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Reviewed: 07/07/02 | Updated: 07/07/02

Wow! A Pokemon game that's not based on color!

Well, I figured that my first review might as well be a review on a game I found at least slightly entertaining, if not better, so I figured I should start out with none other
than the newest installment to the Pokèmon series, Pokèmon Crystal!
This, in my opinion, was another Pokèmon game following the not-so-tedious childish Pokèmon scheme. I had foreseen long ago, before even knowing of this game's very existence, that it would be simply average; nothing really much different from the series. Not the most impressive game I've ever played indefinitely, but satisfying at very least. I've arranged the game, just as many other reviewer's do, according to category, each ranging from the abysmal 1, to the perfect 10.
STRUCTURE - 8/10 (Good)
Ehehe.. what can I say? The structure of the game is fairly impressive, but by no means extraordinary. It follows the same standards as that for many other games that have spawned milestones in the past, so I'll give it a definite 8 for originality.
GRAPHICS - 8/10 (Good)
Again.. by no means perfect, but it is pretty good for a GBC title. The only downside is that the sprites are kind of repetetive. This makes the cell phone system kind of frustrating, as sometimes you'll end up talking to the wrong person with the same sprite as the person you're looking for. Very confusing. However, the battle scenes are fairly enjoyable. Hey, at least the attack animations aren't repetitive. They could've done a bit better with the basic overall movement of the Pokèmon themselves. I would've liked to have seen different trainer battles sprites, though, as it doesn't seem like a hiker would still be smiling like a Neanderthal after you make waste of his Pokèmon. Otherwise, I give it an 8. They did put moderate effort, and I must say, the Pokèmon sprites themselves are very nicely done.
SOUND/MUSIC - 5/10 (Average)
Ugh.. I just gave it an average to keep it's overall up. The sound is absolutely irrelevant. This is absolutely abysmal. Just keep your volume off, and you won't be bothered. Hey, it even saves battery life!
STORYLINE - 7/10 (Okay)
Another good rating because of originality. The storyline is plain and simple. Beat other trainers, get all 16 badges, and catch 251 Pokèmon. Nothing more than that. Some of the sidequests are fun but tedious, and it's annoying getting into so many surprise battles. Really, I expected the storyline to at least SOMEWHAT vary from Gold & Silver. But, for the heck of it, I notched it up to a 7.
VALUE - 7/10 (Okay)
What do I mean by value? I mean how much you can actually play the game without getting bored. And this game is satisfying at this. It's extremely frustrating facing about 10 trainers in less than a minute's interval, but hey, that's life. Nothing's perfect. It still has thousands of secrets, especially the mysterious ''Ruins of Alph'' and the new ''Battle Tower.'' This game may actually keep you up that night.
CONTROLS - 9/10 (Great)
Obviously, controls are controls. There are few controls on the GBC, so the chances of getting a better score are higher. The game responds with cooperation; hold the D-Pad up, you keep going up. Nothing bad about that. However, it is kind of frustrating at the beginning without a bike, unless you speed it up x3 with your completed Pokèmon Stadium 2 ;)
No means great. Unless you wanna go at a different Starter Pokèmon, there's really not much of a point. The story stays pretty much the same no matter what you do.
OVERALL - 8/10 (Good)
A satisfying game indeed. I was a bit disappointed, as the could've put a lot more in this sequel. It's pretty much Gold or Silver with some extra features slapped on. Nothing special. It is still a very respective new title, warmly welcomed to the GBC.
+New Battle Tower
+251 Pokèmon and LOADS (approx. 250) of Moves. The Possibilities are ALMOST Endless!
+New Battle Movement
+Smooth Gameplay
+Straightforward, Understandable Gameplay and Storyline. (If you have an IQ of 80 or more)
+Tons of Secret Goodies
+Very Detailed
+''Shiny'' System
+It's just plain.. NEW!
-VERY Repetitive
-Boring Cutscenes; Not Even Cutscenes at all.
-Very Slow If You Didn't Obtain the Bicycle.
-More Can Be Expected To This Sequel
Rent? Buy? Well? Well, If your an itching Pokèmon fan, buy this NOW! If you're okay to Pokèmon, rent it first, see if you like it, then if you want, buy it. If you hate Pokèmon, obviously don't buy it. But then again, why would you even be reading this if you hated Pokèmon?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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