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Reviewed: 10/03/02 | Updated: 10/03/02

Hmmm...? An individual review?

I'll review this game as an individual, not as a mini sequel, for the most part. When you start out, you get a phone. Handy gadget. Some trainers can have their number recorded for rematches, items, or rare Pokemon alerts.
But that's not even the fun part. What is? The Pokemon. They can only have four moves. Period. That's it. But that is not as bad as it sounds. It adds strategy to the game. Things would get pretty boring pretty quick. Not that there isn't enough strategy already. For example, a Grass Pokemon can benefit from Morning sun in the form of a non-charged Solar Beam. However, Fire types, Grasses main weakness, also benefits from Morning Sun from making the moves more powerful. Or using Flamethrower over Fireblast. Flamethrower is a little less powerful, but tons more accurate.
And the improvements. The Ice Cave is alot more detailed. The Move Tutor teaches Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt for the low, low price of 4000 Game Coins! And there's still alot more.

Graphics: 6/10
The graphics are nothing great, you walk around, find a Pokemon, go into battle, defeat it, loose to it, or capture it. At least they move this time around.

Sound: 7/10
Again, nothing great. The only half decent music is against your rival and another guy at the end who I can't remember for the sake of getting my review published.

Control: 10/10
No brainer. Start for menu. D-Pad to move. A to confirm, B to cancel. 10 outta 10. Very simple. You can even set an item to the Select button. Bicycle or rods reccomended.

Story: 2/10
At least there is something resembling a story this time. Faintly. Only it isn't revealed until later. Look on the back of the cartridge to find the Pokemon that it revolves around. And what's with the monks at every turn? Well, not EVERY turn, but you get the idea.

Fun factor: 10/10
The strategy is the gem. Gotta have a good team. Beat your little brother or sister who thinks Ash has a good team. Use 6 types or your favorite? All up to you. Overused or underused? Mixed? How about ubers? Wanna use them? All up to you. Wanna use Ash's team? Legendarys? Basics? Your choice. The strategy is endless. And adding to the strategy, HELD ITEMS!!! Wanna counter Confusion? Hold Bitter Berry. Going against Ice types? Use a Burnt Berry.

Rent or Buy: Buy. For sure. I have 200+ hours on my game and my team is STILL not perfected. There is NO WAY to perfect a team with the time you get as a rental. For a while, you might start to play another game, but it will come back to you.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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