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by Eevee-Trainer / _Cecilia_

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Guide and Walkthrough by Eevee-Trainer
/ _Cecilia_

Version: v1.13 | Updated: 04/05/2021

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics of the Game
  3. Johto Walkthrough
    1. Zephyr Badge - Game Start-Up and New Bark Town
    2. Zephyr Badge - Meeting Mr. Pokemon
    3. Zephyr Badge - Route 31 (and some side areas)
    4. Zephyr Badge - Violet City, Sprout Tower, and The Gym
    5. Hive Badge - To Azalea Town!
    6. Hive Badge - Azaleas, Slowpokes, and A Gym
    7. Plain Badge - A Rival, A Forest, and A Daycare
    8. Plain Badge - A Golden City
    9. Fog Badge - Watering Pokemon and Catching Bugs
    10. Fog Badge - Ecruteak City: Where Past and Present Meet
    11. Storm Badge - A Trip to the Coast
    12. Storm Badge - A Lighthouse and An Ocean Crossing
    13. Mineral Badge - The Sound of Clashing Steel
    14. Glacier Badge - To Mahogany Town!
    15. Glacier Badge - Ousting Team Rocket
    16. Glacier Badge - A Bone-Chilling Gym Battle!
    17. Rising Badge - The Rocket Radio Ruckus!
    18. Rising Badge - The Guardian of the Skies, Ho-Oh! (Gold Version)
    19. Rising Badge - The Guardian of the Seas, Lugia! (Silver Version)
    20. Rising Badge - Route 44 and Ice Path
    21. Rising Badge - Gold in the Dragon's Den
    22. Road to the Pokemon League!
    23. The Indigo Plateau!
  4. Kanto Walkthrough
    1. Thunder Badge - An Electrifying Arrival!
    2. Marsh Badge - Who Saw This Coming?
    3. Rainbow Badge - The City of Rainbow Dreams
    4. Soul Badge - The Passion-Pink Fuschia City
    5. Cascade Badge - The Aquatic Cerulean City
    6. Boulder Badge - Oh, She'll Be Coming Around Mt. Moon...~
    7. Volcano Badge - Fiery Battle in the Seafoam Islands!
    8. Earth Badge - Return to Viridian City!
    9. Side Activity: Unexplored Areas in Kanto
    10. Mt. Silver: The Final Trial
  5. Miscellaneous Gameplay Info
    1. The Legendary Beasts: Entei, Raikou, and Suicune
    2. Time-Based Events
    3. HM Item Cleanups
    4. Pokemon Trades
    5. Pokemon Gifts
  6. Item Listings
    1. Medicinal Items
    2. Field Item
    3. Hold Items
    4. Vitamins and Other Stat Boosters
    5. In-Battle Stat Boosters
    6. Berries
    7. Pokeballs
    8. Evolution Items
    9. Apricorns
    10. Mail
    11. Misc. Items
    12. TMs and HMs
    13. Key Items
  7. Shop Info Compendium
  8. Pokemon Encounter Lists By Area
    1. Overview and Area Quick-Jump
    2. Wild Pokemon Encounter Lists
  9. Trainer Info Compendium
    1. Overview and Trainer Links
    2. Full Trainer Info List
  10. Pokemon Info Compendium
    1. Pokemon Types, Base Stats, and Stat Exp.
    2. Pokemon Breeding Stats
    3. Miscellaneous Pokemon Stats
    4. Pokemon Evolution Conditions
    5. Wild Pokemon Hold Items
    6. Time Capsule Hold Items
    7. Pokemon Move Information
    8. Pokemon Type Affinities
    9. Pokemon HM Compatibility
  11. Game Mechanics
    1. Time Reset Passcode Mechanics
    2. Stat Growth Calculation and Hidden Stats
    3. Stat Changes in Battle
    4. Damage Calculation
    5. Badge Damage Modifiers
    6. Accuracy Calculation
    7. Critical Hit Calculation
    8. Battle Fleeing Mechanics
    9. Pokemon Disobedience Mechanics
    10. EXP. Calculation and Growth
    11. Pokemon Capture Mechanics
    12. Pokemon Breeding Mechanics
    13. Special Move Mechanics
    14. Shiny Pokemon Mechanics
    15. Pokemon Gender Mechanics
    16. Unown Letter Mechanics
    17. 3DS Virtual Console Transfer Mechanics
    18. Game RAM Addresses and Internal IDs
  12. Pokemon Learnsets
    1. Overview and Quick Links
    2. Learnsets: Pokemon #001-#025
    3. Learnsets: Pokemon #026-#050
    4. Learnsets: Pokemon #051-#075
    5. Learnsets: Pokemon #076-#100
    6. Learnsets: Pokemon #101-#125
    7. Learnsets: Pokemon #126-#150
    8. Learnsets: Pokemon #151-#175
    9. Learnsets: Pokemon #176-#200
    10. Learnsets: Pokemon #201-#225
    11. Learnsets: Pokemon #226-#251
  13. Other Topics of Interest
    1. Coin Case Glitch: Obtain Mew, Celebi, Other Pokemon and Easy Shinies!
  14. Guide Closing


GamePokémon Gold & Silver Versions
ConsolesGameBoy Color & Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
Guide TypeFAQ/Walkthrough
Guide AuthorsEevee-Trainer & _Cecilia_
File Versionv1.13
Time of Update12:49 PM 10/25/2017

Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version.

After the release of Pokémon Red and Green in Japan - later followed by Blue, and then by Blue and Red in the west, and even further expanded upon by Pokémon Yellow Version - the series saw a massive explosion in popularity. It was 1996 when the series started, and they had been in development for a whopping six years. Coming into being in 1996, hopes at Game Freak were probably dim. They weren't exactly a big or experienced game developer. The GameBoy was nearing the end of its life cycle, with the GameBoy Color just around the corner. Plus Pokémon - or Pocket Monsters as it was then known - relied strongly on a Japanese RPG style of play, even if it does technically belong better in the Trainer RPG category. Neither were particularly well-founded in the west: Final Fantasy and Dragon Waarior were making progress, admittedly, really setting up the foundation for the popularity of the JRPG, but the boom was still a year away, when Final Fantasy VII would be released. And in the east, JRPGs were becoming a very saturated genre, with many games still taking inspiration from the Dragon Quest format.

But despite this, the game released. Junichi Masuda's vision of a game that would recreate the joys of bug-collecting around his home in Japan, and a game that would encourage interactivity unlike any other game on the console between players, a true labor of love - even if the games really were rough around the edges in more ways than can be enumerated upon - released.

Against everything facing it, Pokémon quickly became a global phenomenon. All sorts of other merchandise followed. Manga, anime, movies, a trading card game, various side games in the series, action figures, plush toys ... Pokémon is almost something that is ingrained in our culture now. In sales figures, the series is now the second-best selling series of all time, behind our favorite Italian plumber, Mario. The series is now in its seventh generation, over 20 years later. Dozens if not hundreds of games have been released. We have more than five times the original 151 Pokémon, and there's no sign that this train is going to be stopping any time soon.

As the series was ascending to the throne of its popularity, a sequel was bound to follow. News eventually came out of a "Pocket Monsters 2" in development. A game intended to be a sequel to the original, to be released for the GameBoy Color. All sorts of changes were found in the games that eventually became standard for the series today:

  • Pokémon hold items
  • A rebalancing of Pokémon stats by splitting the Special stat into Sp. Atk. and Sp. Def.
  • A day/night time system
  • Over 100 new Pokémon
  • The ability to bring Pokémon over from your old games
  • Two new Pokémon types, Dark and Steel
  • A noticeable jump in difficulty from the previous games

...and so much more! A new story, in a new region. And thanks to the genius of the late Satoru Iwata, Pokémon Gold and Silver were to become unique titles in the Pokémon series: thanks to compression techniques he integerated into the game, a special postgame was made, a postgame in which you could return to Kanto as well! This wasn't thought possible for the games at the outset, and without him we never would have been able to return to Kanto. The developers challenged the limits of the game's engine in ways that aren't obvious unless you look into the game's code.

For a long time, Pokémon Gold, Silver, their expansion in Crystal, and their DS remakes in HeartGold/SoulSilver were my favorite games in the main series. Later tonight, at least from when I'm writing this, Pokémon Gold and Silver will release on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, over 15 years after their original release and following up on last year's VC port of Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Versions. And now you're probably asking, "Why the hell are you writing this Eev?"

There's all sorts of reasons:

  • This is the first HTML guide for Pokémon Gold & Silver on GameFAQs. This comes with increased usability and search-engine optimization.
  • I feel like this is the most comprehensive guide for Pokémon Gold & Silver on GameFAQs. Complete, near-100% walkthrough for the game, with very in-depth strategies for difficult bosses is here, derived from my expert knowledge of Pokémon from competitive Pokémon battling, a deep knowledge of Pokémon game mechanics, and from RAM analysis by literally looking at the game data, even providing data that you might not elsewhere on the internet - especially Serebii and Bulbapedia, much less GameFAQs.
  • The guide is streamlined. We don't clutter it up with table after table, a big criticism of my inspiration in formatting this guide, renowned GameFAQs contributor KeyBlade999. We make great use of links and more: people who don't want to see full Trainer stats or wild Pokémon rates don't have to, making the walkthrough all the more efficient. We provide maps by excellent game cartographer KeyBlade999 for this game to further aid in navigation (even if his Gold/Silver maps were indeed flawed). All of these things and much, much more, on pretty much every topic you could desire, are provided as supplements to the main walkthrough, almost everything only a click away. From basic information to wild Pokémon encounter rates to in-depth stuff like Pokémon learnsets and damage calculations and Pokémon ID numbers and hidden Pokémon stats, this guide is perhaps the one place on the internet where you can find a one-stop-shop for nearly everything you'd want for Pokémon Gold and Silver.
  • And finally, this guide is a labor of love. I made it with a great friend of mine, Cecilia, who was more than willing to take on some of the heavier work. I made it on a whim, with little more than a few weeks' of planning in mind, for two big reasons: because I felt like I could surpass the other guides, and because I love these games and really wanted to cover them. I love guide-writing, I love Pokémon Gold and Silver, and with Pokémon Gold and Silver at the forefront of many people's minds, there was no better time than now to try it.

We sincerely hope you enjoy what we have to offer in this guide and find value in the fruit of our labor!

~ Eevee-Trainer