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Walkthrough by Antwan22190

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/19/2013

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

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Walkthrough for the GBC

   By Antwan (v 1.00)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction			[INTR]
   A. The Walkthrough		[WALK]
   B. The Game			[GAME]
2. The Menu			[MENU]
   A. Career Mode		[CAR1]
   B. Free Skate		[FRE1]
   C. Photo Album		[PHOT]
   D. Password Input		[PASS]
   E. Credit			[CRED]
3. Gameplay			[PLAY]
   A. Controls			[CONT]
   B. Level Types		[TYPE]
   C. Collectibles		[COLL]
   D. Tricks			[TRIC]
   E. Scoring			[SCOR]
4. Career Mode			[CAR2]
   A. Skaters			[SKAT]
   B. Levels			[LEVE]
      i. Skate Street		[LEV1]
      ii. NY City		[LEV2]
      iii. The Hangar		[LEV3]
      iv. School		[LEV4]
      v. The Bullring		[LEV5]
      vi. Venice Beach		[LEV6]
      vii. Skate Heaven		[LEV7]
5. Cheats			[CHEA]
6. Special Thanks		[THAN]
7. Contact			[CONT]

Introduction [INTR]

Here's some information on the game and the walkthrough itself.

The Walkthrough [WALK]

Thanks for reading the walkthrough for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 on the GBC.
I made this walkthrough because there wasn't a sufficient one made just yet.
Obviously the walkthroughs for the original version won't help you here, so
follow this one if you want to beat the game.

The Game [GAME]

The spirit of the original game is still intact as you have to choose a
skater and go to different locales and check off your goals to see if you
can become a pro skater! Obviously they couldn't port the original THPS2 as
is, so the game plays on a 2D side perspective or a strange oblique view.
There's no Create-A-Skater, Create-A-Park, tournaments or multiplayer; you
only have the basics of skating in Career Mode or playing in Free Skate.
This game was published by Activision and developed by Natsume.

The Menu [MENU]

After the title screen, the game starts with a skateboard wheel where you can
rotate to your selection. A chooses the selection and B takes you back.

Career Mode [CAR1]

In Career Mode, you choose a skater to take around seven locales and complete
goals to earn cash. Complete all the goals in every level and you'll earn the
coveted title of Pro Skater!

Free Skate [FREE]

Free Skate allows you to roam around in a level as much as you want instead
of worrying about the two-minute time limit. Strangely, the collectibles are
still there despite having no use in this mode, so it's the perfect place to
practice reaching these floating items. Of course, you have to unlock the
levels and skateboards in Career Mode and even then, they'll only be unlocked
for the skater you played in that mode.

Photo Album [PHOT]

Yes, even the THPS series couldn't resist using that printer peripheral! In
this mode, you get to look at a grand total of eight black-and-white photos
of a pixelated Tony Hawk doing skateboard tricks. You get one at the start
and can only unlock the others by beating all goals in the levels. For every
level completed, you get a photo. You can even print the selected photo with
the Game Boy Printer.

Password Input [PASS]

Yes, believe it or not, this game has no save battery, so all your saved
games must be jotted down by a 12-letter code. If you put the code correctly,
you'll get a confirmation sound and get sent right to the skate shop. You can
also print out the password with the Game Boy Printer.

Credit [CRED]

See the people who made this game. You can skip through the screens by using
the A button.

Gameplay [PLAY]

Here's a run-down on how the game works.

Controls [CONT]

These are the controls. They vary from what type of level you play on.

D-Pad		Moves you left or right and up and down in some levels; can
		steer you in the air as well as get out of a half pipe;
		pressing up or down near the edge of a quarter pipe performs
		a lip trick
A Button	Jump; pressing A in the air performs a 180 and pressing A
		with the D-Pad in the air performs tricks
B Button	Breaks, even in the air
Start Button	Pauses the game
Select Button	Does nothing

Level Types [TYPE]

This game has two types of levels: side view and oblique view. Side view
levels only allow you to move left or right in a straight line. Moreover,
you can go up half pipes and stay fixed to the edge of the pipe when flying
in the air. You can get out of the half pipe by pressing left or right before
you exit the ramp.

Oblique view levels let you roam a little more by giving you the ability to
move up or down. To help with lining yourself to the ground, you have a shadow
when you jump. Collectibles also have shadows in these levels.

Skate Street, The Hangar, The Bullring, and Skate Heaven are side view levels
while NY City, School, and Venice Beach are oblique view levels.

Collectibles [COLL]

There are items floating around in the levels for you to obtain. There are
letters that spell out the word S-K-A-T-E. These are found in every level,
can be collected in any order, and are required for a goal in Career Mode.
There are also dollar bills, which can be used to gain extra cash to buy
things in Career Mode. They come in tens and twenties.

Tricks [TRIC]

Here are all the possible tricks you can do:

A in the air	180 (Only up to 720 degrees, 900 if you're Tony Hawk.)
A + Up          Judo
A + Left	Method
A + Right	Melon
A + Down	Airwalk
A + Down-Left   Heelflip Varial Linen
A + Down-Right  Crossbone
Land on rail	5-0 Grind
A + Up at lip	Handplant
A + Down at lip Axle Stall

Scoring [SCOR]

Like the regular console game, scoring is done by the base score multiplied
by the amount of tricks performed in a combo. More tricks add to the base
score and the multiplier. Try to mix up your tricks as doing the same trick
over and over again will lower its value during Career Mode.

Be careful about crashing; if you bail, your combo is broken and you receive
no points. Bailing can occur when you land on the ground while performing a
trick, land on the slanted part of a half pipe, or hold your lip move for too

Here are the base points for all tricks:

180		5 Points
360		8 Points
540		12 Points
720		15 Points
900		18 Points
Airwalk		10 Points
Method		10 Points
Judo		15 Points
Melon		20 Points
Crossbone	25 Points
H. Varial Linen	25 Points
5-0 Grind	2 Points + 1 Point Every Second
Axle Stall      61 Points to 90 Points
Handplant	61 Points to 90 Points

Career Mode [CAR2]

The main portion of the game, career mode is where you can unlock all the
levels, photos, and boards of your skaters by completing goals for each level
currently available.

Skaters [SKAT]

Whoever you choose to use as a skater, you will be stuck with him or her to
complete the game as everything you unlock (except the photos) only affects
that skater. After you choose your skater, you have three types of boards to
try. The first has your base stats, the second adds three points to every
stat, and the third adds six points to every stat.

Here are the list of skaters you can choose:

Tony Hawk		Bob Burnquist		Steve Caballero
Ollie:   ooooo		Ollie:   oooo		Ollie:   ooo
Speed:   ooooo		Speed:   oooo		Speed:   oooo
Accel:   o		Accel:   oo		Accel:   ooo
Control: oo		Control: ooo		Control: ooo

Kareem Campbell		Rune Glifberg		Eric Koston
Ollie:   oo		Ollie:   ooooo		Ollie:   oooo
Speed:   oo		Speed:   ooooo		Speed:   oooo
Accel:   ooooo		Accel:   oo		Accel:   ooo
Control: oooo		Control: o		Control: oo

Bucky Lasek		Rodney Mullen		Chad Muska
Ollie:   oooo		Ollie:   ooooo		Ollie:   oo
Speed:   ooooo		Speed:   o		Speed:   oo
Accel:   ooo		Accel:   ooooo		Accel:   oooo
Control: o		Control: oo		Control: ooooo

Andrew Reynolds		Geoff Rowley		Elissa Steamer
Ollie:   o		Ollie:   o		Ollie:   ooo
Speed:   ooo		Speed:   ooo		Speed:   oo
Accel:   oooo		Accel:   ooooo		Accel:   oooo
Control: ooooo		Control: oooo		Control: oooo

Jamie Thomas
Ollie:   oo
Speed:   ooo
Accel:   ooo
Control: ooooo

If you're wondering, I completed the game with Steve Caballero. I tend to
lean toward all-rounded characters.

Levels [LEVE]

After choosing your board, you pick the level you want to skate. Here, I'll
cover the level's attributes and how to complete each level's goal list.

Skate Street [LEV1]

Location: California	Type: Side View		Locked: No

The first level takes place in an indoor skate park. There's a set of stairs
leading to a quarter pipe at the left while the right of you has a half pipe,
some rails, a small ramp, a huge hump, and a bigger half pipe resting against
the wall.

One Five Move Combo ($300): This one is as easy as it gets. All you need to
do is to find a long rail, jump while riding and do a simple trick in the
air, land on the rail again, and repeat until you got five tricks. I highly
suggesting going up a rail as the upward slope will slow you down and give
you more time to do air tricks.

5000 Points ($500): Do what I suggested above to get some massive combos. If
you're starting to get less points out of it, you can also try air tricks at
the half pipe. Try to do two or three simple tricks at a time.

S-K-A-T-E ($500):
S - All the way at the left side of the map. You'll need some serious speed
    if you want to reach for it. If you need to, wait for a better board.
K - Above the half pipe at the right. Use the rail for some speed and jump at
    the very edge of the half pipe to reach it.
A - Above the small ramp. Use the rail for some speed and don't press right
    when you reach the ramp or you'll jump to the right.
T - To the right of the big hump. Grind on the rail and jump just before the
    rail goes downhill to reach the T.
E - Above the second half pipe far into the right. If you need speed, jump up
    the hill to avoid slowing down and then ollie at the edge to reach it.

10000 Points ($1000): Like the 5000 one, only twice as much! If you bail at
your first huge combo, then I suggest starting over as the first combos will
always have the most points.

Money Locations:
$10 - Above the second step of the stair set.
$10 - Above the rail right of the small ramp.
$10 - Right of the huge hump.

NY City [LEV2]

Location: New York	Type: Oblique View	Locked: No

The first oblique level, New York has you skating above the streets, below
at the shopping plazas, and to the right at the park. Cars, rails, ramps, and
planters are all over the place.

Grind All Taxis ($400): Obviously, the taxis are marked yellow, so you must
grind the top of all the yellow cars. Start way at the left and grind every
yellow car you see from left to right on the street. Pay close attention as
the game doesn't tell you which cars you hit and which ones you passed.

5000 Points ($500): The plaza railings are a great spot for combos. You'll
need a good amount of speed and timing to jump from rail to rail, but once
you master it, you'll get big points. Try to do tricks between rails.

10000 Points ($1000): Same as above, but you'll need a lot of points to pull
this off, so perform 10-trick combos at the rails. Try not to go too fast at
the rails or you'll jump over one and end your combo prematurely. If you
must, downgrade to the second board.

S-K-A-T-E ($1500):
S - The top left edge of the level, near a pawn shop. Just ollie and get it.
K - Above the ramps that lead down to the left plaza. Get above ground, line
    yourself up at the middle and jump for it.
A - Resting high above the right plaza. Go to a gap between two railings
    where the A is at the right of it and try to steer yourself down so you
    can fall down into the plaza and grab it. Try not to run into the rail.
T - To the left of a rail at the right side of the right plaza. Grind down
    the rail and jump when you're in the middle of the rail.
E - The top left edge of the level, at the park. Grind the bench to the left
    of the E and ollie for it. Steer yourself downward slightly as you jump.

Money Locations:
$10 - In the middle of the left side of the level, above a railing.
$10 - Down at the left plaza, above a set of blue platforms.
$10 - Over a crosswalk at the T-shaped intersection.
$10 - Above a blue bench near the road.
$10 - Resting on a hump in the right plaza.
$10 - Resting above a crosswalk near the park.
$10 - Floating above the middle planter in the park.
$10 - At the right bottom edge of the level.

The Hangar [LEV3]

Location: Montana	Type: Side View		Locked: No

A roomy hangar for those cold Montana winters, this place has a couple of
half pipes, one with the well-known rail resting above it, as well as rails
and helicopter blades to grind.

5 Grinds on a Helicopter ($300): Pretty simple to do: just go back and forth
on the helicopter blade of your choice and don't bail. I suggest the front-
facing one as it's much easier to reach.

One 1500 Point Combo ($300): I find this easiest to do with the weakest board
as the lack of speed can be helpful. Go to the rail at the right side of the
front-facing helicopter and grind toward the helicopter. When you grind the
airplane wing, grind upward until you lose enough speed to turn around and
grind some more. Do air tricks during your jumps. If you have about 9 or 10
tricks in the combo, then you'll most likely nail it.

S-K-A-T-E ($500):
S - Floats to the left of your starting point, above two quarter pipes.
    You'll need some speed to reach it, so try using the half pipe rail for a
    boost and then press left as you get to the quarter pipe.
K - Right above the middle of the half pipe rail. Jump just before you reach
    the middle to get it.
A - High above the front-facing helicopter. You'll have to jump for it when
    you're at either edge of the blade or you'll just miss it.
T - To the right, between a quarter pipe and a rail. If you have the second
    board, you can just ollie up to it.
E - Between the right-facing helicopter and the quarter pipe against a wall.
    Jump when you're at the right edge of the blade.

10000 Points ($1000): Exploiting the combo I mentioned above is a good way to
gain a lot of points. Moreover, the quarter pipe to the right of that combo
can let you try doing a good air combo when you gain enough speed. Again, if
you bail on the big combos, then it's best to start over.

Money Locations:
$10 - At the left edge, very high above a quarter pipe.
$10 - Above the broken plane with grindable wings.
$10 - At the right edge, barely high above a quarter pipe.

School [LEV4]

Location: California	Type: Oblique View	Locked: No

The last thing you'll be doing here is learning. Planters, rails, ramps, and
giant drops are everwhere. Most notably, there are two huge slopes at the top
left, ramps that let you jump on or over the buildings, and rows of planters
or benches to combo. The $20 bills are introduced here.

Grind All Planters ($500): Planters are rectangular-shaped boxes that hold
green foilage. To get this, you have to grind six of them at the bottom left
side of the level and four of them at the bottom middle.

10000 Points ($1000): The ramps with the railings are the key to getting big
combos. Jump while grinding up rails to pull off simple tricks and as soon as
you lose speed and go the other way, jump off to pull a big air combo. If you
can time your jumps right, you could ride the whole railing for a bigger
combo. I highly suggest doing an air trick, then a 180 as it gives you just
enough time to land without crashing.

Get All Cash ($1200): This is harder than getting the S-K-A-T-E letters in my
opinion as you need to collect eight cash bonuses as opposed to five letters.
I highly suggest working left to right to collect them (especially since I
list the cash icons by location starting from the left side). For the $20s,
line yourself carefully when you're on the roofs near the twenties and gain a
lot of speed before jumping for them, especially the second $20.

S-K-A-T-E ($1500):
S - At the bottom right, on top of some lockers. Just drop down to get it.
K - Floating in the air below the ramp at the left side. At the start, go
    to the left and go around to the platform below you. Line yourself near
    the bottom edge and jump at the end of the platform to reach the K.
A - To the left of the upside down L-shaped building. Get on the roof of said
    build, line yourself near the bottom edge of the top and jump for it.
T - Between two green-roofed entrances. This can be a frustrating one to
    reach. Grind the walls below the entrance and when you're on the middle
    wall, jump while holding up. Tap up again to steer yourself toward the
    entrances. Stop to line up and then jump between the entrances for the T.
E - Below two square buildings at the right side of the map. Jump to a roof
    using the ramps adjust yourself so you're at the bottom edge. Go toward
    the E and jump, steering yourself down so you can reach it. You might
    have to slow down to get it properly as overshooting it is easy to do.

Money Locations:
$10 - Bottom left, over a stair's railing.
$10 - Over the bottom railing of the slope at the left side of the map.
$20 - At the bottom of the right side of the upside down L-shaped building.
$20 - To the left of the left green-roofed entrance.
$10 - To the right of the rows of planters at the middle of the course.
$10 - Between two railings near the gym entrance.
$10 - Above a brick wall at the bottom right of the map.
$10 - At the bottom right corner of the map.

The Bullring [LEV5]

Location: Mexico	Type: Side View		Locked: Yes, $3000

A modified Mexican bullring, this level is a vert skater's paradise. Huge
half pipes, large rails, and a giant loop that any skater can completely
ride through with just enough speed.

One 3000 Point Combo ($500): There is a spot to the right of the left half
pipe where there are two rails. Start to the right of the two rails with a
grind, jump to do air tricks (throw in a Heelflip Varial Linen or a Crossbone
to really increase your base points) then when you go up the other rail, wait
until you turn the other way to jump and do two air tricks. Land on a rail
again, jump with an air trick and a spin, resume grinding, and jump off with
a last air trick. You should have a multiplier of 8 or 9 to get enough. This
can take a few tries though, because it's very easy to miss the rail and end
your combo early. I suggest using the second board for this one as the third
board has too much speed to pull it off.

Shoot the Loop 5 Times ($500): In the middle of this level, there is a big
loop-de-loop that you automatically ride when you get near it. You need some
speed to go through this loop or you'll crash before you manage to get all
the way. The default board will not cut it here, so if you haven't already,
buy a stronger board.

S-K-A-T-E ($500):
S - Very high above your starting position. You'll have to grind the rail
    starting from the top and jump just before you reach the slope.
K - Above the right side of the left half pipe. Pretty easy to reach.
A - Above a rail to the right of the left half pipe. I personally couldn't
    reach it without the best skateboard.
T - Above the right side of the right half pipe. Also pretty easy to reach.
E - The right edge of the course, above a half pipe. Get a good amount of
    speed to reach this one.

15000 Points ($1500): You should the combo I suggested up there multiple
times for a great amount of points. The half pipe to the left of those rails
can help you as well if you get a great amount of air. Don't venture out to
the loop-de-loop as if it costs a lot of time to ride it; stay on the left
side of the level. This can take a few tries as two or even one bail can ruin
your chances.

Money Locations:
$20 - The left edge of the course, above a half pipe.
$10 - Above the left side of the left half pipe.
$20 - At the top of the slope at the right side of the level.

Venice Beach [LEV6]

Location: California	Type: Oblique View	Locked: Yes, $4000

A scenic and sunny locale, Venice Beach offers a basketball court, rows of
kiosks, and grass and sand, which can slow your skater down. Other than that,
there's loads of fences to grind and roofs to hop on as well as an area that
is hard to reach.

Find Secret Area ($500): At the left side of the map, there is an area that
you can't reach due to a very high fence in the way. To get to this area,
find a green-roofed kiosk with two ramps. Ride up the ramp on the right side,
then jump for the kiosk at the left side. Keep jumping from roof to roof
until you reach a large ramp. If you manage to reach that, you can now ride
down into the secret area. All you'll find are some rails... some with $20s!
You'll definitely need the strongest board to beat this goal.

100 Tricks ($1500): Honestly, I managed to beat this by going in a straight
line, jumping like a kangaroo, and did some 180s, counting how many times I
performed it. It's pretty easy to pull off as long as you don't bail too many

15000 Points ($1500): To the right of the basketball courts, there is a blue-
fenced area. Jump on these fences, do some air tricks between the gaps, and
keep going right into the parking lot where you grind green-bricked walls
until you reach the right edge of the map. Do this a few times from start to
end and you'll reach 15000 points in no time.

S-K-A-T-E ($2000):
S - In the secret area, at the bottom left corner. Look at how to get into
    the secret area by reading above.
K - Floating at the right of the tall ramp in the secret area. Just ride up
    the ramp and jump for it.
A - To the bottom right of a rail in a concrete park. Since you need the
    strongest board to reach some letters, you'll have to grind the rail at
    the left side, immediately jump off and steer yourself downward slightly
    to get the A; jump any later at full speed and you'll miss it.
T - High above the right side of a blue kiosk right by the basketball court.
    Jump on the blue kiosk, line yourself up at the top edge, and ollie to
    the letter.
E - Floating high at the top right corner. You'll need to jump on the roofs
    again and go all the way to the right to get it. I suggest getting S,
    then K, and then E to save time.

Money Locations:
$20 - In the secret area, floating on the first rail.
$20 - In the secret area, floating on the third rail.
$20 - In the secret area, floating on the fifth rail.
$20 - In the secret area, floating on the seventh rail.
$20 - In the secret area, floating on the ninth rail.
$20 - In the secret area, floating on the eleventh rail.
$20 - Floating high to the right of the secret area at the bottom.
$10 - Below the middle rail in the concrete park.
$10 - High above the top right corner of the left basketball court.
$10 - High above the bottom right corner of the right basketball court.
$10 - To the left of the parking lot, floating above a blue mound.
$10 - At the bottom middle of the parking lot, above a brick wall.

Skate Heaven [LEV7]

Location: Space		Type: Side View		Locked: Yes, $5000

The final level and definitely the most bizarre, Skate Heaven has you pitted
against floating rails, hovering platforms, and quarter pipes in two areas:
top and bottom. Be careful not to fall down or not only will you lose your
combo, but you'll be sent back to the closet location!

Get All Cash ($500): Again, since there are more money icons than letters,
this is pretty hard to finish in two minutes. The strongest board is an
absolute must for this course as you'll need the speed and ollie power to
reach some of these. For the second one, grind the rail and when you turn
around and go backwards, jump for the money icon. For the third one, you must
get it by going through the set of rails at the left side, not the right.

One 12-Move Combo ($1000): The group of rails at the bottom area where the
third $20 icon is located is a great spot for this. You can use the second
strongest or strongest board for this. Start at the bottom platform to the
right of those rails. Skate toward the rails and grind. Between jumping, do
a spin and an air trick. When you reach the slanted rail, wait until you turn
around and then skate back down, doing more air tricks between rails. Be very
careful when you reach the end; if you bail or fail into the abyss, it does
not count.

S-K-A-T-E ($2000):
S - Floating high between a rail and a ramp at the top left side. You'll have
    to slow down a bit, grind the rail, wait to turn around, and then jump
    for the S.
K - Just below the right edge of a floating platform that's to the right of
    the short half pipe. Slow down and carefully inch yourself toward the end
    until you drop straight down for the letter.
A - Between the first and second rail of a trio of rails floating below the
    top right side. To get to this one, go to the top right side where the T
    is located (get the T first while you're at it, and skate off to the left
    until you land on a rail. Keep going and you'll find the A sitting above.
T - At the top right side, above a quarter pipe. Just don't fall down! Again,
    get this before you get the A.
E - At the bottom right side, above a quarter pipe. You'll have to go to the
    top right side again, but this time, fall toward the right to get there.

20000 Points ($2000): The 12-Move combo trick I listed above is a great way
for points, but if you want to go vert, the glass half pipe is definitely
recommended. With the strongest board, you can get an unbelievable amount of
air, giving you enough time to pull off possibly 2,500 point combos at first.
If you keep it up and don't crash too many times, you'll make it with about
20 seconds left on the clock.

Money Locations:
$20 - At the top left, above a quarter pipe.
$20 - Above the top diagonal rail at the left side.
$20 - At the bottom area, floating above a group of rails.
$20 - Floating above the middle of the short half pipe.
$20 - Above the right side of the glass half pipe.
$20 - At the botoom area, above the left side of the right-most half pipe.

Cheats [CHEA]

Want to skate with your favorite character without going through all the hard
work? Then type in these passwords at any time; they'll unlock all boards and
levels for the character, but have no cash.

Tony Hawk		Bob Burnquist		Steve Caballero
B B V B N !		W V V B N !		D V V B N !
B B B B B V		B B B B B B		B B B B B V

Kareem Campbell		Rune Glifberg		Eric Koston
Z B B B N !		G B B B N !		1 V B B N !
B B B B B B		B B B B B V		B B B B B B

Bucky Lasek		Rodney Mullen		Chad Muska
J V B B N !		3 B V V N !		L B V V N !
B B B B B V		B B B B B B		B B B B B V

Andrew Reynolds		Geoff Rowley		Elissa Steamer
5 V V V N !		N V V V N !		7 B B V N !
B B B B B B		B B B B B V		B B B B B B

Jamie Thomas
Q B B V N !

Special Thanks [THAN]

I like to thank DISTURBED7847, AVexer, STEVEW, Menji, and ElementalKnight of
GameFAQs for the cheat codes. And of course, I like to thank you! I hope this
walkthrough was a big help.

Contact [CONT]

Contact me at cappantwan@gmail.com for any errors or advice. Place the name
of the FAQ in your subject line so I can easily tell it's a question from my
FAQ. Please, don't be rude or your message will be ignored.

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