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Guide and Walkthrough by mosaic

Version: 1.31F | Updated: 02/14/2002

Dragon's Lair GBC Guide 1.31F   
"Dragon's Lair" is a (tm) of   
 Dragon's Lair, LLC            
Game (c) 1983 Don Bluth Studios
GBC Game (c) 2001 Capcom       
Programmed by Digital Eclipse  
FAQ (c) 2001 Frank Provo       
Author: Frank Provo            
E-mail: frank@frankprovo.com    

The current version of this guide is always available in text format at:


This Dragon's Lair GBC guide may be reproduced or the information herein
included in publications (online or print), provided credit is given.  
Original portions of this Guide may not be reproduced or modified for 
used in profitable (read: Commercial) endeavors without the expressed 
written permission of Frank Provo, the owner of this Guide/FAQ.  This 
Guide is copyrighted to Frank Provo ((c) 2001).

The basic layout of this guide was inspired by Lafe Travis' Dragon's
Lair PC walkthrough. However, the information within was hotfooted by 
the author of this FAQ.

Portions of this FAQ went into creating the Dragon's Lair GBC guide
published in Ziff-Davis Media's _Pocket Games_ magazine, Volume 6.

Table of Contents

A. Plot / What?
B. Characters & Controls
C. Walkthrough
D. Codes / GameShark(tm) Codes


A. Plot / What?

The fair princess, Daphne has been seized by the evil dragon, 
Singe and only Dirk the Daring can rescue her from his clutches. 
On your quest, you must fight your way through the castle of 
the dark wizard who has enchanted it with treacherous monsters,
traps and other obstacles. Lead on brave adventurer!

Dragon's lair is a full-motion video game. As scenes play out
in front of you, you need to tap the proper action for Dirk to
enact when the time requires. For example, if you're standing in
a hallway and the wall begins to collapse from the right, you'll
need to tap the left D-Pad direction once. Each scene requires
one or more such timing-based direction/button presses. Success
gets you to the next scene. Failure leads to death.

B. Characters / Controls

Dirk - "The Daring"
 Our protagonist. A hapless knight who wants only to rescue the
 fair Daphne and live happily ever after.

 Since he's the guy you're controlling it might be helpful to
 keep these tidbits in mind, especially for the walkthrough:
  (U) = Move up or forward
  (D) = Move down or backward
  (R) = Move to the right
  (L) = Move to the left
  (S) = Slash (That's the A button!)
 The game is all about tapping one of these at the right time.

Daphne - "Voluptuous Princess"
 She's hot and she's a princess, which explains why Singe would
 kidnap her. She's a rather spoiled brat, but cute and likeable.
 In the GBC version of the game, she has the only two spoken 

Lizard King
 Singe's henchman. He's the guy causing Dirk all sorts of 
 trouble within the castle. If you're good, you'll give him his
 just desserts about three-quarters of the way through the game.

Singe - "The Dragon"
 A giant, fire-breathing, magical dragon. Imagine Pete's Dragon,
 only really ticked-off. He wants to oppress the land of 
 Ethelred and keep Daphne as his prize.

Everyone else:
 The Goons
 The Mud Men
 Phantom Knight
 Black Knight
 The Spectre
 Sea Monsters
 Vampire Bats

C. Walkthrough

The Game Boy Color version of Dragon's Lair features every scene from
the arcade game. However, to fit the entire game into the tiny 4MB of
space, a few scenes have been shortened and some actions removed. This
walkthrough is based upon those changes.

Although the Drawbridge and Corridor scenes always come first, the order
of the rest is based upon how well you're doing in the game.

As you progress through the game, you'll experience mirrors of many of 
these scenes. When you do, you need to perform the contray of what's 
shown here. (e.g. If it says L below, you'd perform R in the mirrored 

To beat the Main Game mode, you'll have to solve each puzzle listed 
below. Of the 30 scenes, eight will also be mirrored, meaning that 
you'll actually have to beat ~40 scenes to complete the game. (The
falling platform scene is used as a seque a lot) You have 5 lives. 
The Tutorial mode only goes to the point where you meet the red 
spectre in the baton room OR the Lizard King. E.g. play Main Game.

Drawbridge:        After Dirk falls through the drawbridge, tap (S).
                   This is ALWAYS the first scene.  Note: This area
                   does not repeat.

End of Corridor:   Dirk is facing three doors. The room will begin to
                   crumble. Tap (R) when the floor begins to darken.
                   This is ALWAYS the second scene, BUT repeats a lot
                   during the course of the game.

Closing Wall:      Dirk is in a purple bedroom. Suddenly the room
                   begins to fill with green bricks. Tap (U). This
                   stage OFTEN follows the above.

Drink Me:          Dirk wanders into a room with a bottle on a table
                   and a door on the right. A sign says "drink me."
                   Tap (R).

Haunted Hallway:   Dirk will be in a long yellow hallway with many 
                   open doors. As you walk forward, skulls will
                   pile out - tap (U). A hand will shoot out from
                   a doorway - tap (S) when it does. More skulls
                   will appear - tap (U). Another hand - tap (S).
                   This time more skulls will pile out from behind
                   and next to the hand - you need to tap in the
                   direction of the open door. Usually this is
                   (R) early on and (L) later. In the next room, 
                   some skeletons will attack - (S)lash them.

Dropping Platform: Dirk will walk through a door and onto a purple
                   platform, which will then begin to drop. Right when
                   you're level with the ledge or you hear the 
                   "warning" sound, tap in the direction of the 
                   ledge. This is usually (L) early on and (R) later.
                   You can tell which way to tap by how Dirk is facing
                   right when the platform drops. If he's facing right,
                   you'll be tapping left. If he's facing left, prepare
                   to tap right. Why? Why not?

Phantom Knight:    A horseman will charge towards Dirk. Your goal here
                   is to move in the opposite direction spikes appear.
                   The order is thorns(L), thorns(L), thorns(R). If you
                   do it right, the horseman's sword will miss as you 
                   leap into a cave.

The Lizard King:   Dirk's sword was just taken by a green creature and
                   now the Lizard King is after him! The key to this
                   section is listening to sound and timing. To get
                   from the room through the hallway, you're going to 
                   want to do (L), (R), (R), (R), (R), (R). Don't tap
                   right until you hear the tiny creature's second 
                   squeak. Visually, that puts you half way down the
                   hall. Once you reach the dead end, Dirk will
                   automatically grab his sword. The Lizard King will
                   attack.  Tap (L), then (S) right away, then tap (L)
                   and (S) once again - he's toast.  NOTE: This room
                   does not repeat.

The Smithee:       You're in a golden room. Suddenly a glowing hot
                   sword comes to attack. Tap (S) to parry. An anvil
                   will appear, priming to fly at you. Simultaneously,
                   a wall of molten liquid will appear to one side.
                   You want to tap in the opposite direction, usually
                   (L). This room can be reversed. Wow, it's missing
                   4 moves from the arcade version.

Cauldron Pot:      Dirk is in a blue/gray laboratory. The cauldron will
                   bubble over with green goo. Tap (L) as it escapes,
                   but not too soon. Dirk will examine a bottle. Tap (S)
                   when you see a puff of smoke. The green monster will
                   quickly reappear - tap (D), then (R).

The Goons:         Dirk comes up through a trapdoor in the floor. To
                   the right is a stairwell. A blue/purple Goon will
                   come out of the door, tap (S). More goons will
                   appear - you'll want to tap (R), (U), (L) to make
                   it out of here.

Pool of Water:     This room can be mirrored. If Dirk's sword is hanging
                   from the left, the room will crumble on the right. If
                   it's hanging from the right, the room will crumble from
                   the left. Here's the solution for when the room begins 
                   to crumble from the right. (L), (U), wait until the
                   darts pass, (R), then (U). You'll be in water, tap (L).
                   On the ledge, tap (U), then (S), wait until Dirk lands
                   on the closing blocks, then (U). LURULUSU or RULURUSU.

Bats & Stairs:     This room is so much easier than in the arcade version.
                   Ignore the bats. Tap (L) when you reach the stairs (or
                   when they glimmer). In the next section, same idea, but
                   tap (R). The next part is just like the first, (L).

Mudmen Field:      This one is all about timing. You'll get no audio cues.
                   When the mudmen appear from the craters, wait. When the
                   scene switches to the mud plume, tap (U). In the next 
                   scene, tap (U) when Dirk nears the next crater. At the
                   lava bridge in the next scene, tap (U) again. Nice, six
                   less moves than the arcade.

Burning Ropes:     Listen to the audio cues.  This room crops up a lot and
                   can be reversed. If you're facing right, pause, then 
                   tap (R). Wait until you hear a "tic" sound (your arm 
                   will be extented) - tap (R). Do this three more times, 
                   (R), (R), (R).  Obviously, if you're facing left, 
                   you'll substitute in L's.

Flying Horse:      Another common room, and often mirrored. Dirk will sit
                   on a mechanical horse in a light blue room, which will
                   of course suddenly come alive. You'll be hurled forth
                   into four walls of fire. If the horse starts left,
                   you'll tap (R), (L), (R), (L) - once for each new 
                   screen. If it starts right, you'll do the reverse.

Electrical Cave:   This scene began with Dirk trapped in a cage in the
                   arcade. Here on GBC, though, he's just in a red, blue
                   and green room. The middle blue section is most 
                   prominent, and where he's going.  This one is all 
                   about timing. Wait, when Dirk hops, tap (U). The 
                   scene will change to chomping doors. When you hear the
                   second chomp or see the electricity, tap (U), but not 
                   TOO soon - try _just_ after the first "chomp" at the
                   earliest. In the next scene, you'll be climbing a 
                   bridge which is over a spouting geyser. Wait until Dirk
                   looks behind himself, then tap (L) to cross. This is 
                   roughly a second after he's on the bridge level with the

Spinning Batons:   There will be two spinning cudgels, one yellow, one
                   red. Tap (U) fairly soon, or you'll be smushed. Once
                   passed, a ghost with a rod will attack. Tap (S) to
                   kill him, then (D) when the thorns appear. The 
                   solution is the same when mirrored.

Tentacled Ceiling: A green tentacle will appear from the hole in the
                   ceiling. Tap (S) to slice it. When more tentacles
                   appear, tap (U), then (R). More tentacles, so tap
                   (D), then (R), then (L), then (U). Don't do them
                   too fast - but don't waste a second between presses

Sliding Stairs:    If you see a blue sloped staircase, hit (L) ASAP.
                   You'll slide down safely. Tap (S) to slash the 
                   monster here. As the scene shifts, tap (L). Wait a
                   split-second, then tap (L) again. If you see a gush
                   of water, you failed.

Checkerboard       This is one of those rooms it's good to know backwards.
Floor Knight:      The Black Knight at the top will use his sword to send
                   charges through the floor at Dirk. Each charge has an
                   opening which you must jump through. Timing is 
                   important here, as tapping too soon or too late will 
                   kill you. It's best to tap once the field has 
                   surrounded you and you see the opening. You'll do
                   (L), (R), (U), (R), (L), (R), (L) or the reverse, 
                   which is (R), (L), (U), (L), (R), (L), (R). Once you
                   approach the Knight, finish him off with (S).

Electric Throne:   This room often appears right after the Checkerboard
                   Knight stage. You'll be in a room where water is
                   seeping across a carpet. This wouldn't be so bad,
                   except there's an electrical cord hanging in it. The
                   instant you see this room, tap (R). You'll need to
                   tap (U) right after that, then wait until Dirk lands
                   from his second jump and tap (R). When the throne 
                   turns and you see the charge coming, hit (R) once 
                   more. The timing is so cruel compared to the arcade
                   version. You'll die here a lot.

Whirlpools:        Dirk is in a boat flowing down a green underground
                   river. You'll want to move in the opposite direction
                   of each whirlpool - (R), (L), (R), (L). When you
                   reach the calm, blue section, tap (U). Wow, it's half
                   as long as in the arcade. You'll probably never fail

Rolling Balls:     You ever play Marble Madness? Dirk's in a curved hall
                   with red balls rolling around. A black ball will appear
                   behind him. To pass this section, tap (D) right when a
                   red ball passes in front of Dirk. 4x(D) will save the 
                   day. Note: The Spinning Baton stage comes after this a 

Hurricane:         If you just followed Daphne and were sucked into a
                   doorway, you'll find yourself in a room full of mist
                   with a glowing orb. Wait a brief moment, then Tap (R).

Snakes:            Two snakes will appear. Tap (S) each time. After that,
                   tap (U) to leave.

Room of Fire:      Dirk is in a blue room.  A bench drops.  When 
                   lightning hits the floor, tap (R). When it leaves and
                   blue lightning appears, hit (U). After that, more 
                   yellow flames, so hit (L). Wait a brief moment, then 
                   hit (L) again.

Wooden Catwalk:    Dirk will be walking across a catwalk. There are
                   two paths - one ahead and one to the right.  When the 
                   platform begins to crumble, tap (U).  What? No bats?

Checkerboard       A red and blue floor will vanish beneath Dirk's 
Corridor:          feet! The proper key combination is (D), (U), 
                   (L). Wait until the flame grows before you do the
                   first down motion though.


The short form: (U) (L) (L) (D),  (D) (U) (D),  (S) (S)

The long version:
Singe, the Dragon, has Daphne stuck inside a crystal prison. Luckily 
for you, he's asleep! Some treasure will sway, then you'll look at 
the dragon, then the treasure will flash - tap (U) to grab it. Dirk 
will look at the sleeping dragon again. Daphne will say "Dirk! Save 
me!" Tap (L) to jump onto the treasure chest. The dragon will wake up 
and spew fire - tap (L).  He'll wink at you.  Another batch of 
expensive dinnerware will fall - tap (D) to catch it.

From this point, Daphne will speak to you again, saying "Dirk, slay 
the dragon! Get the magic sword!" In the next scene you'll be hiding 
behind a piller and the dragon will try to crush you with his claws - 
tap (D). You'll hear two tones, but you need only tap once. The dragon
will follow you. When the scene changes from his behind to a flame, 
tap (U) fast! In the next scene, he'll try to grab you behind a pillar
again, so tap (D). The dragon will pursue.

All you need to do now is get the sword - which Dirk will do 
automatically. Tap (S) to parry the dragon's flame and then (S) once 
more to finish him off.

Congratulations - you've beaten the Game Boy Color version of Dragon's 
Lair.  Max Possible Score = 78,000

D. Gameshark(tm) Codes

Gameshark(tm) Codes:
 Infinite Lives - 010A38C3
 Infinite Lives - 01031CCA  (v3.0 unit)

[GameShark(tm) codes are (c) GameShark/Interact]


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