 4165173   | 97  | 6999148
23  | 56863    | 48  | 1444557   | 73  | 4278432   | 98  | 7112507
24  | 67614    | 49  | 1557916   | 74  | 4391891   | 99  | 7225866
25  | 79709    | 50  | 1671275   | 75  | 4505250   | 


Lvl | Exp      | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp       | Lvl | Exp
 1  | 0        | 26  | 144933    | 51  | 2487152   | 76  | 6196702
 2  | 20       | 27  | 167475    | 52  | 2635534   | 77  | 6345084
 3  | 60       | 28  | 192835    | 53  | 2783916   | 78  | 6493466
 4  | 140      | 29  | 221365    | 54  | 2932298   | 79  | 6641848
 5  | 260      | 30  | 253461    | 55  | 3080680   | 80  | 6790230
 6  | 440      | 31  | 289568    | 56  | 3229062   | 81  | 6938612
 7  | 710      | 32  | 330188    | 57  | 3377444   | 82  | 7086994
 8  | 1115     | 33  | 375885    | 58  | 3525826   | 83  | 7235376
 9  | 1722     | 34  | 427293    | 59  | 3674208   | 84  | 7383758
10  | 2633     | 35  | 485126    | 60  | 3822590   | 85  | 7532140
11  | 3999     | 36  | 550188    | 61  | 3970972   | 86  | 7680522
12  | 6047     | 37  | 623383    | 62  | 4119354   | 87  | 7828904
13  | 8607     | 38  | 705726    | 63  | 4267736   | 88  | 7977286
14  | 11807    | 39  | 798362    | 64  | 4416118   | 89  | 8125668
15  | 15807    | 40  | 902577    | 65  | 4564500   | 90  | 8274050
16  | 20807    | 41  | 101981    | 66  | 4712882   | 91  | 8422432
17  | 27057    | 42  | 115171    | 67  | 4861264   | 92  | 8570814
18  | 34869    | 43  | 1300096   | 68  | 5009646   | 93  | 8719196
19  | 43657    | 44  | 1448478   | 69  | 5158028   | 94  | 8867578
20  | 53543    | 45  | 1596860   | 70  | 5306410   | 95  | 9015960
21  | 64664    | 46  | 1745242   | 71  | 5454792   | 96  | 9164342
22  | 77175    | 47  | 1893624   | 72  | 5603174   | 97  | 9312724
23  | 91250    | 48  | 2042006   | 73  | 5751556   | 98  | 9461106
24  | 124895   | 49  | 2190388   | 74  | 5899938   | 99  | 9609488
25  | 124895   | 50  | 2338770   | 75  | 6048320   | 

B. Personality Effects

Higher numbers indicate better level up improvement for that stat.

|Agile     | 3 | 6 | 3 | 4 | 2 | Lonesome | 4 | 3 | 2 | 5 | 5 |
|Alert     | 3 | 5 | 3 | 6 | 4 | Lucky    | 4 | 5 | 4 | 4 | 7 |
|Amazon*   | 6 | 3 | 4 | 2 | 2 | Macho    | 5 | 4 | 4 | 3 | 1 |
|Bully     | 6 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 2 | Meddler  | 5 | 3 | 5 | 2 | 2 |
|Careless  | 2 | 5 | 4 | 2 | 2 | Naive    | 4 | 3 | 3 | 2 | 5 |
|Cowardly  | 3 | 2 | 3 | 6 | 6 | Ordinary | 4 | 4 | 4 | 4 | 4 |
|Defiant   | 3 | 5 | 5 | 3 | 3 | Quick    | 4 | 7 | 4 | 4 | 4 |
|Diligent  | 5 | 3 | 6 | 3 | 2 | Romantic | 3 | 5 | 3 | 5 | 4 |
|Eagar     | 5 | 3 | 5 | 4 | 2 | Selfish  | 3 | 5 | 3 | 3 | 3 |
|Fearless  | 3 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 4 | Sexy*    | 5 | 6 | 5 | 5 | 6 |
|Foolish   | 3 | 5 | 5 | 4 | 2 | Sharp    | 4 | 6 | 2 | 7 | 3 |
|Gourmet   | 5 | 1 | 5 | 1 | 2 | Silly    | 4 | 6 | 3 | 5 | 5 |
|Happy     | 3 | 4 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Smart    | 3 | 4 | 4 | 6 | 3 |
|Helpless  | 3 | 4 | 3 | 5 | 4 | Solitary | 4 | 5 | 6 | 5 | 2 |
|Honest    | 4 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 3 | Stubborn | 4 | 1 | 6 | 1 | 2 |
|Ironman   | 5 | 2 | 6 | 3 | 2 | Timid    | 5 | 1 | 6 | 5 | 3 |
|Jock      | 6 | 2 | 4 | 2 | 2 | Tomboy*  | 5 | 5 | 2 | 3 | 3 |
|Kindly    | 5 | 3 | 5 | 5 | 3 | Tough    | 5 | 3 | 7 | 2 | 2 |
|Ladylike* | 4 | 2 | 3 | 5 | 7 | Twisted  | 2 | 6 | 2 | 5 | 6 |
|Lazy      | 5 | 1 | 6 | 2 | 5 | Vain     | 5 | 5 | 3 | 5 | 3 |
|Lewd+     | 5 | 3 | 6 | 5 | 3 | Valiant  | 7 | 2 | 4 | 2 | 2 |
|Logical   | 2 | 5 | 3 | 6 | 2 | Weepy    | 3 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5 |
| * Denotes Female Only          + Denotes Male Only          |
Note: The 'Unique' personality is not listed.

C. Monsters
| Name      | MaxHP | Gold | EXP   | Carries            |
| Almiraj   |    20 |    8 |    14 | Leather Hat        |
| Antbear   |    50 |   25 |   110 | ?                  |
| Anteater  |    12 |    4 |    12 | Leather Hat        |
| Archmage  |   130 |  140 |  2850 | Bounce Staff       |
| ArmyCrab  |    28 |   12 |    35 | Traveler's Clothes |
| Avenger   |   115 |   42 |   140 | ?                  |
| Babble    |    10 |    8 |    16 | Antidote           |
| Balrog    |    93 |   80 |  3270 | Magic Hat          |
| BaraBomus |  1100 |  450 | 13500 | Sorrow Shield      |
| BaraEvil  |   900 |  150 |  7300 | ?                  |
| BaraGonus |  3000 |  115 | 14300 | ?                  |
| Baramos   |  2500 |    0 | 65535 | ?                  |
| Barnabas  |    58 |   52 |   235 | Traveler's Clothes |
| BigHorn   |    75 |   68 |   353 | Repellent          |
| BigShroom |    24 |   18 |    39 | Repellent          |
| BlissBird |    90 |   85 |   980 | Token              |
| BlueBeak  |    60 |   32 |   372 | ?                  |
| BlueDragn |     ? |  150 |  4200 | LifeAcorn          |
| BombCrag  |   500 |  105 |   660 | LifeStone          |
| BossTroll |     ? |  105 |  2500 | STRseed            |
| Bruin     |    90 |   55 |   440 | STRseed            |
| Butterfly |    12 |    4 |     9 | WarpWing           |
| Cannibox  |   120 |   60 |   137 | ?                  |
| CarniMoth |    26 |   15 |    55 | Poison Needle      |
| Catapila  |    50 |   12 |    35 | Herb               |
| CatFly    |    40 |   20 |    65 | Plush Suit         |
| Catula    |    35 |   35 |   135 | Plush Suit         |
| Crabus    |    50 |   45 |   290 | Shell Armor        |
| Curer     |    50 |   38 |   278 | VITseed            |
| DarkTroll |   700 |   63 |  3700 | ?                  |
| DarthBear |   150 |  130 |  2080 | AGLseed            |
| DeadHound |    42 |   20 |    95 | LifeAcorn          |
| DeadStool |    40 |   40 |    92 | ?                  |
| Demonite  |    70 |   45 |   100 | ?                  |
| DemonSwrd |   300 |   52 |  2800 | 2-Edged Sword      |
| Deranger  |    80 |   48 |   343 | Token              |
| DevilMage |   350 |  210 |  4300 | Wizard Ring        |
| Divinegon | ~7300 |    0 | 50000 | STRseed            |
| Dorasbox  |     ? |  400 |  6000 | Tattoo             |
| Dragon    |   120 |  107 |  2600 | VITseed            |
| Druid     |    35 |   35 |    82 | LUCKseed           |
| Echidna   |    21 |    7 |    12 | Herb               |
| Eliminato |   120 |   53 |    37 | Sickle             |
| EvilCloud |     ? |  100 |  3200 | MysticNut          |
| EvilCrab  |   180 |   80 |  2500 | ?                  |
| EvilMage  |    95 |   85 |  1650 | WorldLeaf          |
| Executer  |    45 |   35 |   150 | Poison Needle      |
| Flamepede |    45 |   35 |    72 | INTseed            |
| Froggore  |    15 |    5 |    12 | Herb               |
| Garuda    |    60 |   71 |   220 | Token              |
| GasCloud  |    25 |   14 |    35 | ?                  |
| GateGuard |   700 |  130 |  8500 | Tattoo             |
| Ghoul     |   170 |   48 |  1270 | Evade Clothes      |
| Goategon  |    70 |   50 |   297 | STRseed            |
| GoldMan   |   210 | 1030 |   390 | Golden Claw        |
| Goon      |    60 |    0 |    80 | ?                  |
| Goon      |   120 |    0 |   100 | ?                  |
| Goopi     |    70 |   78 |   720 | Iron Claw          |
| GranDragn |     ? |    0 | 50000 | ?                  |
| GreatBeak |    43 |   44 |   175 | INTseed            |
| GrayBear  |     ? |  140 |  2500 | ?                  |
| Grizzly   |   110 |   65 |   523 | STRseed            |
| GrndTitan |   350 |  150 |  2500 | Thor Sword         |
| Healer    |    30 |    8 |    24 | ?                  |
| HeatCloud |    37 |   28 |   105 | ?                  |
| HellArmor |    60 |   57 |   315 | Iron Armor         |
| HellCrab  |    40 |   23 |    78 | ?                  |
| HellNite  |   130 |   73 |  1190 | ?                  |
| Hologhost |    85 |   42 |  1040 | Token              |
| Hork      |    98 |   15 |   120 | Cloth Armor        |
| HornyHare |    10 |    3 |     8 | Herb               |
| HunterFly |    30 |   25 |    98 | ?                  |
| Hydra     |   150 |   95 |  3090 | ?                  |
| IceCloud  |    80 |   68 |  1070 | Token              |
| IceDragon |   110 |   90 |   440 | LifeAcorn          |
| IceMan    |   140 |   74 |   405 | Magic Hat          |
| IronNite  |     ? |    ? |     ? | VITseed            |
| JellyFish |    40 |   38 |   180 | MoonHerb           |
| JewelBag  |    50 | 1023 |    10 | ?                  |
| Kandar    |   300 |    0 |  2200 | ?                  |
| Kandar    |   700 |    0 |  4800 | ?                  |
| KillArmor |    70 |   80 |   418 | Steel Armor        |
| KillerApe |    40 |   45 |   170 | WarpWing           |
| KillerBee |    25 |   13 |    26 | MoonHerb           |
| KingSquid |   135 |   90 |   335 | LifeAcorn          |
| KingToad  |    38 |   23 |    70 | Spiny Whip         |
| Kong      |    95 |   68 |   432 | LifeAcorn          |
| Kragacle  |   450 |  160 |  2090 | LifeAcorn          |
| LavaMan   |    60 |   61 |   417 | ?                  |
| Leona     |   140 |   90 |  2780 | Sorrow Shield      |
| Lionhead  |   115 |   98 |  1350 | ?                  |
| MadHound  |    40 |   14 |    53 | INTseed            |
| MadCondor |   100 |   71 |   367 | Token              |
| MadOx     |    60 |   45 |   162 | ?                  |
| MadPecker |    55 |   37 |   228 | AGLseed            |
| MadRaven  |    25 |   22 |    45 | ?                  |
| Magician  |    23 |   10 |    20 | Repellent          |
| MagWyvern |   100 |  125 |  2240 | Magic Hat          |
| Manabat   |    28 |   18 |    29 | Knife              |
| Mantigore |   160 |  120 |  3060 | Sorrow Shield      |
| Merdane   |    60 |   58 |   263 | ?                  |
| MerKing   |   120 |  110 |  1590 | Magic Bikini       |
| Merman    |    54 |   48 |   240 | STRseed            |
| Metabble  |     6 |   10 | 40200 | LUCKShoes          |
| Metaly    |     4 |    5 |  4140 | AGLseed            |
| Mimic     |   240 |  110 |   735 | Demon Axe          |
| MiniDemon |    80 |   89 |   587 | Misery Helm        |
| MtlGoopi  |     ? |   90 |  2000 | LUCKseed           |
| MtlWyvern |   150 |   50 |  9000 | LUCKShoes          |
| Mummy     |    55 |   36 |    82 | Repellent          |
| MummyMan  |    35 |   25 |    73 | Token              |
| Mystifier |    42 |   55 |   128 | Token              |
| OldHag    |    70 |   63 |   463 | Hide Herb          |
| Orochi    |  1800 |    0 |  2080 | Orochi Sword       |
| Orochi    |  2000 | 1000 |  8040 | ?                  |
| Phoenix   |   350 |  150 |  3700 | WorldLeaf          |
| Putregon  |   350 |   53 |  3500 | STRseed            |
| PutrePup  |    50 |   15 |    29 | LifeAcorn          |
| Raven     |     9 |    3 |     6 | Herb               |
| RedDragon |     ? |  220 |  4500 | ?                  |
| RedSlime  |     6 |    2 |     8 | Herb               |
| RogueNite |    55 |   30 |    68 | Copper Sword       |
| Salamandr |   200 |  180 |  6000 | ?                  |
| SeaSlime  |    38 |   35 |   197 | WarpWing           |
| Shadow    |    70 |   31 |   743 | ?                  |
| Shadower  | ~~~~~ | ~~~~ | ~~~~~ | Traveler's Clothes |
| Shaman    |    93 |   50 |   358 | LUCKseed           |
| Skeletor  |    75 |   68 |   843 | ?                  |
| Skullgon  |   200 |   78 |  2350 | STRseed            |
| SkyDragon |    80 |  180 |   800 | LifeAcorn          |
| Slime     |     8 |    2 |     4 | Herb               |
| Snaily    |    20 |   28 |   210 | Stick              |
| SteelHulk |     ? |  450 |  6500 | ?                  |
| StingMoth |    40 |   35 |   165 | MoonHerb           |
| StingWasp |    12 |    6 |    14 | LUCKseed           |
| StoneMan  |   195 |   82 |  1780 | Terra Armor        |
| Swordoid  |   170 |   87 |  3180 | ?                  |
| Tentacles |   250 |  120 |  1280 | Fighting Suit      |
| Toadstool |    30 |   20 |    56 | ?                  |
| TortoLord |   120 |  120 |  1420 | ?                  |
| Tortragon |    68 |   88 |   652 | Iron Helmet        |
| TrickBag  |    40 |  350 |     5 | VITseed            |
| Troll     |   250 |  105 |  1030 | Club               |
| TrollKing |   250 |  120 |  3050 | Thor Sword         |
| Vampire   |    35 |   25 |    61 | LUCKseed           |
| VenomHork |    80 |   25 |   368 | Antidote           |
| VenomToad |    25 |    9 |    20 | Antidote           |
| VenomWorm |    35 |   20 |    47 | Antidote           |
| VileShade |   130 |   77 |  1710 | ?                  |
| VoodooMan |   120 |   95 |   673 | WorldLeaf          |
| VoodooWiz |   150 |  105 |  1930 | BugPowder          |
| WhiteLion |     ? |  140 |  2500 | INTseed            |
| WildApe   |    60 |   30 |    60 | ?                  |
| WingDemon |   125 |   90 |  2490 | ?                  |
| Witch     |    54 |   52 |   305 | Hide Herb          |
| Wyvern    |    80 |   75 |  1780 | WarpWing           |
| Zoma      | ~4900 |    0 |     0 | None               |

D. Monster Medals

Sorted by number. Locations of where you can find the monster have been 
included to ease your searching.
|No. | Name      | Region   | Found                                          
|001 | Slime     | Aliahan  | Aliahan, Reeve, Tantegal, Mercado, Najima Cave
|002 | Raven     | Aliahan  | Aliahan, Reeve, Najima Cave, Najima Tower
|003 | HornyHare | Aliahan  | Reeve, Najima Cave
|004 | Anteater  | Aliahan  | Reeve, Najima Cave
|005 | Butterfly | Aliahan  | Reeve, Najima Tower, Tempt Cave, Kazave
|006 | Froggore  | Aliahan  | Reeve, Najima Tower
|007 | Babble    | Aliahan  | Reeve, Najima Tower, Tempt Cave
|008 | Magician  | Aliahan  | Reeve, Tempt Cave, Romaly
|009 | StingWasp | Aliahan  | Reeve, Tempt Cave
|010 | Healer    | Aliahan  | Tower of Garuna, Reeve
|011 | Echidna   | Aliahan  | Tempt Cave
|012 | Almiraj   | Aliahan  | Lancel, Reeve, Tempt Cave, Romaly
|013 | VenomToad | Romaly   | Romaly
|014 | Catapila  | Aliahan  | Lancel, Tempt Cave, Romaly, Kazave
|015 | Manabat   | Romaly   | Romaly, Kazave, Tower Shanpane
|016 | PutrePup  | Romaly   | Romaly, Kazave, Noaniels
|017 | KillerBee | Romaly   | Kazave, Tower Shanpane
|018 | ArmyCrab  | Romaly   | Kazave, Noaniels, Tower Shanpane
|019 | GasCloud  | Romaly   | Noaniels, Tower Shanpane, Ashalam
|020 | BigShroom | Romaly   | Tower Shanpane, Isis Desert
|021 | VenomWorm | Romaly   | Noaniels, Shanpane Tower
|022 | MadRaven  | Noaniels | Noaniels, Portoga
|023 | MadHound  | Noaniels | Noaniels Cave, Portoga, Lancel, Ashalam
|024 | Toadstool | Noaniels | Noaniels Cave, Portoga
|025 | Shadower  | Noaniels | Noaniels, Lancel, Baharata Cave, Pyramid, Tower
|    |           |          | of Garuna
|026 | Vampire   | Noaniels | Noaniels Cave, Ashalam, Portoga, Baharata,
|    |           |          | Lancel
|027 | CarniMoth | Noaniels | Noaniels Cave, Isis Desert
|028 | RogueNite | Romaly   | Romaly, Kazave, Noaniels, Portoga, Lancel,
|    |           |          | Earth's Navel, Tower Shanpane
|029 | CatFly    | Ashalam  | Isis Desert, Ashalam, Baharata, Baharata Cave,
|    |           |          | Earth's Navel
|030 | KingToad  | Ashalam  | Pyramid, Zipangu, Zipangu Cave
|031 | WildApe   | Ashalam  | Ashalam, Lancel
|032 | TrickBag  | Isis     | Pyramid, Baharata Cave
|033 | MummyMan  | Ashalam  | Pyramid, Isis Desert
|034 | HellCrab  | Ashalam  | Isis Desert
|035 | Druid     | Portoga  | Portoga
|036 | Flamepede | Ashalam  | Isis Desert, Earth's Navel
|037 | Mummy     | Isis     | Pyramid, Lancel, Earth's Navel
|038 | DeadStool | Baharata | Baharata, Earth's Navel
|039 | HunterFly | Baharata | Baharata, Baharata Cave, Earth's Navel
|040 | DeadHound | Baharata | Baharata
|041 | Mystifier | Baharata | Baharata Cave, Dharma
|042 | HeatCloud | Baharata | Baharata
|043 | Antbear   | Baharata | Baharata, Dharma, Earth's Navel
|044 | Curer     | Samanao  | Edinbear, Gondo, Gondo Cave, Samanao Cave
|045 | MadOx     | Dharma   | Dharma, Garuna Tower
|046 | Catula    | Baharata | Baharata Cave, Dharma
|047 | EvilMage  | ???      | Baramos's Castle
|048 | KillerApe | Dharma   | Dharma, Earth's Navel
|049 | Garuda    | Dharma   | Tower of Garuna, Zipangu
|050 | Metaly    | Baharata | Dharma, Garuna Tower, Earth's Navel, World Leaf
|    |           |          | Forest, Zipangu Cave
|051 | Goategon  | Tedanki  | Tedanki, Lancel
|052 | Executer  | Baharata | Baharata Cave, Earth's Navel, Dharma
|053 | Demonite  | Zipangu  | Muor, Zipangu, Earth's Navel
|054 | Deranger  | Soo      | Soo, Cave of Zipangu
|055 | Cannibox  | ???      | Pyramid, Baharata Cave, Tower of Arp, Ice Cave
|056 | Eliminato | Soo      | Tower of Arp
|057 | Greatbeak | Dharma   | Tower of Garuna
|058 | Snaily    | Zipangu  | Zipangu, Muor
|059 | SkyDragon | Dharma   | Tower of Garuna, Zipangu
|060 | Barnabas  | Zipangu  | Edinbear, Tower of Arp, World Leaf Forest, Muor
|061 | Witch     | Tedanki  | Tedanki, Lancel, Edinbear, World Leaf Forest
|062 | MadPecker | Zipangu  | Muor, Zipangu
|063 | HellArmor | Tedanki  | Tedanki, Lancel, Edinbear, Pirate House
|064 | SeaSlime  | Ocean    | Ocean, Luzami
|065 | JellyFish | Ocean    | Ocean, Phantom Ship
|066 | Merman    | Ocean    | Ocean
|067 | KingSquid | Ocean    | Ocean
|068 | Crabus    | Ocean    | Ocean, Luzami, Phantom Ship
|069 | Merdane   | Ocean    | Ocean, Soo, Phantom Ship
|070 | MadCondor | Ocean    | Ocean, Soo, Luzami, Leiamland
|071 | Bruin     | Dharma   | Dharma, Zipangu, Zipangu Cave, Samanao
|072 | Hork      | Baharata | Zipangu, Zipangu Cave, Samanao, Baharata,
|    |           |          | Tedanki
|073 | BigHorn   | Soo      | Soo, Greenlad, Tower of Arp
|074 | StingMoth | Dharma   | Garuna Tower, Zipangu, Muor, Lancel, Soo
|075 | VenomHork | Soo      | Soo, Tower of Arp
|076 | BlueBeak  | Soo      | Soo, Tower of Arp, Luzami
|077 | KillArmor | Soo      | Tower of Arp, Samanao, World Leaf Forest,
|    |           |          | Samanao Cave
|078 | Avenger   | Northern | Dragon Queen's Island
|079 | LavaMan   | Zipangu  | Cave of Zipangu
|080 | Shaman    | Tedanki  | Tedanki, Lancel, Soo, Pirate House
|081 | OldHag    | Northern | Samanao, World Leaf Forest, Dragon Queen's
|    |           |          | Island 
|082 | Shadow    | Samanao  | Samanao Cave
|083 | IceMan    | Greenlad | Greenlad
|084 | Wyvern    | ???      | Domdora, Mercado, Rimuldar
|085 | Kong      | Samanao  | Pirate House, Samanao Cave
|086 | Tortragon | Samanao  | Samanao, Samanao Cave
|087 | BlissBird | Northern | World Leaf Forest, Dragon Queen's Island, Gondo
|    |           |          | Shrine
|088 | BombCrag  | Northern | World Leaf Forest, Dragon Queen's Island, South
|    |           |          | of Rimuldar
|089 | Grizzly   | Northern | Dragon Queen's Island
|090 | VoodooMan | Samanao  | Samanao, Samanao Cave
|091 | TortoLord | Gondo    | Gondo Cave, Gondo Shrine, Kol Tower, Mountain
|    |           |          | Cave
|092 | IceDragon | Greenlad | Greenlad, Gondo Shrine, Leiamland, Baramos's
|    |           |          | Castle
|093 | Troll     | Gondo    | Gondo
|094 | IceCloud  | Gondo    | Gondo, Gondo Cave, Gondo Shrine
|095 | JewelBag  | Gondo    | Gondo Cave, Mountain Cave
|096 | MiniDemon | Gondo    | World Leaf Forest, Gondo, Gondo Cave
|097 | Tentacles | Ocean    | Ocean, Phantom Ship
|098 | Skeletor  | Samanao  | Samanao Cave, Phantom Ship
|099 | Mimic     | ???      | Earth's Navel, Samanao Cave, Nail Mark, Kol
|    |           |          | Tower, Zoma's Castle, Sky Cave, Ice Cave
|100 | HellNite  | Gondo    | Gondo Cave, Baramos's Castle, Tantegal, 
|    |           |          | Cave, Mercado, South of Rimuldar
|101 | Hologhost | Gondo    | Gondo Cave, Baramos's Castle, Mountain Cave
|102 | Orochi    | Zipangu  | Zipangu Cave
|103 | StoneMan  | Gondo    | Baramos's Castle, Tantegal, Domdora
|104 | Salamandr | ???      | Tantegal, Nail Mark, Zoma's Castle
|105 | RedSlime  | ???      | Tantegal, Garinham, Domdora, Mercado
|106 | Goopi     | ???      | Tantegal, Garinham, Kol, Kol Tower, Rimuldar
|107 | VileShade | ???      | Kol Tower, Domdora, Mercado, South of Rimuldar
|108 | VoodooWiz | ???      | Kol Tower, Mercado
|109 | Metabble  | Soo      | Gondo Cave, Baramos's Castle, Kol Tower,
|    |           |          | Rimuldar, Zoma's Castle, Sky Cave
|110 | Ghoul     | ???      | Garinham, Kol, Mercado
|111 | Lionhead  | ???      | Gondo Cave, Baramos's Castle
|112 | BossTroll | Samanao  | Samanao Castle, Ice Cave
|113 | GoldMan   | ???      | South of Rimuldar, Sky Cave
|114 | Skullgon  | ???      | Kol, Mercado, Rimuldar
|115 | MerKing   | ???      | Dark Ocean, Sky Cave
|116 | Kragacle  | ???      | Dark Ocean
|117 | DarthBear | ???      | Kol Tower, Mountain Cave, Mercado, Rimuldar
|118 | GrndTitan | ???      | Zoma's Castle
|119 | Leona     | ???      | Kol Tower
|120 | Archmage  | ???      | Nail Mark, Zoma's Castle
|121 | MagWyvern | ???      | Kol Tower, Mercado
|122 | WingDemon | ???      | Nail Mark, Kol, Kol Tower
|123 | Hydra     | ???      | Nail Mark
|124 | TrollKing | ???      | Nail Mark, Zoma's Castle
|125 | Dragon    | ???      | Kol Tower, Zoma's Castle, Sky Cave
|126 | Balrog    | ???      | Zoma's Castle, Sky Cave
|127 | Putregon  | ???    0  | Zoma's Castle, Sky Cave
|128 | Mantigore | ???      | Zoma's Castle
|129 | Swordoid  | ???      | Zoma's Castle
|130 | KingHydra | ???      | Zoma's Castle, Sky Cave
|131 | BaraBomus | ???      | Zoma's Castle, Ice Cave
|132 | BaraGonus | ???      | Zoma's Castle, Ice Cave
|133 | Baramos   | ???      | Baramos's Castle
|134 | Zoma      | ???      | Zoma's Castle
|135 | Phoenix   | ???      | Celestial Tower
|136 | GateGuard | ???      | Celestial Tower
|137 | MtlWyvern | ???      | Celestial Tower
|138 | DevilMage | ???      | Sky Cave, Celestial Tower
|139 | EvilCrab  | ???      | Sky Cave
|140 | DarkTroll | ???      | Sky Cave, Celestial Tower
|141 | DemonSwrd | ???      | Sky Cave, Celestial Tower
|142 | BaraEvil  | ???      | Sky Cave, Celestial Tower
|143 | Divinegon | ???      | Celestial Tower
|144 | Kandar    | ???      | Shanpane Tower
|145 | Goon      | ???      | Shanpane Tower, Baharata Cave
|146 | Slime*    | Aliahan  | Rare Medal Wish #2
|147 | Orochi    | Zipangu  | Zipangu
|148 | BossTroll*| Samanao  | Rare Medal Wish #2
|149 | KingHydra*| ???      | Rare Medal Wish #2
|150 | BaraBomus*| ???      | Rare Medal Wish #2
|151 | BaraGonus*| ???      | Rare Medal Wish #2
|152 | Baramos*  | Gondo    | Rare Medal wish #3
|153 | Zoma*     | ???      | Rare Medal Wish #3
|154 | Divinegon*| ???      | Rare Medal Wish #3
|155 | Kandar    | Romaly   | Baharata Cave
|156 | GrayBear  | ???      | Ice Cave
|157 | WhiteLion | ???      | Ice Cave
|158 | ?         | ?        | ?
|159 | ?         | ?        | ?
|160 | IronNite  | ???      | Ice Cave
|161 | ?         | ?        | ?
|162 | ?         | ?        | ?
|163 | ?         | ?        | ?
|164 | ?         | ?        | ?
|165 | ?         | ?        | ?

|6 | Thanks/Etc |

1. Dasha for random inspiration that was directly quoted in some cases.
2. Mike Mawhinney for pointing out that BlazeMost works on Divinegon and does 
pretty good damage :)
3. Daydreamer.  I found his Pachisi guide after I drew up my maps and was 
able to mark down a few items from chests/vases/etc that I had missed.
4. Enix for making the game, and then updating it for GBC.
5. DjellyBean for information on the personality scenarios that I hadn't 
gotten. (Theft, Well, Lovers, and parts of the Queen's Treachery)
5. Various FAQ writers whose work I've glanced at. These have helped me find 
a few items I've missed.  I've also looked at them for ideas on how to format 
this guide.  Specifically, the guides of DJellyBean and Shdwwrym.
6. Monster HP was extracted from the Prima Guide.

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