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Reviewed: 02/19/02 | Updated: 02/19/02

The best Pokemon Gameboy game created.

With all its updated graphics, new sounds, new girl figure, brand new story and updated caves and lands, this is without a doubt the best Pokemon Gameboy game ever released and created.

The updation is just too strong to say it is just a newly updated game that fails to go back to the cool old way of training pokemon. In this game, although the same training, newly instated graphics, new story, and so on makes it better and even easier to use at many times and alot more fun to play, play!

And at last and finally, they were smart enough to put a girl character in the trainer slot, which took FAR, FAR too long. And I mean that, I mean, plenty of girls play Pokemon, probably thousands and thousands, give us all a chance to prove ourselves as trainers.

But do not worry, all your favorite Pokemon are still in the same, they did not take any out!

Graphics: 98%
Words: Well BLAST. For a Gameboy Color game the colors are just magnificent. Super job on making such graphics appear so clearly and nicely on this Pokemon game.

Sound: 92%
Words: Sound and Music are indeed the best I have ever heard on the Pokemon music game charts. Not the same annoying repetitive music.

Replay: 100%
Words: Well I give every Pokemon Gameboy game a 100% on replay because I feel that you can just keep playing, no matter how far you are in the game you can always train your level 1 Rattata or your level 1 Pikachu if you get tired of your higher level Pokemon!

Gameplay: 85%
Words: Gameplay, to me, is quite great. Sometimes the movement COULD be annoying such as you pressing the up key once and it will move two times up, but other than that, great movement and great Pokemon gameplay.

Story: 65%
Words: Story is the best of all the storylines of Pokemon games.

Characters: 86%
Words: That means Pokemon and the Trainer characters, I think they are all made and done grandly. A great job by Nintendo to make such a game.

Final Words: After Red/Blue/ and Green came out, I played them and said to myself, how could there be any better games come out? Then Silver/Gold came out, and I was shocked. Then I said to myself again ''NOW, how can anything better come out?'', then, Pokemon Crystal came out and then I finally said to myself. ''Well, it must be Nintendo''.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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