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Time Reset FAQ by Ice84

Version: Final | Updated: 12/08/2001

                           Pokemon Gold and Silver
                            Reseting Time and Day
                                Final Version
                              Done by: Ice84

I.- Introduction

As you know, time plays an important role in this games. It's so important that
some events only take place at specific hours and days. Thinking in that, I
made this guide for telling you how you can change the hour and the day of the
week every time you play. Well, I know that there are web pages that can help
you with this automatically (even you can download special programs for it!),
but if you want to do it manually, then you have come to the right place.

Note: This code/cheat doesn't affect your saved game. So don't be afraid of
trying this code if you want to. The worst thing that could happen is that you
have to reset the time each time you play.

II.- Version History

Version 1.0 (23/VI/2001) - Welcome to Reseting Time and Day Guide in Pokemon
Gold and Silver. I think this will be the first and final version on the guide,
unless I make some changes in errors I might have done. You are very welcome to
send me an e-mail if you see I made any mistake.

Version 2.0 (6/VII/2001) - Corrected the table for the values of each of the
name's characters, and because I have received many doubts by mail, I have
revised the guide. If you found any errors, please send me an e-mail telling me
the problem.

Version 3.0 (8/VII/2001) - I have received some mails telling me that after
following the guide, so I reviewed my guide again and again. I haven't found
any errors in it. Even I reviewed it using a program I downloaded that
calculates the password and the guide is OK. I think the cost common problem is
with the amount of money. I'm sure that is the amount of money that appears on
the stat screen. I'm sure of it because once I used this trick with that amount
and it run perfectly. Even so, I will ask you a favor. Try with both the amount
that appears in the stats screen and with this amount plus the amount of money
your mother has. E-mail me if you find with which one the trick runs perfectly.
Everything else should be OK.

Version 4.0 (9/VII/2001) - Just added a few things. I hope this is the LAST
version of the guide.

Version 5.0 (19/VII/2001) - This is it. This is the final version of the guide.
If you have questions, send them by e-mail.

FINAL VERSION (15/IX/2001) - Well, i just wanted to say that I changed my nick.
Also, I will suspend the service of telling your password because I don't have
too much time to answer these things. Just follow the guide, it's perfectly
accurate. If you don't get your password, go to the link provided at the end of
the FAQ. Also, don't ask me for cheats like "how to duplicate items" because I
don't know any. There are plenty of weppages that have these cheats posted.

8/XII/2001 - Important!!! Finally, the guide has been actualized and now you
shouldn't have any problems in obtaining your password. I want to give my
thanks to Juan David Quintana, who indicated me all the corrections. Sorry if
this problem occasionated troubles to all of you.

III.- How to Reset Time and Day

Well, let's begin.

First, before you try to follow these steps, write in a sheet of paper your
name in the game EXACTLY as it is written (if your name is KAMON, write KAMON,
not Kamon or kamon or kAMON). Then you have to write your ID number and the
amount of money that appears at your stats screen (the one that shows the
number of pokemon you have, your ID, the time played, the medals you have won,
etc.). After that, follow this steps:

1.- Using the chart at the end of this guide, write the corresponding number of
the first five letters (or symbols if it's the case) of your name and add them.
This is result #1. Remember that capital letters are not the same as lower-case
letter. In case that your name is less than five characters, leave it as it is.

2.- Then, divide the total amount of your money by 256 and add the reminder to
the quotient of the division. It doesn't matter if the quotient is 0. This is
our result #2. NOTE: If the amount of money is greater than 65535, then you
have to sobstract to the amount of money you have 65535 until it is less than
this number (This can be done more than one time in order to obtain a number
less than the one mentioned before). After your amount of money is less than
65535, you can proceed with the division.

3.- After that, make the same as you did with your money but this time with
your number ID. It doesn't matter if the quotient is 0. This is our result #3.
NOTE: If the ID is greater than 65535, then you have to sobstract to the amount
of money you have 65535 until it is less than this number (This can be done
more than one time in order to obtain a number less than the one mentioned
before). After your ID is less than 65535, you can proceed with the division.

4.- Finally, add the three results we obtained in the previous steps. If the
resulting number is less than 5 digits, complete the number by adding zeros to
the left. This 5-digit number is your password.

5.- Now, having your password, on the title screen hold at the same time
Down+Select+B. A message asking of you want to reset your clock will appear.
Select Yes and write the password you just obtained. Now, the game will be
reseted and you will be able to change the time and the day. The only problem
that I found with this is that, when using this cheat, you are asked to check
if the time and the day are OK, and put the correct ones if they aren't (at
least, that happened to me in an emulator).

NOTE: We use only the first 5 characters with the name, for the ID and the
amount of money earned, use the complete number.

If you are using a calculator, to find the reminder follow these steps:

1.- Make the division by 256.
2.- Multiply the quotient (WITHOUT the decimals) by 256.
3.- Finally, substract to your amount of money/ID the result obtained above.

IV.- Table of letters and its corresponding numbers

A = 128                            a = 160
B = 129                            b = 161                  - = 227
C = 130                            c = 162                  ? = 230
D = 131                            d = 163                  / = 243
E = 132                            e = 164                  . = 232
F = 133                            f = 165                  , = 244
G = 134                            g = 166                  ( = 154
H = 135                            h = 167                  ) = 155
I = 136                            i = 168                  : = 156
J = 137                            j = 169                  ; = 157
K = 138                            k = 170                  [ = 158
L = 139                            l = 171                  ] = 159
M = 140                            m = 172                 PK = 225
N = 141                            n = 173                 MN = 226
O = 142                            o = 174                  ! = 231
P = 143                            p = 175                  * = 241
Q = 144                            q = 176
R = 145                            r = 177
S = 146                            s = 178
T = 147                            t = 179
U = 148                            u = 180
V = 149                            v = 181
W = 150                            w = 182
X = 151                            x = 183
Y = 152                            y = 184
Z = 153                            z = 185

Spaces have a value of 0.

V.- Example

Now, let's see an example:

Suppose you have the following data:

Name:  Ronald
ID:    08062
Money: $50000

Result #1

Let's take the number of the first five letters.

R = 145
o = 174
n = 173
a = 160
l = 171

The addition of these five numbers is:

145 + 174 + 173 + 160 + 171 = 823 <--- Result #1

Result #2

Money: $50000
Divided by 256 = 195, reminder = 80
Quotient + reminder = 195 + 80 = 275 <--- Result #2

Result #3

ID Number: 08062
Divided by 256 = 31, reminder = 126
Quotient + reminder = 31 + 126 = 157


Result #1 + Result #2 + Result #3 = 823 + 275 + 157 = 1255
Because 1255 is a 4-digit number, then our password is 01255

VI. Aknowlegements

*Thanks to http://maxpages.com/pokemons2001/Pokemon_Gold_and_Silver for the
Table and some other information.

*People whose questions, doubts, etc. have been answered within this guide:
-Big Kool 26
-Buzz Bumber
-Doomy (Dominator) Hellfire
-Chris Pool


VII. Contact information

This guide was written by: Ice84
If you want to contact me for doubts, suggestions, comments, or just for
anything else, you can do it by these means:

E-mail: ice_84_mx@yahoo.com.mx
ICQ#: 39954891, nickname: Ice84mx
MSN Messenger: ice84mx (jezg_84@hotmail.com)

You can visit the following page if you want to obtain your password directly:

VIII. Copyright

Copyright (c) 2001. All rights reserved. This work cannot be modified without
permission from Ice84. You can publish this work on your webpage, but first
e-mail me telling me that you will do it. I hope that this guide helps you.

This guide can be found only at:


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