What happens if you don't speak to the king?

  1. I never noticed that you could choose not to talk to the king at the beginning of the game. This disallows you to make and recruit party members at Ruida's. This could work for solo hero quests! However, I am not ready to partake in a solo quest quite yet, so I was wondering if anyone has chosen not to speak to the king, and if so, does it give you any special text such as the king being insulted for not talking to him (until the defeat of baramos anyways) or townspeople mention it or something.

    Yes I want to be spoiled, I have played this game many times and beaten a lot.

    User Info: Ruesen

    Ruesen - 11 years ago

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  1. You can't get to Baramos without speaking to the King because you need a Dealer in order to get the Orb east of Soo.

    That's I think the furthest you can go off the top of my head.

    User Info: Rofflemyhatoff

    Rofflemyhatoff - 11 years ago 4   1


  1. Immediately, not talking to the King will change your personality. It'll change to either Stubborn or Twisted, depending on your answers to your Mother's questions. In the long run, Roffle is right, you won't be able to create the new town without access to Ruida's Tavern. So eventually you WILL need to see the King.

    User Info: JoeNobody

    JoeNobody - 11 years ago 2   0
  2. You won't receive the King's Blessing to take on Baramos, you will have a personality change, and you won't get free items. The worst to happen will be the fact that you can't register allies, meaning you can't register a Dealer, and you can't have him/her placed in charge of "NewBurg" to receive the Yellow Orb. You won't get Lamia, and then you will never access Gondo castle, which will ultimately result in you never beating Baramos or the game.

    User Info: bwakel_ketsu

    bwakel_ketsu - 11 years ago 2   0

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