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Reviewed: 02/17/02 | Updated: 02/17/02

Just another Pokemon

Pokemon which first released in 1996 in Japan as two version of games have become a phenomenon over the world. With its original concept of capturing monster and letting them battle, Pokemon has also spark a revival for Gameboy series.

Pokemon Crystal which was released in 2001 is an improvised version of Pokemon Gold and Silver. With over 251 Pokemon to capture and a lot of features, Pokemon Crystal is undoubtedly one of the best RPG that Gameboy color ever have.

New Features included in Pokemon Crystal

- You can choose the gender of the trainer
- Unown mysteries
- New characters, Eusine the Suicune hunter
- You can capture Suicune more easily

Gameplay 10/10
In this game, you capture Pokemon and battle them against each other using a Pokeball. You need to collect badges in order to able to participate in the most prestigious Pokemon Tournament, The Pokemon Leauge. The control in this game is also easy to learn. The function of the A button like in many other RPG is to talk to people and to confirm, whereas the B button is used to cancel a selection .

Storyline 7/10
While the storyline might appear well-written for thsoe who are new to Pokemon, however if you have been playing the earlier version of Pokemon you will notice the similarity if the storyline. In this game your objectives is to become the best Pokemon master by winning the Pokemon Leauge which is the exact storyline with older version of Pokemon.

Music 8/10
there are a lot of music for each different places. The music of this game sets the theme and the mood of the places suitably. There are some good ones, but sometimes it can get boring as some music are repeated.

Graphics 10/10
For a Gameboy games, Probably Pokemon Crystal has the best graphics. The graphics of each place is very detailed and so far I don't think any other Gameboy color games can match this game in graphics.

Replay Value 5/10
There are really almost nothing to do when you finished beating the game, probably this is one of the aspect of the game that needs room for improvements.

Final Score: 8/10

To buy or to rent
If you already have Pokemon Gold, I wouldn't reccommend you getting this game, however if you are new to Pokemon this game is a must get. If you never play RPG before, Pokemon is a great games to learn as it is not as complex as other RPG

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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