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Reviewed: 04/24/04 | Updated: 05/01/05

My favorite pokemon game put there

Let me first start off this review by saying that I have all the pokemon games that have ever come out as of now. Pokemon Crystal was one of one out of all of them easily. Pokemon Crystal, although pretty identical to gold, and silver (with some added extras) is a breathtaking game, and you will love it from the minute you even see it. Even if you have a bad attitude towards pokemon, getting and playing this game will change your opinion on all of pokemon at a full 180 degree turn! Let me take you step by step to how it will do that…

Game play 10/10
The game play in this game I can guarantee will go beyond all of your previous expectations. In the game, you turn 10-years-old. You know what that means…that’s right, you can now go out on your own into the world of pokemon! You must go down to mom, get all the stuff you’ll need on the journey (a set time/day of week, a phone/and a lot more.

After this, you need to walk out of your house, and go into Professor Elm (the newest pokemon professor in the world of pokemon)’s lab. In here, you and you’re rival will get your pokemon. Your choices are Cyndaquil, (the fire pokemon), Totodile, (the water pokemon, and Chikorita, (the grass pokemon.) You’re rival will choose the pokemon who is super affective against yours. After this, you begin your long and sometimes difficult pokemon journey!

Graphics 10/10
The graphics in this game are another mind-blowing feature of this game, and also to Nintendo’s magic. Nintendo made this game with top quality and style as well. Things in this game are the perfect size for viewing, and also if you don’t have the sp and the built in light, you can still see the characters and the other objects in the game with relative ease. Everything is filled with color, and this game looks like it was designed with great new-technology. The graphics are awesome, and i’m sure that you’ll appreciate them, and this game as a whole.

Controls 10/10
The controls in this game…are perfectly fine They are extremely easy to know, and learn, and if you have played any video game in your life, you’ll find these controls simple and easy to remember, and memorize. I gave this section a 10/10 because everything else in this game is so spectacular, and also because the controls aren’t bad at all. Using the controls can (by argument) be kind of boring because they’re so simple, but everything else is so excellent that you won’t even notice!

Sound 9/10
The sound in this game is great. When a pokemon attacks, you hear it with perfectly clear noise, and you also can here pokemon’s cries. Everything sounds real like when you use rock smash to smash a rock, or go on water to surf. No matter what it is, this game sounds as close to real as you can get, and you’re going to love it. The sound was brought down to a 9 because not everything in this game makes a sound. Some times, you don’t here it when you walk into a room or something like that. Minor stuff, but enough to bring it down to a 9.

Music 10/10
In my opinion this section is the best in the game without even a thought. The music is just so….fantastic that there is not much to say except that you will be making up your own tunes to the music of the game in a matter of minutes. My friend Timmy, a user on gamefaqs, and I have tons of melodies, and silly songs that we sing when a certain song comes up in the game. I sometimes just turn on the game to listen to the music….that’s just a taste of how great it truly is.

Replay ability 8/10
The only down part to this game is the replay ability. Playing the game, and beating it at around 6 times makes the game seem a tad tedious. I mean heck it isn’t that bad 2 or 3 times because you have the choice to make your own team, and movesets for that team. However, there are still the same trainers, and the same events have to happen over and over again to progress in the game.

Buy or rent: Buy
Just by reading the review I am positive you can see that this game is a DEFINITE buy. That’s because of many things. The main though are:

1. In a matter of minutes, you will want to beat the game, win badges, collect cash, and give trainers a taste of your pokemon skills.

2. In oh…say 5 minutes you will be brimming with happiness that you bought this game because of the games radical graphics.

3. You, and your friends/other pokemon fans will be soon making up your own melodies to the specific music played at a certain point of the game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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