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Reviewed: 04/30/02 | Updated: 04/30/02

A nice game if you havent played G/S

Nintendo strikes again! This pokemon version is far more better than Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow and a better re-make of Gold/Silver. Well, here's the review.

Gameplay: 9 out of 10
The game's really fun to play though you'll find the pokemon training,which is the most required factor of the game, will be a real pain in the @$$! The battles are fun and I really like the roleplaying factors of the game. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun playing the game.

Story: 3 out of 10
That's the really bad part of the game. It's totally similar to the rest of the of the pokemon games. Catch em, train em, win em. I'm sure most of you have already gotten bored hearing that story again and again.

Sound: 7/10
It's fairly good for a pokemon game. Lots better than R/B/Y. Battle music's cool. I usually had it at full volume during the first week I played the game but I decided to save my batteries and turn it off.

Graphics: 9/10
They are really good as it's a gameboy game. Huge improvement over pokemon yellow. That's the thing I like most about Crystal: The superior graphics. I'm sure the rest of the world agrees with me.

Replayibility: 9/10
Well, you have to catch em all. That's the main aspect of the game but you'll eventually get bored of it and sell the game. But you can also play the game with another starter beating the game with all the starters. Or you would try to beat the Battle Tower. The replayibily value is fairly good in my opinion and the game will keep you happy for about 8 months or so.

Improvements from R/B/Y: 6/10
I just decided to add this section for those R/B/Y players out there who are thinking about getting Pokemon Crystal or some other hit. Well, I wont lie to you. The only major improvement are the graphics and sounds in my opinion. Even the sounds arent that great. You could get Golden Sun which is a better roleplayer IMO but if you watch the anime, then I'm sure you'll wanna get pokemon crystal.

Improvements: Johto, new pokemon, that egg, Battle Tower, King's Rock, Charcoal and Mystic Water and Light Bulb etc

Non-improvements: Story, Story, Story, Story etc.

Buy or Rent:
If you have already played Gold/Silver, then neither. Just play that. If you played the first 3 versions, you might want to just buy it and save money but if you're persistent about wasting money, well...what can I say? You're just wasting that precious five bucks.

Overall: 7/10
The only reason the rating is so low is because of that same little story. They should just change it but they just never learn.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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